Do you think we’ll get it?


42 Responses to “Do you think we’ll get it?”

  1. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I hope and pray with all my might that it does NOT pass the way it is being represented now.

    Insuring all illegals is absolutely insane. Why should my tax dollars be spent on providing medical care for them when they do not contribute in paying taxes, etc. etc.

    I pay my medicare insurance premium monthly, plus I am on hubbys medical, dental and vision policies. I do not take ANY prescription drugs and have not been to a doctor in over 12-14 years. So, I have paid a bunch of money in premiums over the years and have never filed a claim or needed a prescription.

    Why should a committee decide if I can be treated if I have a severe illness, break a hip or whatever, in the future, if I can get into a doctor in the first place.

    You know the employers are going to stop providing insurance for the employees thus forcing them to go on the government plan. The penalty they will have to pay will be way LESS than the premiums they are paying for all of their employees.

    The plan as it is – is wrong wrong wrong.

    When Obama, and everyone else in government, gives up their private insurance and joins us in the government run plan, than maybe it will be different.

    And don’t believe Obama when he keeps saying – if you like what you have, you can keep it. Not going to happen.

    Guess you can tell this is a sore subject with me – and now that my blood pressure is boiling, I will stop.

    Afternoon everyone – hope all are having a good day

  2. KC,
    I agree with you completely. The government can only screw things up. I don’t want government taking control of my health. That would be a disaster. The VA hospitals have always had problems. Hell, the government can’t even run the damn post office well.
    This issue makes my blood pressure rise too…..and it’s usually normal to low!

  3. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You are right – the government really screws things up. Look at the stimulus bill that they passed. What a joke. It seems the only people getting hired are all of the czars. I think he is up to 32 or 34 as of yesterday. Wonder what each of their salaries are that WE are paying for.

    The saddest thing of all is that no one, including Obama, is even reading the thousands of pages of these bills. He even admitted it the other day – that he wasn’t “familiar” with everything in the health reform bill, but he wants it passed immediately.

    I heard today that Reid said this would not pass before they went on break and they would resume when they get back. Wonder what that means???????????

  4. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    The way you have your poll worded – I cannot cast my vote. You are asking us if we “think” it will pass. Of course it will if the dems have their way since they have the majority of votes.

    How About

    DO YOU WANT NATIONAL HEALTH CARE TO PASS with the same options to select.

    That way, WE THE PEOPLE, can vote – Just a thought

  5. KC,
    It means they don’t have the votes to pass it. The moderate/conservative Dems are afraid they will not get re-elected if they support this bill as written. They are covering their asses and refusing to vote for it as long as the polls show their homestate voters are furious.

  6. KC,
    Again I agree with you. The poll is worded incorrectly…sorry Adam.

  7. My answer is I hope not. As I have said before, while living in England we talked to locals that had to wait on surgery for about a year. I don’t hear anything about the cause of the problem, at least as I see it. Sylvia can speak to whether I am on the right path. When the cost of Malpractice suits got out of hand and people sued for everything from a hangnail to death, then the Dr.s have to raise prices because of the cost of the insurance. Then the Drug companies got into the mix, if they didn’t advertise then they would not have to charge the high prices. The Drug Reps already are visiting the Dr.’s office, let them sell the Dr. on their product. If I was a Dr. I would not like it when my patient came in to my office and said that they need drug X because that will fix what they have.

    Enough of my rant. Hope everyone has had a good week and has a great weekend, with nice weather.

  8. @All

    See this…

    …note just *who* Susan Estrich is…

    …and consider the statement by Sylvia of “It means they don’t have the votes to pass it.” to be an understatement. Hell, they don’t have the Clinton Democrats on board for this.


    Lengthy side note:

    I live in a country with open access government-run health insurance for basic care and catastrophic coverage. We do a very fine job of providing ~1990’s level health care to anyone who joins and pays their share (it is a progressive fee system, but no more than needed to cover subsidizing the bottom of the market a little). For non-government-insurance procedures, there is no restriction on fees and there is private insurance availability… these are best practices at the cutting edge of medical care… and the fees for that reflect the best in market economics ((laugh)) …marketed as the best, priced like it too.

    The government-run insurance co-pays at 30%, but a separate intervention (*this part is social welfare*) sets a low limit on any one month’s maximum co-payment. Once the patient exceeds that, the amount above that is fully tax-deductable and may be eligible for government aid (paid from the general revenue of the government; taxpayer money). These additional “health care costs” are not carried by the insurance semi-governmental entity, but are cost borne by the national budget… and so far, we’ve managed to keep something of a limit on them, but they are *costly* and getting worse as our population ages.

    However… we are totally interconnected with the research and development practices of the U.S. and European markets. If we had to develop all of our own medications, for example, we’d be more like 20 years behind the U.S. market in pharmaceuticals. Same same for other rapidly advancing areas or things we don’t see many cases of (cf. military-derived medical research re: burns, TBI, limb loss).

    So reform is possible, but it simply must be done in a way that allows the R&D to continue to advance or care is going to suffer. That means what ever reform is made in the U.S., it can neither be “free” nor “universal”. It can at best be a regulated service (like a Utility Company) and open access (any legal resident can join, but pays a share). Anything more generous is likely economic suicide, or will be vastly substandard care.

    Hope that is of use and interest.

  9. postscript to mine, above

    Oh, we don’t have the malpractice tort issue. Malpractice is a criminal matter here. No lawyers getting rich off fees, but very limited compensation to victims.

  10. Malpractice insurance is extremely costly and lawyers are often ambulance chasers looking for their “rainmaker”. Doctors have to take off work and “lose pay” for at least 1 week to defend themselves against these law suits in court. Even when the doctor wins the case it costs him money. The only one who financially gains is the defense lawyer. The doctor can not get damages for lost work or the aggravation of defending his reputation. If the Patient wins the case, the insurance company pays off, but the patient’s lawyer gets a huge amount…..expenses PLUS 1/3 off the settlement.
    Drug companies do spend a fortune advertising on TV as well as research. I agree with Barb that drug companies should skip the TV adds and go back to the old way of informing doctors of the new meds available. The problem is many docs are now too busy with patient overload to spend time with drug reps learning about new products. The ER docs have no time to chit chat with the reps…..they barely have time to make a pit stop during their shifts.
    I could go on but you get the picture…and it ain’t pretty. The lawyers and drug companies seem to be the winners and the docs are getting screwed. My husband has been a doc since 1972 so I know how much has changed over the years. He is very disenchanted with how impersonal medicine has become with the advent of computerized charting, insurance companies controlling who can be admitted to in- hospital care and length of stay permitted, and now the government wanting to over see even more. He also has seen his income decline with more illegals getting free ER care. There is a backup in the ER due to not enough nurses and md’s, illegals abusing the system, insurance companies requiring docs to call them for permission to admit patients, and now having to enter ALL patient info and tests in computers (which is time consuming). Larry says more time is spent on computers which means less time with the patient. It is frustrating and only going to get worse.
    I hope all of you stay healthy because medicine is going to hell in a handbag….and it’s not a designer handbag!
    That’s my rant for now.

  11. cheryljones Says:

    Sylvia, I think I really really like your husband.
    To everyone:
    I, too, think it will pass, but I can’t think of anything except the old trite maxim-“Decide in haste, repent at leisure”.
    Yes, I believe we need an overhaul. Yes, this is a good beginning. Yes, we have a long road ahead of us. No, nothing is perfect.
    Please remember about 20 years ago when HMOs were first coming into Americans’ vocabulary…I heard these same arguments, almost to a word. It was supposed to be the end of our free choice. The government was going to run our world and ruin our health. it was socialized medicine-on and on and on.
    And no, none of that happened.
    But I do think we need to jump off of the bandwagon and on to the think train.
    And we do NOT need to have it passed w/out being read or understood. THAT should be grounds for a criminal lawsuit. How dare they!

  12. FL SUNSHINE Says:

    I voted no because that’s what I’m praying for!!!!!!!! I do NOT want the government telling me what kind of treatment I can seek! They can’t run medicaid/medicare so what makes people think they can run healthcare for EVERYONE! (remember that this WILL include illegals)

  13. FL SUNSHINE Says:

    RE: Cheryl Jones’s comment “that should be grounds for a criminal lawsuit”. I couldn’t agree more!!!!

  14. cheryljones Says:

    As long as immigrants also have to divvy up for health care, I don’t have any problem with their receiving it. As it stands now, they CAN’T pay taxes, they CAN’T buy auto insurance, they CAN’T get a driver’s license, they CAN’T get health insurance.
    And no one that I know (or would want to know) could deny them health care when they really need it. I’m not talking about going for E/R treatment when they have a cold, and yes, they do do that. Why?
    Once again…they CAN’T get health insurance.
    Note the vicious circle.
    And one more thing…I honestly believe, too, that the reason the bailout bill was passed w/out being read is so each and every politico who voted for it could say, “Well, I didn’t know…”
    No more excuses, people. You read it, you answer to your constituents, and then you vote the way we tell you. Just like you said you would before the election.

  15. Obama= ObamaCare as refers him as–

    I signed all the petitions they sent to me on this ambigious healthcare reform which I am not sure what it really is– only– quality of care goes down and costs go up–

    taking out of the Medicaid trust is not good– 2017 this will be insolvent– and this is frightening!

  16. Obama will be out of office by 2017 and won’t care if Medicaid goes belly up. He’ll just blame it on the Republicans.

  17. as he has his own health insurance, why would he care? I just read an article about Medicare/Medicaid– and what the estimated cost would be as to keeping this alive–

    Medicare would have to deposit $13.4 trillion — $1 trillion higher than last year’s estimate — into an interest-earning account today in order for the hospital fund to pay its scheduled benefits over the next 75 years, according to MedPAC.

    Maybe Obama should be more focused on reading and correcting the healthcare reform and reading the stats on this economical plunge instead of making comments about police officers— this term has turned into a racial thing–

    Poor Sheriff Joe got it bad the other day here– what does arresting illegals and while in the commission of a crime have to do with racial profiling? especially when most of the crimes are done by them? I am so sick of this racial profiling issue coming up all the time now– YAY for Hannity last night– he stood his ground– he is so right– show some respect for law enforcement– by God, we need these guys!

  18. @Adam–

    BTW, your buddy Gollinger is at it again on her blog– Honduras/Zelaya issue– boy, you should read the comments by the loons on her blog–

  19. defrauding=criminal (monies being paid to disabled people who are not truly disabled– this is another sore spot for me)— end result, soaking up resources which could be used for the truly disabled– it is not just about illegals–

  20. I think Obama and Congress should be forced to give up their special health care plan and join any universal one THAT THEY PASS. If it’s good enough for us it’s good enough for them.

  21. kudos to that!!!! my sentiments also!

  22. I think Obama, in his head, has it as since he is the President of this country, monies are just so easy to get to and his idea is to spend and spend– hell, he spends it faster than Michael Jackson did– It is like he enjoys this power of his and is just having a field day with it, justfying it with, for the well-being of all– It is like crazy!!!!!!!!!! I think he has some serious issues going back in time– And he is so damn arrogant- it is so obvious in his struts! Makes me sick to watch him now– he skips and skirts around the issues and sends that idiot out to do the talking- GLIBB!

  23. I feel sorry for glib Glibb. He’s in over his head and has to defend an empty suit. Not a good situation.
    I sure miss Tony Snow and Dana Perino.

  24. I don’t feel sorry for Glibb– he made the choice– He also comes across as arrogant and I also think he is lazy– likes his moolah! (and behind closed doors, he probably laughs) — I don’t like him at all!

    He is just a wimp– a loyal servant to his boss! As this is what he is– a servant based on servitude–

  25. I miss Tony Snow because he showed guts! And he was and is a good man! He was kind!

    I like to watch human behavior and one can see if one is honestly a good person without just running on their own agenda– Tony Snow was a cool guy–

    Which brings me to Adam– I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice, and he is very cool too!

    He may not seem to be around all the time for this blog, but I do know this- he never forgets a name– and he tries to so hard to be for everyone and he is probably overwhelmed–

    On his FOX report, he posted some stories– we did not get the Peace Corps story Adam wrote, but I read the comments, and Adam replied to a person there whose family had bad thoughts about the Peace Corps– and almost apologized!

    Point here– Adam is so far removed from arrogance as he could be…
    He tries to always at one point to say hello- from saying hello to the many others!

    And if he doesn’t step in all the time, I am sure we are not forgotten!

    And for this reason is why I like Adam– he is a good man– like Tony Snow and those!

  26. Where did everybody go? πŸ™‚ It must be the Monday blues.

    Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is ready to go this week.

  27. Hi Barb,
    I don’t know where everyone went. It’s been quiet here for some time.
    Hope you and family are well.

  28. Perhaps they are searching for the rest of the flock…


    g’morning, All.

  29. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Howdy everyone
    Guess lots are on vacation or staying cool

    you soooooooooooo funny
    However, the snow surely did look inviting

  30. cheryljones Says:

    Here is the actual health care plan:
    (I prefer the reality.)

  31. cheryljones Says:

    LDG, Love the pic! LOL Cats rules!

  32. Hehhehheh

    Thanks. Glad it was appreciated.

  33. Cheryl,
    I have to disagree with you. Dogs rule! Although cats are cute also.

  34. cheryljones Says:

    LOL, Sylvia! Of course they do-but cats do, too. I’m equi-animal.

  35. Max Kon Says:

    Ok. so I’m back from Poland and unpacked, what did I miss? I probably won’t be on much again though, going to be busy.

  36. FL Sunshine Says:

    Hey Max! going to be busy doing what? packing again? lol πŸ™‚

  37. Good Morning All.

    Welcome back Max. Did you have a nice trip? How many days until you arrive in the US?

  38. cheryljones Says:

    Welcome home, Max. Bon Voyage! LOL
    The link above is to the PROPOSED health care plan, of course. I did not mean to imply it was the actual plan, although I realized just now that that is exactly what I said. I was comparing it to the umpteenth email I’ve received that gives page # and someone’s opinion of what it says. I’m comparing them.
    Good morning, everyone. Doggers not wanting to sleep this morning. Obviously they DO rule-at least in this house. πŸ™‚

  39. Max Kon Says:

    Sunshine: Yes! and working out what i want to take.
    Sylvia: I am going to Canada first, on the 9th.
    Cheryl: thanks! πŸ™‚

  40. Max,
    That is really soon. You must be excited.

  41. Adam Housley Says:


    Wow….ok. Have a safe trip. Canada is fantastic! I had a couple of days of craziness. Went to Tahoe for a friends bachelor party. We played golf and went rafting….no funny or gross stuf, just the way I like it!

    New Post Also

  42. doggiesallover Says:


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