This video comes to me from our friends at the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Museum of Tolerance here in Southern California. The interview shows that the battle for freedom continues against Iran’s hard-line regime. Even though the media has been thrown out, in this day and age the truth still trickles out.



  1. Adam,
    That was an emotional post telling of brave people who are willing to risk all for freedom. The freedoms that we take for granted seem so unreachable for the people of Iran. I hope these freedom fighters will win their battle.

  2. asking for Islamic regime? Non- violent?

    AND this will only happen if the bad guys go down! I just don’t see it happening–

    brain washed people to believe they are fighting for a cause they have no clue what is all about!

    So sad and yet so true–

    For example: I just socialized a feral cat, Siamese, who for the last few months, hissed at me and hated me– but for love of love, I got him to now be friendly– where when I go outside he is running up to me and he is meowing and stroking my leg– and jumping on my lap!!!! He now lives in my backyard, full time— And I am trying right now to get him to fit in with my pets.. slowly!

    Point and observation of all the misguided those killing and those– maybe it is just a brain wash?

  3. my example of the cat was to show how environment plays a role!

  4. Adam Housley Says:


    I have the book sitting right here at my desk! Going to get to it once I finish a couple of others. Where is everyone? HMMMM


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