Passing of an Icon

Adam___Walter_7934 It was just a couple of years ago when Pepperdine asked me to be one of a few people to tape a welcome interview to Walter Cronkite. As a very young child I can remember my grandparents watching ‘The Most Trusted Man’ from their sofa in Sunnyvale California. Even as a child, his voice was iconic and yet captivating at the same time. For me, a boy who dreamed of baseball, watching the news was something my family enjoyed, but not yet my dream. Cronkite, and here in the Bay Area Van Amburg, provide my earliest memories of the industry I would later come to love.
On the night I met Cronkite, he was gracious, welcoming and nice. Lester Holt, who had a son at Pepperdine at the time, asked questions in a conversational format. It was an enjoyable night and I take away from it good memories and this very cool picture.


32 Responses to “Passing of an Icon”

  1. That is a really nice memory. You were fortunate to have spent time with him and to have that photo.

  2. You are so lucky to have met this most gracious man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the picture– bless him and Tony Snow– these two were and are awesome– “and that’s the way it was…”

  3. oh– and you both look soooooooooooo handsome!!!

  4. doggiesallover Says:

    Walter Cronkite is a lot shorter than I imagined him to be. Gosh. I guess to me he was as tall as his persona. His reputation though, was indeed, ‘larger than life.’ just think of all the hurdles he had to jump to get where he was. I’ll never forget him.
    And we lost another one, too, Susan. Paul Harvey: ‘Good….day!”

  5. And don’t forget Huntley/Brinkley’s “Goodnight Chet, goodnight David”.

  6. FL Sunshine Says:

    What a great picture Adam! He will be missed.

  7. Hi to all

    Adam, that is a very cool picture.
    Was sorry to see Walter Cronkite’s passing. Most of the TV icons from my childhood are gone now. Don’t forget Harry Reasoner over at ABC.

    On another subject, if you click on my name there are some pictures of my son Matt helping me build a ramp for Bashy to get up the steps. She is still looking at it like a cow at a new gate, but with some “encouragement” she is getting the hang of it. She keeps trying to use the steps on the side, but realizes that she won’t fit.

  8. oh doggies–

    I GOT so involved with cleaning and cooking today, for my birthday party I am having tomorrow, another good one died?

    Funny how you posted about Mr. Cronkite’s height because I had too and then I deleted it– it was with my comment about how handsome they looked together and then I added the height difference, Adam and him.. but then I deleted that comment as we shrink with age– curvature type thing or bones… and you picked up on it too! 😀

    He was an awesome man— his father was a dentist and he went to College and dropped out– shows how even without a full education, one can still make it! xxx

  9. Barb–

    I have clicked on your name now five times and I get Adam Housley– Trouble in Paradise????????????????? I just tried it again and same!

    But I get the idea— very cool!

    What we will do for our pets, heh? I just devised a system outside for my one feral Siamese cat, who now lets me pet him.. He hangs out during these inferno days on my side porch– I put a mist system up for him with two umbrellas so the sun does not beat on him– the mist goes through the umbrellas– And around 8:00 he leaves for the night and I can then water the dead beat grass and water down his areas so when he comes back in the early morning, as I see he is here, he has a cool spot, Whenever, one thinks any animal can survive as I have heard, sooo wrong– they all feel everything as we do– so bless you for caring! xxx

  10. Barb–

    I clicked on your name again and the same Adam Housley, Trouble in Paradise, came up. ❓

  11. What is so cool about Mr. Conkrite’s death is how he lived such a full life– I bet in his last moments, he was thinking about his wife— as she died a few years before him and as anyone knows, a true marriage with so much love as they had, when one spouse dies, the other wants to join.

    So he is where he should be…

  12. Cronkite—-

  13. Good Morning All.
    It is in the 50’s again this morning. Where is summer?
    We went with friends to the Cincinnati Pops outdoor concert salute to Woodstock last night. It was amazing. We brought lawn chairs, sat out on the banks of the Ohio river, and enjoyed a great evening of flower power. The group Jeans ‘N Classics (Canadians) performed with the Pops Orchestra. It was a beautiful evening until the rain started about 1o minutes before the show was over. Larry, who was at the original rain soaked Woodstock, thought that was appropriate.!
    Anyway, it was great music and I can’t believe 40 years have gone by so quickly.

  14. @Susan

    Luck on your b-day party plans for today, and well done on the cat-protective shelter.

    @Susan and Sylvia

    As a student of history, I was vastly impressed by Cronkite’s days at UP in WWII and just after. His CBS years were a mixed bag (In My Opinion, of course) but no one can deny his place in making TV news *the* mass media of the 1960’s~1980’s. As a child, I watched them all, but for some reason Cronkite sticks in my memory only for his Space Program reporting… Huntley-Brinkley is what I associate with nightly news in that era (well, the first part of it).

    Fun side note: the term “anchor” was coined to describe the desk reporter at the Political Conventions… he “anchored” the coverage, and the interviewers were out on the convention floor. Cronkite, of course, did it that way first and arguably best and did that before he had the evening news slot.


    Amusing of you to mention Woodstock and fit it into the the coincidence that several 40-year rememberances are in the news… FOXNews on their web page has a special article on “1969” and it includes a whole host of things.


    Here’s hoping all are having a very fine weekend!

  15. @LDG–

    thank u for the comment about cat protective shelter– LOL it took me awhile to figure out what to do so I could keep him cool- He seems to really like this idea as he is here ALL day– two meals a day too– he just had breakfast along with my other three– 😀 and thanks for the info on “anchor.” and thanks for the comment on birthday plans– I am like dragging– I CLEANED ALL DAY!!!

    @doggies– what was I thinking? Paul Harvey died a few months ago and I had so forgotten about it– but the oldest man on earth just died–

    The world’s oldest man, 113-year-old World War I veteran Henry Allingham, died Saturday after spending his final years reminding Britain about the 9 million soldiers killed during the conflict.

    Allingham was the last surviving original member of the Royal Air Force, which was formed in 1918. He made it a personal crusade to talk about a conflict that wiped out much of a generation. Though nearly blind, he would take the outstretched hands of visitors in both of his, gaze into the eyes of children, veterans and journalists and deliver a message he wanted them all to remember.

    ( I would have loved to have met him)

    and a good day @ all! will send you some birthday cake, LDG– 😀 (actually your book will be on the way– I just got it yesterday- LOOKS very interesting– and I am curious as to what you have to say about it) and given the fact, I use to hang out with the author– 😀

  16. LDG,
    Larry said that he did not know he would be part of an historic event when he and some college buddies drove from Columbus to NY for a concert. At the time it just seemed like something to do for a weekend. It was not a very organized concert. There was a shortage of food, water, and bathrooms. The vendors were price gouging, the crowds were much larger than anticipated, and people had to park miles from the event. Add to that the wet weather. In other words, it looks better in retrospect than it did at the time.

  17. Susan…

    Not sure why that happened with the link… I think that it is corrected now. Have a great time at the party today.

  18. doggiesallover Says:

    Barb, I came over to make a comment about angels among us, saw your pictures. You and Matt are included in those angels.
    I just read (on Fox, of course,) that the 26-year old daughter and her husband are going to move into the Billings’ home in Florida and raise those children.
    The story made me cry. I’m feeling pretty insignificant right now.
    But Sylvia, I just read back and your story made me smile. Larry had one of those “I wouldn’t take a million dollars for having done it, but I wouldn’t give you two cents to do it again” experiences? I read that the traffic jam at the end included 40.000 cars. I don’t think they were leaving, I think they were evacuating.
    Young friend of mine in college was using Woodstock to make a point about the 60’s when some kid spoke up and said, “The little bird in ‘Peanuts’!?”
    Yeah, kid. Go study your history…

  19. Doggies,
    When Larry and buddies arrived at Woodstock the crowd was so huge that people were allowed to get in free….The ticket sellers just gave up. Larry and friends left Woodstock before it was over because they had to get back to Columbus. I’ll have to ask him about the traffic jams (he’s at work now).

  20. doggiesallover Says:

    Can I have his autograph? 😉
    What memories. I graduated from high school in 1968-man, like the book says-“The Year That Was”
    My guys who would have been a date to the football game a year earlier were being shipped over to Viet Nam as cannon fodder. MLK Jr killed. Robert Kennedy assasinated. Peace marches. Integration. Chicago Democratic convention debacle.
    And then 1969 and it just continued…
    40 years!? Are you sure!? Hard to believe.

  21. Doggies,
    It was an amazing time in history and we didn’t realize how the world would change so much. We are close enough in age (yes, I’m a little older than you…..I admit it) to remember the same events vividly. My classmates went off to Nam if they didn’t go to college. Those that went to college went to Nam after graduation. The only reason Larry didn’t go was the draft ended before he got out of med school.

  22. doggiesallover Says:

    I’m glad Larry didn’t have to go.
    I think it’s possible that the problems we’re having now in our world may be traced to that generation. Not only were the soldiers subjected to unspeakable horrors over there, they were denigrated and horribly misunderstood when they got home-(those that were lucky enough to make it back.) And, IMO, the military dumped them back into society without a without a conscience as to what those men and women had been through.
    And “Uncle” Sam never even admitted his guilt.
    Think about it-that Viet Nam generation, my generation, screwed up as we were, raised (I use the term loosely) the ones that are raising this one.
    And yes, it was different than in WWII.

  23. begin digression-digression…

    @Adam Housley

    re: Twitter
    my Somali cab driver insists that Mogadishu is running “very good” #fb
    38 minutes ago from mobile web

    Lordy, I’d hate to see what he thinks *not* “very good” is.

    You win the Surreal Tweet of the day contest for sending this, you know.

  24. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone
    Can’t believe it is Monday already – whew how times flies! !!! !

    Well, we broke a 110 year record yesterday

    112 degrees and going to be the same today – very very hot, let me tell ya

    Tweet of the day contest – now that’s cute. Would love to hear what more he had to say to Adam during their cab ride together

    Thanks – had a great week-end, but went way tooooo fast. How was the birthday party and meal????

    Waving to you where ever you are- have missed “seeing” you

  25. It sure has been quiet here lately. Hope everyone is well.

  26. Adam that is one awesome photo of you and Cronkite!

  27. Sylvia……..Re: “…….Hope everyone is well.”

    Not to worry if we’re not, Obama’s new health plan will provide a cure for us all.

    Do you ever wonder why he’s so hell bent on getting this bill passed ASAP? It’s because he needs to make sure we all stay alive and well enough to be able to pay for the multi-trillion dollar deficit he’s accumulating.
    He may be able to get dead people to vote for him, but he can’t make them pay taxes.

  28. John,
    I think all members of Congress, all White House advisors, and all Cabinet members as well as the President and his family should be required to be covered under the new Universal health care policy and NOT their special government policy. Maybe then they will vote against it. If that plan passes this country may as well file for bankruptcy and try to get a bailout from some wealthy country. Maybe a few Arab sheiks will buy us out.

  29. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG….thanks for the Tweet award and Karen T thanks for liking the photo! It was a very cool night. Right now I am just watching this health care debate like you guys and am just enthralled at the coverage and the way those in favor of Universal care are making their case. Also…have been helping the LiveShots people tweak their new blog. They are working real hard and are making some great changes with more to come. I also gave some of them your advice.


  30. Adam Housley Says:

    Also….a new post that came from my friend Rabbi Cooper.


  31. Adam Housley Says:

    AND……..SUSAN…..THANK YOU!!!!!!
    She hooked me up with a very cool book for my birthday. Please know that I DO NOT expect present in any way. I am always pleased that you guys stay in touch here, even when I get swamped and away at times. That is a present.
    The book she sent me is amazing and from her friend from long ago. It’s all about Mexico’s Dia De Muertos. Susan….explain….you will do much better than I!


  32. @Adam– 😀

    and general info– the book was written by a person who I went to school with when I lived in Mexico City– a friend of mine connected us and she called me– I asked her if she would send me a copy but autographed to Adam– and she did- with a nice note included in reference to his birthday- I asked her to write her note in Spanish–

    KC– the link worked– thank you– as for the birthday party– the food was great– I just wished a couple of them had left their issues at home! LOL

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