Seattle Crew in Town

With all the craziness the last month, it was nice to get a few days to catch up and get some rest. Now we are in the middle of the yearly HR training and that means some of our smaller bureaus make the trip to LA. Seattle was in town on Tuesday and I had a little BBQ. Producer Robert Shaffer, Correspondent Dan Springer, Photographer Charles Stewart and joining us….Tamera, LA tech Dave Lowther and former producer (now reporter) Jeff Nguyen.


11 Responses to “Seattle Crew in Town”

  1. nice legs– colorful apron, coordinates with the color of the t-shirt–

    your food has made me hungry– so I ate the pictures–

    nice shot of Tamera– I am still looking for her– is she within the asparagus? 😀

    glad you had some time for you! I see you spent your paycheck on food and spirits! LOL

    what kind of beer is Golden Gloves drinking? It looks like Belgium beer–

    now you have my questions and feel free to answer these~

  2. BTW– thanks for the tele break– it seems I only really have it on when you are doing stories– (so I can keep track of your hours to send hate email to FOX if they don’t pay generously 😀 )

    I did get a bit burnt out on MJ… Did you ever get the t-shirt KT sent to you so you could wear on those hot days? I (heart) MJ?

  3. Speaking of Robert Shaffer, remember when you were in Ireland, and he posted his embedding stories? He never did check our posts but that is fine– the one I will never forget is when he talked about his meal he had with those guys over there– and went outside and puked–

    Now my question to you is– did he do the same at your place?

  4. Good Morning.
    The BBQ looked good, although all I want this early AM is coffee…strong coffee.

    Cheryl…..glad hubby’s doc visit went well. Keep us posted on the surgery.

  5. doggiesallover Says:

    How nice it must have been for those from Seattle to have a home-cooked meal while they were there. You’re a good egg, Adam Housley!
    Thanks, Sylvia. He was just saying he feels better about all this. I think we made the right decision, in going to Houston.
    Good morning, everyone. We’ll get together again later today.

  6. The spread looks good Adam, so when and where is the party for the bloggers. We should have it in Hawaii, that is half way between Japan and the East Coast. Nope that won’t work as some have to be able to drive, oh well. :).

  7. Barb,
    It would work for me. Maybe we could drug the ones who won’t fly and then put them on the plane to Hawaii. LOL

  8. Gosh, it’s been quiet over here lately. Where is everyone?

  9. doggiesallover Says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Are they all mad? Is one semi-lib enough to clear out the whole blog?!
    (There. That ought to bring ’em back, LOL)

  10. You are too funny.LOL

  11. Adam Housley Says:

    So Robert Shaffer did mention this blog to me and how much fun he had posting to it. He actually did read your comments, but he didn’t realize or wanna take the time to figure out how to respond. LOL 🙂
    Also….Susan, if you ate the pictures that would mean you ate your computer, which would mean we would all be safe from computer stalking for at least a few days!!


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