“Stand by Me” – Andy, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora & Friends

While covering Michael jackson, I had a second tonight to jump online and found this. I thought it was pretty cool.


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  1. I really like Jon Bon Jovi. Stand by Me is a good song. Has it been released as a CD?

  2. I just checked Google to learn more about it. I see it was done partly in Farsi (which is what I surmised from the Arabic sign) and is aimed at the Iranian people who want freedom.
    Jon Bon Jovi has always been concerned about human rights.
    I hope this song is a success, and I hope the Iranian people do get freedom. I remember when “We Are the World” was recorded. That was a huge hit.

  3. Adam, Thank you. A great early morning treat.

    Sylvia, ditto.

  4. doggiesallover Says:

    Just some trivia facts about “We Are the World”
    The song was inspired by the charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” which had been released a few months prior in November 1984.
    Writer(s) Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie
    Producer Quincy Jones paired Billy Joel with Tina Turner and Willie Nelson with Dionne Warwick, as well as Michael Jackson with Prince (who was a no-show for the recording).
    But as far as I know, it was never done in Farsi. Thanks, Adam. I liked that. It gives me hope.

  5. To add to the trivia:
    “We Are the World” was released in March, 1985. There was a big get together of all the people involved. This took place in Oahu, HI. Many of the celebs were staying at the Kahala Hilton (east of Diamond Head). I believe it now has a different name. Anyway, we were there with Michelle for spring break from elementary school. Bruce (and then fiancee Jullian), Kenny Loggins (with wife and child), Cyndi Lauper (with enterage), and magician David Copperfield (with bodyguard) were all at that hotel. We got to see some of them at the pool. Copperfield was extremely nice and took pictures with Michelle and me, and even allowed Larry to video him (as well as sign autograph for Michelle.) Cindi was nasty and refused to even acknowledge Michelle. Loggins was swimming with his child so we didn’t bother him. Jullian Phillips kept asking “her people” where Bruce was. It was a very interesting vacation.

  6. FL Sunshine Says:

    Adam – thanks for posting the video clip! Love the song!
    Sylvia – thanks for posting the info on it. Makes me like it even more. πŸ™‚

    A great way to change the discussion from what it has been lately.
    Tomorrow is the date of withdraw for our troops from many of the City’s of Iraq. I heard on FOX that we have already done so. πŸ™‚

    I have 2 friends who have been deployed over there and are on there way home now and should be home by July 2nd! PTL!

  7. Sunshine,
    One of our relatives (our daughter’s brother-in-law) is being deployed to Iraq soon and will be there up to a year. I hope it gets safer there.

  8. doggiesallover Says:

    LOS ANGELES – Gale Storm, whose wholesome appearance and perky personality made her one of early television’s biggest stars on “My Little Margie” and “The Gale Storm Show,” has died at age 87.

    I remember the Gale Storm show w/Zasu Pitts. One, in particular-
    SOS! Save Our Susannah!

  9. Doggies,
    I remember Gale Storm too….which makes us both old.

  10. doggiesallover Says:

    FL Sunshine,
    That is my hope and prayer for each and every soldier over there. So so glad your friends are coming home, and may all others follow quickly. Amen.
    What memories! Are you writing your autobiography, yet? If not, you should!

  11. doggiesallover Says:

    LOL, Sylvia-I meant your memories about Hawaii-not a book on your memories of Gale Storm, although yeah, memories from us dinosaurs will soon be considered noteworthy. We should be considered an endangered species!

  12. Adam…Wheeeeee!!! Cool choice of video considering your fast selection! Good Job!

    I did have questions for you but other reporters on the tv already indirectly answered them. I was just being nosy to see if anyone actually saw Liz Taylor.

    It’s too hot for you to be wearing that black jacket, the one you wore on 2 different days… go with the free style look today, be a rebel.

    I hope you took your handi-cam today… many of us won’t have access to the tv today while you’re reporting. Can we see what crew you’re you’re working with?

    You’re the best reporter out there covering this. Poor Greta is (was) stuck by MJ’s house where the only action was a few moving trucks.

    Looking good Adam! (ok did I suck up enough?)

  13. Doggies,
    Didn’t Spielberg already make a movie about dinosaurs? LOL

  14. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone – hope all had a great week-end

    Adam – Thanks for the video – love the song and the arrangement

  15. what’s Adam reporting on this morning? anyone watching tv?

  16. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen T
    Madeoff (sp) just got sentenced to 150 years. That is about all they have been covering, other than MJ and Billy Mays.

  17. ‘morning all.

    Why is what Madoff did any different than the rest of our retirements that were tied up in the markets?
    So can we send Congress to prison for 150? and get our 1/2 back that we lost?

  18. dinosaurs…hahaha
    Your quick this moring Sylvia!

  19. ADAM—


    and to Sylvia– what made the song cooler was your finding the story behind it– that explains the sign on the video– thank you–

    QUESTIONS Adam– are you getting paid OT for having to stand out in that hot sun or did you get a big huge increase in salary for having to marathon your reporting on MJ? I thought for sure you had a break from this yesterday– wrooooooooooong– you were on Geraldo last night–

    and yes Adam– going with KT– just wear shorts and a t-shirt– the spectators are…. get one of those t-shirts which has a tie drawn on it- LOL

    and if you forget to post the long essay about MJ, I won’t be disappointed– I still want to see the pictures from CC wedding– πŸ˜€

    and since we bombarded the last thread– in one of your many coverages, you stated there were three types of people– those who liked MJ, those who didn’t, and those who grew up with his music– If you were to read the posts relevant to MJ, you would find us in the second class– and it is more about us just not like his pesona– because like I said a few times, he was a great entertainer– His self-destructive behavior was much to his own doing– sadly—

    Max– I did learn one thing from watching Geraldo– the unit of weight equals to stones– or something like this– 8 stones = one pound— MJ weighed so many stones which = 112 pounds– and this was about all I got from Geraldo’s I thought was interesting aside from getting to watch Adam.

    No tele on right now for me KT– I have a bunch of chara to do in the next few hours so I am not turning the tele on– I did read Madoff got the max-

    and a bit about the crisis talks after Honduras coup- and Iran beginning recount on disputed election- ( yay right-)

    KC– I hope YOU had a great week-end, but then I know you did πŸ˜‰

  20. and yes KC– it is Made off — πŸ˜€

  21. and yes Sunshine– tomorrow is the withdrawl of the troops in the cities–
    in hopes the people there are ready to do their own fighting–

  22. and yes– Bon Jovi is definitely involved in human rights– πŸ˜€

  23. KC Thanks. On that subject I am wondering if the investors who lost teir money w/ him will get their money back from the IRS, the money they paid taxes on when the money didn’t even exist.

    Susan… Adam is doing so much coverage on MJ we should send him a
    t-shirt that says: I (insert heart picture) MJ, and make him wearing it when he does his reports.

  24. wear (not wearing)

  25. I remember “My Little Margie.” wow!

  26. KT—-

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    THAT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY– The t-shirt for Adam– OMG- YOU got me going here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. KT–

    I was wondering the same about the investors- they are going to auction off Made off’s assets so does the money go back to these people who lost their money?

    LDG– what say you as YOU KNOW EVERYTHING!!!

  28. I’ve never heard of Gale Storm, will have to go investigate!

    Sylvia, that was a cool story.

  29. Adam…I do have a question.
    Are you required to wear the suit and tie on air? or is it a personal preference? Just curious.

  30. Susan… hahahahaha Adam gave me enough ammunition to ride him hard on the MJ thing

    I heard OJ asked the Nevada Supreme Court to let him out while waiting for his appeal court date… but haven’t heard the Supreme’s response yet

    and yes they’ll start to reimburse the the people who lost the most first then work their way down the list to the smaller investors. Sucks to be them. The smaller investors were either the smarter ones out of the bunch or the least wealthy.

    but still, that’s just their investment reimbursement… what about the taxes they already paid to the IRS? can the IRS keep that money paid on taxes if there wan’t any gains to bein with an actually there was a loss. AND, is the loss legitament, because it’s not an investment loss, it was never invested to begin with right?

  31. Patty…..so right! Our government has been running the greatest Ponzi scheme since the enactment of Social Security followed by Medicare!

    Since we can’t send them to prison, guess we just need to send them home in 2010!

  32. KT- interesting question about taxes on non-existent dividends.

  33. @Susan

    Madoff? They’ll keep trying to seize what they can, but most of the value of the investments is gone.

    Forgive my brief answer, please. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now.

  34. K2.. well not only that… take it a step further… you can claim loss on an investment, my understanding… but if wasn’t an investment to begin with? kind of puts a twist on the issue. Then they can’t claim the loss and they certainly can’t pay taxes, double whammy. but they already paid their taxes

  35. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good question regarding IRS
    When you file every year, you HAVE to pay taxes on the income you receive, whether it be, wages, interest earned on bank accounts, cd’s, etc., and dividends earned on stock, shares, etc..

    So, I am going to assume all of those people paid to the IRS the dividends they received for their “stocks”, etc. for a good number of years. Since, it was a scam, the the dividends were not real – IRS should reimburse all of them for the taxes they paid on that amount.

    That’s my thought! ! ! Guess we need to ask turbo tax man that question. Oh wait, forgot, he doesn’t pay taxes (grinning)

  36. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    good day to you my friend – I assume what is “on your plate” right now, is business, and not food

  37. thank you LDG–

    AND a oyasumi nasai when you get to it–

    I am off to do my things– so a safe day @ all

  38. good comments about the IRS—

  39. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Thank you – yes, we did have a great week-end. At 109 degrees, we just stayed in, hung out on the couch, and watched movies. We are gonna have 109 degrees all this week tooooo —

    Karen T

    I “heart” MJ – That was a good one

  40. k2–

    Ken is on Medicare- there is no way we could afford to buy the insulin and the diabetic medicine necessary to keep him alive– I have my own insurance through ABIL and it totally sucks– but it is better than none at all–

  41. @KC

    yep. going to be another long night. might *need* food soon, at this pace.


    Thank you. Here’s hoping your day is a good one.

  42. Hi All,
    Have 8 for a cook out at 5:30 today ( that includes us). Small party for us but still work. Will check back when I have time.
    LDG…all work and no play……you know the rest of that saying.

  43. Susan… contact the pharmaceutical companies directly and get on the patient assistance programs

  44. FL Sunshine Says:

    K2 – “Our government has been running the greatest Ponzi scheme since the enactment of Social Security followed by Medicare! ” quoting you. AGREED!!!!! You are so right on with that! Also agree: Let’s send them packing next election!!!!!

  45. FL Sunshine Says:

    This news made my morning: Supreme Court rules white Conn. firefighters unfairly denied promotions, reversing Sotomayor ruling.
    I couldn’t agree more!!!! I have been pulling for those firefighters from day one! (not because they are WHITE but because it was UNFAIR) Well done! I hope Sotomayor learns from this!

  46. FL Sunshine Says:

    Susan – twas a beautiful day at the beach! (oops – I should know better but I think I got a little burnt on the back of my legs while reading a good book)

  47. KT–

    I might have to do that in a few years as there are no funds for Medicare– as of right now, I am grateful we don’t have to pay the hundreds of dollars each month–as he gets two types of insulin– as well as his test strips– etc– I check his blood sugar at least six times a day– by staying on top of the numbers, I save the State thousands of dollars as it all about preventive for me– πŸ˜€ We don’t mooch as I pay for much out of pocket– and Ken worked for the Post Office most of what he had in his normal life–

    Sunshine– glad your day at the beach was wonderful– I cover up big time as I have had skin cancer removed– I am totally not into the sun anymore as I was back when…. when I walk over to Frank’s to feed the animals and let them out, I carry an umbrella– I live in the wrong state-

    and thanks for sharing the tidbit of good news– yay for the firefighters!

  48. @Sylvia–

    cooking for two or for eight is work– hope you have a pleasant visit with the guests– what are you cooking?

    I have for the last few weeks been emailing Ken’s family, the girls, to have a birthday party for his niece and sister for the 18th of July– about nine of us and I have already been buying and planning the menu– One of my dishes is stuffed shells- with Fontina and Ricotta- spinach and shrimp with a tomato basil sauce– found the recipe on the internet– I get the feeling you go all out– I do too- it is work and fun at the same time– I even bought a game- Desperate Housewives- to play– the hardest part was coordinating the day–

  49. MJ’s kids — Katherine has temporary guardianship of the children– yay– she is 79– I hope she lives to be a healthy 100 year old and gets permanent guardianship of the three children–

  50. OMG—

    I just started playing this Cash 4 here in AZ– You pick four numbers– well three of mine came up and I won $25.00————— yay!!!!

  51. Susan — YooHoo! Was the ticket a $1? Did you just earn $24.00 on your investment? Great return.

  52. $2.00— I just went across the road and cashed it– and then bought a one dollar scratch– nada– (this is what I get for being greedy)

    KT– I also checked the mail– the CD arrived with a thank you note for helping autistic children– Since I am going to give it to my daughter this Thursday when she comes over, I will have to wait to listen to it– great groups– Daltrey–Jethro Tull– etc– more of my days but she is open to all music– thank you!!! I am having a good day– all sorts of surprises–LOL (LOOKING UP NOW– PLZZ don’t rain on my parade) πŸ˜€

  53. Thank you for supporting us Susan, I hope your daughter enjoys it!

    We really appreciate that!

  54. FL Sunshine Says:

    Susan – yeah! What are you going to do with your winnings? Go out for dinner? Buy a new top? New pair of shoes? or maybe save it?

  55. FL Sunshine Says:

    Susan – I too have had melanoma removed (from my back – 13 years ago) and so I should know better!

  56. doggiesallover Says:

    Sylvia Says:
    June 29, 2009 at 5:37 am

    Didn’t Spielberg already make a movie about dinosaurs? LOL
    (Sorry, I just got back.)
    Just wanting to find out where my royalty check is! πŸ˜€

  57. what are those stands in front of obama when he’s at a podium? looks like plexi glass

  58. OMG …KT…you dont know what the teleprompters are?????

  59. they are the “words” that go with the stuffed puppet in a suit.

  60. but there’s 2 of them and they’re clear that’s not a teleprompter it’s a pole with glass on it

  61. you can see right through it

  62. and they were tilted downward not up where you can read something on them

  63. Max Kon Says:

    KT: They are designed to be seen right through. The telepromters used by news folk actually is right infront of the camera, so they are looking right into the camera.

  64. oh for goodness sakes that’s the stand i’m talking about thanks for the link Patty!

    good grief max he’s reading studff that he can see right through

    well i’m just amazed at this!

    i thought the prompter would have been on the podium but the guy never looks down.. my head is spiining

    thanks guys!

  65. oooo Greta’s gpoing to report on an Obama flip flop ut oh

  66. boy donald trump just knocked me down a few pegs.. i thought it was the speculators doing this with the oil… I never assumed OPEC because i thought we get the majority of oil fron chavez and canada…

    i wish Adam would cover more of this middle east stuff

  67. Sunshine–

    me too– one on my back and the other on my nose—I had great insurance when I worked at a hospital so I had a plastic surgeon do the surgery– and what a fun time it was– I was awake for the five hours of this– as you know they have send it to the lab for the biopsy so much of the time in surgery was a wait game so in the interim, we all listened to music and had a lot of fun– the plastic surgeon was HOT!!! BIG TIME!

    I sent the money to my great nephew who just turned one with a birthday card- end of that– πŸ˜€

    KT– more than happy to have done so– and I might be ordering a couple more after I listen to it when Danielle comes over Thursday– we are all doing a road trip so we have something to listen to now– she has the day off– between school and work, she is never available– she is taking three classes during the longer semesters and in the summer just two– she has been studying Arabic and French now for over a year– since she got back from Australia after getting her Masters– I think you were no longer around when I bragged about this when she got back– her goal? to go overseas– as a foreign diplomat as she has her Masters in foreign diplomacy– but she wants to be like a goodwill type person– she is not into financial gain– she likes causes– And if she likes it, I KNOW she will order a few as usually as gifts she orders stuff which have causes– She and I pal around– I love our relationship– last Halloween I bought witches hats and I teased the chara out of my hair– I had all these school supplies so we put these in bags and we went to one to the wealthy neighborhood here by me– we teamed up with a guy from Luke’s Air Force and his three boys– in exchange for treats we handed out the school supplies and the candies we received I took to the Adaptive Gym at GCC (the gym for the disabled) We had sooooooooooo much fun— and we were just talking about doing the same for this year–

    I missed the Obama flip and flop– I must get back to watching the tele–
    Greta comes back on later so I will have to watch and see what is going on with Honduras– what happened to Lou Dobbs on CNN? I see he is not on– is he moving over to FOX, I hope–

    Hey Adam– looks like you got a break today– yay!!!

  68. oops– we went to one of the wealthy neighborhoods …

  69. Sunshine–

    I never save money– sad but true—

  70. Susan, I saw Adam on….whatever the time slot is at 5 pm central or maybe 6..heck i dont know. He had his coat on…but no tie…looks much better πŸ™‚

  71. Wow!! can you imagine her being a diplomat??? how proud!!

  72. KT–

    Check out the list of characters on Patty’s link– way too funny– I see Sarah Palin is a follower of the blog.

  73. hang on Adam’s on

  74. Patty–

    don’t tell me he was doing MJ again?

    yes, KT– I am very proud of her but what I like the best about her is she is kind– very kind–

  75. no, your daughter is extraordinary Susan… that’s quite an accomplishment, very goal driven, must be hard to be away from her family for so long when you guys are so close.. and yes i can certainly tell what a generous heart she has, very admirable!

  76. Adam on Greta’s? I will have to check Greta out since I have missed more than half– been watering the backyard– the brown grass

  77. at least Adam changed that hot looking black jacket… and he looks like he lost a lot of weight lately

    but there’s bags under his eyes, a redness about the eyes… he wasn’t joking when he said he was tired

    it’s too hot to be standing out there

  78. we just got close– long story— but we are definitely close–

  79. what link does patty have?

  80. last time Adam had a long vacation was when he went to the UK– speaking of which, do I dare, did K2 ever get her special greeting from guessing where Adam went? Last March- 2008-

    It is hot here so I know it is hot there and I only step outside to jump into the car or walk down to Frank’s house–

    ducks inside the WH? Must be spies? LOL

  81. 4:15 PM link

  82. Danielle was the one who was in the Air Force– remember? Special Intelligence– she did her boot camp in San Angelo– lived two years in Europe and one in South Korea– she sure got around– and continues to travel– she can’t sit still– good for her– she is not married and no children– she will be 31–

  83. very gifted to be multi bilingual and be able to adjust into numerous different societies and cultures for those long periods of time

  84. oh you mean patty’s teleprompter??

  85. Greta’s question was about Sotomyer saying will it hurt her from becoming appointed.. Heck NO!

    the administration and the liberal congress are putting through whatever they want at any time they want regardless of what the people want

    they have total control.. no balance what so ever… very frightening

  86. yes– Patty’s teleprompter–

    and Danielle speaks espaΓ±ol too– it is kind of cute when we go to those true hispanic restaurants– she tries to outdo me in the language– No way on earth could I even begin to read Arabic–

    no– Soto will not be affected in her appt– 5/4 is very close–GOP was happy by the decision–

    Sunshine– your friends coming back from Iraq– tell them hello!

  87. GOP happy about the reversing of the decision, I should have added-

  88. well– I see discussion AGAIN about MJ– gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! same issue, different time—

  89. KC—

    I left you a post on the pen thread– πŸ˜€

  90. did you guys click on Adam’s Upper deck sponsor? I love Upper deck!

  91. Good Morning All.
    I had a lot of catching up to do on this blog. You were busy while I had company.
    It was a perfect night…cooler, low humidity and nice friends. People arrived at 5:30 and stayed until !0:30. I didn’t get the kitchen cleaned up until almost 11:30 which is late for me. I’m tired today.

  92. Morning Sylvia and everyone.

    Your evening sounded perfect Sylvia! Glad the weather cooperated.

    Busy day here, the boss is gone for a week. I didnt plan this very well, should have had all my paperwork caught up! haha

  93. hello–

    is Adam still covering the “still no decision, still hot, still Encino” story?

    (tweeter’s last entry)

    KT– well, I did get to see Adam– he should have been on the best of the rest slot– πŸ˜€ (greta’s)

  94. oops== twitter

  95. ***Adam… it’s time to move on from Encino buddy! Did your producers forget about you and leave you stranded there?

  96. KT–

    thanks for the heads up for upper deck– I just did my thing over there and then went through the motions on picking out an organization for facebook– phew– that was work– πŸ˜€

    Ken and I both support LIVESTRONG– We each have yellow wristbands (cancer) and orange ones– for children and drowning– Keep Hope Afloat–

    which reminds me– LDG– I totally forgot to put your band in the box– well, it will be in the next one– (the veterans writstband)

  97. Adam–

    question– truth or dare– the MJ story on a scale of one to ten on all you have reported, places where? My favorites are Chavez’s and the drug ones- It is the Indiana Jones look you have- πŸ˜€

  98. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well, I just checked the obits and I am not listed – sooooooooo

    Good Morning Everyone

  99. KT–

    saw the story of the missing 10 year old in Washington State–

    don’t forget to say hello to Mark Klass when you talk to him again– he is one of my favorites– πŸ˜€

  100. oh there’s KC, she’s still with us.

    Susan I love Upper Deck!!

  101. Susan… Adam should go home and get his updates from the AP like everyone else is.

    I hope Mrs. Jackson is coming out with pitchers of lemonade for his crew.

  102. uh oh… I always had a soft spot for Ron Paul

    Mr. Sunshine? Ron Paul Wins Support to Audit Fed Reserve
    Rep. Ron Paul so far has won 245 co-sponsors to a bill that would require a full-fledged audit of the Federal Reserve by the end of 2010.
    By Judson Berger


    Tuesday, June 30, 2009


  103. Good Morning all…..

    Wow, the blog was busy last night. Busy day around here – painting the kitchen. Just realized how poor my cleaning on top of the cabinets has been!

  104. what are those guys called again that obama appointed to oversee the new programs/companies that the government now owns? sheiks, shakes, ambassadors… what are they called? remember they said they will be making the decisions and answering to obama not a committee and not congress?… what a sneaky, skinny little man that obama is.

    GM Proposes Splitting Into
    ‘New’ & ‘Old’ Companies
    Twenty-nine days after filing for bankruptcy, GM asks judge to OK sale of assets to create leaner, government-owned company β€” but not everyone’s buying it

  105. there’s K2!! you’re going to be soar tonight!! All that stretching!

  106. Jun. 29, 2009
    Copyright Β© Las Vegas Review-Journal

    Nevada high court schedules bond hearing for O.J. Simpson


  107. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen T.

    Czars – I think he is up to 17 of them now ! ! ! !

  108. yeah!!!!!!!!!! that’s them Czars… 17??? holy crap!! where’s the transparancy, I ask… hahahaha

  109. Can I be a Czarina?

  110. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen T

    The only transparency in this administration that I know of – is his teleprompters (big grin)

    I dub you his first Czarina – Now remember, you only answer to “him” and no one else, so practice on your bows and curtsies (sp) – LOL

  111. When I see/hear the word “Czar”.
    I see little russian men, with balloon pants, squatted at the knees, doing a lil dance with their feet swinging in and out.

  112. I can’t do that dance. I would fall on my ass and look like the court jester instead of the Czarina.

  113. Time to take a walk. It’s “cool” here today. Only in the 70’s. Where is summer? Where is global warming?

  114. FL Sunshine Says:

    Karen T – regarding Mrs. Jackson coming out with Lemonade for the crew…..I hope Adam doesn’t hold his breath because I think she and other fam members are too busy carrying out bags of whatever they can grab. lol

    Re: Ron Paul and the Fed Audit – LOVE IT!!!! Show us where our $ is going! Like you said “where’s the transparency”?

    KC – obits – lol glad you are here! Hello!

  115. FL Sunshine Says:

    My house will have a strange smell today. I have chili cooking and will soon be baking cookies. πŸ™‚
    I have a friend who has been out of work for over a week due to a kidney stone which she is going to have lithotripsy done on Thursday to break it up. Anyway, I know chili seems like a strange thing to be cooking for dinner in FL this time of year but that’s what she wanted, so that’s what she’ll get. Along with an amazing frosted lime jello salad (one of my fav’s), fresh corn on the cob and fresh cut fruit (watermelon, pineapple, blueberries and strawberries). I just thought I’d take a break for a minute from all the cutting and see what everyone else is up to. πŸ™‚

  116. FL..I just about gagged on my chicken strips!! re: carrying bags…too funny!

  117. Your friend in fortunate FL to have those like you around.

  118. FL Sunshine Says:

    Susan – like you I went to a plastic surgeon but that was for the 2nd cut on one spot. The first was done at my general practitioners office and when it came back days later as melanoma he sent me to the plastic surgeon who made sure he went deep enough and wide enough in case there was more (PTL – there was not). I remember thinking while in his office (wow, I wonder what other procedures I could have done while in his office and bill my insurance company) LOL
    RE: your daughter – WOW! I am very impressed! You go girl!!! I hope she does become a foreign diplomat!

  119. Here you all are… I have clicked on Adams Blog and didn’t get the new thread. Not sure why. Thanks Sylvia for telling me.

    Gale Storm,… I remember her too.

    Patty…went to the teleprompter blog and glanced at it, looks like fun adn will go back and take a longer look later.

    Adam….. you have been on camera a lot… I do hope that you were able to rest in the truck and keep cool between spots.

    Did anybody watch the car chase yesterday afternoon from Dallas. Shep was great doing a play by play of the chase.

    Happy Tuesday to all!!

  120. FL… i thought that was interesting when at MJ’s house they had the moving vans there but yet the police haven’t been back there before they took stuff out hahahaha

    they did need to get the kids furniture and personal belongings though and Michael’s valuables… that was a theft waiting to happen…

  121. FL Sunshine Says:

    Karen T – were they trying to prevent theft or were they themselves thieves? I heard on FOX (unverified report) that Jackson’s dad was totally left out of the will. Maybe some of the family members are just grabbing stuff to ensure they get something. OR perhaps they want to hide stuff before it is auctioned off to pay his dept. HMMM (scratching head)
    Don’t you wonder….if they are taking items – is it because they truly want it or because they know they can sell it and make $ off it. Hasn’t that been the story of MJ’s life. Ppl and fam taking from him and taking from him.

  122. uh oh!

    Jackson/Rowe Not the Biological Parents
    Posted Jun 30th 2009 5:05AM by TMZ Staff


  123. ok, yeah that’s a good point. certainly that scenario can be playing out as it has in the past… wow joe’s out of the will?

  124. FL Sunshine Says:

    Karen T – imagine the possibilities for movies about this mess! I beat some writers are already at the computers coming up with ideas!

  125. FL Sunshine Says:

    Susan – I just sent you the recipe! πŸ™‚ Enjoy! It’s a lot of work but WELL worth it!

  126. Did anyone, for a minute, seriously think those kids were biological?

  127. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty – isn’t that sad. Will those kids ever be normal? I would think that when they are old enough to make their own decisions, they will want to look for their biological parents.

  128. Those kids will be a mirror to MJ. Sad as it is. They will be raised with the very same people that raised him, why would history change?
    Like you said before, the whole fam is quilty of nothing more than “taking”.

  129. Can you say this family is dysfunctional?

  130. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Farrah Fawcett is being laid to rest this afternoon

    May SHE rest in peace

  131. Boy you got that right Sylvia. But yet Americans hold him up to some sort of god.
    All those people on the street, I would like to ask 5 of them “just how did him dying directly affect your life?”…..I can’t imagine what a legit answer would even be!!!
    Makes me SO VERY Angry!
    The congressional moment of silence really bit my @ss! and it still does!

  132. Amen KC!
    A real sort of “hero” that people can gain from.

  133. So Patty, I guess i shouldn’t ask for a moment of silence on this blog for MJ? LOL

  134. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  135. what was the congressional moment of silence for i missed that?

  136. Adam is on TV again talking about MJ. He looks a bit warm in his suit.

  137. KT…silence for MJ.

  138. KT..it was friday for MJ and total BS…that is not what they are paid to do!!!! They didnt have a moment of silence for the soldier, one of our own, who was shot at the recruitment center a few weeks back.

  139. Adam is twittering.. state agencies are pissed at lack of communication from MJ’s family… who’da thunk?

  140. Patty they seem to do that celebrity regcognition thing a lot. When I had my blog I saw it all the time with Congress.

  141. Adam, put ole daddy ‘o in front of the camera, he’ll talk to them all day long! (Right beside sharpton.)

  142. ***Adam… they’re saying that you look hot out there… take off the jacket and put on your I heart MJ tshirt and cool down.

  143. Teens Shot Near
    Detroit High School
    URGENT: Several teenagers hit when multiple shots fired into crowd waiting at a bus stop after summer school

  144. KT..saw that headline…reading between the lines, i would guess gang related. There said so far there are no fatalities.

  145. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    OMG – Adam is reporting that family is thinking of taking MJ to Neverland to lay in “state” so fans can visit. He said Joe said no yesterday at the press conference, but different story today. Police are trying to figure out routes, etc.

    What is our world coming to – makes me a bit sick to my stomach

    Moment of silence – MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Hey, it is 108 degrees here in Fresno – so I bet it is very hot and humid down south. Poor Adam, wish they would put him on a better story. His brains are needed elsewhere in this messed up Country of ours.
    What a waste of his talent and precious time.

    Man, I guess I better calm down – my b/p is rising over this MJ crap.

    Anybody got any “jesus juice”

  147. KC…I adore you!

  148. Maybe Adam needs a glass or 2 of his family’s wine. I would if I had to deal with the MJ story all day.

  149. Maybe we need to email FOX, demand that Adam be put to useful use instead of bs that helps no one.

    Susan…get on that!!!! *EG*

  150. I have visions of 4th of July fireworks set to MJ music instead of patriotic songs and the grand finale is a burst of fireworks that look like MJ.
    I bet Rozzi’s famous fireworks from Cincy could do that.

  151. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Didn’t I ask the other day – Did MJ die a virgin??
    Guess that question got answered (big grin)
    Still would have loved to hear John’s comment. He must be busy flying witch Pelosi around and is to busy to come visit.

  152. KC,
    I thought Pelosi flew with a broom.

  153. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You are right – keep getting Pelosi and Hillary mixed up – LOL
    I hope your 4th of July vision does not happen anywhere near me. Lord, can you just see MJ’s face all over the sky – (puke)

  154. KC,
    I would prefer it not happen either. It was just a thought from my quirky old brain.

  155. sylvia, if you continue to have thoughts like that, we are going to wish Larry was a brain surgeon! πŸ˜‰

  156. Patty,
    I’m sure there have been times when Larry has agreed with you about that.

  157. I think we need to rescue adam. argh.

  158. Cant we send in the APES???
    (altho i dont remember what apes stood for)
    Where are you guys anyway? John? your missing soooo many chances of zings!

  159. FL Sunshine Says:

    if MJ’s family wants to have him lay in state so fans can walk through, the city should charge so they can recoup what it will cost them since CA is broke!!! That means all the tax payers will pay for his “fans” to attend his funeral.

    Hey, I’ve got an idea! Hold it in LA’s stadium and charge a ticket fee (just like it’s his concert). Play video of him and have all the $ go to abused children.

  160. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty – I miss John too! Imagine the fun he could be having with this!

    Karen T – maybe when everyone is saying Adam looks hot they mean he “looks HOT”. πŸ˜‰ wink, wink

    Adam – are you getting tired of reporting this story? (or would you truly answer that question)

  161. I posted that about paying this afternoon at FB, FL.
    That is BS to strap the State with the circus.

  162. Why don’t they just put on a big Hollywood production of MJ’s body and his music, make it into a traveling road show, and send it around the country so everyone can view it in person.
    Or just put it on all the networks 24/7 for a few weeks (oh I forgot, they’ve already done that).

  163. FL Sunshine Says:

    Sylvia: LOL yes, they have already done that.

    I have been wondering, as strange as he is about his “image” and looks if maybe he had written that he wants his body embalmed so that it would remain on view for years in a shrine of some sort. Wasn’t there a Russan Czar or Chinese Emperor who did something like that? (where’s LDG?) It shouldn’t take much since most of his face is made of plastic or already has titanium threads holding it frozen in place.

  164. FL.. point taken. You’re right Adam is a hottie.. he and Shep equally blow all the FNC reporters out of the water!

  165. boy oh boy i watched hannity’s show and saw that report about the guy at the BET Awards where he said that Michael belonged to them and they were just lending Michael to all of us

    he didn’;t even take into account that all races in many countries grew up watching the Jacksons and not only that it was all races that made Michael as famous as he was. we ALL put that money into Michael’s pocket and shot him right to superstardom

    what a bunch of crap.. Michael had money in his pocket of people like me buying those 45’s back in the day

  166. now i’m aggravated and ready to fight.. where are the liberals tonight?

  167. ‘morning all!

  168. Sylvia, doggies hasnt been here for a few days.
    She and hubby ok?

  169. @FL Sunshine

    re: permanent display of the dead — Nobility hasn’t done that; they get big statutues and mausoleums, though. You are probably thinking of V. Lenin of the Soviet Union, who actual is on display (still) in Moscow.


    g’morning, g’morning.

    regarding extracting Housley from his current fate — Guys, we are talking Encino here… if a born-and-raised Californian like our good host can’t figure a way out of there, he’d likely be pretty embarrassed if A.P.E.S. had to go get him… let’s spare him that, shall we? ((grin))

    Besides, If I showed up there, I’d have to slag on him about not answering his e-mail.

  170. statutues statues

  171. LDG… *LOL*
    nice to see you back!

    Makes me think of the movie …Encino Man.
    Maybe it wasn’t a frozen caveman….maybe it was revelations for the coming of “MJ II”

  172. Good Morning…I feel like it should be afternoon. I’ve been up since 5:30.

    I haven’t heard from doggies.

    Hope you have some “down” time today. As I said earlier…all work and no play isn’t a good thing.

  173. Patty,
    I didn’t see “Encino Man”.
    As for MJII……let’s hope not. One is enough.

  174. doggiesallover Says:

    Was someone asking about little ol’ me?
    Good morning! And we’re, I guess, about as fine as we can be, considering…Hubby had decided about a month ago to retire, so we’re dealing w/that in the household, plus all the other. Big changes.
    We have our appointment set in Houston on the 14th of July. This will be a long 2 weeks.
    And as for Michael, isn’t this rodeo just like his dad? Seems to me that he can’t quit trying to out-circus himself even w/Michael dead. And isn’t his dad’s behavior is what got us all to this point in the first place? Yep.
    KT, bought many an album for my daughter…well, I SAID they were for her,ya know?
    There should be dignity in death. Bet if dad had to pay for this there would be a closed ceremony, and requests for sponsors.
    “This funeral is brought to you by the following…”
    Makes me sick.

  175. Doggies,
    Should we take up a collection for MJ’s Dad since he was left out of the will?

  176. morning dog hahahaha you know i don’t think i bought one actual album of his… but i remember getting the 45’s, then jumpoed tot he cassettes, didn’t any 8 tracks of his music, then came the cd’s… gosh i wish i still had those 45’s and the victrola to play them on

  177. Doggies, glad to see you.
    When you go missing for a few days around here, we start to get nosey! *L*
    or worried πŸ™‚

  178. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Well, it is official – – – – – – as of midnight last night we (California) are BROKE/BANKRUPT.
    Our wonderful governor wants to let prisoners be released, cut hours and hours of education time, and close firehouses. Oh yeah, and tax us more! ! ! ! What a joke he is

    You would think he would save a ton of money by not paying for all of the illegals in their medical expenses, welfare, food stamps, etc. etc. But no, lets keep supporting them and close firehouses, release jail inmates, and cut education. Makes sense to me. NOT

    Now my blood pressure is going up again – Where is my jesus juice??

  179. KC,
    How can they close firehouses in a state that’s always on fire?

  180. @Patty and Sylvia

    It’s good to have time now. Thanks for the welcome back.

    The real danger in Encino used to be “Valley Girls”, btw. I *think* that has finally run its course by now…

  181. @doggies

    Welcome Back!


    You know that’s a political ploy, right? By ordering cutbacks in essential services, it stirs popular outcry.

    I’ve always wanted to see language in Constitutions (national and state) that set a priority for funding in the absence of a full budget… mandating for example that Fire Police Courts Military (or Guard) are defunded *last* during a shortfall.

  182. LDG,
    Valley girl…….someone who always said “like” and “you know”.

  183. LDG,
    Politicians should be defunded first.

  184. morning kc… it was only a couple of years ago when the news was breaking that medical facilities were closing, like a lot of them! because of the expense of the illegals

    then San Franc made their city a sanctuary

    i don’t get the politicians there, that state is out of control and the people of the state are the ones taking the brunt of it all, yet they keep re-electing these fiscally irresponsible politicians into office.

    then they sit back and complain (not referring to you).. how bad does a state’s money problems have to get before the people wake up and get them out of office?

  185. KT, wow thats a loaded question. If there was a accurate answer to it, we wouldn’t have the Pres that we have, now would we?
    Lemmings are stupid, nothing more, nothing less.

  186. KS is doing the same budget thing KC.
    Education is always talked about first.

  187. Why is there always enough money in the budgets to give politicians raises and health insurance for life?

  188. Patty,

    because everyone bought into that Change issue, i don’t think the majority of the voters thought beyond what the word Change actually meant… i do not recall one time that Obama actually defined Change. So the election of Obama i see differently than the repetative elections of incompetent politicians in CA.

  189. You guys should really check out Adam’s sponsor of this blog Upper Deck! It’s a wonderful company that I used myself.

    They’re very reputable and have excellent choices of memorabilia. I am hoping that have a card of Adam in their collection!

  190. I know Art Diamond from Upper Deck… nice guy!

  191. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning to you. Yes, I know it is a political ploy, but it is so unnecessary to hear it all of the time. It gets one’s blood boiling, which is the reaction they want I suspose.

    You made a point – we do need our firehouses, police, schools, etc. I would like to know, however, how many of our politicians received raises in the past year.

    Karen T
    Hubby and I keep trying to get them ALL out of office, but I guess we are out-numbered when it comes to the elections around here. I just hope, maybe, someday people will wake up.

    Have you noticed your taxes, etc., going up during your budget talks??

    Welcome back. Like Patty said, when we do not see someone around here for a couple of days, we get concerned.

  192. @All

    Anyone seen our good host on the air today? I’m just curious if he is still on All-Jackson-All-the time or has been allowed a moment to breathe…

  193. *crickets*

  194. @Adam Housley

    you’ve got mail.


    since yesterday.

    ((supresses the urge to post multiple links to force this into moderation where he’ll see it))

  195. LDG… According to Adam’s Facebook news he has escaped from the circus that is MJ and is now in Cabo. Click on my name for the story.

    We are taking our dog to the Vet tomorrow for the yearly appt. She is 15 and getting thinner, after I was able to corner her today and give her a bath you could see her spine as I washed her. We will have to see if we need to start the arthritis meds again or if the end is near.

  196. @Barb

    Thank you ma’am. Can’t see it (no Facebook for me, security reasons), but if you say so that explains it.

  197. LDG…Here it is for those with out Facebook.

    Adam from Cabo…

    We’re in the resort town of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where the tourism industry is trying to climb back from a triple whammy. First, the worldwide economic downturn took a swipe. Next came increased drug cartel violence in places like Juarez. Finally, there was swine flu, which the World Health Organization says has killed more than 100 people across Mexico. None of those deaths has been in Cabo, nor have there been any documented cases of swine flu in this area. The drug violence that’s happened is far from here. Still, walk along any beach or stroll through the marina and it’s clear that business isn’t booming. One of the owners of Cabo Wabo, a famed local watering hole, says business is off 40% from last year.

    Hotels are trying to counteract the damage by offering deals. You can get resort rooms here for as low as $129 a night. American Airlines also just started a fare sale on flights to Mexico. Will all this work? Time will tell. The General Manager at the Hilton here says he’s already seen a bump in their business.

  198. doggiesallover Says:

    To all of you who were wondering about me, feel free to just nosey right on in. I thought it was very sweet of you-

    I’d still be very careful. Keep your ‘6’ covered, OK?

    Prayers for your furbaby.

  199. Wheeeeeee!!! Adam’s back in Mexico!!

  200. Good, now that Adam is done with that nonsense.
    On to the next story!!

  201. doggies…i can be “nice”, when necessary πŸ™‚

  202. Patty,
    You are always nice.

  203. Barb,
    I hope your dog will be OK. It’s tough to watch a beloved pet become aged and ill.

  204. FNC did a report on Cabo and it wasn’t Adam reporting.

  205. where did my post go?

    Once again– KT– your comment about Adam putting the I heart MJ makes me laugh everytime you mention it– it is because I envision him wearing it– πŸ˜€

    Sunshine– thank you soooooooooooo much for the recipe- I WILL be making it for the birthday lunch—

    LDG– the tidbit about Stalin– gracias

  206. oops– scratch Stalin– I meant Lenin—

    prayers for your beloved dog, Barbara– I SURE HOPE your dog is ok–

    I am on my second day of not turning the tele on– time to go check it out–

    hope you are having some rest while in Cabo, Adam–

  207. KC—

    I did catch the news about the changes wanting to be made in your state— not good! xxxx (yipee it is Wednesday and you only have two more days until the fun begins) πŸ˜€

  208. barb best wishes with your puppy!

  209. wow! finally people are starting to see Adam’s sponsor Upper Deck!! What a good cause he supports and very creative to do this with Upper Deck!

  210. Good Morning. Anyone awake yet besides me and our overseas bloggers?

  211. LDG,
    What is going on with NK? Another missile launch. Seems to be happening quite frequently since Obama became President.

  212. @Sylvia


    re: “what’s going on…” — quite a lot actually. The only things that make the news are the missile launches / preparations and the rowing club (Kang Nam 1 issue). Most of the missiles, BTW, are local-use… antiaircraft, antiship; maybe 1 test in 10 is a ballistic missile of some type… But yes, while they’ve been pushing testing the last couple of years, they’ve really pushed up the rate since January.

  213. LDG,
    If I lived as close to NK as you do I would be very nervous. I know NK has no love for Japan (or for the US) and probably enjoys tormenting with test launches. I also think NK is convinced Obama and his advisors are not going to take any tough action against aggression.

  214. FL Sunshine Says:

    Anyone see Gibbs trying to defend the White House in the press meeting yesterday because the press if finally onto their “hand selecting” ahead of time questions to push their agendas. THANK YOU Major Garrett for getting the press fired up or maybe I should say for showing some backbone and embarrassing the rest of them so they realized they are being used. It was awesome! Even old Helen got in on it and wouldn’t stop!!!

    Don’t ppl realize that the main reason for them hand picking these questions is so that Obama can go get the answers and be prepped for giving the answers to the questions that will make him look good. Since he can only speak with a teleprompter. Who really is our Prez? Who’s he getting his answers from?

  215. cheryljones Says:

    Patty, LOL. I’m like Sylvia, in that I think you’re nice w/out even trying.
    What’s the diff in knowing the questions or just calling on the media who will ask the soft questions? It’s all been done before, and will continue ad boredom.
    Now, really-how could the media be surprised?!

  216. The media is part of the problem.

  217. cheryljones Says:

    Sylvia, exactly! They must be-after all-who else is doing the asking? nd then they want to profess how ‘shocked’ they are? Oh, gimme a break.
    LOL-the news (media) is the news!

  218. cheryljones Says:

    My name changed again, and I did NOT put it in. It just does that!
    (Twilight Zone theme song plays in background…)

  219. doggiesallover Says:

    I just logged out and looked just to make sure-and guess what? I am logged in as ‘doggiesallover.’
    Can somebody explain this to me? (Preferably in kiddie speak?)
    OK-I am submitting now, under doggiesallover. Let’s see who I am when it posts!

  220. Cheryl,
    I think it has to do with wordpress. The other day it posted me as Sylviaoh which is what I used on GW when she had the previous format. My avatar has me as sylviaoh because my name was already taken and I had to add something to it.
    So it may not be the Twilight Zone.

  221. Did I just see that Adam posted on his home page he is on his way to Hawaii and then to N Korea?
    I don’t have twitter. Anyone here see that?

  222. Adam……if you are on the way to N Korea I suggest you just get off in Hawaii and stay there. It’s beautiful and safe. And I can tell you where to eat in Maui.

  223. good morning

  224. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    It is FRIDAY here for me – YIPEEEEEEE – 3 day weekend for us. It will be fun, fun, fun, till my daddy takes the T-bird away – (grinning)

    According to the paper this morning, the state is going to start issuing IOU’s to those they owe money to.

    I wonder, am I gonna get an IOU instead of my social security check. And if so – – – – what happens to the deduction they take out of my check for my Medicare Insurance Premium???? Yes, I know, I am older than dirt.

  225. Cheryl or anybody else with good doggie ideas… went to put the leash on Bashy to take her to the vet and she went ballistic, ended up biting Steve on the finger. We had to cancel the appt till tomorrow. Any ideas on how to get the leash on her and keep all our fingers? I thought maybe wait till she is asleep and then attach it to the collar.

  226. KC do you think the credit card companies and mortgage companies will accept an IOU from you for the payments??? NOT!!

  227. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Yep, he is on his way to Hawaii then NK – He posted that info at the top of this blog on the right side. At least he is off the MJ circus.

    Barb – hope the vet appointment goes well for you and bow-wow. Keep us posted. It is sooooooo hard when our “kids” get on in age. You always feel so helpless. My thoughts are with you.

    You gonna meet up with Adam???? (big grin)

    By the way, do you celebrate 4th of July in Japan?

  228. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    We sometimes have the same problem with our Izabella. We use a cloth type muzzle if the need arises. That would be my suggestion. Don’t know if it will help in your situation.

    Other option would be to wrap a large bath towel around her and then put the leash on.

  229. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You are right, it is always a one way street isn’t it. We pay, pay, pay, but the government can issue IOU’s.

  230. Barb, re leash…leather gloves? πŸ™‚

    When our old black lab got that crabby because of pain, we decided it was time to put him down. He was 18, dang it was tough to do, but not worth someone getting hurt over.

    Sylvia and doggies…aw thanks. Mom and Dad would be proud then.

    Here’s what Adam’s FB post says…..”from MJ to missiles, i am now on my way to Hawaii for NKorea.”

    KC, good question about the IOU delima.
    Thats what happens when star struck people vote, they voted for “hollyweird” instead of brains and common sense. Arnold should never have won an election. Now it wil take years to try to clean it up. Sad part is, just like here, they dont cut the obvious stuff. They just go for what will get the most rise out of people.

    Today is my friday too!!! YEAH, cause its been a shitty week in this office. SOOO ready to walk away for a few days.

  231. oh and, I was going to suggest the towel too, but I see KC beat me to it.

  232. Max Kon Says:

    Patty: From hios facebook post i’m not sure if Adam meant he’s going to Hawaii to cover the story, or going there on route to NK, i’m thinking it’s the former.

  233. @KC and All

    I think, given the reception that foreign reporters have gotten in North Korea recently, we can safely discount the possibility of our good host going there. But if the assignment is to cover the possible N.K. long-range missile launch supposedly targeting the Hawaii region, then going to Hawaii to get some pictures taken next to the THAAD defensive batteries sort of makes sense.

    re: meeting up

    Hawaii is only half-way here, so likely not. Pity, that.

    re: 4th of July

    The Embassy holds a party, and if I’m down that way I might wander by. Otherwise, it is just one of several national days we get to rejoice over in the homestead. Here’s hoping the rain lets up for the weekend…

  234. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    RAIN??????????????? What in the world is that??? (big, big, grin)

    I think you are right – Adam will be landing in Hawaii and staying put

  235. If Adam’s destination is Hawaii and not NK, then I am jealous. I could use a dose of the Aloha spirit and good sea food. A Mai Tai would also be nice.

  236. I think after covering MJ Adam deserves some Hawaii time.

  237. I remember when Greta went with Franklin Graham that they had to go thru China, so I am inclined to think that he will stay in Hawaii.

    Thanks for the suggestions for Bashy, I am thinking that the towel and maybe oven mitts will do the trick. I think she might be edgy because yesterday we gave her a bath and had to spray her across the yard as she would not stay close. She is so sensitive that we can’t even comb her now, so she looks like she has the mange. Although she likes to be scratched.

    I hope that Adam will enjoy Hawaii, both Becky and Pat/Julia have lived in Honolulu and so we have been there several times and it is nice, although if I ever go back I will not spend very much time on Oahu. I want to go and see Volcano Park again, and be able to spend more than a day or two. I really want to hike to the lava.

    Time for lunch, be back later.

  238. FL Sunshine Says:

    KC – RE: the IOU’s from CA – can you say “lawsuit”? It’s just a matter of time before that happens.

  239. FL Sunshine Says:

    I was out near a mall today and my 16 year old asked me to pick up a copy of Glenn Beck’s book “Common Sense”. I was thrilled that he WANTS to read it and I never mentioned buying that book (although I will want to read it when he is finished). From what I understand, it’s not a an “anti- Democrat” book but rather a “Pro-America” book and against anything that is tearing down our country. πŸ™‚

  240. doggiesallover Says:

    So sorry your vet appt had to be postponed. I’m thinking Bashy may not be hearing or seeing very well, and was startled, since this is obviously a new behavior for her.
    I would try cuddling w/her, either on floor or couch, and having the leash very close by. When she feels secure and comfortable, she may not react like that. Just fasten the leash onto her collar and let her drag it around. She’ll be used to in w/in a minute, I think.
    I’ve got a scaredy-dog, too, who has bitten us and the vet in his imagined terror. Like we’re going to hurt them, right?
    Let me know, OK?

  241. FL Sunshine Says:

    I am looking forward to Adam’s coverage of the NK issue!!! I want to see more of that on the news! (and a lot less of you know who).
    Adam – I also hope you do get a day to rest or at least an evening to relax by the beach with an umbrella drink. πŸ™‚ What a change of gears for you. lol (from not so important to extremely important)

  242. Fl,
    There’s always time for beach and umbrella drinks!

  243. FL Sunshine Says:

    Maybe Adam will post some pix of him relaxing with one. πŸ™‚ So we can all stop wondering how he is holding up.

    tap, tap, tap…..Adam, can you hear us?

  244. Good Morning All.

    Hope everyone enjoys the start of the holiday weekend. I always love the July 4th celebration. Patriotism is a good feeling. We used to have huge parties for the event…….swimming, cook out , fireworks (illegal but the local cops “didn’t see them happening”) for as many as 40 guests. We would have patriotic music playing on the outdoor speakers and flag decorations everywhere.
    Now that Michelle and all our friends’ kids have flown the nests we no longer do the big party. But we will still have the music going and the flags out. As for the fireworks, we will probably go to see the public ones if we’re still awake at 10 PM!

  245. doggiesallover Says:

    Don’t you all just love John Philip Sousa? That’s my house-cleaning music!
    Bought an HD TV yesterday-boy, what a difference! Not only the picture, but the sound, as well.

  246. FL Sunshine Says:

    Sylvia – when we buy fireworks here, we have to sign a paper saying the fireworks are needed to scare away the birds. lol I’ll be happy to and we actually would LOVE to scare away the squirrels. That should count. (yes, I know they are not birds – they are simply tree rats!)

    My day will be spent at Daytona Speedway, working the race with other parents from the high school wrestling team to earn $ for the team. Tomorrow will also be spent at the track. They do give a great fireworks show.

  247. Fl,
    In Ohio it is legal to buy fireworks but not to set them off. You have to sign a paper saying you will not set them off but everyone ignores it on the 4th.
    I think if it’s legal to buy it should be legal to use.

  248. FL Sunshine Says:

    Isn’t it stupid?! No doubt something done by our productive politicians. lol
    Well, a Happy 4th to our Grand County! (although it doesn’t seem so Grand anymore)

  249. FL,
    Rozzi’s fireworks company (which is famous worldwide) is in the northern suburbs in Cincinnati. I’m sure Ohio makes a tidy tax income from this company. It’s ok to make (which I’m sure is a dangerous job) and to sell, but not ok to use without a permit (unless they are the low level ones like sparklers). The places that get permits are city governments, King’s Island Amusement park and other public venues. I understand trying to protect people, but I don’t understand the double standard of allowing people to buy them.

  250. Adam is in Honolulu– missiles coverage/NK

    Adam– you are not getting one of those IOU’s are you?

  251. Sarah Palin is resigning as governor at the end of the month. I am shocked.

  252. Hi all

    I am also shocked about Palin. Wonder what she will do now? 2010 Senate or 2012 President. Informal poll, what should she do?

    This morning we had Bashy’s Vet appt and so Steve put on the oven mitts and started to rub her head and while he did that I got the clip from the leash on her collar, after yesterday we were not sure that it would work. We then took her for a short walk and then to the Vet. We got her muzzled and then they examined her and apart from the Arthritis she is fine for her age. (15) We were very glad to hear that. (Steve was sure that she was full of cancer) We got the meds she needs and will see what she is like in several months.

  253. Barb,
    Glad there was good news for your dog.
    As for Palin, I hope she has a political future. I wish she hadn’t resigned.

  254. doggiesallover Says:

    Oh, Barb, such good news for Bashy! Keeping fingers crossed that the meds work wonders for her.
    Palin? Sorry. Not a fan. Wanted to be, tried to be, just wasn’t meant to be, I guess. Off to read the story…I came here, first. πŸ˜‰

  255. doggiesallover Says:

    As to what Palin did?
    Her biggest legacy will be that she set women back about 100 years.
    IMO, every woman w/political aspirations in the foreseeable future will be judged by this.

  256. Happy 4th of July Everyone.
    Have a safe holiday and enjoy the day.
    Suppose to have rain here which could mess up plans for many celebrations.
    Just a quiet day planned for us. We are having my Mom and a couple of friends over for dinner.

  257. doggiesallover Says:

    Good morning, and happy 4th of July from me, too.
    Let us not forget that at one time we fought our own war for this freedom that we take so much for granted today.
    Enjoy your freedom, everyone!

  258. Happy 4th of July to all.

    ooh,,, Adam just came on tv. This poor guy is getting NO sleep. It is 3:00 AM there.

  259. Hey Ya’ll,

    I’m proud to announce that I’m officially done with matriculation exams in Israeli school! =). So I can now say I’m done finally after 4 years. So now comes the end of my time in Israel saying bye to friends and getting things ready for when I leave in a week and a half! I’ll be in Jeruslem tomorrow to hang out with friends there! I’ll be around here much more often then before now that I have much more free time! I also see a few new faces here eh?

    Happy 4th Everyone!

  260. Congrats Avi.
    Enjoy your free time and have safe travels back to the US.

  261. K2…I don’t feel “sorry” for anyone visiting Hawaii, sleep or no sleep!LOL
    BTW…due to jet lag and the 6 hour time difference with EST (Hawaii doesn’t go on DST) I never sleep much the first few days there. It’s still paradise.

  262. doggiesallover Says:

    From one of the new faces, hello and it’s nice to meet you. I can only echo Sylvia- Congratulations, please be careful and our prayers are with you.

  263. @ Adam–

    your twitter comment– (started work when people still headed out. Thanks Kim Jong)—-

    If I didn’t feel sorry for you, I would think your comment is funny– pobrecito! ahhh!

    Avi– sooooooooo many congrats to you! xxx

    A safe 4th @ all~

  264. @Adam—

    I just saw you on Fox– America’s News HQ

    YOU LOOK GREAT– I can’t believe you are still standing– it must be the air–

    thanks for the heads up on what is going on– boy, everyone is on high alert– Japan, South Korea, and all these working together in Hawaii —

    time for China to throw some punches at North Korea– and the UN– to stop this “poking in the eye.”

    great reporting as I learned from what you just reported– (what is being used for detection of the missiles? I didn’t catch the name of it– )

    THANKS for the great work you do on all your stories!

    BTW– I don’t see you wearing the ~ I (heart) MJ ~ t-shirt KT sent you???

  265. Avi, Congratulations!

  266. Max Kon Says:

    Happy 4th July everyone!
    Sorry I’ve been neglecting you all.

  267. doggiesallover Says:

    Max! Thank you. Same to you, but different, of course. LOL

  268. Did everyone have a nice holiday?

    I realize it wasn’t a holiday where you are! LOL

  269. Just saw on GW that Greta is flying to LA. Guess she’ll be covering the MJ circus. Adam is lucky to be in Hawaii. That sounds better than having to be at the MJ events.

  270. test—

    once again–

    Adam– are you still in aloha land? You were non-stop yesterday– time for a vacation as you have been working waaaaaaaaaaay too much!


    it is going to be a circus Tuesday- MJ– GLAD I am not going to be there- you could not pay me enough to be a part of that mob–

    Max– happy 5th xxxxx

  271. Max Kon Says:

    I had a good 4th, saw Buzz Aldrin give a talk.

  272. cheryljones Says:

    Just found on MSNBC
    This spring, as Palin was weighing whether to run for reelection in 2010, she turned to John P. Coale, a prominent Washington lawyer. He had helped her establish a political action committee and has become her political consigliere of sorts.

    “She asked me, ‘Well, what do you think all this is? Why are all these people attacking me?’ ” Coale said. “I said to her: ‘Look, that’s what happens. They did it to Hillary [Rodham Clinton], and Hillary just pushed through it. It’s not going to really stop. . . . You just have to ignore it and move on.’ ”

    So now we know, I guess, why Greta’s had all the breaks w/Palin and family, and has been touting her all these months.
    You may have known this, but I didn’t. And not a word from Greta about this, of course.
    Sorry, Adam, I know she’s ‘family’ but I just don’t think it’s fair to not have disclosed this.
    Does anyone disagree w/me? I’m open for discussion.

  273. Cheryl,
    This topic was discussed on GW. She said that her husband has given advice to several female politicians (including Hilary) and he was not acting in a partisan way. Greta said she is a feminist and wants all female politicians treated fairly. I don’t know if Greta got favorable access to Sarah……she claims she didn’t. Greta said on her blog that when the cameras weren’t filming her interview with Sarah, there was no socializing or interacting with her. It was strictly business.
    I am not defending Greta, just reporting what I read on her blog.

  274. HI everyone. Hope youve have a good weekend.
    The weather is absolutely beautiful here today. Yesterday was a little dreay, but let the fireworks take place with out too many sprinkles.

    I remember when Greta talked about John and Sarah.
    I also remember reading that John is a big democratic supporter with high dollars and his personal website at one time touted about having the Clinton’s with them on their boat, should Greta have disclosed that too?

    Adam’s FB says he’s on his way home to cover more MJ, someone should kidnap him at the airport! 😦

  275. Patty,
    I can’t believe Adam would leave paradise to cover the MJ circus. He should come up with some excuse…any excuse to avoid the MJ crap.

  276. agreed sylvia!

    Did you now hear about the J4……what a crock, the family is still stealing from him.
    Im shocked that people fall for this circus.
    Most of “Mankind” has lost all sanity IMO.

  277. Patty,
    I haven’t heard the latest. What are they stealing?

  278. supposedly the “Jackson 4” will now perform at some of the places that was to be MJ’s tour.

  279. That’s SICK.

  280. yep, i thought so too.

  281. New pics of “bear” under my name.

  282. cheryljones Says:

    I (obviously) did not see that discussed, Sylvia, and I’m glad you knew that it was. Makes me feel a little better.
    And Patty, definitely should have been disclosed about the Clintons, too.
    But-back then, Greta was not all politics all the time, like she is now, so I guess that’s why it didn’t occur to me to protest back then. She was doing crime stories and missing persons, and even her blog was apolitical, for the most part.
    Thanks, ‘guys’!

  283. doggies, i rarely know what goes on at greta’s, but that one i did see.
    your right, she was crime stories…she should go back to that. its what she does best!
    She definilty should stay away from hollyweird.

  284. Patty,
    Love the pics.

  285. ‘morning everyone. Happy Monday, I think!

    Adam, you were on the tv very early this morning, did you even go to bed?

  286. The sun is finally shining here but the humidity is still extremely high. Going to reach the 80’s today after a very chilly July week.
    Global warming didn’t come to Ohio.

  287. A question came up at facebook, susan? ldg?…maybe you know the answer with your legal knowledge.

    now that Jackson’s dead, do the conditions of that 20 mill settlement still apply, regarding not speaking about what “allegedly” happened?

  288. sylvia, our humidities are very high also. The dew is so heavy over night, it looks like it has rained.
    re warming…..Must be the first time ever that I’ve worn a jacket and a blanket to watch fireworks!

  289. Happy Monday everyone…..

    Patty… the pics of bear are great. He is so cute. Back in the 80’s we were at my parents cottage in Northern Michigan and it was in the 50’s and windy for the fireworks. It was so cold.

    Adam…sorry you had to leave Honolulu and come back to the circus. I saw where NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and E TV are all broadcasting it live. Thank you Fox and CBS for not doing that.

  290. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone – boy that 3 day weekend sure flew by mighty fast.

    Congrats – you did good- nowhere to go now – but UP

    Loved the pictures-he is soo cute and seems to really enjoy his home

    Really sorry you have to be involved in the MJ circus. What a waste of your talent.

  291. good morning!

    wow was Adam really on at 2am covering MJ, poor guy!

    It’s almost over I think the funeral is tomorrow.

  292. oh
    I forgot about Avi’s post above.

    Congrats Avi!!! A large task, completed!
    Glad to see you back too!

  293. doggiesallover Says:

    Aww, what a cutie Bear is! And I add my thank you to the others’-God love you and yours. My mother would say you’re ‘putting stars in your crown.’

  294. aw thanks, we get more enjoyment than you can imagine. They are such comical critters.
    She spent her first all nighter in the tree lastnight. I didnt know that ’till this morning, when i asked pat why he didnt tell me…he said cause he knew i’d lay awake all night worring about her.

  295. @Patty

    re: yours of 5:40 am

    I’d guess (I don’t know the case) that was a summary settlement, which meant the total value of the settlement went into a kind of Escrow and then was awarded at some rate. Once it was paid to the “escrow”, it was now no longer part of the assets of Jackson.

    If it wasn’t summary… and it was still to be settled (paid)… then there are problems. It would become a claim against the estate.

    Hope that helps



    G’morning. Heck of a busy time here. Hope all are well.

  296. Hi LDG,
    Hope things quiet down in your part of the world.

  297. doggiesallover Says:

    I finally saw something that made sense to me about Palin’s resignation.
    Found this on MSNBC-
    *** Geography and the calendar: There are two other legitimate reasons for Palin’s resignation, if she’s planning a presidential bid. One is geography. As political analyst Charlie Cook tells First Read, running for president was hard enough for Bill Clinton (in ’92 from Little Rock) and for George W. Bush (in ’00 from Austin), and it’s probably even harder now that campaigns have begun earlier and have become more expensive. So just think about the challenges of running for president in 2012 from Juneau…
    So, if she doesn’t live in Alaska, she can’t be governor-right? My vote says she’s moving to the lower 48 to be closer to Washington DC-maybe even to DC itself. Like I said-it’s the ONLY thing that would make her resignation necessary.

  298. Funny how Palin has “upset” everyone.

    I’ll just sit back and see what she does. Matters none to me either way. The pundits can guess all they want, until she wants someone to know, thats all it is, guessing.

  299. Thanks ldg, that makes sense. I dont know which it was either. Never followed it much. Will be interesting to see if the “rest of the story” comes out.

  300. I too will wait for Sarah to announce her plans. We can’t possibly know what goes on in her life. I do think she has been treated terribly by the majority of the media and by people like that obnoxious Letterman. I have another word for him but won’t use it on this blog.

  301. Patty,
    There will be more dirt about MJ…..people will want their 15 minutes of fame and all the money possible. He won’t be resting in peace.

  302. Cheryl… That makes sense for Palin to move to the lower 48 if she is going to make the run for Prez.

    You hope that MJ will go away after tomorrow, but it probably is just the beginning. Congress loves making laws, soo maybe they can make a law that there can be no more than 3 minutes an hour about MJ.

    Another car chase in Texas…. Shep is so much fun to listen to doing the play by play.

  303. Barb,
    Cheryl lives in Texas.

    Hey Cheryl….were you in that car!!! LOL

  304. Our son’s internet girlfriend, who we don’t approve of, lives in Houston and we were joking that it was her. She has been in trouble before.

  305. You guys are “bad”! *L*

  306. Patty and Barb,
    I just read on the Fox home page that they are doing all day coverage of the MJ memorial tomorrow.
    Adam may need a bottle of wine to get through that!!!! LOL

  307. Looks like it will be The Tour de France in the morning and Netflix in the afternoon.

    Actually I would be watching the Tour anyway. It is like a 3 week return to Europe every year. I love to look at the country side and think back to that part of my life, and also dream of going back.

    I think Adam may need something harder than wine. Maybe he will find a way to tie it into NK, Central America, or the border. Probably not.

  308. Sylvia – Seriously? All day coverage of MJ?????? No tv for me tomorrow – or maybe Fox Business will not cover it.

    Barb – Take a look at this from Congress in regard to MJ!
    From Michelle Malkin’s web site…………

  309. They say that 5 networks are covering it live all day.
    The stupidity will never cease.

  310. I think we must be in the minority when it comes to MJ news. I’m sure the networks wouldn’t spend the money on all day coverage unless they felt it would help their bottom line. It’s all about ratings and ad revenue.

  311. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Heard this morning that it is going to cost the city of Los Angeles 2.9 million for the “event”. Over 3000 cops, security, road blockage, etc, etc. etc.
    Since we are “bankrupt” and issuing IOU’s, the city has asked the Jackson family to help contribute with this cost.

    Guess What

    No word from the family has been heard on this issue ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  312. doggiesallover Says:

    LOL-musta been that other Texas one, cuz ’twasn’t me. This time.
    I did get a speeding ticket, though-about 4 years ago. Everybody who knew me said, “YOU?” Guess I’m just not the type. (Too conservative.)
    Oops. Did I say that out loud? πŸ˜€
    Barb, sorry for what you’re going through.
    And as far as speculating about Sarah Palin, time and distance sure beat some of the other scenarios, like catastrophic illness or pregnancy…
    A la’ Casa Blanca, “A guess is still a guess…”
    OK-that’s a GROANER…

  313. Hey Patty—

    your question? I read you were asking now that MJ is dead, will the alleged victim disclose the truth (the hush money)— MJ had attorneys back then so if the allgeged victim were to violate the terms or conditions, then the now grown man would be in big chara land– as I would imagine this “settlement” as it was a settlement would naturally state– never to be discussed– (regardless of MJ’s death)– MJ just to pay out of pocket so I am assuming the alleged victim at the time got paid in full– My understanding is after paying all that moolah, this was the beginning of MJ’s financial hardships. (Lisa Bloom and her mother, Gloria Allred were the ones who represented the alleged victim at that time. They can disclose this and the amount but they can’t disclose what was said behind those closed doors.) (I would have love to been that fly on the wall. :D)

    I hope everyone who will attend the memorial tomorrow has a good time-
    crowded and hot!

    for it sure is hot here!!!!

  314. oops– allgeged– meant to say- alleged

  315. this is how it was paid–

    The settlement agreement was for global claims of negligence and the lawsuit was defended by Mr. Jackson’s insurance carrier. The insurance carrier negotiated and paid the settlement, over the protests of Mr. Jackson and his personal legal counsel.”

  316. oh– and the settlement was done in a civil court– so the victim, Chandler could have done so in the crimimal case but he refused to testify so the DA’s office dropped the charges for the criminal case– (I just read up on this as you had me curious)

    here is a link which is interesting–


  317. who knows what really happened between MJ and Chandler-

  318. I see Johnnie Cochran was one of MJ’s attorneys– I had forgotten that–

  319. But anyone serving Jesus Juice to minors and showing them pornographic material has to be guilty of something so say I—

  320. Susan,
    Amen to that. I so agree.

  321. Bear is very cute– I have a Siamese feral now living in my secluded and well shaded area in the backyard to keep out of the heat– I know about the worrying– I heavily hose the ground down early evening after he leaves to go wandering and I go out several times a day and throw ice in his water bowl which is a few feet from where he is lying– poor guy! IT IS TOO HOT FOR ANYTHING to be outside except for the cacti–

  322. Well, Sylvia, brace yourself for lots more of MJ– as we stated, this is going to go on for months– now Debbie Rowe is back on the scene– CNN is just going overboard with this– at least Fox is covering much more important issues– that is some protesting going on in China– and Hillary just met with Zelaya?

    Tegucigalpa, Honduras has some big things going on there too–

    and of course, North Korea still hurling threats–

  323. @Adam—

    are you zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing right now?


  324. @Adam–

    You are one cool guy!

    thanks for being our friend!


  325. Adam,
    It is way too early in LA for you to be up and reporting. I bet you’ll be glad when MJ is laid to rest.

  326. FL Sunshine Says:

    Hello Everyone! I found something to do today besides sit in the house and watch the MJ mess! (going to the beach)

    Avi – so happy for you! Congrats!!!!!

  327. ‘morning everyone.

    Im stuffing invoice/billing envelopes…anyone want to help? haha

    Susan, knew i could count on you! Thanks!

  328. doggiesallover Says:

    Let us all thank our lucky stars we don’t live in LA today, amen.
    My daughter called last night-a friend of theirs, 40, died yesterday, and his wife cannot find a funeral home that she can afford. She got home about 5 minutes after he died. Lung cancer.
    That’s the other side of death.

  329. doggies, that is so sad 😦

  330. Patty–

    I would help you if I could- stuffing envelopes-

    and yes, Adam is back out there, AGAIN–

  331. Adam has been there since 1 am. That would suck.

    Susan, we’d laugh so much we probably wouldnt finish!

  332. I’d rather stuff envelopes than be at the MJ circus.

  333. Max Kon Says:

    I wouldn’t be able to stand watching all the MJ coverage. It’s just not important. It doesn’t change the world at all.

  334. doggiesallover Says:

    This coverage may not be changing the world, but he did…black, white, young, old, at least 3 generations. And all of the entertainers who are giving their tributes to him? As hard as they’ve worked, they can’t hold a candle to what he did. If nothing else, I respect his work ethic. He truly was the man behind the mask.

  335. doggiesallover Says:

    OK. No more Michael comments. Promise.

  336. I did watch the memorial– regardless of my personal feelings about MJ, the memorial was beautiful and his kids I just wanted to hug!!! And he was a great entertainer– this can’t be disputed– may he have some rest and peace–

    speaking of rest– Is Adam getting any? Patty, he was out there since 1:00 am? dang!!!!! you know he couldn’t have slept– wow!

  337. FL Sunshine Says:

    Is Adam drinking a 6 pack of red bulls? lol
    How does he do it?

  338. FL… He had to have lots of red bull. He was there a very long time. I, like Susan, watched the service. I have to admit it was strange to see the Black community talk about how he advanced the black causes, and yet he did everything he could to look white. Hopefully that will be the end of wall to wall coverage. I was not in the country when Elvis died and I have wondered if it was like this circus, and I realize that this is a totally different news atmosphere now.

  339. Barb,
    I really don’t remember the events for Elvis.
    I want to mention that there were great Black entertainers before MJ. Among them was Sammy Davis , JR. He was one of the most talented persons ever. He could sing, dance and do impersonations. We had the great fortune to see him perform in Vegas many years ago. It was an outstanding show.

  340. I came across this Proverb this morning and I thought about the US for the last 15-20 years, Pvbs 28:2 When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily. But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability.

    The first day post MJ, will we survive? LOL!

  341. Hi Barb,
    Good proverb.
    As for MJ, the memorial may be over but the media chatter is still about him.

  342. is the earth still rotating today?

    ‘morning/afternoon everyone.

  343. Patty,
    I think so.

  344. Sylvia, Im glad! haha

    have to show you guys the new “yard art”.
    Pats mind scares me sometimes! *L*
    It sits right off the highway in the tall grass behind our milk barn. I”ll add some other photo’s later on that actually shows the whole place.
    The corn is taller than I can really ever remember, it’s so pretty! Funny, with it growing by the house I actually feel “cut off” from the world.

  345. Patty,
    That is “interesting” yard art. Pat must be a character. LOL

  346. funny part is, Pat is actually the quiet one. He rarely speaks unless you really know him. Not near as shy as he used to be, but still shows that trait most of the time.

  347. In our household Larry is the quiet one. He is talkative with close friends whereas I’m talkative with everyone.

  348. Barb-

    nice proverb–

    I didn’t really focus in on the mention of how MJ changed the world by unification– I was more into the performers as I thought they were all wonderful– I see Adam posted Stevie Wonder on twitter– Stevie is the man– I thought Jennifer Hudson was awesome– what a voice– she was definitely all thumbs up– I basically ignored the what a hero MJ is and watched the overall– it was beautiful– I did see MJ’s oldest son chewing gum– I am assuming it was gum as he had it in his mouth throughout the whole memorial– πŸ˜€

    Here is something funny– Ken watched the memorial as well– He did say at one point about the reference to MJ and skin– He said~ that guy used so much bleach he is whiter than I am–

    It is sort of ironic to make him as a hero for the black community when he did everything to become white-

    I told Ken it was much easier to not like MJ when he was alive as the memorial did make one a bit sad– well, for me it did–

    And the media frenzy will continue as now it is about all the track marks on his arms and collapsed veins– For me, the man is dead and hopefully resting in peace–

    Wow Patty– love the yard art! πŸ˜€

  349. new version of a scarecrow? πŸ˜€

  350. doggiesallover Says:

    Patty, what a creative genius! No wonder Pat doesn’t talk much-he’s too busy thinking. I love it!
    But…the “corn is as high as an ELEPHANT’S eye.”
    LOL! Course, it could be a Tyrannosaurus Rex, too, I guess. Hey-maybe the elephant is next on the drawing board!

    And Sylvia,
    How can people NOT strike up a conversation in the line at the grocery store? Or the ladies’ room? I just couldn’t not do it, ya know?
    AP is reporting
    “[North Korea’s] Kim’s health has sparked concerns about instability and a power struggle if he were to die without naming a successor. His third and youngest son, Kim Jong Un, has widely been reported as being groomed as heir, but the regime has made no announcement to the outside world.

  351. Cheryl,
    I have met the nicest people in places such as airplanes, jury duty, and even on blogs!

  352. and yes to Sylvia– there were many great Black entertainers before MJ–

    Some of my favorites are Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles– BBKing– ( I saw him a few times and what a performance!) Nat King Cole– Chubby Checker– and one who had a tragic ending– Scott Joplin– (you made me think about who were some of my favorites! πŸ˜€ ) the list could go on and on as there were and are so many great Black artists– πŸ˜€

  353. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone – looks like everyone is busy busy.
    Loved your “yard art” – really creative

  354. Hi KC,
    It’s almost Friday. Are you counting the hours? LOL

  355. Biden is in Cincy giving a speech on the economy. UGH!

  356. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Yep – counting the hours (grinning)
    Wonder what Biden is gonna say wrong (again) this time !!!

  357. In case you’re wondering….no, I did not apply for tickets to hear his BS. It’s what I refer to as BBS (Biden’s Bull Sh–)
    If one more stimulus package is given out we will end up like CA. The entire country will be bankrupt and giving out iou’s.
    I wonder if we can secede from the union before it goes belly up. Ohio is not entirely broke yet but Gov Strickland is trying his best to make that happen. His popularity is sinking along with Obama’s in Ohio. Buyer’s remorse perhaps.
    John Kasich from FNC is running in the Republican primary for Governor and I hope he wins. He’s a good guy.

  358. @Sylvia

    Got a present for you:


    best ‘blog out there on Ohio politics from the middle/right perspective.

    @KC and All

    g’morning! hope all are well.
    ((ducks back out))

  359. LDG
    THANK YOU!!!

    It is wonderful.

  360. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    BBS – that’s funny. Please tell me the tickets are free. I cannot imagine anyone paying money to hear him.

    When you “duck” back in – good morning/afternoon/evening to you too. Great link by the way. Sylvia is right – they have quite a governor at this time (big grin)

    Hope your new guy wins- didn’t he have a program for awhile on fox news – something about the heartland?? He has filled in for Bill O. in the past also. Do I have the right guy in my head???

  361. KC,
    That is the right guy. His show was From the Heartland and he does fill in for O’Reilly. Kasich lives in the Columbus area I believe. He was a Congressman who decided to leave government and go into the private sector to make some money to support his family. I think he also got fed up with Congress. Kasich is a fiscal conservative.

  362. KC,
    I didn’t inquire about getting tickets but I assume they were free. I can’t imagine anyone paying to hear Biden as well. I bet they had to drag Democrats there just to fill the seats.

  363. Just saw on a local news web site that about 200 people showed up for Biden’s speech, and that included County workers and Democratic party officials.
    That seems like a small number considering it costs tax dollars to fly Air Force 2 to Cincy, and the police escort to go from the airport in Northern Kentucky to the area in Cincy for a 1 hour speech.

  364. doggiesallover Says:

    About the crowds who stayed away in droves-
    Do you suppose it was Biden they didn’t want to see, or the economy news they didn’t want to hear?
    Maybe both?

  365. Doggies,
    Both. I think people are feeling the pain and realizing Biden has no clue as to how to help them. They are getting impatient waiting for the fix to work. Also, many people hate the deficit getting sky high and fear taxes will be raised on all, not just the rich. JMO from reading and watching local news.

  366. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey everyone!

    As you all know, the last three weeks have been bonkers. I finally got a few hours sleep and right now I am on day 18 in a row. I am obviously behind on the blog, so feel free to update me with one large post on the new thread! Also, I saw that LDG I believe, or was it John, told you guys about the Twitter feed I added on the main page of this blog. Hope everyone is well!


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