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Here’s an up close look of the hi-tech pen.


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  1. @Adam Housley

    I can imagine the discussion with the producer…

    A”This is how they are doing it?”
    B”They were, yes.”
    A”But we can’t… the authorities…”
    B”Oh. Don’t worry. The pen was last week. No one uses them any more.”
    A”Cool! Then let’s get this on.the.air!”

    ((big grin))

    Good report, glad to see it out there.

  2. Now that is a practical pen. Kind of like a James Bond thing.

    And Good Morning All.

  3. Good Morning all.

    Love the pen! Sylvia, agree – sounds like Bond.

  4. @LDG–


    now that is technology– how are they getting these pens and how much do they cost?

    After coming home from the DBacks game, they won, yay, I watched a segment on AC about Neda, the girl who died in Iran– what a “galvanizing” effect she is having on the people there especially the women– very interesting– the segment was Women Rising Up– May she Rest in Peace–

    Hey Adam– do YOU ever use a teleprompter? πŸ˜€

  5. I see General Motors is halting productions in Venezuela–

    “Other automakers also are shrinking their business – but not because Venezuelans don’t want to buy cars.

    They’re closing down because the government won’t give them enough dollars to import parts.”

  6. looks like there will be no budging on the election or selection fraud in Iran–,2933,528680,00.html#

  7. what is with the governor of South Carolina? Argentina?

  8. @Patty—

    yes, the Iranian diplomats are still invited to the July 4th parties— let the fireworks begin….

  9. @Susan

    hm? you missed *the* most important story of the day…


    ((tries to hide a grin))

  10. LDG,
    That is a funny news item.

  11. @Sylvia


    @Susan and Patty

    re: “wiennie diplomacy” (the invites on July 4th)

    that invite may not be happening. kind of a pity as I was hoping to have a very fine discussion about armed popular uprisings against tyrrany. Guess my invite to the next Carpet Bazaar Day (at their embassy here) is in peril too…

    (sorry for the rival link, but FOX doesn’t have the story up yet, and I can’t see your guys Urgent Queue any more)

  12. LDG,
    Glen Beck wants to serve them Hebrew National hotdogs!.

  13. @LDG—

    OMG– THAT IS definitely newsworthy— πŸ˜€

    I say if the invitees show up– serve them a firework disguised as a hot dog–

  14. nice to read President Banda likes animals– so it appears–

  15. how come Adam is not all over the story about the missing Governor– everyone else is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. doggiesallover Says:

    Hi, all.
    Haven’t had time to read back but did watch the video.
    Back in 1999, at a very bad time in my life when my ex-sister in law and her boyfriend were soliciting someone (anyone) to murder my elderly parents and my sibling, I saw the video from the undercover cop posing as the hit man.
    The video was shot from a cup w/ice in it. Had the camera and the audio imbedded in the upper part of the cup.
    You could hear the ice rattle as he shook the cup! Made for a jiggly video at times, but certainly got the job done. Both were convicted…and all for insurance money.

  17. doggiesallover Says:

    What is “Because Adam has more worthwhile things to give us?”
    Do i win? I even remembered to put it in the form of a question!

  18. @All

    All this, and no one has yet commented (on the thread topic) that “the pen is mighter than …”

    Have fun; I’m out for the day.

  19. What a cool device!

  20. LDG,

  21. One of those pens would be nice to have on a vacation. It would not take up a lot of room, although the picture quality might not be that good.
    Sylvia…I am with Glenn on that….Hebrew National is an excellent choice.

    LDG…that is pretty funny.

  22. doggies–

    your first post– sounds like something one would watch on Dateline– wow!!! How did someone find out about the hit person or persons? and of course– it would have to be insurance money– I hope they are both still doing time– good riddance to them both–

    and— lol– Adam has much better things to do than follow the whereabouts of a governor– funny thing is when I first heard about it, I thought he was probably having a fling– but I didn’t think he would go to Argentina– what is with these idiots in position? Haven’t they figured out after soooooooooo many of these guys getting discovered, they will too– I mean how stupid can you be– I hope his wife dumps him–


    Beneath the rule of men entirely great,

    The pen is mightier than the sword.

    Bulwer-Lytton was not the only one, nor was he the first, to have the thought. The Greek poet Euripides, who died about 406 B.C., said, “The tongue is mightier than the blade.” In 1600 Shakespeare had Rosencrantz in Hamlet say that “… many wearing rapiers are afraid of goosequills.” In 1621 Robert Burton wrote The Anatomy of Melancholy, in which he stated: “From this it is clear how much more cruel the pen may be than the sword.” Also preceding Bulwer-Lytton was Thomas Jefferson, who in 1796 sent a letter to Thomas Paine in which he wrote: “Go on doing with your pen what in other times was done with the sword.”

    once again thank you for making me look to find the origin– πŸ˜€

  23. @Adam–

    don’t forget the DC pictures (friendly reminder)

  24. Quiet here this morning. Where are you all (ya’ll)?

  25. morning from an overcast morning– yay- plzzz stay like this for the rest of the summer–

    I was watching AC last night– he is in Paris– (is the burqa argument still going on? to wear or not to wear)— but he had a reporter on who had just gotten back from Iran–Reza Sayah’s account of the human rights violations was horrifying– yesterday the thugs came out in full force and were throwing people over the pedestrian bridges– as well as their blows breaking arms, legs, et al– Reza was clearly upset– he had to leave because Iran is snuffing out the reporters and he was accused of doing some reporting so he was told to sign a piece of paper stating he would not do anymore reporting and if he did not sign this he had 24 hours to get the hell out of Dodge or else—- Two dozen reporters have mysteriously disappeared–

    His account of the opposition was nothing less than a horror story– and the cries for help from the people reminded me of that link LDG posted on the preceding thread– (Roof) —–

    Talk is Meda’s death might have been caused by a terrorist- mistaken identity– whatever– she is dead and this tells it all-

    I went on AC’s live blog to check out the comments and out of the over 200 comments maybe a handful blogged about Iran– the rest was about the gossip concerning Sanford– whose affair I could care less about– I only care about whose money he spent to fly over to Argentina and if he is justifying his escape due to stress, abandoning post, what would he have done as President? And leave family values rhetoric out of your speeches if you are carrying on an email affair– πŸ˜€

    I am looking for Iran’s latest on Fox– nada yet– focus is on Obama and immigration reform now– Lord help us here!

  26. Sanford says– ya’alls…. πŸ˜€

    kc– Remember eons of time ago on Adam’s old blog when I posted the Taliban’s joke and LDG made the funniest remark about burqa’s– (does my a** look big in this?)—- I immediately thought of LDG when the issue of burqa’s not being allowed in France came up a couple days ago– I forgot to ask you if you remembered LDG’s post–

  27. ‘morning everyone.

    More storms again yesterday. ugh. If only we could get these rains in Aug.

    I remember LDG’s remark susan!

    My head is at it for the last 2 days, probably going home early today, getting stronger drugs and sleep it off (hopefully).

    Doggies….I dont know where it was but you said sometime about Adam covering a story, was it sanford?
    Adam “adores” doing domestic crap! *enter sarcasm and lots of it*

  28. Patty,
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Don’t send any rain my way on Monday. We have company coming for a cook out. Low humidity would be nice.

  29. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I am back!!

    Adam saw you the other day on doing a report… haven’t seen you in a while… you look fantastic!! And as always the best field reporter on FNC!

  30. @All


  31. Hi LDG!

    I have to hurry up and chat before K2 comes in and sees me slacking. Don’t want her to fire me!

  32. Does anyone know what story Adam is working on now so I can catch up on the current events?

  33. What topic are we talking about in this thread? I see Adam’s holding up a pen.

  34. Ok well either I am the only one here or I have pissed so many people off that nobody will talk to me hahahahahaha

    I’ll check back in a little bit. Have to pretend to do some work now.

  35. Now I’m confused (as usual). KT, do you work for K2?

  36. LDG,
    Do you think Iraq is becoming more dangerous? One of our relatives is being deployed there soon for up to a year. Should I worry more than usual?
    BTW…he has already made several trips to Afghanistan. I was hoping Irag would be safer.

  37. Sylvia… may I join you in the confusion.

    The weather is not to bad here today… only 85 with 50% humidity. That is alot better than the midwest is having.

    Will drop in later today, enjoy your Thursday

  38. Barb,
    Glad to know I’m not the only confused one on this blog!

  39. Barb,
    It is 89 here and 61% humidity.

  40. @KT (when she gets back)

    My regrets; I do try to watch this thread but sometimes things distract for a bit… sometimes *more* than a bit…

    Don’t know if he’s on the story, but our good host’s twitter feed reports the demise of Farah Fawcett…


    What’s happening right now in Iraq is two-fold:

    1) The U.S. military is re-deploying out of the urban areas. That means handing off duty stations to the Iraqis, which may not always work out right at the start (although their military ability is *much* better than before. They get it right given the chance).

    2) Anyone in Iraq who is a paid troublemaker or an Iranian stooge is hauling out whatever bombs and guns they still have to make a scene to distract attention away from other news (inside and outside Iraq).

    So for your relative, I’d say don’t worry more but don’t worry less either quite yet.

  41. Thanks LDG. I just hope it gets safer there sooner rather than later.

  42. Adam is supposed to be coming up right now as I have the tele on before I head out—

    KT and K2– I am looking forward to the CD I ordered from your good cause– although, I am giving it to Danielle–

    and hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is Adam– nice suit Adam– very nice!!!!
    very sad about Farrah for those who knew her and those who did not–

  43. very nice reporting Adam–

  44. KT was one of the original bloggers when Adam first put up his blog– for those who do not know– boy could she blog– very passionate about issues—

    and nice to see you KT– keep the info coming my way and I will pass on–
    good day @ all–

    hope your headache goes away, Patty—

  45. Thanks for the update LDG! Nice to see you again! I Watched the Farrah documentary, she is a TV icon!

    Susan… you too are one of the original bloggers! But I was there first (just a little dig to you! hahahaha).

  46. I think Patty was even before your time? And Avi, Max? Gawd- how time flies when you blog~ πŸ˜€


  47. After things settle down with the release of the CD we’re producing a 2 hour documentary on missing children. Wheeeee!!!!!!!!

    Please purchase the CD! has a never released song from Hendrix on it! proceeds benefit children with Autism and Assist the Missing also benefits to help families with their search efforts to find their missing children.

    The goal is to raise 1 million dollars. It’s all for the children!

    (have to get out of here before K2 sees me.)

  48. @kt==Karen T Says:

    June 25, 2009 at 7:35 am
    Ok well either I am the only one here or I have pissed so many people off that nobody will talk to me hahahahahaha

    No dear– this would be me– xxxx

  49. @ Susan hahahahaha…

  50. KT


  51. Adam should have a record of the very first 10 posts.

    My vote is that I was 2nd to post. and who was that other guy from Greta’s blog… I think he was first can’t remember his name… what was his name?

  52. KT

    headed out now– not because you are here– xxx

  53. John?

  54. sylvia, barb…this where it got confusing….
    K2 and KT are actually seperate entities…I think! *L*


    Nice to see you KT!

    The head will be better..thanks…”after” a large needle in a few hours.
    I have appt at 3 that i have to keep. If i get shots, I can’t drive. Also I need to pat to drive me home after shots, he’s on a road project and wont be able to come in early.
    So im “stuck” (no pun intended).

  55. I have Adam’s first blog at home.
    Susan was #2 if i remember correctly, someone else was #1…but i dont remember who

  56. When did Greta send us this way? I remember coming over here when she blogged about it, but did not return for a while till Becky told me about it. That was just over a year ago.

    I guess my confusion is; do KT and K2 work together?

  57. yeah we are separate entities K2 and KT… the only time we are the same is when K2 posts something intelligent. Then I take credit for it and pass it off as something that came from me, KT.

    see i was here first (just want to make clear) then K2 came in with the same name… so i bullied her into changing her name to K2… hahahahah

    nice to see you also Patty!!!!

  58. Barb,
    That’s my question also.

  59. Yes we work together… we have charity Assist the Missing to help find missing children. K2 is the President of our Board of Directors and I am the Executive Director.

  60. Karen T…do you both live in the same city?

  61. They are both intelligent…dont let them fool ya!!!

    Susan and I met right off the bat at Adams…was when greta sent us to say “hiya”….thats been atleast 2 years!
    “Micheal” was one of the firsts too. I remember him posting for a while and then disappeared.
    John was an early one also.
    The one that I still wonder about is Tom…with the weather initials after his name. He posted he had some serious medical problems around Thanksgiving that first year…and poof he never came back ;-(

  62. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Karen T
    WOW – good to see you back – now we can have our K2, KT, & KC – remember-

    Oh man, I do remember that conversation with LDG. Poor guy was not even gonna comment on the “does this make my a– look big. That was really funny

    Here’s hoping that headache gets taken care of real soon. I feel sooooo bad for you as I know how much they hurt.

    When you are having your coffee or reading the paper at 9:00am – our alarm clock is just going off for us to get up! ! (grinning)

  63. Max Kon Says:

    Barb: it was a lot more than just a year ago. A little over a year ago i met Adam, but i got to the blog about 6 months before that.

  64. doggiesallover Says:

    Posting as I read, here…
    To answer your question as to how we found out about Jeffrey:
    He had actually contracted w/a guy in jail w/him who got out and then picked back up. True to jailhouse ritual, the guy squealed on Jeffrey in order to help himself. Said, of course, he had no intention of killing anyone.
    When I told the Texas Rangers I was so very deeply indebted to him, the Ranger replied, “We all are, ma’am, but don’t let him in your back door.”

  65. *clearing throat*…speaking of that Max…ever get your video?

  66. Wheeeeee!!!!!! There’s KC!!!!

    I see Adam is holding a pen in this thread. So are we talking politics or pens?

    I mean I can get into a serious conversation about pens if you guys want.

  67. doggiesallover Says:

    Good morning, everyone. Oops. Good afternoon, everyone.
    (And no comments needed from the peanut gallery. πŸ™‚
    So I’m to extropolate from the sarcasm that Adam WON’T be asking to cover Jon and Kate? LOL. Thank God for small favors.

  68. And I just want to reiterate that I was here first. Michael doesn’t count.

  69. *LOL* KT and doggies.

    peanuts? least i was the one that pissed on the african king or whoever he was! πŸ™‚

    I think its a “tech thread”…with the bond like pen.
    But hell, does any thread stay where it is supposed to? hehe

  70. btw…KT know exactly what she wants in a pres, she just cant make up her mind which one has what she wants!!!

  71. oh yippe, caugh in the middle of a aerial applicator, landowner that hired him, and neighbors that say their crops got burnt.
    God I love my job!!!!!!! Not today!!! argh.

  72. doggiesallover Says:

    Sorry. i know better, but my fingers don’t-that should have been ‘extrapolate’. Call off the ‘Error Buzzards’! πŸ˜€

  73. @ Patty hahahaha… you remember! I’m impressed.

  74. gasuntite(sp?) doggies.

    KT πŸ™‚ I would never forget you!

  75. Okay so i was standing outside yesterday and there was this group of woman standing there talking about the economy. Now, I understand that I have a big mouth. But you would think by now, after many Many outspoken political comments on my part, that I would have learned to just be quiet, listen and smile.

    So because it was the economy that these sofisticated women were griping about I naturally assumed they were fiscal conservatives.

    I was wrong. And realized that after I opened my mouth and said how the H*** would ANYONE vote any far left Liberal into office, fully knowing that our chances of turning into a socialist society will go up and fully aware that we had a majority Liberal congress AND electing a far left liberal would not allow for any checks and balances in congress and they would run wild w/o taking into consideration the voice of the people. I ended that long winded statement with a few choice of unrepeatable words insinuating that any dork who voted for this guy was a ******* / *** **** / and deserves to be broke and reliant upon our federal government for basic necessities.

  76. LDG…any updates that need to be known re: iran or NK? Its so much easier getting them from you than reading tons of pages.

  77. ooooohhh KT!!!! How funny! And the looks on thier faces were priceless Im sure!!!

  78. bunch of sofisticated dorks.

  79. I’m not sure I should say anything at this point…just keep laughing.

    KT, let me introduce you to our newest blogger Cheryl (doggies). She is a very nice liberal whom I met on Greta Wire. Please don’t scare her off. LOL

  80. doggiesallover Says:

    Karen T, it’s nice to have meet you, and now I’ll say my pretties. as my mother taught me, and thank you for…for…um, your opinion!
    Thank you, Sylvia, for your kind words.
    Where’s Patty?
    *Sigh* and I thought this was going so well… πŸ˜‰

  81. @Patty

    “any updates that need to be known…”

    Nothing happening very fast about either. Both are about as bad as they can get without someone starting a war (civil or external, respectively).

    The unfortunate story out of Iran would be that with the security forces having cracked the network of civilian reporters, the twitter feeds and other internet sources of what is happening have gone silent. Everything making it out is either through really good proxies or by voice to outsiders who then post the information for the insiders.

    The North Koreans are still being… NorKs about things.

    Hope that helps.

  82. nice to meet you Cheryl but you liberals are making me nuts, no offense.

    so what state are you in?

  83. @Patty and All

    re: Iran things

    However, —THIS— is genius:

    (an English translation follows the Farsi entry)

  84. LDG what happen? the Iranian gov unplugges the electricity? what’s going on with their appliances now?

  85. @Karen T

    Not happen… *maybe* will happen; tomorrow.

    The trick is to cause that problem some cities have when everyone wants summer airconditioning… with a good electrical supply system that can cause “brownouts”… well, do that to a city with Tehran’s quality of infrastructure and the idea is that the entire system will fail.

  86. so i’m still getting the whole Iran thing… ahmadinajad is not the cream of the crop buit neither is the opponent. i heard he beheaded people.

    so if this other guy takes over… are we still with the old regime just a new leader… another really bad similar regime?

    are the people fighting for a new regime or are they fighting to have the loser take ahmadinehaed’s place?

  87. doggiesallover Says:

    Karen T Says:
    June 25, 2009 at 11:08 am
    nice to meet you Cheryl but you liberals are making me nuts, no offense.
    so what state are you in?
    OMG, I am biting my tongue, here! LOL!
    The state of Well Being, of course!

    Sorry, Karen T-couldn’t resist after all. I’m in southeast Texas.

  88. @Karen T

    The official story is that Mousavi (the other guy) is contesting the legitimacy of Ahmadinejad’s supposed election win. So were the other two also-rans (although one rolled over and accepted yesterday). They claim they were robbed, but are pretty much staying part of the system.

    The unofficial story is that the masses are outraged with what is now seen as an Ahmadinejad-and-Khamenei (<-#1 Mullah) plot to seize even more power than they already have. So if there is that much doubt in the system then it maybe could become a revolution.

  89. @ doggie hahahahah… aaahhh I’m from jersey but not there right now ;-(

    you’re fine, we’ll stay in agreement that we like each other but disagree with each other’s opinions.

    but Conservative views are the better way to go. (it’ll be fun blogging with you!)

  90. ldg… ok got it that makes more sense now…

    so what about N. Korea…do we agressively board the ship and piss of the far left world leaders (because China won’t do anything about it) and start a war because we will be in International waters or let them roam from port to port and softly ask for permission and continuously get denied, per the far left Obama administration?

  91. KT meet doggies…she is FOS.
    doggies meet KT…she is FOS too!

    LDg, thank you so very much!

  92. @Karen T

    We *might* ask, once, nicely, out in international waters. UNSCR 1874 does specifically allow for such. Then they say “no”, and we follow them to where they are going to port next. If it’s Singapore, then they can do a full inspection based on port sovereignty laws. If it is, oh say, Myanmar (Burma), odds are the local say “get stuffed, Yanks”. Then the U.S. gets to go back to the UNSC and try to get something more in the way of authorization. So it goes unless the U.S. (or some other interested party) is willing to declare a clear and present danger and seize the ship at sea.

    Now, you know and I know that the North Koreans can read newspapers, and they’re entirely aware of all the media noise about that one ship (of several being monitored, btw)…

    You wouldn’t happen to have considered the possiblity that someone agressively boarding the ship is just what the North Koreans want, have you? Just checking.

  93. ok what’s a FOS and why are you calling me that name? hahahaha

    I met dog, she’s nice and comes froma wonderful state, she’s just confused about her political view points. They have meds out now for that.

  94. @Patty

    most welcome

  95. LDG… oooohhh… ok I see where you’re going with that! We do the aggressive thing, that gives them justification (in their mind) to shoot the nukes to hawaii and in the meantime they’re passing off very dangerous materials to our enemies correct?

    I always knew you were smart.

  96. @Karen T

    They likely can’t reach Hawaii. They would have something closer in mind in that scenario.

    Here’s a different one:

    “Brave, loyal, selfless North Korean mariners under the threat of an armed assault by the American Navy heroically blow themselves and (some number of Americans up to and including a ship-full) up resisting illegal forced boarding.”

    … yeah, I know. I should write for KCNA (their media front). But they don’t pay so well for some reason. ((wry grin))

  97. Oh crap! I can see the headlines now! Venzuela will come after us, Iran, Russia hahahaha

  98. @Karen T

    not meaning to interrupt a perfectly good MWAHAHA!, but…

    … you do know where I live, right?

  99. yeah I know that’s why I asked your opinion. and because you’re smart (just sucking up right now)

  100. @Karen T

    Ok, that works. Well, the knowing part at least…

    Seriously, happy to be of some help. I do try to be useful as well as decorative.

  101. Michael Jackson just died??????????? a few minutes ago????

  102. there’s a report on the radio that says he just died a few minutes ago

  103. ADAM????????????? Where are you????

    Please confirm about Michael Jackson… radio is reporting that he already died


  104. FNC is reporting on the website that he received CPR in the ambulance and CNN is reporting that he was Resuscitated and the radio is reporting that he didn’t make it and just died.

  105. you have adams facebook?

  106. Adam is now reporting on Michael Jackson. He confirms MJ arrived at the hospital in full cardiac arrest. Appears FOX is checking sources to verify MJ’s death. They are not reporting it as confirmed.

  107. good grief i wish i had a tv here

  108. Adam… we need to talk.

    You didn’t get us the scoop before it broke and this was a big one about Jackson.

    And I don’t have access to a TV to get the breaking news and have to rely on unreliable reports.

  109. Michael Jackson Dies
    Posted Jun 25th 2009 5:20PM by TMZ Staff

    We’ve just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50.

    Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We’re told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.

    A source tells us Jackson was dead when paramedics arrived.

    Once at the hospital, the staff tried to resuscitate him but he was completely unresponsive.

    We’re told one of the staff members at Jackson’s home called 911.

    La Toya ran in the hospital sobbing after Jackson was pronounced dead.

    Michael is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II.

    Story developing…

  110. FNC website is reporting he’s in a coma and TMZ is reporting that he died

  111. From Adam Housley’s Twitter (available on the main page of this ‘blog)

    Elizabeth Taylor being rushed to hospital to say good bye to MJ
    6 minutes ago from mobile web

  112. ok then I won’t hollar at Adam… just saw that..

  113. Fox now reporting MJ has died.

  114. @All

    Be well and safe.
    ((departs for the day))

  115. Hi K2!!! shutting down now until a couple of hours

  116. Oh my stars…… what a news day. The aftermath of Gov Sanford, Farrah and now Michael. What next?

  117. I go out for dinner with Hubby and all hell breaks loose.

    Any other news that I may have missed?

  118. doggiesallover Says:

    Hey, Sylvia.
    Yeah-Patty’s calling me acronyms, and they’ve brought in a ringer named Karen T. πŸ™‚
    To all-
    I do have friends, you know. Shall I bring one or two over here? I’m feeling the need to equalize the pressure in here a little bit, all of a sudden. LOL

  119. I just got back and heard the news– is this the Grim Reaper’s week for celebrities?

    Dang— I sure did not like the pedophile but this sure came as a shock- the MJ news–

    Adam has been a busy boy covering deaths–

  120. bring all the friends in here you want doggie, always welcome bloggers… what does the FOS stand for anyway? she called you one too hahahaha

  121. I liked his music, i liked the good that he did for children’s causes…

    I feel bad for his family and hope they get through this

    but yet one less pedophile here… didn’t like what he did to those children

  122. oh my gosh, where did all these posts come from? *L*

    KT…you are hilarious!

    btw…since its “bothering” you

    FOS = Full of ____
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    said lovingly of course! hehehe

  123. @ Patty BAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! alright i learned something today, I’m going to use that a lot now.

  124. What were the odds.
    I tell doggies that Adam doesnt do “domestic” stuff much
    and in the same afternoon he tweets Farah and then covers MJ.
    Guess that’ll teach me to open my mouth. (well probably not, but you can hope)

    doggies…I didnt know libs have friends?!

    I got my shots…going to bed. See y’all tomorrow.

  125. dog… Adam does cover extremely interesting stories and Patty’s right very little domestic issues. We have all learned an incredible amount about Mexico, South America, military issues, wild fires…now and then he’ll touch on domestic stuff… like edible forks (we won’t go there).

    You can’t get information that Adam covers Anywhere else. Adam and his crew have risked their lives numerous times to bring us the best news coverage out there. And he goes out of his way to make this a really special blog.

    Enjoy the blog!

  126. one thing I am going with– doggies post–

    When Adam starts to cover Jon and what’s her face, I am sending FOX hate emails– LOL

    what causes did MJ have for children except groom them for his bed as well as their parents? this is one person I had no respect for and given his death, I can let that one go– may he find peace wherever he ends—


    KT was in absentia but she sure is loyal to you and shows her support–

    up above from me— post at 3:01–

    remember when her daughter Christina blogged on your blog and mentioned how you had taught her so much on foreign affairs?

    And a good night @ all– going to take Ken out to eat– too lazy to cook– Patty forgot to send me her chef– and her wand for cleaning– LOL

  127. The original House of Housley!

    John wins, he was the first (that is still around)

    that Patricia, is not me.

  128. Today one angel went to heaven and one pediphile went…..

  129. i do recall at least on one occasion that there was a child who was gravely ill and one of his wishes was to meet MJ… and Michael fullfilled that wish.

    i heard of other good that he has done but i always tend to cringe when i hear his name pop up in the media so never paid attention much until the child molestation charges came out. 13 million is a lot of money to pay a child off if you’re innocent. i took the payoff as admission of guilt

    he did do good in his life, very talented, feel bad for his family but i dont like pedophiles

  130. agreed KT, Sylvia and Susan.
    My compassion goes to his mother, but thats as far as I really care.

  131. ok so i came in 2nd then. i’ll take second place.

  132. Why is FNC doing 2 hours on MJ? Why is Shep on and not O’Reilly?

  133. Kt..give it up! I was 2nd, Susan was third!

  134. did farrah get this much coverage?

  135. KT…no

  136. ok then 4th i’m fourth then? i claim 4th place. at some point you need to designate my position. i’ll take 4th.

    actually i think Adam secretly deleted my post and i was first

    but i am happy with 4th

  137. ok then MJ got maximum coverage and farrah got the shaft… good way to piss off Ryan O’neil

  138. I guess I’m 2nd to last. Although I did post once or twice when Greta sent me over. Just don’t remember when.

  139. you can claim whichever slot you want just not 4th place.

  140. OK…..I’ll be 5th. I like that number.

  141. I will preface this comment with the statement that sometimes my mind goes in strange places…..

    Do you think that Gov Sanford is relieved that there was a much bigger story today. And how does Ryan O’Neil feel about getting replaced in the news loop today. He also may be relieved to be able to grieve without the media attention.

    Patty, I must have been on the blog on the days following, but I don’t count cause I was not a regular till later. So I am probably 53. πŸ™‚

  142. ok you’re 5th and Patty is FOS

  143. take whichever spot you want just not 4th

    Ryan deserves to have the media attention on Farrah I’m betting on the media pissed him off

  144. *giggling*

  145. Will somebody please tell me what number I am?

  146. i can tell you that you’re not 4th

  147. KT,
    Pick a number for me.

  148. well what story stands out to you that Adam covered? Was it before or after he made a post about Tookie Williams?

  149. All I know is I was the 3rd Karen to arrive on Adam’s blog – but am known as K2 (was never good at that math thing!)

  150. doggiesallover Says:

    Patty Says:
    June 25, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    doggies…I didnt know libs have friends?!
    I got my shots…going to bed. See y’all tomorrow
    Now Patty, did ya think I got him elected all by myself? We are legion!
    Save your ammunition-improve your aim! LOL!
    Karen T,
    Aww, I had this explanation for FOS all made up in my mind, but Patty went and gave it to you straight. Oh, well. But it was a good one. Tee hee.

  151. i remember i had to bully you into changing your name. it was my way of giving you a warm welcome to the blog

  152. are you proud of your decision dog? has you food bill doubled at walmart lately?

    i’ll keep my guns, my frreedom and my money… you can keep the change.


  153. i sound like a bumper sticker

  154. Karen T,
    You are on a roll!

  155. Doggies,
    I think we need a mediator.
    How about “Moi”? I’m a mix of libertarian, fiscal conservative, defense Hawk. I don’t like any politicians.

  156. go ahead bring them in… i have the big gun on my side K2… she’ll blow any of you out of the water if you’re talking fiscal politics.

  157. Hate to tell you KT, but K2 and I agreed on most comments on Greta Wire.

  158. then who the heck is mo?

  159. Moi is me…..I don’t tow any party line. Independent and damn proud of it.

  160. independemt? so you’re confised then?

  161. oooo Adam… nice tie!

  162. No, not confused, just thinking for myself and not voting strictly by party line. The Repubs spent so much money when they controlled the government that they acted as Dems. And the Dems never saw a cause they didn’t want to throw money at.
    Like I said, I’m a fiscal conservative. Reagan was my kind of President.

  163. Hey Adam….looking good!

  164. ok so that indicates that you would vote for a liberal fully knowing they stand for higher taxes and socialism… and you equate one republican congress to the entire republin party instead (discounting the values that we stand for both fical and social) of holding individual Republican congressmen and women responsible for their bad decisions?

  165. easy KT, they are friends not foes

  166. I am certainly not going to vote for anyone who wants higher taxes or socialism, but these days it’s hard to tell the Repubs from the Dems when it comes to fiscal responsibility.
    As I said Reagan was my kind of Pres.

  167. BTW KT
    I wanted Romney for Pres, voted for McCain, and got stuck with Doggies’ choice.

  168. well if you’re independent then you switch right? so you can, will or already have voted for a liberal. that’s their platform. higher taxes and socialism.

  169. i wanted huckabee and got stuck with liberal mccain… but i wanted huck just so we could push the fair tax act… tired of getting double and triple taxed

  170. KT….I am not a liberal. I am libertarian on many issues. Libertarian means I don’t want too much government intervention in my life. I’m tired of the government controlling everything and charging us for it.
    I agree alot with Glenn Beck. The government is too powerful and steals us blind. I am the complete opposite of a liberal.

  171. See we agree on something. Fair tax law is great. Steve Forbes promotes that.

  172. Time to get some sleep. Good Night All.

  173. yeah i like that tax law K2 likes the flat tax something to do with state taxes already being too high…and fair tax would just tax the crap out of high ticket items

  174. Okay, you reeled me in…… I do not like the Fair Tax as it only applies to the Federal Income Tax. So, with the Fair Tax, you would pay an increased sales Tax on EVERYTHING! And, you will continue to pay your State Income Tax!

    With a Flat Tax, you would know the exact amount of your tax bill….. a certain percentage of your gross income. I will allow 20%….. 12% to the Feds and 8% to the State. Now, the Feds and the States can figure out how to pay for their programs. NO increases in the tax amounts without ratification by 2/3rds of the States for the Federal %.

    Oh, and KT – I have no use for the Republicans any longer either. They found their fiscal voice too late and caused the huge shift in the Congress. TERM LIMITS! And, have now decided I am a Libertarian. But, still like my Congressional Representative, Michelle Bachman – she is refusing to answer the Census…..too may probing and ‘none of your business’ questions!

  175. doggiesallover Says:

    LOL, Sylvia, Karen T missed the ‘i’ in moi. I had to do a double take on that comment, KT, because my hubby goes by Mo, sometimes. Otherwise, his nickname (because of his raal name) is MoJo.
    He’s the one who says, “Shoot first and let God sort them out” and “Don’t kill him, kneecap him and let him serve as an example the rest of his miserable life.”
    (Tongue-in-Cheek Alert, for those who might wonder)
    And KT, I’ll keep my gun, too.
    Do you know the root word for Libertarian? Liberty!

  176. doggies… did the doc visit go?

  177. have a good night

  178. holy moly i missed that post k2,,, no way not buying that you cant hold the entire republican party responsible for the bad decisions of one session in congress made by individuals

    and i Never said anything about libertarians, my post was regarding independents..

    and dog no need to define what a libertarian is i can assure i know the definition

  179. and i am secretly a libertarian too… just don’t tell anyone that.

  180. have a good night everyone i really have to go now!

    nice to see you all again
    dog… nice to meet you

  181. doggiesallover Says:

    KT, same here. I think.

  182. doggiesallover Says:


  183. doggiesallover Says:

    Karen2 Says:
    June 25, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    doggies… did the doc visit go?
    K2, it went to hell in a handbasket. I’ll spare you all of the he saids/other he saids, but dr would not discuss any pros or cons to either surgery or radiation, told us that MD Anderson did not know anything about prostate cancer, that it would do no good to have an MRI or a CT scan done prior to surgery, that an oncologist does not deal w/this, either! When we left, he said we obviously needed to go to Houston to have this done, because he could tell hubby did not want to be here.
    That’s how it went. Needless to say, the last week has been extremely difficult.
    Today, the dr’s sec’y called to set us up for a referral, and hubby told her how angry and frustrated we were. She said dr needed to hear that, and she knew very well how he could be, and that she would set the appt in Houston for us.
    Dr called an hour later and apologized, answered all the questions hubby could think of, and I THINK we’re back on track. We’ll know more after we go to Houston-we will see an oncologist/urologist combined.
    That was so sweet of you to ask! Thank you.

  184. @doggies

    First, good wishes for your husband’s quick and full recovery.

    Now If I may… you wrote:

    “…but dr would not discuss any pros or cons to either surgery or radiation, told us that MD Anderson did not know anything about prostate cancer, that it would do no good to have an MRI or a CT scan done prior to surgery, that an oncologist does not deal w/this, either! When we left, he said we obviously needed to go to Houston to have this done…”

    U.T. MD Anderson Cancer Center is one of the top three cancer treatment research centers in the U.S., and frankly that means in the world.

    Imaging is done before surgery to assure targeting, on an as needed basis.

    MD Anderson is in Houston.

    This is a matter for an oncologist, so long as they are not subspecialized away from this disease.

    Might I ask where you were getting this *so-called* opinion?

    “We’ll know more after we go to Houston-we will see an oncologist/urologist combined.”

    That’s the way it should be done. But you’ve got no one of that capability closer by? (I do forget whether you are closer to Corpus Christi, San Antonio, or Houston.)

  185. ‘morning everyone.

    wow LDG, you read medical journals too??

    Adam, if you are stuck with MJ today…I’m sorry.
    It took a whole 5 min of F&F’s for me to turn the tv off this morning. Enough already. The guy was a freak, period. You reap what you sow, and so shall you reap. yadayada

  186. @Patty


    “A renaissance man, the character is a top neurosurgeon, particle physicist, race car driver, rock star and comic book hero, and probably the last hope of the human race…”

    I’m just trying to live up to the standards set by my hero, Buckaroo Banzai.


    re: the media rush — I’d be happy if they just kept it to the Entertainment pages. This odd conflation of popularity with greatness does grate just a bit.

  187. We had a bad storm during the night . Lost electricity at 2AM. Had the police here because our alarm system kept going off (as well as others in our community). Power just came back on. I have to reprogram everything. The digital part of the cable system will have to wait until hubby comes home. It’a above my pay grade. I got the clocks and answering machine fixed.

    Rough night. Got only 4 hours sleep.

  188. Patty and LDG,
    I agree about MJ. They are making him out to be sometning bigger than life . Truth is he was a talented sicko.
    The good news is he took Obama off the TV for awhile.

  189. Cheryl,
    I do hope you get the best care possible for hubby. It is scary.

  190. K2,
    Looks like we both agree on libertarianism. Out with the old and in with the new. Glenn Beck is making a lot of sense these days.

  191. oh wow sylvia, that stinks. I know your tech challenged, i’m impressed you go that stuff working!! hehe
    Seriously, you’ll need a nap today! I hate nights like that.

    LDG πŸ™‚

    doggies…yes, I wish the best for hubby too. (didnt mean to leave that out) My back Dr and I had a first meeting similar to what you described. The next apt…i pushed my chair in front of the door after he walked in, and sat down. He looked and me and said “oh, was i a lil short?” I told him he had 2 choices…to ever treat me like that again would be his last chance or he could sit down and talk TO me about slicing my back open 14 inches for 8 hours. argh. He’s treated me like gold ever since. I think they get so wrapped up in what they are doing, they forget that they are cutting us open!!! Not to excuse them though.
    It is agravating to say the least. You have to be your own advocate, cause no one else is going to look out for you in the herd.

  192. oh and dont forget…Crap and Tax vote is today!
    yee haw!
    I buried 2 coffee cans of cash yesterday… have feeling we’re going to need it for bread and butter (and mountian dew).

  193. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone
    Yep – it’s Friday again – amazing how fast it arrives these days.

    Lucky us – 109 degrees for the next 3 days – yuk

    Karen T
    Forgot what a “bite” you carry. Sure have missed it – (big grin)

    I bet Obummer is really enjoying all of the coverage MJ is getting on the news. Keeps the spotlight off of him – while he screws us more ! ! !

    I must agree with you re: the media rush – enough IS enough and it does grate just a bit

    Now they are reporting his family is saying – huge dose of morphine was taken prior to his cardiac arrest.

  194. Patty,
    The financial mess is getting worse by the minute. The Dems are going to make us think Carter wasn’t so bad compared to this.

  195. I heard it was demerol injections.
    Had to laugh…had 2 of those myself the last 2 days. Makes a difference if you arent out to self destruct.

  196. KC, eww, i feel your pain on the heat. Now add 70% humidity to that!
    You always make Friday so cheerful! Well actually, everyday is cheerful when you are around! I envy you in that respect πŸ™‚

  197. MJ was an accident waiting to happen. Just wish the media wouldn’t spend so much time on it.

  198. Patty,
    I agree…KC is always cheerful.

  199. morning–

    @Adam– saw you three times on Greta’s coverage of MJ– Last time you looked like you were getting irritated at someone as you kept motioning this person to get over by you– πŸ˜€ I bet you were dragging at that time- did you ever make it home to get a cat nap?

    as for MJ– he definitely had a towering effect in the entertainment business- for he indeed was a great entertainer– He was sooo cute when he was a kid and it is sooooooooooo sad to have watched him from his younger years as to adult– I will say I was a bit sad only because he was so talented–

    As for his personal life– this is where I go with Patty– he became a freak- and contrary to what Geraldo said, I do believe the allegations of child molestation were true– and this is not going to his second trial– remember years and years ago he paid the first kid millions of hush money–

    His addiction to meds does not surprise me– as it was obvious– so now this story becomes another ANS story– I even had a fleeting thought when his death was known to me if drugs had a hand in his death–

    Bottom line– may he finally find some peace for he was a troubled soul– and he will be missed in the entertainment industy as well by his fans and friends– leaving behind a great legacy in the entertainment business–

    End of that–

    KT– ditto about the Farrah comment– she definitely got put on the back burner– however, AC did a great story about her life– one difference between her and Michael’s demise– she suffered for three years and he went immediately–

    The first time I posted on Adam’s was when he put up the POD of Tepito in Mexico City– drug story and I guessed the picture correctly– πŸ˜€ and Adam even commented about me finding the answer– so how far back does this one go?

    @LDG– Buckaroo Banzai πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  200. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks – you are a sweetie! ! ! We keep the a/c at 68 degrees so you can well imagine what our monthly bill will be, but don’t care. Like I said before – I don’t “glow” very well.

    Our garden is growing like mad – need to harvest again this morning and share with the neighbors.

    Our house next door is still in escrow, but getting closer to closing. The roof repairs have been done – just waiting for them to finish the main bathroom floor. They laid the tile yesterday, and hopefully, will be back today to grout and re-set the toilet.

    The contractors are NOT happy that I live next door because I watch their every move and make them do things over and do it correctly. I am on their “patootie” constantly.

  201. Patty–

    you know he was hooked on meds– all his surgeries and what a show he put on when he was on trial– he reminded me of ANS– soooo drugged up– maybe this was a blessing– he was better off going immediately at home than collapsing on the stage as he had that tour set in London–

  202. KC–

    yippee it is Friday for you– πŸ˜€

    and I think the tele will be off today– I did my part for MJ’s demise– and now I don’t care about hearing about him for the rest of the day–

    I don’t think anyone is going to be fighting for his property– 500 million in debt? Dang- my debts are nada!! πŸ˜€

  203. KC–

    you live in an icebox– 68? I keep mine around 80– and it is not hot in here– my bill still runs close to 300 in the hot months– my living room faces west so the living room and the AC duke it out–

  204. @LDG—

    any package yet? or too soon– I am anxiously waiting for ya’alls to get it–

  205. KC—

    I had the pleasure of talking to KT on the phone– and her tone is very soft– which I mentioned to her as I would have thought it be louder– very funny how one hears one on the blog and then on the phone it is soooooo different–

  206. NOW THIS IS EXCELLENT- of course LDG would be the author-

    This odd conflation of popularity with greatness does grate just a bit.

    With that– this does end the discussion about the media’s attention on MJ-

  207. Patty–

    is the racoon going to dig up your cash?

  208. Good Morning all.

    Doggies…so sorry to hear about the tone of the doc appt. Hope all goes much better in Houston. In understand how difficult this is. My only advice (unsolicitated, but, that never stops me) is to make sure the surgeon specializes in the prostate. Have you received the book yet?

    Best wishes for a better consult with the urologist and you get all your questions answered.

  209. KT—

    (Your memory is lagging– I coined you KT and K2– :D)

    looking forward to the CD– If it is a good one, I am going to order another and send to my buddy, LDG– he likes music–

  210. @Susan

    “any package yet? or too soon–” — too soon, apparently.

    You are most kind.

  211. @Patty—

    cap and taxes–

    Terri sent me awhile back a petition to sign from– and after I signed it, I get the emails to either sign petitions or send faxes– here is what I received yesterday– on cap and taxes-

    Talking Points:

    1. I oppose the cap-and-trade Carbon Tax. This is an outrageous
    power grab by the federal government that will greatly
    expand government control and increase energy costs for
    my family.

    2. This system of “allocations” has failed in Europe and
    will politicize America’s energy policy.

    3. Especially in these difficult economic times, Congress must
    not pass this tax on the American people!

    Thanks for taking a stand!

  212. I wonder if my neighbor who is in Germany is listening to Obama and Merkel right now? She voted for Obama-

  213. okay so what’s the deal with dog’s hubby and why is he going to the doctor?

  214. NEW word for the day– mohareb– (enemy of God)

    Khatami is warning demonstrators that they could be charged with engaging in β€œMohareb” or β€œEnmity with God”— a crime punishable by death

  215. Adam??? what was the deal with you waiving somebody to get over by you quickly… it was very noticable!

    Did you get to see any of the Jackson family go in or out?

    Did you see Liz Taylor?

  216. KC… yeah it’s a big bite but last night I was bored and trying to get some entertainment out of Sylvia, Dog and K2… it worked… they jumped all over me hahahahaha

    They were probably temporarily aggravated but I got entertainment out of it… they’ll get over it

  217. KT…doggies hubby has been (last week or two) diagnosed with prostrate cancer.

  218. Adam is scared to come in here…he’ll wonder where all these posts have come from! *L* I’ll bet he hasnt had much sleep. He was live very late i understand. Maybe he’s practicing his moonwalk? πŸ™‚

  219. KC & Alll

    I do see a lot of you griping about Obama… but yet we didn’t have the best of choices for a republican… i think it came down who would have been the lesser of the evils.. obama was the worst choice, but yet mccain was not the cream of the crop, neither was romney or huck… i wish thompson would have stayed in and i am most upset with Newt for not coming to the rescue

    i wish we had another party, libertarian, and get the governemnt out of our lives, i’m absolutely frightened as to the direction we are going in, the time of reversal of the damage that obama will cause this society both economic and social is something we may not see in our lifetime.

    we have tried 100’s of times to get congress to limit terms, it’s going nowhere, they want their job securtity

    i cannot believe that i am actually seeing that power of the people get dimished to the point where we do not have a voice. also, i cannot believe that people who voted for obama wanted to give up their voice and place the problems America is faced with into the hands of a far left president. i would say the same thing if the majority voted for a far right president, it’s the extreme measures and ideals that are concerning me.

    we just sit here day after day and watch the damage be done right before our eyes, and the idea of us sending these letters of protest into our reps is no longer effective, in my current opinion, because the reps were are complaining to no longer have a voice in congress so what;s the point in sending in these protests

    most of all, i am most upset that we have elected a liberal president, fully knowing that we had a majority liberal congress, and these people who voted didn;t even take into account that there will no longer be any checks and balances… the voters have given a free pass for congress to run wild with anything they want on their agenda, and i can guarantee you that it will go to their heads and they will disregard what the people want, the damage will be done before they even hear you, the voters…

    K2 and Sylvia are both correct, the republican party is getting weak and we do not have a strong leader to represent the party…

    now my blood presure is up

  220. @All

    Short shift for me tonight. TTFN

    Have a good one.

  221. Susan… I hope she enjoys the music! The song on it from Hendrix is worht that alone. Thanks for your support in promoting the CD! Please let me know when you receive the CD in the mail so I can get an idea of the time it takes to ship.

    yeah you’re right you did coin the term k2 and kt… i just like to take credit for it hahahahaha

  222. Patty, thanks for the update… also the update on facebook! i still have to catch up on that

    ****dog… my prayers are with you and your hubby… i am so sorry you have to expoerience that and i wish only the best for you both, stay strong and get through this!

  223. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen T
    Loved your post (pointing up), and I certainly agree with everything you said.

    As to your “bite” – that was a compliment – I love it and have missed your posts while you were gone from the blog.

    OMG – remember that jerk – John44 – who we fought and argued with on the political threads. He worked for American Airlines and when I asked how to contact PR there – he went berserk! ! Sooooooo very funny

    (Patty – I bet you remember him)

  224. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    TTFN – Rest well, my friend

  225. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    We love it at 68 degrees – soooo nice and cool. Yep, we receive a HIGH bill for a few months – but figure we make up for it in the winter when we do not use the heater. Luckily, we both prefer cold weather to hot weather.

    Curious minds want to know – Did MJ die a virgin??? Where is John when I need him??? I am sure he will have the answer (grinning)

  226. KC…44…was trying to think of his name lastnight!! Thats funny!! How could we forget, what a jerk. Didnt he have some sort of wild critters? cats of some sort? or am i confusing jerks? *L*

  227. a virgin………bahahahahahaha KC you crack me up!!!

  228. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Yep – that’s the one

  229. hahahaha 44!!!! aaahh the good old days… i got more entertainment out of that than anything else! he was very passionate, as was i, about the tiger that escaped. and i remember that he belived me when i posted that i was switching parties to the dem side and i was voting for hillary hahahaha… he fell for that… i told him i was going to vote for hillary, quit my job and live off the government… he had some kind of a bet going on at his job, something about 50 bucks if hillary didn;t win… that was very important to him

    he was a nice guy, but even more combative than i can be… i had to stay on my wits when i blogged with him

  230. KC, Yes, I remember John44! Hahahahahaha – that was way too funny.

    KT, agree with your post above. I am ready for a States Party. A party for states rights, just as we were orginally set up. The Feds should be responsible for our military and interstate highways. Leave the rest to the states to decide and private enterprise.

  231. K2 got into it a few times with him also when it came to the war and the economy, she was good at getting her point across to him, but nobody, not even her, could get their point across about the war.

  232. I wonder how one would go about forming a new party. that would take an enourmous amount of funding i would think, but if you have right candidate and a sellable platform there is a possibilty of getting the financial backing. that’s interesting

  233. I think the libertarian or states rights party is forming on Adam’s blog. Glenn Beck must be contagious.
    Just think how many jerks would have been out of Congress years ago if there were term limitations. Kennedy, Frank, Dodd, etc, etc.
    What scares the hell out of me is that the top 3 power holders are Obama, Biden, and Pelosi.
    Sorry Doggies, friendship only goes so far! LOL

  234. Yes, it would take multi-millions to start a new party. Interesting stuff on Fox Business right now……. a unified government (one party in control of the house, senate and WH) results in more spending and bad for business. Wow….we need a big ‘change’ in 2010!

  235. KC,
    You keep your house as cold in summer as I keep mine in winter. Summer temp in the house is 76-78.
    And in the winter I wear I sweater in 68 degrees.

  236. Sylvia. Just picked up Glenn Beck’s new book – Common Sense. Have not started reading it yet. He has become my new hero. He comes across as ‘one of us’ and says the same things I have been thinking!

  237. I always liked Beck.. never watched him on CNN but i did listen to him on the am radio station… he’s good with props and demonstarting his points, helps the simple minds like me understand things better hahahaa

    but yet he’s limited to FNC.. how do you reach out to the swing voters who don’t tune in? I understand FNC has the highest ratings, but it didn’t get us anywhere with the election.

  238. I don’t get that channel K2, that blows… are you paying for that channel by you?

  239. of subject..haha
    did you know that Beck’s mom committed suicide.

    Dont know why that just popped into my head…must be the other voices.

    Adam is live at the coroner’s office btw.

  240. K2,
    I think the Republican party needs to focus less on family values(especially considering the recent sex problems of some of them) and focus on economy (deficit, less spending, and keeping taxes low) and national security.
    North Korea, Iran, and out of control federal spending need to be the main issues.

  241. didn’t know that about Beck’s mom… that’s sad

  242. KT,
    We get Fox Business as part of our Time Warner Cable package (high def).

  243. Patty,
    Are you hearing voices?

  244. Fox Business is included in our outrageous cable bill!

  245. Adam’s twitter says autopsy is more than half complete.

    wow that was fast!!!!

    so if this doc that was on staff injected him with an over dose of morphine then we can assume they’ll go after 2nd degree murder and if he was an enabler then we are looking at possible manslaughter charges or something similar to Anna Nicole’s case?

  246. Sylvia, you are correct! Focus Focus Focus on the economic and tyrannical country issues.

    Patty, feeling better today?

  247. yeah I agree with the outrageous cable bill… wasn’t there something passed through congress years ago about the monopolization of cable companies? I have Cox Communications (bunch of little S.O.B.’s).

    my cable bill is costing me $180 per month and I still don’t get that Fox Business channel.

    I do realize that I need to drop some of the pat channels until they go back on sale, that would cut down the bill but even that would only drop my bill by 30 bucks.

  248. I’ll stop back later going to grab some lunch now.

  249. 30 bucks is 30 bucks.
    we have direct tv. about 50 something/mth and we have Fox Business.

    YES, my head IS better today. Thanks for asking.

  250. KT,
    We dropped HBO since we weren’t watching it, and our cable costs $102/month. We get high def channels, digital basic, standard, variety package, music choice, digital choice, dvr function, hd dvr converter, and hd plus package. That’s probably still more than we need.

  251. doggiesallover Says:

    Just got in, and want to thank each and every one of you for your insights, your advice, and your personal experiences.
    Of COURSE MD Anderson is the place to be-when the urologist called and apologized yesterday, he said that he did not mean to imply they would not know how to help us, it’s just that he personally knows of a urologist (which by definition is a surgical practice) who is also an oncologist.
    So that’s who we’re going to see, and no no one w/those credentials here in Beaumont.
    Interesting, though, that our GP this AM said that w/Morris being ‘only’ 62, he would suggest being aggressive w/this, and not taking any chances. Hallelujah and pass the scalpel! Somebody in the medical world is not afraid of being sued.
    We are only about 90 miles from Houston, so zip over and zip back, not a problem.
    Thanks again, guys…means so very much to me.

  252. We dumped Time Warner Cable a couple of years ago and went to Directv. We will be leaving Directv as soon as we get U-Verse hooked up in our neighborhood. It is like satellite but thru the phone line, that way we can bundle everything and save money.

    I also agree that we need a new party, or get the Repubs reorganized. Doubt that will happen though.

    New pictures from IL if you click on my name. Nothing special, just family.

  253. Patty,
    Larry called from work, told me to hit the power button on the HD box to reset it to work. That was simple enough. So now I have TV again. My tech ability has just increased!

  254. Barb,
    Love the pictures. I don’t do facebook so I can’t share pics.

  255. Sylvia, oh yes you can! Ready for more tech skills? hehe
    go to
    you can upload pics there, very simple once you do it the first time. Then it gives you the address to “share”.

  256. Patty,
    I don’t even know how to get the pictures from the camera to the computer. Larry showed me a couple of times but it’s intimidating. When I want to send a pic from the computer to someone’s e-mail I also have trouble. I’m just not a techie!

  257. πŸ™‚

  258. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia : Then how did you get on here? πŸ˜›

  259. Hi Max,
    I can do the basic blogging and e-mail. It’s the extra stuff that intimidates me.

  260. Patty–

    not John44 with the cats– another guy who had servals– and Adam is doing live in front of the coroner’s—-

    KT also got very involved with the San Francisco issue–Tatiana– remember my tribute I made at the zoo here for all of you for Tatiana and the boy, Carlos, who died? time sure does fly—- that was a fun day at the zoo-

    Adam had to keep putting up political threads and KT had it going big time- πŸ˜€

    Patty– glad you are feeling better–

    And Adam– did you get ANY sleep?

    Did they find MJ’s doctor? Last I saw he was MIA– the whole thing is awful — they ought to have a prison just for enablers– Howard K. Stern et al—

  261. Barb–

    I love your family pictures– the children are very cute–

    and a good day @ all–

  262. Sylvia…. that is funny about being tech deprived.

    The pictures of the small kids are of Steve’s cousins grandkids and our great nephew. The older kids are nephews. They are cute and loved posing for the camera.

    Doggies… I feel your pain with the Dr, ..when Steve’s dad was dying in Jan one of the doctors came in and wanted to do some procedure that would have helped the pneumonia and allowed Dad to come home, but, according to the nurse, he would have been back at the hospital in a couple of weeks. We told him no and he looked at us like we were crazy. Dad was 88 and ready to go and did not want us to prolong his life for just a couple of weeks.

  263. Patty and Barb,
    Do you use Do you have to have facebook to use it?

  264. I use Picasa which is part of google. I upload to it and then edit the pictures.. It also puts the pictures into the My Pictures on my hard drive automatically. The only thing I have trouble with sometimes is that after I edit the pictures it doesn’t put those in the my pictures so they are not edited. I know there is a way to do it I just did not take the time today to figure it out. I have not used but I will check it out to see what it can do. I upload to Facebook using their upload program from the folder of My Pictures on my hard drive.

  265. Adam,
    Hubby said to tell you that if drugs caused MJ’s death it is called respiratory arrest not cardiac arrest. I know that seems minor but Hubby is an ER doc and always likes to be exact with terms.

  266. Thanks Barb.

  267. Many of us use slide, even adam.
    It seperate from Facebook.
    Its really very simple, I know given the chance you could do it sylvia, just need to know where “my picture” folder is on the computer and point the mouse to that (within slide) pick which ones you want up loaded…and hit the button. Waiting is the hardest part if your internet is slow like ours.
    I had piccasa downloaded on the old comptuer, but never really got a chance to use it much. Haven’t added it to this one yet.

  268. Patty,
    Simple for you, challenge for me!

  269. Patty,
    I signed in but don’t know what they mean by profile url. What is that?

  270. Adam just twitted “here they come any minute”… what’s that all about… who is they and why are they going by Adam?

  271. Susan… those political threads that Adam put up (against his better judgement hahahaha) there were so many posts on it that it took forever for the screen to refresh.. i remember that happening.

    K2 kept pounding away at the keyboard and making numerous political posts so it clogged everything up.

  272. Oh geez, they found the body of little Jada 2 yrs old in a rural area in Indiana. she’s been missing since June 16th

  273. Blogger Perez Hilton takes heat for dismissing initial news of Jackson’s cardiac arrest as publicity stunt, ‘cold feet’

    this guy makes my blood pressure go up perez hilton,2933,529177,00.html?test=faces

  274. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen T
    Adam was waiting to do a live on the Coroner’ Report on MJ. They have been waiting all afternoon for it, and they kept putting it off hour after hour.

    When it finally was time – coroner never came out – sent a spokesman instead.

    Cornorer’s report and cause of death will not be released for 4 – 6 weeks.

    Ain’t that a bummer – those poor reporters waited all day in the heat for nothing.

  275. sucks to be Adam right now!

    but they come out and give a report on the visible condition it should only be the reports on the meds that will take longer… don’t you think?

    I mean can’t they come out and tell what the initial condition of the body was?

    i’ll check back later for your response need to run somewhere

  276. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen T

    On the little baby – I read they are going to arrest the babysitter and her boyfriend for this. Don’t know what evidence they have, but I read that on this morning.

  277. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen T

    They are reporting that obviously, the family is telling them to keep quiet at this time, so they are making sure they dot all of the “i” and crossing all of the “t’s”. They have not released the body to the family yet either.

    Everyone knew it takes weeks and weeks to get the tox report, but someone did have a specialist on their program, and he said it is very possible to get the reports rushed and receive them back within a week.

  278. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Kudo’s to you for trying the digital picture thingy. I am worse than you when it comes to that stuff. I just send emails, blog, search for stuff, and read the newspapers. Anything beyond that – forget! ! ! !

    If you all remember, I am the one that still uses the throw away camera’s, then go to Wal Mart and get them printed. (laughing)

  279. sylviaoh Says:

    Did this blog just change format? The reply area is different.

  280. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen T

    Oh – forgot – the spokesman for the coroner did state that there was no trauma to MJ’s body, and there was no foul play. That is all anyone got out of him.

  281. This is too strange. I just went to comment here and it showed me as Sylviaoh and said I was in moderation. So I logged out and tried again and now I’m back to Sylvia.

  282. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    That’s what happens when you start messing around with your puter – (big grin)

  283. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Talk about memory lane

    I remember some of those political threads – what a hoot! ! ! I think we got up to like 1200 posts on one of them. Kept asking Adam to put up a new post because it was taking to long to load.

    I am sure Patty or Susan will remember what the largest number was, but I thought it to be around 1200.

  284. doggiesallover Says:

    KT said:
    most of all, i am most upset that we have elected a liberal president, fully knowing that we had a majority liberal congress, and these people who voted didn;t even take into account that there will no longer be any checks and balances…
    For what it’s worth, KT, I agree with you…on the checks and balances. But we didn’t have that w/George Bush, either, until the last congressional election., and yes, I know you’re aware of that.
    I also agree w/you about the lack of good candidates. My decision to vote for Obama was a very personal one, based mainly on my 18-year old grandson who was going into the Marine Corps.
    Have I voted both parties? Yes. Will I continue to do so? Yes.
    But this past election, IMO, was as much about who DIDN’T vote as to who did.
    No time to go into more now, but I’m sure there will be a ‘later’ for us.

  285. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well, time to make like a baby and “head out” or is it – time to be a prom dress – and “take off” – Can’t remember anymore – to damn old

    Hoping all of you have a wonderful weekend, stay cool or warm depending on your location.

    Hubby will be home in 18 minutes – wine time – yipeeeee

    Talk to you all Monday

  286. Have fun KC.

  287. I don’t know if this will work. I tried before and it wouldn’t post. It’s a picture of Quincy who passed away last week and Jasmine to the right of him.

  288. YEA Sylvia!!! It worked, you will be a techie here soon. πŸ™‚

    Cute pic. I know that you are still missing her greatly.

  289. Oh my gosh…I did something techie!. I got this to post.
    There’s hope for me yet with computers.

  290. Thanks Barb.
    BTW… Quincy was a boy!.

  291. Sylvia….. sorry, I have only had a girl dog and am always doing that.

  292. That’s OK. Q wouldn’t have cared…he was such a gentle dog.

  293. A dog story for all…….

    While we were in IL last week we were watching Daisy, mom’s dachshund, in the yard making her rounds and I noticed that there were rabbits in the next yard. I ask mom if she ever chased then and she said no. Well today she chased and caught one, and brought it to the door to show mom. Mom took care of it and Daisy still looked for it all over the yard. The rest of the bunny population needs to stay away from their yard now. πŸ™‚

    You can see a picture of Daisy if you click my name and go to the picture her sleeping on the couch with Matt, not Steve.

  294. Barb,
    How do you get the pictures to post by your name?

  295. Sylvia…. Under your email is an empty box that says website beside it. I cut and paste whatever website I want to that box and it usually will work.

  296. Barb,
    I tried that and nothing posted. It just disappeared.

  297. I had that happen 2 weeks ago. Then one day it worked, go figure.

  298. Barb,
    Maybe I need to be more persistant. I tried once to post it in the web space and then tried putting the link on the comment part. Lost 1, won 1.

  299. FL Sunshine Says:

    Susan – I called 2 FL Congressmen/women and told them to vote NO on the cap and trade bill. I ALSO put in my 2 sense about how they should vote NO on the Prez’ health care plan!!!! One of them asked me why I was against the plan. I simply said “the government can’t run anything efficiently. Just look at medicare and medicaid.” The bail outs have failed, etc.!

  300. FL Sunshine Says:

    RE: Michael Jackson
    Well, America’s most loved pedophile is dead and it’s all the news can talk about. He had some great music and ppl/family screwed him over but no matter how bad the world treats you….you NEVER harm a kid!!!! Especially in that manner!

  301. FL Sunshine Says:

    Max – excellent FOX story by Steve!!!! I love it! Thanks for posting the link!

  302. dog… i have to say that you’re reason for voting for him has to be the most valid that i have heard so far…

    not this crap that people answer when i ask why did you vote for him and they answer, well i didnt like what bush did and we need a change

    you just stand to your principals and i’ll stand by mine and we’ll debate as we go along…i wish your grandson all the best

  303. Good Morning All.
    I have to agree with FL Sunshine about MJ, Health Care, and Cap and Trade.

  304. Doggies,
    Forgot to ask…where is your Marine grandson based? I remember when he was getting in shape to enter the Marine Force. That seems so long ago (and on a different blog).

  305. Max,
    How many days till you come to the US? I know you are counting.

  306. Doggies…meant to say Marine Corps….it’s still too early to be typing!. need more coffee!

  307. Max Kon Says:

    Sunshine: Yeah, great video. Although I feel kinda morbid for enjoying watching people die. But it’s better them than a single American. I would prefer for the Taliban to just give up, but since they won’t their deaths are coming.

    Sylvia: I will get to Casper in 53 days time. But I am leaving 10 days earlier and will be staying in Toronto. I saved $500 on the flight, and i don’t have to pay any hotel rates since I will be staying with someone πŸ™‚

  308. doggiesallover Says:

    Yeah, it was a long road for him, and they finally had to get a waiver from some top dog in Virginia, because the more weight he lost (and you would not believe the deprivation he went through) the more muscle he created, and muscle, of course, weighs more than fat-
    So he gets in, gramma crying, and half way through boot camp he breaks bones in his foot. They put him in the infirmary, then released him and sent him home when they realized he would have to have surgery to correct it.
    Turns out that if you haven’t completed boot camp you’re on your own.
    So much for…no, I won’t say that. But now he’s going to have to do this on his own.
    Thanks for asking…it does seem like a long long time ago.

  309. doggiesallover Says:

    Sorry. Won’t be watching the video. Could not even begin to WANT to watch something like that.

  310. doggiesallover Says:

    Thank you.

  311. @doggies

    re: that video

    Actually, there is one reason you probably should watch it, or at least read a transcript: The gunship aircrew goes through the whole procedure to get approval to fire… to be absolutely sure there were no innocents in the battle space… *six times*… before they open fire.

    Compared to how much of the media portrays the way Western Armies fight, it might be of interest to see how it really goes.

    ‘course, you could just take my word for it.

  312. ‘morning everyone!

    Family reunion day….or as i call it, grand performance day!
    at 6 am it was 88 % humidity …going to be a looooong day.

    LDG, I love your last zings in your posts!

    Sylvia..YEAH!!! See you arent as challenged as you thought πŸ™‚ Sorry I wasnt more help, my internet has been terrible.

    Max…the one your stayin with, is it the girl on FB? IF so, should I say the motherly/maternal thing??? *big evil grin*

    Have a good day all.

  313. Sunshine—

    are you back from your vacation so I can get some mail out? and I faxed the form which was given to me in the email to say no to Cap and Taxes– for the fun of it–

    I even emailed the WH right after Obama hit the WH and complained how he never brought up the issue about drug wars– and I did not get a response–

    MJ issue– Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred represented the first kid in 1993 and Jackson paid the kid 22 million dollars– what does this tell me? I will honor his memory in he was a great entertainer and could dance up a storm– other than that– nada more–

    Max– kudos to the video– no condolecences to the Taliban–

  314. BTW– The video is not morbid– it basically is showing the new airstrike policy– and you really can’t see the deaths–

    I watched the video about the explovsive new threat from North Korea to wipe the US out– should I send this one to the WH? πŸ˜€

  315. oops– explosive

  316. LDG—

    where IS that vessel? yesterday I heard it was still en route? did you not say it was expected to hit Signapore last Monday? Or is it coasting to not use fuel to get to Myanmar?

  317. Max, are you still flying through Minneapolis/St. Paul?

  318. Susan, don’t worry about NK’s nukes…..our government is in the process of cap & trading us our of existence!

  319. oops our = out

  320. @Susan

    The Kang Nam 1?

    Yes, still en-route. Was confirmed in P.R.Chinese waters just south of the Taiwan Straits on Thursday. That would… just to venture an unofficial guess… put it about the southernmost point of Hainan Island or just venturing into open waters in the South China Sea. At that pace, it reaches the region of Singapore about… 2~3 more days.

    How much fuel it has is an open question. With a light cargo (capacity-wise) it could have been fitted with some additional fuel tankage. Big maybe, that.

  321. @Sylvia–

    I just saw your picture– yay for you to have figured it out– I must say both the dogs are ADORABLE– is Jasmine the one with the long coat? what a beautiful coat— I love the picture– and now I am sad again for Quincy= his demise became more real to me—- 😦

  322. @All

    Please have a very fine Saturday. I’ll look in here on the ‘morrow.

  323. @LDG–

    yes, Kang Nam– I am going to look at a map and see where Hainan Island is- be right back– and thank you—

    K2– That was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and clever!

  324. waa– LDG departed– have a good Sunday LDG— xxxxx

  325. oh dear– I spelled Singapore wrong and LDG was soooo polite to not point it out– just to spell it correctly so I would see it–

  326. @LDG—

    absentia LDG–

    I just checked out the Hainan Island and read a bit about it– nice place to visit for those in the cold weather during the winter– the oriental Hawaii–

    but I see how the route is– and in order to get to Myanmar they would have to go around– as you stated a few days ago in another thread-

  327. @Adam–

    since you are so good at putting up the videos of the stories you cover, are you posting one of you and the MJ story you have been covering? If you skim through the posts, I think you will find our posts here for the story– should we cut and paste on the new thread so we don’t have to repeat our thoughts? πŸ˜€

    On one of you covering the MJ story, you stated there were three classes of people– those who like him, those who don’t, and those who grew up with his music–

    I think, by reading the posts, we are in the second class– πŸ˜€

    Hope you got a day off to rest or have some fun–

  328. Max Kon Says:

    Doggies: I understand.

    karen2: Not this time, sorry 😦 I only booked the flights Thursday and was going to message you, but I messaged KarenT by mistake. Oops πŸ™‚

    Patty: Correct.

  329. and a good day at all-

    thanks for sharing the picture, Sylvia

  330. Oh, KT-

    Yes, YOUR one thread had over 1,000 posts on it– and at the end of the day, you still weren’t sure who you were voting for– (like Patty mentioned) LOL

  331. Max. Sorry to hear that. Was looking forward to meeting you. Perhaps on another trip. Enjoy Toronto.

  332. Patty,
    Enjoy the reunion.

    Hope all enjoy the weekend. We went to Costco this morning. Nothing else planned.

  333. Max Kon Says:

    K2: I was too. Glad you understand. I looked into going via MSP from Toronto, but the flight was $1,200, instead of $450 via Denver. O_O

  334. @LDG–

    I just saw the US is not going to intercept the Kang Nam— ???????

    and this shook me a bit– off an article I found while looking for Press TV in Iran–

    North Korea’s military says it will not tolerate any aerial espionage by Japanese spy planes in what it deems as warmongering of Tokyo forces.

    “In a stern warning on Saturday, Pyongyang warned Tokyo that any Japanese plane entering North Korean airspace will be shot down — remarks which are likely to stir up new drama in an already tense region.

    “The air force of the Korean People’s Army has zero tolerance for aerial espionage by the warmongers of the Japanese aggression forces and will mercilessly shoot down any plane intruding into the territorial air of the DPRK (North Korea) even 0.001 millimeter,” the air force said in a statement…”

  335. Susan,
    I wonder if Obama saw that comment from NK.
    Biden should have kept his mouth shut instead of saying Obama would be tested early in his presidency. Maybe he gave NK and Iran ideas.

  336. Max Kon Says:

    Oops, I meant it’s $300, not $450

  337. @Adam–

    scratch the rest and fun– You are STILL on the MJ story–

    @ Sylvia– your post–

    Hubby said to tell you that if drugs caused MJ’s death it is called respiratory arrest not cardiac arrest. I know that seems minor but Hubby is an ER doc and always likes to be exact with terms.

    (looks like your hubby should be the one to have the medical questions directed to because Adam more or less just said this) — lungs quit breathing hence stops the heart? Yes? Is this what your hubby meant?

    Did you see Adam right now? I HAD to come over here and copy your post and post– I remembered seeing it and to find it– what a challenge!

    Obama? I believe he is busy signing Executive Orders on GTMO detainees right now? He loves that pen!!!

    I am sure Biden is laughed over there as he is here– I haven’t seen him for awhile– maybe they are hiding him?

    OK- Off to FRYS– (Krogers)—

  338. doggiesallover Says:

    Out of respect for you and a wish to protect my psyche. I accept your explanation and will let that suffice.

  339. Susan,
    You are correct. If the lungs stop working due to drugs, then that can ultimately lead to the heart shutting down. The cause of death would be respiratory arrest, not cardiac arrest. In other words the first problem caused the 2nd thing to happen. A cardiac arrest means the lung thing didn’t happen first. The last thing to stop working is the heart, but the heart stopping isn’t always the COD.

  340. Pool time.
    Will check back later.

  341. FL Sunshine Says:

    Susan – yep, I’m back. Thanks for the comments. πŸ™‚

    Were is John?

    Patty – how are things in your neck of the woods?

  342. FL Sunshine Says:

    Sylviaoh – do you have a split personality? lol sorry. couldn’t help myself.

  343. FL Sunshine Says:

    Went to a pool party today for our boys wrestling club. Ate some gator tail and wild hog. πŸ™‚ A great way to get rid of some of FL’s over populated animals. lol Actually the wild boar’s are not NATIVE to FL but were brought by the Spaniard’s (learned that a long time ago). They actually tear up the natural habitat.

  344. well thank you Sylvia– that makes very good sense-

    enjoy the pool– you are probably out there now–


    dang– you have been at it ALL day—- what a loooooooooooooong and hot day you are enduring- are you going to be on this story until it is completely over?– you may be my age by then–

    I loved it when Trace said the doctor was going to be meeting with the police at 4:00 and the doctor was stating he had nothing to do with MJ’s death– I was in the kitchen when I heard this– first thing which popped into my mind was ~well, duh– why would the doctor admit to this–

    As soon as I thought this, your voice said — well, obviously he is not going to admit to any wrongdoing. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    @LDG– I let a green balloon go earlier when I came back from the store– I stopped and bought one– (Neda)… Fox is mentioning NK’s threats to Japan– what is going on by you with this?

    good news about NATO/Russia— eh?

    Max– did you attend that big bash going on today?

    wow– I just watched the launch, Delta IV– — pretty cool!

    Madoff’s wife ONLY gets 2.5 million? Poor lady– she will have to use coupons when she shops now– or look for the clearance items– what a joke!!!! I sure hope the victims get their money back–

    and what is left of this day– a good one @ all– obviously I have been watching tele all frigging day!!!!!!!!!!!! A trip to the store and the release of a green balloon– what a busy day!

    (Actually, I am keeping track of Adam’s long hours today to make sure FOX pays him generously and definitely OT! Anyone who has to do this much reporting on MJ deserves to be paid the big bucks!!!)

    (How was your time today, Patty? )

    @Adam– go home– get some rest!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  345. oh dear– Sunshine and I were typing at the same time–

    hola– sounds like you had fun!!!! WILD HOG? wow! Would Max like this? πŸ˜€

    hey– no Adam now– did he finally get to take a break?


  346. now that is one animal I would not want to confront– a wild boar~ πŸ˜€

  347. Max Kon Says:

    Susan: What big bash?

  348. Susan and Fl Sunshine,
    That food did not sound good to me. Sorry.

  349. We just got back from a walk and I’m hot and sweaty. It’s in the 80’s and humid (9PM). Now I need to cool down in the shower. No breeze tonight.

  350. BTW…..walking 2 miles in this heat and humidity is not fun. I told hubby it’s got to be bad for one’s health!!!

  351. Adam is live at the Jackson home…does that make him the paparazzi ??

  352. oh oh …balloons let go?. Only if they are biodegradable!
    Animals choke on them.

  353. Susan…my day….ya well, can we talk about the weather?
    Im always very thankful when this day’s “requirements” are finished. You can pick your friends!!!

  354. Patty,
    How often do you have reunions?

  355. ***Adam*** just saw your report outside the family compound. I see you’re not wearing a tie today. The free spirit look is good for you.

    Compound — sounds like a military base that can’t be infiltrated

  356. Patty hahahaha Adam is the paparazzi now

  357. Max–

    some place in London or around London was having a big bash for MJ– bands and singers– saw it on Fox–

    Patty– oops– I heard around the world green balloons were being released in Neda’s memory– so I bought one to join in– now I have killed an animal?

    and πŸ˜€ to your paparazzi comment–

    Sylvia- no way would I eat wild boar– fish, chicken, and sometimes beef– that is about as far as I go–

    That was some walk– I hope you had some pretty scenery to look at while you were dripping with sweat–

    KT– Compound– or one of Jeff Warren’s places–

    Is Adam still reporting? Dang— I turned off the tele a couple hours ago and started to do something productive– wash dishes- all four of them-

    Adam’s attire– no tie but he had a t-shirt under his shirt and plus he was wearing a jacket– he had to be a bit warm — plus all that standing!!!!

    truth or dare Adam– Are you a bit tired of covering MJ’s story?

    Oh dear– I turned on the tele– Geraldo is doing the MJ thing– time to find something else– this is one time I will not agree with Geraldo– he thinks MJ is innocent of the allegations– what about all those kids who never had their say in court? PLZZZ television networks– give it a rest!!!

    KT– get busy– at this rate we can get this thread at 1,000-

    or LDG or Max- post a trivia question– let the games begin–

  358. @Sylvia-

    how about downloading another picture? get you to practice– send one of all of you– or another doggie picture? πŸ˜€

  359. LDG answered my question about NK’s big mouth threatening Japan on his blog — and his answer to NK’s big mouth is soooo funny–

    Max– go check it out when you can–

  360. susan … yes we’ll reach 1,000 because Adam is not being attentive to his blog and putting up a new thread.

    Adam is slacking too… Geraldo just broke the story about Debbie giving an interview before his passing stating that Michael is not the dad of the 2 oldest.

  361. KT–

    WOW! πŸ˜€

    Adam can’t be attentive to the blog because he hasn’t come up for air~ πŸ˜€

    What to do with the three MJ left behind? Hmm?

    Apparently, the kids want to live with the grandmother– I sure hope it works for the children’s interest as this should be….

    I am on number what now? Post wise?

    And let the numbers roll~ πŸ˜€

    And if Adam puts up a MJ thread, we are all going to have to cut and paste as I don’t think I can carry on this MJ thing for much longer. πŸ˜€


  362. @ Adam—

    are you like dragging now?

    Have you gone on ebay or Amazon and bought all of MJ’s hits? At least the proceeds will go back into paying off his 500 million debt— wowie!

    The three children, I hope, get something– they are really cute as I finally got to see what they look like–

    I really feel bad for them– victims of circumstances~

  363. Gosh this blog was busy while I slept.
    Good Morning. Need coffee so I can type.

  364. This MJ story is going to hang on for quite some time. The tox report, the doc’s involvement, the family milking this for all the publicity and money possible. The worldwide tributes and memorial services, celebrities trying to get camera time by talking about him. I’m afraid we’ll be stuck with this story for more months than we wish. Then there will be the movie about MJ and the TV documentaries……on and on and on.
    And the money will keep pouring in for the Jackson family.

  365. @doggies

    re: your post of June 27, 2009 at 9:59 am

    I understand. There is a place for willful gentlebeing in this life. Thank you for the kind reply.

  366. LDG,
    Is the MJ frenzy happening in Japan as it is here?

  367. @Sylvia

    It’s not of the same sort. The foreign language news media did waste half a front page of the paper on the day, but it isn’t filling up airtime or even newspaper space as of today… however…

    No one, *no one* in entire world does obsessive fandom like happens in Japan. That means for the rather small percentage of the population that is part of that fandom, there is nothing else to live for now. I expect a wave of suicides ((half-joking))

  368. LDG
    Oh my God……don’t these “fans” realize that their hero wasn’t exactly a model citizen? His “love” for young boys wasn’t normal.

  369. @Sylvia

    There is nothing normal, nor based in reality, about obsessive fandom.

  370. ‘morning.

    The fan thing, I can’t help but think of pats mom and all her preaching (seriously). She was a firm believer in the Book of Revalations and lived by it. If she saw this going on today with MJ, she would know it was the end of times. Idolizing is really not a good thing….in any circumstance, whether you believe the bible or not.

    There is a semi local tv news reporter that is in his upper 20’s, maybe 30’s, stated that he’s loosing sleep, blah blah blah. I so want to “start something” with him of FB about it………so many questions as to why he thinks this effects his life one bit. But I dont think I can do it without being such a total bitch that he will never talk to me again!
    Perspective, why can’t people put this in REAL perspective??? I refuse to turn the news on, Im not even going there.

    Oh yes, and to find out that congress had a moment of silence………….lets just say that those dragons that shoot fire from thier mouth……well some of that landed in congressional email boxes. ARGH! No wonder America is falling to pieces.

    Now, I have date today with Lara Croft, after I get a few things done πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    (and yes, I know no one here knows who that is, cept maybe Max)

  371. Max Kon Says:

    Patty: so what was the motherly thing you wanted to say to me?

  372. Sylvia, I forgot to mention your puppies. Sorry.
    They are adorable. The one on the right, Jasmine? She looks identical to Pat’s dad’s dog, Teeny. She died a few short months before he did. She was many years old, I dont remember the exactly number. Such good company for Grandpa and Gerri when they needed her most!!!

  373. Max….:-) just remember, these screens hide many things and often things arent always as they seem. If “things” are as you expect…………….. dont forget the “rain coat”! πŸ™‚

    (just lookin out for ya!)

  374. Patty,
    Yes, the dog on the right is feisty Jasmine.

    Patty is right about rain coats. You never know when you may need one.

  375. doggiesallover Says:

    First of all, love both those babies. How adorable and so patient! I think they LIKED getting their picture taken!
    Then, let me say i agree 100% w/you about the food at the picnic. Me? I’d be eating crackers and drinking water, I guess. Don’t do Bambi, don’t do Thumper, and I’m not doing Piglet, either.
    I only have one comment about Michael Jackson-
    Where were all of these diehard fans of his when he was alive and needed them? They’re coming in a little late, it seems to me, trying to ‘prove’ their devotion. You all know the old saying-‘Give me flowers while I’m alive so that I can enjoy them.’

  376. doggiesallover Says:

    From Fox: The TV personality most famous for the ‘Oxy-Clean’ and ‘Mighty Putty’ infomercials found dead in his Florida home. Billy Mays was 50.

  377. hello–


    isn’t Lara Croft like a game or something? so this means you are hanging out with your grandson?

    LOL to the motherly advice about raincoats–

    and a good day @ all!

  378. this is disgusting– the militia in Iran are taking the injured protestors out of the hospitals— gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (CNN)

    good thing I have a job to do today– I can’t handle anymore tv–

  379. hello everyone! good afternoon! i’ll check back later

  380. FL Sunshine Says:

    WOW! I can’t believe Billy Mays is dead! Now THAT is shocking news! (did anyone other than myself wonder why he used so much Just For Men hair color?) Seriously though. He looked like a healthy guy as opposed to MJ who looked like he could die at any moment from a number of reasons (too much sun, exposure to A germ to name a few)

  381. FL Sunshine Says:

    I have boycotted the news for the last few days (which explains why Susan knew b4 I did that a Delta Rocket was launching here and I didn’t. I heard and felt the rumble though. lol Just didn’t run outside and watch). Anyway, I don’t care to watch the STUPID ppl who are standing outside MJs house. What does that do for him? PLUS, he does NOT deserve to have all this honor!!!!
    Apparently, I am not the only person who is turning off the TV. My family’s furniture business actually had good traffic in the store on Saturday and the customers told my parents (who were working) that they were getting out of the house because the only thing on tv was MJ crap. lol

  382. Sunshine–

    I read he had been hit in the head in an airplane ride? Remember the actress who died shortly after her skiing accident- head trauma? I wonder if the cause of his death is the same as hers? what a tragedy– only 50-

    and yay to the business your parents store had because of MJ– I am way tired of it too– I will recognize him as being a great entertainer and I do hope his children pull through this fine. And I do think some doctors (especially those who are so in love with being recognized by a celebrity) over prescribe and I would think after Howard K. Stern and the wrestler’s death) these doctors would get a grip on the consequences–

    It appears people just get off on the sensationalism– I am still mourning over Leda’s death in Iran– she deserves recognition– the Press TV in Iran are trying their best to justify their actions with their bullchara lies– this channel reminds me of Chavez’s channel-

    Just like the bullchara of Jon and what’s her face– I can’t believe how many people focused in to see if they are getting a divorce— who cares! I couldn’t believe when standing at the checkout a few weeks ago, how many magazines had them on the cover–

    It just makes me so angry to think people get off on this kind of crappy news– while innocent civilians are being shot or bludgeoned in other countries or deprived of liberties….


  383. SeΓ±or Housley… (and All here)

    Now that your U.S. Soccer team has lost their heroic struggle against Brazil, there is this leeetle problem down Central America way that might be worth a better look than FOXNews is currently getting from the AP and official U.S. administration public statements…
    Fausta Wertz on the Honduras situation

    …especially since Hugo Chavez has called for a state of war against Honduras to depose the newly-installed interm President.

  384. Max Kon Says:

    patty: my mother is coming to Toronto too. So i’ll be good.

  385. my 2 favorite MJ songs were man in the mirror and black & white where he did that indiana dance

    i’m still trying to understand how he spent millions of dollars a month with less coming in… what could you possibly need that costs millions of dollars constantly… mind boggling

    and the child mol issue is between him and God now

    and there is an overkill on the reporting.. i still want hear updated reports but that was extreme

  386. i was flipping channels before and they announced that jon and bikini kate’s show will start all the way to the begining now, just what we want to see jon and bikini kate from the begining

    if people didnt watch the show it wouldnt have been sensationalized

  387. I’ll have it known i have never watched J&K and never will.

    Max, Im glad πŸ˜‰

  388. Actually I watched 1 show of Jon and Kate. They were in Maui and it was filmed in the area where we have stayed. I wanted to see all the familiar places of my favorite state.

  389. Max Kon Says:

    Patty: Yup, no misbehaving.

  390. doggiesallover Says:

    Susan Says:
    June 28, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    It just makes me so angry to think people get off on this kind of crappy news– while innocent civilians are being shot or bludgeoned in other countries or deprived of liberties….
    It’s happening here and now, too, and don’t think for one moment that it’s confined to other countries. We’re just a little more…subtle? Sneaky? able to hide it.

  391. Adam Housley Says:

    OK Everyone…..I am so darn tired. Been a crazy few days as you all know AND today it was 100 degrees in Encino. I hope everyone is well and I tried to skim through a few posts. Can someone sum everything up for me and any questions I missed?? Also, I have a whole looooooooong essay to post about this coverage of Jackson.


  392. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    here is 399

  393. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    OK – I feel better now

    400 posts on this thread – couldn’t stand seeing that uneven number. (I must really be bored today)

  394. KC–

    or you are OC like Monk– he likes those even numbers– I just screwed it up for you–

  395. Did everyone disappear?? πŸ™‚ It has been so quiet.

    Happy Tuesday to everyone!

  396. Barb,
    We are on the newest thread.

  397. I feel more men and women require to read this, really very good info.

  398. I recently came by means of Msn and had to give you thanks after reading this post. I am going to make sure to email this to one of my coworkers.

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