Free Iran

In my 7 years working for FOX News I have been very fortunate to become friends with many in the Iranian and Persian community. Even when I was in Kuwait and the U.S. and allies were preparing for the war in 2003, people kept telling me….the Iranian people will change things. When I asked how, I was always told…they just need a few more years and few more people, but change will come. On Tuesday we will be live at an Iranian TV station based here in Los Angeles. Interestingly, one of my first stories at FOX was at this same Iranian station 7 years ago. Here is one of the thousands of videos currently on the web.


71 Responses to “Free Iran”

  1. I hope the Iranians desiring freedom are able to accomplish their goal. I am so in awe of the brave men and women who are standing up for that right. The free world needs to be supportive. Our President needs to be a leader, not a follower. Those brave people are risking life and limb to get freedom and our President can’t even respond verbally with words of support. What a pathetic situation.

  2. doggiesallover Says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree, here. I thought it was exactly right when Obama said it was their election, and we needed to stay out of it. Of course that is my opinion only.
    Fox this morning online published that Obama was appalled and concerned.
    But maybe I’m not clear on what you mean-here are 3 links, all of which seem to point out that Obama definitely supports them in their crisis. – Cached… – Cached… – Cached

    If anyone can show me where he has said he (and by way of definition, the US) is not in fact supporting these brave men AND WOMEN, I will read your links, too.
    Hugs, Sylvia.

  3. doggiesallover Says:

    From the last thread.
    I’m so sorry for the loss of your father. That’s what makes this decision so impossible to intelligently make.

  4. doggiesallover Says:

    On the other hand, Sylvia, I’m a smoker, and Obama did not endear himself to me today by signing the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.
    Here in Texas, anyway, name brand cigarettes are already over $5/pack.
    This new act will only make all of them cost even more.
    So let’s see…tobacco is legal, only it’s being regulated more than any homeopathic meds on the shelves at your local drug store, a la Zicam, et al.

  5. @doggies

    re: “can show me where he has said…”

    Danger. false choice warning. Just because Sylvia said “…can’t even respond verbally…” doesn’t make it a choice of him not supporting the protesters. Sylvia apparently noted that the White House was three days behind many other world leaders in making any statement. You’ve noted that when he did begin making statements they have been supportive of the right of the people of Iran to protest.

    These two observations are not mutually exclusive.

  6. @All

    Here’s an opinion piece at the CSM written by Trita Parsi of NIAC on”What Obama must do now on Iran”.

    key point: he has been supportive of the protester’s rights. He hasn’t condemned the regime.

    Right then. I’m out on rounds for a while. I’ll look in here again in about 10 hours.
    ((departs for now))

  7. Adam Housley Says:


    Thanks for the info. I am headed to bed. Love that we are having a debate right now here. Also….ON THE MAIN PAGE OF THIS BLOG I have added my Twitter feed. I can send these from my Blackberry and you guys can respond on the latest thread. So for example I can send them now anywhere via my blackberry and you can come here to this topic and post questions, comments, or in John’s case a demented joke. LOL


  8. I would like to know why Jimmy Carter isn’t rushing over to Iran to oversee the voting problems there. Isn’t he the one who always complains about voting fraud? Could it be because Obama told him to keep quiet? Or could it be his past history with Iran?
    I have never said the US should take sides in this election. I do say we need to condemn the violence as LDG pointed out. Human rights are for all people, not just for a chosen few.

  9. Doggies,
    I don’t smoke but I’m against “sin” taxes. I think it is wrong for the government to tax one legal industry more than another. I must be a Libertarian because I am against government interference in our private lives as long as no laws are broken.

  10. doggiesallover Says:

    So LDG, I was reading emotionally, not logically?
    Yeah, I do that, sometimes.
    But the “…can’t respond…” implies (to me) present tense, so in that
    respect, I am comfortable in my response, since his statements of censure are public record.
    And your “apparently” gives a lot of credit, there. πŸ™‚

  11. doggiesallover Says:

    And Sylvia, I may be at least part Libertarian, too. I totally agree w/you on making laws to cover what are legal activities to begin with!
    I’ve said before and will probably say again, we are creating a whole generation of criminals. According to the New York Times, 1 out of every 100 US adults are behind bars, and I believe I read (twice) that 1 out of every 9 Americans are in some way under the auspices of our criminal justice system. One. Out. Of. Every. Nine!
    And why keep making new laws when the old law already addresses the crime?

  12. doggiesallover Says:

    Read the CSM link, and I believe our condemnation of all things immoral and illegal in Iran is at least implied. Perhaps it should be stronger…
    But it occurs to me that perhaps the reason Iran is now rioting and defending their own freedoms is perhaps because we (US) are not doing it for them.

  13. doggiesallover Says:

    I can’t get the “Stand Up to Cancer” (on the right-hand side of the blog) to work for me. When I hit the “Help Now! It’s Free” button as instructed, all I get are 3 bars that light up, one after another. I wanted to help. Anyone else having problems? Or *sigh* is it just me?

  14. doggiesallover Says:

    Just looked back to see if I’d missed any comments. Sheesh! I do realize this blog is not all about me. I’m going to shhh, now…

  15. Cheryl,
    I can’t get the cancer link to work either. Just the 3 bars.

  16. oh oh…oh oh, a Dem said it..right here on housley’s blog…”its not about me”!
    sorry doggies, I havent had a chance for a good jab for a few days! πŸ™‚

    g’morning everyone. I think the a/c at home has melted. I came close to putting makeup on, sitting in the car, with the a/c this morning! Time to buy a new one. (we dont have central air)

    Iran, yikes, I’m just really disappointed in our *cough* leaders. Not that I can begin to know the answers, but these people suffer things we can’t begin to imagine.

  17. LDG,
    What is your take on Obama appointing Arif Alikhan to Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for Homeland Security, and Janet Napolitano appointing Kareem Shora to the Homeland Security Advisory Council?
    Should that be cause to worry? I may have some Libertarian views on taxes and personal issues but not when it comes to National Security. I think Cheryl would consider me a “Hawk”. And the ACLU would absolutely hate me.

  18. Hi Patty,
    It is hot hot hot here too. The humidity is very high also. But at least it’s not snow, ice, or below freezing.

  19. doggiesallover Says:

    It HAS been a while, hasn’t it? And lo and behold, I missed you! Everyone needs a “harrumph” every once in a while. Keeps us humble. LOL
    Jab away, girlfriend. That’s one of the things I like about this blog.
    Oh-and one more thing, (naturally)…it’s when one of ‘you’ says that that I’ll run up the flag…just sayin’… πŸ™‚

  20. @Sylvia

    re: A. Alikhan — other than the fact that placing him in Policy Development is likely a misplacement, no problem. If he was allowed to do what he does best (Computer Systems Security) it would be better.

    re: K. Shora — He’s a front-man for a front-organization. IMO, he has no place on any council that actually has any authority.

    “Should that be cause to worry?” — In the second case, yes, but only because by making such a choice it just shows again that J. Napolitano is utterly unsuitable to be running DeptHome.

  21. doggiesallover Says:

    Attyorney General and later Governor of Texas James Stephen “Big Jim” Hogg had a daughter named Ima. Seriously-(although there is no truth to the rumor that she had a sister named Ura.)
    When I come back, I want to be Ima Dove.

  22. @Adam Housley

    Good to see you are just going on at the LA-Iranian TV station.

    I just got back from rounds and I’ll check to see if I’ve got a line on video, as per your request.

  23. doggiesallover Says:

    What kind of rounds? I just realized I don’t know what you do besides contribute commentary and heretofore unknown facts to us!

  24. Doggie,
    “Ima Dove” is hilarious.

  25. @doggies

    I’m a rather specialized consultant. Tuesday is the big client-visiting day in my week.

  26. doggies, you can pry LDG like a dog food can, but you wont get that answer to open! πŸ™‚

  27. Patty,
    Hilarious comment!LOL

  28. doggiesallover Says:

    Patty makes allusions and similes so that even I can relate! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for answering this newbie’s question. So Tuesday’s a red-letter day.
    I’m off to do my Tuesday stuff, too. You can relax, Patty, for a while-the lib has left the blog. LOL!

  29. Morning all

    Sorry to see that Ed McMahon died this morning.

  30. I cant remember if I posted this lastnight. If I did, I’m sorry for the dulicate.
    Here’s the cloud pics from Sunday.
    Its funny, my best friend in PA, the first thing she noticed when she came to KS was that the clouds are “so close to you”. We never could figure it out, she’s in the mountains, but the clouds are so different from our two states. She LOVES KS skies!!

  31. I have been watching the Iran protests–10 days of it and following it– very sad about the young lady’s death the other day but yet it gave the people more of a cause–

    Are there any protests today? Didn’t Mousavi call for a protest on Thursday-

    ASU (main campus) held a peaceful demonstration here Sunday-

    Given the violence, I bet the people are getting fearful for their lives- so my gut says maybe the protests will eventually be subdued.

    I think the argument has been when President Obama was refraining about making any statements in reference to Iran, is he is not so forceful in his mention of human rights as John McCain has been so vocal about– (and what is with his daughter? She needs to stay off talk shows)

    Iran and North Korea– very dangerous to us so it is in Obama’s best interest to be following these two closely and digligently-

    oops– I turned on Fox and I guess Obama wil be holding a White House News Conference — I will try to watch and hear what he has to say-

    Cigarettes are almost $7.00 a pack here– sooooooooo glad I stopped this habit— I don’t care if people smoke and however they want to spend their money is their business– it is when one dumps their lit cigarettes on the ground that annoys the chara out of me or when they blow smoke in a non-smoker’s face– as I use to say to my dad, it is not the habit but the behavior– Obama at least admits he smokes and he chews a lot of Nicorite gum– and as for taxing the cigarettes– go for it- lung cancer costs much more and is much more painful—Mom died of cancer due to the lung cancer and it was not a pretty sight- Teenagers might think about buying a pack as to the cost now– with all the fillers in tobacco, one is better off buying some pure tobacco and rolling their own– cheaper and not as dangerous~ LOL

    As to what smoking did for me– I have Periodontal disease and my lungs are shot which is clearly apparent when I get sick– I always get a bad cough due to the diminished capacity of my lungs for clearing out the chara– according to the doctor– I might show signs of emphesyma later on–

    Adam– at the correspondent’s dinner, was Fox on the right of Obama?– I noticed when Obama made his joke about Fox news getting to keep AIG, he looked to his right—

    Patty– I was looking for LDG’s address yesterday in my emails and I came across a picture you sent me of Dusty, the cat, sitting on a printer– it was really cute– I had forgotten about the picture- and the cat has the same colors as mine– black and white- dog is brown-

    @LDG– I almost got myself into big trouble early this morning– I got up early and I went to the store to get some milk– on the way back I saw a house for rent so I stopped as there was all this garbage in the front with a sign which said– take what you want– so I checked out the ~garbage~ broken tables, etc.. I decided to peek in over the fence and I saw a dog there– I didn’t see any food or water so I freaked thinking the people left the house leaving the dog behind– I wrote the number down from the rental sign and came home– I called the number and left a message and I was just about ready to go to the Police Department– fortunately, the gentleman called me back and told me he was the landlord and the dog belonged to him– a white bull dog- and he was just headed over to the house as I told him I didn’t see any food or water– He told me the food and water was on the other side of the house and he was keeping the dog there to prevent people from breaking in– he mentioned his father is staying at the house too- (relief)

    As for what LDG does– he watches the globe– carefully— πŸ˜€ and reads and reads and reads and reads and reads and reads and reads and reads and reads and reads and reads and reads~ πŸ˜€

    @doggies– thanks for the link to Piddler’s Green— I still like Rainbow Bridge– I have an animated version of this which was sent to me a couple years ago and I cry everytime I watch it–

    Awful about the DC Metro’s– reminded me of the Metro accident in LA which Adam covered–

    Adam– O’Reilly called Greta a Patriot for her pitch– LOL

  32. Barb–

    yes– bone cancer–

  33. Barb,
    I was sorry to hear about Ed McMahan. I was an avid Tonight Show viewer back in the Johnny Carson days. These days I’m asleep before it even comes on (11:30 est).

  34. My father smoked, and died of cardiac/lung problems. Was it from the cigarettes? or from breathing formaldehyde for 40+ years?
    They can pin everything they want on cigarettes, it’s no different than when the vet would tell us a cow had “hardware”. Nothing more than a scape goat, cause they didn’t know the answer.
    Our bodies are pre-destined to disease. Genetics plays a very large role!IMO

  35. ***ATTENTION***

    @Adam Housley

    Presuming you can see this where you are (even if you can only reply by Twitter)…

    If you are still in the company of some native Farsi speakers there at the TV station, get them to look at *this* and see what they have to say:

    It might be nothing, or it might just be a very big thing.

  36. @All

    My regrets for the all-caps… needed to post in a way that he can see this item if he just scrolls through the ‘blog.

  37. Wow to LDG—

    NOT GOOD– your link–

  38. @Susan

    re: “…almost got myself into big trouble…”

    Naw, IMO you did fine by staying out and calling the number. I know you have concerns, but its better safe than sorry.

  39. LDG,
    Holy crap!!!!
    Now that is really scary.

  40. going with Patty’s–

    given what is out today with getting sick– raw cookie dough- pistachos– anything will get us!

  41. thank you LDG– I am glad I did the right thing– I had already called Frank to see if he had a rope for me to lower a bucket of water– all this was around 7:00 am– the boys got me up waaaaaaaaaaay early– they started their track running around 4:30 am– so I got up before 5:00–
    and I told Ken to shut up– he was yelling at the cats– I closed his bedroom door-

  42. ditto to Janet’s incompetence–

  43. @Susan and Sylvia

    Well, yes… that would be bad. It would basically be the Iranian version of the Jaruzelski takeover in Poland in 1981.

    By the way, the ‘blog now has a partial translation of the video posted in the same thread, if you didn’t see that.


    Hehheh, neko undoukai (a Cat version of School Sports Day). Clearly Ken was just cheering for his team to win.

  44. @LDG—

    neko udoukai— πŸ˜€

    I was looking for the email where you had–you hit the nail on the head- in Japanese and I couldn’t find it– I saw it yesterday and no telling where it is– your address is in Dec. 2008’s email–

    Ken was being mean!!!!

  45. I just read briefly about the takeover in Poland in 1981— and the Patriotic Movement for National Rebirth—

    interesting– aka the Communist period….

  46. cool pictures, Patty–

  47. oops– Major Garrett is confronting President Obama– πŸ˜€

  48. doggiesallover Says:

    Wow, Patty! They do look like you could just reach up and grab them! I see a poodle, a volcano, ‘runny babbit’ and one that I’m sure is a tyrannosaurus rex!

  49. catwak on the preceding thread is way cute, Patty– thank you!

  50. *** VIDEO ***

    @Adam Housley

    You had asked for video from Iran. I’ve got a friend helping and he (Mr. Bill from CompHyp) has sent me this:

    It is not the newest, nor is it some scene of action. It is a message.

  51. doggiesallover Says:

    Read the translation provided-the bad thing is we (I) just don’t know how far Ahmedinejad is going to get with this. Is it a promise or just blustery bragging?
    I hope to God he’s taking himself way too seriously.
    Would still like to see another translation. Never hurts to have 2 opinions.

  52. Wow….LDG, that first link with the plans to move to an Islamic state….hmmmmmmm following in the footsteps of his new friend, Chavez? Take over the office of president – then never leave! Of course in Iran, it would all have to be done with the approval of the real leaders, the mullah’s. This seems the clear up the issue of Rafijahani (sp?) showing his support for the opposition.

  53. LDG,
    That is so touching.

  54. @doggies

    yes on the second-source needed.


    the question is “the approval of which Mullahs?”, as it is not at all clear that they are unified in any way behind Khamanei and his stooge.


    I am just the messenger, but I am glad it was appreciated.


    I’ll be back in a bit. need bandwidth, so closing this for about 30 min.

  55. Max Kon Says:

    Re previous thread: Susan: I think Adam meant the Fiddler’s green.
    Patty: You should really get one, my room used to get so hot and sticky, in the summer the humidity would keep the temp in my room in the 80s through the night, so hard to sleep. The dehumidifer is so wonderful.

    I hope Iran is seeing the start of a new revolution.

  56. Max,
    I think the only way Irani people will win any freedom is if they can continue to band together and perhaps go on a national strike. They need to get the military/police on their side. They have to do it on their own because there will be no help from the outside world. JMO.

  57. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    I see I have a lot of reading and catching up to do, but I wanted to say “howdy” to everyone

  58. Hi KC

    You mentioned Farsi before. Doesn’t FNC’s Amy Kellog (London based) speak the language? I thought I read somewhere that she knows the language, but I could be wrong. I often am!

  59. @doggies

    Some media / political sites are now running second-source translations of that video. I’d wager HuffPo has it. Hot Air does, citing translation done for the Jawa Report.

    Here’s their link:

  60. @Sylvia

    Amy Kellogg? Old-school Sovietologist by training. Russian, Spanish, and one more I think (besides english).

    But you can bet there are professional translators available to all the major media if they want them.

  61. @KC and Max

    ((waves; smiles)) Hi there!

  62. Poem for the Rooftops — wow!!!

    I was just reading an article– Pressing Iran’s Mullah– (Canada’s voicing their position on Iran as one of their photojournalists was arrested) and an opinion on Obama’s reacting–—pressing-irans-mullahs-48864442.html?viewAllComments=y

  63. Adam–

    are you at the Channel One TV?-( one of several Farsi-language TV and radio outlets in the city)

  64. OMGOODNESS– Here is Adam– and it is Channel One– wow– what a coincidence as I was reading about Channel One

  65. Iran Protesters Get Boost from Farsi TV in Los Angeles

    LOS ANGELES — Inside a television studio in a suburban Los Angeles strip mall, Farsi-speaking producers pore over hundreds of photos and video clips spirited out of Iran by protesters disputing the result of the recent presidential election.

    Channel One TV is one of several Farsi-language TV and radio outlets in the city that are bringing news, images and the voices of political turmoil in Iran to a worldwide audience, including Iranians subjected to a government-imposed media blackout in their own country.

    Those satellite TV and radio stations have long served as fixtures in the social fabric of L.A.’s well-heeled Iranian community, dubbed “Tehrangeles” because it is home to the world’s largest concentration of ethnic Iranians outside Iran.

  66. @All

    If you check our good host’s twitter feed, you’ll see he is getting some good stuff over at Channel One TV…

  67. @LDG-

    Thanks for the reminder to check out the sidelines at times– and I see he did post the Channel One note a few hours ago– I just went about it the hard way– but it was interesting to read about Channel One whereas I might not have….

    Hope you get some good rest– early morning for you, eh?

  68. Oh, and Off Topic but in answer to another of his tweets…

    Globovision (Venezuela) likely to lose broadcast license.

    …and with that, I’m to rest.

    Be Well and Safe, All

  69. ((calls over his shoulder @Susan))

    Way too early. oyasumi nasai

  70. Max Kon Says:

    LDG *waves*
    Sylvia: The Police have been backing off, it’s the baseige who need killing, the police and army are less fanatical.

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