The College World Series

If you haven’t gotten the time yet, try to turn on at least a few minutes of this years College World Series in Omaha Nebraska. I can’t believe it has been so long since we were there, the memories seem like it was yesterday. The series is such an amazing event and has only two years left at famed Rosenblatt Stadium. The NCAA somewhat pressured Omaha to build a new park and it will open in a couple of years downtown. Sad really since Rosenblatt is still very nice and holds so much history. Last year I posted a link to a partial highlight of when the camera’s followed me in uniform off of the bus, this year I decided to post the championship game highlights. Yep, I ended up on the bottom of the pile, even though I didn’t pitch in this game. πŸ™‚


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  1. Adam,
    That must have been a real thrill for you. Nice memories.

  2. Titans 21 is left-handed- yay!!!

    I couldn’t find your story on Hannity’s link–(preceding thread)~ I kept clicking on the bull’s eye for the story and nada~

  3. do you have any videos of yourself when you did pitch? share?

  4. Adam Housley Says:

    I need to rip the video off of a DVD and then I will post. Hopefully next week because it takes some time and I am heading to DC for the Correspondent’s Dinner. I will keep you guys in the loop!


  5. Adam,
    Is the dinner fun? Is the food good?
    Please take pictures.

  6. The video won’t play for me, says embedding is disabled?

  7. Have a good time– I bet you will have a fun time– are you going to swing by to see Greta with a bottle of wine? Correspondents from everywhere? take pictures– would love to see these!!!!!

    Max– I had the same problem and then the video came through-

  8. doggiesallover Says:

    Hey, everyone. It’s good to be back.
    Max, I can’t get the video to come up, either. Susan, I did what you said and after I got the ‘disabled’ notice, I left, got another cuppa, petted a couple of doggies and came back. Still just the notice showing.
    I’ll try again.
    It’s a shame that so many good venues are being replaced by newer ones. It’s just proof we live in a disposable society.
    Would love to see Adam pitching! Bring it on!

  9. doggiesallover Says:

    Oh, looky! I got a message to post without messing up my name and being sent to the moderation naughty mat. LOL

  10. ‘morning everyone.
    wow, i missed a few stories here.

    Having severe storms everyday is getting old!!
    Thankfully, no injuries. Some of these have been whoppers!
    I have some links (those at facebook already saw them).
    I”ll have to do them in seperate posts tho.

    Adam….enjoy your trip!! Travel safe as always!!
    So does that make you a “hob knob snob” since all the important people will be there? *LOL* j/k!

    Ob’s cutting down on Fox all the time is cracking us up!! He’s a closet Fan I think!!!!!!

    Ya know Im not a ball fan, but would also love to see you pitch πŸ˜‰

    Here’s some storm pics from yesterday

  11. Here’s another link of other’s pic from the storm yesterday.
    You can use the orange arrows below the pics to scroll through them, when you get to one that says “Alta Vista”…thats the night befor storm.
    You’ll see where the person submitted the pic will tell where they were taken.
    The towns mentioned of Baileyville, Sabetha are all in our county, Seneca is where I am. Marysville is 30 miles to the west. Home is 15 miles to the west.
    There were some tornado’s yesterday, 2 touch downs that we know of. Just tree damage and a few out buildings.
    My boss was watching that wall cloud….it was sooo classic. Rotating as “pretty” as one could be he said. But only weather junkies like we are think they are pretty!

  12. This one is just totally awesome!!

  13. doggies and Max– did you get it to come through? Max– he has it on his facebook-

    what I would rather see is a bunch of videos of Adam throughout his life- starting when he was a mere child pitching— that would be kind of cool–

    And of course pictures from the correspondent dinner- but like right after the event— πŸ˜€

    @Patty– I checked the ones you posted on facebook- all I can say again- WOW!

    OB and FOX– IT is funny to watch Hannity– he is one of those relentless ones who does not give up on Obama O’Reilly’s guest was talking about- πŸ˜€

    And I hope the fly kill does not pop up again– give Obama a Purple Heart for killing a fly and move on~ πŸ˜€

  14. Max Kon Says:

    Susan: still doesn’t work 😦

  15. the vid wont play for me either

  16. Max Kon Says:

    You can go there to see it πŸ™‚

  17. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    That is some storm you are having – that hail is HUGE and would scare me to death – tornadoes – yikes. I could never survive in your territory. Hope everyone stays safe and the damage and/or injuries are kept real low. Even living there, I suspose one never gets use to the storms and tornadoes.

    Doggies – welcome back – did you have some fun time??? How is hubby doing with his testing??

    Thanks for posting a different link – I could not get the video to play either.

    I agree – it would be fun to see Adam when he was a tyke pitching away. Maybe, just maybe, he will share with us. PETA is after obama’s butt now. They said he should have done a “catch and release”. Soooooo very stupid. What are we suspose to do if a mosquito is sucking blood out of our arm??? Sometimes they just go a bit to far.

    With all of the bashing obama has been doing against Fox, I am surprised any of you correspondents are even allowed in DC!!! (laughing) Was your table in the kitchen area???
    Post pictures when you can.

    Top of the morning to you – if you peek in

  18. Patty,
    That’s some weather you are having. We are having rain right now but no storms yet.
    I don’t think you can get used to tornadoes. I dread severe weather. I hate losing electricity.

  19. Looks like I spoke too soon. Starting to hear thunder. So far no wind.

  20. @KC

    Thank you ma’am. I’m around. g’morning to you and All as well.


    re: yours of 6:08 am
    “…give Obama a Purple Heart for killing a fly and move on”

    He gets the “Road Guard badge”. The fly, however, might well be eligible for the Purple Heart…

  21. as ex dairy we used to say, eveytime you kill a fly..100 more come to his funeral! πŸ™‚

  22. I killed a fly recently…..should I expect 100 more in my house?

  23. LDG,
    Good to see you and your sense of humor!

  24. @Sylvia


    Thanks. Good to have some time to be here today. Our good host got left all by his little lonesome on the other thread yesterday so we need to do our part here today since he’s on travel (I think).

  25. LDG,
    I wonder if Adam packed some wine for the trip.

  26. @Sylvia

    Didn’t he end up with wine-flavored luggage last time he tried that?

  27. LDG,
    I’m not sure. But at least it would smell good.

  28. Max Kon Says:

    I love the music on the video. It seems all the early 90s sports videos had music like that, i love it πŸ˜€

  29. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: On Greta Live Wire they said Adam was bringing some wine.

  30. Max,
    I can’t post on Greta Wire anymore. Every time I try to comment the word “undefined ” pops up and nothing posts. So I gave up trying.

  31. One of the last time Adam went to the east coast, there was a dropped bottle of wine at a curb, getting out of the cab.

  32. @Patty

    *That* was it! Dropped it on the way to give it to GVS, yes?

  33. Patty,
    He should have packed it in send through luggage with lots of padding.

  34. LDG, I think he had 2 bottles, one for Greta, shared the cab, somehow the guy he shared the cab with knocked it out of his hand? Im not sure tho.
    Maybe it was dream! *L*

  35. Sylvia, as much trouble as Adam usually has when he travels, the wine probably would have been declared hazardous and stopped all flights or something! *LOL*

  36. Heh, here’s hoping his travels are easier this time.

    right then, off I go to rest. Be well and safe, All.
    ((departs for the day))

  37. Sources tell me that the fly in question that was murdered by POTUS was indeed a Fox News plant. Apparently Fox is coming up with a new investigative series called ” Flies on the Wall ” hosted by Bill O’ Reily. The show will give viewers a first hand look at who and how decisions are made in Washington.
    Sources also tell me that the fly that came to its ill timed demise was a prototype robotic camera with audio model named ‘Bill’. It has a life span of about two weeks and is programmed to recharge its energy cells from the excrement of the ‘First Dog’
    Calls to Fox News have gone unanswered, but Bill O’ was seen leaving the studios shortly after his taping of The Factor, with tears in his eyes and holding a small empty match box while getting in a cab headed to Laguardia airport……………and his White House pass was pinned to his suit jacket.

  38. LDG, KC, John-

    YOU THREE ARE SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Fly and purple heart)- Adam dining in the kitchen– and of course John and his O’Reilly– LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LDG– Adam dropped a bottle of wine on the curb on that one trip or something like that- so he says……

    Adam– what was for dinner?

  39. oops– Patty mentioned the drop of the wine on the curb– so I guess we solved that one– πŸ˜€

  40. LDG
    How safe is Hawaii from N Korea threats? Having spent many vacations there I feel a personal connection to our most beautiful state.

  41. John,
    Your brain works on a different level than most people. LOL
    You are so creative and funny.

  42. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: I never go on her blog, but sometimes i see internet show on

    They were talking about how some bloggers sent her wine for her birthday and all the staff sent Adam emails thanking him thinking it was from him, since they knew he was bringing some.

  43. Fair Warning: *Long Comment*


    re: Hawaii and North Korean threats

    In the simplest reply, the answer for now is: “Just as safe as the rest of the country. They would pretty much have to row to get there.”

    But that is just for now. (It makes light of the possibility of maritime terror raiding or cells of terrorist.)

    Here are some things to remember:

    Most of Alaska is closer to North Korea than most of Hawaii.

    The populated end of Hawaii is over a thousand miles further from North Korea than the unpopulated end.

    To *hit* Oahu with a missile from North Korea would take a missile with over a 5,000 mile range. The best (and that isn’t very reliable) missile the DPRK has right now is good for maybe 3,000 miles range.

    We’ve never seen them test a re-entry vehicle on anything further that about a 1,000 mile range missile. Said re-entry vehicle would be needed to deliver a warhead to a target.

    The two missiles being stacked on launch pads in North Korea right now are: a Musudan… a quality knockoff of a Russian R27 intermediate range weapon, with a proven re-entry vehicle design, Maximum range of about 2,000 miles; another Taepodong2… a twice-tried, twice-failed North Korean design based on bits and pieces of other proven missiles, Maximum range unknown but estimated at ~4,500 miles.

    None the less, every time the DPRK tests a weapon or missile, they get better results. Slow and steady progress.

    … so, I’d say you decide whether you should be worried.

    Being that I am sitting less than 1,000 miles from North Korea, and roughly under the same flight path that would look like a launch toward Hawaii, we here have already made up our minds about being worried. The only issue here is whether the electorate is willing to hurry up, toughen up and get serious about seeing the end of the North Korean regime. Because if the North Koreans believe that Japan has no stomach for a fight, then it won’t be the Hawaiian Islands that they aim at.

    Remember, they don’t like you. They hate us.

  44. LDG,
    Thank you for the info.
    BTW…I have been to Alaska and it is beautiful also…just too cold in the winter.
    I didn’t realize how weak Japan was about self defense. Don’t the people realize the danger involved if nothing is done to contain N. Korea? Do they think N. Korea is bluffing?
    I do hope you and your adopted country stay safe.

  45. @Sylvia

    “I didn’t realize…”

    Might want to check the wording of the Constitution written for Japan by the Occupation (specifically by American writers). There’s this little Article 9 part that says we “renounce war as a means of policy” and “shall not have the means of making war”.

    As to people here realizing the danger… that would mean overcoming 60 years of an education system teaching ‘since we are a peaceful country, we have no enemies’. OK, maybe I’m being too harsh. There is a visceral fear of threat that surfaces every time the North Koreans do something *so* bad (like kidnapping people from the beach outside their hometown, or testing an atomic bomb) that it gets through the dull-wittedness of everyday perceptions. Semi-thoughtful folks even say that ‘we’ are responsible for our own defense of territory (and we’ve built up a pretty good Self-Defense Force in blatant violation of the second part of Art. 9 to do that), but that ‘our alliance with the Americans’ puts the responsibility for pre-emption or counter-attack on the American forces… not the wisest dependency with the current management in the ‘States.

    “Do they think N. Korea is bluffing?” — I’ll just say that it is part of what I do in life to make darn sure that no-one thinks North Korea is making an *empty bluff*. Whether enough of the right people think that the North Koreans are rational and thus deterrable in the face of demonstrations of their military might, that I can’t say.

    Thank you for your well wishes. Here’s hoping so.

  46. Clarification:

    I wrote: “Whether enough of the right people think … ” is made clearer with the added words at the end “… or *not*, that I can’t say.”

    hope that reads better now.

  47. LDG,
    I read you loud and clear.
    I just hope your fellow countrymen get the message. They should not depend on the Obama administration to save them. I think the only thing he can fight is a fly.

  48. @Sylvia

    If you haven’t seen this report, here’s FOXNews carrying the AP story on what SecDef Gates is doing re: Hawaii, and there are a lot of other little tid bits down at the end of the report.

  49. doggiesallover Says:

    I am posting as I read, haven’t had time to ‘peruse and digest’ at leisure as I like to do, so in case I duplicate someone else’s comment, I’m apologizing in advance. Does that count?


    “And I hope the fly kill does not pop up again– give Obama a Purple Heart for killing a fly and move on~ :D”
    Teasing alert:
    Actually, it would be the FLY that got the Purple Heart, dear. πŸ˜‰
    Sorry. Couldn’t resist, but I will try to refrain from making any comments about how, as usual, non-libs got it wrong.
    Oops. Did I type that out loud? LOL!

  50. LDG,
    I just read the report. Scary….especially the part about chemical weapons.

  51. doggiesallover Says:

    How sweet of you to ask about my hubby.
    Unfortunately, his biopsy came back positive.
    Went to see his dr and found out things I really didn’t want to know. On the plus side, it’s a # 5 on a scale from 4-10. (Don’t know why it starts w/a 4!)
    Prostate cancer is usually a very slow growing cancer, and dr said might not have to do anything for 10 years. BUT-son in law’s father just died of it, and SIL swears it was because the drs just kept on putting surgery off-says his opinion is to get it out now.
    There is radiation as a possibility, and since that’s what I went through w/my breast cancer, we thought that’s what we’d do, BUT- the downside to that, w/ prostate cancer, is that once you have radiation, you CANNOT REMOVE THE PROSTATE. (The radiation ‘welds’ everything together, so it’s then impossible to remove just the prostate.) So, if it spreads or grows anyway, you’re just S O L.
    Morris is saying “Get it out.” Dr gave us a pamphlet, and told him to buy a book, “Prostate Cancer” by Sheldon Marks, but neither book store here had it. We ordered it from Amazon.
    We have another appt on Monday to t/w the Dr after we’ve processed all the information.
    I feel sure Morris will want surgery ASAP, and I can’t blame him.
    Does anyone here have any experience w/this?

  52. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I am soooo very sorry to hear the results were positive. I think I would have to agree with your hubby and get it out ASAP. We WILL continue to keep you and yours in our thoughts and prayers. Please keep me posted on his decisions with this.

  53. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    John – Hilarious as usual – but – somehow I believe every word you said. Fox robot, Bill O, – makes sense to me (grinning)

    LDG – thanks for all of the info regarding North Korea. I was wondering about that but you answered all of my questions. I know you will keep on top of it, keep us informed, and above all – stay safe

    Did ya get out of the kitchen yet??? I am so sure since Obama can’t stand Fox, they all made you guys do the dishes, clean the tables, scrub the floors, etc. Probably will make national headlines on the other news channels (big grin)

  54. @Sylvia

    Yep, those are the major worry here and *especially* in South Korea because the DPRK has *lots* of short range missiles that can carry those.


    Hopes and prayers for his quick treatment and recovery.


    ‘Twas a pleasure to be of service. Thank you for the Happy Friday message. Lucky you… ((grin))

  55. Doggies…as I said in my e-mail to you…prayers for Morris and you.

    KC….I don’t have to tell you to enjoy your weekend…you always do!!!!

    LDG….keep spreading the words of warning and preparedness and eventually the right people may start to listen.

  56. doggiesallover Says:

    Wow, Patty! What pictures from you-prayers of relief for all of you.
    Isn’t this a strange time of year for this? Thought it was mainly in the spring.
    Thank you so much. I’ll update, but not (I hope) to the point of boredom.
    That was funny! I was thinking of writing the aftermath, the attempt to retrieve the carcass, the MRI on the fly, the CIA going over it to ‘debug’ it, (GROAN) and the story at last that it did not, after all, contain any cameras, etc, and at last the public opinion poll that says 89% of all Dems don’t believe the CIA.
    But nah-yours is too good, and I’m laughing out loud, here.

  57. @LDG—

    I guess you answered my general question in my email to you– and great info– thanks for the explanation on those two missiles in North Korea–

    I, for one, am very nervous about North Korea– they appear to become more and more defiant–

    I am going to read your link now-

  58. I just read the article= not liking it at all– yesterday I kept watching to see where Kang Nam was– last it was on the coasts of China- I haven’t turned the news on today to see where it is now– I hope once it hits a port where one can come aboard, they can see what is on board because it makes me very and very nervous–

  59. @Susan

    Oh drat, I hadn’t replied to that letter yet. Well, glad you saw what was written here, and my regrets for the delay in reply.


    Just a little more on North Korean things:

    The Musudan set up on the east launch pad may be an effort to confuse things… some sources point out that it need not be there (as that design can be fired off of a transporter truck system).

    The U.S. Navy may well be positioning a destroyer to “inspect” the DPRK merchant ship Kang Nam at sea in Southeast Asia very soon…

    I hesitate to repeat a semi-open source, but since it is out there in public view (if you know where to look), there is also some *rumor-mongering* going on by people who don’t have a reputation for being wrong that the North Koreans are moving a bunch of short- and medium-range missiles to a base in the southeast, away from the known test launchers, and will launch them in the direction of Japan in the next week or so… maybe as a run-up to a long-range test toward the Pacific… maybe as real weapons.

    So it should be a pretty exciting week or three… yipe.

  60. @Susan

    re: the Kang Nam — the closest friendly (to the U.S.) port would be Singapore. Perhaps the plan is to confront it, be told to bugger off, and then use that refusal as a justification for a regular in-territorial-waters inspection by Singapore. Perhaps.

  61. KC–

    I don’t think Adam has done the dinner thing yet– he posted some awesome pictures of DC last night– he hit a beisball stadium and was eating crab– (I commented on the picture and told him to make sure PETA doesn’t see the picture as they had a hammer gizmo thing to break the shell of the crab– :D) Adam needs to post his pictures here- he took some really and I mean really beautiful pictures of DC-

    I bet dinner is tonight– I wonder if it is a formal thing? Like a tux event or just a suit affair? (gawd I AM pathetic– sitting here wondering what they are wearing~~~ LOL)

    Are the correspondents coming from the various networks? Does it turn into a mob affair? Where CNN throws darts at the Fox News table since their ratings are sooo much higher? (I do watch Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs) How come some of the Fox don’t like Cooper? I like him– He is good to animals~ enough reason there for me-

    Richard Simmons did his rounds yesterday– first on Neil Cavuto and then on Cooper- he is sooooooooo funny~

  62. that is what I heard– the ship was headed to Signapore and let us do some serious chanting Signapore does an inspection– I WANT TO KNOW what is on that ship—

  63. given North Korea is aware or going to be aware the ship is wanting to be inspected in Signapore and maybe refusal to fuel, where else can they stop where they can get support?

  64. oh dear and more oh dear– Japan is being used for target practice– or the general area around Japan–

  65. this is some serious stuff going on– way too serious and way too dangerous——————

  66. doggies–

    definitely many prayers for your hubby–

    My brother had problems with his prostate so awhile back I bought THE PROSTATE CANCER PROTECTION PLAN by Dr. Bob Arnot– I bought two and sent him one and kept one here to read– It talks about foods and supplements to eat and take– pretty interesting– but this is a preventive book — but maybe you want to check it out–

  67. @Susan

    re: “where else can they stop where they can get support?”

    Myanmar (Burma) would be a guess. But that’s on the other side of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia from where they are…

  68. LDG–

    I just checked out your blog and saw the post on Ukrainian cargo aircraft having to stop for an emergency stop and ammunition was found–

    You have some very interesting articles going on there–

  69. Myanmar–

    but they probably need to stop before that to fuel up?

  70. @Susan

    Thank you. I’ve been keeping CompHyp going on its usual pace, but with a special clearing house thread open for Iran matters. I’ve been holding off on North Korea matters (except as regards Japan politics) rather than get into a game of reading-goat-entrails to predict anything. The situation with the DPRK is just too murky for a little longer.

    re: “but they probably need to stop before that to fuel up?”

    not certain. *If* so, their only moves would be to risk P.R. Chinese involvement or pay off someone with *big* money in Malaysia.

  71. hmmm? I guess it is just to see what is going on– I just turned on the news to see if anything is being said– healthcare is the big issue right now-

    well- I am going to do some errands and since it is a lazy day only because I am making it lazy, I will head over to your blog in a few hours and read a couple of those posts which sparked my interest- maybe you will be up by then– if not, you will see my comments–

    KC–Have a fun week-end-yipee– if you now have neighbors, if house is sold and moved into, close those blinds– the neighbors are going to have some fun peeks as you and hubby trip the light fantastic with the juke-box!

    Me and this week-end– I am going to do a BBQ for Frank and Ken for father’s day– Ken’s kids are in Minnesota and Frank’s in Germany– so I thought I would have them have a father’s day anyway–

    see you later, your blog- LDG– and thank you for the great info–

  72. Kenya’s prison is now being used for dumping suspected pirates? Piracy GTMO–

    someone has to take them~ πŸ˜€

  73. @Susan

    Glad to be of service. Some new threads posted on CompHyp just to keep things current for you (well, and for other readers, too). I’ll look forward to your comments there.

    re: Kenya and Somali pirates — they have an agreement to put on trial any pirates brought in by the various Int’l forces on patrol that don’t want to deal with holding trials back in their respective countries. Been going on for months like that.

  74. and…

    Yay for Father’s Day weekend!

    (Although… We are celebrating Foxy’s and two of our kitties’ b-day Saturday. This Bear gets the short shrift this weekend…)

  75. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    “reading- goat-entrails” – Now that is funny and I wanna watch you do it!!! (really laughing out loud here)
    Did I hear or read somewhere that the US ship that is going to check out the North Koren Ship is the USS John McCain??? I may have mis-heard – it was tooooooo early this morning.

    Our house next door is still in Escrow so it is still empty (grinning). I signed all the escrow papers Wednesday – so that is done. We are now having some termite and roof stuff done so we can get the termite inspection report and also a roof certification – then I think it is done.

    You are right about the blinds. Our kitchen window faces one of the bedroom windows over there so you are right – we are gonna have to be careful. So use to that house being empty, completely forgot about the privacy issue. I am sure we would really entertain the new owners (big grin)

  76. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I will send my best wishes to Foxy and the 2 mews that will be celebrating birthdays.

    Do you have any special plans for this big event????

  77. @KC

    You really *don’t* want to see old-fashioned extispicy done in person. To quote an old joke: “They smell worse on the *inside*”. ((big grin))

    re: the ship stop — yes, that is what FOXNews is saying.

    re: special plans — well, Foxy gets a nice dinner cooked for her… and Gordon and Johnathan get special treats… and there just has to be a present of some kind around, don’t you agree?

  78. doggiesallover Says:

    Awesome info. Please continue to let us know what you (and only you) find out.
    Thanks. I will add it to the list. And I suggested that when Morris finishes these books, he’s going to donate them to our local library.
    This is such a prevalent cancer that I know many many others are either going through it now, or will be grappling with decisions, and a scientific reference book is priceless. Even our next door neighbor has a biopsy next week. Morris’ PSA level was only at about a 6 (different than the grade quoted above). Anything aver about a 4 is considered elevated, and our neighbor’s is at 11! I asked when his last PSA test was, because Morris and I are living breathing testimonials for yearly physicals.
    **Let me say now, though, that there are many reasons for a PSA to be elevated, and that alone does NOT mean cancer.**
    Our neighbor’s last PSA? Never.

    You did let me know that we are in your prayers. Even in the midst of all your company, you found the time for me. God love you, sweetie.

  79. @LDG–

    you got me going here–

    KC– yes– John McCain– and I hear now North Korea is not backing off– here is the map– I get to see where Signapore is — looks like a couple more days of Kang Nam traveling to reach the destination–

    this better be a wake-up call for Obama–
    he needs to do some fast talking with Tokyo and South Korea– I don’t like what I am hearing— not one bit!

    I am glad I brought up the privacy issue– LOL

    LDG– WHEN did I rescue my boys? I forgot and I need to have designated birthdays for my boys– I hope Foxy takes pictures on this special day this week-end– Sounds like your father’s day is going to be Bear planning the birthdays–

    BTW– You need to email me back about Foxy’s shoe size– (slippers)– your package is out Monday– not one day later! I put it together yesterday as well as my niece’s gifts who has a birthday coming up– your children have one more fun thing coming– except you have to use it– πŸ˜€

  80. doggies–

    I hope the book helps– it is worth reading– I was just reading it and the percentage of men with latent prostate cancers is staggering– I sure and I mean this sincerely, Morris is going to be fine–

    See you later, LDG— REST WELL!!!! My love to all your mews– (but I do think Gordon is way cool– I love his markings)– he sort of looks like Caris next door– (Grace)– she is a cool cat– she sits on her windowsill facing my windowsill where my boys take turns gazing at her– πŸ˜€

    (gawd– PETA is at it again– now with McDonalds)

    time to turn off the tele and get my food for the Father’s Day BBQ– does kabobs sound good?

  81. I had to look extispicy up– yuck!

  82. @Susan

    You brought in your two (Tama and Maru) the first week of November, last year. Obviously, you can’t know their birthdays as they were adult rescues. So… Pick a good day to celebrate for each of them! You can have Happy Maru Day and Happy Tama Day every year!

    I’ll get that size info out to you by e-mail after I confirm what her U.S. size is (she knows). I only know her Japanese sizing.

    Wooo hoooo Presents! Thank you in advance, Susan!

  83. (more)

    Kebabs? sounds great! Have a great time at your BBQ, please.

    Oh, and I’ll tell Gordon you think so highly of him. He’s modest so he’ll probably be embarrassed with the attention. ((grin))


    And may you all have a very fine day as well. I’m to rest now.

    Be well and safe
    ((departs for the day))

  84. whoa…I can’t catch up! *L*

  85. Patty,
    Speed reading time!

  86. *heavy breathing*
    not sure if its from the speed reading or lurking in KC neighboring house! πŸ˜‰

    KC..have a great weekend as always!

    Sylvia, hope your kids got home ok.


    LDG, thank you for that info…wow…i’ll have to come back and digest it.
    btw…my first thought was the “smell inside”….needless to say some have never butchered!! ha

    John……bahahaha, your so funny!

    doggies…meet John, he comes out of the psych ward once in a while and posts! πŸ™‚
    seriously, your hubby, we send our good thoughts!
    My FIL had prostrate cancer at like 75ish? Otherwise had always been healthy. He was told he would die, but it wouldn’t be from that, it was the last thing that would kill him. He lived long and healthy after that.

    Sylvia, i hope the storms are hammering you. I see they have moved over there. They have you in a moderate risk of severe.

    Gotta run…time to go home.

  87. oh geeze
    Sylvia…that is supposed to say AREN’T hammering.
    dang, i hope you knew that!

  88. Patty,
    The kids got home safely but I have some sad news about our beloved miracle dog Quincy. The almost 17 year old Yorkie had to be put to sleep due to his deterorating health. He made it through the reunion in Cincy, but stopped eating. He was very frail. The vet ran out of magic tricks and the poor dog was just not going to get better this time. We are very sad and have shed a lot of tears for that wonderful pet.

  89. Patty,
    No storms yet.

  90. So sorry to hear of the puppy Syllvia.
    So sad 😦

  91. Thanks Patty. We were all hoping for another come back, but it just didn’t happen.

  92. @Sylvia-

    whether you like or me or not, this is not relevant as to my post to you—

    I am very sad for the loss of Quincy as I have had to endure some losses myself and I will probably have to go through it again– My brother just put his dog down a week ago.. Toby- he was 19. He did everything to keep Toby alive but Toby could not go any longer as Quincy.

    It hurts the heart big time.. for a life is now permanently gone.

    May Quincy frolic now in Rainbow Bridge… for I do know it exists.

    He will be waiting for all of you–


  93. Hey Patty!

    Yup– LDG and I got started– he is so damn smart….


  94. storms? Nebraska is hurting!


  95. @Syliva again

    please tell the owners of Quincy (your family) someone is sad for the loss~

  96. Thank you Susan for your kind words about Quincy. He was a part of our lives for so long and he is missed.

  97. doggiesallover Says:

    Aww, Sylvia, I, too, am very sad over Quincy. Bless his little heart, he gave it all he had, didn’t he?
    There will never be another one just like him TO your family, but I hope there will be another one FOR your family to love and spoil.
    I know “all dogs go to heaven.”
    LDG, Happy birthday to the mewsies. I will celebrate them in my heart.

  98. Hi Doggies,
    We now have just 1 granddog. Jasmine was ours before Michelle married Michael. Jasmine is 8 and I hope she stays healthy.

  99. @Sylvia

    Oh my. There is a certain peace though in knowing Quincy got to see everyone at the re-union, though. I’m with doggiesallover on this one by the way: there is a place in the afterlife for all your family, two-legged and four. (If you don’t know it, look up the idea of ‘Fiddler’s Green’ some time… and note that there is a ‘Piddler’s Green’ beside it)


    The fearsome feline foursome have had quite a go of it so far today, with the two birthday-boys getting some extra love and snuggles. The’ve just turned 5 today. They send thank-you-purrs.


    g’morning! A brief stay for me here today; I may be back later.

  100. LDG,
    I know Quincy is at peace and that makes his loss easier.

    Hope your cats have a wonderful day.

  101. morning—

    hope you are feeling ok Sylvia— too soon really for me to be wishing this– as it takes forever and sometimes never to get over a loss- Quincy was a lucky dog– he was surrounded by love unlike many out there who are neglected– keep that in mind– He was BLESSED as you all were too.

    @LDG– First I am going to check out FIddler’s Green and then I am headed over to your blog– I have an hour to play before I get busy in the kitchen– BBQ is today– (and I HOPE Fiddler’s Green does not make me cry–) And I agree with you– animals have souls too so they have to go to that place beyond us– My dad is probably a guard up there– checking in the animals as they come in– for he LOVED DOGS!!!! He better be loving cats now– because my orange cat better be taken care of right now–

    Sylvia– I didn’t post this on the blog, I don’t think– but I did email LDG as I cried for two days– about a month ago or so, one of my outdoor cats which I was waiting for my name to come up on the wait list to place her in a shelter as she was so sweet, I found in my backyard torn to shreds– I took her to the emergency clinic and they had to put her down– I cried all day and the next — and I still get that pang in my heart when I think about her–

    I hope you all have a good week-end and all those fathers as well–

    LDG– WHAT are you cooking? See you in a few– first Fiddler’s Green- and your box (for I did use the same box you sent my stuff in) is taped and ready to go Monday– yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the gifts you could have used today–

  102. I should have known– it is an Irish legend–

    Fiddler’s Green is the afterlife imagined by sailors and later adopted by U.S. cavalry and artillery, where there is perpetual mirth, a fiddle that never stops playing, and dancers who never tire.

  103. @Sylvia

    We did indeed have a marvelous day of it. Now we have a houseful of very tierd-but-happy kitties. Thank you.


    We actually decided to go out for dinner (Foxy, her mom and I) and went over to that restaurant built into a working farm I’ve mentioned before. The buffet was simply wonderful, with the special items of beef sirloin (local grown, in very thin slices… yum) and a beef stew that was top-class. Add in the vast assortment of vegetable dishes and the roast pork the restaurant is famous for and you’ve got quite the feast. The ladies also made a couple of trips to the dessert section… baumkuchen baked on a spit and side dished of fresh strawberries was the big win there, but they’ve got all sorts of wonderful stuff.

    It was a very fine dinner, and the result was a happy Foxy. Success.

    Here’s hoping your BBQ goes just as well!

  104. sheesh… I kant spel at al tuday

    “tired-but-happy kitties”

    “side dishes of fresh strawberries”

    silly me.

  105. LDG,
    Over eating causes spelling mistakes. LOL

  106. @Sylvia

    Hehhehhehheh… ow. Hurts to laugh, too.

  107. Susan,
    Having spent the day on the phone with several calls from Michelle and one from her father-in-law I would highly suggest buying stock in Kleenex.
    We are all having a hard time because Quincy was a part of all of our lives. He had a bed waiting for him wherever he traveled.

  108. Sylvia–

    ahhhh!!!! Do you have any pictures of Quincy? post one here? I feel sooooo sad for all of you– actually, it is making me cry– I know what that love is all about–

    that was cute about the over eating–

    LDG– Time for me to do my BBQ thing–thanks for the fun on the blog- I LOVE your articles– around the globe I went– briefly—

    And I am glad you all had a nice dinner– did you bring anything home for the children? just a morsel?

    and rest well–


    Sylvia– try to have a good day— xxxxx

  109. @Susan

    Please have a great time at the BBQ! Thank you, and I’m glad you enjoyed. I tried to keep up with you and have answers to most of your open questions there for when you get time to look in again.

    re: bring home — They got kitty-treats. People food from restaurants and spices and salt and all that…


    It is indeed time for me to rest. Be Well and Safe, All!
    ((departs for the day))

  110. cheryljones Says:

    While Susan gave us a synopsis of Fiddler’s Green, she never included Piddler’s Green, so I’m on my own. Never fear-I will find out all about both of them.
    Sounds like you took Foxy and mom-in-law out to eat for the mewsies’ birthday. Hmmm. With 11, I’m picking out one day a month for each of them, and telling Morris he’s on!
    Wagging tails back to your fur babies.
    There’s nothing that can help, I know. Just tell Michelle for me that when there’s absolutely nothing else that can be done, we do it for them, not to them. Her job was to be a good mommy, and she’s earned the title the hardest way possible.
    Very sorry about your orange kitty. I only pray that her death came first, before the other.

  111. Susan,
    I have pictures of Quincy and Jasmine but don’t know how to post them here.

  112. Sylvia–

    email them to Patty ( πŸ˜€ ) and she will post them- she is a whiz at the computer stuff– yes, Patty? I would love to see these two– I love animal pictures–

    Doggies– I was at a loss for the Piddler thing– I meant to ask LDG what he meant- Piddler on the Roof?

    the orange kitty— it broke my heart– and thank you– LDG was my therapy as I felt sooooooooooooooo bad!! I couldn’t bring her in as she would not get along with my cats so I was feeding her and just waiting to have my name come up on the wait list– my name did come up a week later and since then I have brought to the shelter three more cats- in total they have taken four of the cats– I can’t bring them all in as they won’t take ferals– I have a Siamese feral out here but he has been fixed and he had his shots–which I did months ago when I trapped him– He now lets me pet him but it has taken me months to have this happen–

    LDG– SO MUCH for a taped box– I found a couple more things to put in there– πŸ˜€ just fun stuff-

  113. break is over– back to the kitchen– πŸ˜€

  114. Max Kon Says:

    Susan: Fiddler’s Green doesn’t sound like heaven to me. I have enough trouble trying to get away from scenes like that! πŸ™‚

  115. cheryljones Says:

    Aww, LDG, I like Piddler’s Green, even though my eyes are swimming.
    Happy Father’s Day to every father everywhere, today, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re biological or just irreplaceable and unforgettable. The important thing is that you stepped up and did it.
    For those of you who bring in the bags of kitty and/or doggy food, that means you’re irreplaceable. For those of you who bring in the treats and toys, you’re unforgettable.
    I’m so blessed to still have my dad, who at 90 is oh so strong! He does it all. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

  116. Cheryl,
    That was such a nice tribute to all dads and especially to your own. My dad passed away in 1993 but Mom is still doing well at 92.
    Quiet day here. We did all our celebrating when family was visiting.

  117. ‘morning all.

    Happy Father’s day, and happy memories for those of us that no longer have our dads close by.

    Gotta run.
    Be back late tho!

  118. Morning @ all-

    How is Sylvia feeling today? Sylvia’s mom is the same age as Ken’s mom– actually she will be 92 this August– and she is extremely sharp– too sharp at times!!!! And she has a thing about punctuality…. Ken’s sister is awful too when it comes to time so I am not the only one who sits in the dog house 24/7—

    and both my parents are gone too–

    That was very nice Cheryl– now clue me in– I have no clue what Piddler’s Green’ is– and it appears you do– I have looked and looked–

    @LDG– it was waaay late when Frank went home– by the time I got done cleaning the kitchen which looked like I had the whole state over for a BBQ, I never made it back to your blog– I am going to check it out briefly right now– I see there was a bombing in Iraq— and Iran is still at it– but no telling if the videos are todays — and I see North Korea is aiming insults in our direction as well to South Korea– (i turned on the news– thanks to you)

    BBQ was awesome– Frank is such a nice guy– very happy to have his friendship and pleased he is allowed liberties while visiting us as he is so restricted with these when the wife is home– I found out he likes to smoke a pipe– (the legal kind– :D) He went home and brought back a handsome pipe and enjoyed it after eating– outside– he doesn’t smoke cigarettes but I guess he enjoys a good pipe now and then– I thought of you– which brought a light on– next gift I send to Japan will be a pipe- I will have to go on a mission and find you and Frank a nice pipe– My grandfather enjoyed his pipe too- God bless him–

    @Sylvia again— how are Michelle and your father-in-law doing today? What makes a loss worse is one tends to envision the being while alive– I bet you have checked out the last spot Quincy was at in your home while visiting many times and picturing him while alive? It is almost like a double edge sword thing– one is trying to capture the being alive with memory but it is also torture– because of those pangs in the heart–

    @Patty– you like those feel good stories and you might have missed this one on Fox– It has to do with the cute movie~UP~… A little girl was dying of cancer and she wanted to see UP as her last wish but she was too weak to go to the movies– so Disney or someone from the movie flew over to see her and brought the movie– the little girl died hours later– (borrow some of Sylvia’s kleenex– I am out of kleenex. πŸ˜€ )

    Max– I thought so too when I read the poem to Fiddler’s Green–

    and a good day @ all– and for those who have father’s, give him a big hug!!!

  119. @Cheryl (doggies)

    I’m glad you found the reference to Piddler’s Green. It is a very dear image, isn’t it?


    “…next gift I send to Japan will be a pipe-”

    don’t you dare. Have you any idea what a good briar pipe costs these days? And don’t get clever sending a corncob pipe… between that and my dark sunglasses everyone I pass on the street will think I am Gen. MacArthur or something. ((big grin))

    Seriously, while it is a very kind thought, you have already done so much. I am already well in your debt.

    Glad you had a good BBQ. I’ll watch for you over on CompHyp and reply to questions as I can.


    May this be a very happy Father’s Day in your family.

  120. I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is the reference to Piddler’s Green? Max–help!!!!!!!!!

    those Briar pipes are nice– I went online and looked as I was looking for Piddler’s Green-

    funny you should mention sunglasses~ and I will leave it at that–

    headed to run my errands– I need to look up the Romanian Revolution when I get back-


  121. Susan,
    Quincy’s dog bed is next to Jasmine’s bed. Quincy’s pictures are on my fridge door, the kitchen desk, the family room bar. Quincy will always be a part of my life.
    As for how we are doing, it’s up and down. You think you are handling it but then the sadness returns.
    As for Piddler’s Green, I found it on a google search. Looks like it’s a final resting place for dogs.

  122. cheryljones Says:

    For Piddler’s Green, go to:

  123. cheryljones Says:

    How sweet of you to compliment me. I’m so sorry your dad is no longer with us in person, but oh, those memories are awesome, aren’t they? My mom always says that no one is ever truly gone while their memory lingers on.
    Your dad has a lot to be proud of, in you. He and your mom did it right.

  124. Cheryl,
    You made my day. Thank you.

  125. cheryljones Says:

    Glad I could do that. *Smiling, here*
    I guess I should let you know that I’ve thought about your Quincy too, very often…but when my little Brie died, just the mention of her even months later was enough to break my heart all over again, and I just didn’t want to do that to you, because I know how it is. You’re doing it enough to yourself.
    Hugs, sweetie. I know you’ll talk about him again when you can. Until then, I realize you need to just keep him in your heart.
    Oh, how could I not like Piddler’s Green? Thank you. I’ve got it bookmarked, and will share it w/others when their sad day comes.

  126. Back home from our trip to see Steve’s family in Illinois. Missed reading the blog last week. Tomorrow I will catch up on all the news.

  127. cheryljones Says:

    We’ve missed you, too. Hope you had a good trip. It’s good to get away from it all sometimes, but it’s always good to get home, too, isn’t it?

  128. doggiesallover Says:

    Barb, we’ve missed you, too. It’s good to get away, but good to get home, too. Did you have a good trip? No bad weather, I hope.

  129. Good Morning All.

    Barb….Welcome back. Hope it was a good trip.

    Cheryl…I appreciate your concern.

    KC….I know Mondays are your least favorite days but try to have a good one anyway. LOL

  130. Hello All……

    How is everyone? Been busy trying to catch up on all the posts. Whew…you have been busy.

    @doggies…. two of my three brothers have had prostate cancer. Both in their mid-50’s. Both opted for surgery. Just make sure the surgeon specializes in this field. My oldest brother went to John Hopkins – surgeon who developed and perfected the removal of the prostate without causing any nerve damage) and had an excellent result (no residuals). He had the open surgery – longer recovery. My second brother had his surgery done by an experienced surgeon in MI (who has now moved to Indiana) and also had an excellent result. He had the arthroscopic surgery – shorter recovery. My cousin had a less experienced surgeon and has residual problems. My niece’s FIL used the radiation seeds and has had an excellent result, but he is in his early 80’s.

    Hope all is going well. The books are a critical read.

  131. K2,
    Welcome back. Hope all is well with you and the family.

  132. Hi Sylvia.
    Thank you. All is well. Our son is home for his 5 week post-op shoulder surgery visit. We have been busy with trips (FL and CA), family visiting here, landscaping projects. Never dull!

  133. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and for those who identify, I hope Father’s Day went just fantastic! I have pics from DC…got back late Saturday and then with everything else, it got crazy as always. Did you guys hear about Greta’s pitch at the Met’s game? She didn’t bounce it, so it must have been my teaching! πŸ™‚ I am getting the DC photo’s together.


  134. Hi everyone.
    It is so stink’in hot here, I feel like the wicked witch in this humidity!!
    “I’m meeelllltttttiiiinnngggg!

    110 head indexes, aye aye aye. Welcome to summer!

    I’ll have some pics to share later tonight of some of the clouds from yesterday, they were sooo darn pretty!

    Hope all are doin ok… as least as good as you can be.

    LDG….MacArthur! hahaha I can see it now!
    My bro picked up the pipe in England. Nothing better than his ammareto(sp?) tobacco smell! Even now, that smell will make me look around for him!

    Susan, I’ll read that story at home. Makes these guys “very nervous” if the suposedly crabby secretary tears up! πŸ™‚

    HI K2…nice to see you! Hope your son behaves!

    Barb, nice to see you back.

    KC…hiya, where ever you are!

  135. *LOL*
    see the heat already got to me.

    lets try **heat indexes in that sentence above!!!

    Oh, Adam, do we get pics??

  136. didnt see Adam’s post! Nothing like nudgeing after the fact!

  137. Fiddler’s green, from what you are saying, reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode. Old guy died and they wouldnt let his dog in…cool story.

    I’ll go read it and piddler’s later also.

  138. doggiesallover Says:

    Thank you so much for the testimonials! I forwarded them to Morris. This is THE leading surgeon in our area, and is associated w/MD Anderson, so I hope our confidence is not misplaced. Last I heard, though, he was vacillating between surgery and going to MD Anderson for a 2nd opinion. Houston’s only about 90 miles from us.
    We go for consult today.
    Happy Monday, everyone.

  139. saw this… thought of LDG and Susan! Some are really cute.

  140. Patty: my dehumidifer is running over time, do you have one?

  141. Max,
    It is very humid here. Airconditioner is getting a workout.

  142. No max, we dont. Only the a/c to suck it out.
    The heat indexes are now up to over 110, i figure… who needs to count after that!? *L*

  143. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey guys! I am waaaay behind. BUT a new post and I need your help. I am looking for only amazing videos on the web coming out of Iran. Please, if you find any let us know here on the blog. Only amazing ones because there are just waaaaaay too many to watch. Amazing stuff as people fight for democracy.


  144. Sylvia…so sorry to hear about Quincy, Bashy is 15 so that is in our near future also.

    Susan…. Glad that the BBQ went well.

    Cheryl… my dad had Prostrate Cancer and had the implants. It seemed to do the trick, but other cancers appeared 5 years later. His Dr. also took his time before he did anything, so that may have been the problem.

    Patty… lots of weather in the midwest huh? We had 2 bad storms and one other that skirted us. The hail we had was dime size so the rental car came through unscathed. Gotta love IL and the rest of the midwest in June. Pretty awesome clouds, but no camera available. I did get some of the hail.

    It is good to be home, but I have to admit that it is nice to be at the in laws, it feels like home ( I have been going there for 37 years) but there is no responsibility or bills there. We fixed the toilet, shop for groceries, and even fixed the toilet, but it was to make life easier for mom, so we wanted to do it.

  145. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia sorry to hear the news. Max, I am with you in regards to Susan. Karen2 Glad your son is home and doing well, the rehab is tough, but worth it of course. Patty…sorry it is hot. Barb glad you are home. LDG…when will the North Koreans rise up. Crap…oh wait…that wont happen.

    New post πŸ™‚


  146. Adam and Barb,
    Thank you for your kind thoughts about the loss of Quincy.

  147. @Adam Housley

    Let me see what I can do to help. Will reply over on the other thread.

    also, re: “oh wait…that wont happen” — sad but true. dammit. something like one in four starved to death and yet no one burned down the government house.

  148. Max—

    what is Adam talking about? πŸ˜€ you mean he meant to say– in your post to Susan? or Adam trying to get away from me? πŸ˜€

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