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We got tipped off late Wednesday evening and within a few hours we were on a plane and then on the road arriving in Nogales just as the sun peaked over the Sonoran Desert. Our contacts had told us of an elaborate tunnel, one of the best they’ve ever found, running 30 feet or so on the Mexican side of the border, then extending another 42 feet into the United States.
The location of the tunnel wasn’t hard for us to find, even at such an early hour. On the American side two familiar green and white Customs and Border Protection vans sit about a half block down the street from a hole in the street covered by big metal slabs. Nearby I look through the 4 inch slats in the 16-foot high border fence, I see four truckload’s of Mexican Federales guarding a one-story white building.
The Mexican Federal Police tell me in Spanish that the tunnel started in an abandoned white house just a few feet from where we are standing. The tunnel then stretches under the border fence headed towards a building that had recently lost its tenant on the U.S. side. It is about three feet high and wide with bricks and boards fortifying the sides and metal bars holding the roof. They tell me I could easily crawl through the tunnel with a back back (I am 6’3″) and the tunnel was likely being financed and built by the Gulf Cartel, a dangerous gang of thugs who have been terrorizing much of this area. Here is the are of the fence where the tunnel goes under.DSC_0567
By mid morning a construction crew has now arrived as have begun to jackhammer the street in a couple of other locations looking for another possible tunnel. CPB agents tell me they had received intelligence in recent weeks that an elaborate tunnel was being built, but it was actually a neighboring business owner who tipped them off when he heard construction sounds, but saw no work. Agents then went inside the nearby building and found two men digging the exit hole which connected to the tunnel meant to likely smuggle drugs, humans and who knows what else. Here is one of our exclusive live reports.



  1. So they are using foreclosed homes to cover their tunnel exits?

  2. I saw your report this morning and that is very elaborate. How long would it take to build something like that?

  3. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Left you a message on your other blog- It says waiting for moderation, so when that gets taken care of, you will see my post. Are we gonna have instant posting like in the beginning???

  4. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    OK, I got moderated – didn’t take long at all – posted right away. Maybe, just maybe, this time it is gonna work out Adam

    One question tho—-have to type in name and email address each time I post. How do I keep it there permanently???

  5. FL Sunshine Says:

    I saw it on FOX. AMAZING! I do wonder “what else” they may smuggle. Weapons for sure, bombs….???

  6. FL Sunshine Says:

    Do NOT want to start a fight. Just wondering if anyone else feels this way. RE: The holocaust museum shooting
    I heard on the news today that the man is under arrest for murder charges and may also face additional charges for civil rights and hate crime. So I ask you, had he shot me (simple white American) then he would simply just be charged with murder? This implies that a person of different race’s life is of more value than mine. Where’s the justice?
    Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s terrible that he would seek out a race to eliminate but my point still stands.

  7. Sunshine: I agree. I hate hate crime laws. The crime in itself should have enough punishment, without the need for anything extra.

  8. FL Sunshine Says:

    my point exactly! Isn’t EVERYONE’s life of equal value?!

  9. Max Kon Says:

    Yup, motives shouldn’t matter. Only what they do. Does it matter if someone kills you for a bottle of milk or because of your religion/skin color?

    If they torture you first (like the KKK burning a black man on a cross) then that should add to the punishment. The punishment for them burning a black man to death should be the same as if the burnt me to death.
    Or just give them the death sentence, and the devil can sort out who get’s punished worse 🙂

  10. I’ll add my 2 cents. Murder is murder. It doesn’t matter who the victim is.

  11. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: Since the only memeber of a protected group currently posting on here agrees against hate crime laws, will any of us support them? 🙂

  12. Max,
    Liberty and justice for all.

  13. @Adam Housley

    I test posted over on liveshots ‘blog. It cleared moderation in about 30 minutes. I didn’t try posting any links, though.

    It looks fine enough over there, but with nested comments on the thread it will be a bit of a problem to see what all is actually being said in comments. Otherwise, it is a nice presentation.

  14. Sylvia: one Nation under God, indivisible, with…

  15. Just read the comments on Adam’s new Fox blog. There are some nasty people posting there. Reminds me of GW.
    Glad we have our own little corner of cyberspace here.

  16. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: Yup. A nice cosey little corner. The TV fixed on a fox. Now all we need is a buffette.

  17. Max,
    It’s still too early for me to be hungry. It’s 7:45am here.

  18. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: No breakfast? Some coffee, toast, i don’t know what morning meat you like, some muffin?

  19. Max,
    Just black coffee until around 9am. Then peanut butter and banana. I eat lunch around 11:30-12. I’m not hungry until then.

  20. Max Kon Says:

    I always have big breakfasts. My last meal of the day is always the smallest

  21. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone and Happy Friday -YIPPEEEEEE

    Anyone doing anything special this week end??

  22. Happy Friday, KC. Enjoy!



    Pardon the off-topic item, but would you know anything about the matter in this news report?,2933,526060,00.html

    If so, I’d be most interested in what you know of it. Thank you!

  23. Adam………..Great news regarding the tunnel find and congratulations on the new blog. However, after just a short visit there, I must agree with Sylvia. Seems like some of those new ‘ recruits ‘ on that blog need to be shown some manners. How about we re-activate the A.P.E.S ( Adam’s Personal Extraction Squad ) and we’ll take these new recruits behind the barn and ” teach ” them some proper blog etiquette. I’m sure between LDG, Max, Sarge and myself we will have their little fingers typing nothing but appropriate literature in no time…………..Avi, Retread, if you’re reading this……..It’s time to suit up boys. We’ve got to show these ingrates how it’s done.
    Don’t worry ladies, we should be back before supper time………….Max’s stomach will make sure of that.

  24. LDG…………….interesting report ( 4:49 post ) . I’m not sure what to make of it since we are pretty much only hearing his side of the story. IMO, he would have a better argument if he was teaching an American politics class. Then again, our elections are American history in the making.

  25. @John

    Yours of 5:26 pm — agreed. That’s why I’m hoping Patty has some local news that will tell more of the story.

  26. Adam Housley Says:

    Back in LA and VERY tired. Yep, there are some tweaks needed with LiveShots, but we will keep this blog for the friends. You gotta comment once and a while over there, but we’ll only invite the cool kids here. So…guess that means Susan and John have to go! LOL

  27. Adam,
    I am really glad we have this blog and you consider us cool friends.

  28. Max Kon Says:

    John: Ok, i’ll bring the catapillars.

  29. @John-

    Isn’t it wonderful how Adam ALWAYS groups you and me together? Does this mean we are not part of the protected group, in reference to Max’s post @3:24? 😀


    I bet you are tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you get to slow down this week-end!

  30. @Adam–

    I am still trying to figure out the comment thing on your news site– I saw Rod (remember him?) had posted and now his comment is gone? And yes, I am light headed 24/7 but now I have a good excuse– trying to shake off a summer cold–


    Dig It

  31. @Adam—

    I have to share this with you– it was on my facebook– I had someone ask me to be her friend- a Claudia Duran so I accepted as her last name rang a memory–her dad was my math teacher in my Senior year in high school– first class which I always skipped because I never made it on time— So a week before final exams he called me into his office and told me I needed to pass his class in order for me to get my diploma and from that day on he coached me on trig. And I passed– 😀

    And to even put icing on the cake– the picture of my son and me on my profile, he thinks is my husband— 😀 😀

    I am not everyone’s persona non grata~~~ 🙄


    June 12 at 10:56am

    You can not imagine how happy I was when I found the information about you and your family I could see some pictures of you and your husband Mr. Corral.
    How many memories came to me making me live again the time I was teaching. All of you will always be my children. I was hoping to see you in Washington I had told my family some of the many events where you were involved and teachers and students still remember and enjoy.
    I got married twice and have 5 children. the youngest is Claudia 25, Architect and works with me in Real Estate projects. I could say I was lucky in my professional activity and my family.
    Please tell your husband that we would feel delighted to recieve you at home here in Guadalajara I am sure you would have a pleasant stay with us.
    Hoping to hear soon from you and give you a hug and a kiss.

    Chelo(wife),Claudia(daughter),JuanC.(son) and Juan(me).

  32. Hi from Central Illiinios… we are having fun at the Turkey Festival and Steve’s family get together. The best part is the strawberry shortcake. Yum!!

  33. Hi from Central Illiinios… we are having fun at the Turkey Festival and Steve’s family get together. The best part is the strawberry shortcake. Yum!!

  34. I need to check out the other blog again.

    LDG…that was an interesting article and I agree that Patty may be able to shed some light on the situation.

  35. We are having a great time with Michelle, Michael, his parents, and 2 Yorkies. Tomorrow is the brunch with friends joining us. I am tired (been doing a lot of kitchen time) but enjoying it.
    Barb…glad you are having fun too.

  36. @Barb–

    I saw on facebook you are having two glorious days of that yummy strawberry shortcake– enjoy! and send the leftovers! xxx

  37. test

  38. Aight, I just wrote something but nothing came up grr…

  39. @Avi

    We can see you now. Must have been moderation delay or something.

    Welcome back!

  40. Max Kon Says:

    Barb: You’d think they’d have turkey shortcake 😛

  41. FL Sunshine Says:

    Good Morning all! I hope everyone had a great weekend.
    The boys and I are on vacation with my parents in their RV (ROAD TRIP). Yesterday we went to Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant, SC (Charleston). Other than the heat, the tour was great. Had it not been so hot we would’ve spent more time there. God bless those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom!!! I want me kids to see as much of that history as they can! (Especially since they don’t learn it from TV anymore and in some cases don’t learn it in school either)

  42. Avi…Welcome back, are you in the US yet?

    Max…that would be wrong on many accounts, unless you made it into a gravy and that might not be to bad, minus the whipped cream though

    FL… that is a great place. we have been there before and are going back to Charleston in August with Steve’s sister and her family. If you are still there try Jim and Nicks on King street, it has a big pink pig neon sign over the place. It is good and it is not all pork.

    Susan….the leftovers, by the time they got to you, would not make a pretty sight. 🙂 We ended up not getting any on Sunday, just a trip to the local ice cream shop 🙂 was good. Sunday afternoon was the parade and it is very typical of small town parades, lots of tractors, politicians, local news guy, and scouts, etc. Lots of fun.

  43. Max Kon Says:

    Barb: Lol, well at a turkey fest everything should include at least a little turkey.

  44. Hi everyone.

    I tried to escape from “internet reality” for a few days, but it found me back.

    LDG, re: teacher
    I had not heard about until your post.
    I did a search at Lawrence’s newpaper
    Didnt find much. There are a few personal blogs to read through on the posts. That does not surprise me. I go there about once a month for differenct semi-local stories, and they definilty slant to the left when writing them.
    I do know that Lawrence is a very liberal town. Its college town, Kansas University. Dont know if that has much to do with it.
    I wouldnt be surprise at all that this guy is telling the truth. During the election, the Topeka newspaper had article after article about teachers stepping on toes for either too much politics in the classroom or not enough, and each time it leant towards the Democrat side.
    Thats just my opinion though.

    Avi, nice to see you back!!

    Max, turkey shortcake? I’m with Barb…all sorts of wrong! *L*

    Sylvia, still have your company?

    Susan…funny about your “hubby”!!!

  45. re teacher..
    He is a blog from the Topeka paper. Stating the fact that the story has been ignored by local newspapers

  46. oops *he = here

  47. Patty,
    Just got back from the zoo/botanical gardens. I’m exhausted.
    Company leaves tomorrow morning.
    It will seem quiet and lonely without them. I always hate when they fly away from the nest.

  48. Sylvia, I hear that about the quiet!

  49. Max Kon Says:

    So what’s the chance that we get a new Iranian revolution this month?

    I’m hoping.

  50. Adam Housley Says:


    I hope the Iranian Revolution comes as swiftly as the the oppressive one did in 1979. We have all been watching it all day and hope the voices from the people of Iran win out!
    Today was crazy by the way, so sorry for the late post and reading. I have some very cool stories coming down the pipeline and was on the phone or the e-mail all day.
    New POST.


  51. LDG,


    I’m going to re-write what I wrote 😦

  52. Hey everyone,

    So the past 2 months I have had my final marticulation exams and just finished up the 8th one. Therefore, I have 2 more to go in Hebrew and in History. I graduate on Monday; but, have the History exam in the morning on that Monday. Then I have my final exam on July 2, and prom on July 9th. Then I fly out July 15th to Miami to get ready for college and take care of some ROTC stuff. After 3 weeks, I’m flying up to start college in D.C. at American University Aug 15. So I’ve been super busy! I think my plan with ROTC is do it then continue to Law School; then serve in the Army Counsel Office -JAG with the rank of a Captain for 4-8 years. Then either stay in the army and go up the ranks or go into the private sector and take over my dads firm. Thats my vision at least lol. So yah after completing two high schools, and living in Israel for 5 or so years, the time is almost up to say Shalom! I’m excited; but, I must admit a little sad. One of the things I’m going to miss the most are my two dogs staying with my sister and mom here. And of course some of my friends, however, with facebook and all that stuff staying connected is easy!

  53. @Patty

    Thanks for the info!


    Sounds like a heck of a plan. At least you’ll have a month to get things ready, presuming there is not an excessive amount of fun to be found in that time… hehheh.

  54. Avi—

    get two rescue dogs when you come to live here– since the other two are in good hands… 😀

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