Pepperdine Baseball

DSCF0236Go Waves! I have to brag a bit about my alma mater. Pepperdine ranks fifth among America’s best baseball schools according to an article by Darren Everson for Tuesday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal. The article’s findings coincide with the start of tonight’s Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft and explore the importance of gauging collegiate talent. Everson’s rankings were determined by taking all alums for each school that were drafted between 1996 and 2009, and then adding up their batting and pitching Runs Above Replacement (PRAR or BRAR). The analysis was limited to players drafted within this 13-year window because the WSJ wanted to ascertain what school’s are best at producing players now rather than 30 years ago. Teams received no credit for players who finished their career at another school.
1. USC (1,049)
2. Cal State Fullerton (1,018)
3. Miami (Fla.) (871)
4. UCLA (851)
5. Pepperdine (670)
6. Rice (631)
7. Kentucky (619)
8. Florida (566)
9. Florida St. (549)
10. Auburn (542)

1. USC (692)
2. Pepperdine (672)


18 Responses to “Pepperdine Baseball”

  1. Max Kon Says:

    How did Pepperdine manage to spawn 2 more pitchers than total draftees?

  2. GO WAVES!

  3. The Reds need pitchers. They should look at Pepperdine.

  4. Maybe the Tigers and the Braves can get some pitching prospects from Pepperdine.

  5. The Washington Nationals picked up two great pitchers in the first round of the draft. They got the number one pick overall, Stephen Strasburg from San Diego State and Drew Storen from Stanford. How would you like to be these kids? Storen signed with the team today getting a $1.6 million signing bonus to do so and Strasburg will probably sign in the $10 million neighborhood……………that’s a very nice neighborhood for a 20 year old.
    Strasburg is a starter who has being called the next Nolan Ryan, sporting a 99 to 103 mph fastball and a nasty curve to go with it. Storen is a reliever and will most likely be molded into a closer role. Which is just what the Nats need since their closers this season couldn’t close a barn door with a hurricane force tail wind……………..hell, they’d be lucky to hit the barn.

  6. John
    The Reds were probably asleep during the draft.

  7. If we get any more rain we will either have to pump water out of the pool or build an ark.
    Jasmine doesn’t want to go outside in the rain. She REALLY needs to go out but doesn’t like to get her beautiful fur wet. She is a pampered dog.

  8. @Sylvia

    You (and Jasmine) have my sympathy… it is “rainy season” here (we get the edge of the Pacific monsoon for about 6 weeks).


    I’m still caught up in the Stanley Cup playoffs for the NHL, so I haven’t even given the baseball draft a look. Anyone know who the Pirates got in the first few rounds?

    @Adam Housley

    Heh, the joys of having attended a baseball powerhouse university. You’ve got something to be proud of there, for certain.

  9. Sylvia… that is funny that she won’t go outside.

    LDG…from your post asking about the Pirates, and my post about the Tigers, I am going to assume that we are on opposite sides of the Stanley Cup. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing Adam’s report on the Tunnels in Nogales this morning.

    Also checked out the new blog on Fox. Nice looking but not sure of the instant messaging.

  10. @Barb

    re: assume… — safe bet. ((big grin))

  11. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Great coverage of that huge tunnel found in Arizona. I like the term mole hole that you used. You said that you and a back pack could fit in this one and be comfortable. Are you gonna do it????

    LDG – welcome back – sure have missed ya

    Good morning everyone

  12. Hi All,
    Michelle has kept me busy and Jasmine the Yorkie has trained me to give her dog treats on demand.
    Will be running errands again due to constant company for dinner. Friday I get a break from kitchen duty because we are going out.
    Saturday will be dinner for 7 people.
    Sunday brunch will be a much larger group, including a friend’s chihuahua.
    I am keeping Kroger’s and Costco in business.
    BTW….Quincy the old Yorkie arrives with son-in-law’s parents today.

  13. Max Kon Says:

    LDG: Here every season is rainy season 😛

  14. @Adam–

    thanks to KC mentioning your being on the air today, I turned the tele on which was on our local FOX News 10, and there you were– talking about the 16 tunnels being found since October–

    Good thing the store owner decided to go check out what the noise was– and yay to finding the tunnel and now sealing it!!! I guess they will now keep on eye on abandoned buildings?

    Looking forward to the videos you will taking here shortly-

    and morning– I, somehow, got a cold– and this totally sucks– no energy! Hope all here are feeling well-

  15. @Max

    Heh, you aren’t joking (based on my experience there and up north in Scotland). Grey skies, but green fields. You are in for a heck of a weather change when you move, you know.

    As an aside:
    I’ve still got a cartoon somewhere around here with two pictures drawn of a forlorn-looking sheep standing on a small hill in the rain… both pictures identical… labeled respectively “Scotland in Winter” and “Scotland in Summer”.

  16. LDG,
    That is funny.

  17. Max Kon Says:

    LDG: haha, cute cartoon.

    I know, we’ve had some nice weather here recently, and I wish it was like that most of the time, then I remember it’s like that in Wyoming most of the time. 🙂

  18. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG- Welcome back and Max you are correct, ever day is a rainy day in London! 🙂 New post everyone! Crazy busy and had no sleep. Wait till you hear this story!


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