Chavez Updates

It has been a short while since I posted some updates from the southside of the Carribbean, so here it goes. Chavez continues his antics:
1.Venezuela’s recent purchase of the most lethal shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles in the Russian arsenal is sharpening U.S. concerns that parts of President Hugo Chávez’s massive weapons buildup could wind up in the hands of terrorists or guerrillas in neighboring Colombia.
2. Pfizer Inc said it had offered to sell the Venezuelan government a production laboratory after an official threatened to temporarily seize the U.S. pharmaceutical company’s operations.
3. Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday dismissed allegations that his country was supplying uranium to Iran for its nuclear program.
4. A slumping dollar could grant much-needed relief to Yankee-baiter Hugo Chávez, whose presidency is beginning to buckle from a shortage of the greenbacks he needs to pay for imports and to keep the national oil monopoly running. Even the Venezuelan despot is panicking. Last month he accelerated his crackdown on freedom. But far from being a sign of strength, the steps he took were desperate measures designed to stave off an economic debacle.


69 Responses to “Chavez Updates”

  1. Adam,
    Sounds like more trouble brewing and that is scary. With North Korea and Iran flexing their muscles, Chavez is just adding more fuel to the fire.
    Not a very pretty picture.
    The USA needs some support…we can’t go it alone, especially with a President who feels talking is the end all and be all.
    I’m referring to President Teleprompter.

  2. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: Are you saying that the teleprompter is the actual President and that’s why it makes Obama only use talk, since that’s all the teleprompter can do?

  3. Adam……….it’s Hugo’s ” panicking ” that worries me most. Desperate leaders have been known to resort to desperate actions that usually result to even more desperation…………….How’s that for overusing the word ‘desperate’?

    Sylvia and Max………..most politicians rely on others to write their “thoughts” for them. Some are just better at remembering their lines than others. Reagan and Clinton were masters at remembering their lines and ad libbing .They usually only used outlines written by their writers when giving a speech and relied very little on notes or telepromters. Nixon, Johnson and to a point both Bush’s were more readers than ad libbers and they mostly were reading from a fully wriiten script.

    Some years ago I was flying a prominent senator on a campaign trip. While we were grounded at a small local airport waiting for some nasty thunderstorms to pass by before flying on, I witnessed first hand how they write these speeches. The senator and his aides were in the pilots lounge with us for security reasons and to stay away from any press that may have been lurking around. One of his aides suggested they work on the next days speech. He asked the senator what type of message he wanted to convey in the speech and the Senator rattled off a few points until the aide held up his hand and said, ” OK, I’ve got it ” and busily started writing on his yellow pad. The senator went back to reading the Wall Street Journal, only occasionally adding a few more suggestions.
    The next day I watched him give one helluva speech………….that he didn’t write. To this day I even wonder if he really knew what he was even saying. It worked though, he was re-elected and is still an active member of the senate to this day.

  4. John,
    That is interesting. I realize that presidents don’t have time to write their own speeches, but Obama is lost without his teleprompter. He can’t even answer questions at a press conference without help.

  5. Max Kon Says:

    John: The problem for Bush Jr was that while he seemed to prefer reading speeches, he was much better when he was ad libing.

    I’m not sure I could read other people’s words like that. I’d much rather have a Rush Limbauh who can be schedualed for a 20 minute speech at CPAC and talk for over an hour. It’s obvious that if you are truely the person you make yourself out to be in your speaking then it should be no problem to talk off the top of your head about what you believe in.

  6. doggiesallover Says:

    I know that Obama’s main speech writer is only in his 20s. Whoever he is, and I don’t think his name is classified information, he’s a genius. Face it-the man gets results. And it takes a good delivery, just as John says.
    In this day and age, where everything is over analyzed throughout the world, I think I’d much rather have someone ‘stay the course’ than to go off on tangents and begin to ad-lib.
    Hugo Chavez needs to take a deep breath and step back. His alligator mouth is severely overloading his hummingbird booty. Panic is not what I wanted to hear.

  7. If Ob’s speech writters are soo good, then why didn’t i fall for his BS?
    And I can still see clear through it!

    anyway…’morning everyone.

    I agree, Chavez is desperate…thats not good.

    It wont belong before we see all the “desperate” countries align….and here we sit, with our guard down, singing kumbaya.

  8. Patty,
    I don’t remember the words to kumbaya. I need a refresher course!

    And Good Morning All.

  9. Chavez is running low on cash–he has maxed out all credit cards and is trying to get investors in Venezuela– hence, his kissing a*ss with China presently—

    From PrairiePundit’s blog-

    ..On the political front, he is working to make sure that his opponents have no resources. He has been stripping opposition mayors and governors of their budget revenue and their authority over schools, hospitals and police. Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma, an important Chávez critic, has also been physically locked out of city hall by chavista street thugs since he was elected in November.

    On the economic front, PdVSA appears to be in increasing financial trouble due to graft and incompetence. This explains Mr. Chávez’s nationalization of more than 70 oil service contractors last month…

    Unfortunately Obama maybe feeling his pain soon because he is making many of the same mistakes Chavez made by nationalizing companies and vastly increasing spending at a time of declining revenues. Chavez has maxed out his credit cards and is trying to lure other investors right after he has taken over the investments of previous investors. Anyone who invest in Venezuela now is asking to have their investment taken whether they make money or not.

    Inflation has been a problem in Venezuela for several years and it is likely to get worse as Chavez cash flow problems get worse. He has been running his country like Zimbabwe for sometime and he may start getting that kind of inflation soon….”

    The man is desperate– and he just gets more dangerous!!!!!

  10. and if Gibbs the Glibb had anything to say about Chavez, maybe in between the “uhs” one might get a real word!!!

  11. I added the extra “b” in glibb as to go with the name Gibbs–

  12. glib– : lacking depth and substance :

  13. Max Kon Says:

    Patty: They have already aligned.

    I just ordered a cook book called the Fifth Quarter, all about cooking offal. This should make my adventures so much easier!

  14. Adam Housley Says:

    Quiet around here today….where is everyone?? 🙂


  15. Adam,
    Where are your pictures from last weekend?
    Patty and I are patiently waiting.LOL

  16. here is something he wrote which will make your stomach turn upside down–

    June 1st-

    ….These are the reasons why, the more we study the history of ideas, the more we deepen and understand the great thinkers of and for humanity, starting from (Jesus) Christ up to Fidel. This is why, every day, with more strength and obligation, our revolution is more Bolivarian than ever!

    Christ, as I have said, was a true socialist thinker. And even more important, he was a consistent socialist fighter up to his last song: “Everything is consummated.”

  17. cheryljones Says:

    Hi, everyone. Had to have surgery done on my Sunshine doggy today-she had a bladder stone, and I never ever dreamed it would be so big. I swear-it was about 1/2″ thick, and about 1 1/2″ by 3″. Yeah. Inches, not centimeters. She’s still sleeping, but have to keep an eye on her, you know.
    And it’s so awesome how the others, even the young doggers, know to leave her alone. Nature is so awesome.
    Haven’t had too much time today to do much of anything else.

  18. I am watching Hannity and he is interviewing Mitt Romney and the city backdrop is a live city skyline and the only corporate sign that is visible is for Citco gas. In light of all that Chavez is doing, you think that they may have found a better backdrop than that.

  19. I did not get the chance to watch Hannity so I am not sure of what you are talking about, Barb.

    I do now and then get on the internet and do some Chavez Frias traveling and I read his bull chara~

    Eva Gollinger, Adam’s best friend, has written an article posted on May 13th about the USAID claiming some chara about this and Bolivia.

    It is very clear and not more, Venezuela’s Chavez hates the USA and he is going to do everything in his position to continue to degrade this country to the fullest– He calls this country Obama’s Empire!

    He is working deals with China as right now– as he knows we borrow money from China~

    He is so amused at how this country is becoming weak–

    Where he does not allow the media to really know what goes on his country, our media exploits the news–

    We look like a bunch of chaotic people— crime exploited left and right=
    our Vice President making stupid comments when he does- Senators and Governors always in the lime light for moral issues, etc and etc,

    In these guys eyes, Chavez and his buds, we have no standing… so they continue to mock and push buttons… and they are getting very dangerous because we look weak and stupid~

  20. and as for Chavez comparing Jesus Christ, in that one article, to whatever his dementia has going in his head, to his own thinking, depicts a very sick man– delusional, egotistical, with a socipathic thinking… as well as his compadres in Iran, North Korea, Ecuador, et al~

  21. @Adam—

    the reason LDG is not around, as he would be the finest to talk about this subject, is because he is on a vacation…

    You two could be rubbing elbows as he is that close as to your location.. 😀

  22. Sylvia—

    I am still on hold for my pictures- and did Max get his video from Adam?

    Hopefully, Corpus Christi’s pictures come up~

  23. Max Kon Says:

    Susan: Not yet 😀

  24. cheryljones Says:

    This is weird. I posted yesterday about my Sunshine’s bladder stone and the post is now saying it’s waiting moderation. I promise there was nothing untoward in it, so ???
    Maybe it’s just not something that belongs here? (I was stating that’s why I hadn’t been on very much.) Maybe it’s because I spoke yesterday about what a good job Obama’s speech writer has done?
    And Susan, I do respect your opinion and most of all your right and responsibility to express it! Diversity makes us stronger. 😉
    And if THIS goes through, good morning to everyone!

  25. Adam,
    doggiesallover posted by her real name and her comments are being held up by moderation. Can you clear her please?
    Thank you.

  26. cheryljones Says:

    Oh, Sylvia, thank you. DUH!
    Adam, I am doggiesallover, and I’m also cheryljones. I’m so sorry. Cleared out my cookies and obviously logged in w/out thinking. Gee-thought I’d said something wrong and got sent to naughty mat moderation.

  27. Adam, Im flattered…you missed me! 🙂

    I’m think’in that we were “promised” new stuff at the Fox blog like 2 years ago. Maybe it was just a year…I’ve forgotten!
    Whatever happened to the new stuff anyway?

    ‘morning everyone!

    So do we have bets going on which country the first apology out of OB’s mouth will be in?
    argh. I just can’t watch that man and “feel safe”.
    No matter how hard I try to be open minded about it, and know that he has a truly tough job….I just feel in my gut like he really doesnt give a crap.

  28. Max…you are just awful! 😉

  29. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    I see I have a lot of catching up to do, but am glad to see all is well with all of you.

  30. Patty,
    I don’t watch the speeches….in my opinion they’re a form of torture.
    I heard that he’s going to apologize for US bombing Dresden in WWII. I believe Charles Krauthammer wrote about it.

  31. Welcome back KC. It’s almost Friday!!!!

  32. Hiya KC!

    I agree on the torture Sylvia

  33. Looky, looky at what we were given lastnight!

    Funny, were just talking about the last one!

  34. Max Kon Says:

    Patty: Apprently Offal and awful come from the same German word meaning rubbish.

  35. funny they named that “food” Max!
    I guess the original cook wasn’t impressed? hehe

  36. Max Kon Says:

    Maybe not, or it could have been a passerby, but I still love it.

  37. 🙂 thats all that matters!!

  38. Max Kon Says:

    Yup, it also helps since I hate needless waste.

  39. Adam Housley Says:


    So funny you mentioned the new stuff at the Fox Blog. I seriously spent two hours in an online meeting yesterday. It is now set up for a “soft luanch”. Info to hopefully come tomorrow or Friday. I am now in San Diego by the way for a last minute border story. It is cool. 7am live west coast time tomorrow!


  40. Adam
    Can we keep our little blog after the new Fox Blog is launched?
    This is a good place to blog…with the “cool” people!!!!!

  41. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia….YES! I am trying to figure out a way that when I post over there it can post here at the same time. Working on it! Also…SORRY Cheryl…I had to moderate, now your comments will go right through.


  42. Good Morning
    Adam…so glad we can keep our place here. This is a nice place to blog.

  43. cheryljones Says:

    Oh, Adam, thank you. I’m so sorry to make another something you needed to do.
    I didn’t hear any apologies about our country, yesterday, and no need for him to apologize for his speech, either. Discussion, even brutal discussion, is better than war.

  44. g’morning All.

    re: Susan’s June2 8:29 pm — well, it wasn’t a vacation really, but it was a trip over to KC-Fresno and Adam Housley ‘s part of the world. Glad to be back home now.

    I’ll try to catch up on the topic as I can; thanks to our good host for posting on this. The SA-24’s are a particularly bad thing.

    Here’s this weeks latest from Hugo-land:,2933,524838,00.html

    …and whether or not there really is an assassination plot, the schedule change caused by the fear also cancelled half of his four-day “allo Presidente” TV marathon. For that alone, the people of Venezuela should be thankful ((grin))

  45. ‘morning all.

    Im anxious to see what fox/you’ve got!

    LDG, Welcome back. Its always nice to see your name pop back up.

    Sylvia, I agree, love it here.

    Someone that catches Adam’s lives today….what’s his story??

  46. Hi LDG,
    Welcome back. Guess you had a long flight…ugh. Anything over 4 hours is difficult. Hawaii (my favorite vacation spot) flights have always been too long for me. I can’t imagine flying to Japan.

  47. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    LDG – welcome back – missed you

    Adam’s story was on the tunnels discovered on the border crossings. They are doing a search and distroy. Those tunnels look really narrow – you wouldn’t catch me crawling thru them.

    Sylvia – I also agree- this is a cool blog along with many interesting characters (smiling)

    Max – what have you cooked out of your new cookbook yet???

    As for the new fox blog – I am not going to hold my breath on that one. I will patiently wait for the re-birth!!! LOL

    HAS ANYONE HEARD FROM AVI?????????? I think the last we heard he was headed to Miami to visit his dad

  48. KC..
    Avi…his dad booked his flight via russia or something. Maybe the via wasn’t so good?
    Hummm not like him to not pop in once in a while.

    tunnels….nope, not me either! Didnt know i was claustrophobic till my first MRI…never ever again!

  49. btw…a few days late.

    re: Barb….the Citgo thing, I saw that too! Hubby even noticed, thats pretty bad!

    Cheryl…the naughty mat??? *LOL* funny!
    Adam will point a stern finger if we go “there”….but he hasn’t done that in a LONG time! hehehe

    Also Cheryl…fyi…(i think its here, i dont remember for sure) if you post 2 links in the same post, it will go to moderation. Its more likely to go through if you put it ‘under” your name or just one link to a post.

    re Ob’s speech writter….I’ll like you anyway Cheryl. (maybe! ) 😉

  50. ADam…tunnels?…destroy?…does that mean dynamite?????
    my boss has a “fetish” with that! *L*

  51. Patty,
    I don’t do tunnels either…or dynamite.

  52. Patty… Thanks for saying you noticed it also… I was beginning to think that it was only me. LOL What city was he interviewed in? Seems like Fox could move the camera to the left and cut that part out.

  53. cheryljones Says:

    Aw, Patty, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me today! *grin*
    I’m not a rabble-rouser nor a mole,
    Not a die-hard, not a troll,
    Not vehement, easy to amuse,
    And most of all, I like all of youse!

    OMG. I’m stopping! 🙂

  54. Cheryl,
    LOL. You are hilarious.

  55. bahahaha….there is an area south of here that all use “youse”.
    Its easy to tell where they grew up! *LOL*
    You sure your not from KS?

  56. cheryljones Says:

    LOL! Ya’ll ever try to find something on the spur of the moment that rhymes with ‘amuse’?
    Don’t get me started again!

    Laughing at myself, here.

  57. Cheryl,
    The Texas in you is coming out…”Ya’ll”…LOL

  58. cheryljones Says:

    Yeah. I couldn’t quit using that if my life depended on it. Seriously! It is So ingrained, I swear you’d find it in my DNA.

    Wait a minute! You said, “there is an area south of here that all use “youse” …”
    SOUTH of you? Just exactly how far in N KS do you live, already?

  59. Cheryl,
    I often say you all. I’m in southeastern Ohio so I guess I’m part southerner!

  60. cheryljones Says:

    Well, WELCOME, Sylvia! Now ‘you all’ is fine, but practice w/me, here…
    “ya’lllllllllll’ “YAWLLLLL” C’mon-you can drawl it out a little bit more than ‘you all.’ I know you can!

  61. Cheryl,
    I’m trying…really hard….but the Ohio part is keeping the southern part from winning out.

  62. Cheryl,
    Maybe I should spend more time across the bridge on the KY side of the river. Then I could get the”ya’ll” just right.

  63. Cheryl…10 miles from the northern border! 🙂

  64. yaw’ll can’t be taught, its a art!

    When my bro came back from the service in England after 4 years, he moved to SanAntonio, talk about a mixed up drawl (sp?)!!! British prim and proper with southern texas mixed…such fun it was to listen to him!

  65. Patty,
    The “art of the drawl” ……I like that.

  66. Patty… Where and when was your bro in England…. Steve’s cousin was there in the late 60’s and then in 70 his other cousins husband was there and they came back in 74 and we went in 75 to 78. It would be strange if we knew him. I found 2 of our best friends from England this week on Facebook. Was great to reconnect with them.

  67. Barb, I want to say he was around East Preston?
    His x-wife’s dad owned a Pub.
    Years? hummm, i might have to think about this one. Had to be very late 70’s.

  68. Adam Housley Says:

    Dang, you guys have been busier than me! All except the ever crazy Susan of course and the smart mouthed John! Anyway, new post on the border tunnels!


  69. @Adam—

    how well you know me!

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