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“Stand by Me” – Andy, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora & Friends

While covering Michael jackson, I had a second tonight to jump online and found this. I thought it was pretty cool.


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Live at Channel 1

Here’s an up close look of the hi-tech pen.

Free Iran

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In my 7 years working for FOX News I have been very fortunate to become friends with many in the Iranian and Persian community. Even when I was in Kuwait and the U.S. and allies were preparing for the war in 2003, people kept telling me….the Iranian people will change things. When I asked how, I was always told…they just need a few more years and few more people, but change will come. On Tuesday we will be live at an Iranian TV station based here in Los Angeles. Interestingly, one of my first stories at FOX was at this same Iranian station 7 years ago. Here is one of the thousands of videos currently on the web.

The College World Series

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If you haven’t gotten the time yet, try to turn on at least a few minutes of this years College World Series in Omaha Nebraska. I can’t believe it has been so long since we were there, the memories seem like it was yesterday. The series is such an amazing event and has only two years left at famed Rosenblatt Stadium. The NCAA somewhat pressured Omaha to build a new park and it will open in a couple of years downtown. Sad really since Rosenblatt is still very nice and holds so much history. Last year I posted a link to a partial highlight of when the camera’s followed me in uniform off of the bus, this year I decided to post the championship game highlights. Yep, I ended up on the bottom of the pile, even though I didn’t pitch in this game. 🙂

Watching the Riots

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I posted this last night over on ‘Live Shots’ so if you get the chance leave a comment over there. I basically fell asleep watching this stuff and today was working on a ton of stories in the office. You are going to like em! In the meantime, here was my LiveShots post:
At 11pm on a Sunday I would normally already be fast asleep in preparation for the coming week and also due to the fact that we work on east coast time, so usually an early rise. Instead I am monitoring local coverage of the small riots and skirmishes that are ongoing in downtown Los Angeles after the Lakers nabbed their 15th championship in franchise history, that of course includes the Minneapolis days. Also, thanks to technology, I have the LAPD scanner going on my computer. Currently almost every call comes from a unit that has arrested looters. A shoe store, a gas station, even a bus was attacked. Having said that, the riots are not as bad as the last time the team won and for that matter nothing in the neighborhood of the big riot here in the early 90’s when I was in college.


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The new Fox Blog is up! Here is the link to my page and I WILL be keeping this one current also, so you guys now have to monitor both! AND…..I expect it! 🙂 LINK TO ADAM’S LIVESHOTS BLOG
We got tipped off late Wednesday evening and within a few hours we were on a plane and then on the road arriving in Nogales just as the sun peaked over the Sonoran Desert. Our contacts had told us of an elaborate tunnel, one of the best they’ve ever found, running 30 feet or so on the Mexican side of the border, then extending another 42 feet into the United States.
The location of the tunnel wasn’t hard for us to find, even at such an early hour. On the American side two familiar green and white Customs and Border Protection vans sit about a half block down the street from a hole in the street covered by big metal slabs. Nearby I look through the 4 inch slats in the 16-foot high border fence, I see four truckload’s of Mexican Federales guarding a one-story white building.
The Mexican Federal Police tell me in Spanish that the tunnel started in an abandoned white house just a few feet from where we are standing. The tunnel then stretches under the border fence headed towards a building that had recently lost its tenant on the U.S. side. It is about three feet high and wide with bricks and boards fortifying the sides and metal bars holding the roof. They tell me I could easily crawl through the tunnel with a back back (I am 6’3″) and the tunnel was likely being financed and built by the Gulf Cartel, a dangerous gang of thugs who have been terrorizing much of this area. Here is the are of the fence where the tunnel goes under.DSC_0567
By mid morning a construction crew has now arrived as have begun to jackhammer the street in a couple of other locations looking for another possible tunnel. CPB agents tell me they had received intelligence in recent weeks that an elaborate tunnel was being built, but it was actually a neighboring business owner who tipped them off when he heard construction sounds, but saw no work. Agents then went inside the nearby building and found two men digging the exit hole which connected to the tunnel meant to likely smuggle drugs, humans and who knows what else. Here is one of our exclusive live reports.

Pepperdine Baseball

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DSCF0236Go Waves! I have to brag a bit about my alma mater. Pepperdine ranks fifth among America’s best baseball schools according to an article by Darren Everson for Tuesday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal. The article’s findings coincide with the start of tonight’s Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft and explore the importance of gauging collegiate talent. Everson’s rankings were determined by taking all alums for each school that were drafted between 1996 and 2009, and then adding up their batting and pitching Runs Above Replacement (PRAR or BRAR). The analysis was limited to players drafted within this 13-year window because the WSJ wanted to ascertain what school’s are best at producing players now rather than 30 years ago. Teams received no credit for players who finished their career at another school.
1. USC (1,049)
2. Cal State Fullerton (1,018)
3. Miami (Fla.) (871)
4. UCLA (851)
5. Pepperdine (670)
6. Rice (631)
7. Kentucky (619)
8. Florida (566)
9. Florida St. (549)
10. Auburn (542)

1. USC (692)
2. Pepperdine (672)