Memorial Day

As a child growing up, Memorial Day took on a special meaning. In my hometown of Yountville, the Veteran’s Home of California sits perched half way up a hillside, overlooking a million dollar view of the Napa Valley. Every Memorial Day weekend at “the Home” as we called it, baseball teams from around Northern California came for the annual tournament. The vets would pack the stands and the flags would line the streets and buildings. It will always be so fresh in my mind. What could be more American, playing baseball for friends, family and those that fought so I could afford such luxury. These are photo’s I have taken around the globe that remind me of how lucky we are to be American. Take a moment today at your BBQ or party, a think of those who have given their lives for us.

“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.”
–Arthur Ashe


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  1. Max Kon Says:

    We have a holiday here too, but it’s just called ‘spring bank holiday’. Not so patriotic.

  2. Adam,
    Beautful tribute for our military.

    I have been to the USS Arizona and the Cemetary of the Pacific (where Ernie Pyle is buried). What a truly emotional experience.

    I admire and honor all people who have served or are serving now in the military.

  3. Max,
    Do you have any holiday that honors the military? What about WW2 vets?

  4. doggies all over Says:

    This holiday honors those who died in giving their lives and gives us the responsibility to celebrate theirs/
    My dad is 90 years young, served as an Army radio operator in WWII. He was just contacted last year by an author in New York who was doing a book about his uncle-who served w/my dad. My mom and dad were able to find pictures and an original Christmas card his uncle had sent to them! They sent these to him. (My mom never throws anything away.)
    The author spent hours on the phone w/my dad, and those conversations led to other works.
    These are the things that will keep their memories alive.
    It’s important to me that we not celebrate the wars, but that we do honor and glorify our soldiers.

  5. doggies all over Says:

    Adam, I was very remiss in that I did not offer appreciation for your photographic tribute to our veterans. Thank you. It’s the simple things that show so much. Each one of these pictures tells a story. I especially love the one of the older gentlemen on the flight deck, where the young ones are giving/taking instructions. The older gentleman in the background is standing tall and at attention. He never forgot, and I hope we never forget to remember.

  6. There is nothing more beautiful than the American flag, flying in the wind.
    Awesome photos Adam.

    Hope all had a good weekend, just doesnt seem possible that Monday is almost gone already. Where did the extended weekend go?

  7. doggies all over Says:

    LOL, Patty! I wish our forefathers, in their infinite wisdom of granting 3-day weekends, πŸ™‚ had had the foresight to make holidays on Friday. I would always rather have a day off ahead of me than behind me!
    And if I may, I’d like to comment on Susan Boyle’s performance the other night-it just wasn’t there like it was the first go-round. Does anyone agree w/me? “Memory” is probably my most favorite song in the world. Makes me cry every dang time I hear it-so I was thrilled to see that she chose it. But it was flat, somehow. And when she first started, I think she realized she was shaky-did you see how she pumped her fist into her diaphragm? I hope it was just nerves, but I think she could have done a better job. Of course, this is MOO, and no, I couldn’t have done it better if my life depended on it.
    I’m just worried about her. She’s my idol.

  8. I hope all had a great Decorations Day aka Memorial Day-


    Sylvia– maybe a Armistice Day?

  9. @ Adam—

    your Arthur Ashe quote and the video is excellent-

    I did not BBQ or party~ I spent my whole day at a shelter and I thought if anything could have been done this day was me donating time.

    It is not about BBQ’S or doing a party– it is about realizing what great people we have who are servants to help this country~ whether it be, doing a military service or just extending your hand to help~

    This is how this country was built on– loyalty and true servitude!

    I hope you had a great day!


  10. doggies all over ~

    Ms. Boyles appears to wear humility on her sleeves so if she messed up it is because she was nevous!

    As for her voice~ she is a winner!

  11. Patty–

    Just look at each day as a day—

    Since I don’t know when there are three days for as a holiday, I thought today was just another Monday until I drove and the streets were bare! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. oops~ in post above—

    nevous should be nervous- πŸ˜€

  13. @LDG and Max


  14. @ doggies all over–

    Just out of curiosity sake, how many doggies are all over? πŸ˜€

  15. I also want Susan Boyle to win. Yes , she appeared nervous , but I think she sang well enough to be given another chance. I really admire her talent and her fortitude.

  16. Susan,
    I answered your strange question on the other thread.

  17. ‘morning everyone.
    I think my Boss forgot to come to work! Probably played to hard this weekend.
    I’ve gotta tackle this pile of papers that started building last week.
    Ugh, “catch up” is never fun.

    Under my name is part of the pics from our Bday party at the park.
    (i hope the link works anyway)

  18. Susan Boyle, I alwys think of Mrs Doubtfire when I see her.
    I still wonder if that was all a set up?
    Who knows.
    She still has an awesome voice.

  19. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Beautiful, awesome, emotional tribute you made and shared with us (wiping tears). Thank you

    Good morning everyone

  20. doggies all over Says:

    How clever of you! Loved the pics, and he’s a cutie!
    Susan, You sure you want to know how many doggies? Sitting down?
    11. Susie Marie, Sandy Girl, Sunshine, Foxie Cheyenne, Buddy Leon, Abby Gail, Bonnie Megan, Jimmy Earl, MR Max, (heavy on the Mr) Wendy Elaine and Molly Kate. We go from part great Dane down to dachshund, and all are rescues.
    As for Susan Boyle, I think it was nerves, too, and I think she’ll relax. I almost typed “I think she’ll get better” but I think that’s impossible. She is already so awesome, and I think she’s taught a lesson to the world (not to mention Simon, who actually apologized to her for prejudging!)

  21. Patty,
    Loved the pix.

  22. Max Kon Says:

    Susan: xxx

    Sylvia: Not holidays, since we don’t get the day off. But we have a few days to honor the military.

  23. wow, thats alot of doggies!!

  24. doggies all over Says:

    Patty, yes, it is! And the strange thing is that neither hubby nor I knew we would ever feel this way-weren’t brought up with dogs. I will say it’s a good thing we both agree on this, or it would have been divorce city a long time ago. LOL
    Any other dogger lovers out there? Tell us!

  25. I love dogs but don’t have any right now. Just 2 Yorkie granddogs who will be coming to visit in June (along with our daughter, son-in-law, and his parents).
    Our daughter volunteers at a non kill animal shelter in Phoenix.

  26. doggies, I think everyone here is an animal lover, one way or another. Unless newbies are still lurking about.

  27. Sylvia, speaking of your granddogs, how is the one that went home so sick? Still doing ok?

  28. Patty,

    He is still alive and planning to come visit us in June. Son-in-law’s parents will be driving up from Florida. Michelle and Michael (and Jasmine) will be flying in. Small family reunion.

  29. Patty….check mail when you get time.

  30. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Great pictures and looks like you had beautiful weather for the party. Man, those babies sure grow up fast. No wonder you get tired chasing after them. He looks like he could be a handful.

    I love it when animals have middle names. Everyone we have ever had always gets a middle name. They know the difference too!!! When Izabella ignores me, I just repeat using her middle name and boy she just sits at attention. It is soooo funny.

    I cannot imagine life without an animal.

  31. @All

    A belated g’morning, all around!


    Okay… you win the Wow! that’s a lot of dogs prize. ((grin))

    My congratulations to you for taking in rescues. A noble cause.


    Thanks for the update on granddog’s well being.

  32. @KC

    hehhehheh… why can I well imagine your tone of voice when you switch to using Izabella’s full name?

  33. doggies all over Says:

    LDG Says:
    May 26, 2009 at 9:31 am


    Okay… you win the Wow! that’s a lot of dogs prize. ((grin))

    My congratulations to you for taking in rescues. A noble cause.


    In my best Elvis impersonation, “Thank you. Thank you ver’ much.” (LMAO-
    my best isn’t very good.)
    So KC, what IS Iaabella’s middle name?
    So glad your g’puppy is good, and coming to visit! You’ll have the best of both worlds.

  34. For those of you who don’t know…Jasmine and Quincy are Yorkies. Jasmine was part mine (and my hubby’s) prior to Michelle getting married. Quincy was Michael’s parents’ dog. When M&M got married they took both dogs to live with them. Quincy is almost 17 and has major health issues. He now lives with Michael’s parents in retirement in Florida because they have the time to care for his special needs. Even when he is visiting here he will have to go to the vet for fluid therapy due to kidney disease.

  35. 2 dogs here. Outside only, farm dogs.
    Both Mutts, one had been dumped, Pat made the mistake to give him his work lunch one day, he’s been at our place ever since. He has one blue eye….looks like he sees right through you!
    1 cat, at work, rarely goes outside, it would be way too much energy for the princess to exert for the walk.

  36. Doggies…what happens when all those dogs want lap time????
    And I can’t even imagine bath time for 11 dogs.
    BTW….one of the dog’s names made me laugh.

  37. doggies all over Says:

    Sylvia, it’s not what you think!
    The people we got her from were calling her Goldilocks (she’s part cocker spaniel.) Hubby facetiously suggested Tinkerbell, from Peter Pan. The rest is history. And we always differentiated by using her middle name. LMAO!
    Of course they all want lap time and mommy time and daddy time, but they share. And when we hand out treats, they all know to sit and we call each dog’s name out. The others, believe it or not, sit and wait their turns. I really should video that, sometime.
    As for baths? Don’t go there! LOL
    God love Quincy.
    Sounds like one has some Australian shepherd in him. We’re not smart enough to have one of those, so my hat’s off to you! He’s a smarty, isn’t he?

  38. Doggies,
    I kind of like Tinkerbell…..wish you had gone with that name!!!!

  39. doggies all over Says:

    Aww, Sylvia-that would make a perfect name for a new little Yorkie!

  40. Doggies,
    We should have named Jasmine “Tinkle Belle” because she always seems to have accidents when excited.

  41. doggies all over Says:

    Oh, Sylvia! My mom always says she had a cat she should have named in honor of Rin Tin Tin: When din-din? LOL! He was ALWAYS ready to eat!
    And we have a black lab, Susie, who we should have named Kahlua, because she’s such a liquor-get it? LOL! My dad says she’s a wonderful dog, she just can’t hold her licker!
    And oh, BTW, I love kitties, too. Who’s got kitty stories?

  42. Adam Housley Says:

    Wow….you guys are all about the dogs right now. When I finally get a yard in so cal to match the one up north, I WILL rescue another dog. It is the only way to go.


  43. Max Kon Says:

    What about military and police service dogs? (to tie this into the original topic).
    Did you see that SWAT dog in California dragging that guy out of a car?

  44. Max,
    They are wonderful animals.
    I tend to choose smaller dogs that I can carry or have sit on my lap. The largest dog I ever had was a Sheltie. He was a terrific dog. It broke my heart when he died at age 9 of cancer.
    Had a Chihuahua when I was a kid… that was a small dog with a BIG attitude.

  45. Adam…..are you saying this blog has gone to the dogs???? LOL

  46. Adam, what your preference for a dog?

    ‘morning everyone

    doggies…funny names and meanings. Cracked me up!

    Ours are Spike and Ike (the blue eye)

  47. Hi Patty,
    You are blogging early this morning.
    Are you headed off to work?

  48. Sylvia, I stopped that the computer this morning. I do that rarely. It was drippy windy and cold so I didn’t go to the porch and do my “stare” to wake up.

  49. and drug myself back home with a migraine. argh!
    Gotta give our Dr’s office credit. I call, talk to nurse, she then gets the ok from dr, calls me back, i go to office, get injection and home, all in about 30 minutes. They take good care of those of us that have these darn heads. I know in the city it would never work like that.

  50. Patty,
    I hope you feel better soon. Will the shot make you sleep?
    I’m impressed with how quickly you got the medical attention.

  51. @doggies

    I’ve been around working dogs about half my life, and have always thought the world of them.

    As for house pets, however, we keep cats. The “Fearsome Feline Foursome” are quite enough to have share our home, but we have also done a fair amount with animal rescue / emergency care (working with friends at a nearby animal hospital). Sadly, our area lacks a proper shelter-adoption system. We do what we can through neighborhood activities.


    Ask, and you shall receive:

    That’s the U.S. memorial at Ft. Benning. There are others elsewhere.


    g’morning and my wishes for good health to you and yours (fourlegged family members included).

  52. Max Kon Says:

    LDG: Thanks

    Sylvia: I prefer bigger dogs. Especially German Shepards; while they are aggressive they are very loyal and obedient. They are also supposed to be one of the most intelligent breeds. Reminds me of me… πŸ˜›

  53. Max,
    Are you aggressive, loyal, and obedient? I know you are intelligent.

  54. doggies all over Says:

    Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all fur babies everywhere. Your ‘fearless feline foursome’ are very lucky. Names and descriptions, please? LOL-just want to ‘see’ them!
    I’m so sorry you don’t have a positive self image! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    You forgot to list one thing-BEAUTIFUL!

  55. Doggies,
    Max is a really cool person. He will be a great addition to the USA when he arrives for college.

  56. Patty,
    Feeling better yet???? Those headaches must be awful.

  57. doggies all over Says:

    Ooh. I do hope you’re feeling better. Migraines are the worst. I always said I got rid of mine when I got my divorce. LOL-But in a roundabout way, I really did. Separated, migraines went away. Didn’t find out until years later it was the hormones in my birth control pills!
    I love the Spike and Ike! Met a couple of Bichon Frises one time named Rough and Ready. LOL!
    Where will you be going to college? Texas A and M? Texas Tech? University of Texas? Lamar? I know if you’re smart enough to be coming to college in the states you’re smart enough to be heading for Texas. I’ll just have to start calling you “Bubba.”

  58. @doggies

    In order of seniority, they are named: Gordon, Johnathan, Ashley (a.k.a. Her Highness, The Princess Little Mew), and Alexander. Generally speaking, Gord and John are American Shorthairs. Ashley is apparently a purebred Siberian, and Alex is a stripy version of the classic Asian Shorthair.

    “…-just want to ’see’ them!”

    Ok, time to haul out the family pictures again.

    That is Mrs. LDG’s weblog, sorted to “family” items. ***It is mostly written in Japanese*** Don’t panic. Just scroll down the page and you will find lots of pictures of the cats, and a fair amount of English text identifying them.


  59. Max Kon Says:

    Sylivia: I’d like to think I am. I guess a demonstrastion of my loyalty is how long i’ve been on here πŸ™‚

    Doggies: I prefer Hansome πŸ™‚

    Sylvia: Thank you!

    Doggies: I’m going to Casper College in Wyoming. 83 more days πŸ˜€

  60. LDG,
    I LOVED the pictures!

    I really think you are a good person and I do hope you like living in the states.

    Your migrain solution was hilarious.

  61. LDG, family pics…funny!
    Btw..where’d you get the light that is on the ceiling in one of the house pics. The iron scroll work. Anywhere that we could order from over here?

    Doggies, your headache cure, funny! Just not going to help mine.

    Sylvia, better? probably, but not “good”. Did make it to work today even tho I still have part of the heahache. Sometimes the next day is difficult to tell if its the head or if its the hanbover effect from the shots.

    I should have shut the phone off at home yesterday, seems every one had it timed just right…when I would fall good and asleep that dang phone rang. It happend 4 times! argh! Next time i’ll know better.

    Max..We prefer the larger dogs too. I call them “man dogs”. vs “girly dogs” the ones that thrive on foo foo. πŸ™‚
    Im not a foo foo kind of gal! *L*

  62. doggies all over Says:

    Oh, LDG, what a beautiful family you have! LOVED the family album! So precious! And thank you for sharing.
    PS Wedding picture was lagniappe!
    OK-so handsome it is! πŸ™‚
    I looked up Casper College, expecting to see pictures of gorgeous mountains, a lovely campus nestled in amongst snowy caps and breathtaking scenery. Found the college, couldn’t find pictures. Can you help? And fill this newbie in on how you made your decision, and what will your major be.
    As always, you made me laugh. The migraine story is a true one, although I like my version of it better, LOL!
    I do not recommend my cure. Hope you’re feeling better this morning.

  63. oops
    *hanbover = hangover

  64. Patty,
    Isn’t there a nasal spray that helps with migrains? Hubby is not home so I can’t ask him.

    I like all size dogs, but I really love ones I can carry around. Our late Sheltie was about as large as I could handle.

  65. @All

    Glad you liked the pictures (including the bonus for “doggies”).


    The ceiling light in the living room is imported from the U. S. actually. It is from Design House Lighting, and is a Providence series #512079,
    (japanese supplier’s page; link disabled)

    h ttp://


    …I looked over at Design House’s homepage and they don’t seem to be selling anything from the Providence series except a ceiling fan now. Maybe they have something in back-stock though. Here’s their homepage:

    Wish I could be of more help.

  66. Thanks LDG! I’ll go shopping later.
    I appreciate it, I’ve looked for iron work fixtures, not easy to find.

    Sylvia…there are many “pre-migraine” drugs.
    My problem is, I dont know they are coming. I only know…like a brick hitting a wall. Slam…..and I’ve got it.
    Therefor, the pre-meds wont work.
    I’ve tried the imitrix(sp?) injections, they just arent strong enough, cant get them in soon enough.

    Im stuck with high doses of demerol, visteral, and toradol. Its a tripple whammy…would knock most people out for days. But me….I’ll be “numb”, but still able to function. Numb is all i ask for or expect!!!
    Dr has always said “they just dont allow horse doses in a human”.

  67. Patty,
    I would be comatose or dead with those meds!

  68. its from too many years of taking them Sylvia, resistance is so high, and there really isnt any other options that work. The headaches started in 1980, and our GP Dr used to tell me,”its all in your head”, i’d suffer for days, he didnt care. I was female and that was his reasoning for everything. A miserable mean ole ass he was.
    I dont like it, but I can’t go without when the headache is at its worst.
    Went to Mayo, all they said, after 5 days of poking and prodding was… “it wont kill you”…somedays I could argue that fact.

  69. I thought Mayo was the cream of the crop. Maybe it is now the cream of the crap.
    Does diet or eye strain have any part in it? Or hormones?

  70. Patty…my mom had migraines and she finally found out that she was allergic to Chocolate & some cheeses and the new Maple tree that they had just planted. lol

    I was very blessed as I am the only one in my family that does not get migraines.

  71. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: And the same to you.

    Patty: “hanbover” it’s not a hangover if you’re still drunk πŸ™‚

    Doggies: I never thought to look for photos of the campus. I don’t think they have a photo album, and I didn’t take any.
    How I made my decision was a few years of research, the climate i’d like, costs, general political beliefs. I was going to visit the University of Wyoming, and I was planning a trip and a voice in my head told me to look up Casper College. So I did. Glad I did, the people we so friendly, one took us on a tour of the town (and she’s said she’d help me find weird foods to try this fall), had a meal with the vice president of the school. Then got driven to Cheyenne by the vice mayor (now mayor), who then drove us to Laramie the next day. I thought for the first time so far from home it’d be a good place.

  72. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: No no, Mayo is cream and eggs. Wait… πŸ˜€

  73. My post from earlier today vanished into cyber-space.

    I was wondering what had happen to the blog, no one was posting. Turns out that there was a new post. duh! That is what I get for only reading it via my email.

    Talking about dogs, our dog is 15 and a lab/doberman mix. Her health is still pretty good, she has trouble on the steps sometimes, but for the most part is not to bad. If you click on my name there is a picture of her.

  74. Barb,
    She is beautiful.

  75. Max,
    Very funny!

  76. doggies all over Says:

    Dearest Max-Make a note: Take camera and post pictures for doggies all over!
    How can I picture you there if I don’t know what “there” looks like? Was it mountainous? Snow-capped peaks?
    And you should have come to Texas! No, wait a minute-you did say climate and not hell… LOL
    Sylvia, that was funny!
    Barb, Bashy is so pretty! However were you lucky enough to belong to her?
    Patty, Prayers for you, sweetie. You’d think in this day and age…

  77. This may take a while to post, It is not recognizing the fact that I have been here before. Strange!

    Doggies…we ended up with Bashful (Bashy) when the dog of one of the women I worked with had puppies. They lived in the country so the dog ran free and was apparently promiscuous. The mom was a curly haired small black lab, the pups were either black lab or golden retriever except Bashy. She looked like a doberman with lab features, and she hid under the car while the rest of the pups attacked us. So we chose her and named her bashful as she had hidden from us. After we got her home she was anything but bashful. Long story, sorry.

    LDG…The cats are cute, and so is the wedding picture. πŸ™‚

  78. YEA it went thru!!

  79. One more thing. I got this website from another website and thought it was awesome. I am told that the photographer was at Hillsdale College in Michigan and took this series of the deer, and her fawns being born.

    just click on my name

  80. Barb,
    Those were awesome pictures.

    And Good Morning All.

  81. Max Kon Says:

    The first 5 photos were from Casper. In the 2nd one you can see Casper Mountain. It’s not really got much of a peak. The 3rd photos is from half way up Casper Mountain. The 5th is a sunset from outside the gym just before a volly ball game the vice president of the school was taking us too.

  82. Max,
    I love seeing those pictures. Have you bought your cowboy hat and boots yet?
    I have never been to Wyoming.

  83. doggies all over Says:

    What awesome pictures. How, how can anyone go out to deliberately kill that? Mother Nature is just so beautiful, and this is her at her best. Thank you so much. That really got my morning off to a inspirational start. I’m so glad you posted those.
    What? It’s FLAT! Looks like west Texas! I’m like Sylvia-been around Wyoming, but never there. I just can’t believe the countryside! Gee-you busted THAT preconception all to smithereens. Which is why we should never have them, btw, LOL.
    Loved seeing you, too. I like your “eye”-the picture of the warehouse just made me want to tell a story about it. (I say warehouse-for all I know it could be the local bus station.) The symmetry of the train yard was very pleasing-draws the eye right up and into the distance, doesn’t it?
    Thank you for sharing, too. I’m still just amazed at the landscape, though.

  84. Doggies,
    Speaking of Texas….we were at a friend’s house for dinner last night and their nephew from Buffalo was visiting while on his way to Texas A&M for a summer internship. He is an engineering student in Buffalo and has never been to Texas before. Are you near A&M?

  85. doggies all over Says:

    Hi, Sylvia!
    A & M is about 200 miles WNW of me. As Texas distances go, that’s close!
    Tell him to bring t-shirts and shorts-not much scenery around there, but he’ll be less than 200 miles from San Antonio (be sure to go on the river walk and take a boat tour) and only about 100 miles from Austin. (TX capitol and live music venues galore!) Austin may be too close to the University of Texas for him-there’s a lot of rivalry there.Oh-and the Colorado River-tell him to make sure he takes a trip down the river. Very very clear water due to the limestone. He can find things to do, that’s for sure.
    Tell him congratulations for me-that’s quite a coup for him.
    As a matter of fact, my daughter will be at A & M in August for firefighter school. She’s a volunteer firefighter w/ way too much experience for this mom.

  86. Hi all
    Just had to come share this quick. I posted at facebook, some of you may see it there.
    Many of you will remember when “baby” made a come back before.
    Some of you know that we raise baby coons every now and then. Well Baby has been a “special” one. She’s the only one to ever return after running off to be a grownup coon in the fall. This is the 2nd season that Baby has returned, she would be 3 yrs old now. Yes we know its her, there’s no mistaking a coon and her marshmellows!!! πŸ™‚

  87. Patty,
    Maybe you have a new pet and friend for life!!! Never knew you could train racoons.

  88. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: I got my first ones 3 years ago.

    Doggies: It’s not completely flat though, most of the town is flat, but some is slightly hilly, especially to the edges of town. Some of the college buildings are built into hills, so you can walk out the top floor and the bottom.
    Laramie and Cheyenne are flatter. Re Trains in Laramie: Yeah, such long trains.

  89. Happy Saturday to all.

    If we are still trying to find an island were we can all move to I found this website today. Click on my name and then we can all decide which one we want. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  90. Barb, that made me *LOL*…..Its going to be rough commuting for work!

  91. Barb and Patty,
    I’ve been to St. Thomas and St. Croix. Both are beautiful. St. Croix is quieter with less to do. St. Thomas is a very busy cruise stop with loads of restaurants and shops.
    So, when do we move?

  92. oh, I vote for quiet!

  93. Patty,
    I knew you would!!!

  94. πŸ™‚

  95. doggiesallover Says:

    Whew! Feel like I’ve been gone for a week. Hubby had family shoot time (LOL, NOT what it sounds like, although it does lead one to some fantasies, sometimes) out at the gun range yesterday, complete w/barbecue and door prizes. Had a really good SAFE time.
    Max, thanks for the geography lesson! I guess I was thinking that Wyoming was more like Montana.
    Any other shooters here? I could never ever kill a living thing, and if anyone ever told me I’d enjoy this as a sport, Id’ve called ’em a liar. Took a lot (long story) to even get me to touch a gun.

  96. Adam Housley Says:

    I have been in Corpus Christi for a wedding of two Fox friends! Marianne Silber our Correspondent in Atlanta married Ian Rafferty, one of our amazing producers in New York. This is her hometown and a place I played minor league baseball back in the 90’s. I went to a game, the wedding was amazing and I’ll post some pics soon. Gotta fly home first. Hope everyone is well!


  97. doggiesallover Says:

    Patty, loved your raccoon story! Aren’t they social and cute? Used to have one (BIG one!) that would come up on my front porch and eat the cat food. Never seemed to bother him at all that I was right there. How adorable that your “Baby” comes back! I am so proud to know you.

  98. Doggies,
    I never shot anything except for “water and caps” Those were the only guns I ever fired.

    You certainly get around. Glad you had a good time.

  99. doggiesallover Says:

    Well, Adam, looks like you and I were doing the same thing at the same time! *Pinch* You owe me a Coke! πŸ˜‰
    Have you ever been to the aquarium or the Lexington aircraft carrier? Probably no time on this trip, but maybe before? They’re both really nice.
    Glad you had a good time and glad you’re going to post some pictures.
    Corpus has some gorgeous homes.

  100. Hope Adam posts pix…I love weddings.
    Since the only place in Texas I’ve been to is Dallas, I would also like to see some scenery pix.

  101. doggiesallover Says:

    If all you’ve been to is Dallas, you AIN’T seen Texas! LOL
    And you know, it’s funny. Dallas is very stuffed-shirt and much more proper than Austin, which is the capitol. You’d think w/Dallas being so close to For Worth and the stockyards, and Austin having all of the politicians and pomp, it would be the opposite. Maybe it’s the Red River up there.

  102. Max Kon Says:

    Doggies: Depends, which part of Montanna? πŸ˜€
    Guns are illegal here, but I’ll probably get taken hunting in Wyoming.

    Last night I had a weird vision. Out of no where I imagined George Tiller getting shot in a Church. No reason for it at all. Then today it happened. So weird.

  103. Oh Max, Pat has been known to do that also on many occasions. Drives him sleepless sometimes.

  104. Max,
    Can you see the future? If so, can you pick lottery numbers? LOL
    Have to say that was a weird coincidence.

  105. doggiesallover Says:

    Good morning, everyone.
    Geez. I’ve sounded like a Texas billboard. Sorry, and I hereby resolve to cease and desist. It’s all Max’s fault, πŸ™‚ and my woeful ignorance of all things Wyoming.
    What’s everyone up to this morning?

  106. Doggies,
    Good morning. I’ve been fooling around with getting an avatar. Every user name I tried on Gravatar was taken. I didn’t know there were so many Sylvias in this world.
    Got to get some housework done and run errands.

  107. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: 7, 15, 18, 21, 32 and 41

    Yeah, it was weird. Maybe I felt something was being planned.

  108. “morning everyone.
    How do mondays role around so fast? argh.
    Definitely not ready to hit the work week running.

    Hope all are well. I’ll try to catch up this afternoon.

    Got some Boss requests that must come first.

  109. doggies, you asked about shooting. We shoot clay pigeons…or waste them πŸ™‚ but I cant hit the broadside of the barn anymore. Our playdays are rare now, was more often when the kids were all home. They were all taught the necessary skills to be good marksmen and proper care of a firearms, also bow and arrow.
    The town gun range is only a mile from us, as the crow flies….pointing the other direction of course!

    Yes, Baby was a pleasant surprise! Just can’t imagine how cool that is to know you were the first thing she saw when her eyes first opened, and she still remembers that. Last year, you could tell that she had actually been nursed on. We thought maybe she’d share her lil ones, but we never saw them….we also didnt go looking for them either. Dont want to get in the way of mother nature’s ways.

    Sylvia…they are the most awesome pets. As long as you understand that they are wild, and will go back to wild eventually when mother nature calls, meaning breeding season. They can be mean, you never want to let your guard down, wild is still wild, even if raised in your lap.

    If Max picks the lottery numbers, WE can afford that island AND the commute!!!! πŸ™‚ If we play our cards right….John will chauffer (sp?) us around the “friendly” skies!

    Adam…would love to see some of those pics! You never sit still do you?

  110. Adam Housley Says:

    Sylvia and Patty-

    I DO have some great pics and will be posting them hopefully tonight once I get some laundry done. In the meantime, I posted a new thread on our buddy from the south.


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