Live from the West Coast

Have you guys seen the online show? I think we are doing another one this coming Monday, but I will let you know. In the meantime, this is the second live program we ran on Joining me on set was Kevin Farley and Barret Swatek. To actors who were a ton of fun!


15 Responses to “Live from the West Coast”

  1. Good Job Adam!!!!!

    Hasn’t it been longer since you have been to Mexico City? About a year?

    Regardless, you are doing great to continue to cover the drug wars– Mexico and South America–

    I think sometimes people only see what goes in their world and beyond the front door, these don’t have a clue because it would affect their perfect reality…

    It is not up to the government entirely to clean up everyone’s mess: it is up to the individual to clean up their own mess or not make one! And at the least, be a voice– let youself be heard for changes…. and not sit on a cush duff and moan! 😀

    Is that Chris Farley’s brother? Sure looks like him~

    I hope Obama does not melt tomorrow at ASU– with the metal and stone construction, the heat should be at least 118 as reported here from the news– I have enough with it being 100 so I won’t be there to get hit with 8 more degrees… 😀

  2. Max Kon Says:

    Video not avaialable in my country! grr! 😦

  3. Max Kon Says:

    Check out Obama’s Elf:

    Susan: Re other thread: yes, same for us, seen hardly any of the UK, mostly seen things when we have had visitors.

  4. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone
    Looks like I didn’t miss tooo much while we were gone, but will catch up on the posts.

    Loved your before and after of your HARD labor. What a difference – good job. What is your next project now that you are on a roll??

    Sorry to hear about the tooth issue – hope all is resolved and you are again our “happy camper”

    Hi LDG, Max, Barb, Sylvia and whoever else I missed

    I did watch you when you were on this streaming live – let us know if you will be back Monday – so I can watch
    Nice condo and beautiful pictures of the desert – still waiting for your book of Photography by Housley to come out.

  5. Max—

    love the Obama self~~

    KC– Hi!!! the tooth turned out to be not a root canal– I was under so much stress when I slept I was putting all this pressure on my upper and lower right side so I bruised the gums and hence all the pain– I now have a retainer— and I FINALLY am able to eat again– I lost too much weight in that week– it was soooooooooooo painful to eat so I drank out of straws– it was miserable!!! It was one thing after another for weeks and I am still looking up over me to see where this dark cloud of gloom is!! 😀
    Glad you are back and I hope you had fun!!!!

    @LDG– I AM writing a letter to The City of El Mirage– I have been working on it— I don’t know what it is going to get me but at least I have complained about the lack of services or no services here for pick ups for wounded strays— and I am personally going to take it to the Mayor’s office which is down the road from here– I HAVE HAD IT!!!

    the photography book is a great idea!!! Adam’s travels– with a story to go with each picture—

  6. @Susan

    Bravo on the letter-writing. Here’s hoping someone down at the City Council / Mayor’s Office jumps on it as something worth doing.


    Welcome back!

  7. @Susan

    You need a happy thought to cheer your mood, yes?


  8. Do you all remember Dottie Smile from GretaWire? I talked to her on the phone this evening. The 3 way call was arranged by Montana. Dottie said to say hello to all of you and she is going to start blogging again on GW. She had stopped for a long time because of the nastiness and name jacking.

  9. Adam…. let us know what time you are on …..

    Susan…. good to hear that it was not a root canal

    Max… you are right about not seeing what is local. When we moved to England we spent about 6 months seeing things, then it changed to.. we can see that next year, then by next year we were busy with something else. Never did get to the Pantomime.

  10. Adam Housley Says:

    We are live all day on Thursday, starting at 7am west coast time. This is a really cool story and I have some behind the scenes video coming in the AM.


  11. Max Kon Says:

    Susan: Yeah, misheard lyrics can be great.

    Barb: Yeah. When you have a limited time you try to see it all, but the longer you have the less you will see, since you will always put it off until ‘a better time’. Plus there is the expense, if you have traveled across the world it doesn’t cost that much more to visit other places, if you just traveled down the block it costs a lot more.

  12. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well, I see you are back in the Nevada dessert. That MATV you reported on does in fact look like it could be very useful in Afganistan, etc.
    I see you also enjoyed your ride in it while reporting. Good job

    Good morning all

  13. drat, no video of it up on FOXNews video page… yet(?)

    I’ll look again later.


    @KC and All


  14. ah ha! a new thread on the MATV…

    ((heads over there))

  15. @LDG–

    heheheheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it! (link)


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