The Desert

I have been promising these for a week and finally got them together. These are some of my favorite pictures from the desert in Southern Arizona. What do you think? Can you guess some of the locations?


11 Responses to “The Desert”

  1. Great pictures Adam.

  2. I really like the pictures. When I was a kid we would drive from Michigan to Tucson to see my Great Aunt and I fell in love with that area. My half day in Phoenix was not enough, I have to get back there sometime soon.

  3. Max Kon Says:

    Great photos Adam!

    SUSAN!! Where were the photos taken? This is like a Photo of the Day but where they are all taken nearish to you!

  4. Larry says that is south of Tucson. He thinks he recognized San Xavier Del Bac misssion and Sajuaro National Park. We visited that area (as well as Nogales) in 1972-73 while living in Phoenix.

  5. Going along with Sylvia’s answers as well–

    Sonoran Desert

    San Xavier del Bac Mission– south of Tucson— a few hundred years old–

    Botanical Gardens in Tucson?

    Saguaro National Park?

    Any pictures taken in Santa Cruz County?

    And no telling who lives in that one house in the video~

    Max– LOL– But you know how it is– you live somewhere and one does not see half of what the state has to offer– I have been to the Mission a couple times– it is way cool!!!!

  6. maybe scratch the Park thing– it looks like Adam might have just taken these pictures at random– but where did he find the deer? Don’t tell me Adam because I will just head out and bring one home to adopt!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Beautiful Adam!

    One of the pics, the “door”, was one of our POD’s. I remember because we were (desperately) guessing the grasses and where it might be.

  8. Susan… The deer look like the mule deer we saw in Zion Park, Utah. They looked funny to us because the deer around here don’t have the big ears. They are cute, although I don’t think I want one living in my backyard.

  9. The deer are adorable, except when they eat our hostas and roses and trample on the other plants.

  10. Max Kon Says:

    Susan: I know, always putting off seeing things locally, but when you go somewhere else you try to see everything.

  11. Barb—

    I would not care if I had one in my backyard as long as it withstood the heat and I had enough room for it to frolic around and food… I think they are beautiful– and as for them being a nuisance, isn’t everyone? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Max– exactly– I see more of Arizona when I have visitors as I have to think and look real quickly for what to show to people as I did when my cousin paid us a visit– I found some real cool places- and my daughter Danielle is a real motivator as I have to find fun places over here by me when she comes to visit me– I will say, I am burnt out on White Tanks–

    The Wildlife Zoo I had never visited, up the road here, until the tragedy happened at the San Francisco Zoo, Christmas, and Adam covered the story.. remember? I did a memorial for Tatiana and Carlos at the zoo? ๐Ÿ˜€

    And because of Adam, I saw a new ball park, as I drove to find him…

    so…. yes to putting of seeing things locally… xxxxx

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