On the run to Mexico?

We have been working this story for a couple of days now and it is a sign of the times. This could be an unfortunate and brutal representation of the violence that has spilled across our southern border. As we broke the news on Fox earlier today, investigators believe that there is a possible connection between the drug cartels in Mexico and the violent armed abduction of young 3 year-old Briant Rodriguez. Here is his picture and a background of the story. More to come throughout today and tomorrow.
abducted_boy20090504083129Investigators were searching Monday for a 3-year-old boy kidnapped by two gunmen who broke into his family’s home, tied up his mother and his four siblings, and stole property, authorities said.
The California Highway Patrol issued an Amber Alert late Sunday for 3-year-old Briant Rodriguez, about nine hours after he was taken from his San Bernardino home. The men, each carrying a handgun, burst through the front door, tied up the woman and the five children, then ransacked the house and stole money and other property, sheriff’s spokeswoman Cindy Beavers said.
Beavers said the boy’s father was at work at the time.
The men left with Briant, telling the still-bound mother and the other children not to call police.
One of the children freed himself and untied the rest of the family, Beavers said. She did not know the ages of the rest of the children but said she believed Briant was the youngest. The mother told investigators she did not know the two men, one estimated to be 18 years old, the other 24.
No witnesses saw the men’s vehicle. Briant is a Hispanic boy 3 feet tall and weighs 40 pounds, with brown eyes and long, curly brown hair. He was wearing a yellow shirt, blue-striped shorts and black sandals when he was taken.


10 Responses to “On the run to Mexico?”

  1. Max Kon Says:

    What a terrible story. If only the elites could understand that securing the boarder and inforcing immigration would have suppressed activities like this. Their idea of kindness is very short sighted.

  2. what a beautiful boy!! I saw the headlines, but hadnt read the story.

  3. Sylvia Says:

    Those kind of stories are horrible. Too much violence. If it involves illegals and drugs that makes it even worse.
    Secure the damn borders and maybe that will help.

  4. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    My heart goes out to this beautiful innocent child who did no wrong. I find soooo many unanswered questions to this story.

    The father was at work when all of this happened which is not unusual, but these men had to know he was not at home.

    Out of all the houses in the city, town, block, etc., they chose this particular house – kicking down the door, etc. WHY

    The mother states she did not know either of the men

    Is it possible the father was involved in something illegal, owe someone big time money, and this is how they got even??

    Just have a lot of questions on this one and I hope and pray that little baby is found safe and sound.

    What a tragedy

  5. wasnt there a story just like this about a year ago?
    was a drug deal gone bad if i remember.

  6. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Along with my questions in the above post I have a couple more to ask.

    I have been watching your “lives” for the past couple of days. I noticed a lot of time is being spent on the mother which is quite understandable since she was there. Also noted that the drawings of the 2 guys are both young.

    Has anyone question the adult child that does not live at home OR the 16 year old son that was not home at the time of the incident????

    Have not heard any coverage on this or the father – their backgrounds, were they in trouble, drug deal gone bad or what.

    Any thoughts???

  7. @Patty–

    story a year ago– Cole–

    Happy Belated Birthday–

    and this is indeed ANOTHER horrible story–

  8. Thank you Susan!

    Miss seeing you…you feeling better??

  9. Gaynell Says:


  10. doodlebug Says:

    New site?

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