Border Changes

Doubling Border Enforcement Security Task Force (BEST) Staffing

This info just in….about the changes coming along our border.
1. DHS will double the number of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents assigned to BESTs—teams that bring together federal, state, local and Mexican authorities in an effort to increase cross-border crime investigations, arrests and prosecutions at strategic locations along the Southwest border. Cost: $5.7 million

2. DHS will triple the number of intelligence analysts working at the Southwest border, providing a greater capability to develop pre-operational intelligence reports, strategic intelligence products and post-operational impact assessments—to ensure DHS resources have the maximum impact possible to protect public safety.
Cost: $3.3 million

3. DHS will increase ICE Attaché personnel in Mexico by 50 percent. This program supports the Mexican government, as well as domestic ICE offices, by pursuing investigations inside Mexico involving money laundering, narcotics or human trafficking, and weapons smuggling. Cost: $650,000

4. DHS will double the number of ICE Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) personnel assigned to Violent Criminal Alien Sections along the Southwest border. These sections work to expedite identification, processing for removal and prosecution of recidivist criminal aliens. Cost: $2.3 million


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  1. @Adam Housley

    Excellent news, and promptly reported! Items 1 and 4 are both strong improvements.

    (a rough guess, based on budget figures, is that Item 2 means an increase from 2 to 6 analysts and Item 3 means going from 1 to 2 permanent party with the Attache at the embassy…)

    Got any firm numbers on Items 2 and 3 staffing?

  2. LDG: Item 3: That would be increasing by 100%, increasing by 50% would be from 2 to 3.

  3. @Max

    I stand corrected (as there is no edit function to these posts).

    Thanks for the assist.

  4. Although any increase in border security is welcome news, I wonder if this is enough………..or too little, too late. From what I’ve read ( and seen on the History Channel’s “Gangland” series) , I’d say you could add a zero at the end of all the figures above and that would equate to the amount that the cartels have available to them to counter any “offensive” the law officials may throw at them. These cartels are no longer just gangs, but have become small military type units. Equiped with the latest weaponry, surveilance and detection devices. All purchased (not stolen) in U.S and international markets with their drug and human slavery profits.
    Another concern is the good possibility that they have already installed sleeper cells in major U.S. cities. These cells are hiding with the street gangs that they use to distribute their drugs onto the American streets. They are mainly there to train and oversee their U.S counterparts, but also to enforce their “laws” when necesarry. These cells take their orders directly from their superiors back in Mexico, so if someone in Mexico wants a hit performed, the shooters are already in place.

  5. John,
    That is depressing.

  6. LDG: Though it could be increasing it from 1 person to 1.5 (which would be a man and his dog) 😉

    John: Only 17% of the guns are actually from America. 90% is the number of traceable weapons that come from the US, but traceable weaponary is less than 20% of the totals recovered. Most weapons made in China, Romania and South America, or by the cartels themselves will have no serial number, and therefore be untraceable. And much of the American weaponary found with cartel members was sold to the Mexican Army/Police.

    Seeing how guns are illegal in Mexico anyway, they shouldn’t really be having any of these problems….

  7. ok let me get this straight. We give billions to bail out banks and car companies because of their poor management and we only spend 12 million on the border issue? i hope it’s enough and effective.

  8. thank you guys for the kind words in the other thread, i appreciate your support

    susan… will do and in the meantime we might need you to translate please

  9. Did anybody else go to a Tea Party today? We went to the one here and there was a good size crowd of about 2 thousand.

  10. Max………I agree with the statistics regarding the source of the weapons that the Mexican cartels are using. Wherever they came from is not all that important at this time, IMO, simply because they’ve got them now. What is concerning is the level of training these special hit squads are receiving. Captured members of these cartel hit squads have confessed that they are being trained in secret camps inside Mexico that is very similar to standard military style training camps. Sound familiar? Sounds just like Al Qaeda camps, doesn’t it?
    An ICE official I saw during an interview said they are very concerned about these hit squads entering the U.S ( if they haven’t already ) and becoming sleeper cells, awaiting orders from their Mexican bosses. He said, at first the target may just be drug dealer that’s not playing by their rules, but whose to say the next target isn’t going to be a police chief or a district attorney. Very worrisome.

  11. KT–

    I would be glad to translate–

    and I would rather DHS get the dinero than the banks!!

    And Max– I see we must have watched the same segment about the 17% of the guns coming from here– saw this bit a couple weeks ago– and yes, you are correct….

    The drug cartels are in hiding– murder numbers are down as they know they are on the radar– but they aren’t going anywhere– hiding or moving elsewhere–

    I heard last night Texas wants to become a sovereign state?

    No tea parties for me today– I don’t even know if there was one here–

  12. Susan: Yep!

    John: Well the only reason it’s important is that Democrats are using the 90% number to push for greater gun control in the USA.
    A lot of them have military training. I know the gangs in the USA will send members who are legal residents and have clean records into the military, who then get training and when they get home train other gang members. Thankfully most of them are pretty dumb, and the MPs can easily identify them, they look for ones posting photos of themselves throwing up gangsigns on myspace, and being myspace friends with knwon gangmembers. Then the gangsters never get home.

  13. Good Morning,
    Another day of waiting it out at the court house to see if they need me for jury duty today. If I am lucky enough to avoid getting chosen today I will be off until Monday. If I am chosen then I will have to go every day until the trial is over. Suppose to be sunny and in the 60’s today so I would love to be able to enjoy the nice weather rather than be inside a windowless jury room.

  14. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Our tea party yesterday was awesome and quite a success. They estimated the crowd to be around 8 – 10 thousand.
    I heard this morning on the news that the White House was unaware of these events yesterday – sure – what a bunch of hooey!!!
    Would love to be a fly on the wall inside of the oval office today when this is discussed!!!

  15. ‘morning everyone.

    off subject
    the pirate story…was close to home here.

    Can’t imagine being the wife.

  16. Adam, I sure hope for everyone sake, that the gov’t is serious and this just isnt a camoflage effect. I’m thinking like someone else said..too little too late. I hope I’m wrong.

    I just have a bad feeling about napalitano, something about that woman, tells me not to trust her.
    She makes the hair stand on the back of my neck!
    Dont really know why, and I really dont have a reason to dislike her.
    We had the DHS briefings about the vet/terrorist the day it was released, we also saw the letter that the Commander of the American Legion sent her. I understood where she was coming from, it seems the press is making more of the situation, than necessary. On F&F’s this morning, she sure talked circles really fast!! Afterwards Doosey and Gretchen kept saying she apologized….if she did, i missed that part of the interview!! (and i know i saw the whole thing)

    Who was the new guy this morning of F&F’s? Cant say Ive ever seen him before. Granted, I dont get to see much daytime news.

  17. KC…hooey! *LOL* been a while since I’d heard anyone use that term. and I agree!

  18. It’s a beautiful day and I didn’t get put on a trial case. So I am done with jury duty for this week. One week down, 1 to go.

  19. Glad to hear it Sylvia…now you won’t feel like your day was totally wasted.

  20. @All

    re: tea parties and the DHS rightwing extremist “briefing”

    If you don’t understand how afraid the left is of a popular outcry by the middle class in America, maybe you’d best look at the links cited here:

    …then read the DHS document for yourself (it is a available at lots of places; Michelle Malkin has it by direct link, for one)…

    …then note the timing of the release…

    …and try to tell me this was not an orchestrated attempt at driving a wedge between law enforcement and the general population.

    This is what the current regime thinks like, folks.

    I’m with Col. R. Peters (who appeared on F&F about this issue)…

    …fire Napolitano.

  21. follow-up

    Here’s the Malkin link, with the direct citation of the DHS doc in the text as a link:

  22. The problem is, the more attention they get from stirring the shit, the happier they are.
    Not much different than 5 yr olds on a playground, one is always going to rub the splinter just to see of the other kid will cry foul.

    We can all stand and stomp our feet, doesnt matter. They are at the helm, and there to stay for a few years. I highly doubt that anyone is really listening, why should they? No one has heard a thing thats been said thus far.

  23. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    WOW – I guess I am now a racist – neo nazi – and a gun nut!!!!


    Thanks for the links LDG

  24. you’ve got an election for Congress in 18 months.

  25. my last @ Patty

  26. @KC


    not hardly

    A pleasure to be of assistance.

  27. Yes I will vote…Im not the only one voting.
    I didnt think midwest people would fall for Ob either, lotta good that thinking did.

  28. I added the link to my facebook. Thanks LDG

  29. Patty,
    I voted and all it got me was jury duty.

  30. I noticed that all the Tea Party threads on Greta Wire yesterday attracted nasty left wing bloggers calling conservatives racists and likened the tea parties to clan gatherings.
    I do think the left is nervous.

  31. I’m against the big spending and I am not a racist. Just because I’m tired of Congress trying to make this a socialistic country doesn’t make me a racist.

  32. @Patty

    most welcome

    re: vote
    Heh, at least *you* aren’t the one still registered to vote in the Seattle area… my district is (how to politely say this?) barely GOP… Washington State 8th District. Better than all our neighbors, though.

    There seems to be a bit of “buyer’s remorse” going on right now, however, so maybe things will swing back toward rational choices by Nov. 2010.

    righty oh… time for me to go rest.

    Be well and safe, All!
    ((departs for the day))

  33. p.s. to Sylvia

    “Just because…” — absolutely right, and don’t let anyone get away with labeling you one. Bravo to you for your willingness to defend your opinion with reason.

  34. Just cooked and eatten a pig’s ear. Pretty good, though I think I fried it too long. Mainly because I had to flee the kitchen after getting hit in the Philtrum with hot oil. Next time I will go for the safer method of baking.

    Anyone else ever tried one?

  35. LDG: I enjoyed Col. Peter’s interview. Janet “from another planet” Napolitano.

    Sylvia: When they can’t win an arguement with facts they resort to name calling; or brick hurling, like at Tom Tancredo when he spoke at UNC.

  36. I saw a small clip of that Tancredo bs Max.
    Wow, real classy people there. Their parents should be proud! argh!

  37. KC….I busted out laughing when i read this at facebook and thought of you!

    Mike Huckabee wrote…”If Pres. Obama is blind to what is happening on his front porch…he doesnt need a water dog…he needs a guide dog”

  38. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    YEEHAW – I love that – Huck said it all in one sentence

  39. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Have not tried pigs ear – have however, had pigs feet and ox tail
    I purchase the dried pig ears for our bow wow’s treats. She loves them.

  40. Patty: The whole thing was on

    KC: They are strange, not like anything I’d had before. I was most suprised at how easy it was to slice.

  41. Max, Im on strike from reading more than the local news.

  42. Patty,
    I get upset when the media puts a positive light on everything Obama does and a negative spin on what conservatives do…even when Obama has done the same as Bush. Some of Obama’s decisions are exactly the same as some of the stuff Bush did…..bailouts, big spending, etc….and he criticized Bush.

  43. Patty: Not reading, watching. 😛
    It was one of the video clips. Which is how I get my fox fix, not having the channel itself.

  44. I have good news and I think I can thank you guys for part of it 😉

    No, I’m not pregnant! *L*

    Remember when I asked for good thoughts for our daughter and her self esteem? Well, someone heard us!!!
    She works at a chiropractor’s office, and she does all the decompression therapy. She gets paid by the hour and then each month a “bonus” check, depending on what went through the office that month.
    When she opened her check today, there were 3 checks in it.
    Her paycheck.
    Her bonus check = 2K
    and another check with a note attached to it that said “This is an extra 5K, the Dr appreciates you and all you do. You are awesome!”

    Holy chit!!!
    Thank God for HUGE favors!!!!

    and …she has found a wonderful guy. He loves her and I dont think he would ever do her or her son wrong. I just hope Im right about him.
    I really dont remember when I’ve seen her this “content”. What a relief for a mom that has a tendency to worry too much.

  45. Patty,
    That is great news. As for being a mom who worries too much…I’m right there with you in that catagory. I find things to worry about even when things seem to be going well. I want my daughter’s life to be perfect….I know that’s not possible…but worry is my middle name.

  46. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    That is wonderful, wonderful, news. Thoughts and prayers DO work in mysterious ways. We will continue to keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

    You are correct – no one can or will ever be perfect. Just not gonna happen. I just cannot imagine what a boring life a “perfect” person would lead. (grinning). It is in our genetic being to always worry about something or someone. Guess it it just a woman thing – LOL

    Good morning all and happy Friday – YIPEEEEEEE

  47. Patty or Sylvia: Are one of you really my mother 😛 Maybe even KC! *looks suspicious*

    I try not to worry. I just work hard to accomplish my goals, and let fate pick up the slack.

  48. Max…I’ve never been to Europe….can’t be me!!!!

  49. Cant be me either! *L*

    I don’t realy want the kids life “perfect”. The struggles are what makes us who we are. Hopefully for the better. I just dont like to see Sis suffering, she’s made enough wrong choices and its time she gets rewarded for the good ones.

    Happy Friday back to you KC and everyone.
    Dont know that i’ve known anyone that enjoys their weekends as much as you do KC 🙂

  50. Patty,
    I think all of our kids have made unwise choices over the years. We just have to hope they’ve learned enough to not repeat the mistakes. It is especially nice when they are rewarded for good choices.

  51. Hi…

    Do we ever stop worrying about our kids. My mom died when I was 49 and she still was parenting me, making sure that I was making good decisions. I still pass out the “parental advice” to mine and they are adults. Most of the time it is when asked, I try not to give unsolicited advice.

    Patty… that is great about your daughter, the right guy can make a difference. And no I am not saying that you need a guy to be happy, but you do need someone to let you know that you are appreciated, be it a boss or a good friend.

  52. Barb,
    My mom is 92 and still gives me advice…whether I ask for it or not!!!!

  53. 🙂
    My Aunt…”helps” us too!

  54. Patty & Sylvia: Lol. My mother is a worrier too, but she is always worrying about decisions she has made. And when we were going to Wyoming and she was delayed and we left a lot later than planned we got a taxi to the airport, the roads were empty, but then as he went to drive onto the motorway it was completely still, apprently there had been a crash, and we had to get out and take the subway. On the subway she turned pink with worry. There was nothing we could do, so I just enjoyed the scenery as much as I could.
    Of course when we got there we just told the lady why we had been delayed and she got us through the check in process quickly.
    We got onto the plane in plenty of time.

  55. Max,
    I’m with your mother…..better early than late. I would have gotten flustered too if I thought I was going to miss my plane.

  56. Sylvia: But there was nothing we could do, if her panicing could have made the train faster I would have paniced too so we’d get their sooner.
    But once you’re stuck in the machine there is nothing constructive to do, so I just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  57. I see that our beloved president has made nice with Hugo….what’s next…a visit to the White House and a big state dinner for the South American nut case?

  58. FL Sunshine Says:

    Adam – glad to see there will be more security at the borders. We do NOT need their drug wars to continue spilling into our country!
    Also – just viewed your ride with the Blue Angels! That is soooooo cute! I am jealous! We took the boys to see them at Patrick Air Force base on the beach a couple years ago. They are amazing! Also saw the Thunderbirds there and they are also incredible!

    All – Hello!

  59. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty – your daughters news is so AWESOME! 🙂 WOW!

  60. Adam Housley Says:

    Patty- Congrats!! Always good to hear that in these economic times for sure!

    Have a great weekend everyone, we are bottling wine this weekend…..looooong days, but fun!


  61. Hello Sunshine! How are you doing?

    Sylvia: It looked like they were about to hug.

  62. Adam…do you sip while bottling?

    Sunshine…hi and hope all is well with you.

    Max…if they hug I will definitely stop watching ALL news.

    And good morning to all.

  63. Sylvia: But then how would you find out about their first kiss?

  64. Max,
    I’d rather not know….ignorance is bliss!!!

  65. hello @ all-

    Looks like Chavez’s gift– the book- is a best seller now—

    Help us all, dear Lord!

    How is the wine bottling coming along, Adam– if your weather was as warm as ours today and you were outside, I feel for you!

    great about your daughter, Patty– good things happen to good people as I say–


  66. Maybe Obama gave his dog, Bo, the book Chavez gave him to chew on instead of a shoe?

  67. @Susan

    You must have read it, as you clearly understand it true use…

    For those of you who don’t know the book, Las venas abiertas de América Latina is a classic 1970’s Anti-Colonial, Anti-European, Anti-American fit of conniptions long beloved by the “Red” leftists and Revolution-Theocracy types that American leftist like to glamorize… like what the FARC claims to still be…

    The stunt of giving it to Obama was two-fold brilliant as a petty insult:
    1) President Obama can’t read Spanish, yet has made a big deal about how ignorant Americans are who are not multi-lingual.
    2) It is fairly obscure in modern academia (as it has almost no academic value unto itself) and Hugo A-go-go could be almost certain that Obama wouldn’t recognize it, couldn’t read the title, and so would stand there with a big grin accepting it in the photo op… which Chavez’ people then got out to the media and internet ASAP.

    …it is almost as good an insult as giving the PM U.K. a box of supposedly “American” DVD’s; or giving the British Monarch an iPod, preloaded.

  68. @Patty

    just catching up on this thread… WOW, great news about your daughter!

    I am happy for you (both).

    @FL Sunshine

    Hope you are enjoying the view of *two* Shuttles rolled out on the launch pads at the same time. They are taking on a heck of a mission this time, aren’t they?

  69. Good Morning.

    It’s a rainy , chilly Monday.

    LDG…….Do you think Obama realizes he’s been insulted and used by Chavez? Or is Obama completely clueless?

  70. @Sylvia

    re: “…realizes…”

    If he does not realize it by now, given the amount of public comment about the event, then he is getting even worse advice from his political handlers than usual.

    My question, and I certainly have no way to answer it, is “did he understand at the time of the event that he was being played for the fool?”

    …the only clue to an answer was the President’s comment right after the event that he (paraphrased)”…thought the book was one written by Chavez.” That implies he had no idea he was set up.

  71. Thank you LDG…..scary that our leader is so vulnerable. He and his advisors are too trusting and will cause us to fall victim to evil doings.

    I miss W and his smart advisors. They may have over spent but they kept us safe after 9/11.

  72. @LDG—

    thanks for the book report– I went on the internet to check out what the book was about and yours definitely is the best summary— well, I can read spanish but I am still not reading the book– it is #2–

    and I have a true story– no embellishing– straight facts–

    my outdoor cats saved Ken’s life–

    I usually get my wake-up call at 6:30, 7:00– and you know I sleep on the couch– I try the bedroom but I feel too isolated from the patio and front door– (I never think I am an exception to danger)– so I sleep on the couch and my animals all sleep out here with me–

    This morning, shortly after 5:00, I heard hissing out my front door and my cats reacted and scrambled to the table and window making a big commotion. After a few times of me saying– Oh crap– I got up to break up the cats outside and feed them–

    I wandered into Ken’s room and he was sweating– I woke him up and his eyes were vacant– I grabbed his glucometer and checked his blood sugar- it was 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In went the glucose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One more hour and he could have slipped into a coma~ I checked his blood sugar at 2:20 am, as I woke up to turn off the tele, and his blood sugar was high– and in this short time, it dropped– as his doctor says– no rhyme or reason as it is the nature of the beast~

    But for it had not been for the cats, Ken may not be in his bed right now and off into a coma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I thanked the skies as well!

    As I say– things happen for a reason– this was indeed some kind of intervention–

    I am glad I have taken care of these cats———– it paid off!!!

    and a good day @ all!!!! Mine turned out to be spiritual– 😀

  73. I think Chavez thinks Obama can be won over– that is what I think–

    next gift- will be one of Gollinger’s books–

  74. ‘morning all!

    What a long weekend that went too fast. I know, it makes no sense! But that pretty much describes the last few days.

    It looks like I did a good thing staying away from the news though, Ob still insisting that he show how f*(&^%$ stupid he is! argh! Its going to be a long 3 more years. I just hope we can survive and eventually return the USA to a respected nation!

    The kids and Pat started on the hay shed roof, they’ll have a few more weekends of work tho.
    Son #1 ended up in the ER at 2 am Sunday. Saturday afternoon, he had gotten sawdust in his eyes, and we washed them out right away of course. But by early morning he was in so much pain he couldn’t stand it any longer. I told him i’d take him to Topeka, becuase our Dr’s are just general practs but he didnt want to not be there to help pat that day. The DR did find 3 large pieces that he got out, obviously it was more than “dust”. I could tell he was still hurting yesterday, but he wouldnt come off the roof. This morning I found out he is going to the eye dr…the pain is no better 😦
    I sure hope waiting wasn’t the wrong thing to do, that darn roof isnt worth it! Stubborn ass kids, take after their dad!!! *innocent grin*

    Thanks for all the well wishes for Sis! Maybe her lil sis was looking out for her too. Who knows. She was on the roof too all weekend (always the tomboy) and truly happy! What a nice thing to see!!!

    Yesterday was 4 years of missing Kathy. *shaking head* It just shouldnt be. I guess thats why I’ve been “absent”, the days leading up just really kick my butt as far as thinking straight.
    Odd what you remember, we had spaghetti for supper that night.
    Next month, She would have been a state licensed teacher.

    I posted this at facebook, I”ll share it here too.
    People ask us “how we do it”, living with out Kat, going day by day. The song at the bottom of this page says so much as far as answering those questions. Doesn’t mean that it is ever easy.
    Listen to it if you’d like,
    “Live for me” , the last one on the link’s page.

    Susan, that is an amazing story about Ken! I truly believe animals know more than we ever give them credit for!!!

  75. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    That is a beautiful song and says sooooo much. My tears are flowing for you as I type this. God bless you and your family always

  76. Susan: Do you think the cats knew ken was in trouble?

    Patty: Wow, 4 years. Time flies by sometimes.

  77. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all

    Man, it is hotter than HE -double toothpicks around here. 94-96 today. Saturday and Sunday was the same. This is just not right – being April and all.

    Susan – How is Ken today??? Thank goodness you do have your animals around you. I firmly believe they have a sixth sense no matter what type of animal they are.

    Thanks for your knowledge as usual. Always look forward to your posts, and I must agree, he was made a fool of and was not even aware of it.

    I must agree – it is going to be a long 3 years. By the way, did you get your home improvement projects done???

  78. KC, improvements…mostly, sort of. 🙂
    The guy needs to come and do the tile and carpet. Im close to being ready, but not close enough! *L*

  79. Patty,
    The song is beautiful. I’m sure this is a very difficult time for you. Words fail me.

  80. We finally have 70 degrees here…and its to be this way all week. Long over due! Just hoping now it doesnt jump right into a/c weather. ugh, never happy!
    KC, if you guys are that hot already, what happens to “fire season”? Man, that could make for a very long summer.

  81. Patty,
    We had 75 on Saturday and it’s 48 today. Suppose to warm up again by the end of the week.

  82. It is a tough time, thanks, but you all play a roll in me moving on everyday. A part of the process I guess.

  83. we had that cold/damp yesterday sylvia.

  84. Patty,
    When you are up to some humor let me know. I have some political things to forward that I received from a friend.

  85. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    With the temps in the mid 90’s now in April, and will continue all this week, the “fire season”, I am afraid is going to come early. Everything is just soooooo dry around here and these hot temps are not helping.
    I read in the local paper this morning that the last time we had these hot temps in April was in 1950 – so I guess, we broke a record.
    The concern right now is with these temps, they are afraid the snow (what little of it there is) will rapidly melt and cause the streams and rivers to overflow. Time will tell on that issue however.

    Poor Adam, I am afraid he is going to be real busy, real early, with his “red” bag.

  86. KC,
    Is there anything that can be done to prevent all the fires?

  87. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Our poor farmers in the San Joaquin Valley need water for their crops and they are not getting it. Produce is gonna be sky high AGAIN. I read our “wonderful – ha ha) governor is getting money for water, but he and Feinstein are not alloting any of it to the San Joaquin Valley.

    Those of us that have property in the mountains keep the area very clear of weeds and debris forming a complete circle around the property. Still that does not prevent an amber from floating in the air and landing on your roof. Of course we have to mess with winds so that is another problem.

    I wish there were a magic solution – Fire is sooooo scary and soooo unpredictable.

  88. KC,
    I hope the fires don’t happen. You all need a break from the disasters.

  89. @Max–

    nooo~ I don’t think the cats knew Ken was in trouble– the way I have it in my mind is if it had not been for the cats having a hissy at that time and my cats making a ruckus, I would have slept another hour or so and Ken’s sugar would have gone into the coma mode– so what I was saying, in my world of thinking, I believe this cat thing I have been doing came to me as a reward under these circumstances~ my spiritual way of thinking is if you believe in something or in some cause, going against all odds, as I have had remarks made to me about my caring for these neglected animals, somehow it comes back to you in a favorable way– and this morning’s incident was evident.

    KC– I was thinking about California and the fires– as it was hot and dry today– I sure hope not again this year– rain and rain– yup– and of course clearing the areas of shrubs helps prevent fires spreading– and maybe getting rid of a few arsonists, careless people with cigarettes and campfires– and on and on–

    And I also believe animals have a sixth sense~ 😀 I just read an article about dogs detecting cancer– coming to find out, it is just not a theory anymore but true~

    And now I know why I have been so absent of the tele– on one of the news channels, 21 horses were poisoned right before a polo game? Man oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and what is with this Craiglist guy?


    did you get your coche back? I am still driving a rental– tomorrow will be two weeks since the guy bashed into me and my car is still not fixed!!! I think I will keep this rental–

    buenas noches–

    oh Sunshine– if you peek in here– I am also going on facebook and email you– THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Hi everyone….. I have been kinda quiet lately…. but I have been reading everything.

    I am working a temp job from 4 to midnight so instead of going to bed when Steve gets home at 1230, I am now wired up and it takes a while to slow down. Which means that I am getting up much later, also. It will last probably another week or two. Then back to normal.

  91. Susan: It’s not actually a 6th sense, it’s a sense of smell, the dogs smell the cancer cells.

    So are you sure the cats didn’t smell that Ken was in trouble?

  92. Susan,
    I’m watching less news these days….too much violence and too much Obama…..It gets to be depressing after awhile.
    I have no tolerence for any kind of abuse….human or animal. I have no tolerence for politicians who are either clueless, spineless, or lacking ethics. Unfortunatly most politicians fall under one of those catagories.

  93. KC,
    Wish I could send you some rain and chilly weather. Another cool, damp day here. I’m looking forward to the warmup due on Thursday.

  94. @Max–

    yes– they smell the cancer cells but I do think animals have a sixth sense– it is a connection they make with the person they bond with and hence…. My dad’s dog who became my dog, when dad was being cremated 11:00 am in Mexico, 7:00 am here, started wailing uncontrollably– I shook her and she was like in a trance wailing— I still till this day think his soul went through her– I even called my brother to find out what time dad was cremated as I thought this at the time– and sure enough… (and no~ I was not on any peyote trip~ 😀 )

    And no– the cats didn’t smell he was in trouble– it was more about me getting up instead of wanting to catch that extra hour of sleep– If I hadn’t started taking care of cats, this might have turned out differently– that was my point.. or my observation… Now if I get sick, I think my two cats and dog would smell it– because we are all bonded but Ken has not bonded with any of the animals… He lost his sensitivity about animals which he had before, I have noticed. These animals are just here in his eyes…


    last night I watched our local news and some guy, 51, as a second job, was in a mobile speed van, and some guy drove by and just shot him!!!!!!!! For no reason– senseless- I don’t like watching the news– it is so grim!!!!

    I see Martha Stewart was on Jay’s last night– she has become quite “zaftic.” Jay Leno is way cute… (have you ever met him, Adam?)

    and while Sylvia waits for the weather to warm, I am waiting for the weather to cool…


    do you have a birthday coming up?

  95. Susan: Yeah, maybe your Dad visited her on his way out.

  96. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Morning everyone

    Yup – you are most welcome to send your weather my way – 97 today. Susan could use some cooler weather also – so start sending it our way

  97. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    OH, I see – you are starting to enjoy that PT Cruiser – LOL I hear they are really good on gas.

    Isn’t April suspose to bring us “April Showers” to bring May Flowers??? I think that is turning into a buch of hooey.

    We finally gave in last night and turned our a/c on – Way to hot to get a good nights sleep. So at 68 degrees in the house, we slept like babies.

  98. @Susan

    Bravo to you and your kitties. (As I wrote to you by e-mail)

    I’m just glad to hear Ken will be as well as he can be.


    My comiseration on your sad anniversary and the tale of the eye injury.

    Here’s hoping good things come to you, and we get our 🙂 -ing Patty back here soon.


    re: “…bring us “April Showers” to bring May Flowers???”

    Well you know, April Showers may bring Mayflowers, but you know what Mayflowers bring, don’t you?






    a belated g’morning and my wishes to you for a very fine day.

  99. @Adam Housley


    Sent you an item via e-mail that may be of interest.

  100. Heh, guess he got it…




    Thanks!!!! Also, can you post on the blog and tell everyone I have been away for a couple of days down here on the border and out of range!! We got two fantastic stories for later this week and I WILL post the first tie bits on the bloc soon!

    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

  101. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You are soooooo funny. I don’t want any darn pilgrims – I WANT RAIN!!!!!

    Thanks for the update on Adam – I am sure he will be covering some interesting stuff as usual. He seems to be either covering the border or the fires. Busy man, he is

  102. @KC

    “I don’t want any darn pilgrims – I WANT RAIN!!!!!”

    Might I sugget relocating? We’ve gotten a nice downpour again today here. Or perhaps a European destination would suit you better?

    I have heard, albeit unsubstantiated, that the plains of Spain are…

    ((big grin))

    All joking aside, I heard a report today on AFN that the heat wave in California is predicted to break by Thursday this week. *Hopefully* that means some rain for you as well.

  103. KC,
    Just move to Cincinnati….47 degrees and occasional rain today.

  104. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I see you took your “funny” pill today (grinning). Hopefully, your report is correct and this heat will be gone for awhile. My poor garden looks so sad right now. Thank goodness for drip irrigation – keeps the plants going. Now, you know how I feel about traveling let alone moving – LOL

    Thanks, but I will just stay here and stimulate the economy with running my a/c. Your weather does sound beautiful, until you get that snow/ice thingy going.

  105. @KC

    no “funny” pill… just severe sleep deprivation setting in.

    Here’s hoping for better weather for you


    I’m out for the day. Be well and safe.

  106. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG and EVeryone-

    It is late and I just got back to the hotel. Heading out again early tomorrow. I have a couple of really interesting stories and have already planned to write a full blog. I am back tomorrow and will get some photos up. Stay with me….you are gonnna like it! LDG….looking at your stuff also.


  107. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Looking forward to your write-up and photos.
    Are you going to be doing any live reports?????????
    If so – when?????????

    Good morning everyone

  108. LDG–

    send the pilgrims my way~ around Thanksgiving~


    KC– Yes, enjoying the PT Cruiser but I don’t think I would own one– I picked it out as a joke– because it looked like a small hearse and I felt like death that day—

    and happy Earth Day– save the coral reefs– (watching a segment on these– chloral bleaching which is killing them— waters around the world are suffering from this– pretty interesting)

    I see Refrigerator Perry is in the hospital– never knew he had GBS– only 46 years old– I hope he pulls through–

    Adam— did I miss you on the tele?

    and a good day @ all

  109. I am done with jury duty….got dismissed today at lunch. I never got my named called during the 2 weeks…just had to sit and wait. At least I found nice people to talk with.
    I had to get used to driving on freeways again in order to get to the court house. I was going 60 (55 zone) and everyone else was flying past me. I think I used to be one of those drivers who went really fast…but not anymore.

  110. Sylvia: Are you enjoy the sweet taste of freedom? 😛

  111. Max,

  112. Did anyone watch Glenn Beck today? Those coil looking lightbulbs (CFL) which I know some people have bought them to save on energy, are a big health hazard– if it breaks, it is full of toxic mercury and you have to go through all these steps to clean up the mess and then safely discard. (EPA)…It was funny the way he did it but serious as well~

    Good for you Sylvia sticking out this jury duty thing– Not me– It was only once I was asked for jury duty and I got out of it~

    Hi Max~

  113. Susan: There are other problems with it too. The original test of them where an entire Iowa town was given them, energy use actually went up. For two reasons: 1 switching the light on uses a lot of energy, far more than the incandesant, but the running power is less. Switching them on and off lowers their lifespan to actually not be much more than incandesant bulbs!
    2: Because of the lower running power a lot of people left the lights on all day, instead of switching them off when they weren’t in the room.
    Which meant that either way you were using up a lot more electricity!

    The only instant in which you save energy is when the light was on all day before. But those lights aren’t generally in people’s homes, only in bussiness locations, and most bussiness have been using fluorescent lights for years.

  114. @Max

    re: yours 11:22 pm

    Quoted For Truth

  115. @All

    g’morning! any sign of of our good host’s reports making it to broadcast yet?

    p.s. Correction: Max’s post was at 11:20 pm

  116. LDG: “Quoted For Truth” what exactly does that mean? I assume it’s a good thing.
    But quoted where?

  117. Hi all.
    Will catch up later.

    KC…this reminded me of you or sylvia!!!! 🙂 In a good way!

    have a great day!

  118. @Max

    Quoted for Truth, or more commonly “QFT”, is internet chat shorthand for “I so completely agree with what you said that I would be quoting you verbatim if I were to comment”.

    It is a big compliment.

  119. @Max–

    Quoted for truth again~ 😀

    I am still standing by my Kentucky made lightbulbs~


  120. Adam Housley Says:


    We are live here near Nogales and I finally am getting some computer time. I have a ton of catching up to do. Thanks to LDG again for posting my note to everyone. Glad Susan is standing by her bulbs and that Max continues to tell the truth. There is a new post by the way!


  121. @Adam Housley

    most welcome
    ((heads over to the new post))

  122. LDG, Susan, Adam: Thank you, I’d never heard that before. Glad you all agree. 😀

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