A Big Surf Ride with the Coast Guard

We had the chance on Monday morning to take a ride with the U.S. Coast Guard from Station Golden Gate as they headed west under the iconic bridge and then a bit south to Ocean Beach. There we faced waves as high as 18 feet and we got an idea of what these men and women face each and every time they are called to make a rescue in some of the worlds most difficult waters.

I also combined a few of my best pics and a couple shared with me by the public relations office. Here is a quick slideshow!


73 Responses to “A Big Surf Ride with the Coast Guard”

  1. Looks like fun, you caught some big waves!

  2. I was getting seasick just watching. I’ll stick with large oceanliners if I feel the need to travel by boat!!.

  3. Good Morning Max and all others who are awake by now.

  4. Good morning Sylvia. What time do you actually wake up in the morning?

  5. Max,
    I’m usually awake by 5:30 AM eastern time. This morning I slept in until 6:30 because I was up late last night cleaning up from the Passover seder.
    I had to hand wash all the china, crystal, and silver because I’m afraid to put that stuff in the dishwasher.

  6. Adam Housley Says:

    I thought we had to get up early! On a normal day 6am here in the west and to work by 7. Of course if we are doing morning lives for the east coast, we can be up as early as 1am. Yuk.


  7. Adam,
    If you have to be up by 1am why even bother to go to sleep? Just stay up until you are done with your assignment.

  8. I like early starts, I was waking at 4:30am for a while, but life conspires against me being able to keep such early hours.
    The clock change doesn’t help, but the main problem is that my friend here doesn’t go to sleep in the vacation until 4 or 5am, so he only wants to see me late afternoon, which doesn’t help me get to sleep early. Oh well.

  9. Hi everybody

    Not sure that I could go out in those boats in that surf. Maybe if I was tethered to the boat. No not even then!

    I have posted the photos from our trip and our visit with Susan and Ken. You can see it at: h ttp://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=104035&id=782944202&l=c34652d9e8

    We also took a plaster gnome with us and took its pictures as if it was on vacation. If you click on my name that is the link to the photo album.

    Sylvia, How did the Seder go? Sounds like you had a lot of people at the house.

    Was very sorry to hear about the Angels player that was killed. Are prayers go out to his family and friends.

  10. **our not are.

  11. Hi Barb…not alot of people, just alot of dishes. Several courses.
    How was your seder at church?

  12. Barb…liked the pix…very cute.

  13. Just saw the other facebook photos…Arizona is beautiful. Been to most of those places.

  14. Adam Housley Says:


    I love Arizona and glad you had a fantastic time! I still have to post my pictures when Susan came to visit a few weeks back. I am still waiting for the truck guys to let me use their camera for 5 mins to download them. They have been on the road more than me!


  15. Sylvia… The Seder went well…. I love Arizona, my Great Aunt moved there when I was in 4th grade and we went to see her 3 times over the years. It has very good memories for me. I want to go back and revisit where she lived in Tucson and then Phoenix.

  16. Good Morning All,

    Barb… I lived in Phoenix my first year of marriage because Larry chose to do an internship at a hospital there. I was homesick and also disliked the intense heat (over 100). There is beautiful scenery in Arizona but I didn’t want to live there. Since our daughter and son-in-law moved there over 2 years ago we go visit twice/year.
    When you stopped in New Mexico did you go to Santa Fe? Was there once….beautiful and loads of art galleries.

  17. Adam–

    you do live an exciting life– I am not sure about being on a one to one with 18 foot waves~ as kids we use to challenge the waves and dive under the six footers and I almost drowned in one of these as I did not catch it right and the wave slammed down on me~

    SOOOOOOOOOO sad about Nick’s and his friend’s death– the timing was so weird as the night before my parked car in front of a store got slammed into by a kid who backed out without looking, like a bat out of hell, and smashed the driver’s front end big time– he had been drinking too– Ken and I were not in the car– but I had a big pity party for myself — to the tune of~ woe and why me~ the next day as I had to deal with the claims department and all that chara– then this tragedy came up in the news and I felt like a total ass– I was major inconvenienced but unharmed– I have a rental while the car is being repaired and the kid who hit me will have to deal with his legal issues now– but everyone is alive–

    A very good day to all tomorrow– and stay safe!


  18. Barb–

    I loved the pictures– and thanks for posting ours!!! glad you made it back safely– and I enjoyed our visit!


  19. Barb–

    was the gnome sleeping or resting when we met?


  20. Susan, the gnome was sleeping at that time, I am not sure why we did not wake him up to say hi.

  21. I hope all of you are enjoying Easter and also celebrating the great job our Navy Seals did to take out the pirates. Our military is awesome.

  22. Forgot to add…thank God Captain Phillaps was rescued.

  23. Ooops…meant Phillips…..

  24. Adam Housley Says:

    THE NAVY ROCKS……EASTER ROCKS…….I HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A ROCKIN EASTER!! Thanks for all the continued support, even when I am absent a few days and on the road.


  25. It must be hard sniping at sea, they were pretty close though, and I guess the seas weren’t too rough.

  26. @Max

    Not to overly minimize the task, but (in reply to yours, in sequence)…

    nope, just some differences in technique; yep, by sniper standards point-blank, and; yep.

    Historical note for you: The Royal Marines and the USMC are “riflemen” because of their use as snipers in the Age of Sail. They would snipe from up in the ‘tops of the ships. A French sniper at Trafalgar mortally wounded Horatio Nelson.


    Hope you have had a very fine holiday weekend, and thanks again to our good host for having us here.

  27. And Adam rocks! LOL

    hope you all had a fine holiday as well–


  28. ‘morning all.
    Another rainy dreary day in KS.
    Wish I could share this weather with KC!

  29. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all – hope everyone had a wonderful weekend

    Patty – would really welcome some of your rain – please send it our way anytime. We have doves nesting in our planters in our patio. I love it when they come back every year to have their babies. Hummers are back too!!!

  30. Hi All,
    Started jury duty today. Got downtown at 8AM. Sat around until 12:20 and was told my group could leave for the day Three groups were chosen for jury duty…the rest of us will most likely have to return tomorrow and wait again. We were told to either call the jury commisioner number after 4PM or check the internet site to see which groups have to return tomorrow. We are “on call” for 2 weeks. If we aren’t assigned a case by Thursday afternoon we will automatically have Friday off. No new cases begin on Fridays.

  31. Adam Housley Says:

    Susan, thanks for forwarding the pictures, very cool.
    LDG, thanks for the info, I passed it along. It was very interesting as always.
    KC, enjoy the clean Fresno air while it lasts.
    Sylvia, good luck with jury duty. I had that earlier this year.


  32. LDG: Yes, I rembered about Nelson, I was telling my mother the other day that that was one of the reasons the USMC do not wear rank identifiers on their battledress, the captains would always get shot first in ship fighting.

  33. @Adam Housley

    Thanks for the assist, and glad you found it interesting as well. I was pleasantly amused to see John Bolton quoted a few days later on FOXNews making the same observation re: Amb. Rice’s claim.


    You got it. Some fine old traditions are worth keeping, eh? ((big grin))


    Luck to Sylvia on Jury Duty… and best wishes all around. I’m off for today. “See” you in about 20 hours. Have a good one.

  34. well– Sylvia–

    we know you won’t be on the Spectator aka Spector jury– I see he got a guilty verdict–

    miserable person that he is!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!! Only a mother would want to forget a face like that!

    The one and only time I was asked to be on a jury duty, I answered to be eliminated, I believe in guilty verdicts– that took care of that– ๐Ÿ˜€

    and gracias Adam– glad you got Sunshine’s pictures!

    abrazos ~

    How damaged is your coche?

  35. that has to be the coooolest video that i have seen in a long time!

  36. I started a new charity.. national non-profit for missing children. Marino De Silva just joined our Board. I am soooo excited! Now we’re waiting for a reply from Matt Damon to see if he’ll do a celebrity poker tournament.

    Oh, K2 just joined the Board also. That’s going to be hoot working with her hahahahaa

    I’ll check back later see if anyone is here.

    ta-ta for now

  37. Adam,

    hope you’re doing well sometimes i get to see you reporting!

  38. KT: You founded a chairty? That’s awesome.
    I would hate to have a child go missing. May well be my worst nightmare.

  39. Max and LDG-

    I was watching a segment last night on the training of the Navy Seals– wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I see a new ship was taken–

    well– LDG– your watching the piracy from months ago, tells me you saw this coming—–

    KT– This is an awesome thing you are doing!!!! Way too cool– good for you!

    and hope all is well!

  40. ‘morning all.

    Congrats Karen! What a noble thing to do.
    I hope it all goes well for you, the others and especially the kids that need you.

    Beautiful sun shining here today, the office door is wide open.

  41. @Susan

    re: “you saw this comingโ€”โ€“”

    I wasn’t the only one, by a long shot; the problem was (and to some extent still is) getting political decision-makers to understand what needs to be done.

    @Karen T

    My congratulations and support for your efforts! If it ever grows big enough to be international, do call upon me. There *might* be something I could do to help. (If you take on the issue of family-member-kidnapping and flight abroad, for example)


    and a hearty ARRRRGH! WE BE PIRATES! er… a hearty good morning all around!

  42. As John hasn’t been about to deliver the joke-of-the-day for us, I’ ll happily share one that came up in a conversation here today…

    The Four Stages of Tequila:

    After 2 shots… You’re rich.

    After 4 shots… You’re good looking

    After 6 shots… You’re Bulletproof.


    After 8 shots… YOU ARE INVISIBLE!

    further part of the conversation:

    “…wow… that’s great stuff… ((friend nods)) …we have got to try that sometime.

    “Why do I think I am going to regret this?”

  43. @LDG–

    tequila and some cultures don’t mix– bang, bang!

    (I need to watch Blackhawk Down)

    and a good day @ all!

  44. ahhh tekilla…what great memories that brings back!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Hi All,
    Second day of jury duty just like the first…..2 groups of jourists called and I wasn’t in either. Got to go home again at 12:15. Now I have to check the computer at 3PM to see if my group has to return again tomorrow to “perhaps” be chosen for a jury.

  46. LDG,
    Thanks for the humor. I never was a tequila drinker.

  47. Good News…..Just found out I get a day off from going downtown to the courthouse….. my group can stay home from jury duty tomorrow.

    There is going to be a Tea Party in downtown Cincy tomorrow at 11:30Am. One of my friends is going along with her neighbor. The last tea party drew 5,000 people.

  48. Sylvia: Will you go to the tea party?
    Tomorrow we will be going to the Jewish part of town, what cakes do you recomend we try?

  49. Max,
    I’m not going to the tea party because I don’t like to deal with big crowds.
    As for the cakes, I like rugelach (small pastery, not a cake), hamantaschen, (a triangualar pastry), honey cake, applecake, and sponge cake. It is still passover so the cakes will be made with matza flour instead of regular flour. Some of those cakes will not be made until the end of Passover which is tomorrow evening for reformed Jews and Thursday evening for orthodox Jews. Is that area Orthodox?

  50. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Howdy everyone

    We are having a huge
    T axed
    E nough
    A already

    Party tomorrow at our Save Mart Center which is next to our University. It is about 1 mile of our home. Everyone going has been asked to bring a canned item so they can add to our food banks for the needy which I thought was a cool idea. It will be all day until 7pm so I am sure there will be a gazillion people there.

    I just wish the government would listen to the people who are paying their salaries and that enough is enough (big sigh)

  51. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Boy, I am glad our jury selection system is not like yours. What an inconvenience you have to go thru.
    We get the letter in the mail, go on line every day after 5 pm, pull up our group number and it tells you whether to show up or not. You do this every day – Monday thru Friday – and on Friday – they tell you thanks and see you in 2 years.
    So far both hubby and I have been very lucky and have never been told to go down and appear for the selection process. First, I am sure they would never want either of us on a jury, and second, we both have law enforcement on both sides of the family and they usually excuse those people.

  52. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You are hilarious – Make sure you get Jose “Gold” and make sure you have a package of hotdog buns handy.
    The Gold is very smoooooooth
    The buns – they are for absorption-after you become invisible

    Trust me – it really works (big grin)

  53. LDG…………lol on the Tequila joke………….been there, done that. As a matter of fact, I think that Tequila Parties would be better suited than Tea Parties in today’s turmultuous world. From what I can vaguely remember, it seemed that the world’s problems were much easier solved while under the influence from that evil ” Cactus Juice “……………just don’t eat the worm and don’t pick up any senoritas at closing time.

  54. Now I remember why I never drank tequila…the worm!!!!

  55. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I won a $20.00 bet once by eating a worm. Fried it in beer and garlic salt – a bit chewy – but not bad at all. Don’t think I would have done it sober – LOL

  56. KC……you are too much!!!! I wouldn’t have done that for any amount of money.

  57. In Mexico they used to serve Mescali(sp) Tequila and they still may for all I know. It was made from the Peyote cactus which naturally contains Trimethoxyphenethylamine, better known as Mescaline. Eat the worm that comes in that bottle and you’ll get some cool hallucinations to go with your drunk.

  58. John-

    Mezcal is still around– (made from the agave plants.) And the worm is just a marketing gimmick– ๐Ÿ˜€

    another one to put your lights out is pulque– if you can get it down– (made from the fermented juice of the maguey…)


    I just received this in my emails and this is beautiful–Never judge a book by its cover—

  59. KC–

    I don’t see any difference in your eating the worm fried in beer and garlic salt than snails in garlic and butter– LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. oh– the maguey does grow worms and these are served as a delicacy– known as โ€œChinicuilesโ€. YUCK AND YUCK!

  61. and here John– ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Tequila has medicinal properties.
    There is no scientific evidence about any medicinal properties of neither the agave plant, mescal nor tequila.
    However if you drink a โ€œcaballitoโ€ every day, it will make you a happier person.

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  62. Hi You guys are not right. You would have to be drunk to eat the worm.

    Sylvia, it has been 26 years since I served on a jury. I have been called twice more but never had to serve on a jury. Here we are called for one day, if you are on a jury, you return till it is over. If they don’t need you that day, then you are done. I like the fact that it is just one day. Sure makes it easier to plan things.

    Karen…I agree that is pretty cool that you have started the charity.

  63. Sylvia: Thanks! I think hamantaschen is what I liked before.
    The area has both orthodox and reformed.

  64. Max,
    Hamantaschen has a filling……I like apricot, my husband likes poppyseed, and there is also prune filling. The apricot and prune ones are available here year round (except during Passover). The poppyseed ones are only available during the week of Purim.
    Rugalach also has different fillings. I think you would like them.
    Remember that the orthodox will strictly keep 8 days of Passover and not bake anything with regular flour until sunset on the eighth day. Reform Jews only observe 7 days.

  65. Barb…I like your way of jury duty…..one day and you are done. It’s like that in Phoenix too. This business of waiting it out for 2 weeks is awful. Since my group got a day off today I’m sure we will have to return tomorrow to wait it out again. If I’m not chosen for a jury tomorrow, I will get Friday off (no new jury selections on Fridays). If I am chosen then I will have to go every day until the trial is over. Some trials last many weeks. Since I have plane tickets in a couple of weeks I can get off of a long lasting trial.

  66. Sylvia: They observe it more than we expected, all the shops were closed! So we went to China town on the way back instead.
    How do they get the special passover cakes if all the bakeries are closed?

  67. Max,
    Most Orthodox Jews bake their own stuff using Passover matzah meal instead of flour. Reformed Jews can buy Passover “style” cakes from some non-kosher bakeries….they are made with matzah meal but not certified kosher. There are also Passover cake mixes available at groceries that sell kosher food. Krogers (where I shop) has those mixes in their stores.
    The main reason those bakeries close for Passover is that they have to completely scour their kitchens from flour and use separate baking pans from the ordinary when making Passover products. So they choose to close instead. Orthodox Jews have dishes, utensils, pots, and pans just for Passover.

  68. Cincinnati Tea Party

    According to local news report: Police estimate 4,000 people showed up for the event. Last month 5,000 showed up. The reporter stated that was a very large amount considering it is a week day and the weather is very chilly and damp. People from both parties are supporting the tea parties because they are tired of all the big government spending.

  69. @Sylvia

    Way to go, Cincinnati!

    It is going to take persistence and a steady hand to get the message across, but Tea Parties are a good way to get the movement going forward.



  70. ‘morning eveyone.

    Imagine that, we talk about getting drunk..and John shows up! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cactus juice, (the stuff that is actually labled with that name), wow, that floods back some memories. Was probably the last drunk I had, at our pond. I only remember about a 1/2 hr of the night and that was at 6 pm! I was in bed by 7:30.

    Sylvia, i think our jury duty is one day here also. Im not sure though, cant say I’ve ever been called on at the state level. We also have policemen ties…so they usually tell us we are excused.

  71. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone and Happy Tea Party Day

    Our Tea Party is starting real soon, and by the looks of the traffic congestion, it is going to be huge – yipee
    It is not about politics – it is about America

    Hubby has to work today – so – he hung tea bags on his rear view mirror on his truck this morning. Love that man!!!!

  72. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    That video is AWESOME – thanks for sharing it with us

  73. Adam Housley Says:


    I have a feeling you DON’T need to eat the worm! LOL
    Tequila te-kills me. I don’t drink a ton, but that stuff I have to be easy with. Also….a new post!


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