The Blue Angels

I have been meaning to edit and post this for some time. I had two full tapes of video and it took a number of hours to go through it all and then edit it down. This was an absolute dream as you might imagine and the Blue Angels are as professional and amazing in person as you see on TV and at the many air shows they conduct each year.


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  1. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    OMG – that was amazing. You have more guts than I will ever have in my lifetime – Way cool

    2 questions

    Be honest now, did ya throw up??? Saw the empty barf bag, but were you hiding the one that was full??

    Was that bubble gum you were working so hard on?? Your jaws never stopped chewing that gum

    It was very obvious you enjoyed every moment of your adventure

  2. Adam,
    I agree with KC….WOW.
    I could never do that. How do you keep from passing out or throwing up?
    Now that is a thrill ride.

  3. KC,
    I can’t even do roller coasters anymore.
    I did a helicopter ride over Maui once and never again. That was scary enough.

  4. That was awesome but i gave credit to the poor gum and your jaws .

    next time spare the gum for just few seconds .

    if there no rules in this blog

    am still curious to know why my question was blocked and adam

    just ignored it??????????

  5. @Adam Housley

    Well done, my good fellow! I am once again officially envious of the fun parts of your job. The most fun, and to some the most terrifying, words one can ever heard from the other seat are “You have the stick”, eh?

    BTW, I didn’t know you “drove”.

  6. Max Kon Says:

    Oh so awesome.
    One day, one day…

  7. Adam Housley Says:

    So….I did not get sick. Swear. Also, we have to chew gum for a ton of reasons and I am very glad I did…I might have bit my tongue. As for your post Fan #1….No one here will be mean or else. I have to go look when one doesn’t show and I found yours. As to your answer…..sorry….I don’t talk that kind of private life in public. I will say, I have been a very lucky man the last few years. She is an amazing person in many ways. Thanks for joining in!
    Max, the music is from the movie Top Gun….man…you were likely not born yet. Wow. LOL


  8. Adam,
    I saw Top Gun. I guess I’m old.

  9. AMAZING!!!!!!!
    Like the others said “WOW”!

    Pat says “no thank you” with a look of total fright! *L*

    #1 Fan, I will welcome you,
    BUT, if you think you are gonna stir the sh*t…….think again! We ALL respect Adam and back him 100%. He’s let us join his world in this blog, dont ruin it for us and him. Please!

    I saw top gun too! a few dozen times! So line me up with the “old” ones! haha

  10. I know one thing, all the times I have seen Adam “live” or in photos, I have NEVER seen a smile like the one in the video!!!

  11. LDG, remember when Adam did the story about that “little bitty” plane a couple months ago?
    He said then, that he had a pilots license, If i remember right.

  12. @Patty

    …Hm… I do vaguely recall that, now that you mention it.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  13. Wow back to you–

    I did see the gum chewing and I figured it was for a thousand reasons–

    way cool– Man— get me in this next gig!!

  14. #1 fan–
    were you Susie at one time? LOL

    well, bless you for being a #1 fan– so are the rest of us– so I guess this makes you a true participant in the blog– #1 Fans who post- πŸ˜€

    And I guess your personal question was answered– with a bit of Adam’s post giving away what the personal question was— πŸ˜€

    Getting back to Adam’s wow and wow– I beat you had a real head rush in that ride! Wowie and wowie— it just sucks the life out of you for those few seconds– Yes?

    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ take me with you next time! πŸ˜€


    Patty— lighten up– grrr! Who cares!!!!! (And I mean this in a nice way!)

    Adam can pretty much figure it all out! πŸ˜€

    and please don’t send me your wind again just because I told you your weather is not bad as to North Dakota– it gushed all day long and I heard your voice in the gust-~ as to, now you know what it feels like but I am only sending you a small dose–

    So please take the curse away!!! LOL


  15. I chew gum to pop my ears or to clean my teeth! LOL

  16. LDG and Patty–

    I think Adam said something about having a fear– the panel control as to not not flying himself? I forget the word he used and I know I had to look it up– It might have to do with the story of the pilot who brought the plane into water safely in New York?

    It is somewhere in one of the preceding blogs— awhile back–

    So hard to keep up with all then news and then remember? Old age is settling in the brain– memory is slow– way slow! πŸ˜€

  17. Top Gun? Tom Cruise? When he was in his better days? LOL

    I liked Vanilla Sky– that was one weird movie– my favorite of his~

  18. PATTY i had no bad intention when asking that question .I do respect Adam and adore him and his work .As # 1fan to both i was curious to know .With that said Adam answered even though the answer was sad I was satisfied .So trust me i am a fan not a trouble maker …………….

    Susan am not Susie .I have visited this weblog before but this is my first time to chat.

    thx adam for your response good luk .

  19. Max Kon Says:

    Adam: Nope, it was released 2 and half years before I was born.

  20. Good Morning All,
    Looks like I missed alot while sleeping last night.

    You can have my seat on that plane…there is no way in hell I would do that flight. I’ll stick with Delta.

    Do you have a name? We are a small group here and welcome people to join, but it would be nice to know your first name. What state are you from?

    How are things in your part of the world?

  21. Good Morning Max,
    Looks like we are the only 2 awake and blogging. How are things in London? I assume it’s quiet now that King Obama has left town.

  22. @Sylvia

    “How are things in your part of the world?” — dark ((grin)), and so far no North Korean missiles flying by. High winds at the launch site, say the reports. Stay tuned though, because they’ll certainly try at the first opportunity.

  23. LDG,
    I hope the missiles are duds. Scary world we live in.

  24. susan, was it dashboard?

  25. ‘morning everyone.

    dreary dark day here and my hip says mother nature has “something” in store. I hadn’t planned on leaving the house, so let her rip!
    My plans are to finish the painting we started a couple weeks ago.

    Fan#1, in that case…..welcome! Glad to have you here!

    LDG, (since we all know I dont do world stuff very well)
    dont you think the N Korea thing is just a push to see what sort of rise they can get from Hillary and Ob. Testing the waters so to speak? Do you really think its “armed”?

  26. Patty,
    Does your hip say your crappy weather is heading my way on Monday?

  27. Funny Sylvia.
    You doing anything exciting this weekend?

  28. Patty,
    We’re going to see Cirque Dreams…it’s part of our Broadway series of plays. Not sure if I’m going to like it, but when you buy season tickets you see whatever shows are part of the package….or you can skip it and lose the money…or try to sell the tickets to someone else. If we are bored we’ll leave at intermission.

  29. That sounds fun Sylvia! Something we dont have around here unless we go 75 miles.

  30. Hello All…….
    WOW! Glad I stopped by. What fun!!!!!!!
    Yep, add me to the list of ‘oldies’…saw Top Gun, too.

    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Nice here today….winter returns tonight and tomorrow! Snow showers on the way – grrrrrrr.
    Back to the housework.

  31. Just got back from Cirque Dreams. AWESOME
    Acrobats, contortionists, balancing acts, all set to music, and wearing glittering animal costumes.
    Going for Chinese…BBL.

  32. ***WARNING: long LDG answer to a yes/no question follows***


    “LDG, (since we all know I dont do world stuff very well)
    dont you think the N Korea thing is just a push to see what sort of rise they can get from Hillary and Ob. Testing the waters so to speak? Do you really think its β€œarmed”?”

    To a point, “testing” is correct. For one thing, there is just no way that this test has a live warhead of any consequence on it. (even 500+ pounds of TNT just wouldn’t do much, when you consider that missiles like that one are lucky to hit within a mile of what they are aimed at). Without a nuclear bomb, one needs to be very very accurate and that kind of missile just isn’t.

    Here’s an example of the problem: Stand 1000 inches (about 83 feet) away from a horseshoe post, and use a handbuilt “spoon catapult” to lob a penny at the post. Even if with lots of practice and calculation, it isn’t going to be a very reliable chance on the best of days. On days with typical KS blustery weather, or if the way you made the catapult was not very precise, bets are you wouldn’t get the penny very close to the post at all. The North Koreans are working on a missile system that, to follow the example: has to brave winds and weather; not fall apart; and reliably land the penny within 1/2″ of the center of the post at least 50% of the time… and actually they are trying to do it from about 500 feet away (to scale), and this is only their second try with this catapult.

    The general timing and manner of what is happening, and the choice to demonstrate the technology by a “satellite launch” like the Iranians did last fall is an attempt to divide opposition to N. Korea by legalistic argument.

    Don’t believe it.

    The entire purpose of the missile program is multinational WMD proliferation. The Iranian, Syrian, (and previously others) are hooked together with elements in Pakistan to get all the pieces working: nuclear weapons; guidance; missiles with longer and longer reach. They are keeping at it, and pretty soon they will have the package together.

    What should scare you is that the N. Koreans are the brains of the bunch. The Iranians are the money-men, and you can probably guess what their motivation in the big picture is. The Syrians are riding Iran’s coat-tails for their (the leaders’) own gain and the dream of Greater Syria.

    Not a one of them believes the U.S. (or any other foe) has the fortitude to stand up to them. *IF* they are testing President Obama, it is simply to gauge how far he will bend. Good blackmailers, after all, never ask for more than the victim can find a way to pay.

  33. @Sylvia

    Woohoo! That does sound like it was great.

    Say, it isn’t the same thing exactly but have you ever seen Mummenschanz?
    …they are an old favorite of mine.

  34. LDG,
    I learned alot from your explanation of the missile. I know that Iran and Syria have much to gain from a successful N Korea missile. I also think that they are betting on Obama to do little in the way of stopping them. Obama is beholding to the peaceniks who elected him. He does not want to appear “Bushlike” and will try to get by with lecturing and issueing vague threats of taking action. Obama will continue his diplomacy and rock star speeches while dangerous nations move forward with their quest for nuke capability. Only Israel will have the guts to take action. Israel doesn’t care about what the rest of the world might say….Israel is used to criticism…Obama isn’t. He wants admiration and idol status.
    I only hope that he wises up before it’s too late.

  35. LDG,
    I haven’t seen Mummenschanz.
    The cast members from Cirque Dreams come from Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine,Moldova, Bulgaria, Canada, as well as the US. If a version of Cirque comes to your part of the world I highly recommend seeing it.

  36. @Sylvia

    re: explanation — a pleasure to have been of assistance.

    re: Cirque Dreams — I’ll watch and see if they come this way. Thank you!

  37. Patty–

    yes– dash— very good-

    LDG– I loved your post– 2:44– dang— like I have said one million or billion times– you are a true genius!!!! I believe the missile should have taken off last time I heard– it was three hours away and this was about three hours or ago– I love your comment about good blackmailers– I bet Japan is wide eyed right now–

    Sylvia– the Cirque Dreams sounds so beautiful– lucky you! Did you take pictures?

    My fun today was Weed Nightmare Pulling–

    Patty– send the wind back– it gave me an excuse to not to do anything outdoors yesterday as it was way too windy– πŸ˜€

    K2- Hola–

    Max– xxx
    my friend from Wyoming is coming this month for a few days– I will have him say hi to you and tell you a bit about Wyoming when he stops by here–

  38. @Susan

    You are too kind. I just try to help out on the details around here, when I can. (Patty does all the fact-checking, though πŸ™‚ )

    Yes, the North Koreans did get their missile launched. No, nothing fell on Japan so we didn’t get to shoot it down. ((sigh))

    Now the diplomatic kabuki show begins… or if you prefer European examples…

    “Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury…” – MacBeth, scene V

  39. Sylvia: Sorry I didn’t write back, when I don’t see anyone else around I useually say my bit then go away.

    Susan: Thanks, have fun with them!

  40. LDG,
    What is next after the successful missile launch? Obama giving a speech while wringing his hands and telling people to remain calm? UN going into endless meaningless meetings and doing nothing? European leaders saying that was not a good thing and then burying their heads in the sand (or some other place I won’t mention)? Arab countries applauding and salivating over the possibilities?
    Only Israel will have the guts to stand up to the dangerous situation. Obama is the worse possible leader in time of crisis. He is afraid of pissing off anyone and jeopardizing his Rock Status.

  41. Susan,
    No photography is allowed in the theater.

    I usually get on the computer early AM eastern time because I’m an early riser and the newspapers delivery people aren’t. We get the local paper and USA Today (hubby likes their sports section), but neither comes as early as I would like.

  42. @Sylvia

    re: “What is next after the successful missile launch?”

    You’ve pretty much got the picture, although the average Arab country would be none too pleased to see Iran’s best buddy advance the available weapons technology. But the pro-Iran club (Syria, Yemen, Sudan are the nationas closest to Iran; Hezbollah and Hamas are factions under their protection), they must be pretty happy… which is a bad thing.

    President Obama may very well end up looking awfully foolish today, by the way. He is scheduled to give a speech that proposes steps toward “a nuclear-weapon-free world”… and while START negotiations with Russia are a good thing, and improving the non-proliferation regime is good too, begining from his avowed basis that the West should be willing to give up its nuclear weapons as well is to say the least a poorly timed proposal.

    The UNSC is crippled re: North Korea because the P.R.Chinese have said they won’t support more sanctions or any reprisal against the North Koreans… and PRC has a veto on the UNSC. But maybe the meeting tomorrow (Sunday) will at least tighten up the existing sanctions enforcement.

    Frankly I have no clue on any European reaction. They treat North Korea as a problem for the Yanks, anyway.

    I do agree that when puch comes to shove, Israel will take care of Israel. That may be the only effective counter to the Iranian part of the issue. Dealing with the North Korean part of the problem, however… It may very well be time for Japan and South Korea to put on their big boy pants and muscle up to take care of business themselves.

    Problem is, in Japan’s case we’ll have to throw out that lovely Constitution that the Americans wrote during the occupation, and in South Korea’s case they’d have to be willing to throw out years of effort attempting to befriend P.R. China and all the South Korean investments in “unification projects”… which were a bunch of money.

    Because you are dead-on right about one thing there, Sylvia: President Obama and his team are sure not inspiring any Asian confidence in the American Umbrella right now.

  43. edits:
    nationas nations

    …there are probably more. sorry.

  44. For Sylvia, re: the UNSC response to the missile launch

    Do read the comments after the thread topic… while some are just noise, several very clever folks hang out there and add a lot to the discussion.

  45. LDG,
    I have a feeling the US Constitution will be thrown out long before the Japanese discard theirs. Give Obama and friends enough time and it will happen.

  46. LDG,
    Good read….thanks. I have to agree with what Reagan would have done.

  47. Wow Adam, great video…………I noticed that birds 1 through 6 weren’t even on the tarmac when you took your seat in number 7 though……….always best to clear the firing range when the ‘new recruits’ start shooting.
    The Blue Angels are the cream of the crop when it comes to military precision flying. Not bad for a branch of the armed services whose sole purpose is to take the Marines to battle…

    All………..As a fellow pilot, I can tell you that the main reason we chew gum ( and wear mirrored aviator sunglasses ) is to maintain our ‘cool looks’ during times of terror………..and to mask the smell of alcohol and sight of bloodshot eyes.

    LDG………Interesting synopsis regarding the missiles. I also wonder about the Iranian and Russian connections with our ” friend ” Hugo and how long before we hear that he’s ready to test a missile of his own.

  48. @Sylvia

    Glad to help.

    Oh, just to be clear: We over here intend to legally amend or redraw our Kenpou (Constitution). It is *really* hard to amend, however. The “throwing out” part though… that seems to be well underway in the US, doesn’t it? Pity that. I love the US Constitution as written and co-amended (Bill of Rights). IMO, it is an incredible piece of basic law, unequalled by the more recent national Constitutions.

    Possibly the Dai-Nippon Teikoku Kenpou a.k.a. the Meiji Constitution (Japan; 1890 ~ 1947) was of similar quality, but it can’t be compared because the Meiji Constitution is a truly monarchical document, not a republican one.

    I know; we are way, *way* off topic.

    Other people go to art shows and get all excited about the brushstrokes or lighting; I read Constitutions and compare the enumerations of responsibilties or the mandates of sovereignty. I’m weird that way. I probably should have been a Constitutional Law professor, but that wasn’t where life took me.

    thanks for tolerating the rambling, folks.

  49. @John

    welcome back, compadre! Good to see you.

    re: “as a fellow pilot” — I do believe I’ve seen you in action. If not, then someone who went to the same school… damn near killed us… ((laugh))

    re: yours, above: Justifiable concern there, not because Hugo A-go-go has any possible need for a missile, but because he’s just nuts enough to want to have one… and try it out.

  50. LDG,
    Your “ramblings” are educational and appreciated.

  51. John,
    Didn’t know you are a pilot. By any chance do you work for Delta?

  52. Adam Housley Says:


    Great explanation and LOL on the warning about the yes, no question. #1Fan, you got my answer wrong, nothing sad at all! AND….John, John, John….really? Drinking and flying? I thought you commercial pilots chewed the gum so you had fresh breath for the flight attend.?

    Susan….we could never be in the same plane.


  53. @Adam–

    says who? The pilot or you?


    LDG–You should have been a professor, period~

    I was listening to Obama’s speech while in the Czech Republic– early way early this morning– and he doesn’t seem to be what I call forceful enough– I wish O’Reilly would stand in his place when Obama talks about nuclear proliferation— πŸ˜€

    I am sure Ahmedinejad is spouting off right now–

  54. @LDG–

    I like the MacBeth quote– way cool!

    I heard a cool Mark Twain quote– (Huckleberry Finn)

    A good lie will have travled half way around the world while the truth is putting on her boots. …

  55. @Adam Housley

    Yeah, thought that warning was worth making. ((laugh)) Happy to be of some service here.


    Glad you liked the Shakespeare quote, although I confess to having left it incomplete (intentionally). I do like that Mark Twain quotation; he was always good for cutting the difficult down to a concise statement.


    Please have a very fine Sunday. I’m off to rest while it is still dark tonight.

    Be well and safe
    ((departs for the day))

  56. Hi all,

    You all have been busy last week. Adam, I love the Blue Angels video. I think that would be so much fun.

    We are back from our cross country trek, we took a 2200 mile, 3 day trip and made it into a 2900 mile, 7 day trip. It was great to meet Susan and Ken for lunch in Phoenix. We saw on Twitter that Adam was in Vegas, but we never saw him. We had a great time and am very glad that Julia wants to stay here and not move again any time soon.


  57. Welcome back Barb. Glad you had a good trip. Did you take any pix?

  58. Sylvia,

    We took over 1000 pictures. I will be spending this week at the computer sorting them out and then will get them posted. I will put a link up here when I get that done.

  59. Sylvia: What is it about Delta you dislike (I think)?
    I’m looking at the various flights to Casper, and Delta are the cheapest, by a few $100, even with the 10% discount i get because i complained on my last United flight..

  60. Max,
    Delta has over charged Cincinnati passengers for years. They have a virtual monoply at CVG (Cincy/northern Kentucky airport). We were the highest paying flyers in the country until a few weeks ago when Delta decided to cut prices for us. We are a Delta hub and there are few other choices. Delta chased away the competition for years. That is my gripe with Delta….it is a good airline for the most part.

  61. Sylvia: Ok, since they are $400 cheaper than United (the only other Airline that could take me all the way), I will book on them. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t because of some terrible experience you had had flying with them before I booked.
    They don’t have inflight entertainment, but I didn’t watch the movies anyway. I might miss seeing exactly where the plane is, but that’s not worth $400. I will take a book and hopefully get a window seat.

  62. Max,
    What is the Delta route you are booking? Delta has in flight movies on all flights that are over 3 hours.

  63. Max Kon Says:

    All booked
    Sylvia: London Heathrow to Mnneapolis-Saint Paul. Which is about 8 and a half hours. It said no inflight entertainment available as I was booking. So I don’t know.
    The flight from MSP to Casper is only 2 hours 20. Hopefully there will be some daylight as I’m flying (take off 9:15CT, land 10:35MT).

  64. Max,
    Minneapolis/St. Paul is a Norhtwest flight. Delta recently bought Northwest and is in the process of changing all the airplane names to Delta. MSP was a hub for Norhtwest.
    If you check on the Delta web site under entertainment for the flight you are taking from London to MSP, it should give you a list of movies on flights for the current month. It changes every month. Delta is slow to update their entertainment list and sometimes it doesn’t get updated until a few days into the month. If Delta has stopped showing movies then that is a recent development.

  65. Max,
    I just checked the Delta site. They list all the movies being shown for April. There are also music channels.

    What month are you travelling?

  66. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: In August.
    Look what store they have at MSP:

  67. Max,
    That’s great. You can buy some FNC stuff. I’ll check our airport when I fly to Phoenix. I think CNN has that monopoly. They have CNN on the TV monitors by gates, and I think I saw a CNN store also.

  68. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: Yeah, hopefully get some photos too.

  69. Max, how long is your lay-over in Minneapolis – St. Paul? I am 20 minutes from the airport!

  70. Ever wonder what makes 100%? What does it mean to give 100%? How can anyone give more than 100% Ever wonder what people mean when they say, ” He succeeded because he gave 110% “?
    Well now there is a mathematical formula that may help you answer these questions……

    If A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,TU,V,W,X,Y,Z were represented by their numerical equivalents……ie- A = 1, B = 2, C = 3……all the way to Z = 26 then:

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    A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E is 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%


    B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T is 2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%


    A-S-S-K-I-S-S-I-N-G is 1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

    So, we can conclude with mathematical certainty that, while HARDWORK and KNOWLEDGE will get you close, and ATTITUDE will get you there, it is BULLSHIT and ASSKISSING that will put you over the top.

  71. John–

    your turn to get into trouble– yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  72. Karen: 4 hours. Do you have my email address?

    John: so true… That’s how I could get As on exams I hadn’t had any classes in. I would just give 103% and make up stuff that sounded right.

  73. Good Morning,

    Karen…how you doing? Miss seeing you on the blog. are so funny.

    Susan….nobody gets into trouble here. Adam thinks we’re all nuts….don’t you Adam???!!!!

  74. Max,
    That’s a long layover. Would be nice if you could meet up with Karen…and take pix for us to see you two.

  75. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: Yes, shortest layover on any of the available flights though, some via other airports were 15 hour layovers!
    I think Karen has my email. I can’t remember which email is for which Karen. It would be nice to meet up in the public area of the airport before I go through security.

  76. LDG,

    Just read that Japan is into the stimulus business too. Going to spend 99 billion…..
    What are your thoughts on that?

  77. Max,
    Why do you have to go through security a second time? Is the domestic flight area separate from international? Does that mean you have to claim your luggage after clearing customs, recheck them, and start over again?

  78. Today is Opening Day for the Reds. It feels more like football season. It is 40 and not getting any warmer. Snow flurries expected today. Back to winter for a couple of days.

  79. @Sylvia

    re: Japan stimulus package

    It is a 2% of GDP package similar to that recommended by the IMF as a target for developed nations. That said, it is rather better focused than the ~US$70 billion pumped in last fall (which had a large financial component). This time the goal is to shore up industrial activity and provide better “safety net” capabilities in regard to laid off workers.

    The two issues that look a bit different than the US or European problems are:

    …that we are still a manufacturing-for-export economy in many ways, although at the high end of that market (machine tools, automobiles, construction equipment, integrated systems, engineering services), not some piece-part maker like South Korea, Taiwan, or P.R. China. When no foreign customers are buying, it chops about a third out of our economy.

    …we got out of the locked-in labor market of our past not by encouraging regular labor mobility but by allowing companies to hire contract (temporary) workers for lots of jobs that used to be required to be filled by permenant employees. So while mid-career moves for regulars are still uncommon (to say the least; unheard of in some industries), the contract workers have been laid off en-masse as companies reduce capacity and try and hold on through this downturn. Sadly, these recent laws that encouraged contract hiring did not provide much in the way of unemployment protection for laid off contract workers. So about a quarter of our national labor force is in a hard way right now, as pretty much *all* contract workers have gotten shown the door.

    Here’s an article on the stimulus if you’d like to read more:

    Hope that helps.

  80. Max. Sorry for the late response. No, don’t have your email.

    Susan, if you stop by, could you send Max my email? Thanks.

  81. “morning All.

    LDG…what a terrific description of the missle thing!!!!! Thank you!!
    Made perfect sense πŸ™‚
    Well, no, none of it makes sense, but it is the world we live in, even though most days it seems pretty senseless!!

    Thats funny Max, I get the Karens confused too! I think this Karen, is Karen and Jack in the email addy. Am I correct??? Susan, the one that never forgets….help! *L*

    Adam, looks like you had a great Saturday, T-ball is so much fun!!
    So whats the story you said you had this week? tuesday live if i remember right.

    Sylvia, I told you winter wasnt over!! Tonight here is to be in the low 20’s….then we warm up again. Hopefully this is the last of the winter storms. And those darn winds, my gosh howled all weekend (again). You’d think it would get tired once in a while!

  82. LDG,
    Thanks…that did help me to understand it more. I’m not a financial person so alot of the economic stuff goes over my head (or through it).

  83. Good Morning all. My son was home over his spring break. We were off to the Mayo to see his surgeon. He will undergo surgery in late May on his left shoulder. He has dislocated it twice in the past year. This will be his second surgery – first was in 2006.

    Later this week, we are off to Florida with friends and family. Looking forward to some warm weather……still waiting for spring to arrive here!

  84. Patty, Correct! I am the Karen and Jack. Karen T is the one with sea in it. Forgot you had my email, too. If possible, please send it on to Max. Thanks.

  85. Patty,
    The temp keeps dropping and is now in the 30’s. We had sleet a few minutes ago and then some rain. I just can’t imagine anyone playing baseball today or sitting out watching baseball. Suppose to start warming up on Wednesday. We can only hope!!!

  86. I missed alot this weekend.

    Welcome back Barb and Becky! Now Julia can join us too πŸ˜‰

    Sylvia, I know its “old news”, but the Cirque Dreams…oh I would love to see that. I remember when they were on TV…some marathon thing a few years ago, our daughter and I fell in love with watching them. So mezmerizing!!!
    Do you know, is it the same troupe as the one in Vegas?

  87. Karen, you’ll have to send me one first, I dont have the email addys stored at work.
    But I will be glad to make sure Max gets it.

    That stinks about your son. 😦

  88. Patty,
    I think this is the touring company and the one in Vegas is permanant. Alot of the performers have done both. Also learned from reading the program that the contortionists are graduates of the Mongolian State School of Contortion. Never knew you could go to school for that!!!!

  89. Karen,
    Sorry your son has to have surgery again. Hope this one goes well.
    Enjoy the warm weather in Florida.

  90. Max Kon Says:

    Sylvia: At Chicago we have to, I’m not certain if it’s the same in MSP. Normally we have to get checked by immigration, which normally leads to an unsecure area, then we put anything we bought duty free into the luggage, recheck it and go back through security.

    Karen: Ok, I don’t believe I ever had your email. I will email you flight details once I know your email.

  91. Max, looking forward to it.
    Patty, just sent an email your way…

    Mike’s surgery went very well last time. He just failed to do all they physical therapy, and took a job involving lifting 50 lbs over head too soon. He now understands the importance of PT and keeping his shoulder muscles strong.

  92. Max, I sent the emaill addy to via facebook.

  93. FYI
    Newt Gingrich is doing an online chat with at 11:30am today,

    I presume that is eastern times zone

  94. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone
    Wow – you all were busy over the week-end – lot to catch up on

    Barb & Becky – glad to hear you had a good trip and glad you all got to meet up with Susan and Ken. I bet she is a hoot and a bundle of energy to be around!!!

    Max – make sure you take pictures for us when you meet up with Karen2 – that should be fun and will make your layover pass quickly.

    LDG – thanks so much for all of the explanations on the missle, constitution, and stimulous. Very educational as usual.

    Sylvia and Patty – Sure hope spring comes your way soon. We are suspose to hit 84 today which is gonna be warm!!! Was suspose to have rain starting today for 5 days – but don’t think it is gonna happen with a temperature of 84. Boo Hoo

    #1 fan – welcome to our little slice of heaven

    Karen2 – Let us know how your son’s surgery goes. Tell him he is in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, this time he will listen to the doctors for his recovery time, and not have to have another surgery down the road.

    Susan – good morning wherever you are –

  95. Hiya KC.
    84? Yikes thats almost too warm for me πŸ™‚
    Im really content in the 65-75 range, anything either direction and I get pretty moody! *LOL*

    That rain, really has a hard time finding you guys!

  96. Patty. Thank you.

  97. Hi KC,
    I’ll take your 85 degrees if Patty won’t. I’m anxious to wear sandals and tees.

  98. morning–

    quickly– LDG– YOU ARE SO DAMN SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is going on with the Security Council?

    K2- looks like Patty took care of it– Max’s email- and poor Mike!!!

    KC- morning– what good movies did you watch?

    John et al– for those who don’t know this but Adam is not into cuss words- I found this out this last time I met him– I called someone an asshole and Adam in a nice way told me not to swear– πŸ˜€

    But I can’t imagine playing ball all those years (NO ONE SWEARS when playing ball?) and being in Hugo land with Hugo’s compadres in Venezuela wanting to boot you out for covering the truth and just saying–knowing how Hugo handles the opposition ~ Oh dear~

    more like Holy Chara!!! Maybe this is why he chews gum in those moments so he controls using profanity? πŸ˜€

    Max– I disabled my facebook because my sister-in-law asked for me to be her friend– I guess she found facebook and one of my friends, the few I have, happens to have my brother’s old girlfriend from 40 years ago whom we keep in touch with– and my sister-in-law, after all these years is still jealous of her, and I didn’t want to ignore her request, so I disabled it again…. I hardly ever use it–I go in there out of curiousity and check out what is going on– I like to read Adam’s comments– some of them are funny– like when he was going back to the border and some girl asked him to bring back pistachos– πŸ˜€ and another guy told Adam those were not lights he was seeing across the border but gun blasts– or something to that effect– (those were funny! Did you see those?)

    How can I make that girl invisible so I can confirm my sister-in-law’s request and stay on facebook? For I have no clue– half the stuff on facebook where one can do more fun stuff, I have no clue as to how to do it– or should I just activate it when I am curious and then deactivate it when I get off?

    And a good day @ all! And hi to number one fan! ~

  99. Susan…is it possible to discuss politics without cussing?

  100. Max Kon Says:

    Karen2: Sent an email.

    KC: Well hopefully Karen could take some photos, since I’m not sure when I’d be able to upload any images.

    Susan: No idea, not sure you can hide friends.

  101. Susan, about the only thing you can do is block her totally. She cant see you or your posts, you cant see her or her posts.
    Thats the only way i know of.

  102. @Susan

    re: “What is going on with the Security Council?”

    I’ll presume you mean the emergency session called by Japan to consider a response to the North Korean missile test…

    The short answer is… not much is going on.

    The P.R.Chinese and the Russians have already spiked any idea of any new sanctions against N.K. That pretty much leaves the diplomats attempting to work out the wording of a letter saying “We are very angry… very very angry”.

    The only danger to the North Koreans (and the Iranians) from this is the possibility of self-injury from uncontrollable spasms of laughter.

  103. LDG, you crack me up!

  104. @Patty

    You might wanna be careful about that… leads to uncontrollable spasms of laughter…

    ((big grin))

  105. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey Everyone!!

    I have a ton of catching up on. We just walked in from high surf training with the Coast Guard. Amazing stuff! Live all day tomorrow. Pics and stuff also.


  106. Susan………….how am I in trouble for cursing?

    I just simply combined the letters for BULLS HIT, which is a derevative of the words BULLS EYE…… means you hit the target close to the bulls eye.

    And the other ” cuss word ” is a combination of the letters that spell AS SKIS SING……….it means you are running a perfect run down the ski slope.

    How’s that for a 103% explanation?

  107. John,
    You should have been a lawyer.

  108. Adam,
    Sounds like you had a fun day. I just walked in from grocery shopping….not as exciting as your day.

  109. @Adam Housley

    Were you up at Cape Disappointment (NMLBS)?

    If so, I hope there was time to go through Astoria, OR, and see the Columbia River Maritime Museum for some supporting information. The museum has a wonderful display of a ’44 motorlifeboat as part of the exhibit area… which would have made a heck of a backdrop for any extra footage to be shot for…

    eh hem. forgive my enthusiasm.

    I hope you had a great time. I’ll try to watch the video as it becomes available on feeds.

  110. *****

    @Adam Housley

    Just in case you look here first: You’ve got mail. Sent it to your yahoo addy.


  111. Good Morning.
    Another cold day here. Send some warm weather this way Patty.

  112. Sylvia, If i could, it was 21 here this morning!

    ‘morning everyone.

  113. Patty,
    Just saw some snow flurries…..ugh

  114. Good Morning all. Cool and sunny here. Will take it… waking up to snow!

  115. Supposedly Adam got a mention on Leno…anyone hear it?

    Fill us in Adam!

  116. I don’t stay awake to watch Leno.

  117. Hi Karen…glad you got some decent weather.

  118. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Great reporting this morning from San Francisco – 18 foot waves, wow, that must be like hitting a brick wall.

    Glad to hear you did not get sick, although you stated one of your crew did. Good of you to swear to keep it a secret as to which person it was. LOL

    Sounds like the coast guard DOES have a tough time with all of their rescues throughout the year. Good job guys

  119. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Morning all
    Warm again here – suspose to have showers this evening – sure – where have we heard that before

    Patty and Sylvia
    Would be happy to send some of this hot weather to you guys. Just to early here to be having these warm temps. Upside is we do not have to use the heater saving big bucks.
    Downside is we have had all our windows and doors open for the last week or so 24-7 and now you can actually write messages on all of our tables, etc. Really good for my allergies – NOT

    Susan – We did stay in our jammies all week-end, but no movies. Got busy prepping food for the beach. Can’t wait till Thursday. Had a relaxing weekend tho which is what we had hoped for.

  120. morning–

    well I turned the tele on to see if I get a glimpse of Adam– I am with Happeing Now right now– I see Obama is at Camp Victory– I wonder if he is going to hit the troops up for stimulus moolah?

    I did catch O’Reilly last night– and I agree with him about Obama’s remarks while in Turkey– bringing up the past mistakes here in regards to the treatment of the Blacks and Native Americans~ It did sound negative to me and O’Reilly caught it too.

    Patty and Max- that is what I thought–facebook– I will just activate and deactivate– and this way no one gets hurt– πŸ˜€

    LDG– you are way funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes– I was asking about the emergency meeting– and Camp Disappointment– LOL

    Sylvia– expletive– LOL and sometimes those deserving of this expletive– at the moment it was apropos!

    KC– I bet you are going to have a FUN week-end-

    John– 104% I agree!

    and Adam got mentioned on Leno? Dang– I wonder what Leno said– Funny remark?

    Maybe Leno is #1fan?

    some earthquake in Italy!!!!!!!!!!

    oh Adam– where are you on the tele? I can’t watch it all day~

    92 today BTW– SUCKS! But it beats Georgia and all those other states– Patty and Sylvia– I will send you 14 degrees- 78 is my perfect weather– I like wearing sleeves which at least cover half my arm– those underarm wings are so disgusting– I would rather hide it than fix it– πŸ˜€

    and I forgot to ask you this, Sylvia– when you mentioned Champagne dressing awhile back, were you talking about the Girard’s dressing? If so, I use that dressing frequently– I bought the rasberry yesterday for a salad I am making Sunday– spinach, walnuts, cranberries, feta cheese, and grapes–

    Are LDG and Max going to do the Easter supper or dinner or meal?


  121. Clinton now has his boyhood home as an historic site? I wonder how many motels are included? πŸ˜€

  122. Susan,
    I make my own champagne vinaigrette dressing.

    As for Clinton…..”Clinton Slept Here” signs are in MANY hotels/motels.

  123. Susan, underarm wings…*LMAO*
    motels? only the ones that rent by the hour. (and have clean air machines, as we know he doesn’t inhale)
    Agreed, 92 is much too warm.

    Don’t know what the Leno comment was, just saw a post on adam’s facebook by someone else.

    Champagne dressing…here i thought it was going to be about clothing! Guess i need to pay attention πŸ™‚

  124. Our Easter dinner with the kids has been postponed. The house is really tore up from the hallway work, and I have tack strips showing everywhere…definitly not a place for the little kids right now. AFTER that work is done, we will “celebrate” together.

  125. well– I haven’t seen Adam– maybe he will post a video here?

    Dang Sylvia– Industrious you are– I just buy the dressing already made.. no mess, no fuss~ πŸ˜€

    Patty– I am sooooooooooo curious as to Leno’s comment– Adam, share with us!

    and a good day @ all-

  126. @Susan

    No Easter things planned. Not a holiday for me.


    Oh drat, no sign of our good host yet? I was hoing he’d get my message before he crashed ‘last night’ (his time).

    ah well.

    g’morning All!

    As to weather and such… you are missing out. Susan and KC have been getting sunbaked; Patty and Sylvia the freeze; here, it is perfect Spring weather and the cherry trees are in full bloom. Wish I could share.

  127. typo: hoing hoping

  128. Max Kon Says:

    We normally eat some Polish food for Easter.
    I’m actually excited about Easter for once, but maybe that’s because I gave up chocolate for February and Lent, and now I will get to have it again.

  129. LDG…I wish you could too! My roses are even scared to poke a bud out!

  130. We are having Passover seder at our house on Thursday evening. Guess I’ll be in the kitchen most of the day.

  131. Good day all…. it is chilly here in Carolina. The whole state is excited that Carolina won the NCAA Basketball game last night, except me. I bleed green and white for Michigan State, so I am disappointed that they did not do better.

    I am looking forward to warmer temps also. I am with you Susan, somewhere between 75 and 85 is perfect.

  132. LDG,
    I’m jealous!!!! Enjoy the weather and the blossoms.

  133. LDG, lets try this again πŸ™‚
    Does the rest of the world look at Ob as a capable leader that some of the press wants us to believe? or are they sitting back rubbing thier hands together waiting for the games to begin, cause they already know they are going to win?

    Its just really depressing for me. He’s tearing the US down at every open of his mouth.

  134. AND, he had to stop at Iraq to talk “tough”. He’s got the ones that voted for him so pissed that I do believe there is “buyers remorse”…so now he’s got to run PR to try to appease them.

  135. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I so agree with you – Obama acts like he is on the campaign trail again instead of being the President of the United States. I hope the sheeple that voted for him wake up and realize what they have done to our Country. Such a sad situation we are in right now – it is going to be a looooong 4 years.

    Lucky you to have “real” spring weather. Last couple of years we seem to go from winter to summer. I am sure this has something to do with Gore – (big grin)

    Susan – Thanks, really looking forward to our drive to the beach. 5 days this trip. Hopefully, cooler weather. Just not quite ready to give up the sweats.

  136. Patty,
    I agree with your comments about Obama and buyers’ remorse.

  137. KC,
    Have fun at the beach.

  138. @Patty

    re: “Does the rest of the world…?”

    Heh, this one is fairly brief to answer.

    There is a huge difference between public popularity (basically idol worship) and the perceptions of the leadership of other countries. Let’s treat this as being about the leader’s reactions.

    First, the various leaders of nations understand that it is not usually possible for the American President to lead by personality alone. They look really hard at who is on the Cabinet, who controls the critical committees giving advice, and who / which party controls the legislature. They then form a picture of what they expect the adminstration to be able to do… and not be able to do.

    So they look really hard at the Obama administration, and…

    (gross generalization)

    Your friends wince.

    Your military allies make plans to go it alone.

    Your enemies, and those who just wish you ill-fortune, see opportunity.

    sorry to confirm your concerns. 😦

  139. I wasn’t a buyer.

  140. LDG,
    Now I am depressed.

  141. @KC

    re: winter to summer

    Hah! I’ve been to Fresno… you have no winter. You get a couple of wet, chill weeks (days?) and then the rest of the year *is* summer.

    You’re just lucky there are some rivers nearby, makes the whole place livable.

    Maybe Mr. manbearpig is at fault, but I think the issue predates him by a few centuries.
    ((big grin in reply))

  142. @Sylvia

    re: depressed — yeah, sorry. I have to fend off that feeling for myself on that topic.

  143. Thanks LDG, I thought maybe it was just backwards thinking in my world and I was way off base. Or maybe I was more in hopes thats what it was.
    Atleast I know Im depressed for the right reasons!

    manbearpig………..*LOL* never heard that one before!!

  144. KC…enjoy would wonderfully long weekend! I almost envy you two! πŸ™‚

  145. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I am old enough to remember we use to have 4 seasons in this valley, but not any more. But you are right about the rivers and lakes – also the mountains are 1 hour away and the coast is 2 hours away, so we do have many options to take to get out of the heat.
    Now in all fairness for our winters – we did get a “few” days of frost so that meant it had to be cold (laughing). Still waiting for the wet days to appear however. Everything is soooo dry and dusty – gonna be a bad fire season I’m afraid, and will probably come early again. Poor Adam, hope his bags are packed and ready.

  146. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Patty and Sylvia

    We are not leaving until Thursday morning, but we do plan on having a great time. Always hate to leave once we are there, but some day, will be there permanently.

  147. Hello all….we were out and about. On the road, a van had the following banner on its back door. “Comrade Obamy Lied” ” The Economy Died”

    Gave the driver of the van a big thumbs up….he returned with the same and a huge smile!

  148. Karen,
    Great bumper sticker.

  149. Sylvia – Loved the bumper sticker.

    Just caught Adam’s live report on Fox Business. Those waves would make me sick!

  150. Karen,
    I haven’t seen that report…..but if it involves big waves and a boat I’d be in trouble too.

  151. @All

    The video is up on the FOXNews website now, titled “High Surf”.

    Seems our good host did get to go out on a 47′ MLB, which is a great ride, but did so off Ocean Beach at San Francisco.

    Good report, IMO.

  152. Awesome bumper sticker!!

    Ya know, I love water, always did. Was licensed life guard etc. BUT…for the life of me, I cant stand on a dock without feeling sick.
    If there is water on 3 sides, I’m done for. Dont know why, if it because of the migraines that messes with my head or just maybe “in my head”!
    Those waves would definitely have made me sick!

  153. Adam Housley Says:

    LDG- I did get the e-mail and am going to read it. Glad you gave me the heads up. All my e-mail accounts get slammed.

    Patty- Yeah, he made a joke and I think you can find it online. It was in his monologue and I think last night was a rerun from a few weeks ago when we were on the border.

    Susan, did you see us yet? I will posy behind the scenes video on here in a sec.


  154. Patty: Among Democrats Obama is still popular, 80%. Among Republicans 23%. I think the main group feeling buyers remorse would be the independants that voted for him.
    He’s fulfilling the dreams that most Democrats filled his empty words with, but the expectations of the independants are not being met.

  155. Max,
    I agree.

  156. Adam–

    I caught you on Shep YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, that was a ride– I think I might have gotten sick myself!!! πŸ˜€ You look so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And LDG– I am going to send you an email in reference to the package-

    way cooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!! Maru loves the mice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much I saw him carry one in his mouth and I went looking for him and he was sitting in the garage on the hood of my car with a white mouse next to him– it was sooooooooooooo funny!!!!
    I love the ~dashi~ cart– everything——— thank you sooooooooooo much–

    off to class!


  157. I have never watched Jon Stewart before. Tonight he is hillarious! Ob’s sentence on no nukes…comes straight out of one of the old superman movies! *L*

  158. @Adam Housley

    re: “All my e-mail accounts get slammed.” — oh, no doubt. Glad it got to you, hope something good can come of it, and thanks for taking the time.



  159. Good Morning All,

    I’ve never watched Jon Stewart. Obama provides alot of opportunity for humorists…….even if his message is depressing.

  160. Hi everyone. Wow, quiet day.

    Our weather is finally nice!! (sounds like rain is in our forcast though. probably was KC was supposed to get a few days ago)

  161. Hi, i think you might find this article interesting:

    It’s an old one from September 2007. Look who founded or ran a few environmental groups dedicated to cap and trade programs, which is of course very anti-free-market and gives a lot of control to the government. (hint: he orchestrated the bailouts in 2008).

    No wonder he was so insistant on the need for a bailout, he was never a free market guy!

  162. Looks like most of you are really quiet today.
    Max…..I checked out your link….am not surprised.

  163. Adam Housley Says:

    I have a ton of catching up to do. I have edited a cool slideshow that I need to convert and then post here tomorrow, so stay tuned. I WILL respond to a few posts and LDG, I will finally get to your e-mail now that it will FINALLY be off of my blackberry. Hope it is not too late.


  164. @Adam Housley

    Welcome back.

    Knowing you were so busy, I ran with what I had on that item, but it would still be good to follow it up as this the report FOXNews went with:

    If you want more details on why it matters, look over on Competing Hypotheses:

  165. ‘morning all.

    Dreary day here, matches the mood.

    question…on F&F’s this morning, I head alittle of them talking about the insurance companies that want bailed now too. But i missed majority of the story.
    Anyone know which companies they were talking about?

  166. oops *head = heard

  167. Adam, enjoy your time back at home. It probably wont lost long at the rate you’ve been going!
    Do you ever just “sit” and “do nothing”?

  168. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    They were talking about Life Insurance companies in general. I guess it is because a lot of life policies you can borrow from. What they are doing with all of the premiums they collect every month is unknown to me. Maybe they invest the premiums in the stock market, thereby losing a lot of money and then when they have to pay out a policy because of death, or lend out money when someone wants to borrow it, they are running out. I am sure we will hear more about this again.

  169. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone
    Headed out the door real soon – will talk at you all Monday or Tuesday.
    Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday, however, you celebrate it.

    Hope you are home for a bit and get some R & R. Wanted to wish you a Happy Easter.

  170. Thanks for the info KC

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  171. Max Kon Says:

    Happy Easter KC & everyone Christian.
    Happy Passover to Avi & Sylvia.

    I’m actually looking forward to easter this year. I’ve not had chocolate for all lent, so I’m looking forward to it.

  172. Dont go shopping Max, Id hate to think you ate all the ears off the chocolate bunnies! *LOL*

  173. Oh, just heard news of the pitcher that was killed. How sad. Our prayers go out to all the families and friends involved.

  174. Hi All,
    Been in the kitchen all day. Company coming for Passover seder.
    Max…thank you and Happy Easter to you. Enjoy your candy.

  175. Max Kon Says:

    Patty: Lol, we mainly have chocolate eggs here. But I don’t really like English chocolate.

    Sylvia: Thanks, I’ve also been craving passover cakes. I’ve no idea why. I’ve no Jewish relatives and I haven’t had any Jewish cakes for years, maybe 8. I’ll go back to the Jewish part of town next week when the cakes might be discounted.

  176. Happy Passover and Easter to all.

    Tonight we will be going to a Passover Seder at our Church. It is a great way to learn of the origins of the Last Supper.

    A friend sent me a recipe for Kugel and so now I am wanting it. I think I will make it sometime this weekend.

    Max, when we lived in England I got hooked on Cadbury’s eggs and love them.

    If you click on my name it is a link to my pictures taken at the world’s largest cross in TX. Very appropriate for this weekend.

  177. Hi Barb and Patty. Happy Easter to you.

    I’m taking a break from cooking. Table is set, brisket is sliced, and chicken matzah ball soup are ready to be reheated. Just have to make potato kugel.
    Max…the cakes allowed on Passover are different from the ones during the year. They are made with matzah flour and have no leavening.
    Barb….kugal for Passover is also different…it does not contain noodles. Passover food can be very heavy.

  178. Barb: I haven’t had them for years. I might have some this weekend, since it’s likely my last chance. But I’m not sure I want to, I don’t have fond memories of Creme eggs.

    Sylvia: I’m pretty sure the first time we explored the bakeries was in the run up to passover, the cakes were nice. I liked the little ones, I forget what they are called. I will find out.

  179. @All

    A belated Pesach Shalom for Passover

    Best wishes, Christians, for your most revered holy-day come this weekend.

    May the celebration of Spring and new life come again be well for you all.

  180. Adam Housley Says:

    HEY GUYS……sad day for a lot of people today. I covered the Nick Adenhart tragedy. Sooooo sad in so many ways. I did finally get to that new post, please keep Nick, his family, his friends, teammates, coaches and those who also lost their lives last night in your thoughts and prayers.


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