Border Bust

We are down here on the border again, as we continue to follow the imperative operations involving so many U.S. agenicies. This time we watch as Customs and Border Protection work with ICE to stop traffic heading southbound into Mexico. The idea is to stop weapons and money moving across the border. As we arrive, agents seize two cars loaded with dope. One SUV is riding low even though there is only one person in the car. This picture shows dope stuffed in the panels in the back. They found bricks also in the doors and seemingly throughout the car.

dsc_0913Secretary Napolitano has said that enforcement will increase in southbound directions across the southern border. Agents seem to welcome any new money and help. It is important when you consider there is little if any infastructure on the United States side to stop or even slow cars for inspection. Also, when agents begin an operation, they only have about 15 minutes before drug cartel spotters have notifed all those heading southbound. Here’s a photo of Scott King and I as we cover the story in the southbound lanes, about a hundred yards north of the border.



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  1. Secretary Janet should have been more on the ball when serving as governor— as Lou Dobbs said last night– why doesn’t she just send a memo about the border chara~ ๐Ÿ˜€

    OK Janet– do something since you are now in a higher position, but pray tell, while here as Governor, you ran this State into a deficit and DID NOTHING about your one border!!!!!

    Awhile back, one one of your earlier threads, when she was being appointed for this job, I argued how her lame ass did not do anything for border control here as she was pushed upwards for a higher position.

    As for the border inspections… who the hell would want this job?

    I called my son- SWAT guy, after I heard about the four cops being killed in Oakland, for just a routine traffic inspection… and I begged him to get out of the police work!

    All these guys take such a risk to just protect us~~~~ with little back up!

    We kind of let them do it all!!!!

    I have very high regards for anyone who jeopardizes their lives…

    Now let these jerks in the higher position, as they eat salmon and bowl a 129, go out and spend one lousy day with these admirable people and see what it is really all about instead of sniveling about having a messed up family life!

    I am sooooo grateful for anyone who wants to fight and do the right thing.. because they believe!


  2. BTW–

    Nice picture of you and Scott–

    Hi Scott– remember me? I remember you– cute guy with the pretty teeth! And you were so cool!

    BTW Adam– it is Scott and me– and not Scott and I!

    LDG made the same mistake too in another thread and then he corrected it –

    ( ๐Ÿ˜€ I love taunting you!)

  3. @ Adam–

    You are the best–

    keep covering the border stories as it really needs to be recognized–


    I think sometimes many of us don’t realize how dangerous this is because we sit comfy in our homes with the tele on and maybe making remarks like~ this is awful—

    It is more than awful, for it is real—

    these drug lords are not just here by the border but these guys are all over our States!!! The border is just an entry but the drugs run rampant beyond the borders~

    My son was telling me, who lives in Virginia, how murders have increased lately– due to the economy and drugs—

    I asked him how many times a week does he do the SWAT thing, to which he replied at least twice– and it is usually drug involved!

    And oh yes– before I forget to mention this— funds for the police have been cut back too— probably with many States.

    HMMM??? Let me look at this at a glance– AIG and all those other thieves get a big bail out and those who do an honest living have to take a hike to the unemployment office? Jeopardizing an honest person who will suffer?

    It just pisses me off– but as the Bible says—The meek shall inherit the earth….


  4. @Scott–

    Do you want a cat?

    I am still lookng for homes for cats~


  5. Good Morning All,
    US Customs and Border Protection officers seized an arriving shipment of 60 pump-action 12 gauge shotguns and 177 pistols masked as toys at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport. Valued at $14,000, the shippment came from Istanbul, Turkey and was marked “toys”.
    The shipment came in 25 boxes and were destined for a business in Kentucky. No arrests have been made and the investigation continues. All firearms seized were turned over for future forfeiture proceedings and disposal

    What the hell is going on???? When did Istanbul get into the arms business, and I can’t believe they came through the same airport we use for travel.

  6. Good morning everyone.
    I’m going for visa interview in about an hour. Let’s all hope/pray I get approved! Please? ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Max,
    Good luck. You can use all of us bloggers as charactor references.
    On second thought, maybe that would jeopardize your chances!!!
    Anyway, hope it goes well.
    How soon do you find out results?

  8. Sylvia: at the end of the interview.

  9. Max,
    Fingers crossed……wishing good news.

  10. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Susan – very good thoughts in your posts (pointing up)

    Max – good luck and please let us know how the interview went. I am sure you will get approved – unless you are hiding something from us and you have been a bad boy (laughing). Seriously tho – fingers are crossed for you

    Adam – great coverage this morning – please be careful down there. How long are you going to be in the area???

  11. I got it! No trouble at all. YAY!

  12. Max,

  13. @Max

    Way to go!

    @Adam Housley

    Bravo on the reporting at the border. Just curious, who at FOXNews gets the call to cover SecState H. Clinton’s Mexico trip? (I’d hope you got it, but there are a lot of folks in line I would bet.)

    Good luck and stay safe on this one.

  14. @Sylvia

    Turkey, like many many countries, has a significant local small arms industry.

    What makes that case odd is not the source, although it is uncommon, it is that the smugglers felt it necessary to bring in those shotguns and pistols without documentation… as both types are likely legal firearms in the U.S. …so why go to the trouble? Should be an interesting investigation.

  15. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Congrats to you – guess you were a good boy after all – LOL

    Top of the morning to you LDG

  16. LDG,
    I will keep you posted on this story. I am really surprised about it.

  17. Follow-Up:


    Says the pistols were blank-guns (imitations in style of real weapons), the shotguns were functional.

    This report cites a spokesman at US CBP by name, were one to wish to follow this up further.

  18. @Sylvia

    please do

    @KC and All

    Hi KC! I hope you are finding some fun this fine morning.

    and a bright g’morning to one and all.

  19. LDG,
    Why ship blank guns? Are they a coverup for the shotguns?

  20. KC always finds fun.
    Could use a little sunshine here….rainy day.

  21. @Sylvia

    Just a guess, but there is a market for replica guns as well as functional ones. Bets are some shop owner of dubious moral character wanted to get some cheap shotguns and replica pistols to sell with the extra profit margin of not paying duty or taxes on the items. (I’ve never really understood why though, as having a realistic replica is *worse* than having a real gun unless you are a movie company’s prop shop. Some people think they are “cool” to have though.)


    I’ve seem people try to sneak a shipment of stones from Tuscany into the U.S., claiming they were Roman road relics. Who the heck knows why people feel the need to smuggle, expecially to smuggle fakes, but they do.

  22. (more)

    Sorry Sylvia, didn’t really answer your question.

    The “cover” for both items was that the shipment was the invoice and shipping documents labeled “Toys”. Whoever packed them likely did not expect the crates to be opened.

  23. …shipment was the‘s invoice…

  24. LDG,
    Does that mean the feds are actually starting to check shipped items? Maybe security is finally getting tougher.
    I find it strange that all my liquid or gel items have to be in a quart size ziplock bag (lip gloss, eye drops, etc) and sent through a scanner, and shipped stuff is rarely checked for dangerous things.

  25. @Sylvia

    Yes, that is what it means. Cargo is a pain because a lot of what gets shipped is not amenable to conventional x-ray or other sensor technologies, but there have been big improvements and a lot of money spent under the Bush 43 administration to field such cargo examination equipment. Manpower assigned to cargo screening is also way up from 8 years ago… more hands means more potential questions asked and more crowbars to get answer the questions.

    What should worry you is that the U.S. Mail and private Parcel Companies are nowhere near so well screened. (again, defeated by cost vs. volume) They do try their best though, unlike 20 years ago when a company I assisted couldn’t get the airlines to purchase any significant number of explosives detection systems… they claimed the Feds should have bought them for them… but then airline companies in the U.S. survive only by government largese anyway.

  26. Thanks everyone. The guy just asked where i was going, what i wanted to study, why Casper, and then said ‘that’s it, i’ve just approved your visa’. All the documents to show evidence of my life here just stayed in my folder.

  27. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    How long is your visa good for???

    Yep – I do always have a lot of fun. I figure at my old age, I have more than paid my dues, and now the rest of my life is for my enjoyment without any stress or worries. Fun, Fun, and more Fun – LOL

  28. Patty,
    You’re awfully quiet today. Busy at work?

  29. kC: I don’t know. As long as I’m studying I think. Getting the student visa is the hardest part, getting them to extend it is no trouble. They are pretty lax about changing things after the visa has been accepted.

  30. Max,
    Marry an American citizen and you can extend it indefinitely!!!

  31. Sylvia: lol, i know! Plus I then only have to pay instate fees (assuming she’s a resident of Wyoming).

  32. This is too much why spent alot of money and time hunting down drug dealers this drama will never end .the big boss drug dealers themselves are not involved in any transation they hire new employees everyday so if one is caught they just replace him or her with a another one so the Goverment will never win this drug issue .simple way to deal with this just legalize majiruana a little pot never killed anybody . By legalizing Marijuana the goverment will sign a contract with mexico and impose hign tarrif thats way it will decrease viloence,and our counrty will benefit with money .and adam good job anyways

  33. adam
    i meant good job as always not anyways

  34. Max,
    Remember, you’re suppose to marry for love, not money or visas!!!!!

  35. Sylvia: I know, but in the embassy packet the college sent i got a “Campus Fast Facts” leaflet, which says that 61% of the students are female. I didn’t know that before, since it wasn’t on any of the websites I saw, so my chances of finding someone lovely should be pretty high.

  36. Max,
    Those are great odds for you!!!

  37. Susan…are you Susie now?

  38. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    WOOOO HOOOOO – You are gonna have fun – great odds!!!!!
    Just remember, study first, play later

  39. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I don’t think so – maybe a new comer???

  40. Sylvia and KC I was wondering the same thing.

    Max… those are good odds!

  41. KC,
    Who do you think it is? You are more knowledgeable about the blog than I am.

  42. Barb and KC,
    I’ll email Susan and ask her.

  43. I sent her an email. Will let you know if I get a reply.

  44. I know! And studying for Physical Education means work will be play.

    I think Susie is someone new, the presntation style is different.

    Oh, and this discussion is semi-ontopic: Immigration!

  45. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I see you have it all figured out – smart man – LOL

    Also agree with you on our new blogger

  46. Any Patty sightings today?
    Do we need to send out a search party?

  47. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Sure hope she is not down with another migraine

  48. KC,
    I just sent Patty an email to see if she is OK.
    Still haven’t heard back from Susan either.

  49. Sylvia: She was on facebook and said ‘YEAH!!!’ to my status about my visa. But she’s been busy because a twister was pretty close to where she lived, no one hurt.

  50. Max, I just got Patty’s email. She was busy at work and is very tired.

  51. Hi all.

    off topic>
    our place is like a mile SW of the touch down spot on the map.
    Im sure ours was straighline winds.

    Ive been swamped at work. Boss is Emergency Manager, who happened to be in Vegas when the storms hit!
    Thanks for wondering though!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Its nice to be missed.

    on topic>
    Im not impressed with Clinton and Napalitano’s (sp?) crap. I still think its just for show. I’ve read many of the “headsup” from Janet, her words are carefully selected just like her boss’s! I dont trust a one of them, and I dont think they are going to help the situations on the border. Appearances only.
    Hopefully I am wrong, like Susan said, many put thier lives on the line to try to keep us safe…….I just dont think the gov’t really gives a crap about them, and will never give them what they need to accomplish such a huge task.

    Welcome Susie!

  52. Patty, I don’t trust any of those politicians either. And I don’t think they are serious about border patrol.

  53. Susie,
    If you are new here…welcome. We are a friendly group.


  54. Sylvia–

    I just turned on the computer– looooooooooooong day and tiring– I just got done with the back wall and next time around, I am going to let someone else do it–

    No– I am not Susie– Hi Susie-

    Adam– I saw you this morning– I had to shake my head on the drugs in the spare tire– oldest trick in the book– this would be the first place I would check out as well as panels– thank you sooooooooooo much for continuing to cover the drug wars– I wonder what Obama will name this as he has changed the War on Terrorism to some other bullchara name–

    Lou Dobbs had some fun emails– One said please tell Hillary Clinton to go to hell– I will apologize for my own country…

    Please tell Obama to stop campaigning and get to work.

    Patty– I was never impressed with Janet’s lack of concern about the border here– Sheriff Joe is the only one who gives a chara and then he gets yelled at!

    Phoenix is #2 in kidnappings and this did not happen overnight!!!!

    And I am with O’Reilly- send the National Guards to the border.

    Seems to me attitude is Fix it when it is completely broken down!

    Max– glad your interview went well–

  55. Great reporting as always Adam. I’m glad to see that the US is getting a little more serious about the border control. However, I’m afraid that as long as there is corruption within the Mexican military and police that are stationed on the south side of the border that the drug cartels will always find a way to get in. You mentioned that our agents have only about 15 minutes before a drug cartel spotter reports ahead to the “mules” that an operation is under way. I wonder how many of those spotters are Mexican police or military on the cartel payroll. Remember that before Mexico became the latest drug smuggling power house, Colombia had that dubious distinction…….and it wasn’t until they stamped out the corruption within their government and military ( with the help of the US ) that they finally got the upper hand over the cartels.

    Max…….congratulations on your getting your visa……… go for an American Express and a Master Card.

  56. Good Morning from foggy Cincinnati……foggy outside AND in my brain. Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

  57. ‘morning all!

  58. wao thanx guys for a warm welcome .

  59. @All

    g’morning! Is our good host still down Mexico way today?

    Hi susie! Welcome to this little corner of the ‘blogosphere!

  60. By the way… having noticed the mention of the legalization arguement (re: marajuana)…

    Anyone else ever consider the irony that national governments the world over are hell-bent on making tobacco illegal or very strictly regulated, yet many of the same activists argue for legalizing marajuana?

    Talk about working at cross-purposes, eh?

  61. Hi all-

    John– you are too funny– Your credit card comment–

    I see Anderson Cooper is also reporting from El Paso–

    the more the merrier on covering this– Keep it coming— Border Contingency Operations– ๐Ÿ˜€

    Here is a justification–

    The theory may be that people are somewhat less reticent about killing people and breaking things when engaged in a war than they would be in a “overseas contingency operation.” That seems to be the opinion of the International Commission of Jurists which pressured the Obama administration into dropping the term “war”, saying that use of the term “war” gave the Bush administration “spurious justification to a range of human rights and humanitarian law violations,”

    (I think these people are smoking some of that border stuff)

    so by dropping the word~war~ do they have to rename all wars?

    and here is this:

    One can just imagine how conversations would run in years and decades to come. “My first husband died in the Great Overseas Contingency Operation in Iraq.” “I got wounded and lost my leg in the Great Overseas Contingency Operation by an IED in Fallujah.” “For bravery above and beyond the call of duty in the Overseas Contingency Operation, Private Smith is awarded the Medal of Honor.”

    LOL to that!!!

  62. I see LDG has changed marijuana to marajuana-

  63. Hi LDG,
    I don’t know if that is irony or hypocracy.

  64. @Susan

    my bad… I typed tai ma the first time… then realized no one here but me would understand and quickly changed it…

    mai speling iz naut sew gud, u noe

    Thanks for the correction!


    Irony and hypocricy can co-exist, you know.

  65. tai ma. Other Names: ยงOยฆWยกR ยก@ Common Name: ยฅ~ ยครฅยฆWยกR. Marijuana (in North America), ganja (Indonesia, Malaysia India) Distribution: ยฒยฃยฆaยกR. Throughout China, SE Asia, and USA.

    Marijuana / Weed / Pot: ๅคง้บป ๅคง้บป: tai ma taima: dร  mรก da ma: da4 ma2 dama:

    Pron. in Cantonese:

    tai ma

    I do now!!!

    good thing you made the mistake– I just learned something new–

  66. This is for Susan, and her case (above) of OCD… Overseas Contingency Disorder, that is…


  67. If you guys are going to talk about pot all night I’ve got’ta go buy some brownies…………….Anybody seen my roach clip? Later.

  68. *sniff sniff*
    Im thinking I like the new air freshener here!!!!

  69. Does it smell sweet?

  70. Pot is one smell that I can pick up on from blocks away! I love the smell.
    Im not sure that i would call it “sweet” sylvia.

  71. I’ve never tried it. Decided my brains were better off without it. One glass of wine makes me dizzy.

  72. Meant to say brain cells…but those are getting fewer each day.

  73. @LDG—

    GREAT article– I also loved some of the comments which followed–

    THANKS SO MUCH— I am keeping that link–

    You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    How are the brownies coming along? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Which tai ma recipe did you use? I think I am going to try the ganja one myself- I love Indian cuisine… ๐Ÿ˜€

  74. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone – and HAPPY FRIDAY

    Let’s see – mary jane, forget the brownies, always preferred popcorn myself, heavenly smell – oh – those were the days!!!! But I never inhaled – LOL

  75. Am I the only one who hasn’t tried it??? I’m beginning to think I missed out on something. Guess I led a sheltered life!!! To think I was in high school and college during the wonderful 60’s and missed something.

  76. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Heard this morning on the news that if or when N. Korea shoots off their rocket – there may be a chance of debris or whatever hitting or landing in Japan. Would that be by you if that were to happen??
    Do you actually think they will really launch it??

  77. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You haven’t missed anything really. I tried it late in life – after my kids were grown and gone – really wasn’t impressed at all. Just made me want salty snacks and put me to sleep almost immediately. I was for sure NOT the life of the party – just went to bed (laughing). I will take my ciggies any day of the week

  78. All… not sure how often we will be able to blog next week on the road, but will try. We are planning on posting some pictures along the way, just depends on the Wifi connections. Everyone have a great weekend.

  79. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Have a safe trip and looking forward to your pictures

  80. g’morning!


    Long story about the North Korean missile test… not going to tell it all here, but there is a bunch over on CompHyp about it.

    In specific to your questions:

    No not near me. If, and that’s a big if, the North Koreans actually launch it like they have announced, the first stage drop-zone would be ~100 miles west of Akita Prefecture, which is way up at the north end of the Japanese mainland (Honshuu). That would be more than 300 miles north of where I live. The North Korean announcement also mentioned a second stage drop-zone far to the east of Japan out in the North Pacific. No danger there.

    I think they are going to try to launch it. Their missile technology is so primitive that there is a better than even chance it will just go *boom* after launch like the first try back in 2006.

  81. @Barb (and Becky)

    Luck and safe travels!

  82. Barb and Becky,
    Have a fun, safe trip.

  83. Did any of you see any news about Venezuelan prosecutors filing charges against 8 police officers and 3 others on charges of involvement in an attack on Caracas’ largest synagogue?
    One police suspect worked as a bodyguard for a rabbi. Another police suspect charged for aiding intruders by deactivating an alarm and an electric fence.
    The attack took place Jan 30, shattering religious objects, spray painting anti- semitic slogans, stealing a computer database with the names and addresses of Jews in Venezuela.

    Does this sound eerily like Hitler’s rise to shame?

  84. @Sylvia

    That would be this story as reported by the AP:,0,4186749.story

    It has some similarities to the early Nazi terror, but in this case the open question is whether the *government in power* orchestrated this attack.

    What (professionals outside Venezuela) are looking for now is evidence that the membership list has been used to target individuals for theft or assault… and nothing like that has shown up yet. The second, but unprovable, concern is that the list has been handed to Hezbollah’s Venezuelan presence for future use in terrorism (hostage taking).

    Hope that helps.

  85. HI all.

    Just a heads up with the snow storm. Unless it moves to the NE border of KS, we are not effected.
    All is well here.
    It’s dang cold, but nothing coming down.

  86. Patty,
    Please do not send snow my way. It’s suppose to get blustery on Sunday and then warm up again.
    Snow is a 4 letter word.

  87. LDG,
    Thanks for the additional info. I don’t know the reasons for the attacks, but no good can come from this. Hostage taking would be awful.
    I find it hard to believe that Chavez is innocent of all this.

  88. @Sylvia

    ((nods in agreement))

  89. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks for the info – And I agree – Let’s just hope it goes boom and nothing else.

  90. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Have those horrible winds died down in your area. Bet hubby’s job this weekend will be working on that hay barn of yours.
    Did you get your house stuff done and over??

  91. Good Morning and Happy Weekend.
    Going to have coffee and check the web for news. Paper hasn’t shown up yet.

  92. I saw this report on fox it was really cool how one side is secured the other not so much..

    I need to catch up on this blog ๐Ÿ™‚


    flying out early monday.

    TLV- Moscow-Chicago-MIA

    Chicago is were my luggage is doomed to get lost since the layover is 1.5 hours haha

    then i fly to D.C. from miami with my dad on the 1st -4th

    and on ROTC— I’m going to have a ” summit,” with my dad and iron things out and see what I do.

    Oh and ill be at the State dept on the 18th for a thingy with my dad for the American Bar Association.

  93. Avi,
    And where will you be for Passover seder on the 8th and/or 9th? Do you have one of those really looooong seders or a short “reform” one like ours?

  94. Sylvia,

    Last year we were in Indi with my dads side of the family for sedar, there i think we did the full thing? But i not fully sure. Not sure where me and my dad will be.

  95. Avi,
    Ours is from the reform Haggadah and is “short and sweet”. I don’t think I could sit through an Orthodox seder. And I definitely can’t drink 4 glasses of wine. I have 1 glass and then grape juice for the rest.

  96. Adam Housley Says:

    Helllllooooooooo everyone-

    Had a day off, so went to Vegas to see some of my college friends. They do it the right way. Nice dinners, time by the pool, SPA, bet on some games. Welcome Susie, watch out for SUSAN…..also MAX…..congrats… out America!


  97. Adam,
    Which hotel casino made money off of you? lol

  98. Thanks Adam!


    WHOOOOOOO Nellie- Slow down………..

    You think you are the busiest person around… check it out– we are all too- We come in here to support you… capiche?

    Come spend one day with me and see what I do and you will see my day!
    I ride on 18 hours of awake and throw in naps in between the sleep…

    And I am sure there are a few more here who also busy~ ๐Ÿ˜€

    So YOU did send Max the video? A promise is a promise– goes with the integrity…

    Susie never came back? Who was she anyway?

    How did she get this blog’s link? Not from me–

    Hi Susie– whomever you are—

    Come back, come back, wherever you are!!!!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  100. oops!

    I see a thank you from Max to Adam–


    You thanked Adam~
    HE DID send you the video?

    If so, I have to apologize~~~~~~~~~~~

    Sorry Adam—

    If this is the case– forgive me for …. never mind… Just forgive me!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  101. Dang—

    I typed so fast– made some mistakes–

    And I am sure there are a few more here who also busy—

  102. Susan: I was thanking Adam for congratulating me on my visa.

  103. Patty,
    Did you get a lot of snow?

  104. SUSAN!!!!!!!!! you seem to have a bad day. u going off on everyone .its sunday come on now be nce . anywys am still around aint going nowhere .

  105. susie–


    I can take back my apology to Adam–

    ADAM– WHERE is Max’s video? ๐Ÿ˜€

  106. susie–

    do you like e.e. cummings? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  107. susie–

    btw– check out the dates– it was saturday when i posted– not sunday-

    saturday is the day of doing it all and sunday is the day of repenting~

    i know what i am doing ๐Ÿ˜‰

    glad you are still around~ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


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