THE WBC in San Diego


We are down here in San Diego to cover a great program by Major League Baseball Umpires to train U.S. Marines to become umpires once they have completed their service. The night before our live coverage here in San Diego, we went to the stadium to conduct an interview and had a chance to catch part of the World Baseball Classic and I have to say, while the crowds aren’t massive, they are VERY loud. Here are some pics and I did buy a team USA hat!

dsc_0893We did have a chance to see the tail end of the Cuba versus Japan game and also the first part of the Mexico versus Korea. Both teams in the late game had some loud support. It is interesting to see the countries and how they differ a bit in the way their players are taught and play the game. Baseball is truly becoming a world sport and I hope we make it out of Miami to the finals.

dsc_0859I am still an AT&T Park fan because of the Giants of course, but the Padres are always so welcoming and profesional and organized. The stadium is also fantastic as evident by this photo from above I snapped at sundown.



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  1. Interesting. Why do the umpires what to fill their ranks with retired Marines? I mean, what’s the advantage for the umpire organization of having a lot of veterans in there?

    The World Series may soon truely be the World Series.

    Hope Team USA win!

  2. @Adam Housley

    I stand in awe.

    You have pull together a thread topic that covers: International Events; Baseball; and the USMC… and had fun doing it. Well done sir, well done.


    If our good host doesn’t field those questions, send me an e-mail and I’ll reply to explain. But it would be more fun to talk it out here, so wait please.

  3. @All

    Here’s the World Baseball Classic homepage, just FYI:

    Latest results have the USA climbing in the back window by beating Netherlands, but one more loss is out for the Americans; Japan hammered Cuba which means that to get in the front door on the Pool 1 side, Japan now has to beat… arch-rival South Korea… AGAIN. Not a sure thing by any means.

    Sure is fun to watch, though.

  4. Good Morning baseball fans.
    I don’t follow the World Classic but would sure love to see a return to the glory days of the Reds. Now those were the good ole days.

  5. @Sylvia

    Heh, one of my good friends here grew up watching Johnny Bench catch for the Reds… my friend went on to catch all the way through University, but as he was a medical student, career obligations prevented him from playing much after that. He did end up coaching part-time for the University team at the teaching hospital he works for, though, and *still* hauls out old films of Johnny Bench to use to help teach young players better form.

    Thank you for telling (in a previous thread) about how some former Reds are now with Team USA, also. I did know Davey Johnson was managing the team though. He’s still popular here as well, having been a player for Yomiuri (Tokyo Giants) in the 1970’s for a couple of years.

  6. OOPS

    …was managing the team though. Though he’s…


  7. *peaking around the corner/whipsering*
    KU is # 3 seed in NCAA!!!!
    hey, at least it was sports connected! 🙂

    Had a good weekend here, always nice to see all the kids!

  8. Patty,
    Ohio State got in but Cincinnati is still rebuilding its team. Don’t expect OSU to go far in the tournament. My neighbor is a KU fan (graduate). He puts up his KU flag this time of year. We’ll put up the Buckeye flag and let the Bearcat (Cincinnati) flag stay inside the garage this year. But they did well in football.
    When OSU and UC get into the big dance hubby and I take turns putting out our flags…we only have 1 pole.

  9. Good Morning all.

    Adam, just caught your live report with Bill and Megyn. So, you were booted once? Looking forward to that story, when you have time. Have fun out there today.

  10. Hey Karen…how you been?

  11. Hi Sylvia….sorry for the late response….just stopped by quickly and then had to go to the grocery (grrrr….too much money – too little product). Then my hour on the treadmill! (trying to lose a few pounds and get my blood pressure down to avoid having to go on medication…… so far it is working) All is well. We were out of town for a bit and now back. Spring is here today – 60 degrees. Yeah How is everything your way? Was that ‘tax tea party’ yesterday anywhere near you?

  12. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Really enjoyed your banter with Chris today – very funny indeed

    Greetings everyone –

  13. K2,

    It’s beautiful here today too…60’s and sunny.

    The “Tea Party” was in downtown Cincy….I’m in the burbs about 20 minute drive away. The paper (Cincinnati Enquire) reported that about 4,000 showed up. I avoid crowds so didn’t go.
    BTW….the city is now controlled by Dems but the burbs are more conservative.

  14. K2,
    The Cincy paper is listed on Greta’s blog roll if you want to check it out.

  15. Saw Adam’s bit on the live desk. Now I understand, just a way to give back to the Marines, enlarge the ranks of little league umpires and the recruitment pool.

    Karen: You would probably find interval training to be of more benefit, and it takes less time too. It’s where you go gently and at intervals go for short sprints at a fast speed. For someone beginning it’d be something like ‘4:30 minutes walking, 30 seconds running’ and you could do that a few times, like 3 or 4. It has more benefits than the long slow times since it raises your metabolism for a few hours, even up to 24+ hours. This way you burn a lot more fat in total since you will be burning a lot of extra even when you’re sitting here typing to us, compared to normal!

  16. Hi Max. Thanks for the tip. I have been following a program that increases / decreases my speed and incline over a 30 minute workout. I do two workouts in a row. So, I am up to one hour per day….and trying to get on the treadmill every day!

  17. K2,
    Good for you. I used the treadmill this afternoon for 40 minutes.. went at 3.5 speed at 3 incline. I guess I should do a more rigorous workout but am lazy. Usually I do a 2 mile walk in the neighborhood when the weather is good. I can’t seem to get into a daily routine like I used to. Just getting damn old!!!
    I’m not trying to lose weight….I need to tone up and get endurance.

  18. I am getting my Spring Training fix a week from today when we are in FL to visit my brother. We have tickets to the Yankees/Phillies game. I was really surprised that there were tickets left for the game, usually where ever the Yankees play it is sold out.

    Max…I will have to take your advice on the treadmill once I shake this cold and head back to the Y. Nobody wants to be next to someone that is hacking their way through a workout.

    Have a good week everyone.

  19. Interesting and looks like Max also found the answer to his question-

    tax time–

    Your income taxes are normally due on April 15th unless that date falls on a Saturday or Sunday in which case they are due on Monday the 16th or 17th.

    The good news is that I have learned of a recent change, and for the next 4 years, they will not be due until you are nominated to a cabinet position.

  20. I hope my tip helps you all.

    Susan: Got the cards, thanks!!

  21. Happy St. Pat’s Day to all of you who are Irish. I’m not but I am still wearing green today.
    Going to be in the 70’s today…and I’m so happy. Perfect weather. It will turn cold again on Thursday.

  22. Happy St. Patrick’s Day….. Beautiful here today, too.

    Susan, Love the new tax day.

  23. Happy ST Patricks Day all.
    Even though i bear the saint’s name, I’m not irish either.
    Mr. Pats bday is tomorrow 😉
    He’s not irish either. The nuns at the hospital named him.

    Did you see F&F’s this morning. Brian was on the street looking for people that were going to the parade. He talked to people from Eurdora, KS!! Its a little town south/east of here. Population of around 4K (maybe).

    Susan, love the tax tip!!!

    Beautiful day here also, forecast is to be 77!! My kind of weather.

  24. Hm.

    Q: Why do the Irish fight so amongst themselves?

    A: Because we have found no other worthy opponents.


    OK, rather than demonstrate entirely-politically-incorrect Unionist thoughts on this fine Irish holiday, I had best come up with something all Irish (and being this is St. Patty’s Day where *everyone* is Irish) can agree on.

    Ah HA!

    I’ve got it. BEER!

    caveat: the link is a commercial is for Carlton of Australia. Guinness of Ireland would be the first choice for the holiday, of course. Just making do with what is at hand.

  25. LDG,
    Are you completely Irish? Some of my friends are part Irish or just for today.

  26. Happy St. Patrick’s Day–

    One year ago, Adam was in Ireland–

    and LDG was singing The Four Green Fields… 😀

    Max– yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Now let’s see when Foxy gets hers!

    Off to the Surprise Stadium in a bit to get some tickets for Spring training– Ken loves to go to games… I watch people– 😀

    and a good day @ all…

  27. @Sylvia

    My paternal ancestry is Scots-Irish. We’re the bad guys in the whole Fenian Irish version of the story. The Partition left the part of Ireland we called ours in Northern Ireland, which is part of the U.K.


    Heh. I was saying I *could* sing it, not that I was. ((big grin))

    Have a great day out and about!

  28. verry coolll

    Ughh I’ve been examed out the past few weeks had a four hour hebrew test today, a 6m-10k run friday, a matriculation exam in envt science sunday, and a normal exam in biblical studies on wed.

    then I’m flying 😀 to miami and d.c. for a few weeks 🙂

    then we i get back in late april i have matriculation exams and pre exams at least one a week until july 2.

    then i leave here again for the states for orientation at college 😀

    in short:
    exams, usa, exams, usa.

  29. Adam Housley Says:


    I do have Irish in me, so I can sport the green today. Does it count if you have hazel eyes? I have always wondered that. Avi have a safe trip. Sylvia, thanks for taking part with the green! Karen, I will tell that story and Max, did you not watch the report? LOL If you were playing and an ump was a former marine…..yeah, you’d likely think twice before arguing the call. 🙂


  30. Because my dad thinks hes funny he bought me a crazy ticket

    tel aviv – russia- chicago- miami

    23 hours

    Russia? ooh boy… loool

  31. Avi,
    Isn’t that kind of a roundabout way to get to Miami? You sure will be racking up those frequent flyer miles!!!

  32. Sylvia,

    sure is….. I’m going to bet my stuff does not make it to miami its so going to get lost i bet. lol

  33. Adam: I saw it eventually.
    Yeah, you wouldn’t want to argue, a devil dog might bite you.

  34. Adam…hazel eyes?
    Weeeelllll, you probably know what they’ve always said about my brown eyes!!!


  35. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    tee hee hee – I don’t know about your brown eyes – but I know what I tell my hubby about his brown eyes (grinning)

  36. KC………… yep yep!

  37. mean its been a WHOLE YEAR since that video (that you still haven’t gotten) of you and Adam?

    ssshh …do you think he’ll get the hint Max? *L*

  38. Here @ LDG and Adam who carry some Irish blood-

    Irish Smile

    Definition of an Irish husband: He hasn’t kissed his
    wife for twenty years, but he will kill any man who does.


    Avi— post pictures while you move around!!! xxxx

  39. Adam Housley Says:


    Play nice. I need to put that video in an e-mail. I totally forgot to do that.


  40. 🙂

  41. Travel safe and study hard Avi….Russia? your dad has a sense of humor i take it!!!

  42. Avi…How much time will you spend in Russia? I hope that you are brushing up on your Russian so you can understand the cabin announcements. LOL That is one of the most “creative” routes I have seen.

  43. @Barb

    Somewhere northeast of Istanbul…

    ((cabin speaker on))

    “dizitzyoorkapitanschpeeking. weehafreechidacrooozingaltitudez…”


    Oh good luck, Avi. Here’s hoping the in-flight entertainment is more modest than usual.

    It could be worse though… you could be going through Rome… on Alitalia…

  44. OH NOES!

    WBC update — Japan falls to South Korea in the semi-finals; one more loss means elimination; However, Team USA beat Puerto Rico in a very fine rally to climb into the semi-finals.

  45. correction: Japan vs. South Korea was a 2nd round game, not semi-finals. Japan plays Cuba (again) for a chance at the semi’s.

  46. Patty: that’s right, hard to believe it’s been a year already!

  47. OMG LDG! That story…..Thanks for the rise in my b/p this morning! must read ldg’s link. You thought you had travel woes! ha

    oh…g’morning all!

  48. *tap tap*
    Where’s everyone at?
    Nice weather must have hit, everyone is out playing! 🙂

  49. Hi Patty,
    I’m here but have been busy doing some cleaning, dealing with the handyman who keeps coming in and out to fix stuff or ask questions. Just got a call from our daughter to say our Jasmine (Yorkie) is puking a lot again and needs to go to the vet. Did I mention that when Jasmine was visiting a couple of weeks ago we took her to the vet here for shots and blood work and that bill was around $500? And her blood work was normal…no pacreatitus. Now she’s back in Phoenix and sick again.
    And to add to my testiness I got notified yesterday that I have to do jury duty in April. Never been called before and never wanted to do it. I’ll have to schlep to down town Cincy for 2 weeks…deal with freeway traffic, and try to find a pay lot that isn’t full. Bah Humbug.

    Am not a happy camper here.

  50. @Patty

    That story is in fact worse travel woes than even *I* have ever experienced. Michael Totten is the premier Mid-East / Africa current events freelancers out there, by the way. Writes for several magazines and ‘blogs as well.

    I am sorry for the b/p spike, though. That’s heck of a way to wake up.

    I’ll be sort of around for the next few hours. Working on something but will come visit here a bit as I go along.

  51. @Sylvia

    I’m being bad by mentioning this, but,

    first day of jury call… the correct answer when asked about any preconceptions on the questionaire… repeat after me: “I believe the police are always right when they arrest some one.”

    …if that doesn’t get you sent home by the judge the first day, you’ll certainly not get past the defense lawyer’s challenge.

  52. ((pondering the case of Jasmine the Yorkie))

    Say Sylvia, has anyone checked for either the animal having allergies or there being mold contamination in the food or bedding areas back home?

    Healthy in one place, sick in another — implies an environmental factor.

  53. LDG,
    Last November Jasmine was diagnosed with pancreatitus and was put on meds and special diet. She did really well. There was no evidence of it when she had her blood checked by the vet here 2 weeks ago. I guess I will have to wait to see the blood work results being done now in Phoenix. .
    I will call my daughter to notify her of your environmental concerns.

  54. LDG,
    The jury duty card says I have to report to petit court on April 13 and have to be available for 2 weeks…longer if I’m on a case. The problem is we have plane tickets to Phoenix on April 29 which is beyond the 2 week requirement. I suppose I can get out of a long trial if I tell them about the plane tickets.

  55. Adam and LDG,
    Baseball news….Just read that Aaron Boone has to have open heart surgery to replace an aortic valve and his baseball career may be over.
    Aaron played for the Reds and recently signed on with Houston.

  56. another aortic valve? Im tellin ya, its that damn DC pork…….they gotta do something with the valves!
    (just kidding!)

    Sylvia, I’ve never been on a jury. Each time they send me the forms, i fill in that I respect the decision of the police dept.
    LDG is right… seems to work for me!
    I know its supposed to be my duty, but they really dont want me on a jury, im way to judgemental!
    Now give me 10 minutes in a room with Pelosis (sounds like a disease, doesnt it?)…..and in the 10 minutes i can take all need of a jury away.

  57. Today is hubby’s bday. He’s 50.
    Remember that place that did the home cooking? I had her make him a german chocolate cake from scratch..(his favorite)..its sitting here waiting for him to return………man, its tough not to cut the darn thing!!!
    Its also driving the other guys here wild…..they so want a piece NOW! *L*

  58. Thats too bad about Jasmine. Poor thing.
    You’d think “it” wouldn’t just appear in less than 2 weeks like that. Whatever it is.

    LDG..the b/p…not your fault 🙂
    They took my med off the market, so Im stuck finding a new one that works consistantly. I think changing bp meds has to be the worst transition. My head has been banging for days, makes for a crabby patty. grrrrrrrrrrr!

  59. Patty,
    Wish Pat Happy 50th for me. That’s beginning to sound young to me!!! My best friend’s hubby has a BD today. We celebrated his birthday last Saturday. His wife made dinner for us and another friend.

  60. General Comment:

    I’m actually a big believer in the principle behind the jury-trial system, which is odd as I live in a country that does not have such and utterly distrust most U.S. juries any more. One of the things I am getting to “work on” with some clients is preparation for the “Lay Judge” system that is just coming into force here, which will make trials a judicial committee of professional judges and select lay-persons (rather than the single judge or three-judge panel that was previously used). Something had to be done about the rubber-stamp judicial system that was going on (>90% conviction rate; no adversarial defense allowed, only procedural). Here’s hoping that this new system will have the benefit of doubt, but without introducing all the problems of jury manipulation and baseless jury verdicts.


    Thank you for the news item. Hope he gets back to well and playing.


    My best to Pat on his 50th… oooh, that cake does sound good.

  61. We celebrated Pats bday last weekend, when the kids were all home for my Aunt’s bday.
    What a great day she had.
    At last count (that i knew of), there were 150 guests!

  62. I will give Pat your well wishes, Thanks!
    What he missed by not “playing” with the puter 😉

  63. Patty and LDG,
    Jasmine’s blood work was normal and xray showed no foreign bodies in the stomach. The xray did show a thickening of the stomach lining that the vet thinks is caused by vomiting and irritation. Michelle is upset because the vet couldn’t rule out cancer…..but did say that was unlikely. Vet said Jasmine could be at the tail end of pancreatitus and blood levels had returned to normal. In other words…no clear diagnosis and another $400 stimulus package for a vet.
    I will ask Larry about “thickening” of the stomach lining and what that means. Don’t want to call him at the ER so will wait till he gets home for dinner.
    Michelle is taking Jasmine to work at the Loft today. Her manager told her it was OK>

  64. Why not call a ER Dr at the ER for a “emergency” question? Who better to call?

    i know, i know, Im just being a pain.

  65. Patty,
    I really would like to call him at the ER because I’m concerned, but I know he will be home in 3 hours so will “restrain” myself. He has enough to do without coming to the phone and answering my vet questions.

  66. 🙂
    I guess you could alwasy search the internet, but sometimes that just leads to more speculation. Its not always the smart thing to do.

  67. There’s a ad in our local newspaper.
    “Free puppies to good home. 1/2 lab, 1/2 dog.”

    So funny!

  68. Be well and safe, All, and may all your beasties be well, too.

    ((departs to rest))

  69. Patty: 150 guests? WOW, that’s a lot for one party.

  70. Hello all

    My computer is back and working again. So I can respond easier.

    LDG.. That article about Michael Totten traveling was very funny. I can’t imagine just walking out and not taking care of the Passengers in front of me, though many times I wish I could have. “Hate it for you, you stopped at Starbucks and missed your flight. That Latte must be more important than the meeting you are missing.” Can’t get away with that here in NC, maybe NY but not here. LOL

    Patty….Happy Birthday to Pat from Becky and me.

    And yes Becky is still alive.. LOL She has been spending alot of time with her new friend, taking photos and getting things ready to move into a rented condo after her sister moves back here later this month.

    Susan…Becky said that she thinks she has your phone number. We will check before we leave next week.

  71. Just got back from a 2 mile walk with a couple of my neighbors.
    It is 75 and sunny. Walking helps relieve tension.

    Patty…’re right about the internet…it just leaves more confusion.
    LDG…thanks for the good wishes for the 4 legged relatives.
    Max…I agree…150 guests…that’s impressive.

  72. Barb…Isn’t striking airline workers a common thing in Italy and France?
    Guess I’ll stick with the domestic flights. Always thought about going to italy but have now changed my mind!!!

  73. Barb,
    One of the complaints I have had with Delta is that they never help you make your connecting flights with other Delta planes…..even though there’s an announcement made saying someone from Delta will be at the gate to get you to the next flight. We have had to run to another terminal to make connections when the first flight gets in late. I don’t why they even bother to make the announcement on the 1st flight as it is about to land.
    Also, Delta has a code share with Air Italia at Cincy airport. The flight from PHX to CVG is listed on the arrival boards as Delta/Air Italia.

  74. since there are is power in numbers, would you all say a few extra prayers for a girl named chelsey. She’s tried for a few years to get pregnant, and for the first time, there is some hope.
    The medicine this time, “may” have helped.
    Her heart is so broken because of the lack of a child ;-(

  75. Adam Housley Says:

    Barb- Glad your computer is working, I am now back in LA and already missing San Diego!

    Working on some cool stories for the coming weeks.


  76. Sylvia…That was one thing that I always wanted to do was hold a flight for a few minutes till all were there, but that can be a disaster. All of our flights were out and back to Charlotte, so if it left late it was late coming back to us and the people and their bags would miss the next flight. The old Domino effect. I agree that they should not make the announcement if they don’t think you can make it.

  77. Patty… will be praying for Chelsey.

  78. ‘morning everyone.
    Thanks Barb, and glad your puter is repaired!
    I’ve got one here that is going to need “something”…just havent figured out if it will be a hammer or a techy! *L*

  79. @Patty

    thoughts and prayers, as requested.


    WBC UPDATE: Japan crawls into the semifinals with a 5-0 victory over Cuba. Yay. Our first semi-final opponent is… South Korea… AGAIN.

  80. Patty,
    Hope my prayers help.

    Just read in Cincy paper that the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra will touring Japan for 2 weeks in Oct-Nov. The cities are: Tokyo(Oct 26-27),Nagoya (Oct 29), Nishinomiya (Oct 31), Tokyo (Nov 1) Yokohama (Nov 3) and Tokyo (Nov 4).
    Are you in any of those cities?

  81. @Sylvia

    I live about 60 miles due north of Toukyou (Tokyo); depending on where in the city the Orchestra is performing that would be between 1 and 2 hours away from me by train.

    Thank you for the tip about this. Even if I don’t attend, I have some friends who well might.

  82. LDG,
    Oct 26….NHK Hall, Tokyo (an all-orchestral concert to be broadcast nationwide in Japan.
    Oct 27…Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo
    Nov 1…Suntory Hall Tokyo
    Nov 4…Suntory Hall
    Japanese violinist Sayaka Shojii and Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman are the soloists.

  83. LDG……our conductor is Paavo Jarvi, and the orchestra last visited Japan in November 2003. I can give you the tour repertoire if you or your friends are interested.

  84. @Sylvia

    Ah, their first stop is NHK Hall… that means national public broadcaster NHK will have the performance, and will likely have all the details (in Japanese) available on their web site. So no need to send the particulars, but thank you again!

    It does sound like they are a very fine Orchestra indeed.

  85. LDG: do you think they are pitting Japan Vs South Korea on purpose because they know the rivalry draws in a lot more viewers?

  86. Adam Housley Says:


    Are they coming here to play? 🙂 Also, Max, I am not sure that is the case because there are a ton of rivals amongst the teams and countries. Everyone wants to beat us.


  87. @Max

    re: your ? and our good host’s comment:
    “Max, I am not sure that is the case because there are a ton of rivals amongst the teams… ”

    I’ll agree with that. Moreover, the format of the tourneyment is almost unique in that Group and Pool play constantly pits the strongest contenders against each other while weaker teams have at least one repechage opportunity to climb back into contention by beating another weaker team. It is rather clever, actually.

    But in this case, the two stongest teams in Asia Group were Japan and ROK, and once they got into Pool play against some of the Latin American teams, that Group was already whittled down to Cuba and Mexico and *to my amazement*, neither of these teams proved to be on the stronger side of the brackets. Therefore, once again the strongest play the strongest…


    Japan climbs over South Korea for priority in the semis; Next game…

    …vs. Team USA!

  89. Good morning from cold (29 degrees) Ohio. I thought today is the first day of spring. Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that.
    Hope the rest of you have a nice spring day. At least it will be sunny here.
    Guess I won’t be getting out the sandals and tees.

  90. When I said tees I meant shirts, not golf tees. Golf is Larry’s hobby, not mine.

  91. Good Morning. Mother nature decided to leave a layer of snow on the ground! Fortunately, it won’t last long. Lots of work to do around the house today. Hope everyone has a good day and nice weekend.

  92. ‘morning all.
    Cold here too. Sunny so far and windy. Severe storms are in the near forecast.. Looks like our 5 day forecast has rain everyday. YUK!
    We have a hallway/stairway, bottom level and top that needs painting. I have a feeling that Mr Pat is going to want to start that.
    Those projects are wonderful when they are finished, but getting there s*cks in my world!
    We are putting new carpet in our bedroom and that stairway/hallway sometime this summer. What is there is aboout 40 yrs old…and RED….i dislike red very much!
    So if I am vacant this weekend, you know Pat unplugged the puter! haha

    On a sad note, a boy (young 20’s) committed suicide lastnight. They live just 2 miles down the road from us. Such a sad tragedy. The same day my bro did, 6 years ago. Our county sure seems to suffer. I wish there was a way to reach those people that are so miserable. 😦 Just dont know how to do it.

  93. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all
    Happy Friday and Happy first day of spring
    Gonna be 77 here today – has been that way all week – all windows and doors are open in our home – Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Patty – sounds like you are going to be realllllllllll busy for a few days. Can’t you just be the supervisor on the job????

  94. KC…Im hoping so! 🙂
    With that weather, is your garden planted?

  95. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    The garden is OUR this weekend project. The stores around here are really slow in getting their plants in, so we are hoping we can get all of our plants tomorrow and then have them all planted by Sunday. All of the flower beds are ready and waiting.

    By the way, happy belated birthday to your hubby

  96. Thanks KC
    I think i’d rather spend the weekend with you! *L*

  97. Speaking of planting, Larry already planted radish seeds. He’s my gardener. He can’t plant most stuff till Mother’s Day due to crazy weather in Cincy.
    And the deer have already tasted the tulip leaves.

  98. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    We are going to plant radish seeds again this year along with green onion seeds. They grew really well last year.

    Yesterday, I paid 79 cents for a small bunch of radishes and the same price for one small bunch of green onions. They each usually run 3 bunches for 99 cents, so I can already tell where the produce is going because of our drought. Gonna cost a pretty penny. The price of lettuce was outrageous too.

  99. KC….I just paid 99 cents for a bunch of radishes at Kroger’s. They are “organic” from California.
    Larry also grows chives which I need for my champagne salad dressing.
    Romaine lettuce has gotten very high….I just paid $6 for 2 heads of romaine at the fruit store. We eat salad every day so I go through a lot of lettuce.

  100. LDG: I hope Japan looses their next game 😛

  101. Max,
    I agree….sorry LDG.

  102. now you know i can stay with the sports subject this time of year, just not baseball! 🙂

    Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!!!
    One down……….too many to go! *L*

  103. Buckeyes play tonight….go BUCKS

  104. Sylvia, your orchestra
    I would love to be able to sit at one of them just once.

    and we havent talked much about Am. Idol…I was so glad to see that Scott (seeing impared) gets to go on the tour!!! I cant even begin to imagine what that means to him!
    I am a Adam Lambert fan! (maybe not for Idol, but hes awesome at what he does)
    And I am a Alison (red hair) fan!!!
    The others, no one knocks my socks off.
    Now… it Mellisa? the long haired blonde?….cant remember her name. She is georgous………as long as she doesnt open her mouth to sing!!! IMO 🙂

    Work week done, time to go home.
    Have a great weekend all!!

  105. Patty… Go Spartans…Gotta show my Michigan State Spirit.. 🙂 On Idol I also am a Scott fan.

    We are off to Florida on Saturday for a couple of days to see my brother. We are also going to squeeze in the Phillies/Yankees game on Monday. Should be a lot of fun.

    Sylvia and KC…Am going to try to grow tomatoes in hanging buckets again this year. I have learned from my mistakes, this year I will get a larger container like the instructions said, and hopefully I will have large tomatoes. I may try peppers too. And you got me wanting to plant spring onions also. Still time to make decisions.

  106. Patty,
    I’m happy for Scott also.
    The blonde is Megyn Joy I think.
    Alison is the 16 year old.
    If Adam is the rocker with the Ring of Fire song….he has a great voice but he’s not an amateur. He has been on Broadway and with the broadway touring company. He does not belong on Idol which is suppose to be for amateurs.

  107. Barb,
    Use the upside down tomato containers. Hubby did that last year and will do so again.

  108. Sylvia… I saw them… figured that the 5 gallon buckets would be cheaper. Ha Ha the commercial for the Topsy Turvy was just on the TV. Last year I used a 2 gallon container and got nada…the big tomatoes, when the did grow, were the size of the cherry tomatoes. Not enough room for the roots I am sure.

  109. Barb,
    Larry said you should make sure the containers have drainage holes or the plants will get root rot.
    The topsy turvy containers need to be watered everday in the summer unless you get a lot of rain. They are space savers and allow nice size tomatoes to grow.

  110. Sylvia, last year I drilled a good size hole in the bottom but the container was a decorative bucket that I found at Walmart, and I had a feeling that it would be to small, and it was. I love tomatoes but have no place in my yard that gets the sun and “tree root free” soil, so in containers it is. Thanks for the help.

  111. A big OOPS….musical conductor of Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Jarvi, was arrested for DUI Friday (around 2AM). He was sleeping at an intersection with music playing in his car. He slept through several green lights when an officer finally approached his car and knocked on the window. He smelled of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test.
    However, he showed up to conduct the orchestra Friday evening. Guess he had enough sleep.
    Wonder if he’ll stay sober in Japan.

  112. @Sylvia

    Oh bother. The real issue is what happens to his visa status to have a court action pending against him… may prohibit entry into Japan.

  113. LDG,
    There are some influential people on the symphony board. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take care of the matter by getting him to a program and erasing the charge, especially if it is a 1st offense…which I don’t know if it is.
    When the former basketball coach at U of Cincy (Bob Huggins) was arrested for DUI he was immediately suspended and required to go to rehab. Was later fired because the Pres of the university didn’t get along with him.
    However, Paavo was allowed to conduct the orchestra last night even though he was arrested early that morning… Double standard????

  114. @Sylvia

    re: Double Standard — not sure, not knowing both cases.

    Innocent until proven guilty should be the guiding principle for matters inside the U.S.A., however things get strange regarding eligibilty for visas to another country. Japan general bans anyone with a felony conviction, and can withhold a visa for someone awaiting trial on a felony charge. In truth, they can (and sometimes do) withhold a visa without giving a justification.

  115. LDG,
    Wow…that could be trouble.
    On the average it costs at least $700,000/week for an orchestra to tour internationally according to the newspaper. Japan Arts is paying for most of it and the remainder $200,000 is being paid by a consortium of local supporters.
    That is big bucks.

  116. Most countries do not allow felons to acquire visas. And many don’t generally allow people with misdemeanors. The USA doesn’t, apart from driving violations, if you have a misdemeanor you will have to go to an interview and explain away what you did.
    If you’re good like my family you can travel on the visa waver program, which is very easy.

  117. Max,
    Do Americans need visas to go to England?
    The only times I have been out of the US have been to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Just needed passport.

  118. Sylvia: I think so, I just looked online, and there doesn’t appear to be a reverse visa waver program.
    Since many Caribbean islands get most of their visitors from the US they don’t ask for visas, since that could kill their econonmies.

  119. Max,
    I never realized you need passport and visa to visit England. Just assumed passport was enough. Does it take long to get a visa? Just wondering, don’t have any plans to travel outside the US.

  120. @Sylvia

    Many countries allow U.S. passport holders to arrive and file for a “B-type” or Tourist Short-term Visa on arrival. The key there however is *tourist*… anyone wishing to receive payment for work done, take residence, or take up any schooling in the visited country needs a different status.


    and g’morning all around!

  121. ((crickets chirping))

    Hope you (all) are having a good one.

  122. Sylvia: depends, you can get it all done within a week if you’re lucky. If not? it can take months.

  123. Adam Housley Says:


    Not sure if it was mentioned, but you need a passport to go anywhere outside of the U.S., even Canada and Mexico. You can get them in a couple of weeks if you go through normal places like the post office, but there are travel services that can turn them around in 24 hours….for a price of course. Most of our office does it on a three-day turnaround by one of these services for about $50.


  124. Adam Housley Says:


    I was at church, a fundraiser, then a nap! LOL


  125. Adam,
    I have a passport because we have taken caribbean cruises. I just never got a visa because it wasn’t needed for Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean.

  126. Adam,
    Did church and the fundraiser wear you out?

  127. I took a nap once…………..but if I remember right, it wasn’t after a fundraiser at church. I think it was after a hell raiser at Church Street Station in Orlando FL.

  128. John,
    I must have missed that when visiting Orlando.
    Were Mickey and Minnie there?

  129. ‘morning all.
    Wow, I need a day off to rest up from my days off!
    There are times being married to a workaholic is miserable, now is one of them!
    I have muscles screaming that I’m not sure I had!
    Stairs and my back are not good friends. My back is definitly telling be about it today.

    OK, I’m done whining!

    Sounds like Adam had a tough Sunday! haha
    Did ya atleast watch some basketball Adam?
    Mizzou’s game was good!
    and ya, Jayhawks did it again …sweet sixteen baby 🙂
    Amazing really, for such a “young” team.
    btw ..What happened to UCLA? 20 pt loss, that hurts!

  130. Patty,
    You can whine as much as you want. I do.

  131. Nice to see you John…always good to start a monday with a giggle.

    I see Greta is going to mexico….hummmm for some reason, she doesnt “fit” the “drug scene”!

    I’m off to clean the office, company coming Weds.

    Not sure how many are in the severe weather threat today, but hope all stay safe! Tis the season!!!

  132. Sylvia.. 🙂
    How’s the puppy?

  133. Patty,
    Jasmine has been getting better. She is eating chicken and mashed potatoes and will be going back on dog food gradually. She has been off meds for 2 days and so far so good. I think she has a very sensitive digestive system. She tends to eat stuff she finds on the floor or outside, which is not a good thing. I told Michelle to watch her carefully when outside and to dust her floors every day to keep it safer for Jasmine. It’s like having a toddler that never grows up.

  134. True sylvia, glad she is feeling better.

  135. If you dont live in KS you really can’t appreciate our winds.
    Highway patrol has gone as far as asking all high profile vehicles to stay off of KS roads today!
    Don’t know that Ive ever heard a warning like that around here.
    Im almost afraid to find my patio furniture off the porch when i get home. I dont remember if we had it tied down or not. 😦

  136. Patty,
    Hope you don’t have any glass top tables outside like we do…..3 of them.
    When we had 80 mph winds last September from Ike we had 1 table shatter. What a mess.
    That was when we lost a lot of shingles. Our new roof is suppose to handle 100 mph winds. Of course the tables won’t.

  137. the table is glass topped. BUT….it is tied down. the chairs…good question.
    a pick-up and trailer just blew off the highway towards our place. driver was injured, they said the pick up was totalled. 😦

  138. Patty,
    How do you tie down a glass topped table?

  139. LDG: Japan Vs South Korea again?!? At least the USA is now 4th, rather than 6th.

  140. @Max

    Yup… AGAIN.



    You really should see this, from the Washington Post, re the U.S. budget projections.

  141. (more)

    …and that includes the Obama administration’s planned defense cuts of from 10~25% (varies by year).

    oh bother, sayeth the Pooh.

  142. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    God help us all – especially – the future generations
    Obama has had way tooooooo much kool aid

  143. @KC

    In the spirit of “gallows humor” which seems to be in vogue right now…

    …don’t worry about the future generations; deficits like that are likely unfundable in the short term without massively inflating the currency or national bankruptcy. Once society as you know it falls into ruin, there won’t be any debt burden on future generations.

    (note: yes, I am being hyperbolic in tone. It literally can’t get that bad without massive long-term malfeasence, and Congress has to stand for election in 2010, which could undo almost anything really bad that is tried.)

  144. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I now feel soooo much better – thanks – (grinning)

  145. @All

    I’m out of here for the day.

    If anyone is around where there will be a “Tea Party” demonstration, please support it.

    Be well and safe

  146. Good Morning all.
    Going to be a beautiful day here….70’s and sunny.
    Hope your weather is as nice.
    Patty…did the winds die down and is your outdoor furniture still in the same county?

  147. LDG,
    We had a tea party in downtown Cincy. According to the news about 4 or 5 thousand attended. I don’t attend large crowd things anymore….unless it’s an event with reserved seats. Gave up going to Taste of Cincy and Octoberfest. Guess I’m just not willing to deal with the chaos anymore.

  148. i’l be swamped a bit today.
    the patio furniture is fine, the hay shed is not.
    i’ll have a pic link later, but it may be evening before i can get it.
    Have cpr training, i wont have puter access all afternoon.

    Main thing, no one in our county is harmed. Lots of out building damages, and power lines. As far as i know, there is no dwelling damage.
    Just wanted to let you all know.
    Winds clocked at 91 mph in Manhattan ks and 81…3 miles north of us.

  149. @Sylvia

    Ah well. There are other ways to show support other than attendence, of course. But… giving up on Oktoberfest… wow, you must really not like crowds.


    Glad you are all ok, but it sounds too bad about the hay shed. We’ve had our usual wild-winds of spring (and lost a FedEx jet and crew to windshear over the weekend) but *nothing* as bad as what you all had.


    WBC Final — Japan over South Korea 5-3 in 10 innings. Hurrah for my adopted home-team.


    remember, its only a building!!!
    People are safe, thats what matters.
    But Im tellin ya, its a erie feeling …knowing that all this damage happened and we are a few yards away from it, and didnt know it. Scary shit!

  151. Adam Housley Says:

    Gone for a day because we are working on a cool story on the border that will air on Wednesday all day. Also, I will be working with the sat guys that have the photo’s of Susan and I…finally I’ll ge em! Going to try and put the video of Max and I on youtube!


  152. sylvia, you asked how the glass table top is tied down.
    bunjee cords that go through the porch flooring to the frame work of the porch 🙂

  153. Adam: Sweet, thanks!

  154. Adam-

    “doble” sweet!!! 😀

  155. Susan and Max… Maybe sweet! *L*

  156. and I WILL be watching your latest on the border– lots of new news on this— including Mexico’s punishing us by slapping those punitive tariffs on 90% US products (trucking dispute…)

    And our former governor is FINALLY noticing the mess at the borders?????

  157. Patty–

    LOL to that!!!! I will be rocking away in my chair when those pictures come and I can say to myself– boy I was young at one time– by then, 57 will seem young to me! 😀


    LIQUIDITY !!!!!

    Definition: Liquidity is when you look at your retirement funds and wet your pants.

    @Patty aka Dorothy–

    dang– some winds there– I hope you put Toto in the house!

  159. Patty,
    We had 80 mph wind gusts from Ike in September and it was very scary.

    57 sounds young to me…..enjoy your youth!!!

    The only thing I miss about Oktoberfest is the fabulous apple strudle. I’m not a beer lover.

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