On the Border

dsc_0848This is the view from our live position overlooking the border. I have been at this sight many times over the course of the last 7 years and as I look south I feel a bit sad for those having to deal with such a brutal situation. Here is another shot of the San Ysidro border area.

dsc_0850I have another post on foxnews.com and an article coming out on our website also. Here is a release that I just received from Border Patrol that you might be interested in.

San Diego, CA. – A joint enforcement initiative to stem passport and visa fraud at California border ports of entry (San Diego and Imperial Counties) launched by the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego, has resulted in the arrest and prosecution of 46 individuals for felonies related to the use of false passports and visas.

During the one-week operation, 35 cases of passport fraud and 11 cases of visa fraud were accepted for prosecution.  Additionally, 27 individuals fraudulently using United States passports were returned to Mexico in lieu of prosecution.
The upcoming Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) mandates that by June 1, all U.S. and Canadian citizens entering the United States at its ports of entry must produce a secure travel document such as a passport, passport card, trusted traveler program document, or an enhanced driver’s license from a participating state or province.  Under WHTI, CBP is able to run automated checks against law enforcement databases more easily.  CBP will also be able to validate the travel documents against information from their issuing agency, thereby substantially increasing the ability to identify fraudulent documents and the fraudulent use of legitimate documents.
U.S. travel documents have a high value for criminals and smugglers.  This fact prompted the joint enforcement initiative, which included embedding seven times the number of Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) special agents normally stationed at border crossings.  It also involved Diplomatic Security investigative agents from Mexico working with the ports’ criminal enforcement units in a multifaceted approach to protect the integrity of U.S. travel documents and to ferret out fraudulent use.
“CBP, DSS, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office took proactive steps to ensure the safety of the public and its travel documents prior to the WHTI’s full implementation,” said Todd Hoffman, acting director of CBP field operations in San Diego.  “Since CBP has stopped accepting oral claims of U.S. citizenship alone when travelers enter our nation, we have observed increased illicit use of U.S. passports and visas by smugglers.  We intend to vigorously prosecute those we apprehend with fraudulent documents.”
Early analysis indicates that just 40 percent of the 62 fraudulently used U.S. passports seized had been reported lost or stolen by their legitimate bearer to the U.S. Department of State, which issues the documents.
“This investigative initiative shows the Department of State’s commitment to ensure the integrity of the U.S. passport and visa, the most sought after travel documents in the world,” said Bruce T. Mills, the special agent-in-charge of the Diplomatic Security Service’s Los Angeles Field Office.  “The Diplomatic Security Service will continue to pursue joint partnerships like this with other federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities to counter this growing threat to the homeland.”
Those convicted of passport and visa fraud face a maximum of 10 years in federal prison.  Offenders also may be charged with aggravated identity theft, which carries a minimum mandatory sentence of two years to be served consecutively with the underlying offense.


65 Responses to “On the Border”

  1. Adam,
    Why don’t people report their passports are missing? If mine disappeared I would certainly contact government agencies…and of course freak out which would happen if any of my important stuff were stolen.

  2. A friend of mine had her purse stolen in Montreal and had to contact the US embassy there to get her passport replaced. She made the mistake of putting her purse over her chair at a restaurant and someone walked off with it. I always keep my purse on my lap or on the floor by my feet.

  3. And Good Morning from cold Ohio.

  4. It’s crazy that they even accepted claims of US citizenship without proof. Simple way to get into the US illegally.

  5. @Adam Housley

    Oh, good source there on the DSS officers being increased to combat document fraud… huge problem there.

    Thanks for the posting!


    There is a bit of “then and now” about that accepting claims… until a few years ago, U.S. land borders with Canada and Mexico were considered semi-internal, as outsiders (from other than the three countries) were supposedly strictly inspected on arrival at any North American point of entry… and Canadian and Mexican nationals were visa-free visitors with some (50? 80?) days a year they could even seek employment without a full work visa… back then. In that environment, any basic ID (driver’s license, for one) and an attestation as to nationality was considered good enough.

    Obviously, it isn’t like that now (and in many ways hasn’t been for a while). But the general legal issue remains this: getting into the US from Mexico or Canada by walking up to the border and saying “I want to go shopping” is legal… overstaying the tourist time limit or gaining employment without a visa is *not* legal.

    Where the whole system goes to heck now is that entry into Canada and Mexico from outside North America is much easier, and much more common. That can lead to really serious risks.

    …and we haven’t even mentioned the two-way smugglers (drugs up from Mexico, money and bullets back the other way).

    *Also for Max

    re: Max Kon Says:

    March 11, 2009 at 6:29 am
    Did anyone see the video of people protesting the homecoming of British troops from Iraq?

    Yeah, I saw it. I know who the sponsoring group for those rats is, too. Her Majesty’s government really should stop suffering such to live tollerating the activities of such groups.

  6. hey thanks Adam for continuing to cover this story as I am so frigging high strung about this— the drug grisly murders and the so free flowing of these drugs and money crossing borders has me quite upset– as I look at the big picture– since the spring break kids have been warned not to cross over, the economy based on tourism will be shot and hence, more illegals crossing over… there is not enough man power, funds, or wall to stop this– and the situation just gets worse and worse!!!!

    By the time everyone gets arrested for document fraud, pray tell, where are they going to house them all as we all know our prisons are so full!

    I sure hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel because I don’t see it!

    Were you in Reynosa? I fell asleep last night early and I had the tv on and I can swear I heard Adam Housley in Reynosa-

    Max– I missed your news– I have not watched much television– I try to get O’Reilly and Dobbs– these are my favorites! Dobbs is the O’Reilly for CNN–

    That Pelosi is waste of a person– her misuse of the Air Froce plane just makes me want to reach into the tele and just punch her out– and her comment for an open door for a second stimulus as she wastes money!!!!

    I am about ready to give my televisions away and join the Quakers– or whatever groups which don’t own anything but the plot of land they live on! 😀

  7. Susan,
    Give Pelosi a punch for me….I can’t stand that witch.

  8. Susan: I think you mean the Amish. But they can’t use the internet either. We’d miss you!

  9. Hi all.

    Susan…around here it is the Apostolic Christians. but they have a dirty little secret, they have their tv antennas in the attic…so no one can see them! *L*
    I used to work with some of the girls at the hospital.
    They aren’t as innocent as they want everyone to believe.

    This drug thing, sooo scary! There are so many benefits living in the middle of no where!!!

    I presume Adam, that you are well protected as close as you were the last few days.

    I too have had to try to stay away from the news, just makes me so danged angry, and there isn’t a thing i can do about it…so its wasted energy.

    Hope y’all are well.

    Its march madness….bball season! 😉
    KU #1 seed lost today to # 9 seed in the big 12 tourney. Dumb@sses! Our boys wont be happy campers!

    Im playing hooky from work tomorrow, and saturday all the kids are coming home for the 90th bday party. SO, if you dont hear from me….i didnt disappear or get sick! God willing!
    Miss you guys!!!

  10. ohhhhh can we just take pelosi’s broom stick and ………mount her on it??????

    I wonder, Maybe she’d share some of her botox for my migraines…dr tells me i’d have 3 -4 mths for sure without a headache…but….blue cross wont pay for it and i definitely cant afford it!! argh!!!

  11. Patty,
    I rarely get a headache but I could probably get some benefit from the botox!!! I’m too chicken and too cheap to get that stuff.. I keep hoping the Olay cream will be my fountain of youth.

    BTW…how much is botox?

  12. sylvia, the dr i was at, said they were 1200 each..it would take 3 on each side for me.

  13. saw this and thought maybe you all needed a giggle…even if it is a lame giggle.

    Kansas Technology

    After having dug to a depth of 10 yards last year, New York scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 100 years and came to the conclusion that their New York ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago. Not to be outdone by the New Yorkers, in the weeks that followed, California scientists dug to a depth of 20 yards, and shortly after, headlines in the LA Times newspaper read: ‘California archaeologists have found traces of 200 year old copper wire and have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network a hundred years earlier than the New Yorkers.’ One week later, the Wichita Eagle, a local news paper in Wichita , Kansas reported the following: ‘After digging as deep as 30 yards in a corn field, Larry the Cable Guy, a self- taught archaeologist reported that he found absolutely nothing. Larry has therefore concluded that 300 years ago, Kansas had already gone wireless.’

  14. Hi
    Susan…..Back from the quick trip to get Julia’s stuff in Las Vegas, did you see me wave at you from the plane as I flew into Phoenix. I love being able to fly standby but it is a bear when all the flights are close to full, hence the trip thru Phoenix, instead of the direct flight. We will be in Phoenix in 2 weeks and look forward to meeting up with you. If any of the rest of you live on the I-40 corridor we are coming your way, just let us know we are always ready to meet for coffee.

    As a kid growing up in Michigan we would drive into Canada several times a year, and all you needed was to verbally tell them you were US born. Now we would have to have the documentation. I wonder if that will have an effect on the traffic going thru Ontario, we would drive thru Canada as it was faster to get to upstate NY and New England area.

  15. Patty,
    that was funny

  16. hey all–

    love the Pelosi remarks– Pelosi reminds me a mommy dearest type– very and very controlling…. who is truly enamored by herself…

    speaking of botox– I could use some– Sylvia’s Olay cream isn’t working for me either–

    Max– that would be it– the Amish people– Did you ever see the movie~Kingpin? what a cute movie….

    Speaking of Mexico– my brothers called me from the airport here and I was not home!!!!!!!!!! They were on their way to Puerto Vallarta~ probably to the property– to see what gives there– (nice notice I got from them as to them being here– calling from the airport— and I live about an hour away— I think they talked to Adam– he told them to make it a last minute thing and then they would not have to deal with me! 😀

    (You think I would have let them get back on that plane as they head to drugwar country where heads roll or end up on a post or in coolers!!)

    Worse thing is I have a cell for emergencies and long distance calls and I never bring it with me– half the time the phone just sits here on the counter and they tried my cell too— I am sooooooooooo upset!!!

    This should teach me to put everything in one spot so when I run out the door, I grab it all instead of just rushing and trying to do 100 things all at once– I lock the patio door– I check the knobs on the gas stove a hundred times– I check the garage 50 times to make sure this is locked. I make sure there are three full clean bowls of water for the animals– I grab Ken’s insulin– syringes and the whole nine yards which goes with this- I spend two hours looking for my driver’s license and debit card and then another four hours looking for my car keys…. arghhhhhhh! So if I have to be somewhere around 10:00 am, I start around 3:00 am– 😀 and at that, I still forget things!!!

    Hi Barb– waving a bit late as you flew over here hours ago—

    Hope you are having fun!

  17. Barb–

    looking forward to meeting you– do you still have my phone number? if not, I will email it–


  18. and that was a cute joke, Patty!!!!

  19. the credit goes to KC for this joke–

    While shopping in a food store, two nuns happened to pass by the beer,
    wine, and liquor section. One asked the other if she would like a beer.
    The second nun answered that, indeed, it would be very nice to have one,
    but that she would feel uncomfortable about purchasing it.
    The first nun replied that she would handle that without a problem.
    She picked up a six-pack and took it to the cashier.
    The cashier had a surprised look, so the nun said,
    “This is for washing our hair.”
    Without blinking an eye, the cashier reached under
    the counter and put a package of pretzel sticks in the bag with the
    “The curlers are on me.”

    nite all!

  20. and amen to LDG’s post from earlier!

  21. Adam Housley Says:

    Just checking back in to say hello. foxnews.com is going to be releasing a new feature that I’ll be able to explain and show you once it’s up online. So…….be ready! 🙂

    LDG, thanks for the shout out on the blog. Sgt., Avi & John are still out and about I see, but Max and the ladies are keeping busy!


  22. Wow, you guys were talkative while my computer was off.
    Patty……since botox isn’t permanent that price is a killer…..hope Pelosi isn’t using tax payers’ money for her ongoing treatments.
    Susan….Olay is cheaper but not as effective. As for cell phones, I always keep mine in my purse so it has to be with me when I leave the house. Same with the keys.
    Barb…I will be in Phoenix end of April in case you decide to do a standby flight there. I don’t think I’ll be in NC again. Went to Asheville for a “destination”wedding of our daughter’s best friend in 2007. Have extended family at Fayetteville (military…..son-in-law’s sister, her hubby, and kids).
    Adam…hope this new feature is not too complicated for tech challenged people like me.

  23. @Adam Housley

    “thanks for the shout out on the blog.”

    A pleasure and an honor to be able to. Most welcome.

  24. ‘morning all.
    yuk what a dreay day, should have chosen a different day to play hookie!

    ya, the botox is just a lil pricey. Dr asked, do you want to try just one to see if it helps? I said, what difference does it make? I cant have them anyway.
    ALthough, the idea of no headache…………..ya well, thats just a pipedream in my world.

    I read your last sentence earlier..would have swore it said….
    “hope this new feature is not too complicated for tech challenged people at fox”
    *L* guess i was “reading” what i was “thinking”!

    Looking forward to the new stuff adam…….will we see it July?
    (thats a “evil grin”, for those that might not know)

  25. Hello–

    Sylvia– I don’t carry a purse– 😀

    and finally– I have been waiting so for this-

    Stern and doctors Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich were each charged with three felony counts of conspiracy and several other charges of fraudulent prescriptions. Prosecutors said the doctors gave the drugs — including opiates and sedatives — to Stern, who then gave them to Smith.

    yay and a bunch of yay’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Patty—

    yes– July 2012– 😀

  27. @Patty

    re: botox for migraines — sorry, but don’t bother until more effective analysis of effect is made. As of last year:

    “BoNT is probably ineffective in episodic migraine and chronic tension-type headache (Level B). There is presently no consistent or strong evidence to permit drawing conclusions on the efficacy of BoNT in chronic daily headache (mainly transformed migraine) (Level U). While clinicians’ practice may suggest stronger recommendations in some of these indications, evidence-based conclusions are limited by the availability of data. ”


    hope that helps.

  28. @Susan

    ((waves; jumps up and down))


    The last item I ordered for you has come in, so I will get the package of cat-goodies and Susan-thank-you’s out in the mail come Monday (local).


    For those that didn’t hear, Susan sent Foxy and I a really great package of presents last year for our house-warming.

  29. grammar grammar …Foxy and I… …Foxy and me…

  30. Susan is a very giving person.

    And hello LDG. I didn’t know you had a new house. Was that before I started blogging here regularly?

  31. Patty,
    Do you get headaches from neck strain while using the computer? Larry has been having that problem and has been wearing a “collar” when spending a lot of time at the computer. He uses the computer alot at work do to computerized charting and lately at home while following and trading stocks. Neck pain can cause headaches…..as can lousy stocks.

  32. Sylvia: Another problem with the computer is that you cannot focus on the screen correctly without getting a headache. Because everything is in pixels it looks weird and uncomfortable if you focus on it correctly for the distance. So eventually your eyes focus slightly too close, which then blurs the letters enough that your brain thinks ‘this is the correct focus for this distance’ and makes you slightly short sighted, and then the headaches tend to have gone.

    Stupid computer, messing with my vision.

  33. don’t make me feel guilty LDG– I am still holding on to a few things here which I have not sent out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I will run to the post office and send Foxy’s cat necklace out today– this I kind find– I can’t believe how I fill up a closet with stuff and now I have to sort it out again– I just sent my niece’s birthday presents out two days ago and her birthday was March 1st!!!

    As a matter of fact, I am going to send Foxy’s necklace out as I can just put this in a manila envelope and send Max’s postcards out too from AZ–

    Now– I have to go over to the email side and get your two addresses– keep your eyes open you two– I promise on my animal’s lives I am getting this out today!!!!

    Sylvia– “giving” releases seratonin from the brain so it serves as a anti-depressant— and this is why I am not a billionaire as I would give it all away and be just as where I am today!!! true!!!! I don’t know why I love to give— it is not like I need to be liked– I just like to give– as a matter of fact, I was at Walgreens a few minutes ago and I always check out the clearance stuff– I found Loreal – ReVoiste Anti-aging glycolic peel kit– it was marked down from $25.00 to $7.00– so I bought three– one for me, one for Ken’s mom– do you want the third one as we were just talking about Olay? 😀

    ok– good day to all– I need to get busy here!!! Post office!!


  34. @Sylvia

    re: house — Well, it was finished before we met here (moved in July of last year). It was something of a topic of discussion with the crew here back when we met on our good host’s FOXNews Onthescene blog last spring. The website my wife posts is mostly in Japanese, but with that warning, here are some pages showing pictures:

    outside view

    living room w/ fireplace

    Susan’s really wonderful presents

  35. @Sylvia

    posted an answer about the house — awaiting moderation to let the links through so you can see some pictures.

  36. @Susan

    Whyever would you feel guilty? You have done wonderful things for us here. Please give me a chance to say thank you.

    …but I bet Max will like getting the postcards. ((grin))

  37. LDG,
    It is beautiful. Did you and your wife design it?

  38. Susan,
    I appreciate the offer but I think I’ll pass on the peel. I’m afraid it may be too irritating to my skin.
    BTW…I’m still amazed you can get by without a purse. Mine is so full of stuff that I could probably survive with it for days!! My motto is be prepared.

  39. @Sylvia

    Yes ma’am. Designed it with the builder. Thank you for your kind words. It’s not the biggest place (at ~1500 sq ft) but it seems rather large compared to the average in the neighborhood. I guess we should be flattered that the builder considers it a showpiece and has asked us to host other customers so they can see his work. 2×6 framed construction is not the most common thing here. That’s fun, so we are happy to do so.


    I’m to rest now. Please have a wonderful rest of your (U.S.) Friday, and I’ll be around later.

    Be well and safe

  40. @LDG and Max–


    @LDG– I sent Foxy a couple things– and caveat to her– when she opens it, plzzz tell her to be careful as the necklace is in tissue paper in between the clothing!!!! AND NOW TO LOOK for the other stuff and get this going as well!!!!! I almost forgot about the clothing I sent to Foxy– I bought it at Dillards months ago!!!!

    and thank you LDG— Tama does not get any treats– I almost sent him off to you!!! HE IS SO MEAN!!!! Since these two are now 24/7 indoors, he swats Maru all the time– I was so angry at him today, I made Ken laugh. I grabbed my fly swatter and told him for everytime he swats Maru, I am swatting him– and Ken cracked up so it made me laugh!!! 😀

    Sylvia– the reason I don’t carry a purse is because I carry Ken’s diabetic bag so I put my debit and license in my jean’s pocket — now you know why I am always looking for everything! I do have purses including a Coach purse– but I have enough with the diabetic bag– too lame minded to know how to handle two things at once!

    @at anyone=== doesn’t Madoff look like grandpa in The Munsters? The first time I saw his face, I thought of grandpa in The Munsters!!

    and a good night @ all– off to a game!

  41. Good Morning.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.
    We are going to a friend’s house for dinner tonight so that will be fun.

    Susan….I would be lost without my purse because I don’t have enough pockets to put all my stuff in. Even carry it along with a tote bag on planes. Larry used to tease me about how much I take with me on a daily basis, but sometimes he asks for things that I happen to have in it…eye glass cleaner, hand cleaner, tissues, motrin, cell phone (he often forgets to take his with him).
    BTW….I don’t have a Coach purse but I do have a Kathy Van Z with lots of compartments. I love it.

  42. Susan,
    I agree that Madoff looks like the grandpa from the Munsters…only I would use the word “monster” for him. He not only screwed people out of their life savings he screwed many Jewish charitable organizations out of their funds. I can’t imagine anyone doing such evil and than wanting to keep his own wealth safe for his family. His family fortune should be confiscated and used to pay back those he stole from.

  43. Susan: I didn’t know you were meaning to send me anything. I look forward to getting it.

    Did your team win the game?

  44. Max-

    it is the postcards I said I was going to send–

    the game was fun– police playing against police– they had an event here at the Bill Gentry Ball Park and I support the guys here in El Mirage since the day the Officer helped me nab the lawnmower thief– it was a lot of fun!

    speaking of which– I see the Dems are out to get Sheriff Joe again– I may not like his person but he does an awesome job here– he filled tent city up with the illegals criminals– waiting for deportation and I don’t have a problem with this– And I don’t care how he rounds up the criminals– it so happens 53% of our crimes here are committed by illegals so I don’t think this is a racial issue as these are proclaiming!!! I am sooooooooo sick of these human rights activists for these criminals– the victims sure don’t get the same arguments!!!! We need more GTMO’s!!! what a bunch of crock!!!! Sheriff Joe’s attitude is~ Bring it on, I don’t care! 😀

    and to Sylvia– any monies and properties which were accumulated during this scam should all be confiscated!!! Fruits of the poisonous tree! Grandpa Monster and his clan all need to go down— talk about the epitome of greed!!! Speaking of which, I sure hope Stern goes down too!!!!!! I so was into the whole thing at the time of ANS’S death– what made it so personal was the lack of disregard to another human because of wanting to live the good life because of being too damn lazy to go work so pump the person with pills to keep her happy so to live as a celebrity– there would never be enough money to have kept me around ANS and her bullshit of antics!!! So it tells me he really was a lazy ass to have lived and did as he did!!

    @LDG– I just broke up a big huge cat fight outside– Tama was sitting on the window sill looking at this– I just gave him a big huge lecture on how this could have been him– do you think he listened? Ingrate!

    (Is window sill one or two words?)

  45. Sylvia–

    Coach was a gift– this is why I have one– It seems everyone under the sun has one and I don’t like to be like everyone under the sun– not into what is the latest fad thing as I was when younger– the person who gave it to me is this way– and Bless her for wanting me to be cool– but I don’t really care to be cool especially when I stand in line somewhere and see five out of 8 have Coach purses!!! I will take your Kathy purse anyday!

    And besides that I can think of a better way to throw away a few hundred than spending it on a purse– LOL

    Ken’s diabetic bag is my purse– I have what I need in it– water, orange juice, diet pop- insulin– an ice pack– and on the side pocket, I carry his medical information, glucometer, strips, and syringes… and the debit card and license goes into my pocket– I use my shirt to wipe my glasses off as if I wear make-up the glasses sometimes get smudged if it is hot outside and the make-up drips– 😀

    But I DO remember when I carried a purse and everything but the kitchen sink went into it!! 😀


  46. I’m sure sherif joe will be fine. The complaint about him marching illegals through the street is such a crock. He was marching them a few 100 yards or so from one jail pen to the holding pen before they were deported. Should he have used busses? No way. In other jails they might have to march that far to get to the bus!

    Windowsill is one word.

  47. thank you dear Max– spelling-

    I was on the facebook thing– I spent a few hours the other day cleaning out my emails and I activated facebook– good thing– I just got a message from Debi (whom I have known since a teen) about her being here in AZ this week-end– Last time I saw her was 35 years ago when she was my hermano’s girlfriend– and I am going to carry my cell with me!!! 😀

    Dobbs was all over the place about Sheriff Joe– in support of Sheriff Joe– I am soooo surprised CNN has not booted him out– as he is much more of a FOX thinker– but then there can only be one O’Reilly on FOX– and Dobbs is so much like him– 😀

    The complaints are about his treatment towards others– what a bunch of chara—What is he supposed to do? Give these criminals a hug before he arrests them? He said he is going to speak out about the Federal government doing his job as they don’t! 😀

    off to get busy– besos!!!

  48. oh– and enjoy your time with your friends tonight, Sylvia– let us know what you had for dinner!! 😀 (casual dining or gourmet?)

  49. Susan,
    Casual dinner …don’t know what the menu is. As far as I know it will just be Larry and me, our friend Don (whose late wife was my best friend from high school), and the couple hosting (close friends for many, many years). The 5 of us are more like family than friends.

  50. Sylvia: I hope it’s all tasty.

    Susan: No problem.

  51. Max,
    I’ll let you know what was served.

  52. Thanks. I made pumpkin pie today, first time ever tasting it. Not too bad.

  53. I see Rosarito Beach is void of people– and there were more decapitated bodies found a few miles away from there– (going with the topic of the thread)….

    and Russia says (megalomaniac) Chávez has offered a temporary base for bombers—
    (teaming up to taunt the US?)

    ay ay ay ay~

  54. pumpkin pie? from scratch? wowie!


  55. @Sylvia–

    sounds like you will be having a very pleasant evening!

  56. and I just got an email from my sister in law whose parents live outside of San Miguel Allende and it appears these grisly murders and violence is getting close to them–

    ay ay ay ay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Previous Topic

    World Baseball Classic results for the day… not good for the U.S.A.


    Sure hope Team USA finds a way to climb over the Netherlands in the next game and stay in the tourney.

  58. Max,
    Dinner was pulled (shredded) beef over rice with the juices from the roast, broccoli with hollandaise sauce, roasted vegetables (red bell peppers, zuchini). Dessert was pecan pie and vanilla icecream.
    It was a fun evening.

  59. LDG,
    Former Reds players were in that baseball loss. Adam Dunn for one. Barry Larkin ( my former neighbor) is the bench coach, and Davey Johnson (former Reds manager) is the team manager.

  60. Sylvia: Sounds good. Not from scratch, we used canned pumpkin, mixed in the spices, egg and milk, then baked. No suger or crust. Was still nice though.

  61. Max,
    I used canned pumpkin when I baked pie. And I don’t like making pie crust so I bought the ready to bake kind. I haven’t baked pie in a long time. I make apple crisp alot.

  62. I looked up~mercy rule~

    now I know what this means– 😀

    Sylvia– nice dinner-

    Max– like pumpkin pudding? put some real whip cream over it–

  63. Sylvia: I’m trying to loose my belly, so i’m going low carb for a couple of weeks.

    Susan: Yes. I tried it with the single cream we have, it was a nice combo.

  64. Adam Housley Says:

    Man…a few of you have taken a vacation! At least I have an excuse…..like working in an area where there is little internet and drug cartels monitoring our every move! LOL 🙂 anyway, in response to your baseball coverage here (thanks LDG) I have a new post. We are live on Monday from nearby covering the Umpires and Marines story.


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