Mardi Gras 2009

dscf0591 It’s tough to spend any time in the French Quarter without a trip to Pat O’s, so like thousands of other revelers, we made the trek into the party mainstay and had a couple of adult beverages. No, we didn’t go for a hurricane this time, had to make it out alive and back down the street and eventually into a taxi and home. The weather couldn’t be more perfect and it is supposed to be stellar for the big Endymion Parade, which I have ridden now 4 or 5 times, there is some debate as to the exact number. What is so fantastic this time is that the parade will return to its original route through mid city and then downtown, the first time the 25 or so double floats have gone that way since Katrina. I rode the year of Katrina and the year after, so both routes are great for someone not native to New Orleans, but for locals it has to be all about tradition and with it, taking the parade back to where it once belonged. dscf0596This is a scene from on e of the many balconies. I do plan on posting some video, but it’ll be a bit until I get the chance to edit it. The quarter got packed by the time we left and the sun had disappeared from the sky. I am going to be sending live twitters, video and other stuff throughout the day. So if you want to follow, add me as a Twitter. Also, the Fox blog will have some live video also. The links are below.

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  1. Hey from here to where you are— LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO glad you are having fun!!!

    Have one of your buds do a video of you when you have your first adult beverage and video you as the day gets longer with a few more adult beverages— LOL– I want to see what you are like when you have a “buzz.”

    Who is with you on the first shot? And glad you have nice weather….

    Many people recognizing you or is everyone just doing their own thing without really noticing who is there?

    stay safe– 😀

  2. Adam….are you going to show up “wasted” on FNC?
    Better tell Trace to get the lie detector gizzmo ready. That would definitely be a youtube moment.

  3. Adam,

    that sounds like so fun :).

    I cant wait for the summer already !

    I got soo many exams between now and july 😦

    and financing college to think about lol

  4. so much*

  5. Susan, call your local emergency management, they have 10s of thousands of syringes stored, ask them what they do with them towards the expire date.

  6. oops wrong thread..sorry!

  7. And good morning to you too Patty!!!!!

  8. Avi,
    School isn’t out until July??? That’s late.

  9. 🙂 morning sylvia…and everyone.

  10. Adam…im jealous now….its WARM where you are!!
    I cant tell ya here, what hubby said to tell ya though! haha

  11. Sylvia,

    sorta. I actually finish in April, regular school. But between May and July I got matriculation israeli exams . So yah, After spring break, we dont school like we normally would; only from reviews and if we didnt finish material. Our last marticular exam is july 5. The system here is messed up.

    We have normal exams

    then pre-matriculation exams

    and then marticulation exams

    so this semester we got 17 combined

    5 classes 3 a piece with 2 classes having to normal exams so it brings it to 17.

    so far we have had 2 exams. so thats another 15 to go 😦

    not including quizs. others got more exams in their elective if they did not finish it already. I actually got 18 if you count mine. But yah you get the idea.

  12. man im not proof reading haha…


    sorta. I actually finish in April, regular school. But between May and July I got matriculation israeli exams . So yah, After spring break, we dont go to school like we normally would; only from reviews and if we didnt finish material. Our last marticular exam is july 5. The system here is messed up.

    We have normal exams

    then pre-matriculation exams

    and then marticulation exams

    so this semester we got 17 combined

    5 classes 3 a piece with 2 classes having two normal exams so it brings it to 17.

    so far we have had 2 exams. so thats another 15 to go 😦

    not including quizs. others got more exams in their elective if they did not finish it already. I actually got 18 if you count mine. But yah you get the idea.

  13. here a wiki link

    that explains the bagrot system

  14. Avi,
    My senior year I did not have to take final exams. If you had high grades you didn’t take finals…senior perk.

  15. Adam………..How many strands of beads have you handed out so far? And, did you get a “show” for handing them out?

    Don’t answer those questions here, but instead answer them on your upcoming video while talking into your Lying Laptop.

    Have fun and be carefull. I think the legal age in Louisiana is still 14, but most Ragin Cajun folk don’t take too kindly to “foreigners” messing around with their kin.

  16. John,
    You are BAD….funny as hell….but BAD to the bone.

  17. oh gawd John!! funny!!!

  18. heyy john is back loool…

    hahahahahahah john your to funny

  19. Avi: the system here is kind of similar. We always end school for summer at the end of July.

    Adam: Did that crate of beads arrive in time?
    Have fun in LA. I guess it’s a bit of a change form L.A. 😉

  20. John—


    Patty– thank you!

    Avi– wow! I have enough with one class! No way I could do what you are doing in school– NO WAY!

    Ooooh Adam? Wherefore art thou? Have you been a good boy? Did you bring your sweetie with you?

  21. Susan,
    The question should be….does Adam know where he is???

  22. Hmm, quiet day today.

  23. Hi Max,
    How are you?

  24. Susan,

    remember how i had the online hs till Jan so i still dont understand how i did both. Now I’m down to one and still dont understand my ability. In college this talent of mine will help me go along the road of a double/triple major.

    So far this pain in the butt learning and education has given me alot of knowledge and experience that might lead to a amazon best seller in 6 years lol 😉

  25. Avi—

    I can take a wild guess at how you did both~ maybe you are smart?

    Sylvia– Adam will probably figure out where he is when he wakes up with one of Patty’s migraines! 😀

    And I just heard, as I have not really done much tele, but our Messiah President said by April 1st we should be receiving $65.00 more a month on tax cuts– I hate to remind him but April 1st is April Fools Day….

    And he is going to try to do a talk with Raul Castro in Cuba– Buena suerte is what I say…. (good luck) …He might as well invite Chavez as the Castros and the Chavez are great buds! And include Putin and what his evil face from Iran as well…

    This man must be smoking some heavy duty weed in the bathroom in his private quarters, to think through his arrogant thinking he can charm a bunch of crazies!

    My support for him is at – (minus) 100%…

    Does Greta have a fascination for Palin? How many times has she visited Sarah Palin? I saw a bit of the interview with Bristol… Bristol is covered with family support so how about an interview with an unwed mother in the slums to voice out how it is not cool to not think about what a young pregnancy can do to screw up your life.

    I know Bristol talked about how she has to get up a few times in the night to feed her baby but Sarah Palin also mentioned how there were a couple generations helping out… well, I think a good interview would be to hit the streets and talk to some young girl who has just had a baby and not having anyone to help her out… You know like scare the teen-agers!

    I use to love Greta but she just annoys me now.. she is so wishy washy— and she loves Bill Clinton… 😀 (now this is just my opinion. 😀 )

    @LDG– I see piracy abducted a Greek Cargo ship… still the same chara going on…

    And I don’t know if anyone watched Geraldo but he brought up the drug issue in Mexico and Phoenix was mentioned as a hub … Some guy from the Phoenix Police Department (Chief Assistant) talked about how Phoenix has become seriously a problem for a kidnapping but then in the next breath he said Phoenix is considered to be one of the safest places to live in this country… and a great place to raise a family…

    WTF was with that? Talking about how dangerous Phoenix has become– and then stating it is a good place to live… (one of the safest places to live…)

    He must be smoking the same chara Obama is!

    Meanwhile, I am looking for a cave to move into– And the only time I will come out of it is to hunt for food, (yes, now I will become a hunter), and wash in a spring or some flood water left over… 😀

    Oh Lord!!!!

  26. and Avi—

    speaking of Amazon best seller in a few years and you are rolling in the money… cough and cough.. don’t forget, you are going to pitch in to my cause!!!!! xxxx (whatever my cause is then!) 😉

  27. Susan: Didn’t you see that guy on Fox and Friends who is selling the cave his family used to live in? It’s a proper house now though.,4670,ODDCavesForSale,00.html

    You can thank me for finding one for you by letting me stay 😛

  28. Wow……caves, kidnappings, piracy, talks with dictators… I think I need some coffee before I can face these issues.
    Good Morning All.

  29. Susan..there are many nuclear silos that have been sold to the public and made into homes. Maybe you need (we all need) one of them!!

    I agree with you on the Bristol interview. I didn’t watch it. #1 Greta is setting her up for ridicule, that she definitely doesn’t need.
    #2, how ideal that setting is. Why should that turn any teen to abstinence? She has the perfect scenario as I did, and as our daughter did. Besides that, Bristol has NO clue as to what she is in for. All of us here, that have kids, know that its not all fun and games. Pats mom constantly reminded us…that, they are still your kids after they are 18! I never really understood “why” she did that until of course the kids crossed that age line. Now I know, all too well.
    I will agree with Bristol, abstinence is unrealistic. I’ve always thought that and always will.

  30. oh, and ‘morning all!

  31. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone
    We finally have some rain here – started yesterday and still going. Just a light steady drizzle. A very welcome sight indeed.

    Max – Me thinks you and Susan would have a blast living in a cave. Looks like there would be one for each of you. LOL

    Sylvia – I am with you – coffee first!!!!

  32. so Avi..when you ARE rich and famous..will you remember us little people??? 🙂

  33. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I certainly agree with you on the Bristol interview. As long as she is home with all of the support group around her, she will never know or experience the true trauma of raising a baby when you are a baby yourself, with no help whatsoever. And yes, she was spot on when she stated that abstinence is unrealistic.

  34. Hiya KC

  35. Susan would definitely be able to “entertain” people as the cave article suggests!!!!

  36. morning—

    I see the price went down on these caves– Adam– buy me one for Max and me… Max– I guess Arkansas here we come- And since you are coming, I will let you do the hunting… phew, that takes care of that problem. 😀

    And we will have great dinner parties for entertainment… Maybe Patty can come visit? KC– Bring the wine….

    I saw a headline which said– 6,473 text messages a month– Is this you Adam they are talking about?

    KC– even though the message was for teen-agers not to have babies on the interview, to me the message was not scary enough- I think Greta is more of an animal person… she has always been waaaay too busy to have children- (she doesn’t have any. does she?) What is scary is that missing girl’s dad and girlfriend in Florida– did you see how he was totally an ass with Geraldo— now this is what I call trailer trash…. Poor little girl… That 17 year old walking around smoking while on camera– and then flicking her cigarettes on the ground really irks me!!!! That dad looks totally like a tweeker….

    I wonder if Obama got a buzz last night when he was toasting? I did notice his sip was more like a gulp~ 😀

  37. abstinance not being realistic= young bodies, young minds, and raging hormones 😀 Then you grow old and you go Yuck!!! 😀

  38. oops– abstinence– Patty got the spelling right!

    Abstinence is a voluntary restraint from indulging a desire or appetite for certain bodily activities that are widely experienced as giving pleasure. Most frequently, the term refers to abstention from sexual intercourse, alcohol or food. The practice can arise from religious prohibitions or practical considerations.

    OK– I am good for one out of these three here above–

    Adam– what were you like when you were 17? Practicing abstinence?

    get your mom in here– she can tell us because you probably won’t!

  39. @LDG–

    We are on topic here– Mardi Gras and absinence– or lack of while there! 😀

    Is this an Irish tune? My dad use to sing it–


    cho: Cigarettes, whiskey and wild wild women
    They’ll drive you crazy, they’ll drive you insane;
    Cigarettes, whiskey and wild wild women
    They’ll drive you crazy, they’ll drive you insane;

    Once I was happy and had a good wife
    I had enough money to last me for life
    Then I met with a gal and we went on a spree
    She taught me smokin’ and drinkin’ whiskee

    Cigarettes are a blight on the whole human race
    A man is a monley with one in his face;
    Take warning dear friend, take warning dear brother
    A fire’s on one end, a fools on the t’other.

    And now good people, I’m broken with faith
    The lines on my face make a well written page
    I’m weavin’ this story — how sadly but true
    On women and whiskey and what they can do

    Wild the cross at the head of my grave
    For women and whiskey here lies a poor slave.
    Take warnin’ poor stranger, take warnin’ dear friend
    In wide clear letters this tale of my end.

  40. boy, I am having problems with the word– abstinence!! spelling it right!

  41. Adam…I don’t want to know the answer to Susan’s question………TMI!!!!!

    The ones in Florida, i’m not sure what to think of them. There are lots of dads that have money and don’t give a crap about their kids. So, if this guy truly is innocent, i give him all the credit he deserves. His girlfriend, i find her offensive, but that doesn’t mean she would harm this little girl.
    Its hard to judge people when they are i a situation like that. I would be frickin’ B*tch too! I guess time will tell.
    AT the same time, I’m probably one of the only people in the world that think Caley Anthony’s’ grandparents are as guilty at their daughter!!!

  42. I totally agree with you about Caylee’s grandparents– they are about as guilty as all get out– or in deep deep denial– No one wants to think they are parents to a cold blooded selfish, spoiled rotten, narcissitic, patholgical liar, sociopath murderer… Hence, George’s attempt at his suicide… He knows– Mom probably feels way guilty….

    As for the other couple– no, I don’t think he is guilty of abducting his daughter– my observation was he looks like a tweeker who has a nasty personality… Not my type of guy… The 17 year old is just a 17 year old who is on the wrong path. Obviously, she must not have great parents since she is shacking up with this 26 year old–

  43. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You are not alone. I also think the grandparents, along with her brother are ALL involved in the MURDER of that little angel. They all need to be prosecuted for the crime as I believe they were involved one way or the other.

    The Florida case is coming up with so many twists and turns, don’t know how that one is going to come out. The mother, ex-wife is saying some pretty scary stuff about the father regarding drugs and abuse. But again, there you go, who is to be believed.

  44. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Yep, Greta is a animal lover and no, she does not have children. I sometimes look at her blog, but way to boring for me. Everything mostly is an open thread, she never responds to anyone, so I don’t even pull up the comments to scan thru. She still has “nasty” people over there, so not worth my time!!!!

    You buy those caves, and I will bring the wine – (grinning)

    Like your little ditty above – Of course, I can’t live without my ciggies, or wine and I love my wild wild man – LOL

  45. KC– The dad has a drug rap sheet– so I guess he is into drugs– Geraldo did his homework.

    the Anthony family are guilty of trying to cover up a murder by avoiding the reality of the truth…

  46. KC—

    I haven’t been to Greta’s in soooooooooo long… I just annoy Adam–

    LOL to the ditty comment–

    Max– How should we decorate the cave? any cave ideas? 😀 I just need a couch and Ken needs a bed…

  47. SGT is supposed to be here this week– I hope Ken is better– he has had a cold now for two days and this morning his blood sugar was much better so this tells me he is feeling better– last night, wowie, his blood sugar was soaring— insulin here it came!!!! And he would not eat– so I know he was sick– he started getting sick Saturday… sneezing big time and coughing… when Danielle, Ken, and I were visiting the Country Club… 😀

  48. KC– btw– good word– ditty! never would have thought of it myself-

    OK– This was fun– time to run some errands while Ken is in bed…


  49. Boy Sylvia must be really sipping on her coffee– 😀

  50. hahaha.
    im giggling over here about the “dittys”
    so much i could say….but i’ll just giggle!!! 🙂

  51. Have a good day susan!!!

    Sylvia…where DID you go?

  52. Just got back from visiting Mother-in- Law at the nursing home..Larry and I then right to Kroger’s. Am getting lunch now.


  53. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Man, am I showing my age again – we always called songs ditty’s

  54. Re abstinence: It’s working for me. Of course I had some help what with being ill and stuck at home.

    Susan: I think it should be decorated with a lot of animal skins, so it looks like it’s owned by modern cavemen (which it technically is…).

  55. Are we cave shopping? Don’t think I would do well….need lots of windows and sunlight. I don’t like that closed in feeling.

  56. Adam Housley Says:

    Morning everyone!

    I am headed to Arizona for some stories. Yes Susan, I WILL explain more today. God help me. Also, I have some Mardi Gras stuff I will only post here, Gotta catch a plane first.
    Meantime, I did post a video and a blog on foxnews about it. You’ll like it.


  57. Adam
    You are a brave man!!!

  58. Susan….guess who’s coming to dinner?

    Stay safe Adam…i presume its the drug cartel stuff.

  59. Adam may need drugs if Susan meets up with him..LOL

  60. Thats whats funny, he’s already met susan, and he’s going back for more!!!
    Does that mean the hangover isn’t gone yet? *LOL*

    just kiddin’ ya susan!!!

    wow adam, you really didnt get much “down time” between trips. I couldnt never begin to keep up with that sort of pace.

  61. Just watched Adam’s video on his FNC blog. I left a comment but don’t know if it will ever post.

  62. This hippo had been at the zoo since 1966
    (under my name)

  63. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    God Bless Peka Sue – she sure did live a long life – 47 is pretty old for a hippo.

  64. I’m glad I’m not a hippo….I’d be considered ancient and probably be dead by now!!!!

  65. Sylvia…. 🙂
    She was born a year before me.

  66. Patty,
    You are still young…..I’m the one who’s almost as old as God. Remember, I was in the 5th catagory of age on that telephone survey last night. My Mother who is 92 said she wishes they had called her. She would love to know which number her catagory is.

  67. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Don’t feel left out – Iam older than dirt but proud of it. Been around a long time. LOL

  68. bah, you two dont act old!!
    i on the other, act it!

  69. Patty,
    I try to be like Peter Pan…I won’t grow up…

  70. I see that Susan and Max have turned the conversation from Mardi Gras beads to spelunking. I’ve spent a fair share of time lurking in mother nature’s sewer systems myself, but I could never remember the difference between a ‘stalagmite’ and a ‘stalactite’ until I found a physical association between the two that I could easily remember. This little trick is guaranteed to never let you forget the difference between the two…………

    Think of a stalag’MITE’ as a ‘mighty’ male appendage hanging from the ceiling of the cave. Spending their entire lives dripping onto the cave floor below. Some are long, some are short, some are narrow, some are thick and sometimes there’s a little stubby one that’s just starting out. Just remember that they are always hanging………….looking for stalac’TITES’, which are lying on the floor of the cave with their (you-know-whats) pointed upward. I think it best not to the describe the different shapes and sizes they come in. Better off leaving that to your imaginations.

    Neat huh? I actually got the idea during a Bible study class a long time ago. Half day dreaming and half listening, I heard the preacher talking something about how a naked Adam was standing over an equally naked Eve. And voila, the mystery of the stalagmites and stalactites was solved. Who says Sunday school is a waste of time?

  71. OH Adam—-

    where in AZ? xxxx

    You guys are funny–

    animal skins, Max? yikes– you are doing the hunting, right? xxx

  72. Susan: It would look good though.
    John: While you have delbt with the stalactites and stalacmites you forgot the Columns, when they both meet and combine.

  73. Now I know more about caves than I ever knew before thanks to John and Max. Guess my religious school experience didn’t give me the same ideas. Maybe I was absent those days.

    Good Morning All. Hopefully none of you are in a cave.

    Susan…..did you find Adam yet? FNC has been doing alot of reports on the illegal problems in Phoenix. Sheriff Joe was on yesterday. Seems Phoenix is second to Mexico City when it comes to drug related kidnappings. I never realized Phoenix had that kind of problem.

    I also heard yesterday that Phoenix hospitals are laying off nurses and doctors due to budget problems. Not a good thing because Phoenix has a lot of baby boomers who will be needing medical attention. Looks like the illegals are bankrupting the system.

    And now I’m going to have my coffee and see if the papers have arrived yet.

  74. Where is everyone this AM?

  75. Sylvia: I never learnt about caves in school, only from books i got from the library when I was young. In places with very large differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures cave or underground living is quite popular, since all the earth and rock acts as great insulation, keeping the temperature very constant.

  76. Patty is here.
    ‘morning all.

  77. John and Max…oh boy, is this story is going south!!! literally! nice to giggle this morning.

    Sylvia, did you see Brian and Gretchen this morning. The dangers of beer pong….Gretchen should play basketball…she “rebounded” quit well when Brian told her not to drink out of that cup cause his balls have been on the floor and probably had bacteria on it!!

  78. Morning–

    Yes to Sylvia– I mentioned the kidnappings in Phx way up above a couple days ago– the long winded post— 2/22–

    FNC covers it more so than our local channels…

    And yes– there is major cutbacks in health here– I don’t know if you saw my post on the preceding thread but the State sent a letter out to everyone who has Medicare D stating the co-pays will no longer be paid since there are not any funds– this totally affects the elderly and those in nursing homes as they are already on very limited income…. very and very sad!!!

    My son, Adam’s age, is in law enforcement– he is on the SWAT team but he also did the PE training for the new guys– funds are gone so this has been stopped as well so he is losing this income and just strictly doing SWAT and he is back out on the streets as a cop… I just talked to him a few days ago.. My brothers at the end of this month do not have jobs as the warehouse for the import business is being closed down (they are getting severance pay) and I am waiting to see when the State cuts my hours….

    The part time teachers are also getting their hours cut with the Colleges here and ASU West has closed down certain sections– some of the courses which came through satellite as NAU are being cancelled and so on and so on….. Registration for classes are now being shortened and blah and blah!!!! When that rainbow comes out in the sky, I am following it to find that pot of gold since gold seems to be in the hot seat right now! 😀

    And speaking of illegals, the Prosecutor called me yesterday– Hector took a plea Friday– his sentencing is March 24th– and he is minimum looking at 2 1/2 years– after his real name came up, come to find out he was on probabtion– and guess for what? Burglary– Yup!!!! He has been locked up since October 17th– the day I hunted him down– the Prosecutor thinks it is so funny how I hunted him down.. 😀

    Max— cave living is getting better now that I know we don’t have to pay for heating and cooling— 😀

  79. OH ADAM—

    WHERE ARE YOU? I can hunt you down too!!! You would be easy since I know what you look like!!!! Don’t you want to see me and Kenny? 😀

    Sylvia– did you not see the picture of us when I met Adam last year? His crew is way cool!!! Brian was doing a story but he took the time out to flash is pearly whites and wave to me from where he was– very cool!

  80. Adam is in Tuscon.

  81. Tucson?

    how the heck do you spell it, neither look right! *L*

  82. waa– I just saw the story about Peka Sue– waaa again! RIP!

  83. can the state cut your hours?? Ken cannot live alone and take care of himself.

  84. Susan: Yeah, the biggest problem though is the lack of a view and sunlight. But in places like North Australia you get a lot of sun when you go outside, and the costs for insulation and AC are just so high otherwise.

  85. I figured Adam was going to Tucson– since this is where he does some of his drug stories– dang! He needs to get another story where he is put for a few days as he was at the NFL experience–

  86. yep, that hippo covered alot of generations!

  87. Max—

    so we blast the walls out and make some windows!!! I stay out of the sun as much as I can– skin cancer removal a couple of times here– I abused the sun when younger–

  88. windows in a cave? i dont think blasting the “walls” will get you to the sun!!! 🙂

  89. Patty—

    the State cut my hours back at one time and I appealed it and won– but now… (I just eat chocolate when I am stressing!) 9 pieces yesterday– with what I stocked up after Valentine’s Day… I gave away several boxes of chocolates and kept five for moi!!!!

    and it is cheaper having him at home than in a nursing home– but tell them this! But I won’t even go there– he is staying put here with me— I don’t even want to think about those days when he was in those nursing homes– I get so angry! grrr!

  90. well then we will have to live without windows– maybe this is not so bad– you don’t get to see what is going on outside! LOL

  91. this is thanks to KC-

    Little did we know the word Obama is an acronym.
    OBAMA = One Big Ass Mistake, America

  92. Susan: If you had a window in the ceiling of the cave you’d lose all the benefits of the cave’s insulation.

    And lack of windows are back for eyesight, since you can focus only on things close to. That’s what’s worse for my eyesight, being in a basement with no view.

    And the costs saved, some are lost because you have to have the lights on all day.

  93. I just saw the Mardi Gras news thread– that was a way cool video!!!

    Adam– where was the energy at its best- New Year’s Eve or Mardi Gras?

    Max– you just rained on my parade…. 😦

  94. Susan: *holds an umbrella over you*

  95. Well Adam– you had me reading about the history of Mardi Gras–

    I also found this– Mardi Gras dictionary– 😀

    Max— blowing kisses!

  96. I just decided to check out Greta’s– and Janice Dean’s–

    there is a blogger at Dean’s– G.S. WHO in my opinion is way fixated on Janice– as in unhealthy fixation– I just checked out his new word press blog and his first story on it– (breast feeding while on the bus)–

    and after Janice had her baby, he set up a site just for her and the baby… I first thought he was being nice but now I think he is weird– scary weird!!!

  97. well– have a good day @ all–

    I have to go dust the copper- clad statue I had built for Adam here… 😀

  98. I was looking to see if there were any updates on this cold case– I use to work with Angela’s boyfriend so I got to know her– And I was around when this happened– I had just had talked to her three days before this happened– We were all in total shock– I am so looking forward to when this or these people are caught–

  99. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning/afternoon to all
    Just got back from a doctors appointment. Can anyone explain to me what an “appointment” is for???? What a joke. I now remember why we have not been to see a doctor in 15 years.

  100. All you cave dwellers….how about some sky lights to let in the sunshine? You can get the long tubular kind.
    As for me I’ll stick with the old standard….windows and large skylights.
    “Let the Sun Shine Bright” on my Ohio (next to Kentucky) home.
    Or the music from Hair…Let the Sunshine….

  101. KC…hope you are OK.

  102. Speaking of long waits….Larry said there was a 2-3 hour wait to be seen in the ER on Thursday evening. They were so backed up. The ER has been getting slammed with business and the sickest get seen first. The non life threatening problems have longer waits to be seen. He was exhausted when he got home.

  103. wow KC…that’s ridiculous!
    I always wonder why I am paying for someone to show up hours late!

    Sylvia…the ER …thats a diff story. SO many people use it instead of the Dr office.

  104. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Appointment was for hubby, I just tag along because he insists I be there with him at all times.

    Our appointment was at 8:30am and we got home at 11:00. Doctor was physically with us for approximately 25 minutes.

    Hubby had the “man test” – I didn’t know he knew ballot steps. He was on the tip of his toes faster than you could blink. I never laughed sooo hard in my life. It was hilarious. What a bunch of wimps these men are.
    Doc said he would wait next time till I got my phone on so I could take a picture. Obviously, hubby didn’t want to do it again just so I could take a picture.

  105. *LMAO*!!!!!!!!!

  106. KC…you need to buy him a tootoo (sp?)…surprise him with it some day when he arrives home from work. hehehe

  107. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    He wanted me to get him one of those donut things that you sit on so he could drive to work for the rest of the day. I am still cracking up just thinking about being an eyewitness to that procedure. Something I will never forget and can get a lot of mileage out of it by teasing him. I think I will look for a tutu!!! Would be so much fun

  108. you are just bad KC..bad to the bone!! *L*

  109. You all should stop complaining, and wait for Obamacare, if it’s anything like here 1 hour wait to see a doctor with an appointment will be a fast time. An appointment you have waited months for not days.

    And in the ER? What Silvia’s husband was talking about is a good day, 2-3 hours is far faster than we are normally seen, I have waited 5-6 hours a few times.

    And just so you know, these waiting times are artificial and manufactured by the government. The reason we have to wait so long is that because we do not pay money to attend they need some other disensentive to going; so long waiting times and bad service by bureaucrats fill that gap; otherwise hypercondryacts would bleed the tax coffers dry. Of course there are other savings too, those who then go private, get well or die while waiting do not have to be seen.
    We also have a problem of people making appointments and because there is no charge just not showing up, so they overbook the Drs, sometimes more than the regular percentage show up and the clinic has to stay open hours later.

  110. Max,
    Wow….that sounds awful.
    The government can’t run anything well. The Veterans Hospitals in the US have always been a disaster. I know veterans who refused to go to VA hospitals because the care was not as good as private hospitals.
    My husband feels the more government interfers with medical care the worse it gets.

  111. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    That is awful and I for one hope that doesn’t happen here in my land of the free.
    My hubby pays boo koo every paycheck for our medical, dental, and vision insurance care and when I make an appointment for something, I EXPECT to be called and seen at that time. Hubby has to take off work to go to the appointment and gets docked vacation or sick time for the amount of time he is gone. If they want to pay us his salary while we sit and wait for our appointed time, then fine, I will not complain about waiting, but until then, the appointment they set for us should be prompt. Our time is just as valuable as theirs.
    Also, this is the first time we have used our medical insurance in 15 years and I can tell you, nothing has changed. 4 hours off work for 25 minutes with a doctor. Go figure

  112. OH Max, a system like that scares the hell out of me.

    KC..isnt that the truth!
    Why IS my time worth less?
    Something has changed in those 15 years, the price you/or insur is charged!!

  113. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    It is crazy and I firmly believe our time is worth the same as the doctors. You know, hubby was having chest pains and when he asked me to make an appointment, I knew he meant it so I went thru the yellow pages and found a doctor. We went to the doctor, then had to get an EKG, then had to get a chest xray, then a blood test, and then a treadmill test. This was one test per day for a full week – of course – taking time off work.
    Today was to find out the results of all the tests and a physical. Doc was not happy with the blood test results so now more blood tests Friday which will include a 4 hour fasting blood test so he will be off all day
    Friday for that blood test. Everything with the heart seems to be OK, but his thyroid and blood sugar is way out of whack and he also is checking for that acid reflux thing. So at this point, we are going around in circles, sitting in waiting rooms everywhere, and not knowing a thing. Very frustrating. I told him all of this is because he quit smoking cold turkey 3 months ago and his body is having withdrawals – LOL
    As to our insurance – so far we have paid $40.00 – 20.00 for each doctor visit so no complaints there. I would however, like to know what all this is costing the insurance company. They are all telling me I won’t be receiving any statements which raises red flags to me. How do I know they are not over-charging for what was done???

  114. It’s what Michael Moore forgot to talk about in ‘Sicko’.
    Normally I would have to take a full day off (from school, so i was happy, but anyways), this would be the average time spent:
    Arrive on time:
    Wait 20 minutes to get weighted by the nurse (2 min), then we go to the waiting room.
    60-90 min to see the Dr (15-45 minutes, if you’re last appointment you get longer with the Dr.) The longer the waiting the shorter the time spent with the Dr.
    And if needed:
    20 min waiting for blood test. (5 min)
    60 min to get medication at pharmacy.
    Travel time of course varies.
    So that can be over 3 hours waiting for just 20 minutes being seen.
    And that’s just average, I had so many appointments that I had some far longer waits.

  115. Good Morning All.
    I read in this morning’s paper that Mardi Gras had 7 shootings along the parade route. What happened to the old fashioned tradition of throwing beads…not bullets?

  116. morning all
    gotta run and get ready…but
    if you find the video of pelosi-jack-in-the-box that fox and friends showed…save the link for me!!!

    see ya after bit!

  117. Good Morning all….

    Sylvia, saw that report on the shootings. What is wrong with people? Just don’t get it……

    As for the doctors report & waiting times…… 4 years ago, we found our insurance allowed us to be seen at the Mayo Clinic in MN. We have our annual physical there every year now. We get all our tests done on ONE day and have the results at the end of the day! If additional tests are needed, they are ordered immediately. We no longer have to go for one test, wait a week or two for the result, go for another test, and so on.

  118. Hi Adam–

    I just saw you on FOX– GREAT REPORTING!!!!! I like the new mobile surveillance gizmo– MSS—

  119. KC–

    Check your emails, porfavor– I sent you a couple medical links–xxx

  120. My brother just sent me some pictures of a diner he and my other brother bought– on Bainbridge Island– the diner looks like a 50’s diner– it is soooo cool– the owner has Parkinson’s– so I looked up Bainbridge– I want to live there!!!

  121. Adam Housley Says:


    Thanks for watching. Doing lives on the MSS. I will be posting a blog today and also adding to the Mardi Gras stuff. Gotta find time between reports, but will get it done.


  122. Hi Adam….just watching your report now….. that is impressive.

  123. Susan….. Wow. very nice place. Best wishes to your brothers. And, look at the great place you will be able to go visit.

  124. KC
    Becareful letting a general pract dr deal with thyroid. They just don’t understand it, period.

  125. K2..have been to Mayo in Rochester. Spent 5 days being poked and prodded. VERY nice place and the town really caters to those that are there for appts.

  126. K2…do you by chance have alink for the new $410 spending bill that lists out the pork?
    I can find a few here and few there, but i cnat find a running list.
    I did laugh…I found this while searching…
    “this $1M earmark is just funny. “City of North Pole for wastewater system improvements project” darn elves.”
    It was on a blog that i ran across, cracked me up!

  127. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Howdy everyone – hope everyone is having a good day

    We are going to a family practioner (sp) at this time. Doing the blood test friday then go back to dr. in 2 weeks for results.




  128. hummm you are all quiet today.
    Must be enjoying KS’s weather!
    68 this afternoon and will be snowing by saturday morning.
    Doors are open to the office here, all i need is a lawn chair to sit outside! haha

  129. I just finished a good book. I love to read.
    Larry just got home from work. It’s warm enough (upper 50’s) to grill.
    I marinated chicken.
    Tomorrow will be in 60’s but rain. Then back to cold weather.

  130. K2—

    LET’S HOPE this works out for them– and thank you!


  131. KC…that is funny.

    We were back in Illinois for another funeral this weekend, Steve’s aunt died last week, one month to the day after Steve’s dad. His mom is doing good, it is hard to lose a husband and sister in one month, but she is a strong person. They both were not well so it was not a surprise, just did not expect it so soon. The weather was better, no snow, but still on the cold side. Hopefully the warmer weather is headed to the Carolina’s.

    Did anybody find the video from Fox and Friends of Pelosi that Patty was asking about? I would like to see that also.

  132. I was watching some of the news on those whose families came to America and through hard work made it big… given those days and at that time, when women did not work and how the population was way down.. it might have been easier.

    Anyhow, my brother sent me my grandfather’s yearbook when my grandfather graduated from College and while I was looking at this yearbook from 1923, Augustana College, this piece of an article was in the yearbook– my great grandfather~ (the Swedish side)

    Fridolf Oscar Hanson- 1875-1944

    Born at Princeton, Illinois, June 23, 1875. Was confirmed at Princeton by the late Reverand O. A. Nelson. Engaged in business in Chicago from 1892 to 1901. Entered Augustana College in 1901 and graduated from Augustana Seminary in 1907. Was ordained at New Britian, Connecticut, June 16, 1907.

    Parish served: Trinity, Galesburg, Illinois, 1907-1912

    Other services: English Field Secretary of the Augustana Synod 1913-1916: Organized all -English churches in Lockridge, Iowa; Duluth, Minnesota; Moline, Illinois; Jamestown, New York; Dresser Junction, Wisconsin; Isanti, Minnesota; president, National Lutheran Inner Mission Conference, 1921-1926; Executive Secretary, Chicago Bible School, 1926-1928: financial secretary, Augustana College and Theological Seminary, Rock Island, Illinois, 1928-1933; Superintendent, Swedish Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1933-1942

    Degree: D.D. Carthage College, Carthage, Illinois, 1927

    Retired in 1942

    Died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 4, 1944.

    Dang— I never did meet him, since I was not born, but from what I just read— he was on a Lutheran kick when religion came into play!

    Point here is those days were much easier for an education as for today’s-
    I bet his wife could only clean and keep her mouth shut….

    Those hard working stories from the past as to how those made it just does not cut it presently…

    Why— because that true symbolic reason for hard work to make this a great nation has become a story from the past… so sad… but so true!

  133. Barb–

    I looked for the Pelosi video– I did not find it!

    I did see when she was sitting behind Obama last night, as Speaker and his message to Congress, she kept looking like she had gum in her mouth… she seemed to be like chewing slowly like if she had gum.

    She just annoys the hell out of me… She seems so shallow!

    I do like the Obama’s choice of dog— way cool of a dog! so now I rate Obama like minus 75%!

    And the weather here– my fans came on today– it was hot!


  134. Susan: It got warmer here, but yesterday it was cold again. I hope we get some summer this year.

  135. Good Morning.
    Going to be 62 degrees here today than back to cold weather. Will be highs of 40’s and 30’s for awhile.
    Michelle flies in from Phoenix on Sunday and will have temperature shock when she gets here. As Susan said it is very warm in Phoenix (in the 80’s).

    I hope you don’t have to attend any more funerals for a long time. You and your family need a break.

  136. ‘morning all. well, close to afternoon for some!
    I still havent found that video.
    Adam…its gotta be on the fox server…can you help? The one F&F’s used weds morning. HELP! please 😉

    Damp, dreary, cold day here. Pretty much sets in a case of the “blahs”.

  137. Barb i also hope your family is done with funerals and get to travel “by choice” from here out.

    KC..i so wish you could have heard pat laugh when i read him you and hubby’s dr appt description!!!! *L*

  138. Patty.. I think I saw it last night on Hannity or O’Reilly. When they were talking about the speech in the background was Pelosi standing up and then sitting and then standing and then sitting.

    And yes the trips for the next month will all be for fun. Moving our youngest daughter back from Vegas will be a fun trip.

    KC your husbands Dr visit was very funny

  139. oh oh oh *standing up, sitting down, standing up, sitting down* oh oh oh
    I found it!!!!!

    beware, the comments folllowing the video will either make you laugh your @ss off or p@ss you off!! 🙂

  140. susan, I see M. Vick is getting out. argh

  141. Adam. I was able to see your spot later lastnight. That is some expensive equip your playing with!! To bad they dont have more of them available.

    And now the ACLU is playing for the illegals too. why is that not considered some sort of terrorism?

  142. Patty: “laugh your @ss off or p@ss you off!! ” don’t you mean p!ss? Otherwise what’s pass off? 😛

  143. ha, funny max! it did look odd!

  144. It’s funny how most of the comments were so grumpy. They need to learn to laugh.

  145. Hey all,

    got a news alert :

    so ive been thinking of how to fund my tuition and all and was reaching dead ends and only securing money for one year. So i decided im going to enroll in the army ROTC program at Georgetown which includes AU and other D.C. schools. So I get full tuition, money for books, and spending money. I got to go to army classes which are very good . And some other stuff. Also i get a semester abroad. In addition, I either go into active duty after 4 years and serve another 4 or continue in the army. Or i can go into law school if im in good standing and get it paid by the army and go into JAG the law thingy of the Army. Then serve there. So ill likely go state side in spring break to do paperwork and all. I like this because I get to serve my country, do something I enjoy, and ensured a stable future. So all i need to do is do 65 push ups run 2 miles and 70 curl ups in a set period of time to seal the deal. This is the general thingy of the program. 🙂 .

    I wont be rich i dont think, but ill be all right. 🙂

  146. Avi,
    How do your parents feel about this decision?

  147. nephew is in Air Force ROTC in college and really likes it. Sounds like you have thought this thru. Good Luck

  148. slyvia,

    Mixed. But I really dont care. They have been playing games with me with the college stuff with the price, why i dont stay in israel etc. So they only said they would pay for one year. So this is what i got to do. Im going to be in school for 4 years at AU and if the army allows me to go to law school then ill be on my way to JAG. But if not ill go into the army and make a carrier out of it. The army pays well. Its this or going 200k in loans. I’m a patriot and will serve my country. The army is giving me a lot so I should be grateful. I’m going to go to D.C. in the spring most likely and get things set up. I wont have to worry about loans and all. I’ll be very well off.

  149. Avi: Awesome. Hope you enjoy it. I believe you can still transfer services after you’ve finished, so you don’t have to stay in the Army.

    If you need any help training for the test just let me know.

  150. wow Avi, I’m impressed.
    Although, you only have one set of parents, don’t alienate them over this. Its not worth it!!!

    I have a cousin that was in JAG ( i think) she is now the personal atty for a General. Not sure what service branch. will see her in couple of weeks for the first time in 30 years!

  151. Avi,
    Do you think your parents are trying to get you to stay in Israel by refusing to fund AU or they simply can’t afford the steep price? I’m just trying to see where they are coming from on this issue. Do you qualify for scholarships?

  152. Patty,
    Do you think you will recognize her if it’s been 30 years? That’s a long time.

  153. She looks just like her mom! I’ll recognize her (i think)
    My Aunt turned 90 this month. They are having a bday party for her the 14th, a public open house type thing. Planned it in march because they weren’t so sure about coming to KS in Feb…they might wished they had had it! *L*
    Our family’s are really small, and its been years since many of them have come here, so it will be fun. Many of them are from the state of Washington.

  154. Adam Housley Says:


    Very interesting. Good luck with the ROTC stuff, my college roommate and a few friends have gone that route and they all seem to be happy with their decision.

    Susan…oh SUSAN…….I know you know. YES, we and I am in your neck of the woods. Got here yesterday and leave tonight after our lives. If any of you guys happen to be around, we are going to be live at the Cammelback Ranch, the new White Sox and Dodger facility in Glendale. All day today!


  155. Adam,
    You are a brave man. Im sure Susan will show up there. LOL

    The Cincy Reds will be in Goodyear starting next spring. You will have to check them out next spring.

  156. Humm do i need to call susan??

    ‘morning all.
    I wont be here today, going home to rest. stupid migraines. argh!

  157. Patty,
    Feel better…..and definitely call Susan. She has to get to Glendale.

  158. Oh Adam, oh Adam–

    good thing I peeked in here as I was not even going to do the computer thing until later–

    I have to run into Phoenix today so I am going to check out where your location is– even if I just park and run over and give you a hug and leave–


  159. Adam Housley Says:

    NEW POST EVERYONE…..AND….I’ve got security ready to keep Susan under control! 🙂

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