Boycott Dubai ??

dubai_-_united_arabic_emiratesDid you have the chance to hear this one……Israeli tennis star Shahar Peer, who was coming into her own the last time I was in Israel (2 years ago) and at the time people were afraid she would be excluded from some countries, well now those fears have come true. On Monday she was saying that “politics and sports should not be mixed” after she was banned from playing in Dubai’s premier tournament.

According to reports online adn the AP: Peer said she was upset, both personally and professionally, over Dubai’s decision, but said she felt buoyed by the support of her fellow players.  “I am very disappointed that I have been prevented from playing in the Dubai tournament,” she told the Associated Press in a statement. “I think a red line has been crossed here that could harm the purity of the sport and other sports. I have always believed that politics and sports should not be mixed.”

The United Arab Emirates rejected Peer’s visa request a day before she was to arrive for the Dubai Tennis Championships, a joint ATP and WTA event, which includes all the top-10 women’s players. Peer, 21, ranked 48th, had qualified and was already placed in the woman’s bracket. She was scheduled to play Monday against 15th-seeded Russian Anna Chakvetadze. Organizers gave Peer no reason for the rejection, but it appeared to be due to anti-Israel sentiments in the Gulf state, particularly after last month’s three-week war between Israel and Islamic militants in Gaza.

In response, WTA Tour chief Larry Scott said Monday that the Dubai tournament might be dropped. Her nationality has caused her heartache on the tennis tour before. In 2006, she and her doubles partner, Sania Mirza of India, were forced to split because of objections from Indian Muslims. And just last month, Peer faced a noisy protest in Auckland, New Zealand, over Israel’s Gaza invasion.


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  1. That sucks……as a Jew I find it offensive.
    The ATP has a big tournament in Cincinnati every summer. I hope they put pressure on Arab countries to cut out this crap. It has no place in the sports world.

  2. Some time last year I read about the anti Jewish policies there. If I remember correctly no Jews are allowed in the country for any reason. Hence Shahar not being allowed to participate.

  3. That’s sad………politics and sports should not mix, although it seems they do so more often these days. But all is not as well in Dubai as one may think. Here’s a short article I was (ironically) just reading before I checked into this blog. I don’t think Shahar should be too upset about not being able to add the Dubai Championship to her mantel………..

    Recession-Era Dubai’s Sudden SunsetBy Editors

    There might have been a few dissenting voices over the past 15 years including a few questions about the viability of building thousands of high-rise condos and ludicrous “seven star” hotels along one road in an arid strip of the Arabian desert. We remember a few isolated expressions of disbelief when the Burj Dubai — headquarters to no company or concern — became the world’s tallest building. Mainly, however, bubble-era negativity about the future of Dubai, U.A.E., was a footnoteish, curmudgeonly affair, drowned out by breathless accounts of improbable structures and tennis matches atop skyscrapers.

    Those days are officially over. With HSBC’s chief economist telling the New York Times that “there is a readiness to believe the worst,” and 3,000 abandoned cars sitting at the Dubai airport with their debt-ridden foreign owners safely back in Paris, Singapore or Cairo, it would appear that this city’s moment is over. Perhaps it is a good thing too, as the crisis has exposed some of the startlingly medieval underpinnings of the supposedly 21st century city: Among indebted foreigners, laid off from prestigious jobs at multinational corporations, the big fear is not a damaged credit rating, but debtor’s prison. A new draft media law will prohibit any criticism of the region’s economy or reputation, with offenses punishable by $272,000 fines.

    In the 20th century, we took it for granted that capitalism was best aided by a robust media, a transparent legal system and a culture that valued equality of opportunity. In the early 21st century, however, regions such as Southeast China and Dubai began to find success with a new, authoritarian form of capitalism in which information is tightly guarded and vast sectors of the population have limited or no access to the markets. Some commentators proposed that this was the future, prizing that same sense of directed efficiency that led their forebears to notice Mussolini’s accurate train schedules.

    If Dubai’s experience is anything to go by, it would seem that hard times reveal hard things about life in these places, and all that was solid will turn liquid again.

  4. Barb: That’s right, I remember Dick Morris complaining about the Clinton’s interest in Dubai because of their not allowing Jews in. They also don’t recognise the nation of Israel, so don’t consider the passports as valid.

  5. Perhaps our new Secy of State will explain why her husband has dealings with a country that is antisemitic.

  6. ‘morning all.

    Sylvia said what I was thinking. Sadly, there will never be an answer, seems bill is much like Ob…they can do no wrong.

    In a few short years, they may own this country, will all the monies we will be borrowing. How do we boycot ourselves?

  7. yes boycott Dubai— (not that I will be going over there)

    John: great article-

    I see Hillary warned North Korea about missile testing– King Jong or whatever his name is probably thought: We don’t even listen to our women here and now you think I will listen to you….

    Max– boy you guys start reproducing early over there too— 13 year old boy– I agree with O’Reilly– given the publicity they are receiving, all kids are going to think it is cool to impregnate someone at 13….

  8. Here is their side of the story– (as Adam mentioned)

    Home / News / World / Middle East
    Dubai claims Israeli player blocked for security

    February 17, 2009
    Email| Print| Single Page| Yahoo! Buzz| ShareThisText size – + DUBAI, United Arab Emirates—Organizers of a major Dubai women’s tennis tournament say fears of protests and security threats were behind the decision to bar the entry of an Israeli player.

    The statement Tuesday was the first from the Dubai Tennis Championships. It came three days after the Emirates denied a visa for Shahar Peer.

    Tour officials strongly criticized the decision and said they may consider dropping Dubai as a future WTA site.

    The statement said the recent Israeli incursion into Gaza “antagonized” local fans and Peer’s presence could have sparked protests, boycotts and threats…

    (I guess Gaza firing rockets at Israel is ok?)

  9. and yes— sports and politics should be entities- — but how do you change brain washed people trained to hate before they can even chew gum!!!

  10. HI KC—

    How was the beach? xxx

  11. @Adam—

    I emailed Derek to tell him he has been missed– (the email I was going to send a few days ago— 😀 😀 😀 )

    @good day to all!

  12. Susan: We talked about that in the last thread. Turns out the mother was sleeping with 8 guys from the housing estate, so he might not be the father. Probably not.

  13. hello everyone,

    I have posted her in forever it seems lol!

    about Peer… Its creating a lot of buzz here but theres a zillion things causing buzz here now.

    Meanwhile I’ve just been busy with Israeli school stuff

    and really mad at the Pork Bill— that I will have to pay back in the future — thanks Obama.

    Meanwhile— tomorrow Obama is going to announce the Mortgage Program my dad as yall know is a Bankruptcy Lawyer told me a rise in calls the past few days over it. Since it might allow for the Judges to Modify the Mortgages.

  14. I havnt posted here in forever it seems ***!

  15. Max,
    That’s when paternaty testing comes in handy. Thanks to modern science people can find out who the father is and hopefully he’ll accept responsibility.

  16. Avi,
    Send a thank you note to Obama and tell him you are patriotic and LOVE to pay taxes. At least Joe Biden thinks paying taxes is patriotic.

    As for me, I just cringe every time a new spending bill is mentioned. Guess I’m not patriotic. My taxes are high enough.

  17. Actually, not only will Avi’s generation have to pay for all this pork, but his children’s generation will still be in debt. The Dems have just begun to spend and it’s only been a few weeks that they’ve been in complete control. I can hardly wait to see what they come up with the next 3 years and 11 months…or heaven forbid 7 years and 11 months.

  18. Good Afternoon all.

    Agree that sports and politics should not mix. Sad for the tennis player. And, if I had any dealings with Dubai, I would boycott them…..

    Sylvia. I am with you……. In Biden’s book I am not patriotic. Fortunately, I don’t care what Biden thinks!

  19. Sylvia……. ouch! you hurt my eyes with that last line…… 7years 11 months…………… grrrrrrr

  20. Hey!
    Who’s the new “kid”? (avi)

  21. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Greetings everyone

    Patty – hear you guys in Kansas are gonna get an IOU for your state tax refund – just like me out here in California. Real butt buster isn’t it???

    Susan – thanks – we had a great relaxing 4 days and the weather was wonderful as always. Hated to come home as usual.

  22. K2…..the thought of Obama having 8 years to ruin this country scares me too…but it’s a strong possibility. He’s the annointed one. Let’s just hope he doesn’t pull a “Chavez” and try to do away with term limitations.

  23. KC, the state thing, they will have it solved by midnight.
    It wouldn’t bother me so much with the tax refunds as it does with the 40K state employess that they are holding their pay checks for “ransom.” The Gov is just being a b*tch, stomping her feet cause the Reps are making her balance the books. She wants to cook the books instead! I about gagged on her press conference, not sure who she thought she was fooling.
    Holding those paychecks is rediculous. People have bills to pay, sitters to pay, groceries to buy, etc. Those single mom’s or dads need those checks now, not 2 weeks down the road. Atleast a double income family has the second check to help.

  24. Patty……………..One of these days one of these politicians is going to push their agenda too far onto their constituents and when that happens I’m afraid all hell is going to break loose. I hope I’m wrong, but I see storm clouds brewing on the horizon. I get an eery feeling when I hear things like your governor is pulling that it’s just the beginnings of a “perfect storm”. A storm that may just tear this country apart from within. What did FDR say? “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”…………….Well, IMO, our present day political system is doing a good job promoting fear, not diminishing it.

  25. On a lighter note………….I see that the TV Chimp that went bezerk in Stamford, CT was on a prescription of Xanax for anxiety. When the Chimp was interviewed by the Animal Channel,using simple sign language, he said he was sorry for what he did. But ,he is still planning on suing Pfizer ( makers of the drug ) because he said, ” I’m sick and tired of those people making a monkey out of me “.

  26. John I totally agree with your thoughts.
    People in the mid west do have one thing in common, our weapons and a bible. I wouldnt want to get hit with either one of them!!!
    The perfect storm is a very good analogy!

  27. Hello everyone, and yes susan did email me, I actually have poked my head in a couple of times, but time gets shorter and shorter.

    I actually find myself thinking….hmmmm what would patti, susan, KC, K2 and Sylvia do?…then I scratch that idea as too insane and fraught with peril and I decide to go with what I think John, LG and Avi would do.

    How is everybody? I hope all is well.

    Adam. you ever need an extraction from some septic tank a bad guy is holding you in, just throw up the shot signal (or girlish scream) and I will make sure to come get you.

    I would love to have 10 minutes alone in a room with chavez, I would only need 30 seconds, but the remaining 9:30 would be “me time”

  28. Good Morning

    I watched the group of 12 Idol contestants last night and was impressed with only 2 of them….the blonde with the real short hair and the guy who sang last (I think he’s the one whose wife died recently).
    Anyway, it was a break from watching the depressing news about the stimulus crap.

  29. Looks like the tennis world is not pleased with Dubai’s actions. The World Tennis Association is looking into imposing sanctions against Dubai for the remainder of the calender year and the American Tennis Channel is refusing to televise the Dubai Games.

    This from the Wall Street Journal…………

  30. I watched Idol also and agree with you Sylvia. Not to much in that group.

    John..I am glad that the Tennis world is doing something about Dubai, but isn’t that something that they should have researched before hand and not gone there in the first place?

  31. ‘morning all.

    We watched Idol also. Agreed, not much there. How do you go through thousands and come out with them? I dont get it.
    We missed the first one, liked the 2nd (blonde girl with pink in hair) and 3rd (Ricky?)….and yes Danny..the one who lost his wife. He definitly connected lastnight. The rest can go home now IMO.
    Tatiana…is nothing more than a b*tch. Not sure what they saw in her.
    Oh well, keeps hubby happy for a few hours! *L*

  32. Good Morning all……

    Watched Idol too. It as too long. Talent was weak. And, agree – liked Alexis Grace (short blonde with pink hair) and Danny best.

    Patty – you pegged Tatiana! She needs to go. Can you imagine trying to work with that attitude. As to what the judges saw in her……. people tuning in to see the ‘train wreck’.

    On another topic – I see North Korea is at it again – threatening to test a missle – .they must need more of our $$$$.

  33. Karen…..maybe they are “testing” our new secy of state and pres.

  34. Since we all agree on which Idols to keep for the next round maybe we should replace the judges on that show. Paula gets up and claps for mediocre (at best) talent, and I think she is either clueless or just looking for attention…or both.
    And Simon…..well curmudgeon doesn’t even describe him….nasty is probably the best adjective.

  35. @John– in reference to chimp— LOL

    (I guess he had Lyme’s disease–)— now this I did not know–

    the chimp–Travis appeared on TV commercials for Old Navy and Coca-Cola, made an appearance on the “Maury Povich Show” and took part in a television pilot, according to a 2003 story in The Advocate newspaper of Stamford…..

  36. Adam Housley Says:


    It’s about freaking time and SGT., I had to approve you just once, so now you have instant posting, unless you are like some here who add a ton of links and then I have to make sure you are not spamming! Anyway, thanks for posting and today we are live with a laptop lie detector!


  37. Adam Housley Says:


    I wouldn’t scream for help, I would fire a flare tho! AND….me time… that.


  38. Hi SGT,
    Glad you could join the insanity club………I mean Adam’s Bullpen.
    Is there a reason you think the males on this blog are any more sane than the females????
    Think hard before you answer that!!!!!

  39. Adam, watch those laptop lie detectors. I hear they build up a lot of heat when the lie detector function is turned on and it’s detecting non-truths. I left one on the coffee table a few weeks ago, pointed at the TV while I was making dinner. When I walked back into the living room I noticed Pelosi and Reid were being interviewed on TV…………….and the laptop was on fire.

  40. Sylvia: He didn’t put me in the sane list. Nor the crazy list… Am I somewhere inbetween?

    John: Lol.

  41. Max…..I guess so…….I just want to know if the person making that judgement is sane!!!LOL.

  42. Sylvia: Well since he think’s John’s ideas are sane… probably not 😉

  43. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Sgt Shot
    Well, well, well, – welcome to you. Really have missed you and your wit. Between you, LDG, and John you three really kept us all entertained. Hope you can visit us as much as possible.

    How are those President son’s of yours. I bet they have grown a mile and are keeping you very busy. How is your wife doing??? Looking forward to hearing from you on the blog.

  44. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Susan – thanks for sending Derek an email for us. Can you find anymore of our lost souls?

    Patty – Hoping Kansas gets their act together so you don’t get an IOU for your state refund tax. I don’t think there is going to be to much hope in that matter for California.

    Sylvia – Are you finally getting some decent weather your way. Is all the snow gone from your BBQ yet? Every time we BBQ which is at least 3 times a week, I think of you.

    Max – You are very sane – except maybe in your eating choices – LOL

    John – very funny about the laptop catching on Fire. I bet it would have exploded if Obummer was on the TV – LOL
    BTW – don’t those lap tops make you boys sterile – thought I heard that somewhere (grinning)

  45. KC – That’s great news about the laptops making us sterile……………..cuts down on the expense of having to buy “party baloons”. But, I think the reason they make boys sterile is because the fan guards on the bottom of the unit have a tendency to come apart every now and then and those little high speed fans can do a world of damage to certain lap appendages, OUCH! That kind of birth control I can do without.

  46. KC…re: laptop…only if they catch “it” in there when slamming it closed! 🙂

    Sgt…hiya and i could resemble that insane remark!!

  47. *LOL* john and i were typing at the same time! scary when we think along the same lines! hahaha

  48. John……it’s a good thing guys don’t have to deal with labor….now that’s a big ouch.

  49. LOL…….I wonder if Adam will report on the safety concerns found here when he does his segment on laptops.

    Patty – I think I’d rather take my chance with the fans over the slamming method……..that’s a really big OUCH.

    Sylvia – You won’t get an argument out of me regarding the labor pain. I think a man’s threshold for pain is only a small percent of what a woman can bear.

    Got’ta go for now, have a great day everyone

  50. Off Topic
    Steve and I are headed back to Illinois, we talked to his mom this morning and her sister, Steve’s aunt, died this morning, exactly one month after his dad. As they lived in the same small town, it will be at the same funeral home and some of the same people will be there.

    Steve already had a long weekend planned, we were going to Florida to see my brother and his family, so we will have time to spend there and not be in a rush. It is also Steve’s birthday so it will be good to spend it with his mom. Becky will not be going with us, she was just there and having to get more time off would be difficult.

    Sylvia… I doubt that the guys could do labor.

    John LOL

  51. Barb,
    Sorry for the loss. Have a safe trip. Not the best way to celebrate a birthday.

  52. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  53. Check out Adam using a lie detector laptop, there are 2 videos on there (click my name).

  54. Adam Housley Says:


    Sorry for the loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


  55. Adam Housley Says:


    Like Susan…I am ignoring you right now. I am only reading Sylvia, KC and company. Maybe Avi. 🙂


  56. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Playing it safe are we???? Smart man

  57. KC,
    Are we considered “safe”?

  58. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    “hopefully soon” !!!!!!! What a red face you had on that one

    What are you gonna give Trace for that one????

  59. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well, according to Adam we are – Guess we can still fool some people, some of the time – LOL

  60. what? adam, just cause KC is “old” you think she is sane????

    just kidding kc!! 🙂

  61. oh man, we just had the best supper!!!
    ham balls, and cheesey tators..and pat has homemade german chocolate cake.

    we have a new place downtown called “home cook’in”. Carry out only, entre’s, desserts, side dishes, whatever. I preordered the hamballs, cause i dont cook them.
    I got a gift certificate from my boss for Christmas. What a treat it is!
    Will feed us 2 meals and it was only $25

  62. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    And here I was gonna ask you for your recipe on the hamballs – then I read your second paragraph. You didn’t even cook it – LOL

    Never heard of a ham ball but sounds very interesting. Boy, that is an opening statement isn’t it!!! John – don’t go there. I am being serious for once.

    I’m old, sane, insane, never know – depends on how I feel when I get up in the morning. (grinning)

  63. *giggling* KC

    your awesome, no matter what mood your in!!!

    recipe. hummm I think i can help with that.

  64. wore that tie just for susan!!!!!

  65. under my name kc
    much like meatloaf, just ground ham. its all in the “sauce” .
    its probably close to what we had.

  66. oh ya, if forgot to mention, KS Gov payed her employees and our tax returns have been ok’d to be paid. She borrowed 225 million today.

  67. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Yum – I am going to try that one – something different.

    California is still talking about IOU’s along with a lot of tax hikes for all of us. Arnold wants to raise sales tax again, charge more for license renewal for our vehicles, put a surcharge on our gas per gallon. It is a bunch of bull as far as I am concerned. We pay, pay, pay, and they spend, spend, spend. Just don’t get it.

  68. oh adam, you were so seriously “set up”!!!

    No one at fox is going to let you forget that for a while i’ll bet.

  69. KC..I so agree with the spend thing. What part of “within our means” do they not understand??
    Our means are done!! and after the next 3 yrs…im afraid we will really be “done”, in more way that taxes.

    Ive argued and argued on the local newspaper comments section about budgets… one understands. After a while I just have to walk away for a few days.

  70. OK…fill me in. What did I miss on FNC?

  71. sylvia…go to max’s link above and watch the “hot seat” video

  72. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I agree – I just hope we have a free United States of America after the next 3 years. I have a feeling he already knows, or doesn’t care, that he is only gonna be a 1 term president. Shit, he hasn’t even been president for a month and look at all the bad things he has done. God help us all.

    My blood pressure goes sky high every time he is on TV – which is every day. I have to walk away also to save my sanity

  73. We had that same conversation tonight KC.
    Pat says there is no way Americans will stand for this much longer. In his opinion anyway.

  74. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I don’t know what was funnier – Adam’s RED face or the expression on Trace Gallagher’s face!!!! You know pay back is a B****, so I am sure Adam is planning his revenge – LOL

    Hope he shares it with us

  75. KC..i get the feeling adam is too nice to get even!! *L*

  76. Just saw the video…..very funny.
    Poor Adam…..will never live that down!!!

  77. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    He should be able to come up with something that is harmless, but funny –
    ya know, put rocks in his hubcaps, or put salt in his cup of coffee, or how about putting vaseline on his earpiece, so it keeps slipping out of his ear when he is at the big board.

    I agree with your hubby by the way. I am sure many people have the same feeling also.

  78. I think people will continue to give Obama a pass because the press (except for FNC) is reluctant to report negative stuff on him or his administration.
    They bury it on the back pages of the papers or don’t report it on tv.

  79. Adam

    Is Trace going to force you to get off the “pot”? LOL

  80. adam, do what the guys to at work.
    does trace drink pop out of a can?
    poke a small hole just under where you drink, on the outside of the can
    ………there is always someone at our work that appears to have needed a bib! *L*
    although, I will admit, there isnt much “normal” at our work!

  81. idol is a little weird tonight.

  82. I’m not watching it tonight….why is it weird and which 3 got voted in to stay?

  83. spoiler alert!!

    its weird cause only 3 are staying.
    those 3 will move to the top 12
    so far…the girl with the blonde hair, and the oil rig guy (he didnt deserve it!) and danny

  84. I don’t remember the oil rig guy. We all picked the blonde and Danny, didn’t we?
    I’m anxious to hear the visually challenged guy with the great voice.

  85. The video from today was great…. will Trace live to see another interview??

    Was glad that Danny made it into the 12. The rest were not that great.

  86. Sylvia…looks like he will be in 2 weeks. Next week is the crazy guy, Norman/Nick, what ever his name is and some others that I do not remember from the auditions

  87. I didn’t watch most of the early auditions. I decided to wait until it got down to fewer people.
    Maybe they are saving the best for last and that is why he’ll be on in 2 weeks.

  88. I’m going to get off the computer now.

    Good Night to all.

  89. NY times reporting KS Gov is Ob’s top chioce for HHS

  90. baahhaaahahaha
    that NY times article above is funny!!!
    They wrote about our Gov like MSNBC writes for Obama!!

  91. KC—

    Find more lost souls? They are everywhere! 😀

    As for Obama, he was here today– I had no time to watch or hear his latest– but I do know this, every time his south paw brings out a pen, I cringe.

    Going back in time for when I supported him 100% and then I gradually dropped it– He is minus 5 %…

    And from here, from talking to Phoenix College instructors, where I am presently taking a class, and from Glendale Community College Adaptive Gym, where Ken gets his exercise, and students from ASU West, major and big major cut backs have been taken from the academic…. Not good!!!!

    Was my darling Adam on the tele today and I MISSED him??????
    (Adam– pink is cool– I have gotten over my issue with pink) As a matter of fact, I am in the process of painting all my walls pink!

    You can wear anything you want because you always look cool– Because your good soul wears the full attire!!!!! xxxxxx y mis abrazos! Eres muy buena onda!

    And Derek emailed me back… He is very busy and he said he would check in here… (Hello Derek!!!!) Say something…. xxxx

  92. oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got on here and I skipped a few posts–

    DEREK WAS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sgt shot Says:

    February 17, 2009 at 6:35 pm
    Hello everyone, and yes susan did email me, I actually have poked my head in a couple of times, but time gets shorter and shorter.

    I actually find myself thinking….hmmmm what would patti, susan, KC, K2 and Sylvia do?…then I scratch that idea as too insane and fraught with peril and I decide to go with what I think John, LG and Avi would


    sorry hon!!!! I did not see it because this was a busy day and I just did not see all the posts!

    WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND LOTS OF HUGS!

  93. And as for how this whole mess is a big mess— it has to do with over population– nothing less or nothing more—- way too many people here on this whole planet…. sucking out the natural resources and the economy…

    I remember so well when President DIaz Ordaz, Mexico City, in the maybe 70’s, had an attitude about the country of Mexico just having soooo many people there saying: The more people, the more to govern.” Implying, it was a good thing to have that many people there… and these poor simple minded people thought this— and now they are here over populating this country because that asshole did not take care of what he could have maybe done something about–

    And since him, no other President has cared except for the present one– and he is LOSING— Mexico City is sooooooooo full of druggies and it is becoming ranked as number one– from an email I just received…

    and as for dooms day– Nostradamus said 2012—-the biblical apocalypse….

    So, I will just get up every day and just carry the day and when tomorrow comes, and if it is here… deal with it…

    I can not or will not live with fears…. because if I do, there goes my will…

  94. Barb—

    sooo sorry to have to read your post—


  95. @LDG—

    I have a dog now—

    I rescued a dog– AND I can not believe how the two cats and the bow wow get along….

    Sing: Amazing Grace! 😀


    YOU ROCK!!!

    (WINK) 🙂

    thanks sooooooo much!

  97. @John—

    BTW— Adam WILL never ignore you… He has been a looking for you now since he put our hideaway blog up!!!!

    (I think Adam thinks you are way fun…) Amazing how Adam remembers his friends! He senses them….

    Bless you Adam…. xxxxx

  98. @ Adam–

    Till death do us part… 😀 😀 😀

    You are one good guy!


    buenas noches!

  99. Susan, did you click on my name to see it?

  100. Good Morning,
    It was 57 here yesterday and it is now 25 and snowing. Hopefully it will not accumulate too much.
    Mother Nature must be going through menopause… else could you explain this crazy weather.

    KC……Larry grilled steaks Tuesday evening and now there is snow on the grill again…..not a lot…..but still what a difference.

    Back to winter after a short taste of spring.

  101. Susan,

    What kind of dog did you rescue?

    I’m going to have to learn Spanish so I can read some of your comments!!

    I used to be able to read French fluently….little good that did me once I got out of college….should have studied Spanish.
    I did use the French when we visited Quebec many moons ago or when we went to French restaurants (which are no longer popular in Cincy).

    Maybe I should get a Spanish for beginners course.

  102. On Topic:

    Looks like Dubai is trying to make nice after last week’s denial-of-visa to Ms. Peer.
    Then again, with the outrage some sponsors have been displaying, this may well be an example of “money talks”.

    Off Topic:

    Welcome back, SGT!

    Susan… there has to be a story behind your dog rescue. Is it a case of refuge (will give the dog up to another home later) or adoption (you will keep care of the dog)?
    Glad the dog and cats are getting along.

  103. @LDG—

    thanks for the link—- I am going to read it–

    the dog is here to stay– it is a female mutt and she looks like Tomasa– so I am keeping her as I like a having a dog around because of the bark–
    It is one of those stories– people having to move and what to do with their pet~ There seems to be a lot of this!!! grrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tama is the one who really likes her!)—- and hence, my putting the rock in the backyard because now three animals roll around in the dirt…. hello to them… use the grass!!!! It is sooooooooo funny!!! What cracks me up the most is when I open the refrigerator, ALL three coming running… 😀

    And I am still doing the trapping– I think I found the orange cat a home– The lion looking cat who is way sweet— The lady who runs altered tails called me a couple days ago and I have an appt on Friday morning to drop off the cat at some place by the airport where her friend who runs an adoption rescue center said she would take the cat…. orange cats are popular, I guess… so tonight I have to trap the cat… which won’t be hard because this cat is way docile and between the siamese and this one, they hang out here for the most part all day…. the siamese one will let me get close to him but he still hisses a bit…. and lastly, a gray cat lives up on the roof– I don’t have pigeons up on the roof anymore– yay– they use to make their messes on the entry here… and the white cat is still wild…. she only comes out at night. No telling where she hides during the day.

    going to read the link—

  104. @Max—

    I clicked on your name— ohhhh Adam, you look so cute!!! 😀

    and I am laughing sooooo hard at who was used as an example to detect a lie— LOL AND LOL–

    didn’t Adam cover a bit of this story when he was at one of those gadget shows and he mentioned this story?


  105. Sylvia–

    translation– I sent Adam hugs and said he is way cool–

    I use to be able to read French too as it is close to Spanish but I haven’t done any of that in years!!! LOL

  106. So Ram is in and Peer is still out— grrrr!

    Ram was given “special permission.” what an outrage-

  107. ‘afternoon all.

    Adam….have fun at mardi gras.

    Doesnt even sound “fun” to me. Too many people.

  108. What’s this about Mardi Gras? Is Adam going to that wild event where everyone drinks and women expose themselves for beads?

    Adam’s too innocent for that…lol

  109. sylvia…adam sounds excited about it!! Someone asked him to look at tata’s for him! *LOL*

    Hey MAX…..
    YEAH for the UK!!!!!!
    cept…it just brings them more press. they thrive on it.
    (under my name)

  110. Adam Housley Says:

    I am going to try and stream live from the parade route and I WILL post a blog and am going to take a ton of pictures.

    You’ll guys get the updates for sure.


  111. Adam….BEHAVE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!

  112. Patty,
    Was this news on Facebook?

  113. Sylvia…I saw the mardigras trip on facebook

  114. Lets put it this way Adam…dont do anything none of us wouldn’t do!!!!
    🙂 🙂

  115. er adam………all those pics you take, file them with the Idol pics from last year, the CES (?) show from last year, blah blah blah 😉

  116. Patty,
    Adam should take the lie detector test when we ask him questions about what he really did at Mardi Gras.

  117. Patty: We have an even each year here where about 1 million people attend, and fit into about 5 square miles. Mardi gras doesn’t sound too crowded.

    Hmm, the british government keeps baning people from entering the UK for being extreme in their view points. Not good for free speech. They barred Geert Wilders (Dutch politician who made Fitna) the other week.

  118. Max, you dont want the phelps. they are sick sick people, incestuous (is that a word?) breeding is not a good thing. Anyone that will protest a soldiers funeral should live elsewhere.
    On the other hand, when we stop their free speech, we stop ours. Its a tough situation.
    When we go to topeka, they are always on certain intersections with their g o d h a t e s g a y s signs. So what, its only words.
    BUT…they use little kids to hold those signs, and i do mean little. That makes me ill.

  119. How about that Adam, ready for alittle lie detector when you return? hehehehe
    Bet we can get Trace to ask more quesitons.

  120. Patty,
    Is Trace on Facebook? If so, maybe you could send a suggestion.

  121. Patty: I know they aren’t good people, but still… the government silencing them only helps them. Anyone who sees them knows they are stupid, but they can say something about how the government wants to shut them up since the gov are afraid of their message since it is true.

  122. Sylvia…he is on facebook. 😉

  123. There’s your chance Patty….go for it!!!!

  124. Hello all,

    Now I remember why this place is so addictive. You guys are all awesome.

    Max, I did not mean to forget you, and when I saw it, I knew you were one of the cautious ones.

    Yes it has been my experience that the men here are more tactically cautious than the women…the woman here are not a force to be messed with.

    Everything is good, except the president, the economy, and the big fat pork laden wasteful useless pathetic going to cost us trillions “stimulus” package.

    Any fans of history here? LDG?

    If I am not mistaken, the great depression slugged along despite the WWW and every other “stimulus” of the time.

    World War II kicked off when Germany told France to suck an egg over the war debt.

    And WWII created so many jobs it swung us out of the depression.

    Now I may be over generalizing, and over simplifying, but look at our current mess.

    We are spending trillions on growing the government and it is going to do zilch to spark the economy.

    Who are we borrowing a whole lotta cash from? China

    What happens if China decides to collect? or what if we default?

    There is one heck of an army in China….does anybody else see this as the start of a domino effect that is going to lead us to some very dark times?

    or maybe I am just paranoid…nah…this is getting crazy

  125. sgt, i don’t think you are the only seeing that come. more guys at work are talking gardens of their own that i ever thought I’d hear. they are thinking that tators in the basement and a few tomatoes in cans, you can survive about anything.

  126. Patty,

    It is getting scary, I know that I am making sure to plan for a rainy day, because it could go real south, real soon.

  127. Sgt,
    That is scary, but we have to hope that China will be more reasonable than Germany was. We are in debt to an unknown entity which could turn on us and bite us in the ass. Kind of like the chimp that attacked that woman.
    However, it is now a global economy and China needs a stable US to keep purchasing their goods so Chinese workers have jobs. Chinese have gotten a taste of modern merchandise and they will not want to revert to the old days of poverty.

  128. Sgt…. along the lines of history, look how Obama is following the failed policy of FDR.

  129. Karen,
    Obama is trying to be Lincoln, FDR, and JFK. Do you think he is aiming awfully high for such an inexperienced person?
    He is certainly not shy or modest.

  130. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone
    It is Friday again – YIPEEEEEEEEEEE

    Susan – You need to name your home PARADISE INN – all mews and bow wow’s welcome. Such a big heart you have

    Sylvia – glad you got to BBQ at least once before your yucky weather came back.

    Patty – Have to tell ya – we made that syrup for the hamballs. We used it as a marinade on our pork chops, then BBQ’d the chops basting them with the syrup. Man – that was awesome!!!!! Thanks

  131. Sylvia, agree. I sum him up in one word – arrogant.

    Had to laugh at Obama warning the mayors to not ‘waste’ the stimulus money! Pot, meet kettle.

  132. KC. sounds good. Had to go back and find the recipe Patty posted.
    Needed an idea for dinner tonight. Thanks to you two.

  133. Seems to me what we need to make us feel better is a good war. A war that we start, not as a response to us being attacked, but a war where we just go out and kick a little ass and set things right along the way. As mentioned above, during WW II we found out the building and maintaining of a good war machine is good for the economy.
    My suggestion would be to start with Mexico. We’ll all gather the troops at the border and head south. We can do most of this with ground troops with little air and sea support. Leaving those branches of the armed forces to fight the battles in other parts of the world where necessary.
    With the Mexican army in complete disarray and/or stoned on Marijuana, I forecast that we should be able to reach the southern parts of their country by mid April, early May at the latest. Exterminating their land of the drug cartels along the way that have been giving us headaches for the past ten years. This schedule will give us ample time to spend spring break on the beaches of Acapulco before we march on.
    Next we’ll run through the countries of Nicaragua and Honduras and free their people from wrath of their communist style governments before we pause in Panama for another well deserved break. We can play with the locks and smoke a few cigars as we rest for our next expedition.
    After our Panamanian R and R we’ll head further south and pick up our friends in Colombia and head east to Venezuala where, as joint forces, we’ll rattle Chavez’s cage until he and all his red shirted vermin fall out into the Carribean Sea. Then we can proudly stand on the cliffs overlooking Caracas and yell at the Russian navy parked below, ” Get your rubber duckies out of our pond and go home “.
    Granted, all may still not be well in the world after all that, but it would surely get our minds off of the mess we’re in right now………….and it will show the rest of the world that just because we stumbled, we didn’t fall.

  134. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Someday, I will try the hamballs, but the syrup sounded sooooo good, we just had to try it on something.
    We used apple cider vinegar this time, but we are thinking of trying it with balsamic vinegar next time to see if there would be a different flavor. Hubby and I love to experiment in the kitchen and are always trying something new. Maybe that is why we are so “fluffy” – LOL

  135. Hi KC…..It’s too frigid to grill now but at least we had a couple days of nice weather. I don’t eat pork so I won’t be trying Patty’s recipe.

    K2…..arrogant is a good adjective to use.

    John…..I like the part about resting on the beaches….the remaider of the plan is too tiring……so you have my support if you drop me off for R&R and procede without me.
    Or I can get on a cruise ship and meet up with you guys along the way.

  136. Sylvia………..Great idea, you and rest of the ladies here can run our supply line to Acapulco and Panama. Gather all the cruise ships you need and set up beachheads along the way. LOL

    And bring some of those hamballs……they sound good.

  137. John….you are asking the wrong person to bring hamballs…..I’m Jewish and don’t eat pork (hubby eats it in restaurants even though he’s Jewish too).
    The other ladies can bring the hamballs…I’ll bring the matzah balls and chicken soup…..and brisket.

  138. Wow. Sounds like we will be ‘crusing’ our way to the south with some good food and some kick-arse fun!

    Or, instead of marching south, it may just be time to start marching on Washington.
    Have you seen all the posters people have been displaying in towns where Obama has been on his snake-oil tour? Michelle Malkin has them posted…. click my name

  139. Sylvia – Matzah balls are cool and probably safer. I never thought of hamballs being porkballs……..somehow calling them that sounds less apetizing.

    Just to stay on subject here……….I guess someone should bring some tennis balls.

    OK, that’s enough about balls. Next thing you know someone will want to talk about ‘bats’ and then we’ll all be timed out from the blog.

  140. John…we can discuss Base balls… is spring training time again. And for a few weeks my Reds won’t be in the cellar.

  141. K2….those signs are hilarious. This could turn out to be fun…..take the pain away while we drown in national debt and inflation and more taxes.
    How in the hell did we survive Carter? Oh yeah, I remember…Reagan rode to our rescue…God bless him.

  142. @All

    A quick FYI so that when (if?) my absence is noticed, people are not concerned. I’ll be on travel for a little more than a week as of later today, my time… I’ll look in as I can, but I shan’t be back until the 1st of March.

    Please have a great weekend and following week, and I’ll see you on the flip-side.

    Be well and safe.

  143. LDG,
    Have a safe trip. We’ll try to behave and stay out of trouble.

    March 1 is the date our daughter Michelle (and yorkie named Jasmine) fly home from Phoenix to visit for a few days. Hopefully the weather will warm up by then.

  144. Sylvia: “Obama is trying to be Lincoln, FDR, and JFK.” You left out ‘Carter’.

    John: If Mexico collapses that plan might not be too far from the truth.

  145. LDG: Have fun!

  146. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I’ll miss ya – have a safe trip

  147. Max,
    I’ve tried hard to block Carter from my memory. What a jerk. He always was and always will be.

  148. LDG – Safe travels my friend………….see you at the border ( wink )

    MAX – I was thinking the same thing while I was typing. Hoping that my fictional satire will not turn out to be a non-fictional nightmare.

  149. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and will talk at ya Monday.


    THE OIL IS IN TEXAS – – – – BUT – – –

  150. KC,
    Very funny and very true.
    Have fun.

  151. John,

    I am with you brother.

    Me and my guys have been looking for a good reunion spot, and when you get my platoon (the regulators) assembled, well, just keep us supplied with ammo, we will improvise the rest, and we will plan on being the tip of the spear.

    Our motto was “intimidate and destroy” and we followed that creed, I can safely say the last thing some insurgents felt before hot lead and death, was an intense fear.

  152. John: Have to wait to see what will happen.

  153. Good Morning.
    Hope you all are enjoying the weekend…I’m sure KC is.

    Wonder if everyone is staying out of trouble.

  154. Adam Housley Says:

    KC- I love the dip sticks comment!

    Sgt- I loved the fact that they felt the intense fear. Last time I checked tho…..they weren’t insurgents. They were terrorists! 🙂


  155. Adam,

    Yes terrorist is a better term, I would be fine if we started classifying all dictators, brutes, and criminals as what they really are…terrorists.

    I see you are still keeping this crowd under control, as much as any one man could, anyway. How is life?

  156. Adam Housley Says:


    Live is good. I’ll give everyone an update soon. In the meantime, i have a new post and I know you and a few others will have some fun with it. Glad to have you here and I will be in touch if Hugo gives me any trouble. 🙂


  157. @LDG—

    waaaa!!! Hope all is good there!

    KC– xxxx

    Ken got his letter yesterday in the mail as I am sure thousands of others did too in this State– the State has no funds and will not cover the co-pay for the prescriptions…. I can handle this but a few of his co-pays for the meds are rather pricey– it is those in the nursing homes and the elderly on fixed income who are really going to be hurting— big time… Ken’s case manager was telling me yesterday, the concern is these will start not taking the meds because they can’t afford the co-pay– so and so and so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had stocked up test strips– Ken gets 200 a month and I don’t use them all but I would order them anyway even if there were a 100 left so I managed to squirrel away some test strips– these are expensive with the co-pay… the syringes I am duking it out right now because these are not covered AT ALL as these are considered OTC- over the counter… now you know how easy it is for a junkie to get syringes…. So this tells me if other people who are dependent on a syringe to exist, will now start using these more than once to save…. I discard Ken’s after each use– never do I use them twice– if need be, I will just pay the full price…. I had stocked up on these too….

    YUP– It has hit me too… let’s see if my hours get cut… just sitting here and waiting… 😀

  158. let me repost this on the correct thread…
    Patty Says:
    February 21, 2009 at 7:45 am
    Susan, call your local emergency management, they have 10s of thousands of syringes stored, ask them what they do with them towards the expire date.

  159. porkballs….geeze that does sound a little weird!

    sylvia, you could use that same recipe and just use ground beef. It really is good.

    glad you liked it KC.
    one of my favs.

    I had “weed school” yesterday. That should lead to some imagination work for everyone! haha

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