10 Years of Corruption

Not hard to believe Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez has lasted 10 years when you spend time in Caracas and hear about the brutal way he treats his opposition. As we know, Chavez will do whatever it takes to stay in power and yet another election approaches to try and do just that. State-run television in  Venezuela is already calling the Chavez reign, “a decade of successes.”

Chavez and representatives of the leftist group Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas, or ALBA, met in Caracas and ever the showman, Chavez paraded a sarcophagus of Simon Bolivar, whom Chavez credits with inspiring him as “the father of the revolution.” Along with Hugo were pals Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Jose Manuel Zelaya of Honduras and Evo Morales of Bolivia; Roosevelt Skerrit, prime minister of Dominica; and Cuba’s first vice president, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura. Cuban leader Raul Castro was not there, but Fidel’s spirit, which has arguably disrupted Latin America for 40 years, was not lost on Chavez who said, “Fidel, from here I salute you. Revolutionary father, from here we, your sons and daughters, salute you!” Of course Chavez declared his day of propaganda a national holiday.


During this rally/meeting/holiday, Chavez once again lauded socialism and said it is the only path for human beings. This comes as the price of oil continues to threaten the power that Chavez once bought within his own borders and because of the low price of oil, reports are…..he is now more dependent on support from Colombian drug cartels than ever before. These are the same cartels that are being shoved out of Colombia (thanks to U.S. support) and have been greatly marginalized in recent years. One reason these leaders oppose the Colombian leadership and its friendship with the United States.

The leaders did discuss the economic crisis around the globe and assuredly felt socialism is the answer to all things. Interestingly, as Chavez support falters, an oil price crisis emerges for his country. Oil revenue accounts for about 90 percent of Venezuela’s export earnings, about half of federal budget revenue and some 30 percent of gross domestic product and funds state rallies for Chavez and his ability to knock down his opposition. This once mighty country has some monumental issues to overcome and the Chavez leadership and hopeful change for many is first and foremost.

OH….and as for a possible second “NO” vote in the upcoming elections to overturn term limits for his presidency….Chavez says he might not take a second “NO” vote as a final word.


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  1. Adam Housley Says:

    I posted this here first because I know you guys have been sooooooo interested in this issue now for more than a year. I will also post the same article on foxnews.com/housley

  2. Adam Housley Says:

    One of the FEW times posts will match on both locations.


  3. @Adam Housley

    Thank you for the reposting (preposting?) here!

    This is going to be a heck of a couple of weeks in Venezuela coming up… I presume you have seen the reports / pictures out of the University of the Andes on the student protests *against* Chavez, and the injuries to said protesters caused by the security forces. yes?

  4. Wow, 10 years already.
    We can thank the economic crisis for the power of America’s enemies unraveling.
    Let’s hope oil drops further and Venezula, Iran and Russia’s governments get meeker.

  5. Since this subject definitely isn’t my strong point as we all know from past ones…
    reading it, all I can think of is in 4 years….you can re-post it and change a few names.

    “_____ once again lauded socialism and said it is the only path for human beings or sheeples.

    Yes, scacastic and exaggerated.

  6. Adam Housley Says:


    Yes, I have seen them and Steve Harrigan will be there to report on the vote. His trip has been planned for a while and he’ll do a fantastic job.


  7. @Adam Housley

    Very good then. Glad S. Harrigan will be on it, and I’ll watch for his reports, but well…

    …wish you had gotten the call this time. You must still be on Hugo A-go-go’s PNG list.

    Rather than bemoan it further though, I’ll hope you have a really good assignment as well. What’s on the docket for you?

  8. Chavez and his thugs will never accept a “no” vote. I only hope the people who want democracy can hold the fort against this brutal, evil man.
    Add the word crazy to that description.

  9. Adam,
    How do journalists stay safe when in countries like Venezuela? Do they have bodyguards with them? If they probe into the drug cartels or say anything negative about dictators who protects them?

  10. FL Sunshine Says:

    Adam – thanks for posting this story. I feel for the people of Venezuela and wonder if they can stand up and fight for themselves.

  11. Sylvia, I have wondered that too. I have heard about them wearing flak jackets and such.

  12. Good morning (very early morning…we got up at 5). It is frigid and snow covered. Larry has to get to work and we don’t know how bad the roads are yet.
    Hope the rest of you have better weather.

  13. Hi Sylvia
    Patty: Re snow: I know the mayor here was saying it doesn’t pay to have snow plows to keep the road open. Well I worked out why that is 100% nonsense. It’d be very cheap to do.
    They have trucks for spreading grit on the side walk, they could just put a low on the front of them. Problem solved!

  14. YAY FOR Adam= great post–

    I see you were not sent there– hmmm?

    the 15th of this month should be interesting….

    Chavez: To celebrate his milestone in power, Chavez declared a national holiday on Monday. (next step– a statue erected in his name…)

    His take on this- There’ll be 10 more years of revolution,” Chavez said recently. “I’ll be here as long as God wants and the people demand.”

    Meanwhile, inflation soars there…

    Gawd– I can’t stand the man!!!!

  15. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Great live shot this morning. 135 grand for that plane/boat doesn’t sound to pricey. Have you taken a ride in it yet????

    And your Mom and Dad both having a private pilot’s license is cool. Do you have one too???

  16. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone – hope all are having a good day

  17. The Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela (UBV, English: Bolivarian University of Venezuela) is a state university in Venezuela founded in 2003 by decree of President Hugo Chávez. The UBV is a part of the Chávez government’s “Mission Sucre” social programs, which aim to provide free higher education to the poor.

    You know what is being taught there? Anti-semitism–

    I read a letter which was posted a few days ago by a teacher which is no longer on the internet in which he talked about this–

    And the attack on the synagogue on Jan 30 in Venezuela… of course Chavez is condemning this attack– but…..”Leaders of Venezuela’s estimated 15,000-member Jewish community have complained that vocal denunciations of Israel by President Hugo Chavez and Venezuela’s state and pro-government news media may have encouraged the attack.”

    and his close relationship with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tells me Chavez is full of chara and coca!!!!!

  18. Okay – off topic – but political. Click my name for a you-tube of Pelosi’s recent comment on job losses and the stimulus package.

    Now, remember, our entire countries population is just over 300 million.

  19. Karen,
    Nobody ever accused Pelosi of being intelligent or sensical.

    Pelosi, Reid, and Biden are all fools.

  20. Karen,
    Maybe Pelosi was counting the illegals as Americans.

  21. Just a thought. If Pelosi is having trouble with the math, and 3 of the nominees are having trouble with the IRS figuring out the amount owed, maybe the real problem is that the Dems don’t do well in Math class. LOL

  22. Barb,
    Maybe they don’t do well in ethics class.

  23. Sylvia, How true

  24. Hello All. When I heard Pelosi, all I could think of was people saying they wanted to make sure the people we elected to office were smarter than them! Well, if Pelosi is an example of someone who is smarter, then we are in a whole lot of trouble 🙂

    Also, wasn’t it Pelosi who said, once she was chosen as Speaker, that we would now have the most ethical congress ever? Sylvia, I think you are correct. Ethics schmethics!

  25. Karen,
    I’m beginning to think ethics and politics don’t go together. Not possible.

    Every time I hear people say they are going to have the cleanest campaign or the most ethical administration I think of the song “Promises, Promises”.

  26. Pelosi makes me sick to my stomach–

    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: not intelligent; irresponsible
    Synonyms: brainless, dazed, deficient, dense, dim, doltish, dopey*, dull, dumb, dummy*, foolish, futile, gullible, half-baked*, half-witted*, idiotic, ill-advised, imbecilic, inane, indiscreet, insensate, irrelevant, laughable, loser*, ludicrous, meaningless, mindless, moronic, naive, nonsensical, obtuse, out to lunch, pointless, puerile, rash, senseless, shortsighted, simple, simpleminded, slow, sluggish, stolid, stupefied, thick, thick-headed, trivial, unintelligent, unthinking, witless

    Notes: stupid refers to lack of ability while ignorant refers to lack of knowledge

  27. Susan – LOL.

    Just heard Obama on tv…..and have this question. Why is he in such a rush to get a ‘stimulus’ bill passed now? He was not concerned about this during the campaign.

    Could it be the bill is full of spending and ramps up social programs and creates more government?

  28. Karen,
    Obama is anxious to pass this bill quickly because the more people learn about it the more they dislike it. Public opinion has gone down dramatically since this stimulus package was first introduced.
    It is a way to slide his social agenda through without people realizing what is happening and therefore not criticizing it.

  29. K2-

    I personally think he is pen happy– wants to see his signature on everything~ 😀

    My 100% to back him up as President is down to 5%~ and that is only because I am still waiting to see what kind of dog he is going to get. 😀

    Neil Cavuto was awesome today!!!! Did you watch him?

  30. I am definitely getting some good entertainment because of Obama–

    Hannity’s Lib-er-al Translation is such a hoot!!! (did I get the hyphens right?)

  31. Sean Penn does not like Hannity or Glenn Beck– I posted a link to what he wrote last year– when he visited Chavez and R. Castro on the news blog– It made my blood go into over boil!!!

  32. Susan – Too funny! I missed Neil today……… his show is one of my favorites. I love his interview style.

    Also, the 5% rating is perfect. And, I forgot about the dog. When is that poor child going to get her dog?

  33. K2–

    The dog? This was part of his “change” plan– so in answer to that– it will be a freezer in hell before he gets around to that…. 😀 I think I will send him one of the feral cats out here…

    I am still wondering if he kept the pool table and played some pool Super Bowl day???? And if so… he probably used his pen as a cue stick! 😀

    Neil– between him and his guest, Paul ?, they both came up with great ideas on how to really stimulate the economy and what pork to be rid of…

  34. Oh yeah– save the bees! Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Save the hummingbirds– if you have to save something! 😀

  35. and as for the news media frenzy about Phelps– (thinking about prosecuting him)– where do these idiots come from? The picture was taken three months ago and he could have been smoking oregano from the bong– (given at that young age… one believes anything when given a pipe or joint or bong… just to be cool!)— Live and learn, Phelps– unfortunately, you are under the microscope 24/7…

  36. @Susan

    re: bees; my 2 cents…

    Apiculture is

    — really, really important.

    — best practiced locally, but commonly practiced commercially (industrially).

    — under threat from a number of disease / environmental risks.

    — being treated as a political football right now.

    The best things to do would be to stop shipping beehives all over the country seasonally (introduces all manner of stress risks to the hives), and to continue to fund as part of basic agricultural investment the investigations into both hive corruption (Africanization) and hive disorders (Colony Collapse).

    The worst thing to do, by either political faction, would be to continue to politicize this matter.

    That this matter is being treated the way it is shows once again that there are a lot of things being proposed in the name of “stimulus” that have nothing to do with the general economic matter. By doing so, it injures the support of needed activities that should be debated purely on their own merits. Shame on log-rolling politicians.

  37. On Topic

    Here’s the latest from El Universal (Caracas) in English on the issue of Venezuelan Constitutional Referendums


    key point: Hugo can keep trying every year to change the constitution, not just once a presidential term.

  38. Susan: I love Lib-er-al translation too, I just wish someone would read it out so I don’t have to run to the screen to see the translation.

  39. So this is where the A.P.E.S have transferred to. I got an e-mail from Patty ( I think it was her ) that gave me this address. Glad to see the gang is still intact and I’ll definitely will check in and try to leave some words of wisdom………….who’s words I’ll leave I haven’t decided yet.

    I left a post on Adam’s Foxnews blog of what I think may happen in Venezuala regarding our friend Chavez. I don’t think a simple “NO” vote will convince him to give up power……..most dictators (elected or otherwise) don’t give up power that easily.

    Susan ,if smoking pot……uhhh oregano, can produce a governor of California, three presidents of the USA and a thirteen time Olympic medalist then I think we should change the public school ‘recess hour’ to ‘reefer hour’. Now if we can only convince them to serve hash for lunch.

  40. Just to stay somewhat on subject, I’m sure most here have read this, but for those that haven’t……..this is scary,


  41. @LDG-

    Your two cents makes such good sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As always!!!!

    thanks for the link, as well!

    Max- How far do you have to run? 😀


  42. Oh I bet Hugo is angry at the Catholic Church— I read some of the articles on LDG’s link—

  43. log rolling politicans– 😀 😀 😀

  44. Susan: 10 feet, but I’m in bed trying to stay warm.

  45. @Max

    Consider it rehersal for Wyoming winters, mate.


    …note, this week is a warm spell for February there.

  46. Max,
    It was -5 degrees here this morning. It is now up to 16. Suppose to reach 40 tomorrow and 52 Saturday. That will feel like a heat wave.

  47. LDG: well there’s one distinct difference between when I am there and here. Here I don’t have heating in my room, there I will. A big difference. 😉
    I saw they had -27 around Christmas. I think I will need to get a ski mask so I can go out then.

    Slyvia: I hate it when it gets like that, them my clothes aren’t good, since my jackets are too warm or too cold.

  48. Max,
    I would rather be warm than cold.

  49. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    LDG – Susan – I have to go with you both on the bee issue. Absolutely nuts along with sooooo many other money wasting ideas in this porkulus/crapulus package. I have to keep EpiPen’s around me at all times. Got one in the car – in my purse – in the cupboards at home. I know those busy little things are good for something, but just not for me.

    Max – My sister lives in Banner, Wyoming and they do suffer their cold spells. Last winter they could not get out of their house for two weeks – the snow and ice blocked their doors and windows.
    A ski mask is a must for your own protection. My brother-in-laws eyelashes actually froze just walking from his front door to the edge of the porch. Trust me – he will never step outside without his ski mask again – LOL

    Sylvia – I would rather be cold than warm – easier to layer up than to strip down. Of course with the weather we are having here lately, we are NOT cold. It has been 73-76 degrees every day this week. Doors and windows are open at my home.

    Patty – knock knock – are you home??? Hope all is OK with you

  50. KC,
    I think it is easier to”strip down” than to “layer up”!!!!
    I love tees, tanks, capris, sandals.

    You’ve been quiet the last couple of days.. Busy at work????

  51. Max – one word for staying warm….. DOWN. Find a down blanket for your bed. A light weight down jacket to stay warm.

    Heat wave here today. We are up to 30 degrees and should be just at or above freezing all weekend. It is almost shirt sleeve weather here!

    KC – love the porkulus/crapulus descriptive. says it all.

    Anyone listening to uh um ah uh um Robert uh ah um uh ah um Gibbs?

  52. Karen,
    I can’t listen to Gibbs…he’s pathetic. I feel like I want to yell out the words for him. He is so afraid of making a mistake that he can’t seem to speak at a normal speed. Maybe he needs cue cards or cheat notes!!!

  53. Karen,
    I agree about the down coats. My Eddie Bauer down parka is warm without being heavy.

  54. Sylvia – too funny…. cue cards. I like it. He comes across as not really believing what he is saying. Or, as Jack said – Gibbs says a lot of words but there is NO substance.

  55. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I also call it the Obama/Pelosi economic scam!!!! LOL

  56. I think this economic stimulus plan is as bad as Madeoff’s ponzi scam. We’ll all be screwed and left with no money. The government will have to raise taxes once the printing presses run out of ink.

  57. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I ran across this quote the other day – and I personally thought it said a lot – It goes like this

    “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

    The late Doctor Adrian Rogers, 1931 – 2005

  58. KC,
    That quote says it all.
    I do think there needs to be a safety net for emergencies, but most of the Dem’s shopping list is not for emergency purposes. There is a difference between necessary spending and not top priorty spending.
    The politicians have made so many promises to get votes that they sold their souls. They want to sqeeze us dry to please their voters.
    I enjoy listening to Steve Forbes. I think he is a wise man.

  59. KC – that is an excellent quote. He got it exactly right. Plus, as more people become dependent upon the ‘government’ (us) to support them, the more government control our lives. So much for freedom.

    Wish there was someone smart enough on Capital Hill to come out and say NOW is the time for tax reform. Time for a flat tax. Time to seriously look at goverment spending and what is necessary for ALL, not spending which benefits the few.

  60. K2…….Amen to that.

  61. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    regarding your above post
    unfortunately that is not going to happen for the next 4 years

    I firmly believe we do have some smart people on Capital Hill that are for “us” but sadly “the one” is going to do whatever he wants to do and unfortunately he has enough dumbo’s to back him up. Remember his recent statement when a GOP member stood up to him. He simply told that person in front of everyone at that meeting – I WON
    I think about those 2 words every day.

  62. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I enjoy Forbes also along with Dave Ramsey, Neil, Stuart and many other financial wizards.
    I believe it was Dave Ramsey that stated that our “dollar” is going to be worth more at home than in the bank. The others have said much the same.
    It was also stated that we should keep 2 years salary in cash to get us through the next few years. Very sound advise if you ask me.

  63. Hi everyone.
    yes, swamped at work! but thanks for missing me!!!

    65 here today 😉 *ducking from sylvia’s reach*

    bees….yes, they are essential, you’d be surprised, but LDG is right (imagine that), they should be left pondered by themselves, not in the mess they have going now.
    We have bee keepers here.
    KC, i’ve seen the effects of no epi-pen…not a good thing!!

    I give up on DC….its so screwed up now that i might just believe pelosi and obama…they sky just might fall!!!

  64. KC: Wow, that must have been pretty cold, I can’t wait.
    I too would rather layer up. At some point you just can’t strip down anymore, but you can always add more layers.

    Karen: I’m warm in bed, it’s just when I’m out at my desk before getting dressed that it gets cold.

  65. KC,
    Those 2 words “I Won” give me the creeps. They are very inciteful in understanding the true nature of the annointed one. He has no desire to be the uniter. He will not be a centrist. He sold people a bill of goods with his “change” theme….but the change he wants is not in the best interest of the majority. It’s in the best interest of Pelosi, Reid, and left wing voters who don’t want a democrcy or capitalism.
    The irony of it all is most of Obama’s chosen accomplices either don’t pay taxes, have ties with lobbyists, or have gotten questionable kickbacks.

    What a mess.

  66. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You will do fine in Wyoming – they have beautiful weather more than not. Just some winters get pretty crazy.
    Ummmmm, a little motherly advise – get dressed before you sit at your desk – I am like getting a visual of your little pink cheeks getting stuck to the chair.
    I agree with you on the layer up – you are right – you can only strip down so much

  67. Patty,
    I am jealous. How come you got global warming and we haven’t? Is it coming to me soon? I would love 65 right now.

  68. KC and Max,
    You got something against “stripping down”? LOL.

  69. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Glad to hear you have just been busy and not sick with a migraine.

    And you are right about the epi pen. When you are as allergic to bee stings as I am – you just don’t leave home without it. In the spring, I carry one in my pocket just to go outside to work in the garden. It is a hassle, but I never want to almost die in the hospital like my first bee sting. Nope, Nope, Nope

    Don’t give up on DC – there is always impeachment, and then we get Biden (really laughing out loud)

  70. The thought of “President Biden” gives me a bigger headache than the current Pres. The other problem is Pelosi would move into the VP position.

    Can you imagine President Biden and VP Pelosi?

  71. OMG…KC…that is a EVIL laugh!

    Sylvia..i’ve not seen the weather forecast, i presume it will go east from here.

    pink cheeks………..*LOL* now i needed that laugh!!!

  72. interesting…didnt really pay attention until today. maybe cause the boss was reading out loud and I precieve better that way? *L*… we get homeland security updates…
    you wouldnt believe the stuff that goes on that we never hear about!

    did you know some guy actually did threaten Obama? I think it was 4 days before the inaug…they had to go make sure it was a farce. He’s in custody.

    a acid bomb blew up at a school, injured 3.

    new mexico nuclear plant had a “small” leak.

    hummmmm the list goes on and on. Amazing what the press doesnt tell ya.

  73. Patty,
    You can be a journalist and report to us. You will be our source of info on Homeland Security.

  74. oh yes..btw…. and ALL KS reps voted NO on the stimucrap. (cept for one dem, but he’s an idiot, he voted for the tarp stuff too)
    I’ve let them all know that my house appreciated them standing up!

  75. *making sticky note*
    summarize HS notes and bring them here.

  76. Patty,
    My new Rep is now a Dem…..he did not have my vote. He upset the Republican who was running for reelection.

  77. Patty – wow 65 degrees! I would have to get my shorts out. We’ll get 65 some time in May.

    My district Representative voted NO on the prior stimulus bill and this one. Since i am in MN, we have only 1 senator right now. And she was invited to Obama’s Super Bowl party at the WH. She is a flaming lib so no doubt how she will vote. But, I did call her office and left my 2cents with her staff.

    The senate count, recount, lawsuit, recount continues….here’s hoping the final tally (lawsuit) shows Coleman won and we can send Franken packing.

  78. ya franken is a joke. I feel for you.

  79. although, we have brownback. he’s pushed himself so far to the right, (as far right as libs are left) even in ks he’s going to have a hard time keeping his votes.

  80. He’s not even a funny joke.

  81. I was talking about Franken…don’t know anything about Brownback.

  82. “when you care enough to send the very best”….send ’em oversees!
    (under my name)

  83. Why do they say the shift overseas is temporary?

  84. sylvia…i dont know. saw that too. could be nothing more than poor reporting at that paper!

  85. thats really going to hurt topeka.
    that town is falling fast. and its the capital.
    its where all our kids live. i hate even walking to my car after dark…and they all live in a different part of town.
    it needs real leadership and fast.

  86. Patty,
    I don’t like being in downtown Cincinnati after dark. When we go to the plays we attend the Saturday matinees and go back to the burbs before dark. The murder rate in Cincinnati is extremely high. I think everyone within the city limits owns a gun and believes in “street justice”. We have become so used to hearing about shootings we just say…”so what else is new” when we watch the local news on TV.

  87. Adam Housley Says:

    OH BROTHER…….the loonies have added another from the asylum. John has now found the blog. What are we in for now? Not that any of you are normal, or I for that matter, but John and Susan in the same place again. It’s like reuniting Laurel and Hardy. The question now….who would play Ollie? LOL



  88. *LOL*

  89. KC: well i have clothes on, just i don’t wear warm clothes in bed.

  90. Good Morning and welcome to the “Bullpen” John.

    Adam…..compared to some of the people who post on Greta Wire we are normal.

  91. ‘morning all.
    I’ll be busy again today, but will be lurking around.

    *looking really stupid*

    i breezed through these yesterday. Saw Adam’s mention of John, went to the fox blog…wasnt sure that was the right John. Got up this morning, thinking WTH….
    I just NOW founds Johns post above.

    HI John! Glad my “investingating” worked and found you! We’ve all missed your insight!
    Let recess begin! hehehe

    btw…Did “our” President forget he’s supposed to be/act like a leader? argh! Such a huge disappointment everytime he opens his mouth. And to think, we were worried about Biden!

  92. John … oh John…. where are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!

    Adam– I want to be Ollie– I have an original print of Laurel and Hardy here in the computer room– it belonged to my dad… it is pretty cool-

    Pelosi and her 500 million Americans being out of work– Gawd— everyone must be having octuplets!!!

  93. John—

    I just saw your post….. LOL

    I saw on FOX the other day where Greg made mention of that old movie-
    Reefer Madness– I forgot I had it in VHS so I watched it– I laughed so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I guess that is what happened to me… LOL

    I JUST LOVE YOUR PANDA POST on the news blog- I laugh everytime I read it– l left you a couple replies there….

    Max– ten feet– that is too far! I hate it when I am lying on the couch and the remote falls to the floor and I have to pick it up– Ouch– it hurts my arm…

    K2– I use to get stung by bees in Mexico CIty– running around the back yard barefoot– my foot would blow up– but I was told to stick it in mud, and I tried it and it worked… the swelling would go down…. so it seemed at the time… 😀

  94. Good Morning all….. heat wave here – 23 degrees already!

    still holding out hope that there are not enough votes to pass the spending, er stimulus bill.

  95. Adam Housley Says:

    Patty- You are not looking stupid I am sure and Max good thing to keep clothes on!!


  96. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Welcome, welcome, welcome. We have been waiting for you forever to come out and play with us.
    Adam has instant posting here, cause he is soooo smart and knows how to do it. Nothing like the fox news blog where you wait and wait and wait for your comment to appear. Someday, they will become as smart as Adam and get the damn thing fixed.

    Will you be taking orders for your tin foil hats???? We are gonna need them for the next 4 years

  97. K2….heatwave here too….supposed to be 67 this afternoon!!!
    We need rain about as bad as Calif…well, maybe not that bad, but it sure is dry here. Hopefully that comes with the warmth.
    Sorry……I know you and sylvia are suffering..but i just had to “share the warmth”!


  98. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks for finding John for us. Now can you find Dereck/sgt shot, Rerun and Tammy and the others???? It would be like old home week if you could.

    Good morning everyone and Happy Friday – YIPEE

  99. Susan: I should probably just try to get up and stay up. Would help me get started quicker. Sometimes i fall asleep when watching the news (always during an entertainment segment, Always! Adam would understand) and then I miss something good afterwards before I wake up.

  100. KC—




    I know that feeling… xxxx

  101. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Hi Ya – how are you doing these days – the busy person that you are

    How is your night class coming along and how are all of the mews

  102. KC–

    night class is fun and work– It makes me read– not when I feel like reading– and it is only once a week– Tuesday nights–

    meows are way cool! thanks!! xxxx

    and off I go to read…. I have learned to try not to do it all the night before or the same day of class!! 😀

    Say hi to hubby from me!!! and bow wow! xxxx Ken and I will be over later for dinner– (and fun)

  103. So am I the only one who sees Obama’s Economic Recovery Board as what he should have done prior to asking for a stimulus bill?

  104. k2..its oversightaftersight.

    Change you can believe in!

  105. For all you that are so used to the “city”…
    this should make ya giggle.

    Only in KS?
    (under my name)

  106. Patty…LOL.

  107. Wow…I go on errands and miss all the chatter.
    Now that is a small town.

    Obama has been an abomination.

    Glad you are enjoying your night class.

    Walking 10 feet is good exercise.

    You love Fridays more than anyone I know!!!!

  108. Is this John the same one who blames OJ for everything or is that a different person?

  109. Sylvia: it’s more like a jump across my room.

  110. I love this…

    Michael Steele, the new chairman of the Republican National Committee, has asked the entire staff to resign.

    I guess he was serious about “starting over”!!!
    Maybe now, those that speak for the repubs of this country will have balls (of steel) to stand for what they believe!

    I really like this guy, the little i know of him from Fox. He always seemed to be firmly planted and didnt sway. Lets hope his leadership skills are better than …ya, you know who.

  111. Patty: That might be like how most government employies who are all at will apointments normally resign when a new President comes in, and are then promptly rehired.

    Did you forget Mike Duncan’s name? He had so little media presence that it was hard to know who he was.

  112. Oh, and has anyone noticed how much Steele looks like W. E. B. Du Bois?

  113. Yes max…duncan. I was being a little sacastic 😉

    i’ve never heard of DuBois, well, not until i looked him up just now. I never was very good at keeping names in my head, especially with a face.

  114. Let me add my name to the Steele fan club. I’ve always liked him when he appeared on FNC.

  115. Our Republican Representative who lost his re-election just announced he’s going to run again. I guess he thinks he might have a better chance if Obama isn’t doing great things…like walking on water.

  116. Patty: I just forget his name from time to time, so I was wondering if you had. 😛
    Steele is definately the most high profile party chair for a while.

  117. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!
    We have a grandson’s bday party sunday 🙂

  118. I know some people worry about the leadership capabilities of our new President, especially after some recent remarks he made regarding the importance of the senate passing the stimulus bill. Think back for a moment to the crash landing of US Air flight 1549 in the Hudson River and think about what if Obama had been at the controls that day and think about how he may have addressed the passengers versus what Captain Sullenburger said. His anouncement to the passengers may have sounded something like this, ” Ladies and gentlemen we are in dire straights, if we continue on this path we will certainly head to a catastrophy, hundreds will lose their lives and thousands more will be inconvenienced. If we don’t do something now many of you will never fly again. ” Where Sully just calmy said , ” Brace for impact ” and easily set the jet down in the river. I ask, who showed the better leadership qualities there?
    BTW, as a pilot myself, I can tell you that the hardest thing Sully did that day was not to keep a cool head and maintain control of a jet at low altitude with no power, nor was it to skillfully settle the jet onto the water. No, the hardest thing he did ( and I’ve been trying to do this throughtout my flying career ) was to chase down and hit a flock of geese while going 150 mph. That my friends, is not an easy thing to accomplish.

  119. John,

    That was hilarious…..truthful……

  120. Thank you John for your insight and vision.

    Hello to all.


  121. John. oh how i have missed your posts. Excellent! 😀

  122. oh ya…thats the right John!!!!
    nice way to end the day…laughing!

  123. FL Sunshine Says:

    John!!! You found the blog! We have missed you and all the fun you bring!

    All – waving hello
    it has been brrrr cold lately. I want Al Gore to come down here to FL and explain this global warming stuff in person. It was 28 degrees on the Space Coast the last 2 nights! What’s up with that!

  124. Welcome back, John!

  125. John– wowie!! I came here to post my story for the day and yours is mighty cool–

    mine is more of a child’s innocence— and here it comes–

    Today at 5:3ish, I heard a soft knock on my front door. I opened it and there were 7 children standing outside– 4 girls and 3 boys~ I know them all but I only know three by name– Alexis, McKenzie, and Mikey.

    Alexis, the tallest and the oldest, was in front of the entourage…

    Before I could say hello, Alexis, in a panic voice, said to me– Susan there is a cat over by the house on the corner (empty house which has been sitting empty for months now) and we think the cat is dead.

    So I walked over with the seven kids and sure enough a cat was lying on its side by a bush- dead…

    I said to them it was dead. So one of the children asked me if I was going to bury the cat.

    I told them we were all going to bury the cat.

    So we all trotted back here and I had all of them participate. One had a shovel, the other had a towel, one had a plastic garbage bag, and so on…

    We went back to the spot and I took the towel and covered the cat… the kids were all asking me how it died… and all I could say was how people sometimes don’t take care of their animals and this was maybe an animal which was not taken care of and how important it is to be nice to animals. And I told them how great they were to come and get me because I see how caring they are…. All seven of these kids were soooo cool.

    So we walked down to the end of the street where the big ditch is and we started shoveling– all 7 and me….. (taking turns)

    When we buried the cat, one little girl, with glasses, who now I know her name, Katie, said: The cat is with God now, huh?

    I was so overwhelmed with her innocence and her kind heart… I hugged her and said: Yes, the cat is with God but God just saw how nice you all were so God is happy you all will always be nice to animals. You will never hurt an animal and God loves you for this… so God is happy because of all of you. (I saw many a happy face)….

    We trotted back here, all of us, and each of them got a present…. as I buy kid’s stuff on sale and throw into my closet here… You never know when the time comes. 😀

    And as I gave them each a present, I reminded them this was because they were kind and good behavior needs to be recognized.

    These kids made me realize how little it costs to have a good moment. (unfortuanely, what led up to it was not good)…. and I was soooo flattered they all came to get me…

    true story!

  126. @LDG—

    I think it was disease which caused the cat’s death– it was by a bush laying on its side– and when I went to pick it up, I checked it out– and it was so normal looking except for rigor—- very sad!!!! I did have tears!

    But when the kids were all in my “casa:, Maru is not so intimidated by people as Tama, who runs for cover, so I had to pick Maru up and each of the children petted him… as he squirmed…. 😀 The kids were so cool…


  127. John

    NOW that Britney is apparently straightning out… who is your new love?


  128. Sylvia-

    Thank you– night class is fun~ given the assortment of us all– I know the teacher from way back when– Scott is a good guy– ex-Prosecutor– he is running the whole LAS at Phoenix College~

    I had him as my teacher from way back when… and to see him again was like we had never been apart… He reminded me if I skipped a class, he would do a pop quiz~ like he use to do….

    We are reviewing Mapp Versus Ohio, BTW— 4th Amendment~


  129. God Bless you Susan for what you did for the cat and the kids.


  130. Patty: For me it’s a good way to start the day.

    Susan: Glad you got to bury the cat.

  131. pretty awesome story susan!!!! well, besides the kitty of course. What a lesson in humility.

  132. Montana—

    soooo glad you are hanging out here— WE DO HAVE TO MET!!!!

    Patty— You know I LOVE YOU!!!!

    As for recommended reading~ James Herriot- All Creatures Great and Small— and his other books~

    Max’s turf—- he was a British vet and writer– I believe he died in 1995~

    Wonderful man and writer!

  133. Max–

    It was not so much to bury the cat~ it was more about how the cat got buried! 😀

    the kids were soooooooooooooo cool! They had heart!

  134. AMEN!!!!!

    😀 😀

    blowing kisses to all of you!

  135. @ Montana;

    I know how much you care about animals!

    thank you!


  136. and blowing more kisses

    😀 😀 😀

  137. Good Morning from “warmer” Ohio. It’s 44 this morning and suppose to be in the 50’s today. Finally, a “heat wave”.
    Susan….loved your story. I hate to see any animal injured, sick, or dead. Animal abuse makes me furious.

  138. FL Sunshine…if you see Al Gore tell him his global warming also skipped Ohio.

  139. Sunshine: I forgot; he’s calling it “climate change” now.
    Susan: That was what I meant.

  140. Max,
    He has to call it climate change because the term global warming was being discredited by many scientists.
    Climate change doesn’t mean crap as far as I’m concerned.

  141. Good Morning all….

    Susan – what a great event. Those kids will never forget that day and your kindness.

  142. Sylvia – agree. We have climate change on a daily basis here 🙂

    Did you happen to catch Glenn Beck? He had a segment of Gore talking to pre-teens about gorebal warming. He told the kids that their parents did not know or understand global warmiing like they did! He likened it to the civil rights movement and how his generation knew it was wrong to discriminate but his parents generation did not!

    He is a first-class J E R K!

  143. Karen….I did see that. I agree with you.

    BTW….looks like the Treasury will be using those printing presses to pay for that stimulus bill…another mistake.

    Is there any limit to the wasteful spending?

  144. @Susan

    A most wonderful tale, of a very good deed done.


  145. Karen,
    Just saw your comment on GW…..really good info on the stimulus crap.

  146. Sylvia: Yeah, that’s why the quotes were there. This way since it’s getting colder he can say ‘climate change!’ and hope people don’t remember global warming.

  147. Sylvia, thank you.

    LDG, did not Japan do the big spending deal to try to correct their downturn in the 1990’s? What finally stopped the ‘bleeding’ there?
    Or, were you not there at the time? Thanks.

  148. military question…
    My dad was in the Navy. His discharge papers say titles held PhM1c, PhM2c, Phm3c.
    Im pretty sure its Pharmacist(?) Mate 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class.
    But which is higher rank? Which would he have held when he was discharged, 1 or 3?

  149. Patty,
    My Dad was a pharmacist…he owned his own store.
    As for rank, I always thought 1st class was the highest but would have to check with a friend of mine who was a supply officer in the Navy.

  150. Patty,
    just googled ranks and I was wrong. Looks like the higher number is higher rank. I typed in Navy Ranks.

  151. Sylvia, my dad was an embalmer, not sure how that got connected to the pharmacist! *L*

    Our VFW is doing a large veteran memorial wall. Our neighbor is spear heading it. I was trying to fill out the information for the granite blocks for dad and my bro. argh, i cant find my bro’s discharge papers.

  152. Patty,
    I just sent you a copy of military ranks.

  153. ok…i’ll go look

  154. Patty,
    Would those discharge papers be in a safe deposit box? That’s were we keep important documents.

  155. Patty: Someone has to take care of the guys the other medical personal couldn’t save from God’s grasp. I searched the Navy’s website, and when used as a rank PhM seems to be for medical personal.

  156. No, I have all of his stuff in a fireproof box. Since he died, I didnt see the need to have them at the bank.
    I sent a bunch of military stuff to his only son, not sure if maybe it would have been in that box.
    I’ll check the courthouse monday, they probably have record of it.

  157. True Max, very true.

  158. I think all those ranks are confusing. Some branches of the military have 1 as the higher rank, and the navy warrant officers are the opposite.

  159. I see that sylvia, im more confused now than i was! *L*

  160. Good thing we aren’t in the military….we wouldn’t know which person out ranked us.

  161. Sylvia: I think it’d be pretty obvious once you were there. And it’s probably best to stick to one branch to avoid such confusion.

  162. it wouldnt much matter, i’d probably be in trouble regardless! *LOL*

  163. Patty,
    Somehow I believe that…LOL

  164. Max,
    I don’t think any branch would want me. I’m not exactly the one to rough it. I don’t even go camping.

  165. 🙂
    no camping here either, unless its at a holiday inn!

  166. I’ve never been camping, but that’s because we’re in the city, so if we tried the hobos and freaks would try to join in.

  167. @K2

    re: Japan’s “lost decade” spending.

    I came here in ’97 so I saw the second half of the mess up close.

    They started with full-on Keynesian public works spending, and succeeded in concreting ~70% of the coastline, filling in wetlands, building bridges to and fishing harbours on islands with populations in the double digits… all of which caused just the massive environmental damage one can likely imagine… then there were highways, major bridge spans, high-speed rail lines, and some massive urban renewals… those were of some value, although why places like Tottori Prefecture need multiple jet-capable airports should be a question…

    …and we ended the decade with roughly the same unemployment rate we started with, and had blown through something like (forget the exact number) 150% of the GNP in new debt…

    …so the “spend our way out of the malaise” could be considered an example failure for students of politics and economics.

    What worked, so much as anything really worked, was a determined effort to force banks to take the losses on the massive bad loans, albeit with government assistance and assurance in the process (like the Resolution Trust Corp of the U.S. in the ’80’s did for the S&L crisis), and a near-total fixation by manufacturing on getting back into the export business (which they had never really left, but when the en (Yen) to US$ rate was ~90, they couldn’t make a profit… like it is now. Baseline exchange is more like ~120… during the recovery the government interventions occasionally got the rate as weak as ~135). Pretty much, if China had not needed to buy huge amounts of machinery and materials for their industrialization, and Japan had not jumped on the opportunity by making the price more attractive by exchange rate management, Japan might still be in the “lost decade”…

    …which actually is a pretty good picture of where we have fallen back to right now. The open question remains, is it a momentary downturn or has the entire high-grade / high-tech export dominance model been discredited? Remains to be seen, but I sure wish we had J. Koizumi as souridaijin (Prime Minister) again, or someone as competent as he was.

    I hope this information is what you were looking for, K2.


    re: military ranks — you think that’s fun, try to keep straight different *countries* military rank names and equivalents. That’s why in the real world, ranks are referred to by their sequence number in grade… and specialties are referred to by a MOS (military occupational specialty)-type number as well. Only way to keep it all straight.

    have a fun time, folks. I’m to rest.
    ((departs for now))

  168. ldg…all that and you didnt answer my rank question! is 3 …higher or lower in the navy?

    actually the economy part was interesting, and pretty much agrees with what i’ve thought here with this mess. damn its amazing, some stupid farm girl from the middle of nowhere understands, but those we sent to dc have no frickin clue!

  169. Patty,
    We normal folks who have no economics background have enough common sense to realize you can’t spend what you ain’t got…..it will only bite you in the ass.

  170. Patty,
    Did that dessert quiz I sent finally work? I’m no computer genius.

  171. at least you try sylvia!! most are too afraid to hit the keyboard.
    i finally “forced” hubby to sit and “play”
    he was (and still is) a nervous wreck when he sits here.

  172. under my name

    this is a small town bank here. what they say makes absolutely no sense!!

  173. I just read that article and don’t understand what they did. Why would the feds give them money to buy other banks? I thought it was for bad loans not to purchase other banks.
    Maybe the government should just give everyone money and tell them they have to go shopping with it…..that would increase business and companies would hire more people.

  174. exactly sylvia..if they were “sound”…why did they need the money?
    and this is just one instance of it…*shaking head*

  175. Well, I still think this is just a way for big spending politicians to get pork for their voters. Nobody cares about inflation, deficit spending, or anything other than getting re-elected.

  176. The sad part about this mess is that if left alone it would eventually work itself out. But the politicians will think their big spending was the solution and they will continue with their pork projects. It is a terrible mistake that will ruin this country.

  177. it sure makes ya feel helpless. after a while i just have to walk away from it. I dont watch the news on the weekends, cant hardly stand all the crap that is going on. Such a mistake and everyone’s hands are tied.

  178. Biden said there is a 30% chance this stimulus bill will fail to do the job…..how in the world did he come up with that number? Did he just pull that number out of a hat? And is that suppose to make us feel better about the trillions being spent?

  179. I think I’m going to read the Michael Connelly detective book I just started today. It’s more relaxing than the news.

  180. wow, if a DR gave you 30% chance of something helping you, would you let him?

  181. I think its time to watch a movie.

  182. LDG – Thank you. Yes, that is exactly what i thought. Although it seems our stimulus bill contains infrastructure work, it also contains more social programs and required social payments (i.e. unemployment to temporary employees which has never been paid in the past), increased health care benefits….. So, our bill appears to include long-term (or never ending) payments.

    I wonder what our inflation rate and income tax rates will look like in the future. May make the rates under Carter look like nothing.

  183. @Patty

    Oh, I wasn’t trying to answer yours… thought you were having fun sorting it out. The short answer there is that all “class” ranks within a grade count in reverse sequence… 3rd Class is below 2nd Class is below 1st Class (is below Chief is below Master Chief, just for completeness). Notable exception: certain sequential ranks *outside of the usual system* advance forward; the U.S. Army’s Warrant Officer ranks are read as WO1; WO2; and so on going up. But those are not “class” ranks.


    There is an old joke that “74.1% of all statistics quoted in argument are made up on the spot”… In analysis, we have to deal with the ‘false precision fallacy’ all the time, either from people making up numbers or assigning values far more precise than the information available warrants and then using those numbers in an analysis. Both create functional lies.

    Furthermore, J. Biden would not know a competent statistical valuation if it walked up to him and bought him a beer. He either made the number up, or is thoughtlessly parroting what he heard someone else say.


    Income tax rates are independent of the issue, but total taxation is a worry… think of the effect of a national sales tax surcharge or a hike in payroll taxes as two nightmare possiblities. *However*, your concern about the inflationary effect of massive currency creation is warranted, both in isolation (direct inflation within the US economy) and in exchange (the disruption caused by functional devaluation of the currency to international trade). Massive increases in either money supply or in unfunded national debt both have to be soaked up and taken back out of the system *very quickly* as the economy accellerates to avoid such damage in the long term, which is a damn tricky bit of central banking to do successfully. I don’t see the competence or financial discipline needed to do that task in the current leadership in the U.S.

  184. Now I am completely confused about the economy and I haven’t had my coffee yet. Maybe that will help me make sense of this mess.
    All I know is my parents taught me that I couldn’t buy what I couldn’t pay for immediately, and to put money away for a rainy day.
    Why can’t the politicians use that same theory?
    Somehow I envision another Carter presidency too…..only worse. Pelosi and Reid weren’t around then but they sure as hell are now.

  185. LDG,
    I never believe anything coming from the mouth of Biden or Pelosi…or Reid, Frank, Dodd….etc. This has to be the largest group of incompetents in the history of our country. They actually make the “chosen one” look like the smart one in comparison.

  186. Thank you ldg! PhMc1 it is!

    I agree sylvia, my parents taught me the same, and so did “life” itself!!

    off to enjoy a bday party…have a good day all!

  187. Patty,

    Have fun at the party.

  188. LDG. Thank you so much. And, I agree, not much competence running the ship right now……… looks like we are in for some rough times.

  189. Patty: Have fun! How old is he?

  190. Dang LDG—

    Your posts are excellent— spoken like a true scholar!!!!!

    Max– how is the snow coming along? I haven’t watched much news in the past couple of days– but I did see Huck rock tonight– with the girls singing- Leaving on a Jet Plane– it was pretty cool! the girls can sing–


  191. and @LDG–

    YOU SHOULD BE the one running this whole world…. 😀

  192. Susan: snow is all gone 😦

  193. Snow is all gone from here too….for now.
    Good Morning from warmer Ohio. Suppose to be 60 today and tomorrow.
    It is only 32 now so that will be a major climb in temp if the weatherman is correct.

  194. ‘morning all.

    Spring storms have arrived. ( alil early) We are in the severe thunderstorm warning. Supposed to have winds today in excess of 45 mph.

    Wanted to post this before I got too busy…
    Show me the money….(under my name)

  195. Patty: Interesting which state’s haven’t got any yet.

  196. The Tsunami Bailout….

  197. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone
    Man, you guys were busy over the weekend – Have to go back and catch up

  198. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Heard a clip this morning from John McCain
    Of course he is against and not voting for this porkulus/crapulus package, but I am afraid he is going to be outnumbered. But he said it all – when he called this package

    GENERATION THEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. off to afghanistan we go…(under my name)

  200. Good Morning,

    Is the Obama press conference over yet???? Every time I put the TV on he is speaking. It’s getting a little scary…..all Obama TV all the time….when I start seeing his picture plastered on buildings I will know I have entered the twilight zone……Lord help this country.
    I think he has gotten more press coverage in 3 weeks than Bush did in 8 years.

  201. I listened to Obama last night…….He speaks well. So, I figure tons more people will be in support of the bill today. Then I hear about some B.S. that was hidden in the bill!

    The bill attacks our current health care system and wants to begin shaping a program similar to the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All, supported by the tossed-out Daschle (I am so grateful he did not pay his taxes).

    Click on my name to read the article….. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  202. ‘morning all.

    need a dog? (under my name)

  203. Patty…she was probably not coherent due to all that ammonia!

  204. Good Grief!!!!!

  205. Just called my only senator and left a message that I expected a NO vote on this stimulus bill due to the awful healthcare language included in the bill. If you can work it in, I ask you to call your representatives, too.

  206. Karen,
    One of my senators is a liberal dem. The other is Voinovich who is retiring after this term. He said he was against the stimulus plan. I hope he doesn’t change his mind on his vote. He is not running again so doesn’t need votes.

  207. My representative is now a dem who just defeated the republican this past election.

  208. Sylvia. I understand. My Senator is a far-left dem. But, I called anyway and left a very angry message. Feel bad for their staff, but this is the job they signed up for. If the senator is going to vote the party line, then so be it, but at least she knows some of her constituents are not happy.

    My other senator may end up being Al Franken!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrr

    I feel like there is a a coup taking place in our capital right now……

  209. Hubby said the change in health care will be screwed up because the government can’t run anything well. The Veterans Hospitals are examples of government inability to do a good job with health care.
    Larry is an ER doc and said that most of the changes will affect private MD’s, not ER. Government has a harder time telling the ER what to do because of the urgency of the situation. However, the ER docs spend more time on the computers and on the phones than actually with the patients due to all the new regulations. Computer charting has taken so much more time as compared to dictation.

  210. K2…i sent emails to KS reps this weekend, and just did again with your health-care link. They are opposed, I just want to enforce the fact that we are watching and counting on them.

    Its unexcusible… period.
    This whole mess is!

    Sylvia, it was funny when i read your comment from early this morning, i usually dont look at home in the mornings.
    I got up to the first thoughts of seeing Ob banners everywhere and people saluting them!!! ARGH…what a terrible way to start the day.

  211. k2, i posted that link at facebook…should help spread it around a bit.

  212. Patty,
    It’s easy to joke about the omni-present Obama….but the truth is he could be cult like with his rhetoric and love of TV time. He just seems to be on the air every day. It’s easy to brainwash people that way.

  213. I agree Sylvia….he’s there everytime i turn it on. doesnt matter what channel either.

    Did you see Brian (this morning) ask the new press sec…whats his name? right out and asked him this morning, can you give me one example of what country has ever spent itself to prosperity….the guy danced around it like a little girl!!

  214. sorry, doesnt pay to do 2 things at once. That sentence above was sort of a “stutter” effect. I answered the phone while i was doing it.

  215. Patty,
    Don’t feel bad….. remember….I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

  216. sylvia 😉

    adam….where ya been???

  217. You guys do not want healthcare like here. You think your waiting times are bad, try ours: months or even years for opperations. Because there is no cost when they ran it effectively everyone came along. So they instituted artificial waiting times, and often people will get better or die while waiting for opperations, so the government then doesn’t pay for it.

  218. K2… Like Patty I just sent an email to both of my senators and included the link about health care. One Rep and one Dem so hopefully enough people will let them know and it will fail.

    We are loving the Spring weather here, windows wide open, I love this time of year. Summer here is to hot for open windows.

  219. Patty. Thank you for spreading the word. BO is on tv right now talking about healthcare and just talking about electronic health records so you don’t have to fill in the paperwork everytime you go to the hospital! Nothing like ‘sugar coating’ the Daschle road to universal healthcare.

    Also, thanks to all of you for contacting your elected officials.

    For me, I can no longer remain silent and hope our government will do the right thing.

    I just keep thinking, whenever the proponents of this bill speak of urgency in passing it, Haste makes waste.

  220. Well, the Senate just passed their version of the bill. Spector, Snow and Collins all supported it. Even after Spector admitted this morning he did not know about the healthcare issue in the bill……….. Time for PA to kick him to the curb.

    On to committee…..gee, wonder if we will even know what is in the revision prior to our reps voting.

  221. K2..did you send that to michelle malkin?

  222. Patty…. was that the Press Secretary ah um um ah ah ah Robert ah um um um um ah ah ah Gibbs?

  223. ya, thats him k2! *L*
    never can remember his name, i alwasy think of charlie brown…they have the same shaped heads! 🙂

  224. Patty – LOL!!!!!! He does look like Charlie Brown 🙂

    Thanks, I needed that laugh.

  225. I go on errands and come back to find the Dow down almost 400…what in the hell is happening? Every time Obama gets on TV the market tanks.

    And people LOVE him. Please explain…..I just don’t get it.

  226. As for Collins, Snow, and Specter….they have always been liberal so their vote doesn’t surprise me.

  227. @All

    re: the porkulus bill — you might want to see this. A new-minted Representative actually did his job…


    …sadly, the House leadership will kill this dead unless it becomes widely known.

    re: President Obama on television — So is Hugo Chavez. He regularly commandeers the airwaves using an authority called cadena… for hours at a time, pre-empting regular broadcasting. Sure hope we aren’t seeing a trend here… The President is supposed to be “Cheerleader-in-Chief” for his political causes; all fine and good to do that… to a point.

    BTW, Chavez’ referendum on perpetual re-election is up for a vote on Sunday.


    I’d love to explain, if I could. Collective denial of what needs to be done is about the best I can guess.

    Have a good one, folks. Better days will come.
    ((departs to go rest))

  228. K2 The women that wrote the article on bloomberg. com is on glen beck and it is very interesting

  229. LDG – thanks for the link. Minnick is the type of fiscal responsible people we need to put in office.

    Funny how you drew a comparison between Chavez and our POTUS. I was thinking the same thing…..go out and spew the B.S. until enough people believe it. grrrrrrrr

    Sylvia – I think Spector is going to face an uphill battle in 2010…..Steele better tell him NO RNC money.

  230. Karen,
    I hope Steele hangs tough on Spector.
    If a Minnick type ran for office in my district I would vote for him no matter what party he was in. We need responsible people and the party affiliation is not important. I would rather have a Minnick than a Spector, Collins, or Snow.

  231. Dont know why, but everytime i see “POTUS”…i first read “piece of s***” and have to go back and correct myself.
    Amazing how the head works!! Power of suggestion?

  232. Im thinking the repub party just might have something with steele. Im impressed so far. He even sends out emails a couple times a week. Short and sweet, but atleast its some sort of connection.

  233. see this link at the washington post about the spending?
    (under my name)

  234. **this link is a .pdf file…dont click if you dont want to go there.

    it is the H R 1, amended. all 647 pages.
    the health care stuff starts around page 400, im told.
    i’ve not read it, yet. not sure i will.

  235. Patty: I always think POTUS is something to do with marijuana… 🙂

  236. ‘morning all.

    That reminds me Max.

    Curious, how the heck can they arrest those people that were with Phelps at that party just because of pictures???
    I am totally confused on that one.

    Gotta run errands for work, be back in a bit.

    Oh and only in KS…it was 67 degrees yesterday and this morning the ground is covered in snow and still coming down!

  237. Max— lol to your POTUS post– maybe POTUS should smoke a bit of this and this will help him put a comma in his random thoughts and ideas– slow him down to think logically….. 😀

    @LDG— very interesting post +cadena…. I don’t think Obama is using his commandeers as Chavez does– the media just loves to talk about him..excessively…. and excessively… and excessively…

    I have been watching what this state is doing– not faring well here with budget cuts… ASU just got hit hard– I thought EDUCATION is a priortiy…
    and there has been a severe cut in the state health program… here is where I am sweating…. Although Ken is on long term disability this doesn’t mean he can’t be affected– I recently saw how special needs kids are going to be affected… I don’t know if the state doesn’t realize this but people that are truly disabled or of special needs require a lot of additional help which runs into much moolah… Ken is on Medicare and state assistance… which we pay into every month– about $300.00 because out of his disability check, of which he can only have so much, the excess goes to the state… so we are not totally begging…. and I have my own personal insurance which I pay for from this job… and they can keep that– it sucks!

    Hey Adam– I also heard California is up that sheet creek too when it comes to budget— clue us in…

    @LDG– you know where I will be on the 15th… watching Venezuela!

    and have a good day~

  238. good luck to those who are going to try to prosecute on a picture… 😀

  239. It’s 60 degrees here but heavy winds and thunderstorms headed this way. Suppose to get cold again tomorrow.
    Could lose electricity if falling trees take out the power lines. Expecting 60 mph gusts of winds…and the very wet soil will enable trees to fall.

    I have errands to run. Hopefully I won’t get blown away to some other state…..

  240. you can blow here susan, i’ll send up a kite..grab on, on your way by! *L*

    State of KS is in the same predicment. I’ll will always stand my ground that when you budget with money you dont have….a serious problem will comeup in the end.
    The Gov’s should never has signed these budgets on funds they thought might come in. the blame goes to the Gov’s. their pen was the last to hit the paper.
    Our govenor…planned on 2 very large casino’s being built over by Kansas City ….where the large race tack is etc. She touted those funds would be for education. You can not educate your kids on someone’s addiction that relies on a good economy! DUH!
    Weeeellll, now that she included those funds into the budget…….and the ecomony went to shit, the casino’s pulled out. Now what does SHE do?

  241. Susan, our daughter in laws mother is a state advocate for the disabled. She runs our “training center” here and is in the state house every week. She’s VERY active in keeping those funds available.

  242. The SHE mentioned Govenor above is the one being talked about to replace Dashle.
    Kathleen Sebelius

  243. Patty—

    while I blow there, send your daughter in law’s mother here– maybe she can take over the new governor’s job! 😀

    What burns me is the state is out of money for health insurance because of the abuse~ as well as in other states– California, big time…. And I have thought this going back years and years ago when I worked at John C. Lincoln for a non-profit clinic– dental for the children– and the indigent and I clearly saw how MANY took advantage of this program…. and 90% of them were on fake social security numbers– The whole idea about having this clinic was to show or promote the philosophy: Helping others-

    Children’s Dental Clinic—
    “We serve children ages 4 to 18 who are from diverse ethnic backgrounds and have no dental insurance and cannot qualify for AHCCCS. The work we do to provide dental care and dental hygiene education is made possible by our generous volunteer dentists and hygienists, as well as our donors. We hope you will consider joining them in their commitment to meet the dental needs of children in our community.”

    At that time I was getting a bitter attitude as I saw how this program was abused and a gratis for those unlawfully here— soaking in the freebies– I still feel this way…. The health issue is where it is at today for just the simple reason it has been way abused for freebies!!! and a large percentage of this is due to illegals and the freebies which the children receive– and then people like what’s her face having octuplets does not help– Just pisses me off!!! 😀

  244. Susan: I think the whole reason the illegal immigration is such an issue is that the system is such that illegals actually get advantages.
    Legal immigrants have to go through a long process, eventually getting in, paying taxes and getting the sames services as US citizens.
    Illegals just jump the fense then they don’t have to pay taxes, since they are invisible people, so keep all their money. But when they want to take advantage of services for poor Americans they can take that too, and ICE won’t come and arrest illegals after they have been served at an ER.
    This builds resentment. We need systems in developed nations that actually favor legal residents; such as a far tax where everyone legally there gets a ‘pre-bate’ and everyone in the nation pays all their taxes when they go shopping.
    It’s the same reason that people resent rich people, since they often see them as being able to get out of the system (such as using tax shelters) but still take advantage of it. Or just not paying it (see Obama’s cabinet nominies).

  245. Max–

    on the flipside– half of the illegals or more than that are not educated and can barely read and write– so to go through the expensive process of becoming legal is a hardship both ways– the US is at fault for promoting open doors to show the rest of the world this country is great and fair…. to the point now where resources have been exhausted and the population is over the limit for seating capacity….

    Rich people are put into a special category— true to what you said– sometimes they think they are above…. but then there are those rich ones who earned their wealth through hard work and education…. those are the ones I respect… It does seem rich people have a common trait– arrogance… 😀

    I tend to judge people on a case by case– when I worked at the clinic, I saw who truly needed the services and I saw those who truly took advantage… the latter seemed to dominant…


  246. Max–

    Obama’s cabinet nominees— what happened to that intense form these people had to fill out for a position? The questionnaire which asked if anyone had anything in the past which would pop up? Everytime I see a new one under scrutiny, I just shake my head….

    the guy I can’t stand is his press secretary– Gibbs– or Mr. Glibb as I see him… 😀


  247. oops– Mr. Glib

  248. I decided to post this since the topic was illegals. Hope you enjoy the humor.


    Some of you will recall that on July 8, 1947, a little over 60 years ago, witnesses claim that an unidentified flying object (UFO) with five aliens aboard, crashed onto a sheep and cattle ranch just outside Roswell, New Mexico. This is a well-known incident that many say has long been covered up by the U.S. Air Force and other federal agencies and organizations.

    However, what you may NOT know is that in the month of April 1948, nine months after that historic day, the following people were born:
    Albert A. Gore, Jr.
    Hillary Rodham
    John F. Kerry
    William J. Clinton
    Howard Dean
    Nancy Pelosi
    Dianne Feinstein
    Charles E. Schumer
    Barbara Boxer
    See what happens when aliens breed with sheep?

    I certainly hope this bit of information clears up a lot of things for you.
    It did for me.

    No wonder they support the bill to help illegal aliens!

    Now You Know.

  249. Sylvia….. ROFL… that is very funny

  250. Susan…hahahaha!!!!
    We have a thing around here about sheep and fences , but i wont share it! *LOL*

  251. Susan: Gibbs seems to have a lot of arrogance.

    Well if less were in the US and here illegally the governments would be able to relax immigration and allow more, at least as seasonal workers.

  252. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey guys….we are so short handed this week, so I have been swamped running around getting interviews and setting up stuff….plus doing live reports on cities wanting the stimulus money. shocker i know.

    I have a new post here that I did not include on my fox news blog. I also have anew Fox News blog that is going to tick you off and you gotta vote!


  253. Adam,
    If I post on your Fox blog will it show up???? Half of my comments never post.

  254. Adam,
    I just posted on your Fox blog. Since you STILL do not have instant posting there I have no idea if it will show up.

    I don’t think you will ever have instant posting on the Fox blog.

  255. Since this thread is about corruption…….

    Can I not accept my $13 a week and in turn, not accept any of the other BS and lies?

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