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Gotta Love Spring Training!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 27, 2009 by Adam Housley

The energy and excitement for me is still there, 10 years removed from a time in my life I still and always will cherish. As I interviewed Joe Torre in Glendale Arizona about all the changes he’s seen in spring training over the years, Luis Salazar stopped in. He was my minor league manager one year in the Midwest League and of course a long time major leaguer.

Luis gave me a big hug and said in his accent, “adathms, we watch you guys Fox all ta time. We saw Venezuela and tried to get a hold of you in Caraca. It is bad, very bad.” Luis goes onto tell me that he and the other Venezuelan ball players (he mentioned a bunch more), all watch Fox News because of our Venezuela coverage and most of the guys and their families only return home for a couple of days a year because Chavez and his people quietly threaten them.
He told me in this recent election, his brother and family had their votes changed, challenged the vote taker and were then threatened with arrest. They also saw soldiers with boxes of ballots, filling them out en masse.
It was a very intersting conversation to say the least and there was a ton more he told me. Also interesting because Spanish is still their first language and yet they have become Fox fans.


Mardi Gras 2009

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dscf0591 It’s tough to spend any time in the French Quarter without a trip to Pat O’s, so like thousands of other revelers, we made the trek into the party mainstay and had a couple of adult beverages. No, we didn’t go for a hurricane this time, had to make it out alive and back down the street and eventually into a taxi and home. The weather couldn’t be more perfect and it is supposed to be stellar for the big Endymion Parade, which I have ridden now 4 or 5 times, there is some debate as to the exact number. What is so fantastic this time is that the parade will return to its original route through mid city and then downtown, the first time the 25 or so double floats have gone that way since Katrina. I rode the year of Katrina and the year after, so both routes are great for someone not native to New Orleans, but for locals it has to be all about tradition and with it, taking the parade back to where it once belonged. dscf0596This is a scene from on e of the many balconies. I do plan on posting some video, but it’ll be a bit until I get the chance to edit it. The quarter got packed by the time we left and the sun had disappeared from the sky. I am going to be sending live twitters, video and other stuff throughout the day. So if you want to follow, add me as a Twitter. Also, the Fox blog will have some live video also. The links are below.

WATCH LIVE! Click here >>


Boycott Dubai ??

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dubai_-_united_arabic_emiratesDid you have the chance to hear this one……Israeli tennis star Shahar Peer, who was coming into her own the last time I was in Israel (2 years ago) and at the time people were afraid she would be excluded from some countries, well now those fears have come true. On Monday she was saying that “politics and sports should not be mixed” after she was banned from playing in Dubai’s premier tournament.

According to reports online adn the AP: Peer said she was upset, both personally and professionally, over Dubai’s decision, but said she felt buoyed by the support of her fellow players.  “I am very disappointed that I have been prevented from playing in the Dubai tournament,” she told the Associated Press in a statement. “I think a red line has been crossed here that could harm the purity of the sport and other sports. I have always believed that politics and sports should not be mixed.”

The United Arab Emirates rejected Peer’s visa request a day before she was to arrive for the Dubai Tennis Championships, a joint ATP and WTA event, which includes all the top-10 women’s players. Peer, 21, ranked 48th, had qualified and was already placed in the woman’s bracket. She was scheduled to play Monday against 15th-seeded Russian Anna Chakvetadze. Organizers gave Peer no reason for the rejection, but it appeared to be due to anti-Israel sentiments in the Gulf state, particularly after last month’s three-week war between Israel and Islamic militants in Gaza.

In response, WTA Tour chief Larry Scott said Monday that the Dubai tournament might be dropped. Her nationality has caused her heartache on the tennis tour before. In 2006, she and her doubles partner, Sania Mirza of India, were forced to split because of objections from Indian Muslims. And just last month, Peer faced a noisy protest in Auckland, New Zealand, over Israel’s Gaza invasion.

How to Nab a Pirate

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At approximately 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, the Marshall Islands-flagged Motor Vessel Polaris sent a distress call to all ships in the area reporting that a small skiff containing seven suspected pirates had attempted a forcible boarding of their vessel using a ladder. Polaris crewmembers removed the ladder before pirates could come aboard.

Vella Gulf closed immediately with the M/V Polaris and intercepted a skiff matching the description given by the motor vessel. The skiff contained individuals fitting the physical descriptions given by Polaris crewmembers. A Vella Gulf visit, board, search and seizure team (VBSS) conducted a consensual boarding and found several weapons.

M/V Polaris rendezvoused with Vella Gulf and provided positive visual identification of the suspected pirates. The suspected pirates were brought on board Vella Gulf, where they were processed and are being held until they transfer to a temporary holding facility onboard the supply ship USNS Lewis and Clark.

CTF 151 is a multinational task force that conducts counter-piracy operations in and around the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Red Sea and was established to create a lawful maritime order and develop security in the maritime environment.

10 Years of Corruption

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Not hard to believe Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez has lasted 10 years when you spend time in Caracas and hear about the brutal way he treats his opposition. As we know, Chavez will do whatever it takes to stay in power and yet another election approaches to try and do just that. State-run television in  Venezuela is already calling the Chavez reign, “a decade of successes.”

Chavez and representatives of the leftist group Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas, or ALBA, met in Caracas and ever the showman, Chavez paraded a sarcophagus of Simon Bolivar, whom Chavez credits with inspiring him as “the father of the revolution.” Along with Hugo were pals Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Jose Manuel Zelaya of Honduras and Evo Morales of Bolivia; Roosevelt Skerrit, prime minister of Dominica; and Cuba’s first vice president, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura. Cuban leader Raul Castro was not there, but Fidel’s spirit, which has arguably disrupted Latin America for 40 years, was not lost on Chavez who said, “Fidel, from here I salute you. Revolutionary father, from here we, your sons and daughters, salute you!” Of course Chavez declared his day of propaganda a national holiday.


During this rally/meeting/holiday, Chavez once again lauded socialism and said it is the only path for human beings. This comes as the price of oil continues to threaten the power that Chavez once bought within his own borders and because of the low price of oil, reports are…..he is now more dependent on support from Colombian drug cartels than ever before. These are the same cartels that are being shoved out of Colombia (thanks to U.S. support) and have been greatly marginalized in recent years. One reason these leaders oppose the Colombian leadership and its friendship with the United States.

The leaders did discuss the economic crisis around the globe and assuredly felt socialism is the answer to all things. Interestingly, as Chavez support falters, an oil price crisis emerges for his country. Oil revenue accounts for about 90 percent of Venezuela’s export earnings, about half of federal budget revenue and some 30 percent of gross domestic product and funds state rallies for Chavez and his ability to knock down his opposition. This once mighty country has some monumental issues to overcome and the Chavez leadership and hopeful change for many is first and foremost.

OH….and as for a possible second “NO” vote in the upcoming elections to overturn term limits for his presidency….Chavez says he might not take a second “NO” vote as a final word.