imagesSo besides being on the road in New York and then Vegas and doing whatever I can to catch up, we are now on our way to Hollywood to cover the opening night of American Idol. Catching up has been a bit daunting, but I am making the list of cool gadgets from CES and I WILL post them soon. In the meantime, what do you think of American Idol’s changes. They’ve added a judge, brought back the wild card choices and we are hearing there’s a few other things. What do you think?


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  1. I voted but I want to add that it will conflict with a new favorite show “The Mentalist”. I guess the DVR will be coming in handy this season! πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve never seen American Idol, and it is shown here. I try and avoid talent shows.

  3. Hubby loves it, and cant wait untl it starts.

    I sort of burned out lastyear. Didnt see what I considered talent towards the ending, so i was disappointed.

    I’ll let ya know what we think of the changes after tonight! πŸ™‚

    Adam…you are SO spoiled! *L*

  4. I’ll watch it once it gets past the try out part and on to the talent. I may watch a little tonight but the auditions get to be the same old same old.

    My favorites have been Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and Jordan Sparks. The guys have been much weaker talents.

  5. Max,
    I replied to your question on the previous thread. It was the Heart Attack Restaurant video.

  6. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good afternoon everyone
    I have never watched American Idol so won’t be able to comment on this on until we digress (laughing)

  7. KC…*LOL*

  8. KC: neither will i.

  9. KC & Max ~ Do we digress now? πŸ˜€

  10. Becky: IDK. We could.
    Or we can do it in stages. First I’ve seen one episode of the British Version. I don’t think I could stomach more. Here the only people to normally get votes are the ones who are thought to be cute (i never see it). Or once, when it was still Pop Idol, in the 2nd season people voted for a contestant just because she was obese and they felt sorry for her, but when it came to buying her Album no one did. That was also the last season when it was called pop idol.

  11. Max ~ That is so sad… I truly vote on talent when I am able to. During a few seasons there were people who consistently remained on the show and lacked talent. It was frustrating because the people who had talent were being voted off. Oh well!
    OH and I think digressing in stages is probably best! lol

  12. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    OK – let me know when we hit the right stage!!!!

  13. ha…its an empty post! How’d I do that???

    oh well, i was just being a pain anyway πŸ˜‰

  14. Maybe we need our own talent show…..Adam’s Idols.

  15. Sylvia great idea! πŸ™‚

    Patty ~ that’s funny on the blank post!

  16. Becky,
    I’ve been told my thoughts are often blank.

  17. My boss would agree with the empty thoughts!

  18. stage right

  19. ok, i was trying to make an arrow that said/pointed to the left and another that said/pointed to stage right.

  20. It is really hard to watch the bad people. Becky just left the room when Michael was on. He is painful to watch.

  21. Idol, is Idol. Not much else to say. You see one season this early, you’ve pretty much seen them all.
    I will say the “sl*t” was enough to keep me from watching again. With all the young kids that are so involved in watching, Idol really dug low to give that air time.

  22. Adam, would you not rather be chasing chavez around the jungle??
    Were you the one that fell asleep in the meeting and this was your story this week? *LOL*

  23. Breaking: Rockets fall into Northern Israel again from Lebenon —– second time since the war started—— lets see what the IDF does this time last time they did nothing.

  24. Good Morning from cold (16 degrees) snowy arctic Cincinnati. UGH.

    I watched the 2nd hour of Idol. The bikini clad female was disgusting. The vision impaired male was inspirational and talented. You know whom I’m rooting for.

  25. Avi,
    How was the field trip? Where all did you go?

    As for Lebenon….I wonder if Israel will ignore again. Are the troops spread too thin to take on another front?

  26. Patty,
    Is it possible they gave the bikini chick so much air time because they are trying to get a larger male audience? Or were they just playing up Simon’s ogling face? Either way I agree it was overdone considering the young audience the show attracts. That was not exactly wholesome.

  27. I saw Adam’s little piece on Idol on
    The bikini woman said she felt quite conservative since it was summer. HAHA. At least it wasn’t a monokini.

  28. Sylvia and Patty ~ I agree on bikini girl… that was too much but I really enjoyed the blind male at the end… I too am rooting for him.

  29. Missed Adam since I don’t have the tele on— we have track and field practice… πŸ˜€

    there are two “NO” votes and I am one of them~ who is the other?

    and morning!

  30. (reason I don’t watch it as I don’t like to watch ANYTHING which makes you have to watch every week for the next result~ But there is some great talent!!!

  31. When was Idol on? I watched my usual– O’Reilly and Dobbs and fell asleep early– (Dobbs clearly does not care for Obama, especially with this veto issue.) Oh yes, I clicked over to see Nancy Grace for about ten minutes– she is still at it with Anthony–

    And I heard about the pilot who faked his death– local news– he got caught, I see– what a waste of money spent on looking for him!! Pisses me off! AND THEN HE EMAILS a friend after he was supposedly dead…. If I wanted to be gone without being discovered, I would have gone to some other country and hid severing all contacts….. (he should have thought it out first!!!! πŸ˜€ )—- He also stored a motorcycle to get after his plane crash– Lord, this is almost comical!!!! πŸ˜€ In my part of the woods, they call people like that “pendejos.” πŸ˜€

    And Patty– no, I am not going to eat sushi with Adam or start watching IDOL~ πŸ˜€

    Does anyone know who Waylon Jennings is? I just found out he died four years ago because of diabetes complications– An old friend of mine, attorney here, use to hang out with Waylon and so I met Waylon a few times as I use to hang out with the attorney– I had to call my attorney friend to ask a legal question and he gave me the news… My attorney friend is part of the defense for the boy who shot his father and friend just recently– I believe the kid is 8~ I guess the dad did beat the crap out of this kid frequently~ My old friend has been on A&E, what was Court TV, and our local channels– About every five years I call him to ask him something and he is so cool to answer my calls always~ πŸ˜€ I haven’t seen him in about 25 years!!!!

  32. ‘morning.

    its cold here too sylvia..and going to get much worse as the day goes on. Have i said lately how much i hate winter? *L*

    Susan, Idol was on lastnight from 7-9 central time.

    I didnt see the blind guy, i left the tv when i got pissed off about the sl*t.
    I think tonight i’ll just do more tax stuff.
    Even tho it totally stinks, its better than going to bed mad!

    I know who waylon is! and yes, i knew he died.

  33. we are to have 20 below winchills for tonight and tomorrow.
    I am seriously thinking tomorrow would be a good day to burn a vacation day and just stay home. It just depends on what i accomplish here today.

  34. I missed that news about Waylon’s demise– He was quite something else back then– May he rest in peace~

    It is a bit chilly here but not at all like you all– so I decided to pull out a flannel shirt from the top of a closet– and everything came down– I found and forgot items of clothing I had– so now I have a indoor project as I have a bad sore throat and cough– I am going to clean out the top of the closets here and sort out what is good and discard the other items of clothing– to a church or whatever~

    Have a good day @ All!!!!

  35. Patty,

    We’re suppose to have wind chills of minus tomorrow with a high of 12, and on Friday a high of 9…low of 0.
    Hibernation time.
    Today it may go up to 25.

  36. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all
    OK I see we have digressed a bit to I feel more comfortable!!!

    Max – what is a monokini – or do I dare ask

    Susan – I voted NO also as I never watch that program – to addicted to Fox News –

    Patty & Sylvia – BRRRRRRRR – don’t know how you guys survive your winters. Not bad here – we have our heater on 55 and it is comfy in the house so we are happy. Bright sunny afternoons.

  37. Hiya Kc
    at 55 … usually shivering! *L*

  38. KC: I was waiting for someone to ask. A monokini just the bottom part of a bikini.

  39. KC,
    I agree with Patty…55 is extremely chilly for inside. I need it to be 68 to be comfy.

    I know what a monokini is …..just too chicken to wear one!!! At my age I don’t even wear bikinis. Those days are over…..and when I did wear one it wasn’t as skimpy as the one on Idol.

  40. Sylvia: A Tankini is quite nice. Definately on the more modest side.
    Now the Microkini is even skimpier than what was worn on Idol, it’s the smallest that is generally legal.

  41. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Wow – I never knew there were soooo many kinds of ini’s. Sounds down right scary to me.

    I haven’t owned a swim suit in about 30 years. Not my thing!!! LOL

  42. Max,

    I have tankinis….they are really comfortable. We have a pool so I have several swim suits. I also wear the regular 1 piece swimsuits…I like variety.

  43. KC: There are a lot of kini’s. But you’d never see me in a mankini! Maybe in Bikini Atoll… πŸ˜€

    Sylvia: I just have shorts and a speedo. I don’t go swimming often though.

  44. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I don’t think hubby and I could handle our home being 68 degrees – that is way toooo warm for us. Guess we can handle our California winters because it is our favorite time. HATE HATE HATE summers around here, way to hot when we have weeks of triple digits. Maybe that is why we enjoy our 55 degree home, don’t know. It is way more comfortable to wear layers, socks and fuzzys instead of sweating to death. Can’t take to much off in the summer.

  45. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Now what in the world is the difference between a speedo, a bikini Atoll and a mankini
    And where, may I ask, do you walk around in your speedo!!!
    Maybe a slide show from you is in order (grinning)

  46. KC,
    I’m wearing a sweater over a t shirt, jeans, and ankle boots and am not too hot. Just comfy.

  47. KC: A Bikini Atoll is a Pacific Island chain. Part of the famous proving grounds 20 nuclear bombs were exploded there.
    A mankini seems only to be worn by comedians. Click my name to see Jim Carrey with one on. It’s bascially a sling bikini.

    Nope, I haven’t gone swimming in ages, but I think the last time i did i wore the speedo under the shorts.

  48. Adam Housley Says:

    I think if it was ‘Adam’s Idol’s’……Max would win for coolness. He is always even, or so it seems. Avi would get the spitfire awarrd. Not to be outdone, Susan would have the loudest chops…out of tune of course. Sylvia would be composed. KC and Patty would be the most consistent. In abstentia (sp?) John would be the one we all made fun of and Becky would have to Tivo!


  49. *LMAO taking a bow*
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Mr Housley, your the best! πŸ™‚

  50. Max…KC…men in spandex should be outlawed! Unless his name is David Bowie!
    The same for most women!!
    I’ve always said…God gave me an imagination…let me use it!

  51. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    you soooo funny – Can’t wait to hear Susan’s response to your line up-

    Patty – yeh – we are consistent – I am LMAO toooo

    Thank ya Adam – we love ya

  52. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Patty – I agree with you about men in spandex. As for imagination – it would have been fun to see a picture of Max in his speedo!!!!!!!

  53. are “bad”…so very “bad”!!! *L*

  54. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Patty – you brought up imagination and David Bowie!!!!!

  55. πŸ™‚

  56. Adam
    I finally won an award….thank you.
    Is there a prize?…..a trophy….a contract with FNC….anything????

  57. One of my (many) favorite movies…Labrynth with Bowie. Can watch it over and over!!!

  58. Why David Bowie?????

  59. oh ya…prizes…. Bottle of ?

  60. Patty,

    You are a mind reader…you answered before I asked.

  61. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Adam will have to make your prize a bottle of – perfume – since he can’t ship wine to your address

    Adam – do you need all of our addresses?????

  62. Do you realize we won without having to wear a bikini…or in Max’s case a speedo.

  63. *holding my nose*

    He never answered my question…
    Adam..can you ship wine to KS?

  64. Sylvia…. πŸ˜‰

  65. Patty,
    We keep posting at the same time. Our brains are in sync. Am not sure if that is a good thing.

  66. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    He can ship your bottle to my home – I promise I will sample it for you – LOL

  67. KC,
    You are so generous. What a nice offer.

  68. Sure, with friends like you…..i’ll always be sober! hahaha

    Wonder if susan fell in that closet and cant find her way back out?

  69. Adam…you see Tobin’s email to Greta? she has a blog about it, he’s very funny!

  70. Ohio used to have that law about shipping wine but I think it’s gone…with the wind. It also was illegal to buy liquor in Kentucky where it was cheaper than Ohio and bring it back to Ohio. I think that has recently changed.

  71. Tobin’s doctor also seems like a funny person.

  72. sounds like my dr.
    we go round and round.
    he’s a osteo…so when he works on my neck…gets all bent over me…ready, set………… I’ll say…so doc, how would you explain this position if someone was to walk in here.
    He looses all composure! πŸ™‚

  73. Good one Patty.

  74. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Always willing and able to help out a friend.
    I did read about Tobin and his medical problem – his doctor sounds like a riot and I am sure he was not surprised when he found out Tobin removed the cast. I read his email but I did not read any of the comments.

    Susan will have a lot to say once she gets out of the closet and reads Adam’s post. Sure must have been a really big closet – LOL

  75. Suppers ready. Be back maybe

  76. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Getting a visual and really laughing out loud here

  77. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Isn’t it amazing – when Adam speaks (posts) we all wake up!!!!!

  78. Have a good dinner Patty…we’re done eating and will watch O’Reilly at 8. Then I’ll catch the second hour of Idol.

  79. KC,
    Everyone is alert when the “boss” is around.

  80. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Sylvia – Patty

    Hey – it is only 4:15pm here – hubby is not even home from work yet.

    Have a good evening you two now that you have had your dinner and supper. We are having taco’s tonight.

  81. KC,

    Enjoy your tacos. Bye for now.

  82. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks Sylvia
    you enjoy your evening also

    Talk to you all tomorrow

  83. @ my dear friend Adam, no longer absentia…

    “Susan would have the loudest chops…out of tune of course.”

    And now you know why I have been told, many more times than once, I remind them of I Love Lucy…. (only from her show— not from her real life)


    @all– don’t get into cleaning closets! I just got done!!!!!!!

    I gave to my neighbor, Rosie, three full bags of clothes– lawn mower size- so when her dad comes from Sinaloa or she goes, they can distribute these as the town where she is from– very and very poor!

    I must have been on a Ralph Lauren and DKNY, and other designers, buying trip at one point in my life– I can not believe how much I had and did not know– I cleaned drawers out, bottom of the closets– et al– I had soooooooo much stuff I did not wear and forgotten! I even had coats which I have not worn which looked like I must have bought for Siberia in mind!!!!! dang and more dang!

    I just got done! I started when I left here! Five cramped, full of forgotten clothes filled closets! And only one third used– what a frigging sin!

    Now it is five closets with lots of space!!!! LOL— because yes, the cats found the space! I am so laughing– I found each cat in two closets when I added floor space– there was so much chara on the floors as it was sooooooooo easy to just throw everything in the closets and close the doors!!!! πŸ˜€ and then go buy and throw it on the floor!! πŸ˜€


    As I have told Adam once and I have told him a hundred times, you all, we all love, when he peeks in as I have reminded him as you all do, we are his friends!

    Have fun with hubby!


  84. Ah, but I was a good girl and acutally worked today. Gotta let it all out when i get home! haha

    We had meatloaf for supper.

    Hope you both have/had a good eve. See ya in the morning.

  85. ah there’s susan!
    coats for sibera! ha!
    maybe you were planning a trip to KS?

  86. Patty—

    You are way too cool! Maybe the coats so I can check up on your cats when I go to a visit? (Spot check to see if you are telling the truth? :D)
    As I stomp on the snow looking for critters?

    AS well with the others? πŸ˜€

    I bet there is no bullshit behind your face!

    Let us partner up and clean out the town… John Wayne style!


  87. EBAY alert—

    Cat up for sale:

    Tama aka Sheethead

    Weight: 12 pds

    Characteristics: Looks like a witches’ cat– Black and white

    Personality: Pain in the ass

    Price: 1 Million

    EBAY Sale again

    Maru–Cat in the Hat

    Weight: 15 pounds

    Characteristics: Looks like Mike Myers’s, Cat in the Hat

    Personality: Pain in the ass

    Bid price is still at one million…


  88. P.S.

    My above was just to be funny….

    For those who love dogs here, so do I!!!!

    In reference to a way back post:

    when someone mentioned they would not know about cats as they have had dogs…..

    Cats love as much as dogs~ they don’t sigh but they purrr~

    They are as playful as a dog~ and when as young as a pup, they do the teething too~ chew and chew

    Where the distinction is:

    hmm? I guess you would want to only because …

    You distinguish?

    Almost sounds like a discrimination?

    Yikes! Hope you don’t use this on a daily basis!

    xxxxx πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  89. Point:

    PLZZZZZ don’t be a hypocrite!


  90. Sorry!

    I just get sooooooooo tired of people telling me they are dog people and not cat people~ as I sit here and watch the cats do the dog thing! Lie around, eat, ears go up for noise, beg, eat, lie on the bod and ask for attention, roll in the dirt, rub their nose with yours when bonding…

    So what is so different? The bark and the growl…. ?

    My German Shepherd mix dog was replaced with a Panther. πŸ˜€

    (truly so– Tama is a Panther)—

    Very uncool for people to sayI am a dog person and I don’t like cats~

    You should have one!!!!! They are way cool!


  91. BTW—

    I did my share of helping dogs for many years!!

    The cats get it now! πŸ˜€


  92. I think if it was β€˜Adam’s Idol’s’……Max would win for coolness. He is always even, or so it seems. Avi would get the spitfire awarrd. Not to be outdone, Susan would have the loudest chops…out of tune of course. Sylvia would be composed. KC and Patty would be the most consistent. In abstentia (sp?) John would be the one we all made fun of and Becky would have to Tivo!

    @ Adam:

    You missed someone very special: LDG

    HE— AND ONLY HE- GETS THE AWARD for keeping insanity, sane! AND YOU FORGOT HIM?????????

    You are on my bad list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How DARE you forget LDG?


    Very and very Upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Adam: Thank you! What does “always even” mean though?

    Susan: I’m not a cat person, allergies.

  94. Oops, i forgot to remove the link from last night in my name!

  95. Im a dog person….*sticking tongue out* SO THERE!
    and you probably will never find either critter in the house. At work yes, but not here.


    btw its 3:30 am here, giess i shouldnt have fallen asleep so early! argh
    here’s hoping i can fall back to sleep for a bit!
    It is -1 so far….well see how much that changes by sun up.

  96. Patty gets the early bird prize this morning. I got up late for me…6 AM. I’m usually up at 5-5:30.

    If I can get through the frigid weather today and tomorrow I have balmy 30 to look forward to on Saturday.. Don’t know what the official temp is yet…..haven’t put on TV. Puter is saying 10 but that’s not always what the local TV says.

  97. Susan,
    I agree LDG gets the sanity prize. Hope nobody else gets insulted…but he does seem to bring sanity to the blog when someone is ranting.

    As for dogs/cats…..never had cats but I have nothing against them. I’ve only had a chihuahua (as a kid), and a Sheltie and Yorkie as an adult. Larry loves dogs too…but we both decided not to get any more at this point in life. Maybe we will change our minds.

  98. Depressing news….our temps are falling….we are now down to 8 and are headed for a low of -4…..and that is WITHOUT the wind chill.

  99. Morning everyone! I’m blogging from the road! The earlier comments gave me great entertainment on my drive to Illinois! By the way Patty and Sylvia…I’m officially freezing! Its cold and snowy! Oh well!

  100. Becky,

    I hope you’re not driving and blogging at the same time. Crash!!!!!

  101. @All

    You have a very scary definition of “sanity”, apparently…
    ((wry grin))

    I mean, how sane can someone be that (a) thinks it is already Friday, and (b) thinks said Friday should be an international day of public celebration, hm?

    weather report from across the seas:

    There are snow flurries even down here in the lowlands; temps down to the low 20’s F (-5 C) at night; days are above freezing but very windy.

    If you are a skier, and head up-country a bit, I have it on good authority that this is the best season in a decade for downhill skiing.

  102. LDG,
    Compared to the rest of us you win the prize.
    As for the day of the week…..we are all scattered around the globe so it is difficult to figure out what day and time it is.

  103. Yesterday:

    Siren Heard in J-town which was a ” false alarm, mistake.” But I have heard that in fact a rocket was fired in J-towns direction and a siren sensor went off. But seems the rocket did not land anywhere near J-town.


    Israel bombs UN HQ in Gaza after being fired at from there. World is going crazy Ban-ki-moon is here. 25 rockets fired today alot of grads.

    Iranian President: calls Israel “not feasible” to exist.

    Our Best Friend Hugo: Brakes diplomatic relations with Israel

    On another note: I saw a friend of mine who is in a tank division and was in the Strip a few days ago told me ” it aint going to be over for a long time.”


    In my area: All is normal πŸ™‚

    just working on finishing online HS =)

  104. @Sylvia

    ((big grin; nods))


    First up, glad you are well and safe.

    If UNSG Ban starts in with the “cease-fire / peacekeepers” nonsense again, here is a word you can say to him to put a stop to his train of thought. (were it yours to say such to him, of course)

    Just one little place name.


  105. ‘morning all careful!

    Avi…stay safe!

    Sylvia…I did dose back to sleep, sortof.

    Ldg…sane? nahhhh he’s just more “grounded” than the rest of us πŸ˜‰

    Weather report…It was -8 when the sun came up. we were spared the wind during the night, thankfully!!
    It is now 10;30 am, full sun and 7 windchill is -4

  106. Sylvia- mom is driving!:) Its so cold!
    Almost to Normal, I’ll!

  107. I always thought it would be cool to live in a town called Normal!!! Would be the ONLY thing normal in my life! haha

  108. Cheers all around

    Patty finished her big year end report for the state dept of Ag!!! YIPPEEE!!!!

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  109. ((sounds of loud rejoicing from the Far East))

  110. Morning—

    and LOL to the comments–
    LDG is sane– tis for sure! and above intelligent—

    Sylvia– I wish I had your strength~after Tomasa, I said~ NO MORE PETS as I threw in my age as a factor– if I were to die between now and the 70’s when any pet reached maturity, I wondered who would take care of them if my brother were not around either~ and I couldn’t think of one person!!!! But here I am at it again! πŸ˜€


    I need to go read the news– especially about Chavez as you know I just HATE the man!!!! He is nothing but “mierda.”

    Yay for Patty– you work fast!!!! I hated doing the monthly reports when I worked for John C. Lincoln– as I hate spreadsheets!!! Not good at it at all!

    AND for my morning fun– Dorothy across the street– the Minister as she calls herself, just gave me my lecture for the day and insulted me indirectly… πŸ˜€

    Her back window was busted so I went outside to check it out~ She told me her insurance didn’t cover it but GOD is good to her so she found the money…. I asked her how was it delivered by God? Was it in the mail or did someone knock on her door? She kept saying how good God is to her and how powerful God is….. and those who don’t practice his word would not know how powerful God is…. I told her I had my own faith and boom there went the cannonball!!! I guess I don’t believe in the power as she said…. Because I don’t pray and if I do it is probably for me as most people pray, she said…. I told her as I was thinking about punching her or just have a good old time with her, I did pray but never for myself as my list for people is way long and by the time I think about praying for myself, I was tired! πŸ˜€ (a fifteen minute dissertation I received) —- she was the one who came over one day to see my Christmas decorations, uninvited, and when she saw one of the cats, freaked out and told me she didn’t like animals and to get it out of her sight— I was so pissed off and I told her I would respect the fact she didn’t like animals but she should respect the fact when in my home, I do have animals! She said then she would not come over again!! YAY!!!!!

    I am telling you, I am so amused by people!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I start school Tuesday night– Constitutional Law— Should be fun– I will probably be the oldest in the classroom!!!! πŸ˜€

    Dang, Patty– It sure is cold there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo lucky here!


  111. Patty,

    Congrats from Ohio.


    I didn’t know there was a normal Illinois.

  112. Susan,

    Do you want to be a lawyer?

  113. Sylvia–

    I was working on becoming a Paralegal when Ken’s incident took place– I had completed my degree which took me about nine years– LOL and I got into the legal assisting program at Phoenix College– last class I took was Rules of Evidence– I had also been hired by a Probate Lawyer when Ken went into his coma– and I rearranged my life so I could take care of Ken as he surely would have gone down in the nursing home!!! Trust me– It was awful what I went through at the time– I got into more fights– LOL!!! Ken’s sister would back me up– I will give her that– but I was the one going to see him everyday as there were few visits from his family! But that is water way under the bridge!!!!

    Now I am just taking a class for the fun of it! I want to see if I can still do it! I have forgotten most of what I learned and I was getting so good at it at the time– But as a lawyer, I don’t have what it takes– but as a paralegal, I could have done that~

  114. @Sylvia

    re: yours to Becky
    “I didn’t know there was a normal Illinois.”

    What should concern you is the possibility that there might be an Abnormal, Illinois…


  115. @Susan

    Way to go on the self-improvement education!

  116. gracias LDG— One of my favorite teachers is teaching the class– and I love to taunt him!!!! Scott was a Prosecutor and he is now running the program at Phoenix College– good guy!!!! He use to ONLY give pop quizzes when I didn’t show up for class– and it didn’t matter what excuse I gave him… (I would write on my papers at the end– You are mean! and when he returned the graded paper, he would write back– I know! πŸ˜€

    Becky and Barb– I am sooooooooooooooo praying for you two right now!!!! xoxoxoxo

  117. LDG,
    Actually, what’s normal in Illinois is abnormal everywhere else, so if Ilinois has an abnormal place then that would be the same as normal elsewhere.

    Does that make sense???

  118. Susan: Everything seems to fall into place for me to get what i want done. The money just seems to arrive when ever it’s most needed for me to advance. So surely my current endevors must be blessed, or i’m just real lucky.

  119. I see Chavez has his compadre helping him!

    CAIRO, Egypt β€” Venezuela and Bolivia broke off diplomatic relations with Israel on Wednesday to protest its military offensive in Gaza.

    The decisions by the leftist governments of Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales came about a week after Venezuela expelled the Israeli ambassador in Caracas, Shlomo Cohen, and seven embassy staff members to protest the Jewish state’s actions in Gaza.

  120. Max—

    You get what you need because you are a good guy and Karma works for you in a positive way– as well as you are thought of probably as well, from the divine, as a good soul! πŸ˜€

  121. I remember once when I was living in an apartment and Tomasa needed her anal sacs to be removed– it was very costly and I did not have the money– I was not going to pay the rent and just get her surgery– honestly, this is how desperate I was– I did not want to borrow the money so I figured I would take a loan out for the rent– but lo behold, the day before the surgery, my brother sent me two checks from the property and it covered the surgery and my couch and love seat I have now as I had to dump the couch and love seat because Tomasa had bleed on the couch– and the smell from her condition was definitely there!

    So I guess I had a divine intervention as well! πŸ˜€

  122. wow– FOX has some good stories out today-

    Time heals some wounds, so Ronald Goldman’s dad, Fred, might be interested in this. I ran into O.J. Simpson’s former criminal attorney, Robert Shapiro, night before last at a party celebrating Mickey Rourke’s Golden Globe win. I asked Shapiro, who led the Simpson β€œDream Team” in 1994-95 that got Simpson acquitted of double murder, what he thought of his former client in retrospect.

    Shapiro was quick to respond. β€œHe’s a sociopath,” Shapiro said

  123. CARACAS, Venezuela β€” Venezuelan lawmakers on Wednesday approved amendments to the constitution that would allow President Hugo Chavez to run for re-election indefinitely, the final step before the proposal goes before voters in a referendum.

    (who is going to count the votes?)

  124. ok– time to get busy!!!!

    good day @ all!

  125. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well, I see that I have some catching up to do – had tai chi class and errands to do this morning.

    My heart goes out to all of you in the states that are being hit soooo hard with this severe weather you are experiencing. Hope all of you stay safe and warm.

    I don’t know about socal or norcal, but here in Fresno we are having really weird weather. It has been in the high 60’s all week so far which is not good for this time of year. It is actually getting warm in the afternoons – yesterday – I had the doors open. I understand that all of the snow in the mountains is melting because of the warm temperatures which is not good for the skiers. Guess they will have to start making snow to keep their businesses open. It has been a real crazy winter – makes me think we are going to have one hell of a hot summer!!!

  126. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    We went thru that closet cleaning a couple of years ago. We have a 4 bedroom house and there is just the 2 of us and every closet was filled to overflowing with clothes and shoes. We spent one whole weekend going thru everything and getting rid of it. Disabled American Vets come right to your house and pick up whatever you have for them so it made it very easy. We have his and hers closets in our bedroom and that is now the only closet that has clothes in it and that is the way it is going to stay.

    Have fun going back to school – I am sure you will remember a lot of the lessons.

  127. Sylvia, your “abnormal” made sense to me.
    I’ve always said that I am too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter, so I need to move to Australia, then i’d be perfect with the weather….people laugh at me.
    But if their seasons are opposite of ours, why doesnt that make sense? *L*

  128. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Congrats on getting your year end report done. I know how much is involved in those things. One thing I do not miss about being retired. I have been purging my files here at home and setting up files for 2009 and then get the tax crap together and get that project done. Usually like to have our taxes filed by mid February.

    Glad you mentioned you had meatloaf last night – reminded me I have not cooked that for quite awhile. Our tacos were really good last night, but boy, I sure use a lot of bowls. Worth it tho
    Tonight we are going to BBQ Beer Can Chicken – We are going to BBQ 2 of them so we can take one with us this weekend.

  129. @Sylvia

    “Does that make sense???”

    normally, yes.
    ((further silly grins))


    May the cold weather ease its grip on those of you in Frozonia…

    May KC get a little bit cooler weather before all the California rivers flood from snowmelt…

    May Susan get busy in a good way…
    and stop reading E. Gollinger

    and May we all be blessed (or lucky) in our endeavors…

    Yes, including our good host.

    Be well and safe, All
    ((departs for the day))

  130. KC, you are so sweet.
    But there is one saying we have here.
    If you don’t like KS weather, wait a 1/2 a day, cause its gonna change.

    I guess we are fortunate, we get it all, just not alot of one. So when its too hot, it last a month and then its gone, and the same with the cold.
    It just s*cks before it leaves, whether its the heat or the cold!!

  131. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Stay warm and safe – your temperatures sound berry berry cold

  132. Patty,
    Then you would be too hot in the winter and too cold in the summer!!!!
    You need to move to Maui where it is consistantly 80-84. As long as you get those Kona breezes you would be comfy.

  133. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Nighty night LDG – rest well

  134. G’night LDG.
    Hope my logic (or illogic) didn’t cause a headache!!!

  135. *LOL* im gonna get confused! πŸ™‚

    KC…the chicken sounds good!

  136. @LDG—

    I even listened to her videos she posted while she was at Howard University– talk about bashing the US– She threw in Rice, McCain– etc!
    (April, 2008) — promoting the book!

    what a whack job!!!

    rest well


  137. KC,
    Tomorrow will be the difficult day. It’s suppose to be even colder and we have errands to run. Thank goodness for my Eddie Bauer down parka to keep me warm.

  138. susan, did you just call LDG a turd?
    *giggle*…that the way it read to me! *L*

  139. 2008— where did the emoticon come from?

  140. Patty,
    Confusion is my middle name…I either have it or cause it.

  141. oh crap—

    that was definitely the cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise– I didn’t even see that– he was jumping down and hit the keyboard– oh dear!!! How funny!

  142. hold your mouse over it susan… it was the 8 and the parenthesis

  143. hahahahahaha
    oh i needed that laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. OK— NOW it is time to get busy—- πŸ˜€


  145. bye bye!!

  146. now how did that go through? 8 and )— weird????

  147. Bye Susan

  148. now you have me laughing–


  149. what i do best some days 8) and i kinda like the smiley with the shades!

  150. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Susan – that was soooo funny – LDG is gonna love reading the “turd” comment when he gets up tomorrow. Of course the cat did it – LOL

    Patty and Sylvia – don’t get upset with me, but with a 3 day weekend coming up, we are headed for the beach tomorrow. It was 81 degrees yesterday and will be between 76 and 78 while we are there. Gotta go there at least once a month even if it is just for a weekend. I will keep you both in my thoughts and I promise I will stay warm for you. xoxo

  151. KC…what a B****
    but love ya anyway! ha

  152. hummm maybe i have a 3 day weekend too?
    got me wondering now!!!

  153. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You should be off Monday – It is a National Holiday – Martin Luther King Day. Maybe they are not gonna tell you, that way you will be the only one showing up at work.

    I am quite well know for being a B**** – that is my trademark!!! (grinning)
    However, I am in very stiff competition lately with Izabella – she may take that title away from me.

  154. Hey Patty,

    Should we get out our swim suits and pretend it’s summer?


    Enjoy your beautiful weather and the beach. I’ll try not to be too jealous.

  155. The “white stuff” on the pool cover could be sand.

  156. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well, butter my butt, you all are not gonna believe this one.
    I have hummingbirds (2) feeding right now as I type. They are sitting on the feeder I have hanging in the patio. I gotta find my throw away camera and take a picture of this. Hummers in January – unbelievable but beautiful

  157. Sylvia…do they make swim suits out of the waffle stuff like long underwear? *L*

    KC…the guys at work always get their shirts with their names on it….Ive threatend to get mine with nothing more than a capital “B” but im not sure the commiss would find humor in it.

  158. wow kc, hummers….ahhhhhh i miss that!

  159. KC..yep, we have monday off.
    I need a long weekend for tax paper work. yee haw.
    Farmers are due Mar 15, our appt is always early in Feb.

  160. Holy Cow,
    A plane went down on the Hudson River…US Airways

  161. The dam plane is sinking…..They think everyone got out.

  162. just saw that headline, sylvia

  163. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Sylvia – Been watching that on Fox – think there is like 150 or more on board. That water has got to be ice – they say the plane did not break apart which is probably a good thing. Don’t have all of the details yet.

  164. The plane took off from La Guardia

  165. If you guys have monday off I’m going to take it off too and be even more lazy than normal!

  166. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Glad to hear you also get a 3 day weekend even tho you are going to work on your taxes.

    As to the “B” I think it is a female gene and we all have some in us. Some of us just have more than others (laughing)

    The hummers are still feeding – they sure must be hungry. They are actually sitting instead of hovering with their wings going 100 mph. What a wonderful sight

  167. Max…*L*

    CBS says the plane was in the air for 6 minutes.
    Possibly hit by birds??
    Was headed to Charolette NC

  168. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    you have our permission – We will share this National Holiday with you. That way you can have a holiday and spend the day cooking

  169. The next time I’m on a plane and the flight attendant talks about life preservers and using the seat for floatation…I think I’ll pay attention instead of reading.

  170. KC..they are so awesome to watch. I can hardly wait for them to come back this way. I so enjoyed them last fall for the first time.

  171. peanut butter fudge sounds good max! It would go well with my paper work!! Dont bother cutting pieces tho, just give me a spoon and the whole pan! *L*

  172. Patty: If it’d just taken off it could be ice in the air. That’s why weather delays can be good things.

  173. Sylvia..i agree! Although I highly doubt I ever need to worry about it. Just dont think im gonna get pat in a plane again.

  174. Patty: How about any other cakes? How about mince meat pie with real ground meat in it, like it used to be in the good old days?

  175. Max,
    They think birds hit the engines…but a passenger said there was a loud noise and fire came out of the engine.

  176. 146 passengers and five crewmembers were reportedly aboard the plane.

    I cannot begin to imagine how cold that water would be!!!

  177. Patty,
    Why won’t Pat fly…bad experience or just fear of flying?

  178. i’ve never had mincemeat. It looks grose IMO.
    Pineapple upsidedown….more my style.

  179. Max,
    I love thick New York style cheesecake.

  180. Sylvia, good quesiton. He’s fine as long as he is in control. Doesnt like someone else with his destiny in thier hands I guess. He can shimy up the outside of our 80 ft silo without thinking twice about it.
    We flew to PA once, i know there is a plane out there with permanent finger marks in it from him. He was a basket case. I truly dont think there is enough valium to allow him to do it again.

  181. cheesecake will work!!!

    geeze, how do we always end up talking food! Im going to have to stop at the grocery store before the weekend again!
    There are ribs in the crockpot for supper! YUM

  182. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Have to agree with your hubby about flying. Hubby nor I will fly or go on a ship. Same reason, not in control of the situation. Obviously, our traveling is limited by not flying or going by boat but we are happy with that. We seem to entertain ourselves quite well without either modes of that transportation.

  183. Patty,
    Our daughter has to take valium before flying. She is terrified but continues to fly. Tell Pat there is enough valium available and he should try flying again!!!

    My daughter has been known to be a white knuckle flyer and some unfortunate passengers sitting next to her have the bruises to show for it.

  184. KC,
    My late father never flew. My mother said she wouldn’t fly either. After he passed away (about a year later) we got my mother to fly with us and take a cruise (and she was also afraid of boats). Mom had a wonderful time. She took another cruise with us the following year and has flown a few times.
    So never say never.

    I actually feel safer on a plane than in a car.

  185. “geeze, how do we always end up talking food!” because you suddenly asked me for a peanut butter fudge cake?
    I’m not quite sure what that was in reply too though…

    I love flying it’s so relaxing. Normally birds in engines don’t cause any serious problems. Normally uou just get a bit of a flame and that’s all.

    What I’d like to do when I go to college is take a cruise across the atlantic to NYC like the immigrants of old and then a train across the nation. It actually costs less than a one way flight!

  186. Max,
    Just take the harbor cruise to the Statue of Liberty and then to Ellis Island and pretend you are an immigrant of old days. It takes less time and is a cheap cruise. It used to be free, but don’t know if it still is.

  187. Max,
    I find flying to be boring….and uncomfortable because passengers have little leg room or arm room. I am not tall or heavy and I’m still uncomfortable in the plane seat.

  188. White knuckle..ya, thats what he is. I really felt bad for him. When i booked the flight, there was nothing straight through from Kansas City. Instead of going through chicago, we went through cleveland? ( i think).
    I knew we were in trouble when they asked us to use the restrooms BEFORE we boarded the plane. Oh is was a small plane. That definilty didnt help Pat!!! I was sure he’d be driving home in a rental, but he made it back via air.
    I myself, love flying. started it, said you were gonna cook since its a 3 day weekend! *LOL* It just so happened, i need a sugar buzz! haha

    btw max..that trip sounds fun! Does a passenger train still go across country here??? Besides amtrak?

  189. Sylvia: On our way to Chicago last time this guy who had an empty seat next to him, sprawled across them and lent back onto me. Silly guy. But on the way back we got the emergency door seats, so plenty of leg room!

    Well a one way flight to Casper in August is $1600, a one way cruise (England to NY) is $800. And the train is like $160.

  190. Patty: I never said i’d be cooking:
    If you guys have monday off I’m going to take it off too and be even more lazy than normal!
    I probably will be cooking, but I never said anything about it.
    Only Amtrak goes coast to coast.

    I’m off to bed now. Good night!

  191. When we came back from PA, i had the front row, behind frist class. I was with a family mom and daugher on my side of isle, dad and son on the other side. The lil girl was maybe 3. Cute as heck. I was in the isle seat, so they could have the window. but the little girl insisted on going back and forth from mom to dad. Then mom gave her a banana!!! Now why on earth would you give a 3 yr old a whole naner and let her walk back and forth?
    When we got to Kansas city and driving home, pat said…why do i smell banana??? geeeze!

  192. Good Night Max.

  193. ‘nite max!
    laughing here. your right. it wasnt you.
    it was KC!
    oh well, i think im just plain hungry!

  194. ok, almost time to close up shop.
    Have a good evening Sylvia!!

  195. Ok, turning off now: but first
    Patty: We went on a tiny plane like that too (Laramie to Denver). It was so cool! I love the tiny planes.

  196. Bye Patty and Max.

  197. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    We have both flown before. I flew to Hawaii once and hubby toured Europe for 2 years with his band playing for the various branches of service on their bases so he has flown a lot. We both just perfer not to fly – we don’t like it at all. Maybe someday we will need to go somewhere and the only way to get there is by plane. I even flew in a helicopter over all of the volcano’s in Hawaii – now that was scary to me!!!

  198. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    good night and sleep tight – yeh it was me that said you would be cooking over the weekend

  199. KC,
    We did the helicoptor flight in Maui…never again. Did not like it.

  200. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I was on the big island and because I was by myself, they put me in the front seat next to the pilot. The back seat had 2 couples. Just sitting there behind that giant bubble of glass was unbelievable and a bit scary. Not sure if I would ever do it again.

  201. KC,

    Our daughter was in the front seat next to the pilot…she is terrified of flying but decided to give it a try. As soon as the copter lifted up she wanted to get off. We have a video of her turning around and yelling to us she wanted off!!!. Too late…she had to go along for the ride.
    We had a good flight but I didn’t think it was safe. It got really close to the volcano on Maui.
    A few months later we heard on the news that a copter on Maui had crashed….it was the same charter company we had used. It had a perfect safety record prior to that. It was a creepy feeling.

  202. Adam Housley Says:

    MAN!! I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH YOU GUYS! Answer: yes, I believe we CAN ship to Kansas. I will check with my brother. There are 6 states that outlaw it entirely and we don’t venture there. ALSO….I forgot LDG….well, I didn’t forget him with Idol, I just figured since he spoke Japanese he had no chance and besides it likely bores him to death anyways.


  203. KC: ahh, I missed that.
    Adam: That’s what happens when you let us play!

  204. Hi all ALERT… I have not had any time to read above this so this is very far off topic, sorry.
    An update, Wed morning Steve’s mom called and his dad took a turn for the worse. After getting Steve on the first flight to Illinois we, Becky, Matt and I, wrapped up things in Charlotte and headed up here. After spending the night in KY we made it here in time to pick up Julia at the airport and get to the hospital. Thurs morning they moved him to ICU, he is holding his own but is not doing well. Becky’s blackberry came in handy on the trip as she kept us amused by reading Matt and I the blog entries from your spirited debates. lol After getting to the hospital and seeing his dad we were sitting in the family area and Becky got a message about the USAirways plane in NYC. We turned on Fox News and watched the reports come in. I am a “retired” USAirways Express employee and was amazed watching the coverage. As a Christian I can’t help but feel there was Divine Intervention in how the crew were able to put the plane down perfectly, and right in front of the ferry terminal, etc. All of those people, after the shock has worn off, hopefully will realize what a miracle it is, and that the things they lost, bags and such, are stuff and stuff is nice but life is better. As I was watching I realized that 6 years ago this month while I was at work I cleared a plane to leave the gate and 10 minutes later I heard someone yell “Oh no” and I turned around and saw what I thought was a explosion across the field. It was the plane that I had just talked too. That was a full flight with 19 people on board.

    On a lighter note. It is probably as cold here as I have ever seen it. This morning it is -18, the wind chill is around -40, I think I will have to bundle up and venture out for about 10 seconds as that is all I can probably stand. We will defiantly warm up the car in the garage before we head to the hospital.


  205. It is -4 degrees this morning…..that does not include wind chill. It will reach 12 for a high. Tomorrow is the balmy day…30 degrees….

    I hope our furnaces hold up to this brutal weather. I hate this weather. I can’t even hibernate because I need to go to the grocery. BAH HUMBUG.

  206. Barb,
    My heart goes out to you and the family. Hope things get better.

  207. Adam….*LOL*…definitly would bore LDG to pieces, i get the idea he’d like it as much as you! πŸ™‚

    For….you…Adam……I…….will……speak……much ……slower…..hopefully…………..can …….catch……..up.

    Cool ….on …the…shipping…to…..KS……
    now ….which….one….do….we…..want….?

  208. ‘g morning all!!

    Barb and Becky….sorry to hear of your travels. Will sure keep you in our thoughts.

    Weather report…pretty much echos sylvias.
    Its 8 degrees with -7 winchill and 3 inches of new snow.
    Although this weekend is to be in the 30-40’s so it can’t all be bad!

    Adam…serriously…you have us all spoiled here!! WE love our new “home”!

  209. Sylvia…being a smart *ss here. The weather man tells you whats coming so you can go to the grocery store BEFORE it hits πŸ˜‰

  210. Idol FYI
    under my name.
    one of the girls that sang weds night is from Wamego. About 45 minutes from us.
    The town is a cool lil town. Has a Wizard of Oz Museum, and every year a celebration. A few years ago, the still living (original) munchkins even came.
    When my best friend from PA comes, this is a trip we make every year. She nuts about the Wiz of Oz stuff.

  211. Patty
    Our weathermen always seem to get it wrong so I stopped paying attention to their predictions.
    As for the Wizard of Oz my favorite is Toto..
    BTW…..It is sunny and the temp has quickly risen to 1 above zero. I’ll wait till after lunch to go to the grocery because by then it may be up a few more degrees. Might even make it to 12.

  212. funny thing about weatherman…can always hit it wrong and still have a job!
    Becareful when you go out!

    Amazes me, 3 inch of snow, its like everyone forgets how to drive. A guy in a little pickup must have forgot he was going to turn…hit his brakes and did a 360 in front of me this morning! Good thing i was paying attention.

  213. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Barb and Becky
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

  214. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone
    We are just about ready to head to the beach – yipee
    Talk to you all Tuesday. Everyone have a great weekend, stay warm and safe.

    Adam – hope my wine is here when we get home!!!!

  215. Have a great time KC!!

  216. @Adam–

    LDG is a tenor! πŸ˜€ (not really– he has a very soft voice)

    have a safe trip KC–

    Barb and Becky– hope things are better!!! xxxxx

    Patty– send some ribs!

    Ken has an appointment with the opthamologist– and grr…. it is one of those visits I don’t like– an hour to get there– two hours of sitting and exams and one more hour back!!!

    Hudson pilot– wow!!!! talk about equanimity~ and what a background he has–

    No fear of flying for me– I love airplanes–

    weather is beautiful here! but I managed to get a cold from that sore throat— it sucks!

    @LDG–Maru is back to walking 100%- swelling is all gone! He slept with me last night– (on the couch)—


    Have a great day!

  217. clicked on your name, Patty-

    Jessica Paige Furney, of Wamego, was shown wowing all four judges with her growly, soulful rendition of the Janis Joplin hit “Cry Baby.”

    I would have loved to hear this– Janis was quite the girl back then!


  218. oh– it slipped my mind–

    I know one song LDG can sing– Four Green Fields! πŸ˜€

  219. YEYEY I own a majority of Bank of America congratz to all sins Max, and LDG. Sorry your not part of our great purchase.

    (being sarcastic)

  220. @Barb and Becky

    May all go as well as it can for you, and somehow please keep warm!


    “tenor” — in principle, yes; in practice, if I sang for my supper, I’d starve.

    re: Idol — not my style of show, but Foxy has followed it and enjoyed it in previous seasons. It’s kind of funny; I really like some of the female vocalists that have come to fame from being on Idol over the years, but I don’t start listening to them until after they have left/won the show. ((shrug))


    I’m sorrier that I *am* a part of it. ‘Bank of the Yank’ hasn’t been the fine company A.P. Giannini founded for a long time.

    You know, this B.S. of massive financial chaos is actually starting to annoy me. I still have some income and assets in US$, and the currency exchange disaster happening between here and the ‘States has chopped almost 20% off the value of said $ right now… that’s not counting any market or asset losses; that is the straight up exchange on cash-in-hand.

    Think of it like a pay cut and you’ll get the idea.

    On the more positive line of thinking, all I need to do is guess when things are for-sure bouncing off the bottom of the market, then buy in to American investments with Japanese currency. The net effect would be getting that 20% as a discount on the buy-in, maybe more (the currency here is actually about 30% overvalued, but that is as measured over the long term trend).

    Maybe I can buy Pebble Beach… oh wait, we did that last time the Y-$ rates went this far out of whack. ((grin))

  221. LDG,
    Are you a golfer? If you buy Pebble Beach you would certainly have to make use of your investment. LOL.

    I remember when the Japanese were buying up Hawaii…especially Maui. They had the money. It seems the US $ can’t compete with the yen.

    We do our share to help the Japanese economy. We own 3 Japanese cars.

  222. And good morning to all.
    The official temps in Cincy yesterday were -6 for a low (wind chill as low as -19) and 12 for a high.
    Today it MAY hit 30. Although it has a long way to go….it’s only 9 right now.

  223. morning all. wow, yesterday was quiet.

    Sylvia…warmer temps are on the way! Ours actually warmed during the night. its 30 at 8:30 am!

    The financial thing had been on my nerves for a long time ldg. IF they would have let the market work itself, they’d have been much better off. And so would our 401’s!
    Oh well, nothing i can do by worrying about it. ‘cept day dream that Tuesday would be Huckabee and his fair tax!!! Instead, I get social medicine. oh ya…its gonna be a good year! *enter sarcasm*

    Im off to the piles of tax papers. SEe ya all later maybe.
    Have a GREAT day! Stay warm!

  224. Patty,
    An easier way to do taxes….drink wine while working on them…it makes it less painful.
    Adam…send Patty some wine to help ease the pain of tax work.

  225. Sylvia..I have a difficult time being dyslexic with numbers as it is, i have a feeling the wine might not help that! haha

    now later today…that would be an option, atleast i would see numbers in my sleep!

    I made a lil comfort food, i did the pineapple upside down cake. That will help with the sugar buzz to keep going.

  226. With 2 boys and a grandson that are lego crazy.
    I’ve always loved the lego stuff the “big boys” built!!!
    And this one is no exemption. AMAZING! (under my name)
    I would love to see this tuff in person, because I’m sure pictures just cant do it justice.

  227. oops … tuff = stuff

  228. Morning–

    sing for your supper…very cute!!! I was a soprano in my school chorus!!! Our biggest hit was Ave Maria– And I don’t think Shubert would have been completely pleased~ we even cut a 45– I don’t remember what was on the flip side– but Ave Maria was on the one side– ( I was in 6th grade.)Idol aka Idle talk brought back a well forgotten memory…. I think the only people who bought the 45 were probably the choir’s parents– I know my parents bought one– But thanks to Mr. Beatty (teacher), I did get an appreciation for music of this sort~ and if I hear Ave Maria, I listen… πŸ˜€

    AVI– GOT you on this one– I have banked with Bank of America for over a decade!!! (NOW that are are share holder, fix my balance– don’t over pad it as you might get noticed!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ 8)

    Patty– I don’t know which is worse– dyslexia or ADD! But I bet you finish what you start– just confused! :D)

    Ken’s eyes (health) has improved!!! YAY!!! If anyone is a diabetic or becomes one, plzzzzzzzzzzz take care of it as if not, it has such devastating ill effects– and retinopathy is one—- When he got out of the nursing home, 2001, I immediately took him to an opthomologist and Dr. McPhee found a leakage behind his left eye– Dr. McPhee treated it and now the doctor keeps a vigilant watch– He is an awesome doctor– brilliant– He came from John Hopkins where he specialized only with diabetes… Boy did I luck out to find him!!!!

    And boy are you ambitious– I get my taxes done– and it is free- πŸ˜€

    Obama did not watch Bush’s bye bye speech because he went out to dinner? Kind of disrespectful to the President ans Obama would know this would hit the news…

    I bet Bush was giving his wife the high 5— “Hang in there honey– we are almost out of here.. πŸ˜€

    I wish food would sound good right now– Pineapple upside down cake? Did you make the whole thing from scratch? I never bake now– I might now and then if there are people coming over… too much work! πŸ˜€

    and good morning to all!

  229. oops– some mistakes in my above post– sorry!

  230. Barb and Becky—

    How are YOU TWO?

  231. DANG– Legoland, CA’s picture– how many people worked on that and how long did it take?

  232. Susan….i have a secret ingredient…its called Duncan Hines! *L*
    stick of butter melted in bottom of pan, a cup of brown sugar sprinkled over it, and a large can of crushed pineappel (drained) spread over that. Mix the cake mix…use drained juiced for water….poor over other stuff..bake!

    Farmers taxes are more detailed than regular taxes and due earlier, Mar 15. I cant plug all the numbers in the right place. I have to go through each month and post it in a book… then total all the seperate columns. Then i take the totals to the tax guy…he does the rest.

  233. Isnt that just the coolest Susan?
    I can find the numbers on how it all went together, but im sure they are out there somewhere
    I did find some other slide shows of it…Auretha (sp?) Franklins Lego totally cracked me up! The little lego has bigger tatas than i do!!! !haaaaaaaa

  234. a few facts susan…a new link under my name
    2 guys
    1200 hours
    its 7 ft tall

  235. Patty,
    Our daughter liked Legos. We had lots of sets and gave them to our nephew who is 14 years younger than her.
    As for taxes, we may have to find a new accountant. Our long time accountant has been very ill and it could be life threatening.
    Flat tax would be simpler. I think it was Steve Forbes who first promoted that idea.

  236. Just heard on TV that DC may be too cold for some of the inauguration events and there’s a chance the parade could be cancelled. Even a chance that the inauguration would have to be held inside. Hmmmmm…what about the millions of people heading to DC for the circus ….ooops…I mean inauguration.
    Wonder if Obama has a way of getting the weather to improve for his big show.

  237. I hope they slept in those 1200 hours!!!!! Wow!!!!

  238. I remember when we got an erector set for chemistry– a chemistry one– big mistake!!!! LOL

  239. Read your link, Patty– did not know the Captitol was built in six phases–

  240. ewww susan and chemistry!
    gotta be dangerous!

    sylvia….amazes me that they didnt think it would be too cold in jan in the NE for an outside event. I hope the inagural dress is wrapped in fur!

    there is a group of 15 ? disabled going from Wichita, some guy spent like 300K for a chance for underpriviledged to be able to go. Top motel suites in one of the elite motels
    Susuan, I hear how you struggle taking ken…can you imagine taking him to that??? WOW,, cant see that would be something i’d want to be incharge of. I’d rather have taken that money and done better adaptive apartments or paid the electric bills or something, anything!

  241. But I bet LDG DID know that— aka primus inter pares… πŸ˜€

  242. oops…typo’s to be ignored! haha

  243. sylvia..i was amazed at Christmas what legos cost! obviously i hadn’t bought any for years.
    i have many here, but they stay here. good entertainment when the kids are home.
    I thought i’d go to ebay. WRONG! they’ve turned into collector items, one lil person was like 7 bucks. and only went up in $$’s from there!

    I did finally find a place that sold a huge pkg. It was a school teachers catalog actually. I think it was 1600 pieces for $100
    Still too darn high!!
    But the 8 year old was thrilled.

  244. PATTY–

    We would never go– I HATE large groups and if I am going to be hanging out in one, the weather better be decent!!! Large mobs usually don’t pay attention as to who is disabled as their focus is the event– sad but true as I have picked up on this when we are out and about!! He walks slow and people treat his walking slowly as if it were a nuisance if they are trying to get around him~ I ALWAYS notice disabled people– thanks to Ken– so this a good thing! I had not before to be honest with you!

    I hope you all have a good day– I have this frigging cold and we have to go over to Lydia’s and Harvey’s– I can not cancel as she starts her cooking two days before and makes a lot so I can bring home…. πŸ˜€

    And how did I get this cold? No clue!


    Patty– enjoy your cake! πŸ˜€

  245. Enjoy your day susan….even with the crud.
    We’ve got them too.
    All the guys at work cant just stay home a few days and let the fever mend, they seem to see the need to share. aargh!

  246. Susan,
    Feel better and enjoy your day.

  247. Patty,
    I haven’t toy shopped for a long time so I’m sure I would have sticker shock.

  248. its an awakening, thats for sure.

  249. Susan: Get well soon.

    I still have most of my legos. That way when i have kids they can have all of mine and i don’t have to spend as much $.

  250. The kids will love that Max! Hang on to ’em. unless of course you need quick cash..they are worth a bundle….ebay is always an option. πŸ™‚

  251. Hi everyone from cold Illinois

    We are doing ok. After a short discussion today we decided to do what is called comfort care. Essentially it stops the treatment of the pneumonia and kidney failure and just makes him comfortable. He did not need the breathing treatments and all the machines hooked up to him, they were just prolonging the inevitable. One Dr in particular got under our skin when we said that we did not want a feeding tube. He looked at mom and said, “Oh, I am sorry to hear that” He then told me, when I ask a question about it, that way he could recover from the pneumonia and would be able to go home, and that he had seen people live for months then. But what kind of life would he have. We decided not to do that. Today the nurse was giving us the options and said that they do have people do that and they are usually back with in a week or so with the same problems. So now it is a waiting game, so we wait. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.
    Barb and Becky.

  252. Barb and Becky,

    Sorry about the situation. Quality of life is more important than prolonging a life without hope. We went through that with my father with his cancer.I do hope you can keep him comfortable.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and the family at this difficult time.


  253. Becky and Barb–

    Aside from keeping him comfortable, your love will be of the most comfort!

    Very sad~ if your grandfather is lucid, I am sure he knows….


  254. Max—

    gracias– xxxx

    just a miserable cold– I cancelled Lydia’s~ I could not do it– I went to the couch and died for about two hours~

    I have taken Contac, NyQuil, aspirin and finally ate a bagel with lots of butter and strawberry jam as this is all I could think about eating~ and this is all I have had all day! I still feel like chara!

    Oh well~ not anything like what Barb and Becky are going through right now! Mine is just a temp thing!


  255. Barb and Becky—

    If you are ever in Rock Island, Illinois, go check out the school— E

  256. Barb and Becky–

    If you are ever in Rock Island, Illinois, go check out the school Earl H. Hanson— An elementary school~

    he was my grandfather~

    Built for him after he died as he was a great man and did many a service there in the school system~

    I am a very proud of him still!


  257. sorry for the interruption of the first and second post– and yes, it was a cat who decided to post my post before I finished! πŸ˜€

  258. and good night to all~

    I have to watch the Cardinals tomorrow– LOL



  259. Oh yes–

    When I was at the eye doctor’s yesterday with Ken, I read an article about Michael Vick’s dogs– out of 52 of them, 47 were saved! Yay!

    I AM not into pit bulls but I like a happy ending! I bypassed the torture gimmicks in the article as it was four pages long– Sports Illustrated– from a few months ago. I just read the stories about the dogs who were saved and what their lives are like now! πŸ˜€

  260. Is Michael Vick in hell yet?

  261. Susan,
    If prison is hell then Michael Vick and OJ are both there.

    Hope you feel better. Colds are miserable. Yeah, I know there are worse things than colds, but they do make you feel awful.

  262. Sylvia: The worst I ever felt was last spring when I got the novovirus (at least i’m pretty sure it was that). I stayed in bed for the most of 4 or 5 days. It’s the only time I have ever felt more dead than alive.

  263. ‘morning all.
    Its actually a pretty morning.
    Pat saw a surprise while doing cow chores this morning…..a robin!!
    Now that’s EARLY!

    I could be way off here, but isnt Vick in a Kansas prison? Seems like I remember hearing that.

  264. Not that he matters…but he is in KS.
    “Michael Vick was transferred to the U.S. Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan., on Monday to serve the rest of his 23-month sentence.”

    I think it is silly that all these cities have bans on pit bulls. There is nothing wrong with the dog. They’ve gotten a bad rap. They (police) couldnt deal with the people raising them to be killers, so they tried to just make it go away by making the dog go away. Any breed will be mean if it is mistreated.
    I’ve been around a few pits that were as lovable as any dog! And i’ve been around a few rat terriers that i’d rather kick the shit out of, rather than let him bite me! Its all in the up bringing and manors taught, just like a kid.

    Susan…im sorry you felt so bad yesterday. I know you love her food!!! Does she send you a “care package”?
    Becareful with all those drugs. A guy i know od’d by taking too many different cold drugs. Although over the counter has pretty much been stripped of the drugs that actually work anymore.
    Dayquil is also what we usually resort to.

  265. oh that was Jan 08 for the Vick quote.

  266. Did anyone else hear Obama talk yesterday about a NEW Declaration of Independence? When I heard that along with the idea of a New American Bank chills went down by back….. I’m getting weary of Obama by the day….

    Antarctica anyone? No official nation there … yet

  267. Patty,
    The Chihuahua I had as a kid would bite. It was the original “pit bull.”
    Our daughter’s Yorkie has to be muzzled by the vet whenever the dog needs any exams or shots.
    Our Sheltie was always a gentle dog. Would never bite anyone.

    So almost any dog can become nasty.

  268. Avi…we heard it, shared your chills.

  269. Avi,
    Antarctica is too cold.

    I am so OD on Obama stuff that I rarely listen to the news now. It is too overdone by the media. It sounds more like a coronation every day.
    I hope people realize that some of his rhetoric is extremely leftist crap.
    He has too many advisors that are nowhere close to being centrists.
    BTW…even FNC is going overboard with the BS. There wouldn’t have been this much attention given to the Republicans if they had won.

  270. Since we aren’t military.

    Adam, would you share your thoughts with the laying of the wreath? or can you?
    Was it presumptuous?

    I don’t know that I have any feeling one way or another. I’ve only seen the Pres do it. I also have no problem with a new tradition…as long as those it touches the most don’t mind.

  271. agreed with the rhetoric sylvia.

  272. Patty,
    I think it was Obama’s way of saying to the military that he respects them. The military overwhelmingly voted for McCain. Obama knows the military doesn’t trust him and doesn’t want him as Commander in Chief.

  273. It was odd for me to see someone lay that wreath besides the Pres.
    and i use “odd”, cause i’m not sure what word describes it.
    If the military has a low re-enlistment down the road, I guess that will tell the rest of the story.
    Sure going to be interesting the next few months.

  274. Here is the joke for the day–

    Texas Sheriff

    A man seeking to join a south Texas Sheriff’s Department is being interviewed.

    The Sergeant doing the interview says: ‘Your qualifications all look good, but there is an attitude suitability test that you must take before you can be accepted.’

    Then, sliding a service pistol across the desk, he says: ‘Take this pistol and go out and shoot six illegal aliens, six meth dealers, six Muslim extremists, and a rabbit.’

    ‘Why the rabbit?’

    ‘Great attitude,’ says the Sergeant. ‘When can you start?’

  275. Marie sent me this-

    Today, Barack Obama reached back to those lessons he learned from his pastor of 20 years and cited the Founding Fathers as he called out for a new Declaration of Independence.
    The Swamp reported:

    PHILADELPHIA – President-elect Barack Obama, delivering a pledge “to take up the work” that the patriots of American independence started here, launched a thematic train ride that will deliver the incoming president to Washington.

    In a “town hall”- styled opening rally Saturday morning, with about 200 campaign supporters invited to an address at the start of this historic day, Obama declared: “We are here to mark the beginning of our journey to Washington, and this is fitting, because it was here in this city that our American journey began.

    “We are here today not simply to pay tribute to our first patriots but to take up the work that they began,” Obama said in Philadelphia. “What is required is a new declaration of independence, not just in our nation, but in our own lives – from ideology and small thinking, prejudice and bigotry – an appeal not to our easy instincts but to our better angels.”

    Before boarding the train for his “whistle-stop” journey to the capital, Obama delivered a brief but inspirational address that evoked not only the fathers of American independence, but also the emancipator of slaves and protector of the American union whose model he will invoke all day, Abraham Lincoln.

    “Starting now, let’s take up in our own lives the work of perfecting our union,” Obama said. “Let’s build a government that is responsible to the people, and accept our own responsibilities as citizens to hold our government accountable.

    “Let’s all of us do our part to rebuild this country,” he said, with words that clearly to point to the theme that will emerge from his inauguration as the 44th president on Tuesday. “Let’s make sure this election is not the end of what we do to change America, but the beginning.”

    With his train ride and his ceremonial arrival in Washington, Obama will evoke the same historical imagery that he employed to kick off his presidential campaign: The spirit of Lincoln.
    This antiwar socialist is going to screw us.

  276. Patty,
    Interesting or scary?

    Got to go on errands. I’ll check back later.

  277. Susan,

    I agree with the antiwar socialist comment.

    BTW…I do have a military connection…a member of our extended family…so I know about the military’s fear of an Obama presidency.

  278. Patty–

    as a matter of fact, I am going over to Lydia’s to pick up a care package–
    and my German neighbor sent her husband over here last night with a big huge plate of food as they had a birthday party for Jordan– that was sooooooo nice!!!! I ate the potato salad around midnight!

    I feel so much better today– at least the energy is somewhat back–

    and thank you! xxxx

  279. Vick is in Kansas? I hope the prison sucks there! Or at least his bunkie!

    AND yes—- any animal will be mean if mistreated– simple as that– that article I read about the several dogs and their new homes made my eyes swell with tears– I am such a crybaby when it comes to happy endings! πŸ˜€ I live in a fantasy world–

  280. Speaking of tears.
    Huckabee gave some girls a wonderful gift,(since its something they really wanted) if you haven’t seen the clip….try to watch the re-run tonight.
    Made me cry! *L*

  281. Thats good news that you are feeling a lil better susan!!!
    tators make everything better! *LOL*

  282. I missed the Obama train ride yesterday and the wreath– so I looked it up to see what you girls are talking about– Now I know– he laid a wreath at Tomb of Unknowns~

    as for Fox News and Obama, Hannity will not let up! πŸ˜€

    I will tell you what dog we had which was nasty– Basenji– the African barkless dog– boy could he bite! and we also had a Xoloitzcuintle— Mexican hairless dog– mean too! It was so weird to touch him– he looked like he had elephant skin! (My parents had some strange breeds!) My favorite dog was our collie– Lara– she was sooooooooo sweet!

    And my mother loved chihuahas– yap and yap all day long! annoying! πŸ˜€

  283. I love taters– any way but which! LOL

    ok to all– Have a good day–

    I will watch Huck to see the gift– so I can cry with you, Patty!



  285. FYI…Becky’s grandpa passed away this morning.


  287. watching a super cool program on National Geo on FARC now!

  288. Avi: If you’re afraid you could always try to move to Hong Kong or Singapore, the 2 most economically free areas on earth acording to the Wall Street Journy.

  289. Max HK= China = not cool

    Singapore= no thanks

    I’ll be in D.C. waiting in line at Obama’s office or Nacys demanding a bailout for college haha πŸ™‚

  290. Becky and Barb,

    So sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.

  291. Avi…you better take a lawn chair! Your gonna be sitting a while!

  292. Adam—

    your good karma helped the Cardinals! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A GAME!!!!! I could feel the energy from the crowd at the stadium—- My brother just called to congratulate us!

    Warner, Fitzgerald et al– I sure hope you are picked to cover the Super Bowl~

    Did anyone watch the game? It was nail biting time those last ten minutes!!!

    WOWIE AND WOWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  293. Becky and Barb–

    I sent you an email–


  294. Susan,

    We saw the last 10 minutes. We’re happy for AZ.

  295. Susan ~ I got it! Thank you!
    Sylvia and Patty ~ Thank youl for your kind messages…this has definitely been a very draining four days. The funeral will be Friday.
    I hope you all are enjoying the weekend! I get to go to warmer weather tomorrow! πŸ™‚ It will last until Thursday…then back to the freezing weather! lol

  296. I didn’t watch the game susan.
    thanks to OB, we have free hbo!
    I’m sure it was to watch the inaugural stuff today, but it also gave us the free movie channels!
    so, me, will smith, kevin bacon and a few others did the tax paper work!!! *L*

  297. Patty: I saw the wreath laying, it was at the tomb of the unknown. Loads of people get to do that, they lay them several times a day, so a few 1000 people may get the honor each year, but they normally only televise it when the President is doing it. When we were in Arlington we watched one being layed.

    Becky: Where will the funeral be?

  298. Max, I didnt know that!!! Now then, that changes my thinking a bit! Thanks!

    Morning everyone!

    A lil kansas/whitehouse history for today.
    (under my name)

  299. Good Morning All,

    Nice pool table Patty. I do hope the Obama family keeps it in the White House.

  300. morning–

    Thanks Sylvia– I am happy for AZ too– it boosts the economy as well as Tampa’s as I am sure many a Arizonian will be headed that way and it gives our lack of sports image a better one!!!! πŸ˜€ The poor Cardinals were so fallen from grace– and BTW– Adam was cheering for the Caridnals– Bless him!!!!

    How are Barb and Becky today?

    Patty– Shep gave away what Huck did~ that was cool– the inaugural tickets.

    I watched six hours of horror chara on the SciFi– two were real cheesy and the one Stephen King, The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer was ok~ The construction of Rose Red- and I ATE ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!! I went from a size 6 to a size 60– no doubt!!!!

    Adam was going to post a new thread– it is on the news blog? I caught him over at facebook yesterday– and he was cool enough to say hi and tell me he was cheering for the underdog– and in passing, he mentioned he was going to put up a new thread~ but Adam, if you were celebrating the victory, cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where is LDG? @ldg– The boys had a boxing match earlier– they didn’t finish round 1 as I knocked them both out! πŸ˜€ And one guess as to who initiated the boxing match!!!!!!!

    Have to go check out our history lesson from Kansas~

  301. Patty: Yeah, it definately wasn’t the President laying the wreath the day we were there. It’s also custom for a visiting head of state to pay formal respects to the sacrifice of America’s veterans in foreign wars by placing a wreath before the Tomb.

  302. Although there had been at least seven different billiard tables in the White House over the years, Hillary Clinton had the pool table taken out when her family moved in. The Billiard Room is in the private quarters on the third floor, and the former first lady wanted to use the room for other purposes. (Billy’s second bedroom?) πŸ˜€

    I wonder if Michelle will keep the table? What say you? I say– Yes-

    trivia– this is where Obama put the cue stick behind his back and the picture was taken of this– now where is this pool table?

    In any case, the table he famously used in Schultzie’s Billiards in West Virginia, is headed for that paragon of all things material, eBay. Starting price is only $500,000.00 US.

    Key word– ONLY~

    I think Adam and Obama should play a game of 8 ball– can you swing that Adam? I am betting on you!!!

  303. And O’Reilly better hurry up and get that one on one basketball match going with Obama so if O’Reilly wins, he can be the Secretary of State– or is it too late for that now? If not, O’Reilly gets the position and Adam takes over O’Reillys spot– πŸ˜€

  304. Nope– no new thread on the news blog– but I did read this on the latest headlines, side bar…

    GENEVA β€” A Swiss lawyer working on behalf of the Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at U.S. President George W. Bush said Monday his client will seek political asylum in Switzerland.

    Geneva-based lawyer Mauro Poggia said Muntadhar al-Zeidi’s life is in danger if he stays in Iraq.

  305. I found a really cool link– President’s theme– it is a crossword puzzle, fun, and I learned some new stuff–

  306. here is a sample–

    Before Super Bowl VI, this president called Miami Dolphins coach, Don Shula, to recommend a play, but the play didn’t work.
    (Nixon) πŸ˜€

  307. Susan: Nixon is supposed to have done that quite often. Like any sports fan shouting at the screen he wished he could talk to the coach, and he used his position to get it done.

  308. Boy are you good– I had it for Ford doing it– as he was a true football fan! You weren’t even around! πŸ˜€

  309. Place your bets–

    The early word out of Sin City? Pittsburgh’s favored by 6 Β½ points….

  310. My, my, my….

    BOGOTA, Colombia, Jan. 18 — In an interview shown in the past week on the Spanish-language network Univision, U.S. President-elect Barack Obama said that Venezuela’s firebrand president, Hugo ChΓ‘vez, has hindered progress in Latin America, and he expressed concern that ChΓ‘vez’s leftist government has assisted Colombia’s biggest guerrilla movement, a group the United States considers a terrorist organization. ChΓ‘vez responded this weekend by saying that Obama had “the same stench” as President Bush, a frequent target of ChΓ‘vez’s remarks.

    “There is still time” for Obama to correct his views, the Venezuelan leader said, but he added: “No one should say that I threw the first stone at Obama. He threw it at me.”

  311. Susan: I don’t know anyone from Pittsburgh so I’ll be cheering for the Cardinals. I’ll wear the redish shirt you sent on the 1st.

  312. πŸ™‚ Susan must be feeling better!

  313. Patty: Probably you are right.


    Finally! Maybe Bush did it as a parting gift so Republicans didn’t feel so sad today.

  314. I thought he’d forgotten about them!! Nice to hear.

  315. Patty: I guess he saved the best till last.

  316. thank you dear Max– YOU ARE SOOOOOOOO GOOD!


    I was on Hannity’s blog– checked out Greta’s– went over to Janice’s– read about the latest on Bush — commutes–

    and I was about ready to send you and email, Patty– because there is something I want you to check out– and laugh and laugh as I did!!!

    then we are headed into Phoenix for a few hours!

  317. I saw the commute news on the FNC site. I think it was the right thing to do. A nice farewell to the nation.

  318. getting back on topic–

    On Alan Colmes’ blog, there was a post about McCain not allowing Cindy to go on Dancing with the Stars– πŸ˜€

    Cindy McCain really wanted to do it, according to the New York Post, but hubby John said no. Talks began before Thanksgiving, but β€œno” is the final answer……

    Boy– I have been on more blogs today out of curiousity—

    “… to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before!”

    Have a good day– I had fun all by my lonesome here!!! xxx


    Max and Susan– Cardinals

    adam– who are you going for? Cardinals still? they are still the underdog and you are an advocate for the underdogs!!! xxx

  320. Susan,
    Count me in for AZ fan. Don’t like the Steelers…sorry LDG and Barb.
    Besides, Larry and I lived in Phoenix our first year of marriage, and our daughter and son-in-law live there now.

  321. *enter voice of William Shattner for susan’s quote above!!!

  322. no football here. seems like dejavue…didn’t we do this not to long ago? *L*

  323. Susan: Live long and prosper *does that hand thing* lol
    There aren’t many places left to explore and discover *sigh*.

  324. Max–

    I sure found some places– wowie– I JUST spent about five hours on this computer hitting the spots!!! LOL


    yay for Sylvia– xxxx

  325. Susan: That’s why i try to limit my blog reading. More than one or two (or really busy ones) and they eat up all the day.

  326. Max–


  327. Yes Patty–

    About a year ago almost, Adam made his trip to Glendale, AZ~ now this is where β€œβ€¦ to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before, ” fits in… πŸ˜€

    (pobrecito– he was forced to meet me!)

  328. Max–

    I see Greta still has the fighting going on over there– I hadn’t been there in months– same chara! πŸ™„

    I came in as 8)

  329. Glenn Beck’s new show comes on at 5 PM on FNC. I haven’t had the TV on but I think I will watch that. I am Obamed out so have been avoiding TV.

  330. Do you think Obama will change his birthdate to February 12? He already thinks he is Lincoln.

    Can you say chutzpah?????

  331. Hi from cold Illinois.
    I saw that you were asking about Becky and me. The funeral will be on Friday so Becky and her brother, Matt, flew back to NC this afternoon for work and school. They will be back on Thursday, very short trip but Becky needed to go back to work and Matt has school and can’t miss that much time. Steve and I and our other daughter are still here helping with all the details that pop up. We are all doing as well as expected, and appreciate your prayers.
    Becky’s flight had a small bit of excitement, they had a medical on the flight so they had to wait till that was taken care of, then they could deplane. As they were deplaning the First Class Flight Attendant said that the First Officer from the plane that went down last week in the Hudson was on the flight in First Class as a passenger. Becky said that she saw him but did not know till later who he was.

  332. Adam…saw your “debate” going at facebook. There was much I would have like to have added. But not worth the effort, it seems its all about race, only if you dont like him!!
    Btw…You are 100% right.
    The last guy that posted, Keith, pretty much said it all. Perception is all that has changed. We are the same USA we were months/years ago. Thousands and thousands of us have always been proud to me an American!!! I’m happy for those that have just found reason to be. At the same time, I feel sorry for those that feel they have found a false prophet. Alas, he is the same man that no one knew a few short years ago. I doubt he has risen from sacred sand somewhere in Illinois.

  333. Just got home and turned on the tele to hear about the Tuskegee airmen to be at the inaugural– I think this is way cool!!! They deserve recognition–

    CLEVELAND β€” A handful of the original Tuskegee Airmen from Ohio will join President-elect Barack Obama and millions of the Americans at the inauguration ceremony.

    Obama invited the airmen, the country’s first black military pilots and ground crew, to the inauguration Tuesday. After fighting in World War II, the airmen returned home to discrimination, exclusion from victory parades and, in some cases, being pushed off sidewalks in the South…


    I AM VERY HAPPY TO SAY when my family came to the United States from Sweden and Poland, Illinois was a free state so WE NEVER HAD SLAVES and being raised outside of the US, hatred and discrimination towards another because of race or color I never learned! YAY!!!! And I have had friends from ALL walks of life– I even have a dear friend who had a sex change I email with– He/she was a cop here in Phx for 12 years– and he is now a girl– but that does not take away from his/her good soul! πŸ˜€

    off my soap box and time to feed the hungry!! πŸ˜€

    Adam– xxxxxxx (you are way cool)

  334. Patty–

    did you pick up on the debate over there how Adam was quick to post how great the debate was and how great it was to be able to debate over the issue when he saw the debate was headed towards an argument? πŸ˜€

    Adam=buffer– πŸ˜€

    (my perception)

    and good night @ all!

  335. Good Morning,
    Anything interesting going on today?
    Is the entire world waiting for the coronation of the prophet who will walk on water and solve all problems? Will his rhetoric at today’s historic event be the magic words that will right all wrongs, cure the economy, and keep America safe from terrorists?
    Will all Americans now be proud of their country, and will they remain proud of their country after he leaves office?
    Can a man with no record of achievement rise to the occasion and become as great as Lincoln?
    Will Americans now realize that the outgoing President achieved something that nobody ever expected… more terrorist attacks since 9/11…..that my friends is the true miracle in this story.
    This election has become centered on race. That issue is false. The real issues are keeping America safe and getting the economy back on track.
    The other important issue which people seem to neglect is keeping DEMOCRACY strong. There are many politicians who want to take this country down a road that can be dangerous. America will now be in the hands of the most liberal President ever and a Congress that wants to emulate Sweden.
    People like Pelosi, Reid, Sanders, Franken (Lord help us) and countless others now have the green light to get their agenda enacted. The only thing that can control them is the new President who claims he will suddenly become a centrist.
    Now that would require another miracle.
    And on that note I will wish all of you a good day.

  336. Sylvia: It may not matter all that much if Obama can reach the greatness of Lincoln.
    Most of the economies that compete with the US are doing the same things (England did the bailout first, you and many other nations just copied us). The US stock market is actually doing a lot better than most others.
    There is no power in an easy position to become another super power to compete with the US. The drop in oil prices has pulled the military rug out from under Iran and Russia and they have no more oil money to keep their military running. China’s economy is suffering because people aren’t buying as much from them, so there is already social tension there since some factories are being closed.

  337. Someone is going to be pissed fox news just put all the anchors and impt numbers in its urgent Queue,2009-01-20

  338. How did that happen????

  339. Avi….call some of those anchors/reporters and hear what they think about that mistake.

  340. Actually, keep those numbers and call them with news from Israel. You can report to them.

  341. Sylvia,

    thats Susans job πŸ˜‰

  342. Good Morning all….

    Sylvia, agree with your post today. It is all too much for me, too.

    Avi, the page is blank now…. I missed all the contact numbers!

  343. ‘morning all.

    Sylvia, that post was wonderful! Thanks!
    The only breath of fresh air i’ve heard this morning!

  344. So Housley…what story are you covering today? *LOL*

  345. ((looks like something the cat dragged in))

    g’morning, All.

  346. Morning–

    looks like the queue is empty?

    I am watching a bit of this– I did watch Anderson Cooper last night for two hours– I thought his coverage was excellent– I never knew the countersnipers worked in pairs– one gauges the wind while the other would be the shooter–

    Some minister paid over a million to have the indigent brought to Washington to stay at some swanky hotel~ the formal wear was donated so they could have something nice to wear for the event– I thought this was way cool!!! It was cute to watch the children try on the formal wear and the elderly as well–

    I, personally feel, this is a great moment for Martin Luther King, Jr… as O’Reilly stated last night, Obama came from a rather crappy background and Obama achieved what he has through hard work, so the message here is anyone can do it~ If anything, Obama will serve as an inspiration to many….

    And yes, race maybe is an issue as this is the first Black man to become President…. but I will see what he does while President before I start throwing stones~ πŸ˜€ And Obama is putting up his life as well– I heard the White Supremists had a bunch of chara going on in their websites~ You never know what a crazy group will do~

    On a lighter note– I hope the hotel Dustin Hoffman is staying knows he is a clepto when he stays at hotels– he so admitted on Leno one night, he always steals something– πŸ˜€ ~ too funny!

    Max– xxx

  347. I see LDG–

    GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  348. @Susan

    I have a suggestion where they can go…


  349. I wonder what Hannity is doing right now? He was at it again last night~ πŸ˜€

  350. @LDG–

    They can only go to the top!!!

  351. Bush is probably telling his lovely wife– “I wish this would be over so we can go BBQ. I have a great recipe John McCain gave me he used on Rachel Ray’s show.”

  352. I watch the History channel lastnight. Was about the Pres’s airplane. I really enjoyed it! So many things I didnt know! Didnt know that it is not Airforce One until the Pres is on board. If he’s off, its just a plane. ( a very fancy one at that)
    Then they did an hour on the White House. It was really interesting. A well spend couple of hours.

  353. oopps….spend = spent

  354. well— I just learned from Patty–

    what is going on with the pool table? Does Obama keep it?

  355. Hillary’s chin looks like my chin—-

  356. did you see the movers have six hours to move the Obama’s in? On one of the moves, Hillary’s inaugural gown was misplaced!

  357. I put my name and Becky’s email address so this comment is in moderation so I will repeat it here wiht the correct stuff….
    Hi from cold Illinois.
    I saw that you were asking about Becky and me. The funeral will be on Friday so Becky and her brother, Matt, flew back to NC this afternoon for work and school. They will be back on Thursday, very short trip but Becky needed to go back to work and Matt has school and can’t miss that much time. Steve and I and our other daughter are still here helping with all the details that pop up. We are all doing as well as expected, and appreciate your prayers.
    Becky’s flight had a small bit of excitement, they had a medical on the flight so they had to wait till that was taken care of, then they could deplane. As they were deplaning the First Class Flight Attendant said that the First Officer from the plane that went down last week in the Hudson was on the flight in First Class as a passenger. Becky said that she saw him but did not know till later who he was.

    Back to today….
    Susan…love the chin comment
    It may not be my choice but the history of the moment makes it worth watching.

  358. off my crossword–

    This president was so good at giving speeches that he memorized all 3,319 words of his inaugural address.

  359. ah ha.
    this blog was good!

  360. Susan…the movers have 6 hours, but there are 60 movers! For God’s sake they should be able to get it done! *LOL*

  361. I would hope they can get it done in that time.

  362. i want to hear the “dirt” out of today! That many people, nothing will go “as planned”………..will be interesting if the media will tell us them!

  363. I do feel it is a sad day. I like Bush! Dont care what is said about him, he’s a good man at heart. I will miss him and Laura and wish them only the best!!!

  364. For your amusement only…

    h ttp://

    ^link disabled^

  365. Barb—

    What a plane ride!

    Where are you in Illinois?

    and I am soooo sorry for the loss!


  366. Barb…that was cool for Becky. The poor crew from that plane, so much media so fast. Talk about turning lives upside down.

    Sure have been thinking of you all. Even though it was inevitable, its still never easy loosing those we care about. My father died on Jan 14th…years ago. Its as painful today, as it was then.
    We will continue to keep you , becky and the whole family in our thoughts. ((hugs))

  367. LDG that guy is funny

  368. Patty…. thanks for your thoughts. My father died in ’97 and my mom in Jan of 2001, and you are right it remains painful.

  369. @Barb

    I was hoping a little lightness of being would be good.

    Glad you liked it, All

  370. excellent ldg! thanks!

  371. duty calls
    Be back in a bit

  372. since we work for gov’t …why could we not stay home today to watch the crowning? *L*
    I mean, after all, he is the new “boss”, even if he doesnt sign our paychecks! *L*

    the least the commiss could have done is get me better internet so I could watch the live stream!

  373. Susan… we are in a little town near Peoria called Tremont.

  374. Barb–

    don’t think I have been there–

    Well- President-elect is now the President–

    Here is what one Venezuelan wrote on a blog-

    The Obama-thon

    I do not mean the title as a joke: I am in fact very pleased that the world is realizing the importance of today when a person of African American origin takes office in the still more powerful country on earth. There is no way to underestimate this moment, even if you are a rabid conservative. Heck, even McCain joined the chorus earlier this week.

    It is wonderful to see a million and some more people gathering on the Washington Mall in spite of the freezing weather. It is fascinating to see how the serious networks in the world have special programs following on and off the different ceremonies. It is simply great to see once again the rituals associated with what is the longest serving democracy in the world, and for me the greatest, for all its flaws. The greatest because the United States of America has been fortunate to have a built in mechanism to correct its excesses and deficiencies, because even if it its dragged screaming and kicking its tendency has always been toward improvement.

    The problem with most of its critics is that they are simply jealous. They are jealous of the Lincoln, the Teddy Roosevelt, the FDR, the Kennedy, the Reagan and now, we wish, the Obama that it can produce as if on call. They are also jealous of the opportunities it keeps offering, of the scientists, of the writers, the musicians, the touch with popular needs that the US has been embodying for better or for worse since the Charleston hit the dance floors almost a century ago. They are jealous that time and again for every Vietnam and Iraq it also brought Afghanistan, WWII and the end of the Berlin Wall.

    But this is a blog about Venezuela and I must end this post on a rather sour note. The Obama that is sworn in today will finish his 4 years term BEFORE Chavez finishes his current 6 years term. That is right, in the next 4 years Obama will have to sort two wars and an economic crisis and a flood of other relatively minor problems. Today no body in Washington is even looking seriously at the mid-term elections in two years, and even less to an Obama reelection. From Hillary Clinton to John McCain all wish Obama to succeed because he has spent his precious transition weeks in creating a formidable if provisional coalition of good will.

    Here in Venezuela we have a president that has not solved a single of the major problems of the country, who looks more sectarian than ever and who is taken the country into a mad gambit so that he can run again for office in 4 years. Nothing else matters to him, not the bloody street crime, not the drop in oil revenue, not that we cannot feed ourselves, not his unsustainable welfare programs, not that industrial production is at a plateau with no hope of growth, not that there is no serious investment coming to Venezuela. Nothing matter to him but the possibility that he can run for office in 4 years.

    And what will he do during the next four years that can even remotely compare to what Obama might achieve? I do not know about you but I am willing to bet that Obama will have accumulated more merits to run for reelection than Chavez.

  375. Obama’s girls sure are cute– they look like they are very nice girls–

    when is Tamera going to do her PBS special for the Obama girls, Adam?

  376. good day @ all—

    time to get busy– school starts tonight! πŸ˜€

  377. not quite gone–

    that was very moving and touching– the Obama’s and the Bush’s embracing– almost made me get teary eyed— Michelle Obama is very genuine in her hugs as well as Mrs. Bush— ahhhh!!

    nice ending!!!!


  378. Susan: Have fun at school. How long till you complete it?

  379. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well good morning to everyone
    Man – I have a lot to catch up on – you guys were busy while I was gone

  380. Welcome back KC!

  381. @KC

    welcome back! Hope you had a very nice (extended) weekend.

  382. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Patty & LDG
    Thanks – it was great as usual – sure did not want to come home. Weather was perfect and the sunsets were absolutely awesome.

  383. ok, i wandered around a bit at Fox. There was a blog asking about Michelle’s dress. I had to go look, was very curious. Granted this comes from a girl that lives in blue jeans…me!
    I will say, Sunday, she looked pretty. I loved the camel and black. but im very tired of seeing her compared to J. Kennedy. There is NO comparison.
    It was the only time i’ve seen her in something i’d that would make me look twice (in a nice way).

    anyway….there’s this post about today’s dress, and it cracked me up!!! M dew in the nose is not a good thing! *LOL*
    “The hills are alive, with the sound of music….Where’s the Oval office curtains??”

  384. @Patty


    good thing you aren’t having to replace that computer keyboard…


    Please have a very fine day. I’m out for now.

  385. Patty,
    I agree that the yellow brocade outfit today was horrible. I think the camel and black suit was very attractive. I’m almost afraid to see tonight’s ball gown.

    There was a thread on Yahoo home page that showed first ladies ball gowns over the years. The prettiest were Nancy Reagan’s twice, and Laura Bush’s 2nd inaugural ( the 1st was hidious).

  386. Nancy was elegant day or night. Laura did much better in day attire. I wonder, does Laura go home (texas) and throw on a pair of blue jeans?? πŸ™‚

    Tell me, since Im not fashionista….where the hell did the green shoes/gloves come from today? Would not winter white/off white have been a much better choice? That is if she “had” to wear the brocade.
    And what happened to red/white and blue???

    My mom dressed the “T”. A very classy woman she was. Always ready to “work” and dressed for it at all times. I miss seeing that in the younger generations.

  387. oh, Sen Kennedy had a seizure. (from greta’s)
    How sad. I dont agree with the mans politics, but I certainly feel for he is going through and his family.
    How sad, he couldnt have been spared trouble today. Im sure it was all he could give to show up.

  388. I spend most of my life in jeans. I do have clothes for “going out” occasions. My best friend is always dressed properly. I don’t think she even owns jeans. But when I’m home or running errands I want to be comfortable and that means jeans.

  389. Sylvia, i have very few “dress” clothes. Just dont need them. Jeans are what i wear 24/7. It took me years to be able to wear dress pants to a funeral or church. I was raised that respect meant a dress. Now i know it just doesnt matter what I wear, its the act of being there that matters.

  390. Patty,
    I had to wear dresses or skirts in school. When I got to college I thought I could finally wear whatever I wanted. Not so. Back then teacher’s college required females to wear dresses or skirts to those classes. On days that I had classes only in other subjects(English, math, history etc) I could wear jeans. But the College of Education said we had to look professional in their class rooms.

    When I taught school I had to wear conservative clothes….no short hemlines, no pants.

  391. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I have to agree that MO’s choice of clothing leaves a lot to be desired. I really have not seen anything that looks nice or good on her. The green shoes and gloves today were a joke. Actually, maybe she should just wear jeans like most of us. Probably would fit in better.

    I am really sad to see President Bush and his first lady leave. I will really miss them, their compassion, and caring that they showed the Country day in and day out. First class act they are.

  392. I didnt know you taught sylvia. Hats off to you, tough job!!

  393. Patty,
    I sub-taught while in grad school and I taught full time just 1 year. Decided to be a medical social worker instead. Then I got married and did only volunteer work from that point on.
    My BS is in education (secondary ed…7-12). My master’s degree is in education (guidance and counciling).
    Teaching was very difficult because I had 40 kids per class. Not a good situation.

  394. 40 kids, thats a big class of teens!

  395. Social work is no easy task either. Seems they dont call you when there “good” news.

  396. Patty,
    I worked in a chronic (long term) county hospital. I had regular hours 8-4. My patients were mostly very sick people who often were there until death. Some were there for physical therapy. It was sad to see the severly ill, but it was gratifying to see the ones who recovered enough to return home.

  397. Sylvia, I have a whole new appreciation of you. Hope that makes sense without being corny. When I worked at the hospital, I learned quickly that I could never work in the nursing home or somewhere where no one goes home. I get so attached to quickly, it was better for all if I stayed in the hospital type setting.

  398. Patty,
    It wasn’t easy. I am a softy. I am also squimish about “gory” things. I had to get used to it in order to do my job and help those people. There were times when I was attached to a patient who ended up dying. That was tough. I would go to my office, shed some tears, and then go back on the medical floor to work with another patient. I was the liason between the patient, their doctors, their families. I was the one who listened to their problems or complaints, try to solve them, or just comfort the patient when all else failed.
    Let me add that these patients were so grateful for the attention. I visited with each one every work day to make sure their needs were being taken care of.

  399. Patty and Sylvia~

    You girls are a hoot–

    Fashion designers now?

    WOW– WHAT a bash on Michelle~

    I don’t ever want to meet either of you– My attire might not be right! πŸ˜€


    School? Answer to your question~

    I am only taking this class for the fun of it– Constitutional Law– and it is for the Spring semester–

    What did I get out of it tonight? I have two paperbacks to read—-

    The Federalist Papers and The Anti – Federalist Papers

    Objective for the class! Constitutional Convention Debates–

    Might be fun!

    We all have to read these two and decide of all these guys who we want to be! Should I be James Madison or Patrick Henry? πŸ˜€


  400. P.S. Adam-

    I am not a fashion designer but pink still makes my skin crawl!


  401. BTW–

    I AM going to support Obama 100%—

    He chose to walk into this mess and he better do good! (Given the fact, the mess was handed to him.)

    As for his color and what his wife wears, I will ignore–

    Obama has big challenge ahead of him and if he can swing it, he has my vote! πŸ˜€

    And if he did this to get this far to prove a point~ he better go for it! For he did not create this mess but let us see what he can do with this mess!

    I, personally, don’t think he is in for the game. I think he is persnally involved in his own head as to prove a point~ Go for it OBAMA!

    George Bush and Laura are probably, I would hope, on their back porch, gazing up at the sky and saying to each other– I love you!

    Let’s have fun with our time now!

    These are good people! πŸ˜€

  402. Susan: How long are those books? I’d like to read the federalist papers soon.

    The Bush team have been so gracious, what dignity they have. Not like the last transition.

  403. Susan,
    You are not representing this country and are not being seen by billions of people around the world so it does not matter to me what you choose to wear.
    I am not just criticizing Michelle Obama. I also felt that some of the other first ladyy’s dresses were awful.
    I also what to make sure you know race is not an issue with me. Character is what counts, along with policy beliefs. I didn’t always agree with GWB but he and his wife are good people.
    I will judge the Obamas by their character as well as policies.
    Honestly, she needs someone who will advise her about clothing choices. The outfit she wore on Sunday for the concert was beautiful. But yesterday was a fashion disaster.

  404. Susan…you are FOS.
    You read exactly where that converstation started from and I was the first to say i live in blue jeans.
    Who’s doing the judging this morning?

    Have you EVER heard me bash either because they are black? or anyone for that matter?

    Btw…her white dress was pretty lastnight.

    ‘morning all.

  405. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Barb & Becky
    Catching up on the posts and saw your posting of losing your loved one. Another bright star has entered our galaxy and will always shine for you when you look up in the sky. He will be sadly missed – BUT – well remembered. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  406. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone!!!! Anything new going on???

  407. morning—

    LOL to Sylvia and Patty—

    I was just saying each to their own– I bet for those who didn’t like her coctail outfit as it seemed to me, there were many who did~ πŸ˜€

    BTW– My neighobr is always on me about how I don’t take better pride in my appearance– She is constantly reminding me how old I am and how if I fixed myself better, I would look much younger~ I tell her to shut up~ and I love her–My hispanic friend who is my best friend~ so I guess I would not be offended if you didn’t like my attire! πŸ˜€

    And I am always making fun of Nancy Grace’s necklaces~ Gawd are they gaudy— but I know others think her necklaces are way cool—

    Patty– I had to think what FOS is~ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Well the party is over for Obama— Now he is a President– just that! Get to work Obama– and do something about that Chavez guy and his buds!!! And the borders!!! πŸ˜€ Fix the economy, the bullchara in the Middle East and every other place which has big issues~ PRONTO! πŸ˜€

    Max— Federalist Papers over 500 pages– the Anti-Federalist– over 400– I guess the Federalists had more to say– LOL—- when I get done, I will send you the books– don’t buy them~ I have slowly been reading Hamilton this morning– yikes!! the language!! Anyhow, these papers are from Hamilton, Jay, and Madison~ Didn’t they know simple English? πŸ˜€


  408. OOPS– cocktail outfit—

  409. and neighbor– oops

  410. I wonder if the Bush’s slept in? Or got a full 8 hours of sleep for a change?

  411. @LDG—

    HELP!!! My cup runneth over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw a new cat out there– a totally gray one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that makes six out there!!!
    I have a clinic date set up for those other two to get fixed and now this one shows up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  412. Susan: You can wait with sending them until I get to college. I have too many unread books here…

    I don’t know what FOS means…

  413. @Susan

    Slow and steady wins the race. Take care of what you are able to, regarding those ferals (and of course be damn sure they are feral cats, not some neighbor’s cat come over to get a free lunch).

    also, re: The Federalist Papers et al — that is proper English. What you are used to is a modern corruption thereof. The loss of meaning in the language over even the last hundred years is notable. Try, just for fun, reading an original Sherlock Holmes story and compare the way conversations and descriptions were done then vis a vis now. You’ll probably see what I mean if you try.

    one more also — I would suggest, politely, that it may well be that Patty’s response (5:15 am) implies that she may have been reacting to something that seems a habit to you; that everyone is group identified. Your neighbor is “German”; Your friend is “Hispanic”; and so on. Tends to focus the attention on an utterly trivial matter when you do so, and might best be avoided unless ethno-cultural factors are relevant to your point.


    A belated good morning all around!

  414. @LDG—

    I refer to my neighbors in their ethno as to give each an identity– As for background– (As they were raised in their native country) ~nothing else– I refer to my Polish side of the family as Polish and my Swedish side as Swedes—- I was raised outside of the US so I picked up some of the ways as well~

    And I am aware the English spoken then was the proper English–
    And I have read some of Sherlock Holmes in its original– or better yet said, we had to read some of his works as well as others in some of my English lit classes.

    I have not always lived in a cave! LOL

    Have a good day and rest~

  415. @Susan

    Heh, good and good.

    And ((smile)) I do know from your literary citations in times before, that you are actually very well read. I believe you mentioned your father inspired that love of literature, yes?

    I’m off to rest in a little while, perhaps another hour. Still wrestling alligators while trying to drain some swamps.

  416. @LDG–

    Dad gave me books like Albert Camus, Huxley, Vonnegut, Rachel Carson, Ayn Rand– WWII horror books– that type-

    Actually, I had a teacher in my Senior year, who inspired us– He would take us to Shakespeare’s plays and introduced us to poets as Pope, Byron, Keats– etc! He was an awesome teacher!!! (What a trio Shelley, Lord Byron, and Keats were!) In the mouth of madness!!! πŸ˜€

    As for the cats– I just feed them all– LOL

    hasta luego! xxxx

    THAT WAS FUNNY– Your alligator remark– I just got it!!!!

  417. Adam Housley Says:

    Barb and Becky-

    Was away for a day setting up tomorrow’s story. Sorry to hear about your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you.


  418. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    What is your next story and where can we find you???

  419. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning and Happy Thursday
    We had rain during the night and for a couple of hours this morning, but it has now stopped. Hopefully, it will come back for a visit again soon.

    Patty – Did you get your tax stuff put together and ready??

  420. Hello? Anybody in here? *hear my echo*

  421. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I agree – it has been silent since yesterday

    When is your next trip to Casper Max

  422. FL Sunshine Says:

    hello! (hear the echo coming back from FL?). lol

  423. FL Sunshine Says:

    what’s going on here?

  424. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Howdy Florida
    Haven’t seen you for awhile – maybe people are having computer problems – don’t know

  425. FL Sunshine Says:

    I was just wondering what everyone’s been up to or what news is going on. hee hee
    I started a new job (actually – it’s the same job I had 20 years ago in high school) lol Anyway, I haven’t been home as much.
    So, what’s up with you?

  426. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Now much going on in my town- had some rain but not near enough. I must tell you tho that everytime hubby and I go to the beach we think of you and your boys. I Loved watching your slide shows – when does your beach weather start???
    What kind of job did you get

  427. @ ALL—

    It has been a fun time and interesting~

    “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoesβ€”and shipsβ€”and sealing-waxβ€”
    Of cabbagesβ€”and kingsβ€”
    And why the sea is boiling hotβ€”
    And whether pigs have wings.”

    You all have my email address so if you ever want to say hi or whatever, cool….

    And if I don’t hear from some of you….. thank you for the time! And enjoy your life! πŸ˜€


  428. Easy to catch up with the blog tonight!
    Trip to Casper hasn’t been arranged yet, but it should be in early August.

  429. ‘morning all.

    KC..nope, tax stuff not ready, but getting closer. Tomorrow I should knock most of it down. Its not crunch time just yet, so who knows, procrastination may win out! ha

    Been swamped at work. Job security πŸ˜‰

  430. ((blink))

    I get busy for a couple of days and when I come back…

    what, 12 comments posted?

    Egad. We must all be “swamped at work”.

    p.s. to FL Sunshine — Great to see you back! New job?

  431. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I am about where you are with the tax crap. I do have everything ready to file – just waiting for all of the 1099’s and hubby’s w-2 – then I am off to see the wizard.

    I did finally take out 07 from the file cabinet, filed 08 from my desk drawer into the file cabinet – now my desk drawer is ready for 09 stuff. I do however have a pile on the floor that needs to visit the shredder. That is the next project. Glad I only have to do that crap once a year.

  432. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You OK out there. Have not heard from you for a few days. Hope you did not fall on the icy walks or anything like that. Hope all is OK

  433. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Glad to see that you popped in and yes, for some reason, it has been extremely quiet

  434. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Adam has a new post on fox news about living green. We can all try to post and then take bets as to which ones will get posted and by whom!!! Any takers????

    Sorry Adam – but that blog has some very serious issues. We all are trying to support you over there, but it just does not work and I don’t think they care to fix it, since it has been – what – about 1 year???? I did leave a post – so we will see – sometimes they get on but most of the time they never show up. And NO – I do not use links or smiley faces – don’t have a clue as to how to do that.

  435. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Forgot to ask you – did you see that T-34 robotic mall cop that was unveiled Wednesday in Tokyo. They say it can chase you down and then covers you with spider web stuff. Sounds pretty cool!! Your very own spider man (grinning)

  436. Hi KC,
    I’m OK. It was actually 50 today and I took a 2 mile walk. Tomorrow the temps will be about 20 degrees colder. At least we had 1 beautiful day.
    Tomorrow hubby and I will be going to the Broadway Across America production of Grease. The guest star playing the role of Teen Angel will be Taylor Hicks…he won American Idol 2 years ago. The theater critic for our newspaper panned the production…but she pans everything. So I make my own judgements. We are season ticket holders so we have seen some good, some mediocre, and some lousy stuff.

  437. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Glad to hear you are OK and were just busy. We have beautiful rain today. It has been raining a light drizzle all day and actually it is a warm rain.
    Your broadway play sounds great and I do remember Taylor Hicks. Love his voice and that silver grey hair. When my Mom was alive we had season tickets to a theater that put on broadway plays. We went all of the time and we loved it. We always went to the dinner show (grinning). I think my most favorite was Fiddler On The Roof. We went to that one twice. All in all, we enjoyed just about all of them. Such talent

  438. Adam,
    I posted on your new Fox blog. Don’t know if it will show up. So far my posts have not shown up on your other threads. I think LDG and I are in the banned from Fox club. Can’t imagine why.
    BTW…Where are the improvements promised for the Fox blog? The elections are long over and still no changes on the FNC blog….hint hint.

  439. KC,
    Fiddler On The Roof was a great show. The music is beautiful. The song “Sunrise, Sunset” was played at my wedding right before I walked down the aisle. I still remember that moment.

  440. KC,
    Your comment on Adam’s Fox blog just showed up. Wonder if mine will.

  441. Max,
    Will you be going to Casper in August for college or just a visit?

  442. LDG,
    When you get a chance see if you are still in the banned from Fox blog.

  443. A miracle just happened. My comment actually showed up. I also posted another one to see if I’m on a roll.

  444. @KC

    missed the report on the robot, but we have scads of different “security remotes” around. That one sounds pretty spiff though.


    I’ll try.

  445. As submitted to Onthescene

    @Adam Housley

    I’m a big believer in low env-impact / no env-impact products, so this all sounds like a fun report to do. So many hustlers out there looking for an (often state-supported) buck, though, so I bet it is a bit hard to sort through it all.

    Didn’t clear immediately. No clue if or when it will.

  446. LDG,
    I posted twice on the Fox blog and only 1 cleared. I think I’ll quit while I’m batting 500.

  447. Sylvia: College. πŸ˜€

  448. Max,
    That’s wonderful. Did you get all the acceptance stuff and financial things worked out?

  449. Adam,

    Only one of my comments showed up on your Fox going green blog and I posted twice. LDG’s post has not showed up at all.

  450. Sylvia: We go to the bank monday, so the process is near completion.
    Thankfully we got the dollars before the pound dropped in value, otherwise the cost would just have jumped up hugely.

  451. Adam Housley Says:

    Someone tell Socal surfer where we went with an e-mail……I…..nominate SUSAN!!! Also, had a Fox post and then came to nor cal (drove) to put on my parents 40th wedding anniversary. I have some fun stuff to share. Now I am off to Santa Rosa for my friend Guy Fieri’s birthday. YEP…he is the chef on the Food Network and I have known him for 8 years!! Waaaaaaaaaay before he hit the big time! Hope everyone is well!


  452. Adam….we dont have Socal’s email.
    I dont think susan did either.
    Cant you grab it from the fox blog?????????

    Food network…what is that? *WEG*

  453. Hi everyone.
    darn its cold again, and dreary.

  454. Just got back from seeing “Grease”. It was a fun play. Taylor Hicks did the role of Teen Angel. He only had one song in the show and he played the harmonica. After the show the cast did more songs. Taylor sang some more and played more harmonica.

    Going to meet some friends for Chinese dinner.

  455. Patty,
    It’s cold here too…only in the 20’s and breezy…cold breeze.

  456. We enjoyed chinese out the other night too sylvia.
    Im glad you liked Grease.
    Dont know if i would or not, it was such a cheesey movie!

  457. Max this summer is going to fly by for you!!!
    Fall will be here before you know it.
    Your momma is gonna miss you!!

  458. FL Sunshine Says:

    Hello! (waving)
    What’s happening?!

  459. FL Sunshine Says:

    hey, there’s something new here on the bottom left corner about follow up comments. what’s that all about?

  460. FL Sunshine Says:

    feeling a bit alone in the dark here. hello? where is everyone? someone? anyone? 😦

  461. FL Sunshine Says:

    I guess I could just talk to myself but since we’ve already talked today, there’s not much left to discuss.

  462. *flipping the light back on*
    FL…your fuuny!
    If you check mark that lil box, you will get a email every time there is a new post.
    Its been here about a week or so.

    Its time for popcorn and a movie.

  463. ” came to nor cal (drove) to put on my parents 40th wedding anniversary”
    That’s sweet of you. And wow, long time. Congratulations to them!

  464. Good Morning from 13 degrees Ohio. This may be a hibernation day.
    I have lots of books to read. Hubby has been buying books off of Amazon. We both like detective novels by Michael Connelly. He also reads Stephen King.
    Any of you readers who enjoy spy novels try the new one from Daniel Silva, “Moscow Rules”. I think this is one of the best I’ve read.

  465. Morning all~
    snow covered NE KS and 11 degrees.

    Im not a reader much anymore. Love to, my eyes just wont let me for now.

    We have our donor group meeting today. Always enjoy spending the afternoon with them. It gives one a new perspective or a restored one.

    We lost a dear friend Friday. She’s probably in her 80’s. Her and her hubby wintered in the south (GA) and a year ago new years eve they were T-boned on a major highway on her side of the car. She gave a valiant fight. Massive spine injuries, lungs, etc. She would move 2 steps ahead then fall 4 back. A bowel obstruction and major infection took the fight from her.
    She was the ring leader for our methodist church women. She could ram rod any project and pull it off without ever making it look like work. She was the one that somehow was able to make our funeral dinner work for Kathy.
    A very small church, where i grew up, not sure how many members but there arent 40 people there during services. So the “woman’s group” is really small, but mighty. They fed 400 people on 2 days notice with food left over and didnt ask a thing from Pat and I for help.
    Tuesday, I’ll be taking off work to return that favor.

  466. Patty,
    Sorry about the death of your friend. It sounds like she had a very productive life.
    BTW…How do you cook for 400 people? I’m in awe of that. I can provide food for that many by calling a caterer, but having to cook…No Way!

  467. Here, when someone dies, usually the women of the church bring different dishes to feed the family and friends after the service. Its potluck style, and anyone is welcome to contribute. But there is a group designated by the church that arrange it all, that’s the group that this lady ramrodded. When Kathy died ,the out pouring was like none we’ve ever seen before. No one went hungry, even the class of Senior class boys! Majority was strictly donated food. Since the church could no way hold that number of people to feed, they moved it to our “community building”. Normally, the dinner is in the church’s basements.
    Since this community is 90% catholic, they have the town and surrounding areas in like “districts”. Like maybe 4-6 blocks of town. Where the person that has passed away lived, is the group that heads the dinner.
    Its all about “community”. Small town have their downfalls, but the benefits outweigh them.

  468. Patty: I have a lot I want to do to get ready, so I hope it doesn’t go by too quickly.
    I will have to teach my mother how she’d be able to talk with me over the internet.

    I love reading, but I normally stick to non-fictions. I bought a lot of books when I was younger and never read them, so I’m trying to get through them all now.

  469. Patty… Small towns have there benefits. Last week was amazing with the outpouring from the town. Within 4 hours of Steve’s dads passing we had lunch and the food kept coming. I had to go and get some containers to freeze all the food as there was no way we could have eaten it before it went bad. Mom will be eating for several weeks from that food. Then after the funeral the church had a dinner for the family and friends, and the leftovers from that will last weeks too. They do the dinner the same way, the church makes ham and scalloped potatoes and everything else is pot luck. That was a huge help.

  470. Barb, it’s more appreciated than people realize. Being able to pull food from the freezer when you cant even think straight, let alone care to really eat, is so very helpful.
    Some even brought paper towels, toilet paper, eating utensils, the necessities that we didn’t have to run to the store for. It is amazing and humbling.

    Speaking of groceries, I must go make that trip.
    Have a great afternoon all! Its still snowing here, yuk!

  471. Max… I have no doubt, mom will learn.

  472. Patty: Yeah, I just want to teach her before i leave so if she has problems i can show her what to do so much more easily.

  473. All,

    Been super busy. I have officially finished the University of Miami Online High School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I recive my American diploma after for years of working my arse off. And now I have Israeli School to finish 😦

  474. Congrats Avi. Big accomplishment!

  475. Good job Avi.
    Patty….how was your donor group meeting?

  476. Avi,
    Are all of your classes in Israeli school taught in Hebrew? If so, how did you get so fluent in Hebrew? I found it to be very difficult and didn’t enjoy having to attend twice weekly Hebrew classes at the synagogue. I dropped out of it early and have forgotten the little that I had learned.

  477. Sylvia, i didnt go. Was hammered with a migraine this morning. I thought going to the grocery store and getting out would maybe help, but it didnt. I went to bed when I got back.
    The church called and wanted Pats help so it all worked oout for the better i guess.

    i just hate wasted days because of these headaches. argh!
    I know it wont go away until i get shots. So that is probably what tomorrow afternoon will bring. I wont get them in the ER, I’ll sufffer before I let them charge me 200+, when the Dr office charges 60.
    I have no choice but to be at work in the morning, it will just have to wait. Maybe divine intervention will strike before then! πŸ™‚

    Did you enjoy your afternoon of reading?

  478. check out that article its about the ex Lehman chiefs . The New York Times quoted my dad– they called him last night!

    β€œAll that you can say is that he transferred it. We don’t know his motivation,” said Jordan E. Bublick, a bankruptcy lawyer in Miami. β€œBut he’s one of the rogue’s gallery. A lot of people when they’re in trouble say, β€˜Oh, we’re going to put everything in my wife’s name.’ ”

  479. Patty,
    Our main furnace went out again….it is 48 degrees in the main part of the house. The repair guy came yesterday but needs to get a new circuit board today. The small furnace that takes care of our bedroom and 1st floor guestroom is working but it can’t do the rest of the 1st floor. We have 2 baseboard plug in heaters going in the kitchen but they are doing little good. High ceilings and open floorplan makes it hard to heat with just 2 small heaters.

    Hope your headache is gone. I am so chilled right now as I type this that I can hardly get my fingers to work. Am drinking coffee and am still cold.

  480. Avi: Awesome! I guess his bussiness is doing pretty well now?

    Sylvia: I hope you warm up soon. I have no heating in my room, so I understand what it can be like.

  481. Hi everyone! I am finally back… so many comments to catch up on!
    Thank you to everyone for their well wishes during last week for my family. We are home and now trying to get back into a “normal” life. I hope to be caught up on the comments later on tonight!

  482. ‘morning all.

    sylvia…not a very enjoyable afternoon/night for you then. 48…i would have gone to a motel! haha
    Makes me cold just thinking about it.
    I hope they are quick at repairing it today for you.

  483. Max,
    I don’t know how you can stand being cold. I hate it.
    ooops…I should have said the inside temp is 58 not 48. Sorry….but I’m still cold to the bone.
    Am layered with clothes and still chilled.

  484. We are expecting snow tomorrow. That means the groceries will be packed. I will have to go anyone because I’m really out of stuff. I would have gone yesterday but I had to wait for the furnace guy to come. He’s suppose to return this morning with parts but I have yet to hear from him.

    I just “love” this time of year…..NOT.

  485. I agree with ya on this time of year! It seems what can go wrong, does.
    at 58…i’d still be frozen!

  486. My husband grew up in our old house, our kids too, there was no heat upstairs until about 10 yrs ago.
    I dont know how the kids stood it. I always felt so sorry for them. Especially since I grew up so spoiled.

  487. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Patty – really sorry to hear about your friend – sounds like she went thru hell before passing. It is always sad, but at least she is at peace.

    Sylvia – glad to hear you enjoyed the production of Greese. It is always fun to see those musicals.

    Avi – congrats on completing your classes – way to goooooo

    Max – When you start college in Casper – are you going to live in the dorms or rent an apartment. What an exciting new adventure you are about to begin. I bet your Mom will learn real fast how to use the internet. (grinning)

    Becky & Barb – I know it takes time, but glad to hear you are trying to get things back to normal. It sometimes is a very hard thing to do.

  488. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    What a good son you are and your parents, I know, are very proud of you. Congratulations to them – 40 years of marriage – WOW
    Unfortunately, I will never see 40 years of marriage, (way to old), but we treasure every anniversary we celebrate.

    Guy Fieri – He is way soooooo cool. We have watched him from the time he won. Such a neat down to earth guy. He has so many different programs now, I think he has become a favorite of the Food Network and has such a large following of fans. Love his Drive-Ins, Diners, & Dives program also. He’s MONEY!!!!!

    Let us know how both parties were

  489. Adam…since Janice Dean busted you so much about long underwear, or the lack of, now you need to send her some long underwear for the new baby! *LOL*

  490. Sylvia: my room is currently at about 65ΒΊF. Only got a t-shirt on.
    58ΒΊ is about when I would put on my hoodie. It gets colder than that though. I don’t normally feel too cold though. I think it must be all that meat I eat.

    KC: Probably a dorm. More convenient, and I’d get to know people better. I’ve missed out on having any siblings, so that should give me a taste of it.

  491. Thanks everyone…


    re- your comment about hebrew. Its a pain in the arse…. esp hebrew class learning the language the real way is a killer. Its so confusing. Ughh cant wait to finish Israeli school already. Esp hebrew class. the other classes i can deal with since its just hebrew not studying hebrew rules lol

  492. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Had no idea you were an only child. You are right, dorm life should be just the ticket, lots of “siblings” around (laughing)
    Can’t wait to hear the stories you will be able to share when the time comes.

  493. KC: It gets lonely from time to time. The good thing about dorm siblings is that if they ever get annoying i need never talk to them again. A definate win/win situation. πŸ˜€

  494. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty – sorry about the loss of your dear friend.

  495. FL Sunshine Says:

    Susan – knock, knock, knock – are you home?

  496. We have heat again….thank goodness. It turned out to be a very cheap part.

  497. Good Morning from snowy, very cold Ohio. Thank goodness I went to the grocery yesterday. The weatherman got this one right unfortunatly.
    Bah Humbug!!!

    52 days until spring.

  498. FL Sunshine Says:

    The sun is shining and the birds are singing outside but when I look out the windows it’s depressing! Everything is brown! The leaves, the grass, the plants. 😦 We are at a HIGH fire threat too.
    I am happy to be alive however and happy to feel the warmth of the sun! I hope you all have a great day!
    I’m off to see my middle son get honor roll recognition for his 4.0. πŸ™‚ Then it’s off to work.

  499. FL Sunshine Says:

    Back from work but where is everyone???
    Am I missing a new post somewhere?
    I guess I just have this effect on people. I show up and they all leave. LOL 😦
    Leaving now to go talk to myself again.

  500. Sunshine: I don’t know, the internet seems quiet and deserted. I have no idea where everyone has gone.

  501. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good afternoon everyone
    Looks like a quiet day around here today. Guess everyone is busy, busy, busy!!!!!!

  502. FL Sunshine Says:

    well, I’m glad you are there! πŸ™‚ So I’m not completely alone. lol

  503. FL Sunshine Says:

    Hi MAX! Hi KC!

  504. Hi all.
    Was at the funeral today, just got home a bit ago.

    Felt so sorry for the family going to the cemetery today in this terrible cold weather.
    I guess im thankful there is no ice…sounds like other down south werent so fortunate.

  505. sylvia, glad your heat is back on!!!

    FL..sounds like FL looks like KS.

  506. FL Sunshine Says:

    Hi Patty! You are right about weather for a funeral..and I’m glad it wasn’t raining. I think that’s really bad when it rains at a funeral.

  507. I agree with the rain.
    The windchill today is 3. Its been trying to snow for 3 days, but not amounting to anything, just blowing around in the air.
    When my dad died in January years ago. I said he had that planned. (just kidding tho) Only a funeral director would make us all go the cemetery in the middle of january in KS!! Since he was forced to stand out there 40 years doing what he did best.

  508. Unitl you put your picks of FL..i had no idea that ice ever got that far south!

  509. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty – my husband ran the sprinklers because if ice forms on the plants it keeps the plant at the freezing point and it can’t go lower which it possibly could and cause more damage. Many growers use this form of protection on their crops such as strawberry, fern, etc.

  510. Just a quick note. We have 4 inches of snow and now are getting sleet/ice. More snow due tonight.

  511. I feel for ya sylvia!
    That must be the left overs blowing around here! ha

    Fl… i guess i knew that with the sprinklers. When I think of FL, i think sun and beaches. Not ice like here.
    Ive actually done that with my roses if we have a very early frost out of the blue. Not often. Usually by then me and the plant need a break!

    Boy I am ever so ready for piddle in my yard again! Hurry up spring!!

  512. click on my name to view the ice pix. πŸ™‚ Forgive me for the use of the song….couldn’t help it. LOL

  513. Patty – FL is mostly sun and beaches. πŸ™‚ but unfortunately we do have a couple days every other year or so when it freezes. LOL Sorry, not trying to rub it in.

  514. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Ice Ice Baby – that is choice (laughing)
    I would absolutely die if I ever walked outside and saw that sight in my yard. It makes me cold just to look at your pictures.
    We may once in awhile freeze during the night, but it is gone by 7 or 8 in the morning.

  515. *shivering*
    nnnnnniiiiiiccccceeee pppppiiiiicccccsssss FFFFFFLLLLLLL


  516. I just have to look out the window to see ice and snow.

    I need sun and warmth.

  517. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Sylvia & Patty
    We are going to BBQ outdoors this evening for dinner – Tri Tip, and corn on the cob.

    You all are more than welcome to fly out and join us

  518. KC,
    Thanks….wish I could.

  519. mmm sounds good! We bought a huge bag of tri – tips from the hispanics’ meat market down the road. My husband spent $75 on them. We only needed one at the time. LOL Oh well, now we have a freezer full.
    I LOVE corn on the cob too!!!!!!!!

  520. Patty… That was funny about your dad and his dying in January so everyone would have the chance to experience what he did for 40 winters. We have had 5 family members die in January, 2 when the temps were sub zero, one I could not get home for because of a snow storm. The other 2 were just cold.

    KC your dinner sounds really good

    FL that is to cold for Florida, we are headed that way next month and I hope it is warmer.

  521. ok..i have to ask.
    what are tri tips???

  522. Patty: I just looked it up, it’s a triangular cut of beef from the cow’s thigh.
    You’d think i’d have already known that πŸ˜‰

  523. I never heard of tri tips either.

    And Good Morning from very icy/snowy Ohio. It is now coming down as freezing rain and will switch back to snow soon. Suppose to snow for several more hours. By the time this storm is done we will be in a real mess. All schools are closed today. Unfortunatly hospitals are open and Larry just left for his 7AM shift. It is a 40 minute drive in normal conditions, but today is certainly not normal. I worry about him driving on the lousy roads but he doesn’t complain about the difficulty. He left much earlier than usual so he gets a head start before all the other drivers get on the roads.
    Hope the rest of you have a good day.

  524. Good morning! brrr snow/ice for you up north. Nice and warm in FL.

    Adam…where are you?

  525. ‘morning all.

    I’ll bet we have a diff name for that cut of meat, I’ll ask my boss when he comes back.

    Watched the weather for the first time in days this morning. Wow, the east is getting hammered. Mother nature rearing her ugly side ;-(

    Sylvia…stay warm and safe!

    I’ve got tons of work today…may not be back for a while.

  526. ya Max…figured you of all people would know the meat question!
    It wasnt in a odd enough “location” on the cow though! haha

  527. Sylvia… I figured you were in for some bad weather when I saw my nephew’s status on Facebook was about how his college, near Dayton, is crazy if they did not cancel classes. We are actually 15 degrees warmer today than yesterday. Nice as I have running around to do today.
    Hope everyone has a great day and stays warm and dry.

  528. Good Morning all…

    Sylvia, have been wondering about you and the weather for the past couple of days. Looks like you are getting the worst of this storm. We are sunny and C O L D! But, we are above zero today.

    FL , I never knew about ‘freezing’ the plants with water. The pics are great.

    Barb, is the cold weather hitting your area too?

    Patty, don’t work too hard – there is always tomorrow!

    Max, how are things your way?

    Also, did you notice Al Gore is on Capital Hill to talk about global warming – on a day when the DC schools are closed due to snow! It seems every time a global warming summit comes about, it is postponed due to cold/snowy/icy weather. Gives me a chuckle.

    And, the stimulus package seems more like a big fat pork sandwich than a way to get money back into the hands of the people. grrrrrrrrr

  529. K2,
    I agree with you about the stimulus package…pork. That’s exactly what Pelosi, Reid, and their cohorts wanted.
    As for Al Gore….he is getting just what he deserves…Mother Nature is striking back at that baffoon.

  530. Barb,
    The sun is now shining on the icy trees and the icicles hanging from the eaves….quite pretty…as long as I’m inside looking out!!!
    We are south of Dayton. Which college does your nephew attend?

  531. this stimulus MESS is a JOKE!!!! does anyone really know where the money has gone??? This is government at it’s best and this is why IT (government) needs to be REDUCED!!! We all know that our country would run much more efficiently with about 1/4 of what we have in Washington and at our own state levels! Schools are having to cut back teachers and programs and you know darn well those school board members are getting paid BIG $ while most of the teachers are struggling. Makes me sick! Sick I tell you!!!!
    Well, I’m glad we do have something to laugh about today thanks to Karen2 pointing out that Al Gore is freezing his * off with our global warming weather we are suffering from.

  532. on a side note…the cabbage palm is iced over just because it happened to be near the sprinklers, not because we were trying to save it. You can’t kill those things! LOL When we have brush fires or controlled burns those will be black stumps and within a week they will start shooting out green!

  533. Susan??? Where are you? Come out, come out. where ever you are. πŸ™‚

  534. Sylvia… I love it when the trees are iced and the sun shines, it is like a winter wonderland, and I agree that it is prettiest from the inside. At least the sun is now shining and that should warm it up some.
    Our nephew is at Cedarville, just south of Dayton. He is a freshman and in Air Force ROTC. He wore his uniform to the funeral last week and it was very moving as Steve’s dad was so proud of him being in ROTC.
    As this is the American Idol thread I will post about that. We actually know one of the kids that has made it thru to Hollywood. We all went to the same church years ago, I remember this little kid with a lot of personality and that could sing up a storm even as a kid. Here’s hoping that TK will do good and stay a long time on Idol.

  535. Barb, I haven’t seen any of the new AIs yet! That is so cool that a kid from your old church is in the running still! What’s his name or does he just go by TK? I will have to pull for him!

  536. MAX – how’s the weather across the pond?

  537. Patty: Lol, I know a lot more about the differences in pork than beef. I like those piggies!

    K2: Things are alright, most things are going smoothly. Not been well these last couple of days though. I’m not sure why not.

    Sunshine: Yesterday was wonderful, not a cloud in the sky. And today… well not a sky in the cloud. 😦

  538. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well good morning everyone and happy Wednesday

    I actually was very surprised that some of you did not know what Tri Tip is. I just assumed everyone cooked it one way or the other. We BBQ’d ours last night and yep – it was delicious. Corn on the cob was awesome, always is when we grill it. Have the best way to fix it for the grill – yum

    Sorry to hear soooo many of you are having yucky weather and I really feel bad for you. Please stay safe and warm.

  539. KC,
    I have never grilled corn. What’s the best way to do it?

  540. Barb,
    I’ve been to Dayton many times (love the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum) and I’ve seen Yellow Springs, but I don’t remember being in Cedarville.

    Hope you feel better.

  541. Max, sorry to hear you have been ‘under the weather’ πŸ™‚
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  542. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    The way we grill our corn will probably sound yucky to you, but, believe me, it is toooooo die for
    Pat the ear of corn dry – then slather it with mayo all over
    After you have coated the ear with mayo, then roll it in grated parmesan cheese – a real good coat.
    Then sprinkle all over with chili powder
    Wrap loosely in foil, twist the ends shut and grill on indirect heat while your other food is cooking with the heat.
    Just needs to be warmed thru so that is why we use indirect heat. I turn it every once in awhile so it heats on all sides.
    You have to try it just once and then you will be hooked. It is soooo moist and flavorful you will love it.

  543. Thanks. Hopefully I’m better tomorrow. And hopefully we can get some sun, even for a short while.

  544. Dont know if this link will work or not.
    Facebook says it will.
    I found this pic cleaning out desk drawers.
    Miss Kathy and Gavin (grandson).
    He was 2 then, he will be 9 in two weeks.
    He grew up on our house….these were such happy times!
    Just wanted to share the smiles with ya all!

  545. We do corn on the cob.
    peal back the husk, but dont take them off.
    remove the silks and wash…add butter, pull husks back up, and wrap in foil.
    cook on indirect like KC said.

    mayo hu? “might” try that for hubby, but im not a mayo fan to start with.

  546. re; my post about grandson..he grew up IN our house , not ON it! *LOL*

  547. KC…i looked up tri tip…its a california cut of meat. Thats where it started and “stayed” it sounds like. My boss didn’t realy have a different name for it and he cuts meat.

  548. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Great picture and you are right – great memories

    As to the mayo – give it a try – trust me nothing about it tastes like there is mayo on it. People we have served this to were in complete shock when we told them about the mayo.

    Wow – next time we eat tri tip – I am going to remember that we are elite and are having a delicacy (sp) that others cannot have. I’m really feeling important now – LOL

  549. KC…elitist hu? Hummmmmmmmm
    nahhhh I’ll be nice! *LOL*

    Thanks about the pic…yep, even tho she is gone, I will never regret the memories we have. That pic must have laid in that drawer for the right day for me to find it. She knows this is a tough time of year for me.

  550. KC I will have to try that for corn on the cob. I usually just put the corn and lots of butter in aluminum foil and put in the hanging shelf in the grill.

    Sylvia, Cedarville is east of Dayton on Rt. 42. We really need to get to Wright Patterson, Steve was in the AF and we have never taken the time to go and visit it.

    Patty… great picture, thanks for sharing it.

  551. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Hope you do try the corn on the cob. I think it is the combination of the mayo, cheese and chili powder that makes it soooo good. The hanging shelf is perfect to – just don’t let the foil get to hot because then when you unwrap the corn all the cheese and stuff sticks to the foil. When that happens, we just scrap off the goodies from the foil and put it back on the corn. (laughing)
    Let me know what you think after you try it

  552. KC we will try that corn, just for you!
    (remind me when spring gets here! *L*)

  553. Adam…this page is taking longer to load everyday.
    Can we have a new subject? πŸ™‚
    Where you been hiding anyway???? Chasing blago like the rest of the press? haha

    Max, your stomach is about as fickle as mine. Thats too bad for someone so young. Sorry to hear you arent feeling well.

  554. K2…did you see how much that stimulus gives to Acorn??? ARGH!!!
    (click on my name)
    Damn somebodies gotta stop this crazieness!!!

  555. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    That stimulus is sooooo full of crap it is unbelievable. The house just passed it so it is going to go thru
    I heard that for every $l.00 that goes to small businesses, etc., $5.00 is going to pork spending.
    I am afraid that everything “the one” wants, he is going to get, after all his latest quote to the republicans was “I WON”. Oh, and don’t forget he doesn’t want the republicans to listen to Rush Limbaugh anymore either. Give him time and he will be closing down all of the talk radio programs. It is going to be a very LONG 4 years. I am actually afraid for our Country as I know it.

  556. All you corn lovers…I make it in the microwave…wrap it in wax paper ane presto….it’s done in minutes. Will have to have Larry try grilling it when it gets warm enough. Right now the Weber is covered with about 9 inches of snow and ice.

    Larry does all the grilling. I don’t like working over an open flame.

  557. Patty,
    Nice picture. Glad you found it in the drawer.

  558. Barb,
    I think the Wright Patt Museum is better than the Air and Space Museum in DC. I have especially enjoyed going in former Presidents’ Air Force 1 planes. The old ones seem so small compared to the 747’s used today.

  559. As for the stimulus crap…all Republicans and 10 Dems voted against it. It will probably change some in the Senate but not enough to suit me.
    Wish we had some “checks and balances” to stop the run away train but that’s not going to happen for a LONG time. Obama and friends will be in control for as long as they legally can. What a mess.

  560. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    It is nice to know that 10 democrats at least had a brain. Unless more of them wake up and smell the roses, I am afraid everything HE wants done and passed will be. sad sad sad

  561. KC,
    Do you think the Dems can get brain transplant?
    As for the annointed one, he gets me so annoyed that I turn off the TV whenever he is on. Same goes for Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Dodd.
    Add Schumer to that list. And the new press secretary makes me really miss Tony Snow and Dana Perino.

  562. I’m going to watch O’Reilly. He has Dennis Miller on tonight.

  563. interactive map of what state gets how much

  564. I too miss Snow and Perino!
    The new guy acts like he’s never stood in a crowd before!

  565. Adam Housley Says:


    Even though Tony wasn’t a close friend, I miss him also. I was cleaning up my computer the other day and came across his cell phone number. I think I will keep it just for old times sake. Also…..everyone……a new post! FINALLY!!

  566. Patty – What a great photo!

    All that talk of corn on the cob, ahhhhhhh, longing for summer!

    The stimulus package is full of crap! I was trying to stay away from politics but this has drawn me back in (or perhaps i was just in denial).
    There is close to nothing in the bill passed by the House which will help people keep jobs or put money back in our pockets. GRRRRRRR

    and then to give money to ACORN, after the uproar last fall! I guess our elected officials think we have no memory! At least my Representative voted NO….but, my one senator (since the battle between Franken and Coleman continues) will vote her party line – Dem and Spend all the way! Really looking forward to the next election cycle so I can vote her out.

  567. Max – not a sun in the clouds? lol It was nice and sunny this morning but just about 2:30 the dark clouds rolled in from the north and now it’s rainy. We really need the rain BAD so that’s okay. This is the cold front that some of THE LADIES up north sent south. LOL It’s going to start getting cold tomorrow and deep down to near freezing during the night on Friday & Saturday. brrrr Sylvia…did you do that?

  568. Anyone watching FOX News? Obama with Geithner in the oval office. Why is he not sitting up straight in his chair? I can’t wait to hear O’Reilly to see what that lady says that body language means. He’s not a coach on the bench!!! ???

  569. FL…new post! πŸ™‚

    That man…the WH will never look the same. Has no respect for his surroundings.

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