Happy New Year 2009!!

So this is the video I had the chance to grab from Times Square. My press pass and a few friends from the NYPD got me easily to the front for the ball drop. To get to this location about a block north of the ball, you’d likely have to stand in line for about 12 hours, in pens, with no bathrooms or food….AND…as we know, it was about zero degrees with the wind chill. The excitement is fantastic as is the energy of the crowd which spreads for blocks northward out of Times Square. In fact, the entire area is shut down from 6th avenue all the way to 8th and for about ten blocks north to south. The NYPD has a massive presence and things are kept in well order. Impressive to see and experience. Β 


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  1. cool video!!!! thanks for posting!!!

    Stand in line for 12 hours– or even two hours is way too long for me– lucky you to be who you are so you could have the opportunity to be there!

    I heard the garbage left behind was in the tons– but the clean up was fast and efficient–

    I bet you had fun! πŸ˜€

  2. cool video adam.
    Way too many people for me. I would rather sit in a dentist chair! *L*

  3. And did you manage to get one of those NIVEA hats they were handing out? πŸ˜€

  4. There is no way I would stand in line in any kind of weather…let alone freezing temps.

    How did Megyn and Bill survive that???? They were out there for hours.

  5. I don’t think that I would want to go without a bathroom for 12 hours. Is it true that there were no porta potties either? You could not drink anything all day, and my husband added that they would need Depends too. LOL Maybe there will be a heat wave some year and then we all could go.

    Hope everyone has a great week.

  6. Adam ~ that’s a cool video.
    I don’t think I could stand in line for twelve hours with no bathroom… I would definitely lose out to others in that situation!
    Morning everyone!

    Patty ~ lol on the dentist chair!

  7. Good Morning,
    I’d rather watch the New Year’s chaos from my own home….no lines, plenty of bathrooms, lots of snacks, and a comfy bed when I get too tired to watch TV.

    I wouldn’t have stood in line 12 hours for anything, even when I was younger.

  8. Morning—

    Adam, I read your short summary for the video– well written, once again! πŸ˜€ In that one paragraph I got the whole picture…

    You really should take up a job where you can report and write– is that called journalism? πŸ˜€

    And there is no way I would stand in line for 12 to 16 hours– I think it was Greg RedEye who asked one of the spectators how long he had been there and he said 16 hours!!!!! I can’t stand still for an hour much less 16~

    Sylvia– I was wondering if Megyn was freaking out about her hair as it was windy when she and Hemmer were doing this coverage– She has a cut which looks good in any weather— ( some women are so particular about hair– πŸ˜€ )

    Up and ready to go—

    Have a good day @ all!

  9. ‘morning everyone.
    burrr its cold!

  10. Susan,
    I think Megyn was wearing hair extensions for awhile this past year….kind of looked like Faith Hill. I like it better without the extensions…more natural.

  11. Patty,
    It’s cold here too ….. 28. At least it is dry and partly sunny.

  12. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone and Happy Monday

    Adam – cool video – – – – I think we need to have Fox give you more assignments that involve flying. It seems like we hear more from you when you are 35,000 feet in the air!!!!

  13. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Have you given any thought of packing up your Mom and your Sister and all of you head to Miami for awhile???

  14. Adam, cool video. Thanks for posting it. Felt like i was there without the 12 hour wait! Could not have waited in line for 12 hours!

    Avi, I agree with KC……

    Good day all.

  15. I tried to watch it live, i had the FNC live stream up and running at 4:50am here (i’d just woke up) and it was going ok, then about a minute before it would be midnight my internet froze and i missed the countdown! The internet was alright at about 5:03, a few minutes late… grr!

  16. Max, maybe the “leap second” was a little off its timing! *L*

  17. KC,

    nope…. we are all good and safe here. No need to get out. We are not in rocket range. πŸ™‚

  18. off subject, but this story pissed me off

    that dr needs his ass kicked!
    Its a lame excuse to blame that on the lack of annesthatist. The Dr needs to take full responsiblilty for this one!
    Our daughter was breech and cord around the neck, before fancy sonograms, etc…25 + yrs ago, our general pract. dr turned that baby while in the womb. now granted, it is not a recommended practice, but it can be done and it probably would have saved this babies life. argh!!!
    Granted, i understand there may have been details left out of the article, but this really upset me.
    Ok..i’m done ranting. Back to year end paperwork!

  19. Hey KC..its a heat wave here, 36 and full sun! *L*

  20. In video feed from the Hill when asked about the situation in the ME Obama responded ” situation in Gaza,” then going on to one prez at a time speech. Mentioning Gaza first and not all … might indicate that he more on the pacifist and anti- defense side and not much pro Israel. As he did not mention Israel. Might be reading into this to much but just sayin’

  21. Patty…. That is horrible, why could they not call someone at home to come in. This what people want for our Health care, government operated. When we lived in England in the 70’s there was a gentleman that played the organ in the Chapel on base that had to wait over 6 months for some surgery he needed. It was not an emergency so he waited.

    Today was supposed to be cloudy and cool, but it is partly cloudy and 66 now. I had the sunroof open driving around today and it was great. I also have a new power steering pump for the car and it was only $900 and change. OUCH!! That is what I get for having a MINI. Love the car but not the prices to get it repaired.

  22. Avi,
    Better get used to Obama talking in generalities….he will not give details and he will not say anything that looks like he is taking sides.
    Now that he can’t simply say “present” he uses vague rhetoric. He wants to avoid pissing off the Arabs.

  23. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Heat wave – right!!! Does that mean you are not wearing your trax thingies?? We actually have light showers today – what a wonderful surprise. Hope it goes on for days and days. We are in the mid 50’s so that is ok too. Not to cold, just right.

    So glad to hear you are not in rocket range and in a safe area. I really do feel much better knowing that. I remember when your sister was stuck in that bomb shelter a while back. To you and your family – stay safe my friend.

  24. Barb,

    No heatwave here….35 but partly sunny. Can’t complain…no snow or ice.

  25. Hi KC,

    Glad you’re getting some rain. I just want to stay dry here. I could do without rain until summer.

  26. When I was working outside at the airport I hated when it rained, so for me the perfect time is from 11pm to 5am. That way I would not get wet, I also wanted snow not rain because you don’t get as wet. Weird I know.

  27. Barb, i just cant imagine gov’t health care ;-(

    Sylvia, you are much like me, there is a happy medium with what is considered “decent” weather….and a small window at that!

    Yeah on the rain KC!
    No “thingys”, thankfully! But i still wear 2 pair of socks and will until spring! *L*

  28. Patty,
    It is almost sandal weather….we just need to get through the next 3 months!!!!!

    Larry says I only seem to be happy with the weather when it is between 70-80, low humidity, and of course sunny. He can handle any kind of weather. Guess you know which one of us is more of an out door person!
    However, give me perfect weather conditions and I become an outdoor person…as long as the bugs aren’t biting or the cicadas aren’t swarming!!!!

  29. πŸ™‚

    Sylvia, you’d make good company on our porch!
    Of course there are very few “perfect” days! *L*

  30. Sylvia… that is my perfect weather also. in the 70’s low 80’s and very little humidity. So I live in the Carolina’s where it is in the 90’s and 100% humidity. lol

  31. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well – boo hoo hoo – so much for our “rain” – I think it was just a tease to remind us what wet is. Not even enough to make any puddles – just soaked right up in the ground.

    Oh well, maybe it will come back.

    I am with you guys on the humidity thing – worst nightmare around here in the summer when it gets to 108 and above. I guess that is why I enjoy winter sooooo much. (At least here in California). Perfect temperatures for us.

  32. Oh Adam, Fox needs to stop the Travolta stuff!
    It’s sickening, what they are doing.
    O’Reilly and Hannity treated it with respect, but wow, the others are ridiculous!

    The family has a terrible tragedy to deal with, they need to grieve their own way, in their own time. Not while someone is spouting off a timeline of events and EMS stories. This is in such bad taste it maddening.

    The loss of a child is the worst, and anyone that seems to want to “watch” what is going on is sick.

  33. Very sad about the death of Travolta’s son as well as the children who have been killed just recently with the Hamas issue— I haven’t been watching the smut about why and how the child was not noticed between what hours to what hours– just the death suffices as one can see through the pictures, the Travolta’s love their children–


    I watched the history channel last night for a bit of distraction from the present news– Here is a trivia question– and answer off the top of your head as you know EVERYTHING– πŸ˜€

    Of the seven deadly sins, which is the deadliest? Why and name of this– and a bit of the historical background as to why this was decided to be the deadliest– i.e. Pope and century— And who would fall into this category?


  34. Max–

    you can play too!!! xxxx

  35. Oh— and remember the guy who stole my lawnmower, October 17th, 2008, who is still locked up with Sheriff Joe…. Hector Torresillas–

    I just got a letter from the Maricopa County Attorney office stating he is scheduled for a comprehensive pretrial conference on Jan. 30th– I did not go to his preliminary but I think I might do this one– Superior Court downtown on Jefferson– early in the morning which means I have to head out real early– grrrrr!

    He sure has had enough time to think about his theft– No one has paid his secured bond– which leaves me to believe no one misses him– How sad is this in a way!

    Adam– will you bail me out if I called you and asked for help? πŸ˜€

    (Is “no one” one word or two?) I asked Ken, my mentor, and he said he thinks it is two words–

    grr– to no spell check here!


  36. Attorney’s office— oops!

  37. Susan,
    We would take up a collection to bail you out! But please stay out of trouble!!!!!

    Why do you have to go to the hearing? Would it affect the outcome?

  38. @Susan

    re: 5.Jan 7:59p.m.

    superbia is considered the worst.

    Such pride had Lucifer that he dared compete with God.

    Pope Saint Gregory I (Greg the Great) codified the list; 6th Century.

    (fair disclosure: while I knew all of the above from memory, I had to look to be sure about the latin name for hubris)

  39. Morning all!
    It’s rainy and slightly cold here!

    Susan ~ Sylvia is right we would take a collection up to bail you out but please don’t do anything to get into that kind of trouble! πŸ˜€

  40. ‘morning all.

    susan, bah…what fun are they (pointing up at the comments)?? if your guranteed a collection for bail money……..go for it!!! πŸ™‚

  41. I think there is a quote about that, Patty… something like:

    A good friend will bail you out of jail and lecture you about how you messed up.
    A great friend will be sitting right next to you laughing about it saying “damn, we really screwed up!”


  42. *LOL* ya LDG. That’s the sentiments exactly!!!

  43. LDG—

    Yes– and you taught me something– as the word I had was Hubristic– πŸ˜€
    Damn, you are good!!

    Sylvia– the hearing– I am curious as to what is going on– I also want him to see me as he has no clue as to who I am as he was soooooooooo drunk when I found him and the lawnmower–

    and no worries– I don’t plan on visiting Madison– been there and done it- I did an overniter there when I got into to with a skinhead nine years ago– took the SOB to court and won on a bench trial– (Ken posted bail for me that time– $150.00 which we got back when I won my case) πŸ˜€

    Patty– did you see our old friend Emily posted on Adam’s news blog?


  44. Hmmmmm…..I think I would lecture and then laugh……but I don’t think I would want to be with you in Sheriff Joe’s place of business. I don’t do well in tents or small rooms.

  45. OH– I hope Donald Trump was not watching the history channel as he was used as an example for vanity pride– πŸ˜€ and I agree! I can’t stand the man– πŸ˜€

  46. Sylvia–

    I knew I was going to be let out so it wasn’t so bad– as a matter of fact, I made friends while there– it was so frigging cold in that cell so one of the hookers lent me her jacket– It was in October when this happened and I was barefoot and wearing just a short sleeve shirt at the time I got into to it with skinhead– he lived across from Ken and he flipped me off because Ken and I were looking at the moon with the binocolars and he thought we we were focused on him– So off I went with my mouth when he flipped me off– I called the cops on him and he ran downstairs when the cops showed up and told them I assaulted him– which I NEVER did!!! My charge was assault– and the good judge believed me when I told him I never even got that close to that SOB– All you had to do was look at our sizes– He was built like a brick house and a lot taller than moi– I am not that stupid~ πŸ˜€
    He was a jerk– we all disliked him and considered his presence ominous– as he use to go up and down those steps at this apartment complex loaded with weapons and many people who lived there at the time were older people– snowbirds– and they were were scared of him–

    And that is not the end of that story– when I won in court, November 18th, 1999, that night I was over at Ken’s– it was his birthday and the cops showed up with a restraining order from skinhead— Ken goes out to his balcony and yelled across the way– Thanks a lot skinhead– and no sooner said the cops ran up the steps and arrested me for interference with judicial proceedings– Another overniter– this time I was let out on my own recognizance–

    Back to court I went– the restraining order was dropped– and now the good people at this apartment complex wrote out a petition to have him evicted– and took it to the office and skinhead was evicted within days–

    It was worth the two nights– the SOB HAD to move– so he inconvenienced me big time but he was more inconvenienced! πŸ˜€

    Plus I got some souvenirs out of the deal– when he was forced to move, he left some stuff behind– so Maintenance came to get me and asked me if I wanted anything from his apartment, so I took all his militia magazines which sit in a box here in the garage… πŸ˜€

    And this is my story for apartment living– LOL

  47. I think I will avoid apartment living.

  48. Sylvia—

    I am in a house now– πŸ˜€

  49. Thankful we never had to do the apartment thing. Our kids did. That was close enough for me.

    I did spend 1/2 a day in jail. ‘Cept I was in the 7th grade!
    We have a parochial school and a public, the 7th and 8th graders decided that we were all going to skip school one day…like no one would notice? *L*
    I was found in a near bye town in the pool hall. When they brought me back to town, dad said, let her sit there.
    So i did.
    Ahhhh the fun we had!!!!

  50. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Morning everyone
    Back from my tai chi class – so my core is happy and my chi is flowing – NOT

    Susan – you are sooo funny and you really do have a colorful life

    LDG – I love that saying between a good friend and a great friend!!

  51. Gosh my childhood was so boring compared to others. I was always scared silly that I would get in trouble. I think the extent of my rebelliousness in High School was actually skipping on Senior Skip day and wearing pants one day. At that time there was a dress code that the girls had to wear a dress or skirt. So someone organized a day for all the girls to wear pants in rebellion of the dress code. Looking back now it is so laughable, but at the time it was serious business.

  52. Barb: I think i’m more in your league.

  53. Barb and Max,
    I’m in the “too chicken to be naughty” league with you.

  54. Barb… πŸ™‚

    Lets see….ya know that song, smok’in in the boys room? ….’nough said πŸ™‚

  55. Patty,
    Did you give your parents gray hair?????
    I have a feeling you were one feisty kid.

    It’s a good thing you and Susan didn’t go to school together.
    In fact, it’s a good thing you and Susan don’t live near each other.

    We would have to raise a lot of bail money for you 2.

  56. BTW….Patty…were you strict with your kids or did they avoid doing the stuff you did?

  57. I’m not so much afraid of trouble now, as of stupid stuff coming back to bite me in the ass.

    I when I don’t know what to do I normally just ask myself “What would I want my [future] child to do?” And just do that.
    My only question is, why do I have to be such a strict parent? πŸ˜€
    Plus when I have kids and they moan at me about my rules they can’t say I was hypocrytical.

  58. Max,
    What goes around comes around. My brother was a rebel and now his teenage son is giving him gray hair and heartache.

  59. Our kids couldn’t say we were hypocritical either.
    I always told our kids, if your gonna screw around, impress me, do something i didn’t do.
    Needless to say, it didn’t leave them much room.

    I think it made a big difference that Pat and I were so young. The kids knew, we knew what they were thinking!
    We’ve always been pretty close and open with our kids. Didnt hide anything from them.
    Before Kat died and we were still going out to the bar and such, we could just as easy go with the kids and have just as much fun with them and their friends as we could with our own friends.

    KC, yes, i definitely contributed to mom and dad’s hair, but…i blame it on my sis and bro who were 8 and 10 yrs older than me!!

    Our oldest son and oldest daughter were tough. True rebels. There was lots of heartache and growing pains. All I can say for your brother Sylvia, is they do grow up, eventually. One day out of no where.. you realize…oh my God, its a real person instead of as @ss with a head!

  60. When aften asked if I would change anything I had done, given the chance.
    My answer is yes….I would have done all the same stuff, just played a hell of a lot harder. Cause the time comes, when you just cant play like that anymore. Which, I have gotten to.

  61. Patty,
    How could you have played a hell of a lot harder? I think you did quite well!!!.

  62. Sylvia, I was strict, or rather, a hard @ss.
    I expected kids to behave, act with manors at all times. Respect their elders, etc. I tried to teach them there is a time and a place for everything. Screwing around is fine, as long as the place called for it. When we went to Walmart or wherever, you didnt see our kids screaming and whining and such as you see kids today. They didnt dare! and our grandkids dont either, when grandma is around.
    The kids laugh now, always brining up how long mom’s arms were. She (me) could drive the station wagon and still reach as far as the back window to slap someone upside the head!! *L*

  63. Thats funny about Susan and I.
    Cause I think the first time we talked on the phone I said the same thing. There is a reason God put that many miles between us!! hahaha

  64. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You bring back soooo many memories (really laughing hard)

  65. Patty,
    Our daughter was raised with manners and she was welcomed in all our friends’ homes. Even our friends who didn’t have kids welcomed Michelle to eat in their dining room….but not their nieces and nephews.
    My nephew was allowed to act up or “be natural” as my sister-in-law calls it, and he has no manners.
    Maybe we were too strict, but Michelle turned out OK…so I guess that’s all that matters.

  66. I dont think manners = strict.
    Its the respect thing.
    Kids that arent taught respect of anything are the ones that you cant stand.
    We have a grandson that is like that. He’s so spoiled, dont get me wrong, love him to pieces, but some days id rather swat his @ss than hug him! πŸ™‚

    As much hell as we raised growing up, we never ever destroyed anything. Sure, we might have stolen a watermellon or two. But we didnt bother anyone’s property. Kids today don’t understand the difference.

  67. Patty,
    My nephew has a sassy mouth and doesn’t respect anyone. He talks back to his parents and got into trouble in school for his wise ass mouth. Our daughter was taught that even if you don’t agree with someone you still have to show respect. She never got into trouble at school as my nephew often did. Also, she always had a work ethic…part time jobs while in high school and college. My nephew is 19 and still doesn’t work. He is suppose to be working in his father’s business since he did not go on to college, but he usually doesn’t show up. He lives at home, plays all night, and sleeps most of the day.
    Do you really think there is hope for him? Let me add that he doesn’t have to worry about money…his mother gives him all he needs. UGH.

  68. KC..i dont imagine that you were an “angel” child either!!!

    From my home..remember…a funeral home….down the alley 4 blocks was the pool hall. When in early high school, I could go down there, sneak in the back door, they’d sell me a couple quart bottles of beer, and i’d be back home before anyone was the wiser!
    The problem was…how do you hide qt bottles in the trash when your dad burns the trash once a week? *L*
    Now, that was definitly before all the laws changed!!

  69. He’ll fingure it out Sylvia. Comes a time when you really do look in the mirror and say…WTH!

    We always had our kids work away from the dairy. They had to learn what a boss expected from them besides their dad. The 3 oldest all worked at the grocery store and the girls waited tables. Kathy had 3 part time jobs.

    Sounds like your SIL needs to learn a little tough love.

    When the oldest was 16…we threw him out. Literally. Toughest thing we ever did at the time. Thank God it worked. It could have gone so wrong, but that wasnt important at the time. He had to learn, and it was the only way we knew.

  70. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I must admit there were no “halo’s” within miles of me or wherever I went or whatever I did. I think my middle name was trouble. LOL

  71. πŸ™‚

  72. Speaking of work ethic, my work day is almost over πŸ˜‰
    See ya’ll from home after bit probably!

  73. * Adam… when you get a chance, would you check your facebook inbox?

  74. KC–


  75. KC—

    OOPS- The cat helps me here on the keyboard-

    thank you– (BTW– I totally dislike a bully– so…. hence, my skinhead true story) πŸ˜€

  76. Susan,

    You need to write a book πŸ™‚

  77. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Avi is right on – you do need to write a book – your experiences are always so entertaining and interesting. I know of at least 10-15 people for sure that would buy it and then the word would spread to more copies being sold!!!!

  78. I think Patty needs to write a book too. She and Susan have had colorful lives….and “the best is yet to come”……maybe we should start the bale fund.

  79. Ooops…make that “bail” fund.

  80. bah, not me. MIne is just boring ole small town girl…who happened to be a PIA!
    Now susan……thats a different story πŸ™‚

  81. Although, if susan and i ever get together.
    We may need that BALE fund…….Pat will probably make us sleep in the hay! *L*

  82. Patty,

    If you go to Phoenix and get into trouble you may have to sleep in Sheriff Joe’s place….the hay may be more comfortable.

  83. For a small town girl you certainly managed to find a lot of fun.

    You would think my younger days were boring.

  84. Morning everyone! I have a link to share with you guys from my friends in Israel: h ttp://web.mac.com/michael.hillel/iWeb/Site/Aid%20Update.html I did disable it so you will have to take out the space between the “h and t”. It is about the humanitarian aid that Israel is trying to get into Gaza for residents there.

    Also, I was the good kid… like my mom to scared to do anything! lol

    Susan ~ you should write a book! I know I would buy it! πŸ™‚

  85. Becky: Wouldn’t your mom have been too scared to punish you? πŸ˜›

  86. Max ~ LOL she definitely wasn’t afraid of punishing me that’s for sure! πŸ˜€

  87. Good Morning Becky and Max,

    Nasty day here….31 degrees and light snow. Dreary, cold, and wet. UGH.

  88. ‘morning all.
    Cold here, but the sun is shining. Amazing what the sun does for perspective!
    Sylvia, sounds like a good day with a blankey and a book πŸ˜‰
    or in my case the choice would be a xbox!

  89. Morning–

    Patty– LOL– ESPECIALLY to the bale–

    If I ever came to visit you and you told me there was a bully close by, yup, Pat would have to bale me out!!! Because I would find the bully and watch the bully and once the bully did something in a bully manner, I would pounce on the bully– Like a lion in the wait— πŸ˜€

    Avi– would you buy my book? Hmm- I could write a book and send one to O’Reilly– “A Bold Look at A**holes.” πŸ˜€

    Becky– I heard about the humanitarian relief— and I also HEARD Chavez is at it again— he even expelled the ambassador from Israel? Now he is the epitome of bully– and punk– Sending food over to help when his people starve– as if he were of some big help– I got so plssed when I heard his remarks directed to Israel and his other bullchara! πŸ˜€

  90. I’m sure you’ve all seen the story of the missing boy in KS. For a decade??
    Such a bizarre sad story. Seems like right off the pages of CSI.
    The town is in the south middle area of KS, about 3 hrs or so from me.
    The news reports I have seen were really sketchy. Leaving out way too many details.
    The semi-local paper did a better job today of getting the details together if you are interested.

  91. Susan,
    That would be “a bold fresh piece of @ss”!!??
    ohhhhh i didnt just say that did i??

  92. Toyota is going to idle its plants in Japan for eleven days? Does this mean the workers don’t get paid for eleven days? I hope they aren’t those who need eleven days of pay– 😦

  93. SO that is what the story is– this boy was not reported for a decade?

    How come the links don’t come through anymore?

    copy it and paste it in the website box– I am too lazy to do it myself- πŸ˜€

  94. Patty–

    there you go– title will be– A Bold Fresh Perspective on A**holes—
    Perfect! Hai or yes or si?

  95. susan, there is a space in the links that needs to be removed.
    otherwise they go in moderation and have to wait until adam sends them through.

  96. Sylvia, did the window get fixed before the snow?

  97. Sylvia—

    Madison Jail does suck– it was the longest 14 hours I spent—– so I made the best of it– as I knew I was just there for the bullchara paper work to be done and processing– I would say most of the girls were in there for prostitution– the druggies took the two bunks and probably had the first of sleep in days as from what I picked up on– I hung out with the two younger hookers– trying to change them– they were definitely worth trying to save– And like I said, one of them let me borrow her jacket as I was freezing— πŸ˜€ (and even on a more positive note– I would rather be there than in a FARC camp.. :D)

    And the second time I was there, I knew what to expect– so I slept this time– with my back up against the wall sitting on the floor– no room again! LOL

  98. so briefly– I saw on the bottom of the screen, headlines, or whatever these are called– a boy not reported missing for a decade– (yesterday)

    so what is the story? Is this like a Casey Anthony story? Gawd–

  99. @Susan

    re: yours of 6:04 a.m.

    Yeah well, that would be one of the reasons to idle the production lines. The workers draw layoff insurance (that has been paid into previously, like American Unemployment Compensation). But the major reason is the backlog of already-built cars. Like all the major car makers world-wide, the distribution lots are pretty much full. So it was a case of lose money shutting down for a few more days than usual, or lose more money on piling up unsold supplies.


    Hehhehheh on all the misspent youth posts.

    and a hearty Good Morning all around!

  100. Lou Dobbs really needs to move over to FOX– I just love the man for his mind– kind of like O’Reilly– Dobbs was on a good one– illegals and driver’s license– (New Jersey is thinking about it)— He is so on to keeping the border issue alive—- I wonder what Glenn Beck will be covering when he starts FOX? And why did he leave CNN? So Jane Mitchell- could take his slot? She and Nancy Grace– But she did put a plug in for Operation Baghdad and its great service to help bring back animals from Iraq– Ratchet is now in the US– THANKS to Operation Baghdad–

  101. @ldg–

    so the workers get a vacation!!! YAY!!!!

  102. I see Adam’s news blog is still where it is—

    ok– up and ready to go!

    good day @ All!!!!

    Avi—hugs— Tel Aviv still safe? I heard there was a close by rocket which landed over by there? Tobin–

  103. Hi LDG, had missed you lately.
    misspent youth? naaahhh, I learned from everything i did!

    Susan..have a great day.

  104. Did anyone see F&F this morning and pick up on Brian’s “foot in mouth” episode? it was about 6:30 central time.

  105. LDG, the problem with all the backlog of cars that i see, is the change in standards mid stream.
    Now that people expect better………what are they going to do with the old?

  106. Patty,

    hows your agency dealing with Obamas transition?

  107. Avi…we see no effect here. Too far down the line.
    We are curious what he is going to do with Homeland Security and Emergency Management. That would be where we might see something.

  108. Patty,
    The window has to be ordered…7-10 days. The guy only took measurements. The good news is only the inside glass is shattered….the outer (double paned window) is holding up so far. We think it was a stress fracture due to expansion/contraction.

  109. LDG,

    Tell us about your misspent youth. Got any good stories????

  110. Patty,
    I didn’t see F&F this morning. What did Brian say?

  111. Sylvia, F&F…it wasnt “funny” per say….it was sort of a “had to be there” thing. It was more WTH? because Brian was clueless as to what he had just said. They were talking about a guy that had got caught up in a sky lift, left his butt exposed. The pic of it, in the snow, steve mentioned something about the cold. Brian got on one of his rants and wasnt really even hearing himself. He said “you’d have to have vaseline, 2 fingers….and all i remember is the look on Gretchen’s face saying…what did you say?? While Brian is still ranting, he has no clue, the crew in the back ground was either gasping or laughing…Gretchen still has her mouth hanging wide open…(and my guess is someone told brian to move on…NOW) So he says, lets move on to the “stimulus”….

    it was definitly a “please tell me that didnt happen” moment of live TV!!!

    btw…he was intending to protect the “cheeks” from the cold with vaseline.

  112. Will that be on youtube?

  113. I would bet it does. I cant be the only person that saw it!

  114. @Patty

    ((nodnod)) That’s got to be a big part of why they stopped piling them up.


    re: misspent youth… good stories…

    Heh, I rarely actually tell stories of those days as I changed high schools midstream (family moved), then was off to University by age 17 (having cooled my heels a year with only one class my last year of high school; parents discouraged early graduation), got offered some uncommon opportunities, and took them.

    I got back to the world six years later, made a thorough mess of trying to live a normal life at least part of the time, and pretty much owe my current good repute to a dear friend helping me find level ground and become what I you see (read?) today. I basically call anything that I did before 1990 as part of my “past life”.

    Maybe one day Derek (Sgt Shot) will wander in here, or one of my old friends will get me started on something over on my weblog, and a story or two will come out.


  115. edit of 7:57 post

    should be — …become what I you see…


  116. I miss Sgt! and John!

  117. I don’t know Sgt or John. There is a “John” who posts alot on GW.

  118. Sylvia, if it is “our” John, he has a sense of humor that not everyone likes. I personally always enjoyed it. He will probably throw B Spears into the conversation at least once a month, especially if he knows Adam might see it! *L*

  119. Sgt Shot is also known as Dereck. He’s a long timer with Adam also. When Fox threw the kink into the blog, they wandered away.
    John was on Adams news blog not long ago, but I didnt want to post this addy, its not my addy to make public. I did ask Adam to get it to him, but Adam runs in circles i think.

  120. Patty ~ I miss them too! They always made me laugh! Also, I did see Brian’s mishap this morning. My eyes got really big when he kept talking and talking. Gretchen was definitely in shock!

  121. The John on GW uses a lot of sarcasm. He seems to be anti government. I guess you would say he’s a libertarian.

  122. I can’t believe I missed that F&F. Darn!!!!

  123. I just saw on the FNC web site the picture of the skier hanging upside down with his bare butt exposed. I can’t stop laughing.

  124. Sylvia, i would bet that to be the same John.

  125. Becky…wouldnt you have loved to have seen Brians reaction when they replayed it for him? *L*

  126. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I did catch that with Brian this morning. I was having my 3:00am bathroom walk and then was wide awake so I laid in bed and watched F & F until the alarm went off at 6:00am. It was a riot and I am still laughing about it. He does these things sooooo innocently!! I was, however, very surprised that Miss Perfect in love with herself even knew what he was talking about to be so shocked. I personally don’t like Gretchen as you can tell, and if I am lucky I sleep thru their program. I do love Steve and Brian and I think they make the show.

    I miss Dereck and John too – I wish we knew how to find them. Miss Retread and Tammy also. Guess we should have gotten everyone’s email addresses. Those were the good old days – lots of activity on the blog.

    LDG – would really be fun to hear some of your stories from your “past life”. I have a feeling they would be quite entertaining.

    Max – I just started a giant pot of homemade navy bean soup and thought of you right away. Know how you love those body parts (animals) and as I was browning the ham hocks and cutting up the salt pork – you just came to mind – LOL

    Hope all of you are having a good day and almost forgot – Good Morning

  127. Got a question for all of you.

    My husband’s brother now winters in Florida with his wife at their condo which they plan to live in once they sell their house in Cincinnati. Everyday he sends us an e-mail saying how wonderful the weather is there and how our weather in Cincy basically sucks. Larry says to ignore it. Today’s e-mail said that even though they may get some rain it is still better than what we will have here until May or June. I don’t know why he keeps sending these comments,….it is either bragging, childish, or mean spirited. Could be all 3…..anyway, I want to send a smart ass remark back (maybe I have a little of Susan and Patty in me). I hate people who try to rub things in.
    Should I ignore to keep peace in the family or just vent???

    Maybe I need a cool down period to think about this.

    The good news is once they sell their house here I won’t ever have to see them again. We will never go to Florida to visit them.

  128. KC…*L* your funny!

    Yes, miss Gretchen is a beauty (drama) queen. Agreed. Brian drives me crazy…preppy lil …ya well….I’l be nice. He reminds me of the kid that always went crying off the play ground cause he had to be “it”.

    I watch cause I cant stand the other channels!

    YUM! Ham and beans soounds SO good!!

  129. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Do you have aligators and hurricanes in Ohio like they do in Florida??

  130. KC,
    Good point.
    Should I wait for an alligator to bite his ass or a hurricane to hit before I send the e-mail asking how life is in Florida?

  131. sylvia…so what are you say’in???? *LOL*

    *thinking i’ve been snubbed*!!!

    just kidding!!!

    Your asking the one with 11 inlaws that arent allowed on my property?????
    oh boy!

    tell ya what….answer the email, but dont put a address in it…that way you cant hit “send” and then regret it later.
    Let it sit there a few days, if the urge is still there…go for it!!!
    Sometimes just the act of going through the motions is enough and not actually following through πŸ˜‰

  132. btw…you could block the sender *EG

  133. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I was at the grocery store Monday paying my debt to society and making sure we kept everyone employed there. Man, I sure spend a lot buying groceries for 2 people.
    Anyway, I saw these beautiful ham hocks and salt port and immediately thought navy bean soup, split pea soup, and bought a bunch. These are the biggest ham hocks I have seen in ages. Gonna be a lot of meat on them when ready to take off the bone. So today navy bean soup and next week I will make the split pea soup. I do 2# of the dried beans and peas – that way lots for the freezer for future use. I figure if you are gonna cook all day, you might as well make it worth it.

    Now that you mentioned it, I think you might be spot on about Brian – LOL

  134. The only soup I make is chicken. I made a large amount last month and froze in meal size containers.
    Also made a double batch of chili last month and froze half.

  135. Me to sylvia, i only cook chicken and chili.
    I do ham and beans about once a year.

    No “hairball” soup?? *giggling*
    inside joke everyone…sorry!

  136. KC: Sounds good. I recently made gumbo (first time trying it). The first batch i forgot to leave out the chili seeds. Ouch. 2nd batch was kinda mile really. lol. It did seem to cure my Christmas food ills though.

    h ttp://www.foxnews.com/video/index.html?playerId=videolandingpage&streamingFormat=FLASH&referralObject=3418017&referralPlaylistId=a9594f0389e4ea58938175cbd26195fbedd640ad

    This seems like the video, but they cut it just before Brian’s mishap. 😦

  137. Patty,

    which agency you at again?

  138. Avi…County level.
    About 5 diff departments.

  139. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Gumbo soup sounds good – what all is in it??? I know what you mean about the chili seeds. That is one thing I never forget to do, scrape the seeds. Nothing is to hot or spicy for hubby, but my tummy can’t handle it. We grew 6 different types of chili peppers in our garden and one of them were sooooo hot, when I picked them, I put them on another shelf in the frig so I would not mix them with the other ones I was cooking with.
    I miss our little victory garden – can’t wait until mid March to plant all over again.

  140. Patty,

    oh cool =]

  141. OK LDG—

    On which thread on your blog does one inquire about your “era” to get a story out of you? Open thread?


    Adam is programmed to run in circles– it probably came to full peak when he played ball? Don’t they run in circles when they play ball? Running from base to base as the way it is set up, it would be circles they run– πŸ˜€

    and boy did I get lucky– I am taking Ken, Ken’s nephew, and great nephew to a Coyotes game tomorrow– Food City, in December, had a promotion going on for buying 12 packs of pepsi products and in return one would get two vouchers for the Coyotes game. I bought two twelve packs– no diet stuff was offered so I gave the pop away but I paid only $13.00 for the two twelve packs– I went to redeem these four tickets and the girl told me I COULD go as high as $100.00 a ticket seat– so I asked her where the seats where– Row 6– but then I had to ask about aisle seats as I need these for getting Ken in and out– given his weak gait– and the steps he would have to walk– well, I ended up in the 25th row, aisles seats, and if I had to have paid for these four, it would have cost me $320.00~ πŸ˜€ And Adam, that whole area sure is built up now– restaurants everywhere– movie theater, etc and etc– WOW!!!!

    KC– I spend so much money on food as well— and there are only two of us– I bet I spend about $600.00 a month or more at the grocery store– This does not include me picking up food to go or us eating out which we do…but then include the cost of feeding six cats– I buy a lot of cat food!!! The “trough” outside for the ferals is full from early evening till I go to bed– I was looking out the window the other night and those cats are big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Siamese can barely walk– πŸ˜€ He eats the most as he hangs out over here in the front yard– so I feed him all day– just a little bit at a time– LOL

    Max– I LOVE Gumbo soup– Louisiana style– or Arkansas–

    Sylvia– Matzo ball soup is good too!!! Did I spell that right?


  142. Susan,

    That looks right to me. I make matzo ball soup for Passover.

  143. I got a Chicken Soup recipe from a chef on another blog that takes 15 minutes start to finish, that is really good, it uses water, frozen chicken breast, Better Than Bouillon and noodles. You put the water, chicken and Better than Bouillon in a pan and boil for 8 to 10 minutes, while that boils you cook the noodles. Then you take the chicken out and cut it up and then mix it all together with salt, pepper, and parsley. Beats the pants off of the canned stuff.

    Have a good evening and enjoy tomorrow.

  144. @Susan

    re: “OK LDG– ”

    Open Thread would be best for any attempted public embarrassment.


  145. ALL,

    ROCKETS HAVE BEEN FIRED FROM Lebenon into Northern Israel hitting an old age home and a few other targets….. UHH OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. POSSIBLE NEW FRONT 😦 πŸ˜₯

  146. 08:51 Lebanese sources: Palestinians fired rockets at north Israel, not Hezbollah (Ch. 10)
    08:50 Lebanon: Rockets fired by Palestinian groups, not Hezbollah (Channel 10)
    08:40 Lebanon rocket hits nursing home, resident wounded by glass shards (Haaretz)
    08:33 Home Front Command: No orders given yet to close schools in the north (Haaretz)
    08:31 Schools reportedly closed in south Lebanon for fear of Israeli reprisal (Channel 10)
    08:30 Police ask Galilee residents to stay in protected spaces (Haaretz)
    08:27 IAF strikes 60 Hamas targets in Gaza overnight (Ch. 10)
    08:24 Report: IDF striking targets in southern Lebanon (Channel 10)
    08:22 Gaza rocket strikes open field near Ashdod (Channel 10)
    08:19 Six rockets from Gaza hit towns in southern Israel (AP)

  147. I am going to school ill update you guys when i get back.

  148. KC & Susan: Louisianna style i guess since a cajun told me to try it. I found the recipie myself in a book of mine, but I edited it at her advice.

    First was shrimp, okra, onion, bell pepper, red chili, water, salt, pepper. The 2nd had chicken instead of shrimp.

    I want to get more okra soon and play around with the recipe.

  149. Avi ~ not good! Thank you for the updates.

    Max ~ That sounds good! πŸ™‚

  150. Avi,
    Oy Vey…not good.

    I have a friend who makes gumbo. I’ve had it at her house but have never tried making it. She was originally from Louisiana.

  151. I got more okra today, so at the weekend I’m going to play around and see if i can make it any better.

    I forgot I also used plenty of roux, which made it nice and thick.

  152. Max ~ In the south here we like to eat fried okra… it’s soooo good! lol I don’t eat much in the way of fried food but, if I get the opportunity for some fried okra I will eat it! πŸ™‚

  153. ‘morning!!

    I love fried okra!

  154. Becky: I’m going to fry some the next time i make chicken fried steak. Should i batter the okra?

  155. yes max, roll it in flour

  156. Morning Patty! I am glad some else likes fried okra too! πŸ™‚

    Max ~ Yes, definitely batter the okra…

  157. yummmmmm!

    g’morning All

  158. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Max – Fried Okra – yummmmmm – I will only eat it fried because my mouth hates the feel when it is in a soup or steamed – yuk
    As to the batter I use the same method as I do for my fried green tomatoes – either a beer batter or seasoned bread crumbs. If I use the bread crumbs, I always dip in egg first then roll in the crumbs. I always fry in olive oil and butter/margerine.

    Hubby heard yesterday that 1 trillion seconds equals 30 years!!!!! If this is so, and we are headed for a national debt of over 1 trillion dollars – how in the hell is that much money???? Can’t even imagine – Let’s see – what can you buy for 1 trillion dollars??? Anybody know??

  159. Great, I’ll have battered okra, battered steak and battered cheese. Anyone here had deep fried cheese?

  160. @KC

    “…what can you buy for 1 trillion dollars???”

    Besides a little more than 4 months of the entire expenditures of the U.S. Government?

    How about 6 companies the size of Microsoft Corporation (by market capitalization)?

    It’s a bunch of money. The entire world-wide capital credit market is “only” worth ~70 trillion US$ (If I recall correctly).

  161. Max ~ yep, I have had deep fried cheese! It’s usually at a restaurant though that I have it!

    KC ~ I have no idea that that could buy! I can’t even imagine a million dollars let alone 1 trillion!

  162. Max..fried cheese if very popular here as an appetizer.
    We get a mix batch…all fried…mozzarella or cheddar cheese, cauliflower, onion rings, mushrooms.
    dang…i’m getting hungry!

    KC…the numbers are unreal. Its sad for our grandkids, they are going to get handed a huge mess.

    *L* i dont like the okra “slime” either!!!

  163. KC you could get 5,000,000 houses for $200,000 a piece or 40,000,000 mid priced cars. That is alot.

    Max, I will also put some cheese on the pan and fry it, kinda like a grilled cheese sandwich without the bread. In Switzerland we had a fondue like dish that was melted cheese on a plate and you ate it, I think with bread. That was good too.

  164. oh that sounds good barb!
    I’ve never thought of just doing the cheese.
    I need someone that likes to cook in the house. We do, out of necessity, but if i have a choice to do something, i don’t spend time in the kitchen.

    ya know, i don’t normally eat lunch, but after all this, i think I’m going to have to today!

  165. Patty: Have a nice lunch.
    We had deep fried cheese in Laramie on the morning before last, it was nice so i’ve made some here too. I like to batter it though, then it’s not so messy.
    Now all I have to do is find a hard cheese i like…

  166. Yep, all the talk of the fried foods has definitely made me hungry!

  167. All that fried food makes my arteries harden just reading about it.

  168. Sylvia… πŸ™‚

  169. Why is all the good stuff bad for you?

    My grandfather never ate “healthy ” foods and he lived to almost 94. He didn’t smoke or drink, but his food habits were awful. He lived on hot dogs , corned beef, ice cream ( the butter fat kind) and every high cholestrol food known to mankind.

  170. Sylvia: That’s because high fat foods aren’t bad. The cholestrol in your blood is not the cholestrol your food, rather it is created by your liver when insulin is in the blood.

    Fat also gets a bad rap because it’s high in callories per gram compared to carbs, and they used to believe the quanitity of food was made you satisfied, but that’s not the case. They experimented with rats, they measured the amount of chow the rats ate, they then mixed water with their chow and the rats just ate a higher quantity until they had the same number of callories.

  171. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You said what I didn’t type on the okra thing ya know that slimy snot feeling LOL

    Sylvia – think of it as protien and vegetables not fried food – hee hee

    LDG & Barb – thanks for letting me know what you can buy for 1 trillion dollars – quite a bit isn’t it. I am still trying to get over 1 trillion seconds is 30 years!!

    Max – enjoy experimenting with your fried okra. Get you some green tomatoes and fry those too – you will love it all. Let us know how it turns out. I bet you will like okra better fried

  172. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Yo Adam
    Come to Fresno and cover the extreme makeover that is happening here. Hubby is having buildings delivered to the site tomorrow and then the fun and excitement begins around here. Quite an ordeal

  173. Adam Housley Says:

    SORRY GUYS!! Swamped….computer overload, the CES in Las Vegas is crazy and I WILL catch up. Tons of lives and Fox work. New Fox blog coming soon.


  174. We do not eat margarine or anything like it!!

    The body knows what to do with REAL butter! It comes natural to be able to process it.
    It has not clue what to do with manmade lardy stuff. So it throws it all to the side walls of the arteries. There’s the problem.


  175. wow, a post from Adam!
    Im beginning to think he just copies and pastes a post…….
    New Fox blog coming soon.
    New Fox blog coming soon.
    New Fox blog coming soon.
    New Fox blog coming soon.
    New Fox blog coming soon.
    New Fox blog coming soon.
    anyone hear a echo????

    *LOL* just kiddin ya Adam!!!

  176. Patty,
    Promises, promises….lol

  177. Sylvia…my Father in law was the same way! Bacon and eggs for breakfast everday.
    Popcorn popped in bacon grease everynight.
    Everything “wrong”…lived to 91 and really fairly healthy.

  178. Patty,
    Does that mean we should eat whatever we want?

  179. Patty,
    I e-mailed you some political humor which I didn’t think I could post here do to censors. There’s one word which may not clear….but it was said by Harry Truman.

  180. Adam,

    you see any good laptops? Its a little early but I’ll be needing to get a laptop soon likely a non-Mac. Not a big mac fan.. i grew up on windows. lol

  181. ohh and wide screen

  182. Sylvia, I believe that if it came naturally, ya, by all means eat it. Within reason.
    Its like my old weight watchers way of thinking. (Yes, I’m a life time looser)
    Healthy means all the choices, dairy, vegi, meat, fruit, breads….not all day of one choice.
    The key was to get ALL allotted quantities in each day. Not save the vegis’ for tomorrow type of thing. My problems is, i dislike fruit. Rarely eat it.
    (actually, my problem was a thyroid that worked overtime too long, so now I’ve got to get back to that thinking)
    Its like sugar…sugar isn’t bad. Its how much.
    I wont eat or drink the saccharine stuff either.
    Yes, it is different for someone like Susan’s ken, the diabetic.

  183. Avi,
    We have 2 HP laptops…12 & 15 inch and an HP desktop. My husband is not fond of vista. He said a windows 7 is coming out.

  184. Vista was a flop for Microsoft (another one).
    They will have to redeem themselves or people will loose interest.
    We were going to buy a new desktop here at work, but couldnt find one without vista. So we are waiting a while.

    I’d love to have one of the new touch screen puters that are shown on tv! Maybe thats what the next puter will be at work!! haha

  185. Since we have 3 Vista puters we did our share to help Microsoft!!!!
    Now they should do something for us.

  186. Avi..im like you, very partial to my non-mac. Mainly because its what i know.
    The very first computer we had was a Apple 2E (i think thats what it was) boy thats dating myself. Its the last Apple i’ve had my hands on.

  187. adams post is up at fox

  188. Patty,
    Our 12 inch is touch screen. My husband likes to take it on planes. Since we only take 2 trips a year it doesn’t get much use. It also was our backup computer when our desktop crashed (before we added on the 15 inch).

  189. I just posted on Adam’s Fox blog.
    Wonder how long it will take to show up.

  190. Patty,
    We had an Apple 2E…we are older than you!!!!

  191. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    When my mother board crashed recently and they fixed everything, the guy asked my at that time if I wanted to upgrade to windows vista.
    Since I had no clue what he was talking about, I said no thank you!!! After reading your comments above, I think I made the right decision.

  192. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Patty & Sylvia
    I am laughing so hard right now- man, I am sooo out of touch. This is my very first computer EVER and I am on social security!!!

  193. Hubby says i cant have a laptop…he’s afraid i will never get off the couch! *L*
    (he says it jokingly of course)

  194. Sylvia… im impressed. You had a early puter too!

    KC…*LOL* your a winner!!!
    I wish more people would at least try!

  195. KC,
    I think it’s great you are using a computer. I started using one in 2001 and am still a novice. My husband saves me every time I mess up the puter. I can not trouble shoot or do very much more than e-mail or google. I am not good with anything mechanical.

  196. Computers and me go hand in hand. Either inside or with the keyboard, its my heaven.
    I prefer not to open them, but can, and change out anything or tweak anything inside.
    I took college computer programming many many years ago. I laugh now, being so basic and sooooo out of date now….what a waste!!!

  197. Patty and KC,
    We have 3 puters because we had 2 crash while I was using them…..within a few months. Larry says we need back-up for the back-up.
    I am the kiss of death for anything mechanical. I even have problems with TVO. And we have remotes that I can’t even figure out. I can’t even get the dvd to work.

  198. Sylvia πŸ™‚
    everyone has their nitch, yours just doesnt include buttons!
    Hubby can’t run the remotes either.
    and we dont have TVO!

  199. oh, btw.. i always forget not everyone has facebook.
    Today is our annniversary πŸ™‚
    32 yrs.

  200. Patty,
    Do you make house calls to fix computers? Next time I have problems I will call you!!!! Especially if Larry is at work….I’m not suppose to call him at the ER for computer problems.

  201. *L* I can see him trying to explain that to the next patient!

  202. Patty,
    Happy Anniversary.
    Any special plans to celebrate?

  203. nah, nothing special. We might go out for supper this weekend.

  204. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


  205. Almost time to go home.
    See ya all later maybe!

  206. Thank you!!
    We hope for many more also!

  207. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I sometimes feel like I have entered a second stage of my life and it is soooo much fun
    5 years married
    first computer ever
    drawing social security
    have no clue about tvo, dvd’s or any of that stuff. Don’t miss them so guess I don’t need them.
    What a grand life I have
    Oh-shhhhh don’t tell anyone, but I am still using the disposable cameras and having prints made LOL – don’t have one of those digital things

  208. KC, you are a riot!

  209. Patty ~ Happy Anniversary!

    KC ~ It’s okay to use disposable cameras… although I don’t use them being a photographer BUT, I still use my film camera and love it! And yes, I still go get prints made! πŸ™‚ Mainly I use digital…
    Oh I use a MAC at home and love it. Especially when I need to use it for photography. I have a HP at work… I keep trying to convince my boss to get me the touch screen desktop… so far it hasn’t worked! lol We also don’t use Vista… I hate using it! I have windows XP at work.

  210. Patty… how funny I took computer programing classes also back 35 years ago. I thought I had signed up for classes to teach how to use one. It was not a pretty picture, I never did understand it. But give me one where I have to change the something on the inside and I am there.

  211. Adam,
    How come my comments don’t show up on your Fox blog???

  212. Sylvia: they all have to be approved before they show up.

  213. Good Morning.
    Looks like Max and I are the only ones up. Of course it’s about lunchtime in England and only 5:30 AM in Ohio. I’m the early bird.

  214. ‘morning everyone!

    Susan…did you enjoy the game???

    There’s a new little button down there *pointing down* The Notify me one.
    Has that always been there?

  215. Patty ~ I just saw that… I think it’s new!

  216. Gosh, I never noticed it until you said something.

  217. I noticed my comment on Adam’s Fox blog never came through. I think I won’t even bother to comment over there..

  218. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone and Happy Friday – yipee

    Becky – It is so hard to teach an old dog new tricks – Hubby wants a digital camera but I am still resisting the idea. I have no problems with my little throw aways. It took him about 3 years to convince me to get a computer. I fought it and fought it and after he bought everything, it just sat here because I refused to turn it on. (stubborn german). Finally, I did when he was at work and the rest is history. I am sooooo addicted to this box I turn it on as soon as I get up in the morning and I am on it all day long.

    Patty – Did ya do anything special for your anniversary?? Probably to cold for “jello” fun – LOL
    I think that little box is new too – who is gonna be the first to use it???

    Sylvia – On Adams other blog I posted 3 comments yesterday as soon as it came up and only 1 of my comments showed up – the 3rd one!!! Go figure. I cannot believe they cannot get that straightened out. Poor Adam, he is gonna think no one posts on that sight anymore.

    Susan – Know you are busy, busy, busy, but missed you yesterday. Hope to see you today.

    Morning to everyone else

  219. @Sylvia

    sad to say (about Onthescene), but welcome to the club.


    a very sleepy g’morning to All!

  220. phew, glad you all saw the little box too! Thought maybe its been there all along and i’ve just spaced it off! *L*

    It works…it sends a email everytime there is a new post. Not that it matters to me, it just as easy to hit reload!

    KC…we went for a steak supper. Rarely do we order steak out, but D@MN it was good!!!! πŸ™‚
    jello……….if i ever tell pat about that…i’ll be missing in action! hahahahaha

  221. LDG,

    At least I’m in good company!!!!

  222. Patty & KC,

    What’s with the jello or shouldn’t I ask???!!!!!

  223. Sylvia…you probably dont want to know πŸ˜‰

  224. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    firefox decided to update itself and in the process removed a few of my bookmarks …. :@

  225. our son used to use firefox avi..he seemed to have nothing but tech problems with it.

  226. What is firefox?

    Got to do some errands. Back later.

  227. h ttp://icanhascheezburger.com/2008/08/30/funny-pictures-has-located-your-file-and-is-attempting-to-retrieve-it/

    ^link disabled^

  228. I un-updated and back to the older version and now all my Bookmarks are back πŸ˜€

  229. Uh Oh—- need I say more?

    20:13 IDF strikes Iranian state TV station in Gaza (Haaretz)

  230. Morning—

    the game was soooooooooooo much fun!!! Not so much just watching the game but the four of us!!! I almost got Devon, 12, on the tele– the camera guy was by us with the cheerleaders and the game was at its last minute– so I asked him if by any chance the their was an opportunity to get Devon on tv would he do so~ and he said yes– but the game ended but Devon got to hear it all so he felt special– dang– it would have been cool to have had him on tv~ Plus a young couple came up to me and asked me if I would take a picture of them– and I did– but I found one of the stadium big guys walking by as I was taking the picture so I told this good looking couple we needed a shot of them with one of the big guys– So my story was to the Executive this young couple worked for Fox News and if it would be ok to have a picture of the three of them– he complied– and walked off after the shot– the three of us laughed and laughed and come to find out they do watch FOX and knew who Housley is! WAY FUN AND COOL LAST NIGHT!!!!!! Coyotes won- Ken had a great time with his nephew as his nephew triggered memories so there was therapy as well! I made Ken walk– no wheelchair last night– yay!!!!

    What is with that notification at the bottom? Well, dare me– it is there so I am going to put a check mark in the box– πŸ˜€


  231. How does one get rid of firefox? My computer one day had it where I no longer did just the internet explorer but I have to go through firefox and it is a pain in the a**? Go to control panel and disable? Someone know? Help!

  232. I see grammar and spelling mistakes in my posts– sorry– I will let you al mentally fix them– LOL

  233. susan..
    control panel
    add remove programs
    go down the list to firefox…click on time…a little button to the right should show up to remove it.

    Thats funny about the pic!!

  234. sylvia…firefox is another program used to browse the web….like internet explorer.

  235. *** sorry susan.
    a typo..
    it was supposed to say… click on ONE time (not a double click)

  236. thanks Patty–

    going to do that right now– I was on the news blog– adding my check to the notification after my post– LOL


    my one cat– Maru– Cat in the Hat’s back paw is swollen and he is walking on all three– could he have sprained it jumping on the wall? I called my vet and if it is not better by tomorrow, I will have to take him in– and he meows when I try to touch it– HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your outing at the game. About time you had some fun for once.
    Hope Maru is gonna be OK. Keep us posted. Wrap him gently in a bath towel (so he won’t scratch you) and try to get a look at his paw. Maybe he has a thorn or sticker in his pads. Just an idea

  238. YAY— BYE firefox–

  239. Firefox…I have had it for years and love it, I think that I have only had one tech problem and that didn’t take to much to fix. It has some features that Explorer doesn’t have, that I like. I don’t like Explorer, way to many virus’s.
    Susan….Glad that you all had a great time last night.

    Patty, Glad that you all had a nice anniversary.

    Adam, don’t forget to go to Brio in Vegas and tell Julia her mom and sister said hi.

  240. KC—

    I thought of that too– and I had a grip on him thinking he has a thorn– I need someone over here to hold him so I CAN look real closely– reading glasses!!! He is real sore there!

    I usually do have fun when I am not complaining— LOL

  241. OK—


    I am on a person hunt– πŸ˜€

  242. Patty—

    and congrats again for all those years!!!!! (migraines?)

  243. Susan…stick the cats head in a boot!!!! *EG*


  244. @Susan, presuming she has not just deleted all her internet access…

    Yes, “jelly-roll” him in a towel, then with one hand up by his head (to both control his position and let him know *you* are the one holding him), examine the pad carefully. It could easily be:

    (1) a badly broken claw. count them to be sure.

    (2) something stuck in or between the pads. you might find it.

    (3) a sprain or dislocation. you likely can’t tell by eye unless it is really bad.

    It might be:

    (4) a cut that has infected. you’ll see it if that is so.

    (5) a broken bone. major cat-noise when you move something.


    …it is (2) or (4): clean it as you would your own injury.

    …it is (1), (3), or (5): about the only thing you can do in the short term is a brief icepad (very small) for 5 minutes on, 5~10 off until the swelling goes down. This is VERY HARD to do.

    In any of the above cases, you are likely going to the Vet tomorrow. IF it seems to be (5) broken, you need go today.

    My sympathies to you and the kitties. Maru is going to hurt; Tama will be upset by the disorder; You are going to get the heck clawed out of you doing this.

    Be brave.

  245. nah, pat doesnt cause my migraines. The amazing part ….he never has a headache!! πŸ™‚

  246. @Patty

    re: in a Boot

    actually, not a bad idea. It is the back leg that needs attention.

  247. re “@Susan, presuming she has not just deleted all her internet access…”

    *LOL* that was funny!!!

  248. ldg…that comes from the farm….you do with what you have and boots are usually handy things! espeically when there are claws involved.

  249. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    LDG – Great advise

    Susan – good luck

    Patty – thanks – you reminded me we have not had steaks this week, so I took 2 p/houses out of the freezer for dinner tonight. Can’t decide tho if I want baked potato or baked yam with the steaks.

  250. i dont like yam. yuk!
    i’l take the tator….sour cream too please! and a little shredded cheddar never hurt! πŸ™‚

  251. @Patty

    Heh, glad you were amused. Thought you might like the Firefox picture joke above, also.

    farm wisdom is practical wisdom.

    Oh, and congrats on the wedding anniversary. Not sure how I missed that before. Silly me.


    right then, with work done for the “night”, I’m out of here until tomorrow. Be well and safe!

  252. Susan: Who are you hunting?

  253. Ldg…cute cartoon!
    i missed seeing it the first time around.
    That place has some cute stuff!

  254. @LDG and Patty–

    very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

    LDG– I don’t think it is broken~ but I did try compresses– I put on my most powerful reading glasses and with what I could do and see, I did not see anything…but it was just awful!!!!!!!!!!!! And with no help as there were very few people I could ask– the German was gone for the day and that would be about it for neighbor’s help– My hispanic friend watches kids so she could not take off– but he is seeming to let his foot down now but it is still swollen– so I might have to do a vet run tomorrow morning– after I give them a call-

    With you on that one, Patty– yuck to yams and sweet potatoes!!!

    Blahohprick, Governor Ill. impeached– yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now here is the twist– heard it on Lou Dobbs– when each was speaking in reference to Blahohprick being impeached, one lady said– How ironic Blahohprick would be impeached on the day of his friend’s birthday– Richard Nixon–

  255. oh LDG– AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tama is like not caring at all– if anything, he swatted Maru when Maru came to me earlier– Tama is the King here– no two ways about this! He is very possessive over me and it is a good thing Maru is gentle!!!! hiss!

  256. Maybe we should come up with another Japanese name for Tama? Like great ball of fire? πŸ˜€ He is something else— bien travieso! I will let you look that up– espaΓ±ol~ πŸ˜€

  257. where is LDG’s cartoon? the link that does not work? grrr!

  258. Help–

    I can’t open the links sent to me in the email because now I have restrictions due to this computer– all I did was remove firefox– was firefox the Big Brother over my links?


    Distress πŸ™„

  259. Question:

    What do Charles Barkley, Ryan O’Neil, and OJ Simpson have in common at THIS AGE of their lives?

    answer: stupidity aka arrogance


    What don’t Charles Barkley, Ryan O’Neil, and OJ Simpson have in common?


    The parents

    Results of the research concludes:

    It doesn’t matter where you come from, if you are just a natural a**hole, you will always be an a a**hole.

    Study concluded and put in the closed files~ πŸ˜€

  260. And on a more heavier note– can you believe the suicides because of the financial crisis?

    But if it had not been for Madoff’s swindling, two might be alive today–

    but on the flip side, I know I would not take my life– in their cases, all their monetary essentials were gone– but one bedroom apartments are still around and so is welfare~ so there is that sin again, LDG~ Pride-


  261. KC and LDG—

    I DID it! I PINNED Maru, Cat in the Hat, as he looks just like Mike Myers picture on the dvd of Cat in the Hat, because Maru looks like he has black eyeliner under his eyes in his predominant white face– LOL

    Anyhow, he was on the kitchen floor and I decided to just pin him down with my right hand around his neck and my left to check out the paw– the other way did not work because I was reacting to his reactions–

    This worked– my kitchen lights are real bright– I hate them so I never turn them on– I did tonight with my most powerful reading glasses on– and my tweezers just in case—- well, he had a splinter on his paw— And I yanked it out– he was not very happy! Some blood came out—

    Now– let’s see if this is the cause! πŸ˜€

  262. And as for Casey Anthony—- plzzz bunk her with Scott Peterson!!! As conjungal bunkies—- they can do it all day long and then decide how to discard the babies~ She has been given more frigging “advertising” than floss which is essential to healthy teeth!

    And Scott’s mommy and Casey’s mommy can all have visitation rights together in which these two women can discuss how innocent their children are~

    a prison love story as never seen before—- with the drama from parents in denial!

  263. @Susan

    re: Jan 9, 8:37 p.m.

    Way to go! Here’s hoping that was all it was.

    Y’all done good there.

  264. Susan ~ I watched some of the Blago coverage last night and I also saw his “speech” during Shep’s show and that was hilarious! Shep said that he needed the guy from Iraq to throw something at Blago! lol
    I am glad he is impeached now! Finally!

  265. @LDG–

    NOPE– no way to go~ He is going to the vets Monday morning @ 9:00 am– but keep hoping for a miracle– I would rather not have to spend anymore money at the vets for awhile– But if I have to, I will– I will just take away from Peter to give to Paul… πŸ˜€ He is in his house on the porch and he let me touch his paw without going ballistic— but it is swollen– I would not know how to live if I did not have distress– It is like I am being constantly tested to see if I will do the right thing– grrr!

    Maren, German, had sent me an email inviting me to her boy’s birthday party next Saturday– but instead of giving Jordan a present, she was asking all of us for donations for the Humane Society– I called her and basically said to her I was running my own Humane Society~ ALL by myself without any donations or help from anyone on this block and these cats are part of this neighborhood so no I would not donate to the humane society and being it is Jordan’s birthday, I would get Jordan a present– πŸ˜€ Give me a break~ Do you know how much cat food I buy? Believe me~ a lot– those four ferals out there are huge!!!!!!!!!!!! That cat trough out there is full— They all come and eat early and then throughout the night, they come and nibble– If she were doing what I am doing, believe me, I would help her with cat food as she would be the one doing us a Public Service— (trapping, fixing, feeding, and housing.) Some people have mush for brains!


    LOL to Shep!!! He is soooooooooooooooo funny— Now let me tell you what my bud, Anderson Cooper, said one day– When Blah got busted and Blah was being shown, Cooper said, “I wish he would do something with that hair.” Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My thoughts were expressed– what is with that Beach Boy look– he thinks he is so surfer looking– And I believe in his head he has extreme vainity issues– He needs to get over his aging and become more real with a update cut! LOL Imagine being married to that creep!!! But then his wife could be just as bad~ who knows and who cares! πŸ˜€

    And time for me to leave the soap box!!!!

    A good day @ all!

  266. Susan… about Blago’s hair. When we were in Illinois at the beginning of this mess, we were listening to the radio and someone said that he looked like a cabbage patch doll. That is funny. Also casey and scott jail mates… lol.

  267. Did any of you watch the commissioning of the cruise ship named for George H.W. Bush? It was so impressive. I will miss the Bush family.

  268. I meant to say aircraft carrier…I must have vacation cruises on my mind. Not that I’m going on one!!!

  269. Patty – Happy Anniversary (belated).

    just getting caught up on all the comments. Missed a lot of fun…..

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Will check back later.

  270. Sylvia ~ I didn’t see it but what’s funny is I read your first comment and didn’t even think about the fact you called it a cruise ship!

  271. Susan: Did you see the piece on F&F about the guy who had 180 cats?

  272. Max,
    How does anyone take care of 180 cats? I can’t imagine.

  273. Becky,
    You’re too young to blame it on “senior moment”. That’s my excuse for everything now. Before I reached “senior status” I had “Sylvia moments” which translates to “ditz”…..I’m not a blonde so I can’t use that excuse.

  274. Actually, someone once asked me if I was originally a blonde before I became a brunette. I can’t imagine why I was asked that question!!!!!

  275. Sylvia: With great difficulty, which was why they had to call in a rescue program, and the rescue program had to call in another one to help!

  276. Sylvia: The US Navy has 22 missile Cruisers left. One of the last Navies to use cruisers, so it is a type of war ship.

  277. ‘morning everyone.

    THnaks K2!

    Its tax time…yuk. Time to dig out the card table and all those papers from the desk.
    I really really dislike this chore.

  278. Thanks K2…thought I’d better try that again. My fingers haven’t woken up yet I guess.!

  279. Patty,
    It’s too soon for tax time. You have until April.

  280. Barb–

    Glad to see you have a sense of humor!!! LOL

    Max– that man with 180 cats must be wealthy- (?) and has help?

    For example– Harvey and Lydia were over yesterday and Harvey made mention he had heard on the local news one cat costs a thousand dollars a year for basic needs- (I think he was trying to tell me something) so I retorted with, “Well, Lydia spends that on two lamps.” (Which she does)
    I rest my case!!!

    @ldg— Maru is better today– I see it less swollen but I am going to take him to the vets just to be 100% sure– I don’t think it is broken because he can lift it up and he doesn’t scream in agony if I touch his paw– Frank is coming over later and he has good eyes so I am going to hold Maru and Frank is going to look in the paws for me– And Tama was having some fun early this morning as he gets up around 5:00 am and I ignore him– so he played with three water bowls– water everywhere!!! I went to Maru’s room this morning to get his food bowl and there was water everywhere– I then went to the dryer to get Tama’s bowl, as he eats on top of the dryer, water everywhere– and then I headed to the kitchen as there is a bowl of water there too, and water everywhere– none of the bowls were tipped over!!! πŸ˜€

    Sylvia– so what color is your hair? Mine is probably like Patty’s but I dye it a light brown which was my color two centuries ago– (dirty blonde, actually)…I want to let it grow out but it is long and it would look like crap– so I am thinking about having many small gray and silver streaks put in so when the roots come out it blends– I am tired of this dye thing– if people tell me I look old– too bad, so sad! πŸ˜€

    I do my taxes at the last minute– I don’t get a whole bunch back so when I do do them, it is around that time I need money– πŸ˜€ And at that, I am starting an emergency savings for vet bills– so tax will go for that–

    I wonder how the steaks turned out– KC?

    Sylvia– yes I did catch the new ship for the former President– when he had an interview with someone from Fox– I noticed he is left handed as well- I will definitely miss Mrs. Bush– she is a true lady!!!


  281. @Susan

    Best of news, that about Maru. Here’s hoping he gets the all-clear when a closer look is made.

    Oh, you mentioned above about the feral colony cats getting fat. Overfeeding is not a common problem, but one way to be sure is to measure and time… That would be to put out (for example) 4 portions of half-day ration for normal weight kitties at specifice times of the morning and late afternoon/evening. (DONT use the numbers on the food packages, they are inflated; ask your vet for a kCal vs. weight chart, then calculate the portion based on the caloric value of the food you use.) Then pay attention to how fast the food is gone, whether more cats might be eating than you planned for, and whether vermin or birds are stealing food. Adjust the portions accordingly to hit a maintenance level for the cats and they’ll likely be quite content… and you’ll like spend less money each week on food.

    Also, as the feral cats have become accustomed to your being the food source now, if the supply is greviously short, they will come to the food spot, search, and then meowl up a racket in complaint. Think of it as a food-shortage alarm.


    Please have a very fine day. I’m off to other duties for the night.
    ((waves; departs))

  282. LDG—

    They are not fat as in fat– huge– they have grown in size as a couple of them were not full grown yet– just like Tama– since I have had him, he is taller– and you are funny!!!! Why do you think Tama made a water mess? He was pissed off I did not get up and feed him right then and there!!! He and Maru eat three times a day– but not a lot– I give them one can of wet food to share in the morning– as pointing up above, yes, I started doing this– I use to give the trough two cans of wet food with the dry and I cut it back to one now– WC (white cat) started off as my first one– small and skinny– She is sooooooooo pretty now–

    I went on the news blog and saw on latest headlines– Chavez

    CARACAS, Venezuela β€” President Hugo Chavez said Saturday he may expel a top U.S. Embassy official for allegedly plotting against his government from Puerto Rico.

    Que locura!!!!


  283. oyasumi nasai @ LDG– xoxoxo

  284. Susan,
    I try to hide some of the gray with hi-lights and low-lights. These days it’s probably more low than hi. I was a brunette with a lot of auburn but the gray (which is mainly on the sides) has started to make my hair look less brunette.
    I do the low-lights to keep my hair from getting too light.

  285. Sylvia ~ Yes, I am too young for “senior moments” that’s where the blonde thing comes in handy! lol πŸ™‚

  286. Sylvia–

    hi and low lights– good idea!!

    @ldg– Reading the news here and I just saw a cute video– a cat wandered into a news station in Germany as the guy was doing the weather– he picked up the cat, held the cat, and finished doing the weather– πŸ˜€

  287. February is a must watch month-

    Chavez–The referendum β€” which may take place as early as February β€” could allow Chavez to run for re-election indefinitely.

  288. Becky–

    I forgot you were born in England– I think your mom mentioned this about a year ago or less when she first started posting on Adam’s old blog– (I went on your blog– cool t-shirt– I bet Max would like it!)


  289. Susan ~ Yep, I was… I am sure my mom mentioned it. I am glad you like the shirt!

  290. @Sylvia–

    I missed the Jan 7th post about your brother-in-law? Take a picture of your full refrigerator or a meal you are about ready to eat– a picture of your nice home- a picture of you guys relaxing and send it to him and tell him things are just great in your neck of the woods! LOL

  291. Becky–

    mine says I (heart) London— and it came via Max– sticking my tongue out at you! LOL

  292. or maybe he misses you and wants you to keep him company in Florida so he is coaxing you into thinking about doing winters there? πŸ˜€

  293. Oh yeah, I had fried okra today. I think i prefer it as part of a soup though.

  294. Max–

    fried okra is good–

    and Adam, if he ever comes back to visit…

    did you run into Stevie Wonder while in Vegas–

    NEW YORK – The craze for touch-screen gadgets, sparked by Apple Inc’s popular iPhone, is raising worries that a whole generation of consumer electronics will be out of the reach of the blind.

    Motown icon Stevie Wonder and other advocates came to the world’s biggest gadget fest, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, to convince vendors to consider the needs of the blind.

    and a gold star for Stevie Wonder for his purpose there!

  295. Susan
    Maybe they can make a braille touch screen. Modern technology is very creative.

  296. Adam Housley Says:


    Like I wouldn’t come back to visit. It’s only been two days and just because I don’t comment, doesn’t mean i don’t read! πŸ™‚ Besides, I had some condo work to do this weekend. I hung cabinets in the laundry, fixed a hole under the sink and did a ton of other chores. PLUS…I slept in! I am making my favorite list from the CES and I WILL post it here very soon. Gotta get it right and want to double check some stuff. AND….thank god for Stevie Wonder. I love his music and what he has done in his life. As for Okra….Max, my grandma loved it….I am not that hooked. But anything fried is eatable.


  297. Sylvia–

    that is what Stevie was trying to accomplish— in his case, he has been blind since when? Was he born blind? I have to go look that up– but, regardless, blind people deserve to have their eyesight recognized– worse thing is when someone who has had their eyes all their years lose it to some disease and then their whole world is upside down— been there– I witnessed my father’s slow demise because his eyes were gone after macular degeneration——– Wear the best sunglasses everyday, even if it is dreary outside! LOL

    Greta also experienced this with one of her parents as I read it on her blog way back when I use to go over there– I have not been there in months and months~

    But you would know this anyway– hubbie is a doctor~ πŸ˜€


  298. LOL to the man in the House!!!!

    Hung cabinets in the laundry? hmm? That would be for Milano’s special detergent and a place to put his winter wear?

    Sleeping in is way GOOD~ the batteries need to be recharged at every GIVEN opportunity!

    Stevie Wonder– you are way cool– recognizing and ID’ing good music from any era~ Music is medicine~ LOL ~ small or large doses, music is cool!

    I thought you had a hole under your sink months ago? Same hole or different one? πŸ˜€

    CES? Adam, dear, don’t make any promises you can’t keep within reasonable time~ I am so guilty of this~ LOL and πŸ˜€

    Speaking of grease, whatever happened to Shaffer? That one thread which was on your old blog, when you were in the United Kingdom, which he wrote about lamb fat or whatever he had to eat with the big guys there in Iraq, which made him puke afterwards, was the most disgusting thread but the funniest!!!!!!

    When he wrote while sitting with those whatever they are called, Sheiks, as I just know them as a**holes, and having to eat with them, to be subjected to their manners because this is the job; that guy had all that fat over the sides of his mouth~ Robert went outside and puked in front of some kids and felt bad about it~

    That was one of the most disgusting stories I had read but one of the funniest— tell him hello from me– He was working out of Washington~ Is he still with FOX?

    And this is how I remember him! LOL

  299. I am trying to find that story— but I found the first one as a introduction~

    Shaffer in Iraq
    by Adam Housley

    I have been meaning to do this for some time and now have gotten the chance. I am taking a couple of weeks vacation and WILL be adding posts and pictures from my trip. But I have also gotten a good friend and Fox Seattle producer Robert Shaffer to contribute. Shaffer and I have worked together all over the globe, including in Thailand for the tsunami, he now heads back to Iraq for his third tour of duty. I am really looking forward to his daily dispatches. He’ll have time to write and he can write….always a good thing. He will also respond to some of your comments and questions. Shaffer was there when Saddam was captured and has been in Baghdad and around the countryside during three distinctly different times in Iraq.

    (March– 2008)

    Adam– are you going to take another vacation? πŸ˜€

    You forgot to send K2

  300. I am trying to find that story— but I found the first one as a introduction~

    Shaffer in Iraq
    by Adam Housley

    I have been meaning to do this for some time and now have gotten the chance. I am taking a couple of weeks vacation and WILL be adding posts and pictures from my trip. But I have also gotten a good friend and Fox Seattle producer Robert Shaffer to contribute. Shaffer and I have worked together all over the globe, including in Thailand for the tsunami, he now heads back to Iraq for his third tour of duty. I am really looking forward to his daily dispatches. He’ll have time to write and he can write….always a good thing. He will also respond to some of your comments and questions. Shaffer was there when Saddam was captured and has been in Baghdad and around the countryside during three distinctly different times in Iraq.

    (March– 2008)

    Adam– are you going to take another vacation? πŸ˜€

    You forgot to send K2 her special greeting from you last vacation where we were trying to guess where you and she guessed correctly~ as this was to be the prize for the winner! πŸ˜€

  301. oops– I made a visible mistake— “from you last vacation,” should read, “from YOUR” πŸ˜€

  302. DANG— sorry about that first incomplete post– and then the repeat with the finish— LOL– (it is my cat’s fault.) He just is sooooooooo annoying! He just loves jumping up here when I am here!


  303. sorry about the duplicate of posts– 0ne incomplete and the other finished– this cat is soooooo annoying– as soon as I get on the computer, up he jumps and there goes the keyboard! πŸ˜€

  304. My 7:08 post did not show up so I typed again another at 7:!0 and these two showed up–

    sorry for repetition—


  305. @LDG–

    (3) a sprain or dislocation. you likely can’t tell by eye unless it is really bad

    I am going for this one–

    Frank, neighbor, came over today and I held Maru, Cat in the Hat, and Maru was not screeching like a banji (spelling?) when Frank touched and looked at his paw– but meow!

    Better safe than sorry– I am taking him to the vet tomorrow, temprano, en la maΓ±ana!


  306. You guys and your pussy cats!
    Good ole farm cats dont need all that attetnion! πŸ™‚


  307. correction……..**attention!
    (stupid fingers!)
    Guess that is a sign that it is time for bed!
    ‘nite all!

  308. @Patty

    re: good ole farm cats

    Clearly the problem is not an excess number of cats, but a shortage of farms.

    How long do your kitties live, roughly?

    For comparison: House-only well-managed cats are often healthy to about 16~18 years. 12 years is considered a youthful demise. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Outdoor-only feral cats in a sub-urban environment usally die by age 3 (but not before having ~2 litters of descents) most commonly of disease, malnutrition, or human-origin accidental death.

    @Adam Housley

    Welcome back, and glad you got a day to get your feet back under you.

  309. Good Morning,

    I’ve never had cats so I can’t comment on this topic. Always been around dogs.

  310. ‘morning all.

    LDG.. It was supposed to be a play on words. Oh well.

    Our cats are far from malnutrition….besides cat food, dog food, they have much nature supplied in the hay sheds/cow barns….buffet style…..mice. Also the birds they can outsmart.
    We prefer the cats are not “tamed”. Although for years, with the kids around there was nothing to control that. With 2 girls that were cat lovers, they would have the most wild of them tamed, it was a game to see who could touch them first. Also, when milk was free choice, they came from miles around! You didn’t dare put a ungloved hand down to the milk dish.
    Now, its just the way we prefer. They are wild cept a few that seem to grow on us during the warmer months. It is to their benefit and ours! The tame will be the first to be captured by the foxes and the coyotes, they will also be the first to be run over on the highway that is a few 100 ft away. The tame will also be the first that wont stay out of the garage. I wont tolerate them running in every-time i take the van. That’s pretty much been solved tho, we moved all food to the shed.
    As far as age, there are a few that have been there since the girls were young.

  311. @Patty

    ah ha… there was a method to your “pussy” cats lead-in. Heh.

    as to the rest, that makes some sense. You’ve got the classic symbiotic situation, where the wild-ish cats can accept shelter and basic food when they want to, and you get some very fine vermin-control officers.

    It sounds like “forage fodder” is just fine for them too, given their longevity.

    Thanks for the information!

  312. Adam: yeah, anything fried is good. What’d be fun is to do a whole range of fried food for a party and then end it with deep fried icecream.

  313. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good Morning everyone – Can’t believe it is Monday again!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend

  314. KC..monday sure seems to roll around a lot faster lately!

  315. this is a test to see if the website link also throws into moderation.

    ldg…under my name (if it worked)
    an old slide show that shows pics of the cats.

  316. ahha! it worked!

    So instead of broken links…use the “website” blank. It posts straight through.
    Just don’t forget to remove it for the next post πŸ˜‰

  317. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Boy, ain’t that the truth!! Hubby and I were just commenting last evening how fast the weekends fly by. My mom always use to say, the older you get, the faster the days fly by and as usual she was right!!

    Oh by the way, thanks, we had a delicious steak dinner friday night. When you mentioned baked tater with sour cream and cheddar cheese, it reminded me of Paula Deans twice baked potatoes so that is what we fixed. Sooo good filled with the sour cream, cheese, and shrimp. We ended up making a chipolte sauce for our steaks, the twice baked potatoes with shrimp, then we sliced some tomatoes and topped with balsamic vinegar and shredded mozarella cheese. It all was sooo good.

  318. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Wow – now that is a home full of cats – bet you don’t have any mouse problems around there. Love the racoon – can’t believe they all get along.

  319. Oh wow…that sounds wonderfu KC!!!
    My biggest weekness..is tators. Love em, dont care how they are fixed, just gotta have ’em!! I’ve never heard of adding shrimp…*day dreaming now*!!!

  320. YAY FOR LDG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KISSES TO YOU!!!! CHEERS!!!

    Sylvia– I have always been a dog person but as for animals, I am an animal lover– if these had been dogs out there asking for help, I would have taken them in– but this was a cat thing so I now am a cat owner and let me tell you, if you watch the behavior of a cat as each seems to have their own personality, they are very entertaining as well as loving as they are quite smart to figure out who takes care of them and they do bond as a dog would to one– kind of interesting to watch and distinguish– but regardless of my love for cats, even if I hated cats, I would not let one suffer– πŸ˜€

    LDG– JUST got back– a drop in your bucket, Adam’s, Sylvia’s, and anyone else here on the blog who is wealthy, but a splash in Patty’s and my bucket~ $388.00— exam, x rays, and a new type of way of giving antibiotics to animals– a shot which is lasting for two weeks– (which I did not even question the price– as a matter of fact, the vet, who is use to hearing me ask, “how much is this going to cost?” did not get that from me today- For whatever he said he had to do, I said~ Go for it!

    (abscess, BTW) —

    Dang KC– that dinner sure sounds good! πŸ˜€

    @all– and a good day to all!!

  321. ah shucks…for 200 i would have soaked his foot in epson salt and you’d have saved 188 bucks susan!

  322. Patty: I’m not much of a potatoe person, but the best is a german potato pasta thing fried. It’s potato mixed with some flour (it’s basically like gnochi if you know that), but fried till golden brown. It’s so good, espeically with cream gravy.

  323. For you bloggers who like fried food….had fried fish and French fries for lunch…..a rare lunch out with Larry. Now we wait for our arteries to harden…but dam it was good.

  324. sylvia *L*
    long johns??

    Max…never heard of it.
    Pats mom used to fry left over mashed potatoes. I Loved them!

  325. @Patty

    Thank you for the slide show! You’ve got a great bunch there, including the felonious-looking fellow (no, not Pat; the furry one with the mask).

    (and you just *try* to hold a cat’s foot in an Epson salt bath… you’d earn every penny of that $200… LOL)


    You did great, but OUCH that was some seriously expensive care. Abscesses, if still active infections, are a real problem to recover from. I do hope that treatment is worth the trouble (and cost).

    So, you accepting $ donations, or do I have to send you a *huge* bag of dried fish?

    @All you fried food fiends…

    I had a spectacular tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet, thick chop off a roast) for Sunday evening dinner. It is considered a local specialty as this region is sort of the bacon-belt of Japan.

    Pretty much anything cooked Tenpura (Tempura-style) is great: fish, vegies, pork… but there are no-none-nada places in all of Japan that do Southern (U.S.)-style catfish fry… ((forlorn look))


    Hope you are having a fine day, and see you on the ‘morrow.

  326. Patty,
    Liked the slide show. Where did you get the tame masked bandit?

  327. ahhh LDG…we had catfish saturday night!
    Our American Legion does it once a month. All you can eat, $7.00!

  328. And how much did you eat?

  329. the vision of cat and water reminds me of a “lil pat” story.

    They used to sell fish bait at the farm. Minnows, nightcrawlers, etc. The minnow were in a huge (milk) stainless steel bulk tank outside under the tree. When Mr Pat was lil his mom couldnt find him, so she went out side to see where he was. He was at the bulk tank with a new batch of kitties. He’d grab one and throw it in…and say out loud….swim tittie!! If it was lucky, it made it out the other side, if not….he’d just grab anther!
    I can imagine with 12 kids his mom and dad pretty much “saw it all”!!!

    He was also found with the chickens. Sticking their head in the bowl of grain saying “eat you dumb chicken”….if they didnt, he hit them in the head with a rock!

    He was sure hard on the critters! Maybe thats why he’s such a softy now?? *L*

  330. Sylvia, we had ours delivered. So in one of those square carry out styrofoam thingies…i ate about 1/2 of what was in there.
    I gave pat my salad…..room for more fish that way! πŸ™‚

  331. Patty: click my name. They are called Schupfnudeln. Which is fun to say.

  332. max..it sounds like the fried mashed, just shaped into french fry slices. I wont even begin to “say” it.

  333. I’m going to J-town tomorrow for a school trip .. so I will have hopefully cool pics =] worst part we are meeting at 6:45 am 😦 ughhhh hate waking up early lol

  334. Sylvia…the “bandit”. We raised her. Actually, while the kids were growing up, we had one about every year. Then there was a rabies scare around here, so we stopped. One of Kat’s friends brought us “baby” before her eyes were open, he thought we needed someone to keep us company. πŸ™‚
    Pat is so dedicated, he gets up every 4 hrs and feeds them. I’d have to go home from work at lunch to feed them. Lots of work!! Usually in the fall, they leave and go back to the wild to do what they are supposed to do…make more babies. This Baby was the first time ever, that one came back 18 mths later!! It was SO awesome to see her again! She was in the hay shed one night, we know it was her cause she snarfed down her favorite…marshmellows, and went right up to the rafter where she used to sleep. She was wild enough that we couldnt touch her, but still tame enough that she didnt run from us either. So we just kept our distance.

  335. Patty, yeah, it’s so good, I’m going to go to the German deli this week and get some. It’s so much fun! (incase you hadn’t noticed I love my food).

    Shoep (like shoe and soup combined)
    F (as in the F in “Fork You!”)
    German isn’t too different from English. It’s mostly English, just spelt how it’s pronounced.

    Avi: I love early mornings. My days seem twice as long.

  336. Avi…Im surprised they will still do school trips right now. Isnt that a lot of risk for the school?

  337. LDG…does the Princess cook Chinese?

  338. LOL

  339. oops– cat assistance here!

    LOL to LDG for trying the cat down to soak …. You should see my hands!
    and dried fish is a good idea!

    tempura– yes– and yes!!!

    I have to check out the slide show!

  340. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ @ Patty–

    I had seen Bandit before but I had forgotten about him– soooo cute– your front yard looks like mine– with all the critters!!! GOOD JOB, PATTY! HUGS!

  341. OOPS— Bandit is a Bandita– sorry!

  342. Max aka chef! πŸ˜€

    Catfish is good– farm style! LOL

  343. farm raised style– I guess that is how one says it?

  344. Susan: I don’t think i’ve ever had catfish, not seen it on sale (at least not knowingly).

  345. @Patty

    re: “…does the Princess cook Chinese?”

    Foxy knows a couple of nice bits of Chinese-style cooking, but they aren’t authentic. Local influence changes them a bit, just like in the U.S.

    I am pretty competent with Hunan and Sichuan cooking, and can do a lot with Mongolian and Manchurian dishes if I can get the spices.

    Why do you ask?

    (oh, and bravo on the wild rescue-release. That is hard to do well, and it sounds like Pat is a pro at it now.)


    Ok, dry fish it shall be… you are about to be *really* popular with your restaurant customers, hehhehhehheh.


    Have you ever had Tench? It is a similar taste when cooked. None the less, once you hit the U.S. again, do keep an eye out for fried catfish and give it a try. I particularly recommend deepfried cornmeal (often called “hushpuppies”) as a side dish.


    and a cheery g’morning all around!

  346. LDG ~ Hushpuppies are GREAT!!!!

    Morning everyone!

  347. ‘morning all.

    Max, you must eats at Long John Silvers!!!
    πŸ™‚ fish and the hushpuppies that LDG mentioned.

    LDG..oops I meant Foxy! Glad you knew who i was talking about!
    I asked cause Pat and I love chinese and have been tinkering with it. Although the sauces we just cant get right. Im sure its cause i dont have access to some things.
    I make shrimp egg foo yung (sp?), we love it, but its far from resturaunt taste. I searched the net…didnt really find a recipe that would change what i do.

  348. LDG… Hush puppies with BBQ is really good. We dip the hush puppies in the sauce and it is great.

  349. we use malt vinegar for our hushpuppies

  350. Patty ~ YUM! I am hungry now and lunch is still two and half hours away! lol

  351. Becky…long johns is 1 1/2 hrs from here!!!
    Nothing even close in the lil town.

  352. I don’t do catfish, but hushpuppies are good. Grits is another story…ugh.
    Maybe I should get Max into Jewish soul food….brisket, kugel, matza ball soup.

    I like Chinese, Thai, and Japanese food. Have even had Korean food that was good….as long as it’s not too spicy. We have every ethnic food restaurant possible in Cincy. Some restaurants are better than others. Some are Americanized. The Mom and Pop ones tend to have 2 menues…authentic and Americanized.

  353. Patty… the bbq sauce we get is a tomato-vinegar based sauce, I don’t like the sweet sauces. The vinegar tang adds to the flavor of the hush puppies. Speaking of lunch, I have to go and get the meat loaf started.

  354. @Patty

    I know very little about egg foo yung, as that is an Americanized dish, but if I recall rightly the hard part is the sauce. You know, it just might be available prepared from a chinese grocery supply…


    Anyone know a place that ships to order that might help Patty out?

  355. Morning–

    @LDG— speaking of which, I need to get your stuff out one day=the first week of February—-

    I worked at a restaurant while going to school called Catfish Charlie’s~ He has one or had one in Vegas which was his first– very interesting experience as 99% of the patrons were black- I felt like I was in the deep South at times– their biggies were the hushpuppies, Farm feed Catfish and Southern style Catfish– along with okra et al~

    I met many players for the Suns and Cardinals– Eddie Johnson was one of them along with his wife, beautiful as she was a model at one time, his kid, and mom– they use to ask for me– And I also met my very dear friend at the time, Rayfield Wright~ Captain for the team at one time=Dallas Cowboys– I had a lot of fun while working there~

    And now for the morning news– I need a Board of Examiners here–

    Maren, German, who I butt heads with all the time, called me this morning to remind me of Jordan’s birthday party on Saturday, which I am not going to because I am going over to Lydia’s and Harvey’s as Lydia is a great cook and I won’t pass up her food– much more quiet than sitting around a few families with mucho kids running around– πŸ˜€ And her son, Jordan, is a brat when she is around~but never with me when I babysit him~ I have been to a couple of these birthday parties and Jordan is a true brat!!! Very annoying and Ken hates it!

    Well, this was her excuse to call me– but while she was at it she asked me if I gave the feral cats water~ She said she has never seen water outside– ?????????????????????? Where the hell is she looking? At my entrance there is a big bowl of water which I change throughout the day as the birds crap in it!!!

    I don’t leave food out there during the day

    I don’t want the ferals hanging out here during the day because I have a neighbor directly across the street who hates animals and a neighbor directly next door to me who have me grief about a cat using their yard for a toilet~ as to which I check first thing in the morning to see if there is anything there and if so I sneak on the yard and pick it up~ So I don’t encourage the cats to hang out here– during daylight hours– the Siamese does but he sleeps under a bed in a bush which can not be seen from the street~ LOL and he gets a bit of food in the morning and nothing more until late afternoon…. But there is ALWAYS water out there!

    (I also know how a soldier feels when trying to hide an animal while on duty) πŸ˜€

    Well, I asked her why she was asking me this and she said because the orange lion cat was drinking out of her fountain yesterday– the fountain is in her front yard.

    I snapped– I asked her if she was telling me this because she didn’t want the cat over there drinking water? And if so, let me remind her these are not my cats~

    (Now this is the vegetarian- the one who asked for donations for the Humane Society, and buys all sorts of gizmos from those sites to save the animals…)

    I reminded her how when she and her family return from trips and I have taken care of their animals, how there are two bowls of water in the kitchen for her two dogs as to her one she leaves, water in the back for the dogs as to when I let them out, and her cat’s bowl is full– so why would I not have water outside–

    She stammered and apologized and kept using the lame excuse of not ever seeing water out here-

    No– that is not it– she doesn’t want the cat over there!!! I should have asked did she leave any food out there for it?

    And my two neighbors who don’t like animals are religious zealots–

    Issue here– Hypocrisy–

    I rest my case! πŸ˜€

  356. @LDG—

    Maru is sooooooooooooooooo much better today– BTW– the two week shot as I looked at the bill this morning is Convenia– I am going to go look it up right now!


  357. I wonder if this New Year 2009 thread is going to hit the 2010? LOL

    At least Adam could take a picture of his cabinets and post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  358. CONVENIA does not undergo hepatic metabolism and the majority of a dose is excreted unchanged in urine.

    This is good to know— (as others are so hard on the kidneys)

  359. Adam–

    I DO want to see a picture of your cabinets~ anyone else here?

  360. and liver… added on to the hard on the kidneys— forgot the liver…

  361. We use… (you’ll love the way i write this out…i dont measure the stuff! *L*)
    5 eggs
    4 tbls of soy sauce
    1 can of bean sprouts, drained
    small can (the little 1/2 cans) or fresh mushrooms, cut up small
    about 1 C or so of chopped fine broccoli
    about 1/2 to 1 C or so of chopped green onion
    cooked shrimp..(we buy frozen and they are the large ones)…enough to cover a lrg dinner plate. I cute each about 3 times.
    Stir it all together….use a soup ladle and fry in non stick skillet…patties about the size of a latge cup saucer, turning once.

    Then we use the envelopes of pork gravy with 3 tbls of soy sauce. (makes 1 cup)

    Then we eat till we could bust! *LOL*

  362. that sounds pretty good— I would use Gyoza as a dipping sauce for the patties— I might try this one day– thank you!!!

  363. Marie sent this to me– LOL AND LOL– I just LOVE #3 & 6

    $eeing the meltdown on a lighter note!

    1. The US has made a new weapon that destroys people but keeps the building standing. It’s called the stock market – Jay Leno

    2. Do you have any idea how cheap stocks are? Wall Street is now being called Wall Mart Street – Jay Leno

    3. The difference between a pigeon and a London investment banker. The pigeon can still make a deposit on a BMW.

    4. What’s the difference between a guy who lost everything in Las Vegas and an investment banker? A tie!

    5. The problem with investment bank balance sheet is that on the left side nothing’s right and on the right side nothing’s left.

    6. I want to warn people from Nigeria who might be watching our show, if you get any emails from Washington asking for money, it’s a scam. Don’t fall for it – Jay Leno

    7. President Bush’s response was to meet some small business owners in San Antonio last week. The small business owners are General Motors, General Electric and Century 21 – Jay Leno

    8. What worries me most about the credit crunch is that if one of my checks is returned stamped ‘insufficient funds’, I won’t know whether that refers to mine or the bank’s.

  364. Susan…ask her if she sits on the porch with a bb gun and shots the birds that drink from her fountain.
    I would think if you didnt want anything drinking from the fountain….youd take down the fountain! *L*

  365. #6 is funny!!!

  366. Susan ~ I would like to see pictures of the cabinets… πŸ™‚

  367. Susan ~ those are hilarious!!!

  368. @Susan

    Yay for Maru feeling better!

    not going to “go there” on the neighbor’s fountain story, other than to say if she was stammering out the answers, you got your message through.

    re: gyoza … those would be “potstickers” (chinese dumplings). I think you mean gyoza tare, the sauce that is usually served for dipping them. It is 2 parts Soy Sauce, 1 part Rice Vinegar, add spicy Red Pepper Oil to taste.


    That certainly sounds delicious, Patty. I may just give those a try here. Thanks!

  369. Patty—

    my thoughts too~ about the fountain— I was soooo irked—- and then trying to play me for stupid~~~ grrr! She does not really like me as we are too strong for each other’s personalites– but she needs me as I am the one she can trust completely when it comes to her trips and watching the house and animals– and also last minute babysitting as her kids like me– and they are soooo well behaved with me– And I like her husband a lot!!!! He was the one who took the pictures when I did my memorial for Tatiana and Carlos at the Wildlife Zoo…. and he helped me with Maru– he is a good guy…. And she is on to this as if she needs a favor, she has Frank call– sly like a fox! πŸ˜€

  370. I need to go to Trader Joe’s and have them change their label–

    Gyoza Dipping Sauce is what I have–

    soy sauce, rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, cilantro and crushed red pepper are the ingredients over here! πŸ˜€

    I love sesame oil— I make pasta and just put the sesame oil in it and I eat as is!!!!

  371. yay for Becky– two of us who want to see cabinets–

    and a more deeper tone– how is your grandfather (?) or Steve’s dad (?)–

    and the loss of your friend– soooooo sad! xxxxxx

  372. I’ve had hushpupies and grits.

    Patty: You should go for some authentic chinese dishes like fried pig ear, click my name for a page of recipes.

  373. And last one for awhile– time to get busy— Maren’s call at 7:00 am put me into high gear! LOL

    Here is a karma story as I don’t know how else to put it–

    I went to Safeway yesterday afternoon and I buy one dollar scratch tickets when I go to the grocery stores– it is what I call my Vegas gambling– I had a winning ticket of two dollars– LOL – It has been sitting in the car for weeks so I decided to cash it in yesterday and I bought two more one dollar tickets– one was a $5.00 & the other $10.00— and guess what I bought? More cat food– And one powerball ticket– so all of you do a dance for the Money Gods with me in mind– and if I win, you know I will share!!! (Adam gets NADA!) πŸ˜†

  374. Patty: Also, always use fermented soy sauce, it’s more authentic, and doesn’t have any protoestrogens to mess with your hormone balance.

  375. Susan ~ Thanks for asking… Grandfather is okay at the moment. I heard he is doing better. I will keep you posted!
    It’s been a sad week losing my friend I had not seen him in several years b/c I left Hawaii but, I was kept in touch by some of my friends through facebook. He will be missed! He was a wonderful man and his wife is great as well!

  376. I never thought of mail order LDG! Duh me!
    Guess I need to go on a search later today!
    πŸ™‚ Thanks!

    Never heard of Gyoza sauce…hummmm. We’ll try most anything once!

  377. Speaking of food– you know the food channel where that guy goes to these different places on the globe and eats the most disgusting things– I never watch it to the fullest as I have a weak stomach because my mind envisions too much– yesterday, while flipping the channels, I saw he was somewhere where guinea pigs are a delicacy— and at this one restaurant, the guinea pigs are in a bin and one gets to pick out which one they want to eat– I got as far as the bin and I did not even want to see the rest!

    I would rather go eat mud pies with the Haitians than eat a guinea pig!!! And to pick it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  378. ahhhh to Becky– it sure does shed a light on how short life is! 😦

  379. Max…mess with these hormones at 40 +…that might be a good thing! *L*

    Becky…Im sorry about your friend ;-(
    I hadnt heard that.

  380. Patty—

    if you can’t get it there, I WILL send you a bottle of it! and maybe a few more from Trader Joes– do you have a Trader Joes there?

  381. Susan: When my cousin was in south America she had some, she thought it was delicious until she found out what it was.

  382. Patty–

    she left it on my wall– I didn’t get to my wall last night as I have to type it in the search now– I use to be able to just click and get right on when there was a notification someone wrote on the wall– it must have been the firefox connection?

  383. @Susan

    guinea pigs

    …hm, I thought you had a time living in Peru, yes? Said delicacy, under the correct name of Cuy, is the national dish of tribals in the Andes of Peru. Ecuadorian, Bolivian and Colombian Andes as well.

  384. @ Patty–

    I am a sauce person– I love to try the sauces from all over…. I will make top ramen and leave out their spices aka salt and throw in a sauce as I am always experimenting– and different salad dressings– I bought an Asian Toasted Sesame dressing the other day and ate it with avocado– it was pretty good! πŸ˜€

    Ken DOES NOT like any of this stuff– he still kept his memories from what foods he liked prior– he hates vegetables– anything which is green– is ok with mexican food– (My favorite) and if anything looks different, he will not eat it– so we have two different diets going on here! πŸ˜€

  385. Susan: What sort of things does Ken like?

  386. Cuy—

    that is the word!! It was Cuy’s restaurant—

    trust me– while there I never ate any of that!!!!! My mom did the cooking and she kept it pretty standard as to American cooking– she would have freaked at that too! But then she ate pickled pigs feet, Polish in her, cow’s tongue, in Mexico, and steak Tartar was her favorite– I was the oddball in the family– my meat had to be so well done without blood on the plate, and I would never eat any of her craves!!! I usually went next door to eat with my Mexican neighbors– and if I was forced to eat any of her food, I would spit the food out in a napkin, when she wasn’t looking, and hide it in a crevice under the table’s top and get it out later– true story!!!!

  387. Max–

    Hamburgers and pizza!!!!!

  388. eggs, bacon, sausage– your type of eating—

    He gets to eat these– but it is not everyday– (diabetes– cholesterol– as his cholesterol is 174 and the LDL and HDL are at where they are supposed to be) —- He does like fruit– the traditional fruit– kiwi’s and those type–nope)

  389. @LDG—

    If I ever ate Cuy, someone forgot to telll me! πŸ˜€

    It was a big battle at home with my eating habits! expecially steak and blood! still eat it very well done!

  390. well, this was fun– did we get the world’s problems solved? Or are we going to start our own Food Channel here? πŸ˜€

    @ a great day to all!!!!

    Becky– I will do some praying for your grandfather– I bet he hates being at the hospital– ahhhh!

  391. Susan..you use outlook express for your email right?

  392. Patty ~ It’s okay… I really didn’t say much b/c I found out about my grandfather and Kevin on the same day! Most of my friends that knew him well have posted remembrances and notes about him on facebook.
    Yes, a sad week but, as Susan said in an earlier post it makes one realize how short life is and to live it to the fullest everyday!

  393. @LDG—

    Life in South America for me~ childhood memories– some good, some bad– getting stung by jellyfish in Cartagena– monkies everywhere when we were doing a boat thing in the Amazon- screeching monkies! shrills!
    that type of thing– no food memories– Praise the Food Gods! πŸ˜€

  394. yes Patty– tell me quickly what to do so I don’t have to go through all that to get to facebook-

  395. Thank you Susan! Yes, he hates it… he’s truly a grumpy old man! I give him a hard time about that too (in a fun, joking way)… I love him dearly but, he’s grumpy! lol

  396. oops– monkeys—

  397. open outlook express
    under “tools”
    then “options”
    then click once on the “security” tab at the top

    “internet zone” should be checked.
    “warn me when other applications..blah blah blah”…should be checked.

    those are the only 2 that should be checked.
    then hit “ok” all the way back out.

    maybe that will help.

  398. I would be grumpy too in a hospital– it is like being locked up but scarier as you are there because you are sick–

  399. @Susan

    No worries. Even many of the natives in such places don’t eat “traditional foods”.

    Case in point:

    Foxy grew up in a part of Japan famous for Fresh Seafood (served raw) and the local type of Rice. She eats…

    …neither. Pretty much rules out going to a sushi restaurant.

    I have to braise (or grill) fish to get her to eat it, and her preferred rice is from a different part of the country entirely.

  400. gracias amiga–

    going to go do that now!!!


    let me know about the sauce thing– I WILL send you some!

  401. susan…you may have to close outlook and then reopen it to have the new settings take effect.

  402. @Becky

    My sympathies and commiseration. That is all hard.

    Good thing *you* aren’t getting grumpy.

  403. Foxy and Susan— nope– no sushi for me– you can give me the sauces– Rosie, my neighbor, makes ceviche every week-end– I don’t eat it because she doesn’t let it even marinate for awhile– maybe ten minutes in the lemon and then they eat it– I have been over there when she has made it and then asked me ten minutes later if I want some– πŸ˜€

  404. raw fish will never touch this mouth! EVER!

    although i would pay about anything to have a real lobster…not one that has been in a midwest freezer for years!!!

  405. ok–

    headed out– to try Patty’s suggestion– or help–


  406. Susan ~ I don’t eat sushi either!
    LDG ~ LOL I am doing my best to stay on the not grumpy side of things! πŸ™‚

  407. @ldg–

    I bought some rice the other day–It is a combination of brown rice, whole oats, red rice, black “forbidden” rice– (so I can try this out when Danielle comes to visit me) —

  408. Adam likes sushi!

  409. Susan, i’ll do some checking for the sauces and stuff. I know my store doesnt have it, but there is another store here in town. I just never go there.

    Sis could probably find me the “fix’ins” in Topeka too.

  410. @All you non-sushi-ers

    Considering I can tolerate the Khmer Rouge diet (that would be the infamous siege cuisine of “Bugs, Bark, Lizards and Leaves”) and actually thought a Panama Picnic (that would be an Iguana and a 6-pack of Beer) was not bad…

    …perhaps I have a rather wider acceptance of food-sources than some here.

    ((silly grin))

    It seems almost stranger *to me* that I actually care about fancy cooking, and enjoy doing it, these days.

  411. I just finished lunch and now I’m seeing all thus food stuff…I don’t do sushi.
    I did have Ahi (tuna) in Hawaii which was almost raw. The inside was very rare but at least the outside was grilled.

    We had Alaskan King Crab in Anchorage…now that was as fresh as you can get.

  412. LDG…I think I’m getting ill just reading your last comment.

  413. LDG: I enjoy eatting “strange” foods. But you have to remember the sushi in the west is different to in Japan. The rice used here has no flavor and is very glutinous. So the experience is very different.

  414. Patty,
    Kroger’s has live lobster in a tank…..I would never take home a live anything and eat it.

  415. Sylvia…I think i need a krogers!

  416. Patty,
    I could not handle that lobster and put it in boiling water. Yuck.

  417. @Sylvia

    sorry, Ma’am. Didn’t mean to upset.

    I must say both Ahi and King Crab are superb choices of entree.


    The glutinous part is normal; most all short-grain rice is that way. However…

    The word sushi is derived from the older term for vinegar’d rice, so if there is no taste to the rice “ball” part of nigirizushi (sushi of fish/shellfish pieces on rice), then somebody is doing it *very* wrong.

  418. I am going to watch Papillon again— now here is the epitome of what disgusting is to eat to survive!!!

    Patty– did not work– I just called my brother as I can’t even open links in my emails!!! grrr! restricted it reads!

    Krogers is Fry’s here–

    Patty– just because Adam eats sushi, doesn’t mean I will eat it… LOL I am totally not an Adam groupie!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ And if Adam pierces his tongue, I am not doing that one either! πŸ˜€


  419. Susan…pat likes to watch that guy that does the God awful foods. I do not!

    sylvia…you deliver that lobster…i’ll cook for ya! haha

  420. ok susan…let me type out someting else for you

  421. @LDG—

    Your wider acceptance of food is probably somewhat due to military time?

  422. or it made you more macho to try these?

  423. susan..
    on your computer…
    Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
    Double-click the Internet or Internet Options icon, and then click Programs.
    Make sure that the Internet Explorer should check to see if it is the default check box is selected, click Apply, and then click OK.
    Open Internet Explorer, and then click Yes when you receive the following prompt:
    Internet Explorer is not currently your default browser. Do you wish to make it the default?
    Links in e-mail messages should then open Internet Explorer.

  424. JDG: That’s kinda what this Japanese woman I met told me, (as you know, when I don’t know what to talk about I go to food), she found the sushi here unappetizing because of that.
    They normally have plain rice, fish in the middle and some soy sauce on the side.

  425. @LDG– you can eat the sushi– and I will,in small doses, do the wasabi—

  426. Susan,

    Wasabi cleans out the sinuses and burns the throat. If it’s what I think it is.

  427. @Susan

    .South African cultural experience as a child

    ..lifelong hunter and fisherman

    …did a bit more training while in service than the usual trooper does

    ….have never found machismo to be a negative character trait

    On the other hand, fair disclosure:

    There a couple of foodstuffs that I do avoid. I seem to have acquired an allergy to Black Walnut meat, which is a pity as I think they are delicious. I distain cooking meat containing sinew in enclosed kitchens due to an most unpleasant associated memory with the smell. That pretty much rules out roasting chicken drumsticks in the kitchen oven.

    we all have our weaknesses.

  428. @Max

    ah ok, makes sense.

    @Sylvia (and Susan)

    wasabi is green horseradish. great stuff, but so is the European white horseradish. Love the stuff.

  429. we grow our own horseradish!

  430. ldg…roassting chicken…you just need an outside smoker. Problem solved.

    I understand that smell thing. My mom did liver and onions, it was the one day dad would lay about a 5 dollar bill and say to me…you better go to the drive in (mom and pop version of a dairy queen) and get your supper!
    That smell………eeewwww

  431. Patty—

    It worked– much thanks— I just watched the heart attack restaurant video here in Chandler, AZ– did not even know it was here– Ken would love it there as well as the waitresses– Kind of like- Hooters–

    LDG– yes– I like Wasabi– and the white horseradish as well– I love pain!

    I wonder what the unpleasant memory is? sinew– tendon– maybe I don’t want to know! 😦

  432. LDG: Yeah, plus it’s expensive! She said it was about 10 times as much as in Japan. So that’s another downer, which actually makes it here like the fancy food you distain.

  433. Patty–

    you send me your horseradish sauce and I will send you another sauce in exchange– do you have ginger root as well? πŸ˜€

  434. Machismo can go either way– good or bad! depends on how one wants to go! πŸ˜†

  435. Susan, we havent put up horseradish for a couple years. I dont have any on hand.
    The last time we did it, a whole bunch of us got together at my boss’s house. Brought in the horseradish by trash bags full. Food processors roaring and the more we cut, the more we cried! *L*
    It was a lot of fun though.

  436. no ginger here.

  437. Susan,
    Larry sent the restaurant video to several people (including Patty) but I don’t have other bloggers’ e-mail addresses. Can it be posted here?

  438. I love horseradish sauce.

  439. this was way too much fun!! I don’t know if I am hungry or if I want to puke! πŸ˜€

    much gracias to Patty for resolving my problem!!!!

    and a good day– as now it is time to get going!!! LOL

    Avi– xxxx

    Max– xooxoxo

    LDG- oyasumi nasai

    Sylvia– I guess we know where to eat if we meet– why not? I might feel old with those hot babes running around with their implants hanging out! πŸ˜€ Max would love that restaurant!!!


  440. @Susan

    re: “maybe I don’t want to know!”

    maybe you don’t. I’ve already upset Sylvia’s sensibilities once today.

  441. The only sushi I will eat is the California Roll….as I heard years ago… I don’t eat bait. I also like King Crab and the occasional Lobster. I have seen a video of the Mission’s Pastor at our church eating Cuy while in Ecuador. It is very very funny watching him and several others from the church try to eat it and not gag. The people that served it knew that they would have a very hard time eating it, so they were kinda set up by the Ecuadorians.

  442. @LDG—

    I have a picture in mind and it has to do with humans while you were in action—


  443. Barb—

    I would have left the group and hid until they were done pretending to like it!!! πŸ˜€

  444. @Susan, since you just had to go there…


  445. @All

    Medal of Freedom ceremony live-stream on FOXNews right now.

    Blair, Howard, and Uribe.

  446. LDG,

    Where did you see war action?

  447. @Sylvia

    various places, moreoften as a witness than participant. not something I discuss openly, sorry.

  448. Susan,

    Thanks. I thought you couldn’t post links here.

  449. Im not too proud…i’ll puke if you give me something i didnt want! and i wont feel bad about it! *LOL*

    Sylvia…unless we can find that video on line, it would be a pain to post it.

  450. Patty,
    Susan just sent it.

  451. xxx to all!!!!

    dang– I missed Uribe–

    out of here—

  452. after all this food talk.
    my popcorn just isnt getting it!

    Bye susan!
    Bye…LDG (presuming you are past due to leave)

  453. well …how’d susan get that link to go through so fast??

  454. Susan,
    I can’t eat in that restaurant….they cook with lard.

  455. @Patty

    Well, Susan did say her “g’night” to me, and I’m about done for the night. Just finishing up some things, which probably sounds way-strange when you consider it is 8 minutes before 4 in the morning here…

    But thank you for the kind consideration.

  456. Patty: I can’t seem to ever vomit, even when i really feel like it, everything stays down. Which helps when eatting weird things.

  457. Susan …. That video was great…. there is no way I could eat that much. I would have to take several friends to help eat just the small burger and fries.

  458. Barb,
    I’m with you…I couldn’t eat that much food either.

  459. @All

    Ok, things done for tonight. Very sleepy me.

    Be well and safe.

    p.s. @Sylvia — again, my regrets.

  460. Adam Housley Says:

    For the record, I love wasabi and sushi, but didn’t like it until recently. Also, NEW POST.


  461. Which video is everyone talking about? There are lot on that page.

  462. Max,
    The CBS video that Susan posted.

  463. Sylvia: Yeah, but there are like 100 videos on that page. Which one is the one to watch?

  464. Max,
    The Heart Attack Restaurant

  465. Oh, I remember seeing that on fox news last year, they had the owner on.

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