Merry Christmas

It is so hard to believe another holiday season is here. It seems like yesterday I couldn’t sleep and would end up on the floor in front of my grandparents as my mom and dad looked upon my brother and myself. Now I see my niece and nephew with that same gleam and excitement as they can hardly hold back to tear open the latest present. Those are times I will never forget and will always cherish. I, like many of you, am very lucky. Very blessed. Last night I met a woman who asked for money to put a roof over her head for the night. her 4 year-old son played inside the shopping cart outside the store. The weather here in Southern California is unusually cold and wet. The sight of her was troubling, the sight of him hurt. Sure I gave her some money and I hope it truly goes towards that warm room. As we celebrate this fine season. This season of hope and joy, we must also not forget those in need. Those who deserve our prayers and support. That is the true meaning of Christmas….right? May all of you have an amazing holiday, filled with joy, hope, family and fun. dscf0529


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  1. Adam,

    We always hope that the money we donate to help others actually goes to good use. At least we try…..that’s the best we can do. But these days there are so many horror stories about money being misused, even by well known charities.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. @Adam Housley

    Merry Christmas to you, good sir.


    and for the rest of the crew…

  3. Merry Christmas Adam!!! Great post!

  4. Merry Christmas, Adam. And, yes the wonderment and joy of children at Christmas is a treat.

    Just last week there was an apartment complex fire here in the twin cities. Close to 200 hundred people lost their homes. Someone donated $1 Million to these families and they are receiving a little over $17,000 each. Out of tragedy comes goodness.

    Hope every one has a great day….we are off to a late start here, but looking forward to seeing what Santa brought! Merry Christmas.

  5. “morning/afternoon all!

    Our house is quiet until tomorrow, the calm before the storm πŸ˜‰
    then the chaos starts!

    Awesome post Adam!

  6. Patty,
    Did Santa wear the trax things on his shoes?

    Chaos is fun for a short time….then calm is a relief.

  7. Merry Christmas to Adam and his blog family.

  8. Merry Christmas everyone!
    Did anyone see the latest breaking news email from fox?


    I like that.

  9. Max ~ I don’t get breaking emails from Fox… but that is cool!

  10. Hi Max and Becky,

    I don’t get breaking e-mails from Fox either. I guess you have to sign up for that.

  11. Yes, you have to sign up to get them. And the fox fan flash.

  12. Hello everyone,

    Been using my week and a half of vacation to finish up online HS and so far have finished 3 of my 5 courses. So by the end of Jan or hopefully earlier I will have completed my first High school πŸ˜€ then its all Israeli School.

    And on another note: Israel is on the verge of a southern military ” war,” As the Hamas terrorists in Gaza been firing 70 plus rockets daily in the southern communities and israel has not done anything. Now, it seems the govt approved limited attacks on Hamas. Not to mention its an election year in Israel in Feb 09′.

    Happy X-Mas H-uka and Kwanza to all πŸ™‚

  13. Avi ~ That’s great about your first HS being completed! Stay safe! And thank you for keeping us updated on what is going on in Israel.

  14. @Avi

    WTG there.

    re: Israel news
    Just to ask, do you know of any English language feed from Galatz? I sometimes get sourcing that quotes Army Radio, but to my experience it broadcasts in Hebrew only…


    You should go look at Becky’s weblog… she got a new t-shirt you might rather be amused to see.



  15. @Adam–

    that was a very cool story– I have one on my own– Christmas Eve day the paramedics were next door as my neighbor decided to overdose on his narcotics while his wfe was at work– the two kids, Jacob, two, and his thirteen year old were there to watch as he hit the kitchen floor and went into convulsions,,, Tony, son, dialed 911– and then came over to get me– I saw a home void of Christmas cheer– very sad— I gave Tony a Christmas card with money and I reminded him he just saved his father’s life if no one else mentioned this to him… I gave Jacob one of the toys I had here for someone else who already had plenty– And I fixed up some Christmas goodies yesterday and took it over… As the father is now staying with his mother since the wife wised up and booted him out after he was released from the hospital–

    My Christmas became meaningful as I am glad I was able to give Tony and Jacob a bit of a Christmas– Poor kids!!!!

    You did good, Adam– your compassion was being tested and you pulled right through– my hugs to you!!!!!

    and I hope you all had a great time– I know I did– as by the time Ken’s family came over, I was in a whatever happens here happens but I am going to have a good time– and I did and so did everyone else– it was totally different than what I had anticipated– I was so buzzed and the only one– the girls all took care of putting the food out for me and cleaned up– as I floated around hugging everyone and giving them everything I own!!!!! The consensus in the family as I understand it, is I was a loving drunk! Glad to hear that!!!! LOL!!!! (I think what put me there was seeing what I had to see when the stupid father overdosed in front of his kids on Christmas Eve day– now that is a true tragedy not just a bunch of famly who have quirks–) πŸ˜€

    And a very Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Susan,
    That was a very nice thing you did and I’m sure those kids will never forget your generosity and compassion.

    I’m glad your Christmas turned out better than expected.

  17. LDG: I checked it out and left a coment. Those frat boys are doing a poor showing. No wonder the Russian military are thinking they can rise up if they think that is what America has to face them.

  18. Susan: That’s sad. At least he got booted.

  19. Susan ~ I am very glad you were there to help those boys! I am also glad that you had a good Christmas day with all your visitors!

  20. Yo Adam~

    Hannity has on his show the time you were in Mexico doing the migrant/Coyote exercise– By the Tula River–

    We even had a POD from when you did that coverage– the Church– *forgot the name!

    Your espaΓ±ol is pretty good- this was the first time I heard you speak espaΓ±ol– you questioned a father about the purpose of doing this exercise–

    Becky- Max- Sylvia– gracias!!! I guess I needed a lesson to be shown to me as I should be thankful for having what I have!!! πŸ˜€

    I am headed back to the couch– I had to mention to Adam he was on Hannity’s– I am glad Hannity is doing some coverage on the border situation== did anyone see the busts here in Phoenix, Hannity reported on? Just awful!!!!!

    Have a good night– my couch is getting good use tonight!

    besos to all!

  21. It has began Israel now bombing Hamas targets in the Gaza strip after not doing anything while Hamas was/is firing 100’s of rockets .

  22. Avi
    Is there any danger that the flare-up will spread to the rest of Israel?
    I find it ironic that Israel has finally chosen to strike back on Chanukah/Sabbath……hmmmmmm a present to Hamas on the Jewish sabbath. Sounds good to me.

  23. Sylvia,

    who knows 8 rockets were to be fired from Lebenon wednesday night but the Leb army caught them before they were supposed to take off. Also, it depends what happens. Lets see if the terrorist Hamas will maybe think twice now before firing another rocket. The worst that can happen is Hezbollah gets into the mix and then we got two fronts. And the continued fireing of rockets into Southern Israel from Gaza.

  24. Avi–

    How is it going over there at the moment? Hope you are safe!!!!!!

    Patty and all- hope your weather is not as bad as I see and hear on the news!!!!

    And I wish for all to be safe!!!!

    I just saw the answer for the POD– Looks like a couple people were headed in the right direction for the answer– congrats!!!

    Becky– thanks again for the card– I saved it as well as Max’s– xxxxx

    Did anyone catch Adam on Hannity’s last night? It must have been an old show but it was cool– (Patty– remember the POD of the Church in Mexico when Adam did his migrant excercise there? Hannity showed over five minutes of Adam!!!! :D)

    xoxoxo to all!

  25. Adam, ordered your variety pack of wine for my hubby for Christmas. It was a HIT! We have been through 3 bottles already πŸ™‚

    You sure put out a superior product. Thank you.

  26. Avi–

    Israel/Gaza— from the news, it is ongoing– 280 dead?

  27. Here is a fun email I received-


    It’s that time of year…. take ur pick….

    To All My Democrat Friends:

    Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2009, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere . Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wished.

    To All My Republican Friends: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! πŸ™‚

  28. K2–

    I should have had Adam’s wine– it is day four and I am still healing!!!! My stomach feels like it consumed Mad Dog– πŸ˜€

  29. Susan

    What in the world did you drink that caused a 4 day hangover????


  30. Susan: I’m feeling the same way. No alcahol though, i got given a tin of candy.

  31. Susan ~ You are welcome for the card! πŸ™‚
    That email was funny by the way…
    Avi ~ do you have an update on the Gaza situation?

  32. No news from Avi–

    It is not good over there right now–

    Avi— are you ok?

    Sylvia– I wish it had been Ripple– it would have been less costly! πŸ˜€

    Max– too much sugar? That will do it too— Hope you feel better– xxxx

    Becky– πŸ˜€

  33. As a Detroit Lions fan from way back to childhood, you gotta love the fact that they had a perfect season. Of course it is 0-16 not 16-0, but that is a little technicality. LOL It kinda mirrors the situation in Michigan, between the car companies driving themselves into a ditch and the Michigan economy in the tank for the last 5 or more years what can you say. At least the hockey team, the Red Wings, are doing good, and Michigan State football is back playing on New Years Day so it is not a total loss. Go State!

  34. Barb,
    Although the Bengals had a slightly better record than the Lions, they also had a losing season.
    As for college football, my team…University of Cincinnati…. made it to the Orange Bowl…their first major bowl game in school history. My hubby’s alma mater, Ohio State, will be playing in the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale AZ against Texas. I think we will be watching a lot of football in the next few days.
    I believe that the coach of Michigan State was previously at Cincinnati…Mark Dantonio.

  35. Max,
    Careful with the sugar…..too much can really mess you up.

  36. Adam,
    Are you in NYC now? Aren’t you suppose to be filling in for Hemmer?

  37. Susan & Sylvia: I normally have very little suger. But i think it was also the quality of the chocolates i got given. Low “quality street”. When i eat better chocolate like hershey’s or ritter sport from germany i don’t get ill.

  38. Susan,

    1. 280+ dead: Note thats not 280 innocent civilians. An innocent civilian is one who is does not have any connection to Hamas or one who does not provide themself to be used as a shield or any other means of defense. Thus as I have observed the media is not saying that the 280 is mostly Hamas terrorists. Also note the targets of Israel have ONLY been Hamas installations. Hamas is known to have inflated numbers in the past. I have sympathy for the innocent who had nothing to do with Hamas. However, those who gave themselves up to help Hamas are terrorist in my mind.

    2. 100’s of rockets been fired into Israel the last year including during the the cease fire brokered by Egypt. Hamas has one aim: the destruction of Israel. So not matter what they will resist. In addition, Egypt, President Abbas and others have blamed Hamas. They brought this upon themselves in the words of Abbas Israel has made it clear this is a war against Hamas not the Palestinian People. Israel has opened the border crossings to allow humanitarian aid and allow transport of injured which Hamas is preventing. Even as rockets are being fired.

    3. Imagine if a group was firing rockets into Arizona from Mexico at a rate of 100 a day. American would bomb the crap out of them. Israel has not until now.

    4. I fear Iran will order Hezbollah to start firing rockets at Northern Israel and thus Iran will then follow suite along side Syria. This might evolve into a regional war.

    5. Theres alot more to say.

    Back to Israeli School tomorrow— Vacation= over 😦

  39. Avi,
    Did Israel choose to finally strike back because of up coming Israeli elections or because they want to get it done before Obama comes into office? Obama might not be as supportive as Bush.

  40. Avi ~ thanks for the update. I really hope Iran doesn’t order Hezbollah to start firing rockets! That is definitely not good.

    Also, good morning all!

  41. Hi Becky,
    Good Morning to all.
    I’ll check back on the log…am doing laundry. Have errands to take care of this afternoon.

  42. Sylvia,

    There is no answer to that i wrote in point 4. It got to the point were it was enough. All leading candidates are in the government already. I mean that the party they belong to are one that will have the rein of the PM. That be FM Livin of Kadima DM Barak of Labor or Opposition Leader Bibi Likud. So its not an election issue. The Israeli public has been calling for this for a long time. Politics are a non issue in Israel when it comes to national defense and security. It might have something to do with Bush/Obama but Israel is a country of its own. It will do what it needs to do.

  43. Avi,
    I realize that Israel is a country of its own and will do what it needs to do, but if war breaks out on several fronts it sure would be nice if Israel got support from the US….and I think Bush could be counted on….not sure about Obama.
    And I agree, I think Israel needs to strike back at anyone who attacks its borders.

  44. Avi–

    excellent explanation!!!!!!

    I am aware Hamas is behind all this chara— and Israel is on self-defense– targeting only the Hamas installations—

    #3— exactly-

    #4– this is what I was wondering about and you gave me the answer–

    #5– when you can discuss more of this, go for it!!!!


    Belgium truffles are the best!!!!


    and a good day to all—

  45. Sylvia–

    Adam is probably having an intense planning on what to wear when he sits in for Hemmer as we made it rough on him~ πŸ˜€


    Go visit the Italian brothers = tailors– they can just put your attire together….


  46. Susan: I have tried them, never again. I can’t eat high price chocolate, it makes me feel as terrible as the really garbage chocolate. Lol πŸ˜€

  47. Max,

    I don’t eat chocolate at all…it gives me hives!!!!

  48. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Max – no chocolate for me either – never have acquired the taste for it. Hubby loves it, but not me.

  49. I’m trying to stop eatting any candies, since i think they are what’s stopping me from losing the rest of my fat, but it’s so hard!
    Cutting my juice drinking by 1/4 was easier, and it lost me 20lb, but the candies are so much harder. Once i finish what i own i’ll just have to not replace them.

  50. Avi—

    I just watched a bit of the news and it is getting worse there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Peek in and give a real update— Now I heard there are innocent ones being killed as of now~ Israel is moving the troops over by Gaza?


    When you come to visit me, if you have any excess fat on your body, you will lose it– trust me! You will just want to sleep by the time after you get moving around as you will be doing here!!!! LOTS of stuff here to keep you on active mode!!!! πŸ˜€


  51. Susan,

    Well last night it was the worst night: 3 Israeli dead. 1st a construction worker died after the rocket had a direct hit on a construction site. 2nd a man died following a morter attack on the border. third an israel woman in the city of Ashdod after she heard siren got off her car and hid in a bus stop died of her wounds. Ashdod is a major city as in Askhelon where the the first man died.

    Also: a rocket hit the town of Yavne which is 15 -20 miles from me. So its getting closer. Though I think that the Patriot Missiles can maybe stop them though im not sure. In short its getting worse.

  52. Oy Vey,

    This is not good news.

  53. The media needs to report what Hamas is doing and not just what Israel is bombing.

  54. Susan: Well I won a fitness contest and got loads of free gifts, so I will be useing them all in the coming year and hopefully will be in perfect shape by august.

  55. Avi ~ Sylvia is right this is not good news. Please stay safe!

  56. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone

    Avi – What town in Israel do you and your family live in- How far are you from Gaza. Are all of the students going to school every day or do they stay home and try to remain safe

  57. KC,

    I think Avi is in Tel Aviv.

  58. @Avi

    bad news: the Patriot SAMs can’t handle the little stuff like Qassam and Grad rockets. That’s why all that money is being spent on Iron Dome… but it isn’t operational.

    good news: Hamas is lobbing bombs about as far as they can with what they have. If it isn’t reaching your area yet, they won’t.

    worse news: If it is going to be resolved, even temporarily, the IDF is going to have to go in on the ground. But I bet you have already come to terms with that.


    Lots of “innocents” are going to be killed. Regarding the people in Gaza: They either support Hamas (which implies they aren’t innocent), or can’t get out because both Israel and Egypt are holding the borders closed to people. The Israelis are still letting in all the humanitarian supplies, at least.

    quick visit today. Hope All are well and safe, and I’ll look in here on the ‘morrow.

  59. Avi–

    I don’t know what to say– just how awful this is~ as I have never experienced this so I can’t even imagine how horrible this is– only by what I see on the news and your updates~ I try to envision this by putting myself there as a civilian and I feel fear!!!! Just awful!!!!!!!!!

    LDG– AND THIS IS WHY I HATE WAR and those who provoke war-

    What is the Iron Dome? Never mind– I will look it up–

    and thanks for the quick lesson on weapons and what~

    Max— LOL!!!! I have to fess up though– I did buy some Begium truffles and now, finally, my stomach is healed so I ate five chocolates last night!!! OINK AND OINK!


  60. what are Qassam and Grad rockets?

  61. LDG & Avi: They could set up some gatling guns on the the roofs of buildings in the vicinity of standard flight paths. I know the US navy have some that are linked to drone radar so they automatically track and destroy incoming missiles. If they set the sensitivity low enough it might help take some of them down.
    Added bonus if they set it a bit lower than needed: the local pigeon population is controled. πŸ˜‰

  62. The fact that Iron Dome is not effective against short-range rockets and therefore cannot protect Sderot was long known to the system’s developers and to the Defense Ministry officials who chose to focus on it. For some reason, they decided not to go public with their information. When the Defense Ministry officials, led by the defense minister, promised that the residents of Sderot would be protected after the installation of the Iron Dome system, they knew they would not be able to deliver on this promise.

    So I guess the Iron Dome is not good for the purpose it was meant to be– Qassam rockets– ineffective-

  63. Susan: The Qassam rocket is produced by Hamas, it’s a bit like a cross between a mortar and an artillary shell. Since it is used to attack civilians rather than strategic targets it lacks a guidence system so once launched cannot be controled. It’s also kinda like a flying IED. You may remember Mike Tobin went into a Qassam rocket factory and said how they are normally very small and located in residential areas and often explode.

    Grad rockets are old from the USSR. Vechical launched, I believe they were used by Hezbolah in the Israel/Lebanon conflict. They would fire all canisters and then drive to a new location to avoid retaliation. I think Iran makes the rockets used.

  64. Oh thank you, Max-

    I was looking it up– it has been awhile since I DID research — as I use to do 24/7 when I was blogging– LDG had me do sooooooo much research and it has been months since I did this—

  65. Max–

    we need the pigeons– we can train them to go chara on a bad guy’s head- πŸ˜€

  66. And what time does Hemmer come on normally? I never watch him not because I don’t like him but because I am not one to do the FOX until O’Reilly time– if I am watching the tele during the day, I usually am around when Cavuto is on and Shep– so I am clueless as to when Adam will be on and I CAN’T miss him— no way!!!! Can we call him as he is working?

    Adam– send me your cell number so I can call you while you are on the tele!!! Don’t forget to say HI TO ALL OF US!!!!! xxxx

  67. and Max–

    if you should visit me during the Christmas holidays, you can help me cook for Christmas Eve as I am now thinking about doing Christmas Eve here as I got over my hostilities– forever!!!! Any one who put up with me on Christmas Eve is my friend– but don’t worry– I am not getting a buzz next year– and you will be here to make sure of this!!!


  68. Avi–

    sad face here– 😦


  69. Dang Adam–

    your news blog is dead– the Jet Crash story is still the latest–

    You will have to read the comments here in between commercials when you are on the air to see what we have to say about your performance–


  70. I need to activate my facebook and see what is going on with Adam! πŸ˜€

  71. Susan: Lol, like one of the Biblical plagues, just this time a plague of pooping Pigeons (aliteration!).

  72. Susan: right after Fox and Friends ends. 1100-1300 your time. 0900-1100est.

  73. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey everyone!!

    Sorry for the two days away, I have been packing madly and getting my place in order and then had a loooooooong Monday of live reports. I am getting ready to leave for the airport now and anchor Bill and Meghan’s show tomorrow, Thurs and Fri. I WILL be posting a couple of new threads here and on I have a new one there coming in 5 mins. I hope everyone is well and I’ll be back to wish everyone a Happy New Year!


  74. Susan ~ you have given me some great laughs this morning and it was much needed and appreciated! The pooping pigeons! lol

    Max ~ very funny too!

    Adam does need to read our comments in between commercial breaks and I do believe mentioning us would be a great thing! πŸ™‚
    I think Hemmer comes on at 10am but, I am not sure as I am usually at work while he is on. But, I will be able to watch Thursday and Friday! πŸ™‚

  75. Adam: I saw your report on the violence in Mexico, scary stuff. Mexican states controled by the Cartels? Crazy!

  76. KC,

    so far only kids within a 7-15 mile range and a bit more get to say home. Besides those schools everything is on as normal. Our school is thinking about bringing in kids from the south but i dont think anybody wants to go to school if you have the option not to lol.

  77. Crap—

    I missed Adam’s report ….. dang- I was on facebook and I saw he posted he would be on and I missed it!!!!

    I just turned the tele on– Hebron news is on–

    So Adam is on tomorrow at 11:00? I can be here to watch– and make phone calls and email and blog!!! πŸ˜€

    Max– your answer was way clever @ pigeons– LOL

    Becky– thank you!!!!

  78. YEAH Avi–

    I would be headed to the safest hill or under my bed—

  79. I hope Adam does better with his facts while on the air as he posted– sorry for the two days away– I think today is the 30th and he posted his pretty picture and nice story on the 24th? Is this not six days? hmmm??

    mistake- Herzog news is on

  80. headed over to the news blog and then to Walgreens as they have their Christmas stuff at 75% off– xxxx

    Oh yeah, Max– you can also help me decorate this coming Christmas– cook and decorate– and we can go hike White Tanks– Ken can stay in the picnic area and we can go do some trails– within eyesight of Ken– LOL

    And the reason you have to help me decorate is because I am dangerous– when I brought in the larger fake tree from the garage into the living room, I hit a lamp and broke it– now I have to go buy a lamp when I put the decorations away– and when does this happen anyway? I am thinking about putting them away one day at a time– I have so much Christmas stuff!!!! LOL

  81. Susan ~ his math is off! lol

  82. WOW– THE aerial assault by Avi— oh my Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Avi— you guys are like seriously doing some fighting!!!!!

  83. Oh good–I thought I was losing my mind, completely, Becky– I backtracked up to the 24th to see if I had missed a post of Adam’s from three days ago– and nope– last time he was here was six days ago!!! πŸ˜€

  84. Are they going to listen to the french foreign minister for the 48 hour ceasefire? Gaza—

  85. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    American Newsroom is on here at 6:00am to 8:00am. If you are l hour ahead of me then it should be on at 7:00am your time.

    Adam – looking forward to seeing you for the next few days. Actually, American Newsroom is our alarm clock, so when he hear Bill and Megyn, we know it is time to get out of bed and start our day. We have the TV on all night on Fox News, so we are now use to the different voices for the different programs. Gets a bit mixed up when fill-ins appear and we do not recognize their voices – (laughing) We just move a little faster when that happens.

    PATTY – Where are you – missing you – hope all is OK

  86. Mike Tobin just described the Qassam rockets– looks it might be getting quiet?

    Now he is talking about the Philadelphia corridor–

  87. KC—

    THANK YOU!!! I am 90% of the time up at this hour– I just don’t turn the tele on– but I will now!!! Plus there is a phone here in this room and computer— I can call, email, blog, and bug Adam!!!! πŸ˜€

  88. on the news blog– Adam’s video– did I see a tinge of pink in his tie?

    other than that– Adam looks pretty spiffy! I still like his out on the field look the best! LOL and his three days of not shaving look– It makes me feel good when I see Adam not shaved as it justifies me not shaving Ken for three days– πŸ˜€

  89. OMG– Live Desk– Greg (?) just got into it with a Diana who insulted him for his defense of Israel– LOL to him— She told him he did not know what he is talking about as he has never been to Gaza and boy did he correct her!!! LOL and LOL

    Adam– give him a hug from me!!!

  90. KC: Oh yeah, i did my time difference in the wrong direction.
    Susan: I am not much of a decorating person. I normally leave it to others to do.

  91. Susan,

    Greg is the bomb… i saw that interview πŸ˜›

    ” you dont know what your talking about,” Yes i do I been there ! Oucchhhh hahaha

    I am on

    in the newsvine box

    youll see a pic of me and my article

  92. Susan,

    Greg is the bomb… i saw that interview πŸ˜›

    ” you dont know what your talking about,” Yes i do I been there ! Oucchhhh hahaha

    I am on

  93. in the newsvine box

    youll see a pic of me and my article

  94. KC ~ on facebook Patty put up a status comment that she has the flu! 😦

  95. Avi ~ good article!

  96. Avi,
    Do you want to be a journalist? Your article was well stated.

  97. Sylvia,

    Nope, I just do the newsvine thing in my spare time and special situations. πŸ™‚

  98. Patty,

    Feel better soon. We miss your comments.

  99. My aim of writing on newsvine is to work on my article writing skills and also reach out to uniformed people and inform them whats going on. In the past 2 years I have received hits from America to Iran to Indonesia. πŸ™‚ Whenever I write about Israel i get eggs thrown at me on the site. But theres some supporters on it and I hope my presence will help out πŸ˜€

  100. Also before i head off to sleep:

    There is a sense that the Tel-Aviv area is next. Home Front Command is suggesting to be prepared I have heard. Today rockets reached Bersheva home to 250k Israels . Big city to the east of Gaza. 30 kilometers away or 11 miles.

  101. Avi: I saw a lot of egg on there. You could make a lot of omlets with that.

  102. FL Sunshine Says:

    hello everyone! I’m wishing you all a Happy New Year’s” a little early! just in case I don’t get back on here.
    Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!!!!

  103. FL Sunshine Says:

    Avi – I hope you remain safe! I pray for Israel’s safety and may God be with them in this constant battle!

  104. Adam Housley Says:


    Stay safe!! Hopefully things will ease, or i’ll come over there and we can finally meet up. In the meantime, I am in the air at 35,000 feet using wifi on American Airlines. Sooooooooooo cool!!!! This would solve my blogging absent problem sometimes.


  105. Adam,

    Does American Airlines charge to use wifi? Delta does…which is our main airline in Cincinnati.

  106. Hey Patty…. Look up in the sky, I just checked and Adam is flying over Kansas right now…6:18cst. LOL

  107. And no I am not stalking Adam…… I am on tracking my daughters return to Las Vegas this evening and saw his post.

  108. Barb,
    When my daughter flies home from Phoenix to visit I always track her flight on the Delta web site. It’s really fun.

  109. Avi–

    excellente article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I voted too!!! I am the yes!

    and you are soooo cute!!!!!

    I heard about Bersheba via Tobin– 😦

    Sadly, I am having to learn about the geography in Israel through this ugly war of sorts—-

    and yes– Greg is the bomb!!!!! I think this should be one of those moments which should be replayed again!!!!


    Adam– while flying high and with nothing to do, read Avi’s article– maybe you two can hang out together as journalists/correspondents? When you are too lazy to do your news blog, Avi, can jump in— πŸ˜€

  110. oops– disregard the comma after Avi’s name— should not be there–

  111. This is a cross-posting from A. Housley’s ‘blog at Onthescene.
    re: Mexico Drug Deaths story

    @Adam Housley

    Best segment I’ve seen done on this in quite some time. This fight is a terrible one, and it needs to be remembered that the Drug Trafficking is simply an enabling mechanism for what is basically armed opposition to the Federal system in Mexico. For Mexico’s sake, and her neighbors, this is a fight the good guys (as you aptly called them) have to win.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  112. Good Morning All,

    Will have to remember to put FNC on at 9 AM this morning to watch Adam. I’m sure he’ll do well.

  113. Happy New Year to all.

  114. Morning Sylvia and Happy New Year!!

    Susan ~ I did see pink in Adam’s tie on the segment that was posted on his Fox news blog. lol πŸ™‚

  115. g’morning all.
    just had to say hiya!
    i’ll try to catch up later…today is “close the books” day and after being gone the last 2 days it should be interesting.
    missed you all!!
    btw…is adam’s tie pink this morning?! πŸ™‚

  116. I just sent Adam an e-mail at America’s Newsroom.
    I wanted to let him know his bloggers are watching.

  117. Happy New Year …

    Here’s to a HEALTHY

  118. Are you all watching Adam on FNC right now?

  119. Sylvia ~ I wish I could… I am work! 😦 Did he read your email yet? Any updates? πŸ™‚

  120. Becky,
    I don’t know if he read my e-mail…he hasn’t acknowledged it.

  121. Patty, the tie is not pink. Although it is in the red/mauve family.

  122. Sylvia–

    your question about the elections in Israel was answered… (your post to Avi)

    I sent Adam an email too—- he gets an A+ for today!!!!! LOVE HIS ATTIRE!!!!

    Patty– he paid attention to our suggestions– LOL

    Adam– get me one of those Ford cars which parallel parks by itself— I can NOT parallel park– I can drive a stick shift but I can’t parallel park–


    Becky– looks like your mom has great eyesight!!!! I still see pink!

  123. Oh here is that lawyer—Eiglarsh— he annoys me when he is on Nancy Grace and doing his defense attorney act with the Casey murderer Anthony story—

  124. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Well, it is just about New Years at your home – Best wishes for a Happy 2009 to you and yours. How did you celebrate???

    Good morning everyone

  125. This is why schools are closed in Southern Israel: This was in Beresheba today in the AM. Just imagine if they had not called off school today.;task=view;id=6341

  126. Barb–

    which tie are you talking about? the news blog tie or his tie this morning?

    Patty–this morning his tie is a red/orange color– and a with little white whatever they are- (from my eyesight’s perspective) On his news blog, his tie looked like there was pink in it– and he has a charcoal color suit with a powder blue oxford shirt– and shiny shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t see the socks– dang it!!!!

  127. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Really good to see you back, but be careful and take care so you stay healthy. That crud comes back real easily.

    Barb – that tracking site was really interesting – Didn’t know it even existed, but I am not to computer smart. Don’t know how all of you guys find these things on this box (grinning)

    Sylvia – Haven’t heard Adam read any emails, but he did mention that he receives a lot of emails from all over the world

  128. dang Avi—

    I don’t even need a translator as the pictures say it all!!!!

    Someone, anyone, get over there and kick Hama’s arse!!!!!

  129. I was kidding about the tie. Red is not a very accurate color on out tv, it can come across in many shades. It just so happened to look very fuschia as i was walking out this moring and had to giggle.

    btw Adam…you really are very handsome! πŸ™‚

  130. Adam did mention his friends in Israel email him– but I did not hear Avi’s name— hmmm?

  131. Is Adam going to party tonight at Times Square?

  132. Adam thinks partying with thousands of people and freezing in cold weather to be fun? πŸ™„

  133. 2,000 rockets left in the Hamas arsenal?

  134. Boy that was a fast switch– from Adam to Happening Now–


  135. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Have to agree with you – Adam is doing a great job. It was hilarious at the beginning of the program when Patti Ann punched him in the arm because he was looking away from the camera when it was his turn to speak next. The camera caught her poking him and then Adam turning around real fast in his chair to face the camera. He explained that he was looking up the text number for people to text messages tonight to Bill and Megyn. Sooo funny to see the expression on his face.

    I personally thought his attire was to conservative – solid suit, solid shirt, solid tie. I like his look when he wears the stripe ties and/or shirts. Looks really spiffy in my opinion. I don’t mind pink in his striped ties. Looks pretty cool to me!!! At least his tie this morning matched Patti Ann’s dress. Also, maybe it was our TV – but did he have on white socks??? Anybody notice. Hubby and I could not figure it out, so we are not sure.

  136. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Great article you wrote – sent it to Hubby at work so he could read it.

    Stay safe my friend and keep us posted when you can

  137. I was talking about this mornings tie on tv. I didnt see the converstation about the other. Didn’t know there was a new fox blog either. Guess it will take a while to catch up. My head is sort of massively hung over.
    Besides the flu i was left with the migraine from hell. So I had shots monday and tuesday. Leaves me sort of drugged feeling for a few days.
    KC…if it werent for gov’t year end, I would have not ventured out. But yes, I will be careful. Thanks.

    Avi…have sure been thinking of you and others when seeing whats been on the news. ;-(

  138. KC—

    Now I like the very conservative suit look if you have to wear one– I love the suits, ties, and shirts O’Reilly wears– I think it is not the stripes or whatever but the colors one picks– and how to put it together so it does not look too busy– πŸ˜€

    Pink is a personal hang up of mine, BTW– I had to sleep in a pink room as a kid and I just hate the color!!! I wanted a blue room! πŸ˜€

    his tie had white gizmos in it so he was not all solid– LOL

  139. and I missed the beginning so I missed the Adam not looking at the camera– dang!

    Am I the only one in this country who does not text?

  140. If we get to pick…
    Adam…can you roll your sleeves up and wear blue jeans tomorrow?????? I prefer that look! *LOL*

  141. Adam is live on ‘The Strategy Room’.

  142. and if you ever noticed Obama when wearing a suit only wears white shirts? I have never seen him in a colored shirt when he wears a suit– I like his casual look better– Obama is a nice looking man–

  143. Patty–

    yup– jeans is the only way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Adam’s casual look the best!!! but he has to do this suit thing for a couple of days–

  144. Susan, since I grew up in the funeral home, and in the “old” days, all funeral directors wore was white shirts (believe me, i ironed so many white shirts its pathetic)…when i see a white shirt…..i think “funeral”.

  145. DEX infiltrated CNN last night and advertised F&F– showed the whole crew– and the advertisement was– Watch Fox & Friends– ON CNN!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜†

  146. or waitor—

    I had to wear black and white when I worked at the Hyatt and I hate black and white attire—- :p

  147. πŸ˜›

  148. I am getting sick of this Burris issue–

    Blag blah jevich is an a** and it makes me sick he put Burris in the middle of this!

    Give Burris the seat and send that a** to prison! End of that story!

  149. dang– those shots of the buildings in Israel– dang and dang!!!!!!!! kosemec

  150. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Patty and Susan

    I also agree with the jeans and rolled up sleeves attire.

    Since Adam is from sunny southern California, I am sure he is freezing right now. Hopefully, if he goes to times square tonight to celebrate, he brought his long johns. They are predicting zero degrees tonight and our poor baby will freeze his butt off!!!!!

  151. you even OWN long johns? *L*

  152. oh wait, maybe that was too personal! πŸ™‚

  153. I like pink, black/white, and jeans. I also like glitz….just don’t have anywhere to wear glitz these days.

    And I don’t text either…so that makes 2 of us on this planet who don’t text.

  154. Patty,
    I don’t even own long johns and I live in Ohio….it’s cold, windy, with snow flurries today.

  155. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Make that 3 of us – no texting here either

    We had fog this morning, but it is now clear. We are still in the mid 50’s here so not bad at all. Sunny every afternoon which is nice. No rain yet and looks like no rain in sight.

  156. Sylvia–

    give me time– I am working on getting over my pink, black and white dislike– I like black — I just don’t like the black and white attire look because of my having to wear these two for many years– LOL

    All I wear are jeans– and solid color tops– Now and then I will get fancy and throw on a top with a design– πŸ˜€

    yay– I am not alone with the text thing!!!

    Have a good day to all–

    and a very Happy New Year!!!


  157. I dont either sylvia, but i do own bib coveralls that i am very fond of!

  158. Avi–

    lots of hugs from me to you!!! waaaaaa!!! I want Israel and its good people to be safe– I wish I could make this possible–


  159. Max—


  160. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    You are really doing a great job on the Strategy room this morning. Thanks for speaking up for us taxpayers. Loved the statement of to many lawyers in Washington

    Also, I agree with you on the shoe – He should have picked it up and thrown it back – that was a good one

  161. Adam,
    I bet you would have taken that shoe and thrown a great pitch to that guy’s head!!!!

  162. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I don’t know your time difference from California – so need to ask ya – Is it New Years Day there yet?? How did/ or are you celebrating???

  163. I wish I could have watched the show this morning! I did tape it though. πŸ™‚ I will watch it tonight before Hemmerlicious and Megyn are on. πŸ™‚

  164. KC,
    I think London is 9 hours ahead of California.

  165. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks – I can never keep this time thing straight in my head. So, I guess Max is still into this evening and has not started celebrating yet

  166. In case I dont make it back because of work.
    I wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year! Stay safe and dont drink and drive!!

  167. Patty,
    Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family.
    We are staying home tonight. We’ll probably be asleep long before the ball goes down on Times Square. We get up so early in the morning that 10PM seems late.

  168. Avi–

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t tell me this is true– what I am hearing and watching– is it getting worse there? I am like freaking!!!!!!!

    KC– If Adam had pitched the shoe back, it would have knocked off that a**hole’s head as Adam was a pitcher–

    Note to self– email the White House and request with each visit the President has in Iraq, send Adam with the President– πŸ˜€

  169. How frigging lame is this statement—??????????????

    President Bush thinks Hamas needs to stop firing rockets into Israel-

    well duh to me!!! where is the V8? I DIDN’T KNOW THIS!

    Simple dumb Susan thinks Hamas needs to be obliterated!!!!

  170. I forgot Iran– that one needs to go too!

  171. I have watched more tele this morning than I have had all year around–

    Kimberly pulled an Adam– she was eating or putting lipstick on when the camera focused on her– she is so damn cute!!!

    I would love to see Adam and her together as doing an anchor thing–

  172. Sylvia, We are staying home also. It will be lights out here… much earlier than the ball drops too. I might actually see it during the first trip to the bathroom! *L*

    When I first met my PA friend Donna, she used to call me at midnight there, then i would call her at midnight here. Now, we just wait till mid morning!

  173. oops– leave out “had” above–

  174. No party over here tonight either– still getting over my last party! I need to rest so I can get up and watch Adam and send him his grade– LOL

    Now I am out of here—

    Considering what Avi is going through it makes me uncomfortable to say–

    Happy New Year–


  175. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Patty & Sylvia
    Same here, we are always in bed looooong before midnight. I’m with Patty – may see the ball drop on one of many trips to the bathroom. Must be my old age, but seems like I make more trips to the bathroom during the night than during the day.

    Just finished making my sauce for the BBQ ribs we are having for dinner so that project is done.

    Susan – I think that is why Adam made that comment about the shoe. He knew he could ace it!!

    Hope everyone has a safe and festive evening and also a Very Happy New Year.

  176. KC, Susan, Becky, Patty, Barb,Max, Avi, and anyone else who logs on here…Happy New Year.
    I guess LDG already greeted the new year.

  177. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You are right about LDG – he hasn’t popped in yet this morning, so maybe he celebrated toooo much (grinning) and went to bed earlier than usual.

  178. Maybe LDG is still celebrating!!!!!

  179. Susan: xxx

    Is everyone ready for the new year?

  180. at facebook adam is excited because it is snowing in NY.

    To me…that’s like being a cheap drunk! *LOL*
    Yiiipppeee~ not

  181. Patty ~ lol

    If I don’t make it back later on this afternoon or tonight, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve… I will be having dinner with a friend and then going home after that to watch Hemmer and Megyn! πŸ˜€

  182. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    We were just talking about you earlier – Have you started your celebration for New Years Eve yet??

  183. btw…did you know that Kansas has our own little apple?
    I thought of this earlier and forgot.


  184. Patty ~ I didn’t know that… fun information!
    Max ~ What are you doing to celebrate the New Year?

  185. FL Sunshine Says:

    Dang! I missed all the fun today! Was out of the house most of the day. Did catch Adam on earlier before I left. Was fun watching him on the set. πŸ™‚ But I LOVE to watch the SR and I’m sorry I didn’t get to see it the one day he’s on there live. Bummer!

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Susan – you’re a nut. πŸ™‚ describing Adam down to his shoes and saying you couldn’t see what color his socks are. At least he has met you and knows you aren’t a dangerous stalker. LOL

  186. Patty, When we went thru Kansas in March, I noticed all the billboards about “Little Manhattan” guess we forgot to tell Becky about them. Oh well.

    To all my friends here, Have a Very Blessed New Year.

    California is 8 hours different from London, and 5 hours different from the east coast.

  187. For those watching Hemmer and Megyn, be on the lookout for the message Becky sent to all of Adam’s Bloggers.

  188. Barb,

    I’ll be asleep before that comes on. Let me know if it is shown on TV.

  189. ((ducks in))


    ζ˜Žγ‘γΎγ—γ¦γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†! (Happy New Year!)

    ((ducks back out))

  190. LDG,

    Happy New Year
    Are you still celebrating? Any lingering “spirit” problems?

  191. LDG is drunk! *L*

  192. Sadly, no. I was just trying to put a good face on things.

    (Serious matters intervened just before midnight NYE, and are ongoing)

  193. On the plus side, as we have *3* New Year’s celebrations in Japan, I can likely make up for lost party-time between now and early February.

    You all be of good cheer for me, please.

  194. KC & Becky: I was sleeping. So we celebrated a little before i went to bed, my parents celebrated at midnight and i did again when i woke up.

  195. Happy 2009…….where did 2008 go? Time seems to be flying.

  196. morning and what is going on? Fox and Friends are on Adam’s time slot– what the chara??????

    I was in bed by 10:00 last night as after I left here, I took all my Christmas stuff done and cleaned– 7 hours later– lol

    Avi– now there is going to be some ground fighting? This is not getting better by you!!! waaaaa!!!!

    Happy New one to you LDG–

    I have a new cat to my outdoor cats– I just saw this one yesterday– lying on the Siamese’s bed under the bush– this one looks like a lion– it is huge and just exactly like a lion– I got close to it to see if it is someone’s cat– it was pretty dirty– waaaaa!!!!!! and it waited for the Siamese to finish eating so it could eat– So this makes a total of six cats I care for– two pets- a half pet and three wild ones–

    so what is going on with the Newsroom? Did it move up two hours? I am soooooooooooo lost– my cable guide says Newsroom should be on now!

  197. Morning!
    Susan ~ I was wondering the same thing about Fox and Friends! At least Adam is on now. He did a good job yesterday and I think he is doing a good job today as well! πŸ™‚
    OH and no pink in his tie!
    Max ~ That’s good you got to celebrate!
    Sylvia ~ 2008 flew by big time!

  198. Avi ~ I am watching reports on Fox and it doesn’t look good in Israel… how are you doing?

  199. Good Morning all….. Happy New Year! Sounds like everyone’s celebration was like mine….. early to bed! The ‘kids’ were off celebrating with all their friends.

    Adam is doing a great job on air. Sorry I missed him on the Strategy Room.

    (and add me to the list of people who don’t text…..but really need to learn, as it seems to be the way my daughter communicates most these days)

  200. Adam is doing a superb job– he seems more relaxed– and he looks great!!! (he must have been on our schedule as well) I see no red in his whites of the eyes!!!

    And I wonder what he had for breakfast as the list for being healthier stated eating breakfast is a must–

    And the Israel/Hamas is getting worse– David Lee’s reporting does not sound good!!!


    And for that reason I don’t text– I just heard earlier text messaging (while driving?) is now going to be illegal in California?

    Where the heck is Avi?

  201. Looks like we all had a quiet New Years Eve. No hangovers from this group.

    As for Avi, maybe he is busy with school. Israel doesn’t celebrate the secular New Year…only the Jewish New Year.

  202. FL Sunshine ~ I missed your post earlier! Happy New Year!

    Oh I tried to see Adam’s socks for you yesterday Susan, and they looked gray! lol

  203. Sylvia ~ yes, very low key here for me… no drinking involved! πŸ™‚

  204. And I quit drinking over a week ago– LOL

    Becky– did your text go through last night with Hemmer? I fell asleep after seeing a bunch of ” I love you” messages– Hemmer and Megyn wer very cute together last night– poor Greg- RedEye– only one person in that whole group of people knew about RedEye- LOL

    Sylvia– if there is school there today– given what is going on– when is the Jewish New Year?

    And Adam passed with honors today– he is so good as anchor guy!!! Maybe he and Greg can get a slot together– I like Greg!

    @ all– many hugs!

    Have a good day!

    I wish you who are in the snow could have some of our sun– it was actually hot yesterday afternoon!


  205. OPPS– Adam and Greg– not Greg from RedEye– the Greg who corrected that girl when she told him he had never been to Gaza– that Greg– what is his last name?

  206. I wonder if Adam changes socks? I wil wear the same ones two days in a row– LOL

  207. correction–

    It is a week ago today I quit drinking– that was the end to that– LOL

    TOO DAMN OLD and the body can’t tolerate it!

  208. Susan,
    I think you mean Greg Jerrit or something similar to that.
    The Jewish New Year is Rosh Hashanah and it is September 19 this year. The date varies because it goes by the Jewish calendar not the secular one. Avi would have to explain the calendar stuff…I was absent from religious school when that was taught….actually, I was absent alot.
    And what I did learn has been lost in the far away places of my brain.

  209. Sylvia, i was absent in school alot too! *WEG* (wicked evil grin)

    Hi all.

    Adam did look good today πŸ˜‰

    Lastnight, I was disappointed with Fox’s New years …didn’t see the ball drop (unless i blinked or something), didn’t see the fireworks, and Fox couldn’t leave politics out of it………had to look at the clinton’s…ugh! I was terribly disappointed!

  210. Susan,
    The Jewish New Year is mostly in September and occasionally in October. It is a festive holiday with food and some Temple services. It is followed 9 days later by Yom Kippur which is our day of atonement when Jews are suppose to give up food and liquids for 24 hours and pray all day. Again, Avi can give you more info.

  211. Patty,
    I was asleep before 10:30.
    How did Megyn and Bill keep from freezing their butts off in NYC?

  212. Sylvia, I dont think anyone kept from freezing! I hear megyn say she had “warmers” in her boots and gloves. She looked so cute! Pat says she is the prettiest on Fox.

  213. Greg Gutfield (sp?) is a riot! I didnt realize how short he was until lastnight! *L*

  214. Patty,
    I would never stand out in a big crowd freezing to death…doesn’t sound like fun to me. And heaven forbid you have to use a portalet….UGH

  215. Susan ~ I didn’t see the message but, I taped the show so I am going through it to see if it showed up later on today! πŸ™‚

  216. Patty ~ Greg Gutfield is a riot!

  217. oh i didnt even see portapottys!
    Rick Leventhal(sp) even said something about when you walk around, you want to look down, cause you dont know what you will step in, since …….ya well you get the picture!!

  218. Patty,
    That is gross!!!!

  219. Sylvia–

    thank you– and yes– that Greg–

    The other Greg is a riot too– his mom is my favorite–

    In between all the making out from last night’s, did anyone see Bill kiss Hillary? I just saw a hug~ and I didn’t see the ball drop either as it was 10:00 here when it was midnight there– and shortly after that I fell asleep!

    As for looks, I think Kimberly is the prettiest– and she seems so nice!!!! and I can’t think of her name– she has an unusual name and she was on at night doing the fast news and then switched over to the day– Is she even still around? She, aka ?, is beautiful– Her name is on the tip of my tongue– dang it!

    Is Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaving The View to move over to Fox? Gawd–I hope not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. I see KC’s husband must be off work today– as she has not been here today and she only has eyes for him when he is physically present– LOL

    I still can’t think of her name– it is like right on the tip!!

    have a good day @ all– time to go finish up the cleaning I started yesterday– ugh!


  221. Susan,
    Do you mean Harris Faulkner or Uma Pammaraju?

  222. Susan,

    I’m alive as Sylvia said school stuff… Israeli and online. Esp busy with online HS got a few papers to write and a final exam. New Years—- is not celebrated here like it is in the world. It is but not like crazy …. we dont get a day off from school but some ppl dont show up lol and our teacher at the end of the day let us out early.=] Jan 27= done with ONLINE HS hopefully ill be done before! So busy I am.

    I following the war…. trying not to get distracted by it because once i start following it for a little i end up not doing what i need to do lol. So i just check updates during the day and yah :P. When somthing big happens Ill check in depthl But right now its just Bombs, Rockets. To sum it up in 2 words.

    Happy New Years everyone…. only 364 days until 2010 =]

  223. Avi,
    Let’s not rush the year….I’m getting older fast enough as it is.

  224. Sylvia–

    Harris Faulkner– I just came back to post the name as it finally came to me and I see you beat me to it!!!! Is she still around? I think she is beautiful— thank you!


    thanks for peeking in– glad to know you are safe– xxxx

  225. and yeah, Avi– I second that motion– Sylvia’s post about not rushing the year! πŸ˜›

  226. Adam, through fox and friends……..they did the Dr story about the baby on the plane and then rolled to Janice…..with the look of horror on her face. So funny!
    But when she jokingly asked if there was anyone in the building that could deliver a baby everyone said Hemmer……….ut oh! He’s not there, YOU ARE!!!!!

  227. Patty,
    Now that is funny!!!!

  228. And Good Morning All.

    I’ve got to remind myself that it is 2009…..old habits are hard to break.

  229. ‘morning all.
    Sylvia, for some reason i never really got into writing the 08 thing, so 09 should be a breeze!
    I’m going to try to clean the office today. Yuk. Its just like home, a few days without “mom” and it all falls to pieces!

  230. Patty,
    Were you stuck on 07? Kind of a James Bond thing.

  231. ewww a bond girl…i like that!
    *day dreaming*

  232. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone and HAPPY 2009

  233. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I must say it was a great pleasure to wake up with you for the last 3 days. You really did a good job. I noted that you said you were going to be there for another couple of days. Is it for R&R or are you going to be on another program??? Sweats under your jeans ??? – that must have been a sight as I recall the jeans that you wear are pretty snug and do not have much wiggle room – LOL

    Now for the KC AWARD for your attire

    1st prize – Gotta be Thursday 1/1/09 – pure class – woohoo

    2nd prize – Today’s attire – Friday 1/2/09 – great combination of colors

    3rd prize – Attire worn on Wednesday 12/31/08 – OK but I liked the others better

  234. KC,
    How would you rate the sweats under jeans attire?????

    And Happy New Year to you.

  235. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    He gets docked for not packing long johns which he admitted to this morning, however, he was inventive enough to go out and buy sweats, so I guess he gets a B+ . Of course jeans and sweats are MY personal favorites as that is all I wear anymore.

    He is such a sweetheart isn’t he???

  236. Around here, its much easier to put the sweats OVER the jeans πŸ˜‰

  237. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Must agree with you about putting the sweats OVER the jeans – but I think only a woman would think of that as our brain cells are soooooo much more creative than a man’s (laughing)

    BTW – how are you feeling??

  238. KC…*LOL*

    Im “mending”. Thanks.
    Hubby saw me with a m. dew this am (havent had any since saturday)…said he was glad to see i’m going to live! haha Always a smart a.. πŸ˜‰

  239. Adam…from what i’ve read….I think Janice had fun teasing you this morning!!

  240. I’ve never worn sweats and jeans at the same time.

    And now I have to go to the grocery

  241. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    It was hilarious – Janice teased him constantly about being from California and not being able to stand the cold in New York. She even asked him if he brought his long johns and that is how the story with the sweats under the jeans came out.
    Adam told her how freezing cold it was in California when he left – 50 degrees!!!!! – We were cracking up – he was comparing 50 degrees to the cold you are all having in your states. She said they needed to educate Housley on what to wear in the winter there. It really was funny.

    Janice also looked like she has dropped a bit with her weather intern. Isn’t she due this month to deliver that little boy?

  242. Adam–

    I caught a half of hour of you this morning— as I had to leave at 7:40—

    As for the prizes– (my prizes)

    Wednesday’s attire– First prize–
    Thursday– Second
    Today— Third– (the pink shirt threw me off) I had to cover you from the neck down— which reminds me I better take the tape and pillow case off the tele– πŸ˜€

    the sweat conversation betweeen you and Janice was cute–You must have taken along baggy jeans because the jeans you wore the day I met you would not have fit a pair of sweats under the jeans– LOL

    and I left when you all were talking about the Crawford House–

    Avi— How are you doing?

    @all— Have a good day-

  243. I have. Used to do that when I had to milk the cold mornings. That way, after chores, i could shed the yuk sweats…and still have the jeans for the rest of the days work outside without the “cow smell” following me!

  244. KC…yep, she is due this month. not sure what day tho.

  245. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it – – – Hubby and I both said at the same time this morning – Susan is not gonna like Adams attire today!!!! And you just confirmed it – so funny – covering the tv from the neck down. I can actually visualize that LOL

    And of course you were right with your post above – Hubby was home and yep, computer stays off. You know me sooooo well

    Hope you are having a good day

  246. Question:

    when an anchor is asking question to a guest ( a reporter or what not) are the questions from the tele promter writer or does the anchor come up with their own questions? maybe Adam knows the answer to this one lol

  247. I would guess Avi, they are thier own questions.

  248. Patty,

    since sometimes anchors repeat the same questions to the same people… so thats why im wondering

  249. avi…maybe thier memory is just as short as mine. ha

  250. Hows it goin over there? I only saw one report this am …very early.

  251. Back from grocery and trying to decide if I want to take a walk. It’s only 45 here with a breeze… walking tolerance is usually between 60 to 80 degrees.

    As for reporters asking questions on air, aren’t some questions relayed to them through their producer, some they write out ahead of time, and sometimes they just wing it with follow up questions.

  252. Becky and I said the same thing this morning, too much pink in the shirt for Susan’s taste

  253. Susan ~ LOL on the tape and pillow case. I was watching with my dad and made the comment about Adam wearing pink and how you were going to have something to say about it! lol

    Adam ~ good job this morning! It’s been fun watching you being an anchor this week. I like how Janice was teasing you all morning! She needs to have a nickname for you as she does with Hemmerlicious! lol

    Patty ~ I am working on trying to find out if they put up my text the other night.

  254. Susan: Harris Faulkner is still around. She is always on Huckabee’s show, she plays the piano for his fox band.

  255. If that is true…. get ready for the a lot of bad news. And chaos …… Always on Shabbath=/

  256. Avi: Maybe they are trying to get the different sides of the argument.
    Or it could be a mix of their own questions and those on a prompter.

    Fox seems to give it’s hot more flexibilty than most stations, so they may well have suggested questions on a prompter but the anchors don’t have to follow them. Other stations don’t seem to give their anchors so much freedom.

  257. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    glad to hear you got to celebrate New Years Eve – in between sleeping LOL

    I always see Lauren Green playing Keyboards on Huck’s program, but I have never seen Harris Falkner on there. She is on Fox News right now covering for Martha McCallum tho

    Avi Stay safe

  258. Oops, i got them muddled up.
    I’ve done the same in person. very embarrasing.

  259. Harris Falkner is the one on stratergy room though, right?

  260. She is on right now… shes on everyday on Happening Now

  261. FL Sunshine Says:

    Hi Avi! How are you doing?

  262. Max:

    How about a suggestion to Huck– half hour of bullchara talk and half hour of music? I am on to this one!!!

    Well if Huck has a band going with Harris in it, especially the piano, I must watch—- I do think it is cool he plays bass (?)—- He needs to do half hour of just music. And if Harris plays the piano, she is beautiful and talented!

    When I have watched him a few times, I just did not like become enthralled.

    Now if he wants to start his show with some music with Harris on the piano, I will totally watch, and then he can move on to his chara interviews! πŸ˜€

    Barb and daughter, Becky–

    Here goes why I hate pink–

    When I was a kid, my mother had my walls to my bedroom painted pink- a deep pink—

    I use to wake up to this obnoxious color on all walls! It was part of letting my room be a gender identity– pink+girl——

    It was pink all over the damn place~

    I had to wear pink shirts– pink and pink and pink!!!!!!!!

    It was gender– girl wears and lives pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look at the older movies– pink as a color– Anna Nicole- pink- LOL

    Sheriff Joe– Pink

    and so on and so on!

    I just hate pink! πŸ˜€

    I WILL get over it! πŸ˜€


  263. @ Avi–

    lots of hugs!!!!!!!!!!!

    hang in!

  264. @Becky— and to mom who blessed us with Becky–

    You are sooooooooooo cool–

    I just love your support!


  265. Patty–

    You know angels come in as humans== Kat

    I had an experience today at the grocery store when I had my cart half loaded for cat food and maybe one third human consumption.

    I let a lady, beautiful, maybe in her 60’s, go ahead of me as she only had two items and I had a cart full…

    We engaged in a conversation as she noticed how much cat food I had in my cart and I told her I was buying for six cats–

    I didn’t really get into the whole thing about the six cats I care for– just two I had kept for myself and four I was feeding outside—

    I NEVER asked for money– nor did I infer I needed it–

    The WHOLE conversation was about the food I just bought– end of that–

    I got involved with putting my groceries up to be scanned and never noticed anything else–

    When I went to pay for my groceries, the cashier asked me if I wanted to use the $20.00 dollars the lady had left for me to pay for the groceries!!!!!!!

    I wa soooooooooo floored– I said— “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”

    The cashier told me the lady wanted me to have this is a gift!

    I can not believe this!!!!!!

    I could not even find her to give it back to her as she was well gone because the time I checked out, she was not around!

    I have no idea who to thank—

    Angels come as humans!

    And this is a true story!


  266. And for feeding the cats all the time–

    now they don’t have to fight for food–

    Hence– Fat Cats πŸ˜€

  267. Ah, i see why i got them muddled, they came from the same city.

    Susan: nice story, did you use the money to buy the cat food? What will you do with it otherwise?

  268. Max–

    It went to my check-out– as this is what is was supposed to be for— never cheat an honest person– πŸ˜€

  269. I was thinking about it, if that report was true it would not happen as the IDF would not go in after the Times blew the whistle. The wait continues.

  270. ‘morning everyone.

    Wow, its foggy in KS this morning.
    Glad i’m not traveling anywhere.

    Adam, travel safe today. I presume you are headed back to CA?

    Susan, what a awesome story!! Thanks for sharing it!

    Lauren Greene is the only one that i have seen play piano on Huckabee’s show. She is so pretty! Although I have missed a couple weeks of his show.

    K2, if you peek in, how much snow have you had? Looks like the upper north is going to get hammered again today.

  271. Hi All,
    Waiting for the sun to shine and the temps go up to mid 40’s. Is it possible our weatherman lied to us????

    Patty… are you feeling today?

  272. Morning–

    Patty– you crossed my mind when this kind act took place– your daughter, the Angel–

    weather is beautiful here– (sorry for you all who have to endure your weather– and for this reason I don’t live where it snows– I am not a snow person– don’t even know any sports which are snow related- I tried skiing once when I lived in Minnesota and fell on my back– end of that story)

    HMM? Come to think of it, I don’t do any sports at all– hiking is the only thing I like– and this is probably not a sport–

    Have a good day– I have to go find two lamps which match– to replace the lamp I busted when I brought in the holiday tree– 😦 and nail patch stuff to cover the holes I pounded into the walls to hang up holiday chara–

    Patty– hope you are feeling better– you and Ken’s sister– she gets those migraines too– and has no clue what causes them-

    Max– I am going to look for Harris today on Huck’s show– they usually do the music thing at the end of the show?


  273. Avi–

    ok there?


  274. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey everyone!

    Yes, I would have thrown the shoe back and I wouldn’t have missed. I guarantee that! It has been a wild few days here with a lot of work and reading in the office. I just came from there and they are preparing for a possible Israeli war with Hamas. Avi stay safe and yes, I fly back to socal today. I hope everyone has started off 2009 in a great way and I have some video I’ll post tomorrow.


  275. Susan,
    I think it is Lauren Green who does the music on Huck’s show.

    Enjoy your day shopping for lamps.

  276. Adam,
    Will you do any war coverage if it happens?

  277. Avi,
    What’s the latest news from Tel Aviv?

  278. Developing: Israel has launched a group Operation.

  279. Susan…yep, that would be something Kat would do πŸ˜‰

    Sylvia, i ate “real” food today. So i must be better.
    I havent gotten too carried away with doing anything. Need to put the tree away. Have everything sitting here, just havent moved.

    Susan…toothpaste in the holes, works wonderful!! unless of course it is blue or green toothpaste! *L*

  280. Looking forward to your video adam!!!

  281. Patty,
    Did your real food include middle eastern food like I suggested????

  282. Ughhh

  283. Sylvia, i just now read the email! *L*

  284. Sylvia…”real” was a cheeseburger from our favorite small town resturaunt here. Its a saturday thing at our house.

  285. Susan: I made a mistake, it’s Harris who i’ve seen hosting the Strategy room, not playing music.

    Patty: Sounds good, was it just a burger in a bun with cheese or anything speical added?

  286. just burger, bun and cheese Max.
    There is another place that we get bacon, mushroom, swiss burgers, it is only open in the evenings. Those are Pats favorite.

  287. patty: sounds nice. I normally make my own burgers, so i mix things into the patties. Can be quite fun to make. And interesting to eat, even if that means i decide never to make that mix again πŸ˜‰

  288. Max…Pat does that alot in the summer time too, when he’s cooking on the grill. Never know what we might find! *L*

  289. Hello All….. Mike just left to take his girlfriend to the airport. She is a great gal. Very outgoing and cute as a bugs ear. As for the vegetarian, she made a meal one night – fresh spinach, couscous (sp?), fried tofu and tempe (sp?), sprinkled with olive oil. It was good – much to my surprise. Later in the week, I made a three cheese lasagna with my spaghetti sauce without meat. It was a hit! whew…… Last night it was stir fry with tofu marinated in soy sauce, lemon juice and ginger. I kind of slaughtered the tofu (oops). The stir fry included mushrooms, peppers, onion, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. Then we finished dinner with a chocolate peanut butter pie to celebrate her birthday.

    We had a great week. Mike will leave tomorrow for his drive back to MT. 😦

    Patty – we have had a thawing, ice, more snow, cold and now it is snowing again! This has been a real winter – not the mild ones like we had for the past few years. Not sure how much we are supposed to get, but glad it is passing through today and not tomorrow as Mike heads west.

    Oh, and forgot to mention that I took a nose dive on Christmas Eve….hit my forehead on the wood floor…..spent the entire holiday with a goose egg on my forehead, followed by two black eyes….. Look like I lost the fight! πŸ™‚

  290. k2! wow, hope your head is ok! that makes mine hurt thinking of it.
    Glad your holiday was good! Always a good thing to like the girlfriend! ha

  291. K2,
    Sorry about your head…are you still bruised?

    I’m happy you like your son’s girlfriend….my mother-in-law never liked me….can’t understand why!!!! Now that she is senile she likes me…go figure.

    Larry says she wouldn’t have liked anyone he married.

  292. Adam Housley Says:

    K2- Sorry to hear about the fall and sounds like you figured out the food! I once dated a vegetarian….it was tough at first to figure it out because I like meat. Avi keep your head down and if you get any pics or video let me know. And finally….I am blogging again at 34,000 feet. So cool.


  293. Adam,
    So you’re taking the night flight back to warm CA. Guess you don’t like cold weather.

    Did you enjoy filling in for Hemmer?

  294. ya Adam, did you enjoy your stint?
    Is there another choice you prefer? besides the out and about live stories, i know you love the hands on.
    But if you needed to choose…where/what would you really like to be doing??? You can tell us πŸ˜‰
    Besides blogging with us much more often!! *EG*
    We could get used to that.

  295. This is somewhat of a test…Could someone let me know if this link works.
    Its pics…you’ll have to take the space out after the “p”


  296. Patty…… couldn’t get the link to work….wants me to log in.

    And, yep still bruised…..I look pretty funny. At least the swelling is gone.

    Sylvia – I know what you mean about in-laws. Took my MIL a little time to warm up to me, but now it is fine (25 years later!). And, if this girlfriend becomes part of the family, it will be a rude awakening. My brother and nephews all hunt! We just won’t say anything for a while.. πŸ™‚

    Adam, hope you had a good flight with no delays. After all this cold, I am longing for a trip to warm weather. And, your wine is great…..

  297. K2,
    You’re right about not saying anything to your son’s girlfriend about the hunters in the family. The less said the better. You don’t want to scare her off if she is a winner.

  298. K2—

    OUCH!!!!! (Your head and fall)

    The vegetarian meals sound delicious!!! I LOVE all of that– I throw tofu in salads sometimes– and always in my Chinese food when I cook it-

    And I am totally against hunting– my son is a hunter and I keep my mouth shut– I am sooooo against killing Bambi and its relatives– but I also understand hunting for keeping population done but I am glad I am not the one picked to do this- For me persoally, I think it is not a fair game- It is not on a one to one– I also hate bullfighting– I have been to one bullfight in Mexico City as a teen-ager, and rest assured this is the last one I will ever go to– (Going back in time, 40 years ago, animal rights were not even around and I still felt at this time this sport to be inhumane– as well as the other animals used for sport) πŸ˜€

    Adam– so where is the video you were going to post today? I forgot, when you use “tomorrow,” you literally mean tomorrow– so today would be today and not tomorrow– πŸ˜€

    Avi– I haven’t turned the tele on today but last time I heard, it is not good over by you~

    Max– I missed Huck– I did watch Geraldo– (because of his coverage on the Israel situation).

    Been raining here– not bad– but dreary– nothing to complain about as to the other States….

    Patty– I usually use toothpaste but I have off white walls so I had to paint over my pounding in the walls—- You should see the holes behind some of my paintings and mirrors– The one painting over the couch has a thousand holes– Since it is heavy, I freak out if it would fall on someone’s head, so I have at least twenty holes back there– πŸ˜€

    Sylvia– I found a couple cool lamps– it took me a couple hours as I went to four stores–

    AND the Cardinals has us on the map again– and they won over the Falcons– thanks to Michael Vick, I hate the Falcons– You can’t tell me not one of his compadres on the team did not know what he was doing– grrr!!!

    And a good day to all!

  299. I think I’m out of breath from reading Susan’s comments!!!

    I agree with you about killing Bambi. We have a lot of deer walking around our yards. Most of the neighbors dislike them, but I think they are beautiful. Every year they have deer population thinning by our local police and I hate the idea. I know the deer cause accidents, eat flowers and trees, but I couldn’t kill them.

    I’ve never been to a bull fight or a rodeo and don’t care to go to either. I’m not even a fan of dog or horse racing.

    But I do eat meat, poultry and fish. And I wear leather (not fur). So I guess I’m guilty of animal cruelity too.

  300. Sylvia–

    lol to out of breath–

    I eat meat as well as poultry and fish– But I do leave venison out, lamb, anything to do with the dolphin family, duck, etc… I think deers have the most beautiful eyes and to see one and shoot it makes me want to cry…but I think there is a distinction between killing something in cold blood as a sport… But hunting has been around for centuries, survival… I am just not a hunter– and taunting a bull is not my idea of fun! πŸ˜€

    Speaking of taunting– whatever happened with the San Francisco Zoo incident? Who got what out of it? Geragos make a fortune?


  301. I see Richardson is withdrawing as nominee for the Commerce appointment–

  302. Susan,
    Looks like he is involved in a pay to play investigation. He would have a hard time getting confirmed by Congress if that is true.

    Wonder if the Clintons had something to do with this event…payback for Richardson not supporting Hillary’s campaign.

  303. Sylvia: If this is another Pay-to-Play scandle then this dagger is going to go deeper into Obama. The more people around him linked to this corruption, the harder it is to give him the benefit of the doubt. And of course Hannity would raise the specters of Wright & Aires and ask about how anyone with such company could be clean.
    And if more and more PtoP democrat cases are revealed over the next 2 years then Republicans would be set to win even bigger numbers of house and senate seats than currently projected.
    2010 is setting up to be a great year.

  304. Max,
    I hope you are right.

  305. Max, I hope for all of our sakes, that your crystal ball is working well!

  306. Hi everyone.
    Such a blah day here. Too cold to do anything, so we are vegitating with old movies on TCM. Not often that hubby stays inside.
    Who is that man, in the other chair, in MY domain? *LOL*

  307. time will tell all~

    Are there any honest politicians, anyway? I mean– bona fide honest ones? Maybe Adam should look into politics– as a career~ Adam is honest as the day is long….

    and when is Adam going to take the Christmas tree down? This is like January? πŸ™„

  308. Maybe the tree will come down by Valentines Day.

  309. Susan, you need a “stud finder”……. πŸ™‚

    seriously….then you only need one nail, nothing will fall then.
    These walls are just like that though too. Lots of holes. But its painted panelling, so you really dont notice it.
    My MIL was one to have a pic or something on every inch, or so it seemed.

  310. And…no Adam needs to stay away from politics!
    I firmly believe if you arent a crook and a liar going in, you are in short time, regardless of the best intentions!

  311. Adam…did you do the elvis spot on huckabee???

  312. Patty–

    LOL– (for your three posts)

    BTW– I saw the paneling when I checked out your Christmas pictures– You have a very nice home and very cozy!!! It feels like a home!! πŸ˜€

    Sylvia– Adam put the video up! πŸ™„


  313. Oh i was serious about the elvis segment. The “narrator” sounded like Adam.

    Elvis’s bday is our Anniversary πŸ˜‰

  314. Just checked out the New Year’s video…really fun. Since I didn’t stay awake to see it the first time at least I can now say I saw New Years on Times Square.

  315. Hopefully my crystal ball is clear. Though you can’t count media manipulation out. I did when i was trying to predict who would win this time and it was Mitt Romney (I still think he would have won the General election, he was the only Republican who could have).

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