A date with Dylan

I am sitting here at 9:37 pm on a Saturday night and couldn’t be more thankful. My longtime producer Nora and her husband Randy asked me if I would watch their daughter Dylan while they went to a quick holiday party. The decision for me was an easy one. I too had yet another holiday party, or a few other things going on….but how could I turn down a date with the cutest thing west of New York. So, a date it is. We had a chance to sit for a bit on the couch, then a few walks around the condo with a bit of fussiness (from her) and then time for bed. Falling asleep wasn’t easy for a few minutes, but finally night, night came and now I am back on the couch smiling from ear to ear. Was there even a choice? Here’s a picture. 



103 Responses to “A date with Dylan”

  1. Ah…… cute baby :)……

  2. So do you think there will be a 2nd date?

  3. Now that’s an adorable picture. I think it’s great you enjoy babysitting.

    Do you also change diapers???? Some guys have a problem with that!!!!!

  4. Oh, so cute.

    And, Adam, you look like a natural!

  5. What a great way to start the day!!
    Thanks for sharing that adam.
    Those lil ones have a way of wrapping themselves around our fingers!!!!

    That is so cool that you are “above” the macho thing!!! ALthough I would have guessed that after seeing pics with your niece and nephew.

  6. FL Sunshine Says:

    how sweet Adam!!! Not a lot of guys would do such a thing! Did you have to change a diaper? LOL

    Ya know they say a good lucking guy walking a cute dog will get you a girl but caring for a sweet little baby is even better!!! 🙂

  7. Fl Sunshine ~ Very true! 😀

    Patty ~ are you able to get warm today?

  8. *shivering*

    It was -2 and -10 windchill when i left home at 7:30.

    My little under the desk heater is running full blast, with 2 pairs of socks, and my fuzzy lined shoes arent going far from that heater today!

  9. Patty,

    We started out at 57 this morning and it is now down to 43…..and still dropping. Suppose to be in the 20’s by tonight. It was raining hard all night (and windy). Now the weather report says snow….hopefully not much.

    Try to stay warm.

  10. Sylvia, that is what our weather did yesterday. It was 50’s in the wee morning hours.
    We had a flurry yesterday, but not much. Hopefully this will pass for everyone as quickly as it rolled in.

  11. Patty,

    I hope winter passes quickly…..the quicker the better.

  12. Sylvia ~ I hope you are able to stay warm too!

  13. Thanks Becky.

  14. We had loads of fog Sunday morning at 5am, I couldn’t see the other end of the street when i went out in it. I hope we get some of the cold you are all getting.

  15. Max,

    Wish I could send the cold weather to you. It is now down to 34 degrees from 57 this morning. UGH!!!

  16. Good Morning all….
    Cold here too….. we dropped from the mid 30’s to the single digits yesterday. First we had rain then snow! We are expecting a high today of -2! Then factor in the wind chill and it is a balmy -25.

  17. Sounds like we are all caught in the path of this crud.
    Becky..is it supposed to get that far south?

  18. Karen,

    Guess I shouldn’t complain. You have it really bad…as does Patty.

  19. Patty ~ It doesn’t look like we are going to get the cold air. I just got back from lunch and it was really warm outside. Very unusual for this time of year. I heard that Charlotte is going to have highs in the 60’s all week long! But, I am sure that will change next week! lol
    I am grateful for the warm weather right now…
    Karen2 ~ I hope you are able to stay warm too…

  20. Thats good Becky, I’d hate to see everyone miserable! *L*
    Sounds like we are to get snow now, tonight and tomorrow. With possible ice, depending on what the temp does.

  21. Patty,

    Please do not send it my way!!!!

  22. *getting out my magic wand*
    abracadabra……..make the weather 60 degrees!
    *waving wand wildly*

  23. I love magic…..hope your wand works. Do you have one that also cleans houses?

  24. *still waving*

  25. Hi everyone, we had a good time in Illinois visiting Steve’s family last week. We only had flurries twice and rain so there is no snow on the ground. We left just as the cold was blowing in. Like Becky said we had great weather here today, her sister called and sent a picture from Las Vegas and there was a couple of inches of snow on the ground at her place. She will have to enjoy it there because it doesn’t look like it will snow here.

    Sylvia… can I have the wand after you?

  26. Adam Housley Says:

    Barb, Patty, Sylvia, Becky and everyone I missed-

    I just wanted to say that I appreciate all you guys and the fact that you stay with this blog. People check in who never leave messages, but follow the stories. Things have been crazy the last 6 weeks, as many of you know, so I promise once we get through the holidays, more consistent postings and I am told that we will FINALLY get the whole foxnews.com blog page set up much better.


  27. Adam Housley Says:

    Also……I APPRECIATE all that Susan did to keep everyone in contact and together. As crazy as she is…. 🙂 …..she has an very caring heart as all of you know.


  28. YEA for Susan!!!!!!!!!

  29. Adam,

    Will you keep this little place in the world for us or will we have to deal with the trolls on the FNC web site? I don’t do facebook so I have no other contact with the people on this blog.

    I do have Susan’s e-mail address and we keep in touch. We hope to actually meet the next time I’m in Phoenix visiting my daughter, which will probably be in May.

  30. Barb,

    I will be glad to share the magic wand with you if Patty sends it to me!!!!

  31. ‘morning all.

    I’m thinkin, my wand is broken! *L*
    I’ve waved it soo much my bursitis is screaming, and i’ve twitched my nose to the point of it being bruised……….we have 4 inches of snow this morning and i dont see it letting up just yet. *throwing it to Sylvia*…hopefully you have better “powers”!! haha

    Adam, that was a nice post. We do miss you hanging around though!!!

    Im with Sylvia, I like the protection” of no trolls.
    I hope you keep this for us even when/if fox gets the blog going right. I will promise to post at both.

  32. Patty,

    So far the wand has worked…no snow yet. It’s 25 and may hit 30. Not quite a heat wave.

    Hope your snow stops soon so you don’t get snowed in. When Cincinnati gets 4 inches of snow everything comes to a standstill…schools close and people run to the grocery to buy everything on the shelves. We can’t handle snow.

  33. Oh, the guys make sure i get to work. Snowed in isnt a option, they come to get me! *L*
    Since we are in the same building as the road and bridge dept, they would rather I answer all the crabby phone calls 😉
    Hubby runs a motor grader to clear the county roads (rock roads), so he is always on call this time of year. We usually dont see each other ‘cept in passing.

  34. temps here are 6 degrees with windchill of -6. No sun today by the looks of it.

  35. Sylvia: here it only has to be an inch and people get stranded on the highways.

  36. Good Morning all… still cold here. And looks like it will be all week. These temps are not unusual for MN, just not this early in the winter season. And, as usual when it gets this cold for several days in a row, we end up with a frozen drain pipe in the kitchen….. so hubby is busy working on it this morning. No new snow, but maybe some more on its way.

    Adam, thanks to you for this wonderful blogging site. I too like to keep in touch with the nice people I met on your original blog.

    Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe, dry and warm.

  37. a belated g’morning all around.

    Sad to see Susan need to go, but understandable. She is *so* busy these days.

    @Adam Housley

    If opinion counts, I think this is great that you have this Bullpen.
    (maybe I’m biased from not being able to comment of Onthescene)

    @Sylvia and Barb

    Sign me up for the magic wand when you’ve had your go with it. My Ish Wish Dish seems to only work for, well, ((swish! swish!)) … Fish.

  38. K2, we have a pipe like that also. Why anyone runs the water pipes along the outside wall is more than i know!
    Our cupboards are made so the bottom will pull out…we set fans in the open cupboard doors to blow heat down below.
    Someday…that kitchen will be cutted and redone…#1.. moving pipes!!

  39. not cutted…it will be Gutted!

  40. Morning or afternoon everyone
    Max and Sylvia ~ the same thing happens here in Charlotte! It’s sad really… everyone goes to the store and stocks up on bread and milk! Just the threat of snow will cause the stores to be packed out.

  41. Adam ~ Thank you for keeping the blog here going! I do hope the Fox news blog gets fixed but, I hope you keep this one going as well. And Susan will be missed!

  42. Crap….I spoke too soon. The snow is now coming down and there are accidents everywhere. Even interstate 75 is down to 1 lane due to slippery conditions and accidents. Larry and I just went on a few errands and decided people don’t know how to drive.

    Bah Humbug.

  43. Hi to all I missed earlier. I do hope Adam keeps us in the Bullpen.

    And I agree Susan is missed….but she is busier than the energizer bunny.

  44. Looks like the Adam Walsh murder case is finally solved. Police have decided Ottis Tool (who died in prison) was the killer….John Walsh said so all along. Finally…closure for the Walsh family.

  45. I heard walsh’s name this morning on F&F, but I didnt know what they were talking about. I cannot imagine going that many years. And look at all he has accomplished in his drive to find answers. I can only imagine the weight lifted off of them.

  46. Sylvia ~ I saw that just now as well. I am glad the Walsh family finally has some closure on this.

  47. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone from SUNNY Fresno, Ca.

    Patty – that weather report you left for me on the other thread – that was for Santa’s workshop at the North Pole – RIGHT???? 5 degrees-no way

    Karen 2 – Is that terrible, horrible, train derailment that happened this morning by your town. They said about 30-40 cars fell into the Mississippi River.

  48. G’morning everyone.
    Hiya KC…that forecast hasnt changed much…just had 5 inches of snow to it! *L*

    train wreck? i better go check out some news links, havent looked at anythis morning.

  49. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    What an adorable little girl. You are a natural with children – hint – hint
    I noticed you were wearing your socal winter clothing. Short sleeves in December – (grinning)

    Did Tamera do a caphalon (cooking vessels) commercial????? I swear that is her. I know she is a twin, but if that was not her, then she has a triplet somewhere!!! Curious to know if that is Tamera

  50. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Forgot to thank you for your kind words concerning your blogs. (due to very mature age).
    As long as my fingers can type, I will be on both of your blogs. You have brought so many of us together from all over the world, and we are like a big family.
    Thank YOU so much for keeping these blogs open for us. We all know how busy you are and as you notice, we keep each other entertained until you pop in to talk to us or open a new thread.
    Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts

  51. A little icy here this morning. Just a dusting of snow but it’s the ice that is the problem. Very cold, may go up to 35. I am hoping the ice will melt because I need to go to the grocery. The streets are OK…..it’s driveways and parking lots that could pose a problem.

  52. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Please, please be careful out there. Can’t you get the grocery stores to deliver??
    I would have no idea how to drive on icy roads or in snow, and I guarantee you I do not want to learn. Scary stuff

  53. KC,

    Groceries don’t deliver. The streets have been treated….the problem is driveways and some parking lots. I’m going to wait until mid afternoon in hopes the temp goes above freezing. Right now it’s only 29. My newspaper is sitting on the walkway between the driveway and the front steps…and it’s going to stay there until either the ice melts or hubby gets home around 5. He is better balanced on ice than I am…I’m a klutz!!!!

  54. sylvia…last year we bought everyone yaxtrax, the greatest invention i’ve seen for walking on the slick stuff.
    When we had that ice storm, without these we would have still been standing in place when the spring thaw arrived. If you do a search for them, you find ’em. Im thinking i even saw them at walmart, but not sure. Mine stay in the car this time if year….always handy.

  55. Groceries delivered……..oh my, i’d be in heaven!!! 🙂

  56. KC, when i was 14-15 and learning to drive. They gave me a stick shift car and a empty parking lot, frozen solid and said “drive”….you’ll figure it out.
    It wasnt very long before you figure out “cause and effect” with brakes and a steering wheel. The next lesson….was on a frozen rock road.
    We taught our kids how to drive the same way. none of them took driver’s ed. They dont teach anything but driving from here to the city. Around here, its the off roads that people get killed on. Mainly because they have no clue as to “how”.

  57. sylvia… so you have it here’s my email. Can you decipher this? and anyone else that wants it.
    patnpats at nvcs dot com

  58. Patty,
    Our first year of marriage we had a stick shift car…my husband’s idea. I had the hardest time learning. I would drive in 1st too long and the car would start smoking and hubby started yelling, and I started crying. Finally, one day while he was at work (interning at a hospital in Phoenix) I walked over from the apartment to the street where he parked by the hospital. I took the car out and taught myself…without hubby yelling…and put the car back in the same spot. I walked home. That evening I told him I knew how to drive a stick shift. He was shocked. A year later we moved back to Cincinnati where my automatic transmition car was waiting for me at my parents’ house (we only took 1 car to Phoenix…the air conditioned one…which wasn’t mine). I never drove a stick again. Phoenix is flat , Cincy is hilly. You don’t want to be behind me going up a hill if i’m driving a stick!!!!

  59. Patty,
    I sent you an e-mail. Hope it works. I’m computer challenged.

  60. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    What in the hell is a yaxtrax??? Sounds scary to me (laughing)
    Your parents were very wise to teach you to drive in those conditions and you were very wise to teach your children. Your right, that is something you would never learn to do in drivers ed.

    I remember as a teenager taking my mom’s lincoln continental to school and the roads were icy and of course I started to slide – slammed on the brakes – and ended up doing circles in the middle of two lanes. Thankfully, the oncoming traffic stopped, and I finally stopped spinning and went straight back home, told my mom I was sick and stayed home from school. I never told her about it until I was 30 something and she did not think it was funny at all. I could have hurt her beloved car – not me – but the car. That’s the only time in my life I have driven in those conditions – so – I cannot even imagine you guys doing it every day.

    Sylvia – you and Patty need to start a grocery delivery business in your areas for the winter months. Bet you all would become gazillionaires!!!

  61. KC,
    I think the days of delivery service have gone by the wayside. My father was a pharmacist and owned his own little store…complete with delivery service for prescriptions. I worked there while in college. I hated doing delivery runs because I was never very good with street directions. So most of the time I worked inside the store and got the high school-college guys to do the deliveries. I didn’t mind waiting on customers, doing stock work or dusting shelves…but I hated delivering to people.

  62. Our pharmacies still deliver 😉

    NO NO NO KC…thats puts me on the wrong end of grocery delivery!!! *L*
    Our stores will actually deliver to shut-ins and elderly in inclement weather. I dont qualify!

    yax….*L*..its actually a simple piece of rubber that has a spring more or less slid over it. Then it slips on the bottom of your shoe. Wonderful invention!

  63. I did many of those “circles” before school………i just hope my parents never knew it! 🙂
    Once you knew how to stop it, it was fun starting it!!! *LOL*

  64. Sylvia…Pat had done that with one of the kids. Backing a trailer into the hay shed with the tractor. Son cried, hubby yelled…i finallly went out there and told pat to leave! Let the kid work it out. He did just fine after that. I cant do it either if someone is standing there watching. just go away and let me alone!

  65. Patty,
    It’s really hard to focus when there’s smoke coming out of the car and smoke coming out of Larry’s ears!!!!! I figured if our marriage could survive my learnig how to drive a stick than it could survive anything!!!!
    So 36 years later……35 since I drove a stick shift……and we’re still together.

  66. Guss I’ve put off going to the grocery long enough. Got to get my act together and face the arctic weather.

    See you all later.

  67. My typing is awful today…hope you can figure out what I’m saying!!!

  68. those yaktrax things look like a good idea.

  69. Sylvia, thats funny.
    Hope your grocery trip is uneventful!!

    I’ve been reading the 2 local papers here. I love them this time of year. They print the grade school kids’s letters to santa, spelling errors and all.
    It just so fun to read them (and to try and decipher)!!! Some ask for so little. One says, he wants a “for real friend”. ahhhhhhh I dont know if that is a toy, or if he seriously just wants a friend. How sad if it is the 2nc choice. I hope he gets it and much more!!

  70. Hi max, didnt see you slide in there.

  71. Patty,
    Grocery trip went well…..ice was gone where I went. It helped that I waited until midafternoon.

    Suppose to be in the 40’s tomorrow with rain. Wish the sun would come out….anyone care to sing that song from Annie?

  72. ..”The sun’ll come out
    Bet your bottom dollar
    That tomorrow
    There’ll be sun! ”

    but only for you sylvia!

    tomorrow …we have more ice coming.

  73. You sing really well Patty. Maybe you should try Broadway!!!!

    We have rain coming tomorrow and Friday. That beats ice.

    Winter begins on Sunday which means spring can’t be too far off….I’m such an optimist.

  74. Patty,
    Will you have to wear your yaktrax tomorrow? I googled it and it looks neat…never heard of it before.

  75. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    glad you got your errands done safely

    send us a picture of you wearing your yaktrax thingy – thanks for the song too!!!

  76. ewww sounds sorta kinky! *LOL*

  77. 🙂

  78. Hmmmm…..not sure I should comment on the kinky thing.

  79. Adam–

    thank you!!!! and to all– hi! thanks for keeping in touch with the emails! KC– YOU do send good jokes–

    and Adam again– I do love the picture!! the story which went with the picture is cute!

    Sylvia– looking forward to the meeting–

    and stay safe and warm!


  80. Susan……somehow I hear you saying…”I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date”

    You are constant motion!!!

  81. KC – the train wreck is a couple hours south of me. Guess it is a real mess but no serious injuries.

    Been busy trying to get ready for Christmas. We don’t have our tree yet! Jack was putting in a new front door and was using the living room as a staging area. The door is in now. So, just need to do some rearranging and go get a tree! Of course, was not in a rush with highs of 2 degrees. We will warm up to 20 degrees tomorrow. Sounds like a good day to get a tree .

    Mike will come home form school on Sunday. And Kris will spend a few nights here (she lives across town), so it will be nice to all be together for a few days.

    As for grocery shopping…… my least favorite thing to do….. I put it off as long as possible! Anyone have any good vegetarian recipes? Mike’s girlfriend (whom we have not yet met) is coming in after Christmas……and just learned she is a vegetarian! I am a steak and potato gal so HELP!!!!!

  82. K2: I could never be a vegetarian, and i doubt any vegetarian would want a relationship with me once she found out what sort of things i like to eat.

    Why not do some vegtable casserols or soufles?

  83. Karen,

    How about vegetarian lasagna……I’ve never made it but have eaten it. Kraft foods web site has good recipes that people rate. That way you get some idea if it’s worth while trying.
    Also, I have a recipe given to me many years ago for the vegetable lasagna I ate at a friend’s house. I never made it myself because Larry prefers meat. If you want me to post the recipe I will.
    Make sure the girlfriend will eat cheese products….some vegetarians don’t.

  84. K2,

    Another possibility is spinach quiche. I have a great recipe for that…if she eats cheese.

    I have more recipes and cookbooks than most people…I tend to get bored with the same old stuff so I try new things. Larry is a good sport…he’ll try anything once and then tell me if I should make it again.

  85. ‘gmorning everyone.

    Its 18 and foggy this morning! That fog is pretty when it adds dainty ice crystals to everything. Too bad the sun wont be out to “light them up”.

    K2..how much snow did you get?

    K2…cant help on the vegie stuff. We are meat and tators too! I have eaten the meatless lasagna…its good.

  86. K2–

    Do you have a Trader Joe’s by you? Great vegetarian food– the meatless meatballs are great– my daughter is a vegan and my German neighbor is a vegetarian and they are both coming over for Christmas day so I have had to buy vegetarian type of foods as well as having to make some dishes– I am making the meatless meatballs as Swedish meatballs– Now my German neighbor’s husband eats meat and so does Ken so my neighbor’s husband is going to cook the prime rib for me in his smoker– I bought two– one for Christmas Eve and one for Christmas day– so there is going to be a variety of food to suit everyone– I am sort of like a vegetarian as I don’t eat meat that often and years ago I was a true vegetarian so I remember the foods I use to eat– which helps!

    check out the internet for vegetarian recipes…

    off now ….. We have had three days of rain and that is the extent of our poor weather.

    thanks all for the nice emails!

  87. K2… I usually make my spaghetti, chili and lasagna meatless. I just don’t add meat to the sauce when I cook it. Sounds simple I know but it works. I usually buy the sauces that have other things added like red peppers, or garlic, basil and oregano, and that adds the extra flavor, and I sometimes add my own spices, depending on the mood. Happy cooking!!

  88. ((wave; smile))

    g’morning All!

    Today’s silly for you:
    h ttp://icanhascheezburger.com/2008/12/10/funny-pictures-the-blue-bird-of-happiness/
    ^Link disabled^

  89. *LMAO* love it LDG!

    it’s going on the fridge here at work!

  90. LDG ~ That picture is hilarious!

    Morning everyone!

  91. Hi All,

    That picture was funny……thanks LDG

  92. hehhehheh

    Glad you all liked it. It is fun to share such.

    time for rest here. Be well and safe, All.
    ((departs for the day))

  93. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Greetings to all on this beautiful sunny day
    We are suspose to have rain starting tomorrow – sure hope so – in our area anyways.

    Karen2 – thanks for the info on the train derailment – glad to hear there were no serious injuries

    LDG – thanks for the picture – sooooo funny

    Patty and Sylvia – hope you 2 are keeping warm and toasty and most of all safe

    Max – you are so right – don’t think you could have a good relationship with a vegetarian especially with the things you cook and eat. (grinning)

    Susan – thanks and nice to see that you popped in. Knew you couldn’t leave us by our lonesomes for to long. You are addicted like the rest of us, thank goodness. Keep popping in from time to time as we all miss your smiling face here.

    Everyone else including Adam – hope you all are having a great day

  94. Adam Housley Says:

    KC and everyone-

    Having a great day and as I mentioned in my previous note, I am catching up and once we get through the holidays I WILL be posting and responding MUCH more consistently. Got to get the life in order and am doing so! Also….a new pic of the day is coming!


  95. Adam Housley Says:

    AND……….Susan…………it’s like an addiction you once said. You can’t get us gone. 🙂

  96. Adam,
    At least this addiction is legal….and free!!!

  97. Hello All….thanks for all the good suggestions. Yes, there is a trader joes close by…will check it out. Did not think to ask if she eats cheese……
    Mike says she is an excellent cook and has offered to help me…so that is a relief!

  98. Sylvia….. you can post the vegetable lasagna recipe or email it to me…..


  99. @ Adam— hugs!

    @all– yes, it is hard to stay off completely….


    K2– Krogers or Frys, as it is Frys here, has a vegetable lasagna if you don’t want to go through the pain of making it– you can spruce it up– as it is kind of dry– throw in some tomato sauce!

  100. K2….here’s the recipe you requested

    Vegetable Lasagna

    10 noodles ( wholewheat, spinach, or regular)
    2 pkgs frozen spinach
    2 cups (5 oz) sliced fresh spinach
    1 cup grated carrots
    1/2 cup chopped onions
    2 cloves of garlic chopped
    1 tablespoon cooking oil
    1 15oz can tomato sauce
    1 6oz can tomato paste
    1/2 cup chopped black olives
    1 & 1/2 tsp oregano
    2 cups cream cottage cheese
    16 oz Montery Jack cheese sliced
    Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top
    Cook noodles and drain.
    Cook and drain spinach
    Cook mushrooms, carrots, garlic, and onions in hot oil until tender. Then stir in tomato sauce and paste, olives, oregano.
    Grease a 13×9 pan
    Layer 1/2 the noodles, then 1/2 cottage cheese, 1/2 spinach, 1/2 tomato sauce. Then repeat the layers.
    SAVE the parmesan cheese for the top.
    Bake 30 minutes at 375 degrees.
    Make this double portion and you may freeze half….enough for at least 8 people (one recipe)

  101. yum. now im hungry!

  102. WOW– that sounds like a good recipe and you can always use ricotta cheese-

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