More behind the Scenes Video

This is some video never before seen. I didn’t get the chance to add this to my post, so I figured you guys would like to see it here. You can see what it is like in a neighborhood during a fire evacuation. High winds, flames jumping across hillsides, people packing up their cars. It is an eerie sight.


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  1. Wow… Adam. Welcome home. Great coverage of the fires.

  2. These are great Adam, thanks for sharing them all.
    I know it is just things…I dont know, maybe im just selfish, but they are my things and that has to be so terrible to see that happen.

  3. Good Morning

    I agree with Patty….I would hate to lose my things because there are so many memories associated with them.

    My heart goes out to all people who face such tragedies.

  4. @Adam Housley

    Welcome back!


    Speaking of the So Cal fires, did you know that some *really grateful* friends are doing their best to send aid?

    ^that’s an AP story on the donation.

  5. did I just get moderated?

    testing 1, 2…

  6. yep. Apparently my link to an AP article got me moderated.

    Oh, Bother.

  7. LDG…sorry, but thats funny.
    You have one heck of a time getting things said! πŸ™‚

    ‘morning all!!

  8. Patty,
    I’m surprised the moderator allowed our hospital stories to post. Maybe the moderator has a sense of humor.

  9. @Patty

    It might be a plot… a conspiracy… against the AP, or something…

    …or as Sylvia points out, it might just be a sense of humor ((big grin)).



  10. Such a good way to start the day…giggling!

  11. Triangle Fire was a cool video– the music made it not so bad with all that smoke in the background– it was for the firefighters–

    Eerie– and frightening— I have not had to experience what CA and its people have gone through– and I hope the heck I never do~ (looks up to the heavens and hopes this is heard)


    Did Adam see his Indiana Jones comments?

  12. Nope– he did not–

    He hasn’t come up for air yet from what I read~ 😦

  13. Last comment for a bit–


    If nadie has told you today you are cute– let me be the first– You are really cute! LOL– Whoever ends up with you, got herself a real gem- πŸ˜‰

  14. I was just catching up on the news and saw where Obama is picking Richardson for Commerce…..and add Hillary to possible Secy of State….and all the others he has chosen so far….. and it looks like a rerun of the old Clinton Presidncy. The only difference will be who’s sleeping in the White House and no Monica.
    Maybe that’s what Obama meant by change.
    Please Lord let me survive another 8 years of Clinton government chaos, high taxes, and gifts for all who ask.
    Let me add I do hope we don’t let our defenses down because the left doesn’t think that’s an important issue. The ACLU hates anything that prevents terrorism from happening.
    I hope 911 never happens again.

  15. Adam ~ That is an eerie sight. I would not want to be there.

    Sylvia ~ I am in agreement with you! And it looks as though Hillary accepted the nomination for Sec of State. This is going to be a very interesting four years. Prayerfully not 8!

  16. Adam…. caught your report from the auto show. I love the auto shows and was jealous that you were able to see all those cars without the crowds!

  17. Adam…. in case you stop by….. are my posts on your fox blog going to your spam folder?

  18. ‘morning everyone.
    I’ve gotta clean house today…yuk! Always worth it when its finally finished tho. If im still standing, i’ll be back later on.

    Hadn’t seen one for a while…so here’s the “feel good” story. But its more of a “no way” type of story! *L*

  19. Adam Housley Says:

    Patty- I am on house clean duty also today. WOW…I had a couple of friends here from London and this place is a disaster!

    LDG- There is nothing in moderation. I just looked and on this blog, as soon as I see anything held, I approve it.


  20. I am glad Hillary is going to be Secretary of State– I think she can handle it– as long as she leaves Bill home– I think Hillary is more assertive/aggressive than Rice- just my thoughts!


    where do you find time? Do you have a special clock which runs on 34 hours than the normal 24? You covered fires, parlors, etc and you also entertained? WOW!

    Do you ever sit down and just do nothing? πŸ˜€

    and a good day to all!

  21. wow, there was a housley in the house!
    Nice to see you Adam. remind me, WHO are you? *L*
    at least you had guests to make your place a mess, we just have the two of us and we must be the “trashiest” people on earth! Where does all this “stuff’ come from? argh!
    I got side tracked anyway. Putting together two hanging baskets with poinsettias and lights for the porch. This porch will ruin my scrooge image!!!

  22. FL Sunshine Says:

    Adam – thanks for proving that you are still here on the net and not just on FOX. lol hadn’t heard from you in a while. πŸ™‚ Hope you are doing well. Thanks for posting the fire videos. Always nice to see it from another view.

  23. FL Sunshine Says:

    Adam may need to pull out his album that Susan made to remember who we all are. lol It has been a while. πŸ™‚ BUT, we all remember him!

  24. Hi All,
    We watched Ohio State beat Michigan so the day has gone well so far.
    University of Cincinnati plays Pittsburg tonight and that is another big game.

    As for house cleaning, I got some done this morning. I no longer do it all in one day. Spreading out the work makes it seem easier.

  25. Sylvia, if i didnt have to go to work, thats the way i would do it. Those 8 hrs gone during the week just do me in anymore, so the only days i have are sat and sun. It’s h*ll to get old(er).

  26. Patty,
    I agree with the getting older stuff….it’s not fun.

  27. FL Sunshine Says:

    I think weekends should be for more “fun” stuff rather than house work. lol We have MAJOR housework that needs to be done….my husband went to hang the axe body wash on the shower wall today and a couple wall tiles fell off! OM! Guess we’ll be redoing our bathroom over the Christmas break. 😦 or maybe it should be πŸ™‚

  28. @Adam Housley

    hm, very well then. It must have been a dropped packet then. A pity, but it happens.

    Thanks for checking!

  29. reposted the story, different linkage.

    just got the “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” message.

  30. ldg…my link above got the moderation thing too.
    it didnt take too long for adam to let it go.

  31. In case anyone missed it– JFK was shot this day 45 years ago– I was 11.

    May he be in peace~

  32. OMG–

    Gollinger is writing again– tomorrow is the big day in Venezuela-

    It pays to snoop!

  33. check out the recommended reading by her! I haven’t read the books but I get a clue as to what they are about– Chavez is a hero!

  34. Hey Adam-

    Are you keeping up with your buds– Chavez and your best friend, Eva?

    You did so much coverage on Venezuela so I was wondering if you are still keeping up with the latest?

    How come Eva is not as a listed friend of yours in facebook?

    If you peek in here within reasonable time, before 2010, click on my link as to what your comadre is writing! πŸ˜€

  35. It is nice to know Obama is sending his kids to a school where the thinking is – God comes from within you to do Godly acts– cool philosophy but why does it have to restrict it to Quaker thinking as this school advertises?

    Can’t this type of philosophy extend itself universally, or in order to think like this, I am now a Quaker thinker! πŸ˜€

    I would think just by having godly parents to emulate, it could be just a natural course of learning~

    Leave it to the teachers who have to do it all– But Obama did promise to watch their backs~

    easily amused here!

  36. I just read Eva’s plea, slowly and again, to help keep Chavez abreast—

    She is like totally delusional– way bad! Is she in love with him?

    Is this like a Hitler and Eva story?

    dang– Is she like too far gone to be helped? and wow!!!!

    LDG– DID you read it?

  37. @Susan

    “DID you read it?”

    did I read what? Any link you tried to post (to E. Golinger’s propaganda?) has not cleared moderation yet.

    Do I read E. Golinger’s weblog? only if need requires it.

    There is far more important and useful activity coming out this week-weekend, with: the rains/floods in Caracas; the sanctions on media and private pollwatching; and the actual local elections happening today (23rd). Hugo-a-go-go is also trying to undermine APEC with his calling ALBA into conference on Monday, and with visiting foreign leaders coming in from Monday, and the Russo-Venezuelan Naval Exercises are scheduled for the 26th.

  38. Eva talked about the rains– BTW– in the link I posted…

    My link went right through– is it not visible? It is in orange~

    It went through at 7:22 and you posted at 8:59~

    I am so way confused as to how you did not see the link~

  39. no 7:22 post visible, Susan.

    bet you can see it, but labeled “waiting for moderation”.

  40. Eva justified voter cheating because of weather– or so inferred!

  41. What– Are we in the Twilight Zone?

    I just clicked on my post from 7:22 and I just read what she wrote about the rains—

    Is your computer that picky? Because 7:22 is here and I know I am not like a psychic!

  42. OPPS!

    Never mind– shame and blush–

    It is awaiting moderation– why is it I can click on the link? You can’t?


  43. So I can see my whole post and click on my link but since it is waiting to be cleared, you can not? Because it is from me and I am able to access?

  44. Well– if anyone wants to read her garbage– just type in Postcards from the Revolution-Eva Gollinger, on the web browser, and you can see how she is such an Eva Braun!


  45. ” The paper says Israel has a limited “window” in which to act before Iran obtains nuclear arms and regional hegemony. Israel must therefore establish a military option against Iran, in case other countries abandon the struggle. The defense establishment advises the cabinet to “work discreetly on contingency plans to deal with a nuclear Iran.”

  46. grr.. im trying to post alink but it dont work 😦

  47. just go to and read the article its on the front page

  48. Good Morning,
    I can barely keep up with American politics let alone Chavez and Gollinger.
    I am trying to visualize how Obama and SoS Hillary are going to deal with the likes of Chavez, Putin, and the mad men from Iran and North Korea.
    It’s a good thing I’m not in government…..I’m not very diplomatic. Don’t have tolerance for bullies and madmen.

  49. morning–

    My comment is still awaiting moderation– I can see the comment and link- can you?

    Avi— dang and kosemec!!! I won’t abandon you!!! and thanks for the latest– I have to get my news from you sometimes–


    I kind of like to know what is going on outside of the US because it scares me to know there are bullies and madmen over there–

    I believe Hillary will be strong as she is anyway….

    I wish he had picked McCain– (is he allowed to do that? )

    I wonder how clean Adam’s and Patty’s house is since they made such a big issue about cleaning house~ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  50. test– my last post is awaiting moderation– what the????

  51. two posts in a row– both are just comments and one is awaiting moderation– no cuss words- well, only one but it is in Hebrew–

    Now I have two waiting for clearance–

    let’s see if this one goes through—

  52. ok– I am going to copy the latest comment which is awaiting and see if it clears here-


    My comment is still awaiting moderation– I can see the comment and link- can you?

    Aviβ€” dang and kosemec!!! I won’t abandon you!!! and thanks for the latest– I have to get my news from you sometimes–


    I kind of like to know what is going on outside of the US because it scares me to know there are bullies and madmen over there–

    I believe Hillary will be strong as she is anyway….

    I wish he had picked McCain– (is he allowed to do that? )

    I wonder how clean Adam’s and Patty’s house is since they made such a big issue about cleaning house~

  53. Adam–

    Will you delete my comment at 6:05 today– as it is waiting for clearance and I copied it and the duplicate went through– thank you!

  54. my emoticons did not go through after me commenting on Adam’s and Patty’s clean homes– here they are– add to after cleaning house~

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  55. dang– I just typed a post and now this last one is awaiting–

    I give up!!!

    Have a great day~

  56. Susan,

    there is the english version …. google haaretz english πŸ˜€

  57. thanks Avi–

    I just saved it– I just read about the drills Iran are having–

    I need to get caught up on some of the extenal news– I am going to check out LDG’s and see what he has~

    going to be gone all day so I hope everyone stays safe, (Avi) and warm, Sylvia and Patty– πŸ˜€

  58. LDG has some good ones, Avi–

  59. Good afternoon all…… have been busy cleaning here too!

    Have been looking for news on Venezuela….. read an article that says if Chavez supporters win most of the elections, he is hoping to move for removal of those pesky term limits! Here’s hoping his oppostition wins those governor and municipal elections.

  60. Hi everyone. I am so late today at getting here.

    Susan, cleaning this house is a big deal. It takes a toll on this body. I just cant do it all at once like i used too. Or if i do, i suffer.
    Oh well, its done (mostly).

    This story is funny. well it isnt, but it is. It never ceases to amuse me that people can’t look ahead just a bit and say “what if”. Teens i can sort of understand, but adults??? Sue happy world we live in.

  61. Thought for the day..
    would you volunteer to test this machine?,2933,456467,00.html
    ‘nite everyone!

  62. @Karen2

    Chavez intends to overturn term-limits, irrespective of the results in local elections.

    Between Opposition party candidates and Socialist “schism” sub-parties, the non-Chavez groups will be luck to get 8 out of the 22 governorships being contested.

    The big news right now is that “because of high voter turnout” the polls have been ordered to stay open after the 4:00 pm official closing time.


    Glad to see the moderation queue cleared. Hope you All are having a good one!

  63. @All

    Daniel at Venezuela News and Views is calling (very unofficially) 9 states and the Federal District for the opposition, so 10 governorships are in play…

    …but he also thinks the fix is in because the CNE (elections agency) hasn’t rolled out any figures yet.

    You can read his work at:
    h ttp://

    ^note I disabled the link to try to prevent moderation. Copy and paste to a the browser, then remove the space between h and t, please.

  64. Good Morning from chilly, wet Ohio.
    Any good news today?

  65. ‘morning everyone.
    I had two posts from lastnight that are still “waiting moderation”. Guess I better quit linking.

    Chilly here too Sylvia, but dry and sunny. Yesterday was a pretty day, it should be on its way toward you.

    Only 2 working days this week! (the ones that actually pay anyway) Yiipeee!
    I am so ready for an extended weekend out of the office.

  66. @All



    You can’t possibly need any more good news than from the 22nd (says the Pitt fan):
    “…a 28-21 victory over Pittsburgh that puts the Bearcats one victory away from the Big East Conference championship and the first BCS bowl bid in the school’s history.”

    seriously, congratulations and luck for the BCS bid.

  67. Adam Housley Says:

    HMM…..I only saw two of Patty’s in moderation and they were approved this morning. HEY…..seriously, a light bulb just went on. For once. LDG and Patty, when you guys put in too many links or emotions, they may get sent to the spam folder and right past moderation! That would explain why I never see them. I will start looking there also.
    More importantly…..driving to San Diego now for a fun and cool story we are reporting live tomorrow. You’ll see. Anyone have any guesses? Oh brother, here comes Susan! I wish we John knew about this place, he always added to the festivities on my guessing games.

  68. Adam Housley Says:

    FOUND EM!!!! I don’t know why I never looked there. WOW.

  69. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone and Happy Monday

    We are home safe and sound- Reality really struck in while I was packing Hubby’s lunch, filling his thermos with fresh coffee, giving him a kiss and a slap on the @ss and sending him off to work!!! At least he only has 3 work days this week.

    I see I have a lot of reading and catching up to do, as you all have been busy while we were gone.

  70. @Adam Housley

    Good Find! Looking forward to the San Diego story… hm… something about Thanksgiving Day?


    Welcome Back. Glad to see you are in good spirits!

  71. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    San Diego – hmmm
    I figured you were still playing at the massage parlors – LOL

  72. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I must say that we thought of you EVERY evening as we watched the sun set and disappear from sight at the end of the waters edge. Beautiful each and every night.
    We knew the sun was leaving us and heading to you to light your day with beautiful sunshine. Awesome sight

  73. @KC

    Thank you, that is a great image. So glad you had a good vacation!

  74. LDG,
    Didn’t know you were a Pitt fan. My Bearcats are now known as a football school instead of a basketball powerhouse. The glory days of UC basketball are just a memory and now the unimaginable may happen….a BCS bowl bid. You know what I’ll be watching Saturday on TV.

  75. oh boy..this is hard going backwards! *L*
    Im going to go start the thread over that all the missing pieces are here.

    Nice to see you btw!
    Dont you have John’s email addy from the fox blog???? None of us have it, and i’ve looked for him at Janice dean’s, so far I havent found him.

    btw…thats funny you put me and ldg with emoticons together…
    blahhhhhhhhhh so there ldg! *L*

    Hiya KC!!! Missed you!
    slap on the ……..hahaha your so funny!

  76. San Diego….
    “smashing” story hu?

    well i’ve heard of smashing pumpkins at halloween….Adam, you aren’t smashing turkeys are you? ha ha ha

    It would probable help if a lil ole girl in KS knew anything about San Diego!!!
    My Aunt and Uncle used to live close by πŸ™‚

  77. Patty,
    The only things I remember from a trip to San Diego are the zoo and the Naval base. Wonder if either of those places have a story to tell.

  78. Sarah’s Smash Shack!!!!

  79. Patty,
    There’s a person named John who writes on GW alot but don’t know if it’s the same one.

  80. at facebook adam says he’s going to san diego for a smashing story.

    hence, my guesses.

  81. sylvia…it wouldn’t be too hard to tell “our” john.
    a wild imagination and not everyone will like his sense of humor! *L*

  82. ADAM…do you realize that is the most words you’ve said to us in about 6 months! just thought i’d point that out πŸ˜‰

  83. @Sylvia

    Yeah, childhood spent in Western PA. I still suffer under the delusion of having “hometown” loyalty to the Steelers, Pirates, Penguins, and (Pitt) Panthers.



  84. Patty,
    Maybe Adam is going to the Zoo to watch a gorilla smash a pumpkin. I’m just putting your “smashing” clue together with my memories of the fabulous zoo.
    I know……it sounds ditzy…..I swear I am not a blonde.

  85. sylvia *LOL*

  86. Adam is going to do a story on football- that would be fun and cool–

    Adam Vinatieri…. ?

    The San Diego Zoo is going to have a smashing light show for Thanksgiving?

    There is a parade?

    I don’t know!

    and a good morning and day to all–

  87. LDG
    Hubby still roots for Cleveland Browns, Indians, and Cavs from his days growing up in northern Ohio. I am life long Cincy except for first year of marriage when Larry was doing an internship in Phoenix.
    I have had the highs and lows of cheering for the Reds, Bengals, and Bearcats. Lately the pro sports are really low.

  88. KC..speaking of thermos, reminded me of a story here at work. We had a guy here that was about as “rough” as anyone you can imagine. Full of sh@t and maybe, if we were fortunate, showered once a month. He never wore a coat, and if he did, it was probably 30 below windchill. Anyway, we had a snow storm like we hadnt seen since i was little. Some of our roads needed the dozer to actually break them open. He was headed out and told me when the foreman left, to sent his thermos with the foreman. So, when i went to get it ready, it already was filled, so i sent it. He was out there like 8 hrs straight, and gave me so much sh@t, because all he had all day was “hot water”!!!! *LOL* He had filled it to get the thermos hot, so when i put the coffee in, it would stay warm longer. OOOOPPPS!

  89. Patty,
    That’s a blonde story at its best…… sorry…

  90. ((wave; smile))

    Have a good one, All. I’m off to rest while I can.

  91. FL Sunshine Says:

    San Diego? sounds nice. bet it’s warm. πŸ™‚ I bet Patty’s right with the zoo thing…smashing pumpkins. lol
    Where is John??? Susan, don’t you have his email?
    (waving hi to all of you)

  92. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    That is sooo funny because I fill the thermos with boiling water while a fresh pot is brewing every morning. Thankfully, I have always dumped the water out before filling it with coffee. Haven’t screwed up yet, and Iam a blonde – LOL
    Actually, that really does keep the coffee warm all day. He should have told you that it was filled with water – so it was all his fault!!!

  93. ya it is sylvia. i cant deny that one! needless to say, no one asks me to make sure they have hot coffee anymore.

  94. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty – he should be thankful he had something warm! lol even if it was just water. that’ll teach him to be too cheap to fill his thermos with coffee at home but waiting til he gets to work to have “the company’s” coffee. lol

  95. πŸ™‚


  97. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    OMG – Adam and crew are gonna visit the “break room” and tear it up on live TV???? Can’t wait to see Adam breaking and smashing everything in sight.

    Hope you guessed it – this should be fun

  98. Patty,
    How did you discover that site? That’s awesome.

  99. just call me sherlockette πŸ™‚

  100. if im right, i wont be able to watch tomorrow!!!
    adam, i hope you post the video’s from it!

  101. Sherlockette,
    You are a genius.

  102. actually sylvia and kc
    i searched “san diego” and “smash” ….walllaaah

  103. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS – You were spot on

    Adam is on America’s Newsroom, all suited up with a huge face mask carrying dishes to be smashed.

    Hope he posts a video for us

  104. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thumbs up back to you –
    That looked like a lot of fun and I don’t think Bill and/or Megyn wanted you to stop.

    It looked like you could not smash the shot glass so you need to work on that one and get your pitching arm warmed up for your next live shot.

    What a fun way to start the day LOL

  105. ‘morning everyone.

    Ya! I can’t get a POD guess right anymore, so at least i get this one to the tally.

  106. Thats karma?………your supposed to drink with the shot glass not break it! *L*

  107. WTG, Patty!


    Hope you all are having a good one out there!
    ((wave; smile; departs before he falls asleep))

  108. Adam has his new blog posted at Fox.
    He appears to be having way too much fun! *L*

  109. Just posted on Adam’s Smashing report. Don’t know if it will show up, but I did comment.

  110. Patty,
    I hate breaking things, but have to admit that smash shack looks like fun…weird but fun.

  111. “I can’t recall that anyone in the [U.S.] administration, including in the last couple of days, advised me or any of my official representatives not to take any action that we will deem necessary for the fundamental security of the state of Israel, and that includes Iran,” Olmert said.

  112. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty – so smart you are!!!! Congrats! Bummer…I missed the story on FOX. Hopefully Adam will post it on his blog here.
    Hope you are all having a good day and have already been to the grocery store in preparation for Thursday.

  113. FL..its posted at adam’s fox blog.

    My grocery store trip is after work today. yee haw

  114. ADAM….since Hannity has a empty chair…you gonna sit in? πŸ™‚

    this morning, when reading about colmes, he said something about eating supper with his wife after 12 yrs… first thought was ….. she better buy more tums!

  115. Just got back from Krogers. Bought a fresh turkey breast to make for lunch on T-Day. Larry has to be at work at 3 (that shift used to start at 4 but it just changed this week….bummer). Anyway, have enough food to last a few days. Grocery shopping is great fun….you load lots of stuff into the cart, then you unload it onto the counter, then you load all the bags into the car, then you unload all the bags out of the car, then you unpack the bags and put the stuff all away. Then it’s time to take some of the stuff out of the pantry and cook it.
    And that is my exercise for today.

  116. Patty,
    I saw Colms’ wife on H & C recently….she is very attractive and shares all his extremely liberal views. Her sister is a conservative who appears on FNC….Monica Crawly.

  117. slyvia, good description of groceries! Seems like a waste of effort!
    I despise that chore. Mainly because by the time i get done with filling the cart, my back is finished. Walking is very painful, but i do it cause they tell me it is good for me! ha, what do they know?
    I get shots next week to see if that will lessen some of that pain, cross your fingers! I’ve put them off for 4 yrs because i only wanted them if i “had” to have them. Now I have to.
    I am fortunate Pat learned to do groceries when I had that back surgery. He does pretty well and he doesnt really mind. Took me a long time to tell him that the stuff at the end of the isle is to seduce kids, not him! *L*
    All grocery trips with him involve, raisin and red licorice, and salsa chips. That his staples.

    I dont think i have ever seen Colme’s wife or Crawly. Maybe I just didnt know who they were.

  118. who is slyvia? *L*
    sorry bout that, you knew what i meant πŸ˜‰

  119. Patty,
    I answer to anything…even hey you.

    BWT….Crawly sisters are attractive blondes. Monica has subbed for Sean on H & C. She also has done segments on other FNC shows.

  120. FL Sunshine Says:

    what did I miss girls? what happened to Colms?

  121. Fl,
    Colms decided he wants to do other work for FNC so is leaving his show at the end of December. He wants to create some weekend show or do something other than the current show. Don’t knoiw who will take his place.

  122. FL Sunshine Says:

    oh, I just went to FOX’s web site and read that he’s leaving.

  123. FL Sunshine Says:

    Hannity is so good, he could be on there by himself. πŸ™‚

  124. Fl,
    I think they need to keep it balanced with a liberal or else the entire concept changes. Don’t know if FNC wants to give Hannity an hour to expound his views unless he has guests on to challenge him. I usually don’t watch the show because it’s not one of my favorites. There is usually too much arguing and you can’t hear what each other are saying. Colms always got on my nerves. He says the craziest things.

  125. FL…colmes left hannity with a zinger and said lastnight that we have a demo pres, a demo congress and something else (i dont remember)…..”his work is done”!


  126. i agree sylvia..i cant stand it when they all talk at once, so annoying! (F&F does it too)

  127. at facebook Greta posted a link to her blog..what if you were hannity’s producer, what would you do or who would up pair him up with.
    someone wrote……”How about Rosie….Hannity and Calamity!”
    soooooo funny!

  128. Adam…do you get to go home for Thanksgiving?
    and I think of your mom often, did you “hide” this blog from her?
    Tell her hello πŸ˜‰

  129. FL Sunshine Says:

    ah, just saw you ADAM live with Shep. funny story. Is the place busy?

  130. Adam,
    Just saw you on Shep’s evening show. Funny segment.

  131. FL,
    Great minds think alike….we posted the same comment at the exact same time!!!!

  132. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty – that’s funny!!! Hannity & Rosie = Hannity and Calamity. LOL whoever came up with that one had a quick wit!

  133. Patty,
    Hannity and Calamity…..hilarious.

  134. Patty,
    Are the comments by people in Greta’s facebook as gross as the ones on GW? She has too many trolls on GW.

  135. Fl,
    We have got to stop posting the same thing at the same time….it’s eerie LOL

  136. you two are eerrie!
    its like a echo! πŸ™‚

    Sylvia, no, no trolls at facebook really. a few “off” comments, but just someone stirring the pot, not trashy stuff.
    She headlines all her blogs there, thats where i read them. Most of the comments are worth reading.

  137. FL Sunshine Says:

    Sylvia, what’s the little rhyme thing; jinks on you and something about owing me a coke. lol
    Isn’t that funny. So many miles away but thinking the same thing at the same time. lol

  138. Fl,
    I don’t know that rhyme…..but I do think it is amazing that we posted the same thoughts TWICE at the same time.

    Sleep time here…we get up early. Larry has to be at work at 7 AM tomorrow which means the alarm goes off at 5:30.

    Good Night All.

  139. Colmes will do fine– I like him– I think he is not a bad guy–

    Venezuela and Russia are doing the buddy thing right now– I do have the red flag up for this–

    I think Obama has picked a few good ones– to try to sort out the mess which landed on his lap– he did assume the risk! Good luck!

    and other than that! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!

    At least I won’t have to worry about pirating– just feline pirating! LOL

    Have a fun and safe time with your close ones!

    see you in a few!


  140. Good Morning,
    Guess today will be pre-T-day cooking day. Have to make cranberry sauce ( Don’t much care for the store bought kind) and Apple Crisp. Larry prefers apples to pumpkin pie.
    It’s 6:30 AM here and I’m still waiting for a newspaper to arrive….neither the Cincinnati Enquirer nor the USA Today have shown up. I think both deliverers are starting their holiday sleep in today!!!!

  141. @All

    g’morning! Looks there was smashing good fun yesterday.

  142. g’morning!

    Turkey Day useless trivia Facts from the National Turkey Federation

    About 45 million turkeys, weighing a total of about 675 million pounds, are eaten each Thanksgiving in the United States.

    In 2007, U.S. consumption of turkey was 17.5 pounds a person.

    Plus, more and more Americans are realizing that turkey is not just for the holidays. Although 50 percent of all turkey consumed in 1970 was during the holidays, today that number is around 29 percent.

    If we are what we eat, I wonder how many of us are turkeys? *L*

  143. gobble

    gobble gobble

  144. Add my gobble to the comments.

  145. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all

    Man, I for one am glad we do not do the turkey dinner and fixings for Thanksgiving, but my hat goes out to all of you who spend all day cooking.

    May you all have a wonderful gobble, gobble, day with your family and friends.

  146. Happy Thanksgiving all. Enjoy the day. Remember al the good times.

    gobble gobble gobble

  147. Happy Thanksgiving all!!

  148. Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving.

    Hope your dinners are delicious and Maalox isn’t needed!!!!!

  149. ‘morning everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

    Hope you have a great day, how ever you choose to spend it!

    all is quiet here, watching the parade. It just wouldnt seem like T day without it. Our “chaos” wont start until late tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  150. gobble gobble gobbled

    ((grins, and departs))

  151. ADAM…john is at your “smashing” blog at fox. Can you pull his email from there and give him this blog’s address? I didnt know if you wanted it posted there.

  152. ldg…gobbled, how funny!

  153. We gobbled at noon. Have leftovers for tomorrow night. I love leftovers….don’t have to cook, just reheat.

  154. Sylvia, leftovers are great!!
    Does your hubby work 12 hr shifts?

    btw…where is susan? did they go somewhere that i missed seeing?

  155. Patty,
    Larry is working 3-10 today. The longest he’ll work these days is 9 hour shifts. He’s getting too old to do 12 hours.

    Don’t know where Susan is.

  156. Good morning all! Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day yesterday. We gave thanks for the many blessings we have and the fact that we STILL live in a free country where we can worship God openly. (although slowly some of our freedoms keep being taken from us)

    Patty – thanks for sharing the stats on the turkeys and the consumption of said bird. lol Pretty interesting. πŸ™‚

    May you all have a wonderful BLACK Friday. I’m heading to the family furniture store soon and am hoping to write up a lot of sales slips. πŸ™‚

    Adam – I too hope you can snag John’s info and bring him over to the bullpen.

    yesterday was my husband’s annual “turkey bowl” game. if you are interested I posted a slide under my name.

  157. Hi everyone…. where is everybody today, shopping or in a food induced stupor? πŸ™‚ We had a very nice, quiet Thanksgiving, Becky made the Pecan pie and it was very good. We did not let her anywhere near the stuffing though, she tried to burn down the house last time we did that. Our internet was down most of the day yesterday so we are catching up on the blog today.

  158. morning–

    I see everyone had a good harvest day– I enjoy the holidays when it is about having or sharing a good meal amongst friends and family– other than that, I think sometimes people use it as an excuse to indulge- πŸ˜€

    Interesting holidays I spend– as most of my family live in Washington or in Virginia– So I am real limited to my family members hence, most of it is Ken’s– and this is quite interesting– No ironing out the “quirks.” πŸ˜€

    In the restribution of food to bring home, I only brought the turkey scraps which were going to be thrown out to feed the ferals– so they all had Thanksgiving from what I could see this morning when I saw their pan empty– πŸ˜€ (My cats only eat the special cat food I have here) πŸ˜€

    No shopping today for me– I hate mobs! going to take Ken to the gym–

    Have a good day!!

  159. ‘morning all.

    I’ve been in the kitchen more this morning than I have for the last 4 weeks put together! ha
    Cheesecake, apple pie, krispie treats, jello salad is all ready πŸ˜‰
    I need to go pick up a grandson at 2 and after that all i need to do is peel tators. Its not so bad, the worst is done.

    Such sadness on the news. Sylvia, and terrible new for your church. News that will effect/touch all of us one way or another sooner or later.
    As we said after the trade centers, the world as we knew it, was gone. This is a reminder for sure. Lest we forget.
    Me nephew who is is great britain, posted on facebook that he was going to bed after 20 hr up. The timing was right with the attacks, but i don’t know if it is just coincidence or if there is a connection. I hope not.

    Have a good day everone!!!

  160. “where is everybody today, …”

    Can’t speak for others, but I am working. Little thing about it not being a holiday weekend here and all.

    re: Susan — I believe she mentioned (elsewhere) that she is taking a few days to get caught up on life, and enjoy a bit of quiet time. As of Thursday a.m. she was doing fine.

    re: Becky and the stuffing — Oh. Gee. Dare I ask what you use in your stuffing that might result in a conflagration? BTW, I really enjoyed the video clip of she posted on her ‘blog about a couple Yankee frat boys getting stuck having to learn basic Russian military drill… from Russians. That was just too silly.

  161. Glad to hear Susan is good! I always miss her πŸ™‚

  162. Can anyone see my comment? It is awaiting moderation– So I might be invisible!

    I just read about the deaths in Mumbai– I will take Ken’s family anyday as to what just happened there– Just awful!!!!!! The Rabbi and his wife- et al!!


  163. I have a comment at 7:47 awaiting– but the one at 8:20 went through..

    what the ….?

    what gives, Adam?

    anyhow– enjoy your meal, Patty– headed out here–not to shop– gym for Ken!


  164. Yay, there is Susan!


    please have a good, and productive day!

  165. and yes, your 7:47 post is now up and visible.

  166. There she is!
    Have a good day Susan!
    My shop cat only eats science diet, shes just a lil spoiled! She begs at lunch, but unless it is something “smoked” she wont eat what they give her anyway. *L* look out if it is off a smoker, man she is there!

  167. Re Becky and the stuffing…. you will have to ask her πŸ™‚ it involves a bag of stuffing, a burner on the stove followed by a broom and a quick trip to the store to get more. When I got home from work everybody was still laughing about it.

  168. maybe my shop cat needs becky’s smoked stuffing! *LOL*

  169. @Patty

    re: science diet — on the odd chance you can get (via store or internet order) Innova’s EVO, your kitty might be better off… and certainly would still be spoiled.

    I do like the kitty wanting the smoked meat though… hehheh good stuff that.


    oh… I will have to ask. ((ponders the possiblity of exploding stuffing))

  170. I’m home and unpacked!

  171. India= tragic

  172. Good Afternoon all.

    Sounds like everyone’s Turkey Day was good. We had a great time and the extra company made it even more enjoyable.

    Patty, enjoy your upcoming day of celebration. Also, can I stop by for dessert? Love cheesecake!

    And, agree…. left-overs from Thanksgiving are the best.

    Max, welcome home. Hope all went well.

  173. The terrorist attacks in India are horrible.

    Out of horror, we find heroes. —

  174. Hi All,
    Thanksgiving has been sad due to the declining health of the older Yorkie (my granddog.). He is close to death and it’s been a horrible week for our daughter and son-in-law. My son-in-law’s parents have been visiting them in Phoenix (they retired to Florida from Cincy) and are now flying with the dog back to Florida so he can die and be buried in their yard. The dog was theirs when they lived in Cincy, and they left him with Michael when they moved to Florida. Anyway, lots of tears. Not a very happy holiday….but life goes on and the pain will pass.

    Tonight is leftover night.

    I love cheesecake…….enjoy eating it Patty.

  175. Patty,

    I am still in shock that a Rabbi in India was killed. There are so few Jews in India that I can’t imagine why somebody would even attack the Jewish community building. I guess they just wanted to send shock waves around the world……and they did get the world’s attention.

    What a world we now live in.

  176. Adam Housley Says:


    I have a new post!!


  177. sylvia, i’m sorry your days have been so crappy. it is always hard to loose one close to us, that includes the pets! ((hugs))

  178. Max…glad to see you are safe and sound at home. Thought of you and your parents quite often the last few days.

  179. Avi–

    ditto to your comment about India— it affected me because I visualize too much= horror

    Sylvia– sooo sorry about your daughter’s pet– been there and done it and will have to go through it again I am sure…

    Patty– my vet told me when I asked about what was the best food to give cats and he said– ” I believe in what is not broken, don’t fix it… so continue to feed your cats what they eat.” (and in my opinion, my vet is one of the best vets around… :D) And I have been through a few– I check out my doctors for everything– Number 1, they have to sincerely have a heart and show interest in whatever they do– Ken’s doctor is awesome and it took me four doctors to settle in with Dr. Kelly. His podiatrist has the keenest wit– so I go there for my entertainment– LOL

    Max– welcome back and how was it? BTW– How long of a flight is it from England to Poland? miles also! and time difference- if any…..

    I see India is 11 hours ahead of me-


  180. LDG–

    I just got done buiding another cat house for the patio– Tama takes over the other one and won’t let Maru in it– he is sooooooooo mean!!!! They like to hang out on the patio looking at the birds– so I let them out for a bit in the morning and then I bring them back in!!!! I don’t trust Tama! So far so good! πŸ˜€

    Well, you all have a good day– I am going to do Black Saturday shopping and wash my carpets– as I am doing Christmas Eve here for the ingrates! Thursday Danielle is coming over to help me decorate so I am going to do some major cleaning– if back permits! (It has been a bad back week for me)– although, I was blessed to have met a yoga instructor yesterday at the gym and he gave me some exercises to do for my back and it has helped! πŸ˜€

    Was that not something disgusting of the Wal-Mart employee being trampled to death because these people had to get the deal and rushed in as a mob — disgusting!!!! I can never want anything that bad to go to these ridiculous sales where you stand in line since 3:00am to get in by 5:30 to be mobbed by a disorder called frenzy and “I have to have this…”

    I hope those 2 thousand people are all punished for the death– or the stores start thinking about the safety of their employees due to mobs!

  181. what is with this? One comment goes through and the second one sits in wait? grrr!

    It wasn’t anything great anyway what I wrote! πŸ˜€

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