The Future

So, with a new President ready to take office and a time in this country when things aren’t going as well as planned, what are your thoughts on the immediate future? What do you think is going to happen and what are you doing to help yourself approach a new year? With this post you can be serious and fun at the same time. It is a time to contemplate and that can be a good thing.



356 Responses to “The Future”

  1. This calls for serious measures…

    ((runs and gets his Magic 8-ball))

  2. LDG ~ LOL!

    Right now I don’t feel or believe much is going to change in the immediate future. But, I could be wrong!

  3. I don’t have a magic 8 ball.

    I think if the country can survive 911 it can survive anything. Therefore I look for the economy to regain some stability, things will improve, and wasteful unsupervised spending will continue. The government loves to give everyone everything, print out more money, and keep playing that game of buying votes. And nobody supervises the use of money spent. Nobody is held accountable.
    It’s an unending cycle.

    And the beat goes on….as Sonny and Cher sang many moons ago.

  4. Hi Adam….how was jury duty?

    Now, for the answer to your question….. I am going to take a new approach….

    I am going to dog the re-elected and new Congressional Members. I am going to look at Obama’s plans with skepticism. And, I will pass my own personal judgment whenever I want!

    oh, wait, this is what I did last year!!!!!!! oops.

  5. I don’t think that any change will be quick. I think that it will be a gradual eroding of things, like “helping” the auto industry by a bailout and taking ownership in the companies. Not many years from now the government will own all the big corporations and then we will be like some of our European friends. Once you open the door it will never be shut.
    As that is somewhat depressing maybe we should just use LDG’s magic 8-ball and hope and pray for the best.

  6. Also Adam… cool photo of the clouds, did you take it?

  7. *banging my head against the wall*

    all i can hear over and over, “as the beat goes on”…and all i can see is that silly mustache and the botoxed lips
    …..and the beat goes on

    *banging my head against the wall some more*

    make it go awaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!

  8. Well i think right now the world is getting closer to the world of the book 1984 in one sense or another. As far as economic troubles the economy aint pretty….. and wont be for awhile….

    And me: Well luckily for me I dont need to worry about to much my dad took all my money out of the market long before this crisis and yah. This economic crash might be good for me in the long term….. as it will create new opps after college….

    My dad as you all know is a bankruptcy lawyer is so busy now days like he has not been in years. If anything when hes super busy like this … a type of busy i have not seen in recent memory is an indicator that this economy is going down the drain. With Obama more people will be able to go bankrupt he is infavor of some law that will allow bankruptcy to be easier for people to go into.

    I can sum up the world as it is today in 2 words.

    WAR. Recession.

  9. What a GORGEOUS picture Adam put up!

  10. Now I am depressed.

    And the beat goes on……..

  11. hmm… can’t be getting too depressed about all this…

    How about we try this using the Carnak the Magnificent technique?

    Answer: “until he gets caught.”

    Question: ?


  12. Does anyone watch Fox’s live stream of the Strategy Room?

    Mike Tobin is on right now….

  13. My Plans are still progressing, just might be a little harder than before.

    I just have faith that things will work out, no fear.

  14. That picture is way cool– I hope this is where I am headed when I die– but it looks more like flames for my picture– πŸ˜€

    Adam– what kind of question was that? I live day by day– that is my philosophy and que sera will be! I found out just recently my purpose in life is to assist the weaker~ And I am good at it– so with this in mind, I am going to live out my days helping out when I can– and this is about all I am going to do– My only worries are finances– never seems to be enough of that around– and I hope Obama’s group does not take funding away from the State Agencies– And I worry about Social Security and Medicare–

    I also worry about Russia–

    And I just read Avi’s– he said it for me–

    And if this country ever gets hit, I will run to the Coast- I pray that I never experience war in my backyard~ I am a coward– I don’t like war- I can’t handle to see people die or get hurt– no way would I have made it in the service– no way!!!! This is why my daughter Danielle got out of the Air Force–She did not want to be a participant and I don’t blame her– she and I think so much alike when it comes to war~ Nice to know this daughter knows right from wrong– πŸ˜€

    Did anyone find out why Adam was on jury duty as I have not been too much with the tele lately?

  15. LDG—

    You are so forking funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Question—- hmm!!! Osama Bin Laden– is it a Usāmah question or a Obama question?

  16. ldg–

    I just read from bottom to up– Magic 8 ball! OMG— I am laughing big time here– I think you are soooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!

  17. @Susan

    The envelope contained the following question:

    “How long does a United States Congressman serve?”

    It was an actual joke on The Tonight Show, once long ago.
    ((more grins))

  18. I see it– I skimmed over the jokes when I opened your link– so I went back and read the jokes–

    You are soooooooooooooo funny!!!! And you picked the right question for presently– πŸ˜€

    I think it is reposo time for you?

    I am fixing Tom dinner for helping me with the car the other day– as he leaves next week and this is the only good day for me to thank him for his help–

    Will see you later– I see a couple threads of interest on your blog while I was there skimming through them–


  19. @Susan

    Have a good one. Yeah, time for me to go rest, but first…

    CARNAC SAYS the answer is:

    “700 Billion Dollars”

    the question in the envelope is: ?

    have fun!
    ((grins, and departs))

  20. Answer to LDG’s question:
    How much money did it take to buy this election for an unqualified presidential candidate?

  21. Sylvia ~ that’s funny!

  22. Sylvia… good answer…

    Here’s mine — ‘What does the US Congress consider pocket change?’

  23. K2,

    In their own pockets?

  24. Mom used to send me to bed at about 9:30, she would then go to bed, I would sneak back out to the kitchen and me and dad would watch Johnny. What a great memory! Thanks πŸ˜‰

  25. Patty,

    I can’t even stay awake for the 11 PM news…..and I used to watch Carson and Leno.

  26. In answer to the question, I don’t live in fear either. What happens, happens, not a lot i can do about it. We already live within our means, have for years. So its not a big adjustment at our house. No one is guaranteed tomorrow, so live today.

  27. @LDG–

    Cindy McCain’s wardrobe allowance?

    ( no disrespect to her– but she sure spends money on her clothes– Did anyone see her wear anything twice in this whole campaigning?) And I don’t mean this in a mean spirited way– She always looked lovely!! Beautiful eyes–

  28. Sylvia, i cant remember the last time i actually saw the 10 pm news! *L* and this dark at 5:30 is really making it rough to stay up past 7!!

  29. Patty,
    We watch the local Fox news at 10 and I usually fall asleep before it’s over.

  30. good news for the day….. dow up….. with 15 minutes to close – $438.00!

  31. Patty: i’m startying to keep new sleeping hours, 9pm, wake 4:30. I get so much more done then. Better than 9am-4pm… πŸ˜›

  32. As for staying up late….. I still remember (before kids) leaving the house at 9 pm to start the evening!

    and, as a kid, i used to watch Johnny Carson (he was the best)…… always was a nightowl.

  33. Jennifer J Says:

    November 13, 2008 at 9:11 am
    K2, Were the military votes ever counted??

  34. Jennifer J – are you wondering about the military absentee ballots from Virginia? If yes, I don’t know. I assume so……

  35. There is good news everywhere today……

    This is on Fox’s main page

    “Tumbling oil prices may force a weakened Iran to abandon its controversial nuclear ambitions, Israeli president Shimon Peres claims.”

    So, Chavez is weaker- Russia (Putin) is weaker all because of lower oil prices. And, now Iran, too. Now it seems Oil is the root of all evil

  36. K2…boy…i remember those nights too. we’d be out till 1 – 2 – 3am…and some times instead of going to bed, we just went to the barn to milk.
    d@mn we must have been stupid! *L*

  37. Max…4:30 am? cripes, that time of the day is only good for like the 2nd trip to the bathroom! *LOL*

  38. Patty…. stupid….. ok,maybe…. having fun.. definitely!

    and dow closed up over $550!
    S&P up $59.36
    Nasdaq up $96.76.

    Now, we just need two days in a row!

  39. Patty – 4:30 am….. so true!

  40. Max,

    any update on your Uni stuff?

    man with the economic criss unis arnt being cheap with aid especially with the small ones.


    whats so bad with LSE, oxford and the like… I if could go there i so would! i might actually go take summer courses there this summer perhaps…

  41. ((ducks back in))

    re: CARNAC

    The Question I had in mind, not to slight any of your offerings, was:

    “What is the down payment on Hank Paulson’s retirement bungalow?”

    …but maybe I’d have better asked something different.


    Ok, next CARNAC SAYS the answer is:

    “Britney Spears”

    the question in the envelope is: ?

    ((grins, and ducks back out))

  42. ldg….*LOL*

    What will this girl be dancing around in 3 years!!!!!

    *shaking finger* you should be ashamed ldg!

  43. ADAM….why are you so “reflective”?????
    no, not the headlight kind of reflective!

  44. Here’s my question…….yeah I know I’m cruel…

    Who will be Michelle Obama’s next stylist?

    But you got to admit her clothes have been a disaster.

  45. sylvia…i will go along with that 100%!
    God I hope she finds someone!!!

  46. Next question…..who will be the Secretary of Gaff Control for Biden?

    One more….. prior to the Bidens’ visit to the Cheneys did someone make sure Dick’s guns were locked up?

    Just wondering.

  47. sylvia…your in rare form tonight! πŸ™‚

  48. the “future” question…
    from what we’ve seen so far, it looks to me that we will have another “clinton era”…just with someone else running the ship!
    The insider names sure don’t seem to be changing.

  49. I went to look at the Vice Pres’ house today. I didnt know where they lived. Never much thought about it before. What a beautiful home!!

  50. Patty,
    Was Monica’s name mentioned?

  51. *giggle*
    your gonna get in trouble like ldg did!

  52. Ok, I’ll behave. It may be difficult.

  53. speaking of that.
    my fav local news caster always puts up a pic to have people caption it.
    it wont take much to figure out which caption was mine! *LOL*

  54. Patty,
    My last comment did not post. Guess I’m in trouble.

  55. hummmmm already?

  56. Maybe it was a computer glitch.

  57. ((ducks back in))

    re: CARNAC

    The Question I had in mind, again not to slight any of your offerings, was:

    β€œWhat is the new White House chef’s recipe for asparagus?”

    Ok, next CARNAC SAYS the answer is:

    β€œIn before 10, out by 4”

    the question in the envelope is: ?

    ((grins, and ducks back out))

  58. LDG

    How long does it take to process a bailout request?

  59. Avi: I would need to get other qualifications before i could go there. And Oxford is a horrible place, i would never want to live there.

  60. Morning—

    OMG– Those questions and answers were funny– dang, I was not able to jump in on a few of them- LDG, you are on a roll!!!! We caught you on a good day– I have never seen you this funny– just in spurts! πŸ˜€

    However, before I came on here, I did look up my astrological read for Leo today– No romance for me today– yay!!!!!!!!!!! And to use my creative imagination for some artistic project~ Any ideas anyone? And KC and Adam are Leo’s– so no romance for them either–

    And since it did not say not to drive today– I am assusming I can take the neighbor’s kids to school–

    see you— LDG– Put up another question?

  61. there is a question– quick one for now–

    in before 10 and out by 4–

    Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky?

    Or the time Pelosi spends in the bathroom to wear all that make-up and hair spray? Hence, one of the reasons the sessions are so short?

  62. hehhehheh

    re: CARNAC

    While I would love to make some sort of 1-term president joke, the Question I had in mind was:

    β€œCan you read the sign on the door for Joe Biden’s next office?”

    Ok, next one … CARNAC SAYS the answer is:

    β€œIt takes a licking and keeps on ticking”

    the question in the envelope is: ?

    ((grins widely))

    and g’morning, All!

  63. ‘morning all!

    I agree, ldg is in rare form. You and sylvia are teaming up on us!

    im not touching that last question!! After all…Im the innocent one around here! *BG* *shining my halo*

    For those that dont live in the midwest..i’ll trade ya weather for the weekend!!!
    Forecast here> cold front coming…
    low’s in the 20’s and 30 mph winds and flurries.

    These weather swings play hell with my migraines 😦 and i can feel it sitting there “waiting” argh. Yep, Im whining!

  64. susan…did taurus say i should just go back to bed? *L*

  65. heheheh– good one that didn’t cross my mind—

    Next one– Hillary Clinton

    Wow– I was just reading about the Al Qaida’s budget– it never made me think on what they spend to blow away everything– Especially September 11-

  66. Patty–

    I didn’t check Taurus– let me go look-

  67. Patty’s horoscope

    This is a good day for meditation, or for spiritual studies of some kind, dear Taurus. Your intuition should be operating at a very high level and thus it is going to be easier for you to tune into the thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires of others, particularly the opposite sex. You might even experience psychic insights or visions that shed light on some questions you’ve been asking yourself for a while. Write down your thoughts. You’ll want to remember them.

  68. crap–

    Santa Barbara is on fire– I spoke too soon!

  69. huuuummmm. didn’t know i was going to have “homework”! *L*
    opposite sex hu? since i would with about 15 guys it should be a interesting day! haha

  70. Cheating now–

    what takes a licking and keeps on ticking?

    This Day in Tech – 1958: Surgeons place the first fully implantable heart pacemaker into a human patient.

  71. reference to the Al Qaida’s budget– what they spend to blow away human lives which have no dollar sign– That article made me angry–

  72. @Susan

    for the Carnac “questions”, I would suggest you look at the examples given in the Wiki-p link about the routine, as the gag works best when the answer seems innocent enough until the question is read, and then it becomes absurd.

    like this one:

    answer: Sis boom bah.
    question: Describe the sound made when a sheep explodes.

  73. for the keeps on ticking.
    i thought susan was on the money with “hillary”.

  74. @Patty

    agreed, that was a good one!

  75. i saw one of adams reports this morning before 7 am my time.

  76. Hi Guys,
    LDG is draining my brain capacity.

    Patty……If your intuition is at a high level that should be a good thing.

    Susan…..I never knew Al Quaida had a budget…..can they print more money like the feds do?

  77. fire reports that is. i knew what i meant to say!

  78. morning sylvia!

  79. Patty…please keep the cold front from heading my way. Today is sunny and in 60’s. Suppose to get cold and nasty tomorrow.

  80. whoops, can’t be doing too much brain-draining…

    You all have a great day. I’m actually off work tonight early, so I’m to go rest.

    Be well and safe!

  81. ahh! I missed saying good night to LDG–

    Sylvia– did you read the link?

    AND SORRY for sending all those pictures individually– I had them in different spots so I had to find them–

    I am off too–

    good day to all!

  82. @LDG–


  83. Why does the media go crazy over the celebs houses that are in the line of fire…. why not focus on john and janes house?

  84. vaild question avi!

  85. crap…that was supposed to read…**VALID

  86. ok, i know im crabby today, but this post over on the fire blog cracked me up! I know its no laughing matter… gotta admit..this one is funny>>
    Comment by SS
    November 14th, 2008 at 1:33 pm
    Just great. Just what we need. As if the fire isn’t enough a terribly unfortunate calamity for the residents, it consumed Oprah Winfrey’s home.

    Oprah Winfrey’s home! Now that’s proof positive Republicans are surely responsible for β€œglobal warming” and this consequential outrage. Stay tuned for β€œNext on Oprah.”

  87. Patty,


    well this fire will do one good thing employ people

    people will need to rebuild

    tito the builder , Joe the plumber…. and Adam the reporter all now have work!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  88. πŸ™‚

  89. @All

    Just so’s you don’t think I would leave you waiting until tomorrow:

    Carnac says:
    answer: β€œIt takes a licking and keeps on ticking”

    …in the envelope:
    question: “what is the best thing about al-Qaeda brand Ice Cream?”

    hope you enjoyed, and have a great weekend!

  90. after getting over the depression I shall…….(I’ll get back to you on that)

  91. FL Sunshine Says:

    btw – t minus 54 minutes and counting ’til the night launch of the shuttle!

  92. FL Sunshine Says:

    Avi – that was funny!!!! especially the part about Adam the reporter

  93. FL Sunshine Says:

    okay, so I’m thinking there may be a need to plant a real garden with what I fear is on the way. Yes, gas prices are down but that’s about the only good news we face each day. Everyone wants to get “bailed out” but it’s our money folks! I’m so disgusted with the mess this country is in! So many people are losing their jobs! Corporate greed hasn’t stopped YET, even though they had to get money from the government they are still giving themselves hefty Christmas bonuses while people are already lining up to get free toys for their kids.
    Remember that movie that Eddie Murphy was in about trading places with a bank officer and it was around Christmas? I can’t remember the name of it but too bad that can’t happen to all their greedy CEOs. They need to take a walk in our shoes!

  94. Hiya FL…our govenor is begging for a share for the state. Give me a break! She’s the same Gov that stopped the coal plant in its tracks. Duh!

    Becky…(not the FL one) thought of you …
    Ty and the gang are at in Kansas.
    Im not a big fan. Just seems 5 families could be helped rather than one that wont be able to afford the heating bills.

  95. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty – I wonder how much long shows like EHME will be able to continue. With companies hurting like they are….how can they afford to continue to give so much??? And like you say….so many could be helped a great deal rather than one receiving such a HUGE amount.

  96. FL Sunshine Says:

    Saying a prayer for a safe launch! Lives are on the line literally and thousands of jobs as well.
    T minus 8 minutes and counting.

  97. If Hillary becomes Secy of State she will be the natural and surefire successor for Pres in 8 years. Now I have a headache and it’s not allergies.

  98. FL Sunshine Says:

    Hey Sylvia! could you see the giant star rising in the east? That was a beautiful launch!!! With the moon low in the sky too. The shuttle lit up the sky like daylight for a few brief moments.

  99. Sylvia…. Hillary will not run for President again. She is 61. She will not be able to run at age 69. Women tend to not age as gracefully!

    Secretary State puts her in the history books as the First Lady who became the women who tried to bring peace to Israel.

  100. @ LDG—

    waahaaaa haaaa!!! that was funny!!!!!

    How did the launch go?

    Avi and Patty– πŸ˜€

  101. Adam made mention of those not so privileged homes being on fire too– who emailed him? He said he got a few emails stating to focus on the others homes too– Avi? Was that you? πŸ˜€

    Poor guy– he is going on 32 hours–

  102. I got to see Adam today doing live reports… he’s the best field reporter out there. he talks fast but clearly, he makes you feel all pumped up about what he’s showing you. … he’s different than others like William Lonjanese (sp) that guy’s good at reporting but he doesn’t have excited feeling feeling when he reports.

  103. Adam, just caught your report on O’Reilly…. great report.,

  104. comment sent to Onthescene, but it went into the purgatory of comment moderation…
    @Adam Housley

    Brave work, once again. Thank you for posting the video links in this thread.

    ‘ hope you and crew can get some rest now.

  105. Good Morning from wet Ohio.

    Going to be a chilly, damp weekend. We need some feel good stories.

  106. Morning– grr!!! I tried to sleep in but there are two felines here who just had to eat!!!! grrr!! hiss and hiss!!! I thought I was getting chest compressions at one point in my sleep!

    I saw Adam three times yesteday– last one was O’Reilly– Adam calls O’Reilly, Bill.

    Did you see how tired he was- KT? What was my clue as when he and “Bill” signed off to one another– Adam ended it with “Alright” but in a weak tone–

  107. @LDG–

    your comment …purgatory…— waahahahah!!!

    KT– I think Adam is one of the better reporters too– not because we love him just he has great reporting skills— concise and within the time allowed-

  108. LDG–

    WHAT humor pills are you on? πŸ˜€

  109. Good Morning all….

    cold and dry here in MN….. oh well, guess summer really is over 😦

    As for lost posts…. i have given up trying to post on Adams FNC blog….. they never show up…. i must be in the spam folder…..

    Speaking of Spam – heard they cannot keep up with production! Guess it is the choice of meats in a recession……

    If you have a bunch of Spam recipes get them ready – you could probably make a few bucks selling them. πŸ™‚

  110. Want some free cookie recipes? The St. Paul Pioneer Press is going to send a cookie recipe a day by email beginning November 24th.

  111. @LDG–

    I am be one of the “saved” ones– because I see my post hit his thread—-

    And for all the fire threads we have had, it is so hard to know what to say without sounding like repetition– my words– It sucks– Whether it be just a cardboard home going done, it just sucks! and to boot, I haven’t even turned the tele on, but we are having winds– had them all last night too because my rubber tree kept hitting the wall, and I could hear it- so I looked outside and it was windy– so my forecast tells me the winds are still going in CA?

  112. Just like the rice scare– everyone buying rice– Lord–

    My ads here still have good deal on the foods I typically buy–


    It will be a freezing day in he** before this country runs out of food– grocery stores and fast food places everywhere~ and if this country should start to run out of food, I can survive on beans, rice, tortillas, and salsa– πŸ˜€

  113. I couldn’t check out the cookie site– my computer would not allow access– maybe this is a good thing– don’t you have to bake or something like that when you make cookies? πŸ˜€

  114. Here is a very interesting video about a Ford plant outside the USA.

    It is an eye opener……

  115. Susan….. LOL…… that is a problem with those darn cookie recipes….

  116. that was an interesting video– time to move that here–

    I did not know my Ford Focus is from Argentina-

  117. Susan – they can’t build that type of plant here….. The UAW would not allow it!

  118. And then around the holidays, you get those recipes where you write one down and send with the 2,000 others included with the one sent to you– if you want one of these, I will send you one– πŸ˜€

  119. K2–

    SO I heard on the video.

  120. Some events on the 23rd of this month in Chavez land-

  121. Did not realize Chavez has 4 years left…. ugh! Sure hope the opposition is able to pick up more of the states there.

    I shudder to think he could use his supporters in these other states in Venezuela to help keep him in office indefinitely!

  122. have a baker to go with those recipes?
    Pat says he will only bake the frozen dough the kids sell! *L*

    ‘afternoon all.

    Dry, cold and windy in KS.

    Spam? nope, no way, never in this house! I will go hungry first!
    A person can live on mountain dew alone! πŸ™‚

  123. I quite like SPAM when cold. I do not like it heated though.

    Hawaiians eat the most Spam. I only use tinned meats as backup though. I prefer jarred. πŸ˜›
    Fresh is good too.

  124. Max — did you ever watch the tv show “Foyles War”?

    We have been watching them on netflix…. we really enjoy the series.

  125. Here’s a video from Greta’s site….

    for the cat lovers our there…..

  126. Karen2….. that is a funny video. Unusual coloring on the cat too.

  127. Did anyone else watch “my” fav show this weekend??
    The wiz of oz was on 3 nights!!
    I will never tire of watching it πŸ™‚

  128. Karen2: No, i’d never even heard of “Foyles War” before.

  129. Good Morning All,
    Patty…….The Wiz of Oz is part of the Broadway series and is playing now in Cincy. We gave our tickets to someone who has a young daughter. We’ve seen it at least twice already and that’s enough. When Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby came back for the third time we gave those tickets to another person with a young child. I love theater but there are some things good only in small doses. There are a few gems worth seeing several times.

  130. sylvia, i would love to see the play. Ive never been to a “big stage” play.
    but there is nothing better than the plain ol classic on tv. just like the “old” days.

    g’morning all.

    We are off to a beneifit breakfast for a friend of ours. He’s the one in the donor group pics that had recieved a kidney/pancreas transplant 4 mths ago. He’s doing GREAT! For the first time in 40+ years, he takes no insulin. Talk about a life change!

  131. From tomorrow i won’t be able to get on here for 10 days. My grandmother died this morning, so we are getting a plane to Poland tomorrow.

  132. Max, I am so sorry. Hope your parents are doing okay. Have a safe trip and take care.

    Do you have a lot of family in Poland?

  133. @Max

    My sympathies, and all my best wishes to you and yours for a safe trip.

    I look forward to your travel stories when you return!

  134. Max,
    I am so sorry for your loss. My sympathy to you and your family.

  135. the cat video was cute— I have never been a cat person–I liked cats as I like all animals but this has been quite a change from favoring one animal over another– dogs to cats– this kind of just got dumped on me by those who dumped their cats outside and took off– so this transition has been a learning one–

    I will say this– their antics are soooo funny!!! Very entertaining– the one cat is so playful– and before I have both eyes open, they sense me waking up and boom- pounce- feed me! I get great laughs watching the cats– plus joy– and annoyed when the one jumps up here as he is now and I have to find the mouse under his legs- πŸ˜€

    The Wizard of Oz was my dad’s favorite

  136. dang it– speaking of cats– the preceding post went through- as he just jumped down–

    Dad’s favorite with Judy Garland– nothing like the original– I have it as VHS– So I kept my VCR in the one bedroom as I have so many movies and I am not going to replace them with DVD’s as I have plenty of these too-

    Max– You have a safe trip– and I am assuming you got my email–


  137. Patty–

    very cool about the gentleman who does not have to take insulin– But it is a good thing insulin is around– as to the past when you were dead at a young age because of no insulin– We need our pancreas to be healthy that is for sure– but if the islet stops making insulin, science did a great job at getting it as a substitute– thank you gentlemen– Banting and Best-

  138. time to clean house– no time for it next week–

    and speaking of insulin– Ken will be 53 years old Tuesday and to think the doctors all thought he would be dead!!! ha! Instead of singing Happy Birthday to him, I think I will sing- Amazing Grace– πŸ™„

    good day to all! enjoy your crappy weather– as it is nice here– still warm during the day– for my liking- I like the cool air– not hot- not cold– just fresh– πŸ˜€

    K2– We need to check out what happens November 23rd in Chavez land-


  139. Max…Im sorry about your grandma. Its tough to loose someone. Tell your parents that we send our sympathies alsol ((hugs))

  140. Patty,
    How was the breakfast benefit?

  141. Susan,
    Where do you get all your energy? Could you send some to me?

  142. sylvia, breakfast was great, sausage gravy and bisquits, yum! The crowd was amazing. I spent 2 hours helping people fill out their names on the raffle tickets they purchased.
    Its even a pretty day (finally), been a long time since we’ve see the sun, and much calmer breezes!
    I need to fill the bird feeders, they probably think i’ve forgotten about them.

  143. I dont have that sort of energy either sylvia…this house needs susan’s attention!

  144. @ all: It’s quite alright.
    Losing loved ones has never seemed too tough for me. She was the last of my grandparents.

  145. Max,

    sorry for your loss.

    thats sad 😦 i still got all 4 thank god πŸ™‚

  146. Max,

    sorry for your loss.

    thats sad 😦 i still got all 4 thank god πŸ™‚

  147. Energy– ha and ha!!!!

    It has taken me three weeks to put away the laundry I washed and dried three weeks ago~

    Where the he** did Patty get her energy to help fill out raffle tickets? AFTER that huge breakfast, I would have gone back to bed~ I don’t eat breakfast as I get way sluggish if I do– coffee– much coffee-

    Birds having been eating my pomegranates– I picked five yesterday which were still edible– I ended up with about 16 of them this year– yay! I like the seeds on salads– fruit salads– or a spinach salad with sweetened walnuts and cranberries– feta cheese and a rasberry vinaigrette dressing-

    I checked out the comments on the fire thread over on the news blog– a few whacky ones there– πŸ™„

    break is over– Patty– glad you had a productive morning–

    Max is probably gone– but– xxxx to you and familia…

  148. Hello everybody…

    (stands up out of the rubble of the cave I was hiding in)

    What do I do now?

    me? do something?

    actually, I am in overdrive keeping my company in the black (not an easy thing)

    shaking my head at the election, waiting to see if Obama appoints UBL as Secretary of Defense, or if he has to settle for a just an internship.

    spending money, keeping the economy going, I refuse to admit defeat and let the MSM scare me into hoarding peanut butter and cigarettes.

    Watching my 401k shake loose anything that resembled a retirement fund.

    Listening to my neighbors pant in excitement and then worry when their like skinned candidate won, and then realized they have no idea what is going to happen next.

    explaining to my neighbors that I am not a card carrying member of the KKK because I did not vote for a black man.

    Listening to those same neighbors ask me a week later what I think they should do to protect themselves economically (me just shrug and set money on craps table….everything on the hard 8)

    went to Reno then NY on business.

    enjoyed seeing my church protested because we believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Trying to figure out is a pomegranate as a gift from an elderly Korean woman is meaningful in any way? delicious yes! meaningful? not sure, any help LDG, Max?

    Don’t get too wrapped around the axle on my religious beliefs, I have many gay friends that are my friends and will have a spot at my campfire any night.

    Now….its is back to digging my bunker, I suppose I could go live with my uncle in his “bunker O’ Porn” but that would spark a conversation too far past the birds and the bee’s for me to handle with my boys.

    “Daddy, why is that man wrapped in latex?”

    “He was cold”

    “where is his coat”

    “the goat ate it”

    “why is the goat eating his coat?”

    “because the dogs ate the goat food”

    “Ohhhhhh……that explains the big mess”

    “who took these pictures?”

    “just close your eyes”

    “for how long?”

    “until your 26”

    “it that a long time?”

    “not long enough”

    hi everyone….

  149. Susan: thanks. See y’all after thanksgiving!

  150. Susan..i didnt eat breakfast πŸ˜‰

  151. travel safe max. I was young when I lost my last grandma, i kinda sorta remember her, but i think its more of a picture memory recongnition than anything.

  152. Patty-

    You don’t have time to eat breakfast— arriba y adelante- *up and forward*

    You have to get up and go` πŸ˜€

    You have mucho stuff to think about and worry– Drink a can of Mountain Dew to make it through the day~ your energy drink~ πŸ˜†


  153. And my comment to the rude ones on Adam’s news blog towards the whacky’s did not go through– but the one I made to his newer thread went through and I posted these both around the same time~


    I figured it out– Your politeness won’t go through and my mouth won’t either– so just make some off the wall remarks, and I bet these post- πŸ˜€

  154. That Max sure picks up fast on how to talk while in America-

    Susan: thanks. See y’all after thanksgiving!

    … y’all.”

    Now this is funny!

  155. @Susan

    I’ll have to try that. Got anyone in particular you’d like cussed out while I’m at it?

  156. and BTW—

    The house is almost clean– LOL– a hole in the wall for size and I can’t keep it clean– go figure— πŸ˜€

    buenas noches!

  157. LDG—


    the one who damned Oprah and some zealous idiot about God’s wrath–

    go for it!

  158. I almost left until I saw you– grinning here!

  159. @Susan

    …gee, that would be kind of like kicking beggars…

    …you sure you want me to use the full range of my vocabulary for such a puny target? They might be vaporized or something.

  160. the election thread is the funniest–

    it is like these people anticipate doom!!! Doom is when it is boom! πŸ˜€

  161. oh and by the way, the “god’s wrath” comment (Tea Fire thread, 16th, 8:49am) is obviously sarcasm. It is an inherent contradiction if judged by Christian fundamental interpretation.

  162. Your full range won’t make the start line– it is way too far ahead– so you win the race– everytime– or close….

    and don’t kick beggars– you might need to borrow a coin one day- πŸ˜€

  163. @Susan

    Very well then. They are spared, this time. Let’s save it for someone particularly Brad deserving.

  164. hm.

    no Susan.

    Oh Bother, sayeth the Pooh.

  165. I saw that– God’s wrath– sarcastic but yet not cool for a fire spreading and people fleeing– capiche?

    The way I view religion is based on the soul— I believe in reincarnation– I don’t think you die and if you paid your taxes on time and led a exemplar life within the legal and moral doctrines, this gives you the ticket to heaven-

    It is more, in my interpretation, on how your soul feels in this journey– did you have compassion, empathy, or some understanding on how some other person or animal felt? Did you do someting about it or did you just become too involved with your material goods?

    And if you don’t perfect these, you have to come back until these are satisfied– and hence, the soul, which goes to a better place.

    This is my view on the soul– and I am working at it and it is not easy- πŸ˜€

    So this asenine (spelling) remarks on that thread or threads, told me a bit about them– I felt anger and hate– not cool!


  166. Shut up–

    I was writing my note to you– and it took me a couple minutes– plus this obnoxious cat who just HAS TO sit here– grrr!

  167. @Susan

    Sounds fair (other than the “shut up” part), so let’s put it to the test:

    Susan at 7:22 p.m.
    “It is more, in my interpretation, on how your soul feels in this journey– did you have compassion, empathy, or some understanding on how some other person or animal felt?”

    (bold by me)

    Susan at 7:23 p.m.
    “…plus this obnoxious cat who just HAS TO sit here– grrr!

    (again, bold by me)

    Might this be worth a moment’s reconsideration?

  168. I had to rearrange my house for these two cats— today! grr!!!! clean off the computer desk so they could just lie here without knocking all my stuff off- πŸ˜€

    I lifted the blinds so they could hang out on the window sills– etc– πŸ˜€

    these guys are such a hoot!!!! they get along and then they don’t get along- when I am in the room.

    they both think they own me!

    Cats are not stupid~ πŸ˜€

    off now– going to go to bed in a bit!


  169. @Susan

    g’night. Rest well.

  170. LDG—

    Exactly– working on that! That obnoxious cat makes me laugh!

    And I took Tama to the vets yesterday– shots and a feline leukemia test– came out negative!

    Meow and meow the whole way there– me driving and trying to stroke him along the way! πŸ˜€

    Cats are way cool– and so are dogs– except cats don’t eat as much as a dog– and you don’t have to walk them– yay!

    Old ladies do the cat thing– and I am old– so ….


  171. and now I am headed out!!!!!

    BTW– I WILL never forget your support for me trying to help cats–

    It was well worth it— And thank you!!!!!

    You and I saved a couple lives!!! So you get credit!


  172. @Susan

    You did all the heavy lifting. I just provided a few words of experience and encouragement.

    Rest well when you rest.

  173. Susan: Y’all be good and play nice now!

  174. its eerie in here!
    quiet morning.

    ‘morning/afternoon all!!! πŸ™‚
    WAKE UP! *L*

  175. Patty ~ I just saw that you posted a link for me to look at! I agree… I wish more than one family at a time would be helped out. I do like the show and this weeks show really affirmed my desire to adopt one day. But, with that said… I don’t know how the show will be able to give so much with the economy as it is at the moment.

  176. In Mafia news today:

    The big head of a big mafia group known as the Alperon family was taken out in car bomb in tel aviv……..

  177. Avi ~ I saw that earlier today!
    Oh and I see that “Shot” made an appearance this weekend. It was fun reading his comment this afternoon!

    Hi All!

  178. SGT! long time no see…..thanks for the giggles!!! πŸ˜‰

    Becky…i missed sgt’s post…wow, how did i do that? *L*
    re that news article…it was written very well. There we a few others that followed that told “the rest of the story”. They did other “jobs” while they were there too. A church needed tore down (well the rest of it), another house got major repairs, and a community building got built. Does make ya wonder where all that cash comes from and for how long it will keep coming.

    Avi..i’ll have to go read about the family name, doesnt ring a bell here. Thats not a surprise though, i don’t remember international news very well.

  179. dang it…Becky….that was supposed to say…it was NOT written very well.

  180. and the dude lives in my town:

    but on the other end….. ive seen the kid around….. tomorrow is the funeral … wonder if ppl will talk about it… dont think so though.. u never want to talk about the mafia… neva know whose listening lol

  181. ya avi…doesnt appear to be a very “nice” bunch of people. Scary in my world, thats for sure!

  182. Patty ~ I actually didn’t catch your mistake! lol

  183. Patty,

    theres mafia all over…. since israel is a small country you got alot in very close area……

  184. and Patty,

    you getting ready for work under your new boss…. you work for the govt right?

  185. ya avi, i do.
    but way down the line.
    I thought he was going to let me stay home and everyone else can buy my insurance and pay my way!!! πŸ™‚

  186. Avi…that mafia crawling around “on every corner” would scare me, you’d never know who to be friends with or not.

  187. clearly, the SGT had his comment running on tape-delay…


    Good to see you! As far as pomegranates, no particular symbolism for them in East Asia. Giving fruit as an autumn (or for citrus; winter) gift is pretty common. Can’t say I’ve ever seen pomegranate given, though.

  188. Hi All,
    Did my part to help the economy…..went to Krogers and stocked up. It was really wintery……snow flurries and windy. How many days til spring?

  189. Good evening all….. I missed ‘shots’ comments too. Great to hear from you Sgt.

    Hope all had a good day. We were helping the economy too…… did a little Christmas shopping for the kids today. It still counts if it is off the sale rack, right?

  190. K2
    I like your solution to the economic mess…..saw your post on GW. No, I didn’t comment…just read.

  191. Sylvia….thank you. just some more of my b.s. that i throw out there…. (was it my tax cut idea)

    Still a few crazies at Greta’s. They appear to just want to stir up trouble.
    I just try to ignore the trolls….

  192. Hi all. I fell asleep early on the couch, not its 11 pm…this could be long night.

    I went to find your economy post K2…love it.

  193. Good Morning….yeah, I know it’s early. No, I don’t own chickens.

    Patty, did you get any sleep last night?

    K2,….your tax cuts sound wonderful. You have my vote for Secy of Treasury.

  194. FL Sunshine Says:

    Good morning all!!!! Enjoying a little change in the FL weather. It’s chilly.
    Susan – looking at the weather map on F&F this morning….looks like you are being left out of the cooler weather. 😦

  195. Fl Sunshine,
    What do you call chilly? It’s 34 here and not suppose to get much warmer today. We even had a dusting of snow overnight. Now that’s chilly!!!!

  196. hi to all!

    Hey buddy, Derek, — I just saw your post— LOL

    Sorry to hear about your crappy weather~ LOL– OURS is sill nice and still too hot during the day– and this is November-

    On the flip side– I got hit with the reality of the economy– two nights ago, past midnight, two drunk brothers called me to tell me the warehouse (for the import business my one brother runs and the other works for him as his right hand man, plus my one brother’s stepson works there as well) is being shut down in February— Mark, one one brother, ran this business in Seattle- hence, all his traveling to South America for the company— He was making over a hundred grand a year and his wife was spending over a million a year– He is like way in the hole– plus he was working on getting a divorce– My other brother was making good money too thanks to Mark– they are very close and do everything together– and now they are up in the air as to what next– Mark was offered a job in the Portland warehouse for half of what he was making– but Earl was not– so he won’t leave Earl stranded– Earl has lost over fifteen grand on his 401 also— I hardly got any sleep– maybe two hours–

    It was such a hit to me– it does happen– people are losing their jobs–

    I love my brothers– they are the best guys around– this is so sheety! Plus the wealthy owner, who owns several multi-million dollar homes, after telling my brother Mark the bad news was headed off to Miami to tell the guy who runs that warehouse, he is going bye too! This SOB and Mark were friends– they took a couple trips to Ecuador together–

  197. @Susan

    Topics best discussed by e-mail, those (you can write to me about it all, for one), but just to lift one concern from your burden:

    re: Your brother who “lost 15 grand on his 401” — If he isn’t forced to cash out, he hasn’t lost a thing other than numbers on a page. If those numbers were based on unreal market valuations, they also were just as unreal as there is no way that value would have been there at cash out.

    (…and if he is at mandatory cash out date, whew that would be bad, but he would have had months if not years of eligibility to have gotten out if that were the case.)

    If he can hang around until at least 2Q (maybe 3Q) 2009, things will be much better IMO.

  198. Good Morning all.

    Patty and Susan….sorry for your sleepless nights.

    Susan, so sorry for your brothers. I hope they are able to find employment soon.

    Sylvia…. sec of treasury…. LOL…. watching the hearings with Paulson, Bernake and Bair….. on occasion the camera pans to the congressional oversight panel…..they are not listening to the person speaking! I would stop talking and wait for the side conversation to stop…. and then ask if they are ready to listen….. i would be fired in week 1!

  199. @LDG—

    your post– about me emailing you — in reference about my brothers’ issues? explain that one to me! In other words, no one should have to be burdened with what I referred to as economy presently and I used my brothers and Miami as an example?

    if that is the case– I don’t have to even bother coming on here– as everyone talks about their issues as well– πŸ˜€

    As for my brother cashing out– nope– for the same reason you stated above-

  200. @LDG–

    Earl and Mark have real estate– they are not paupers– I feel for those who lose their jobs and don’t have chara~ as I was watching on the news last night about the homeless numbers going way up here in Phoenix– it was sad to watch– for by the Grace of God, this could be me~ and then watching the emotions of those who lost their homes in CA, really made an impact on me– We should be very blessed for our existence being safe at the moment~

    And I heard Japan is going through a recession– so I imagine a few people are hurting there too–

  201. Sylvia…you like me, giggle at FL’s “chilly”.
    I just dont see that southern tail as ever chilly! πŸ˜‰

    ‘morning all.

    yes, i did finally fall back to sleep. Drugs can be beneficial πŸ˜‰

  202. Susan…wow. sorry about your bro’s. Its tough in many places. I dont mind hearing of your ups and downs, thats all apart of life. God knows you’ve listened to enough of mine! ((hugs))

    Ldg thinks like i do with the 401’s. It numbers that dont matter. The panic effect is playing on peoples fears and its wrong!!! The markets have to clean house every 10 yrs or so. If trends are watched, it pretty much happens like clock work. Its sortof like the life cycle. Cats get distemper when there are too many in the “herd”, its nature’s way of cleaning house.
    As matter of fact, we just upped our contributions …#1 law of markets…buy low, sell high. Now is the time to buy, even if it is a little, to increase the number of shares (the ultimate goal). The actual $$’s you never really had anyway. #2 law of markets…get rid of emotions! They don’t work on paper!

  203. K2…i wouldnt last long in those meetings also!!!
    They seem so rude!!

  204. Patty,
    My husband has the same rules…..he looks for “bargains” on stocks he is interested in and has faith they will climb back up. Of course never buy speculative stock that doesn’t have a previous good history.

    Sorry about your brothers. I do hope things improve for them.

    Since I have little tolerance for rudeness I’d probably tell those obnoxious congressmen exactly what I thought of them….and I would not be diplomatic.

  205. @Susan

    No no, not a bad topic; you misread my intention. I was offering to discuss particulars of your brothers situation. Those would likely be things you wouldn’t want to put out on a public forum.

    If instead the objective was just to share, then by all means disregard my offer.

    re: Japan — real GDP “growth” has been negative for 2 quarters, so technically that is a recession, and there is a lot of noise (and senseless panic) over the automobile industry issues. But basically things here are better than they were six months ago when oil prices spiked. We import most all of our petroleum and spikes really hurt on fuel and energy costs in a hurry here. The public concern now, and the reason the government is pressed to “do something” is that consumers here stop spending the instant financial problems hit the newspapers, although we are nowhere near as credit-dependent as the U.S. domestic market. What is *really* going to be a problem over the next few months though is the currency exchange rate. We are still a predominantly export-driven economy in manufacturing, and the strengthening of the en (Yen) from the 110-to-the-$ to the 95-to-the-$ range is basically a ~15% loss to any company dependent on dollar-based sales. The strengthening vs. the Euro has been even worse, ~25% (very roughly).

  206. We have a tax man to do that for me.
    We have a market man to do that for me.
    They know the “rules” better than I, thats what they are paid for!
    Althought I dont stay “unattached”….i try to stay semi current, but I do try to stay out of their way and let them do what they see best.
    Its like Pat trying to do plumbing, its just easier in the long run to call the plumber! *LOL*

  207. oh susan..i just remembered.

    Happy Birthday Kenny!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  208. Ken — Happy Birthday……. πŸ˜€

  209. Is it Ken-Day? well then, by all means HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  210. LDG–

    ANY jobs for my brothers in Japan? Would be great if they lived there and then I could visit them as well as you! heheheheh– πŸ˜€

    I received a check from my brother before his call the other night– and it was in pesos– from the last time I cashed the one for the same amount this one was for, it was $120.– less– so the peso to dollar is taking a bit of a beating too– reference to the yen–

    And as for my future checks from the property, I told my brother until they get off their feet, I don’t want any more monies– they helped me out these past years, it is my turn! LOL

    Have a good day @ all–

  211. It is Amazing Grace you guys– the song– He was not supposed to make it this far! LOL

    Cute story– the kids who I take to school in the morning– I asked them all to make Ken birthday cards– around 7:40 they all showed up with their cards– each of them went into the bedroom to hand him their card- McKenzie included the Happy Birthday song in her card– so we all sang happy birthday to him and he was grinning from ear to ear! It was very cool!!!!!


  212. and BTW– THANK YOU!!! I will show Ken your comments–


  213. Becky…and anyone else interested.
    Here’s a article that describes the Extreme Makeover process. The part that “joe public” never sees but questions.

  214. and if any of you have a birthday– Happy Birthday!

    hasta luego….

  215. Ugh… tomorrow is going to be one awkward of a day..

    our school is taking us to some army base were the army is going to debrief on army stuff… for next year

    i seriously hope they dont ask us questions … because I am not going to the army as i am going back to the states next year and am not an Israeli national…
    if they do i dunno what ill say ” uh i dont have plans to enlist as i am american ….” to a person a uniform ….

  216. Susan,

    Wish Ken a very Happy Birthday. I think it is wonderful what you have done for him.

  217. H-a-p-py b-day Ken!!!!!

    and the mafia funeral:

    media got wooped… while the popo were picking their nose…

    israel is so corrupt \,7340,L-3624856,00.html

  218. And:
    Me: Ok what waste of money they took him to the funeral wasted money on transport than let him go 5 hours later??? corruption

    Alperon family member released from custody

    Published: 11.18.08, 19:15 / Israel News

    Police have released from custody a family member of Yaacov Alperon, the mob boss who was assassinated on Monday. Earlier the court had allowed him to attend Alperon’s funeral. (Raanan Ben Zur)

  219. what a pic you paint avi.
    standing in front of an israeli army man, with full fatgues (sp?).
    “uh sir, Im AN AMERICAN”…
    then run like a son of a gun!!!

  220. fatigues

  221. Patty,

    I was thinking of wearing my American University shirt but i want to at least want to make it past the gate of the base lol…..

    our teacher told us to bring our israeli ids ( teoda zehut) all are blue

    but mine is read becuz im a temp resident :P….. so im going to stand out very early lol

    imagine a public school in the states taking students to an army base to get a debrief about army opps … oh the media and the liberals would go crazy lol

  222. Isnt that the truth Avi.

    It does appear that you dont have much of a chance of “blending in”.

  223. Susan ~ Please tell Ken Happy Birthday! That is so wonderful what you had the kids do! I bet he was so happy!

    Avi ~ So true on the public schools doing something like that here… funny when I was in Junior High we had an assembly where the 82nd Airborne Green Berets (I hope I remembered that correctly πŸ™‚ ) came to talk about the military at our school. Granted that was over 15 years ago!

    Patty ~ I will go look at that article in a moment….

  224. Patty ~ Thanks for sharing. I had heard about the family in Charlotte having issues and the house really does look out of place where it is! I also heard about the family in GA as well…

  225. Susan…those little kids, i can almost hear them and ken giggling! Im sure he totally enjoyed!
    So what did you do today? anything special with Ken?

  226. Happy Birthday to Ken

  227. FL Sunshine Says:

    Happy Birthday Ken!!!! Susan – did you tell Ken he’s famous today around the country? πŸ™‚ that was a sweet thing you did with the kids for Ken. I’m sure that made his day! Nothing is sweater than kids! They are so REAL and their emotions are expressed so outwardly.

    Okay, so what is chilly? how about mid 60’s in the shade. hee hee! Okay but don’t tease, we may dip down to freezing temps overnight! Can you believe it? Now SURELY that is chilly to anyone!!!

  228. Fl Sunshine,
    It’s suppose to go down to 20 tonight in Ohio. I do agree that freezing in Florida is hard to adjust to.

  229. Fl Sunshine ~ Yep, that would be chilly to me but, I also live in NC! πŸ™‚

    Sylvia ~ We are supposed to be at 22 for the low tonight. 😦 Not fun at all! Needless to say I will be bundled up in the morning when I head off to work!

  230. ok FL…i’ll give ya the freezing thing, but not 60’s! *LOL*

  231. Whats everyone doing for Thankgiving? Plans?
    Is anyone traveling next week?

    Our kids will come home the Saturday after for our Thankgiving. Nothing major. We never have traditional dinner either, one son doesn’t like turkey, so we mix it up. This year one choice is lasagna, I havent decided another yet.

  232. Patty,
    Larry has to be at work at 4 so I will make a Thanksgiving lunch for the 2 of us. Michelle’s in-laws will be spending a week in Phoenix for the holiday so she and Michael won’t be coming here.
    I will probably just make a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey.
    BTW…my brother and sister-in- law are having Mom over for dinner and wanted me to come too. But I don’t want to go since Larry has to work the evening shift. They could have had the dinner on Friday when Larry is off, but my sister-in-law refused. It has to be on Thanksgiving.

  233. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty – yep, I’m traveling….15 minutes down the road to my in-laws. lol We always go to their home for Thanksgiving! She does make a GREAT dinner! I bring my famous sweet potato casserole and my pecan pie! mmm My parents live 1 minute down the road but my brother & his family of 6 (5 kids under the age of 6) go there. lol We are always invited but I rather enjoy a peaceful dinner. πŸ™‚

    So, when will you decide on what you are making Patty?

  234. I hear that Sylvia. We wait till “whenever”. Im not going to get in the middle with inlaws. We do the same at Christmas, take whatever we can get.
    As long as we can all be together, now that we are all close enough, thats all that matters.
    Pat and I do something “with Kat” for Thanksgiving day since we are by ourselves. Whether it is going to the cemetery, or just cleaning her room or whatever. Year before last, we took lots of 4×6 photo frames and made a wall for her. From the time she was a baby to 18. It was a nice way to spend the day, lots of laughs before it was over.

  235. FL Sunshine Says:

    Susan – sorry to hear about your brothers job losses!!! I’m afraid we are going to be hearing countless stories just like theirs over the next few months! I think it makes it harder that it’s coming right before Christmas. 😦

  236. We will be home for Thanksgiving…with a few extra guests.

    Mike is coming home and bringing a friend who can’t get home to the east coast. Plus, one of Mike’s friends from high school was going to be alone, so he is joining us too.

    Kristen will be here and two of her friends from the west coast who have no family here.

    Already purchased a 20lb turkey. We will have the usual Thanksgiving food…..

    Looking forward to having a housefull…..

  237. 5 kids under 6…..holy cow. That would be “busy”!

    When will I decide? by next Friday! *L*
    Im a terrible procrastinator anymore. I will make apple pie, pumpkin and probably rice krispie treats. We will have to have mashed tators, a pan for me, and a pan for everyone else! haha
    The kids won’t eat sweat tators.
    greenbean and mushroom soup caserole stuff is usually requested. Garlic bread too. Geeze, whats missing? ohh some sort of jello salad or macaroni salad.

  238. K2…i always hate hearing after the fact that someone didnt have a place to go. Thats cool the extras are coming to your place. Sounds like fun!
    Our methodist church does a huge dinner! Free will offering for anyone that wants to eat, and be a part of the “family”. We’ve often talked about going, but hate to take a place someone else might have needed. We’d go help, if my back would allow. Instead we send a check to help with their groceries.

  239. FL…if they would time the meals right, you could do one…sneak home to nap…..then do the other! *L*

  240. Patty…… that is so nice of you. The only down side to all the company is that i will have to get up off the couch and clean this house…..oops…i guess that is a good thing!

    Last Christmas we had a last minute guest. We found out a 6:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve that one of Kristen’s friends (yes, same as one coming on Thanksgiving) was going to be home alone. Took a bit of convincing, but she agreed to come over and spend Christmas with us.

    Well, we were frantic….we had NO gifts for her. Not that she expected any. Made a quick call to K-Mart….they were open until 10:00 p.m.
    Jack & I ran over and did some quick shopping. Even found stuff for a stocking! She was so surprised to have gifts to open! It was great.

    I love this time of year….. just wish i had a million $$ to spend on everyone! I am hoping it will warm up to at least the 40’s so i can put lights up outside and not freeze! I knew I should have done it that weekend we got in the 70’s! Oh well, that is what i get for procrastinating!

  241. K2…im still the scrooge. I dislike this time of year. Mainly because of the hustle and poof its over. Plus..i am the worlds worst shopper. Hate it with a passion. Thank God for shopping with keyboards!! But I do think some of the “spirit” is missing when you dont shop in stores. To see the kids faces, (or hear them screaming!)
    I too wish i had that money to give everyone “something”.

  242. ok, work day is done. Time to go home.
    See ya all later on maybe! Stay warm!!! πŸ™‚

  243. Patty… shopping online is great. plus, easy to find deals. my favorite way to shop.

  244. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty – yea 5 under 6 and one more in the womb! lol They’ve been very busy people, in more ways than one! πŸ™‚ Cute kids too!
    as for the meal hopping. We usually do go to my parents for “warm ups” at the end of the day. hee hee ah, the best of both worlds! AND we please the parents and the in-laws πŸ™‚ I do aim to please.

  245. FL Sunshine Says:

    K2 – I enjoy shopping for those I love but isn’t it a bit more fun to give to someone you know will not be giving one to you? It just makes you all warm inside doesn’t it? That was a neat thing you did for her friend and I’m sure she will always remember that and one day, she may find herself doing the very same thing for someone else. Kind of like the tv commercial where someone does a random act of kindness and someone sees it and then does a random act of kindness and so on and so forth. If everyone would jump on the band wagon what a different place the world would be.

  246. or one of my fav movies.. Pay It Forward

  247. all the talk about food, i had to stop at the grocery store on the way home. Pat wants tator soup…and that is fine with me, its COLD! Yes FL…40 is COLD ha ha

  248. FL – yes it is great to be able to give to people who don’t expect anything. And, I agree, a little act of kindness goes a long way.

    When your entire family gets together, how many are there? My immediate family – Mom, brothers, sister, their kids, in-laws and the ‘grand kids’ now total 36! And, we don’t get together very often as my sister and I live in different states from the rest of the gang (and from each other).

    Warm-ups are the best…..especially after a long day.

  249. Patty…. you are too funny…. tator soup sounds good. it is cold here today too….. and already dark 😦

  250. FL Sunshine Says:

    Max – sorry for the loss of your grandparent. Did you already go to Ireland for the funeral?

  251. πŸ™‚

    36…wow! Dont think I could ever cook for that many!
    Our get togethers are just us, the kids/spouses and friend, and the grandkids.
    My side is very small and an uncle in GA and his family there also, and cousins in CA that i have never met. My other Aunt lives here, she’s my bud. Some of you will remember she had the stroke last Thanksgiving. She’s doing great! 88 yrs old, i think.
    Pat has the big family and they do a thing in the summer. He’s the baby of 12…and many of them had 8-9 kids each, so that family goes on and on and on and on……*L* So many little ones, i can usually get them with the right parents, but i can never call them by the right name!

  252. FL Sunshine Says:

    Well, I have several Aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., etc. I no longer have any grandparents living (except a step grandma who lives up north with her daughter) but we have both my parents and my husbands parents living in town and my brother and his family. My sister-in-law lives in San Diego. So, it just depends on who shows. lol could be just 15 but could be as many as 49 if all the local family shows. (may have forgot a few) lol

  253. FL..i think Max left our monday morning. or was it sunday? anyway, he said he’d be gone about 10 days.

  254. I think I have a sis in southern KS, but I’m not sure. πŸ™‚ or 😦 depends on how you look at it.

  255. FL Sunshine Says:

    Very sad, but I hope he is able to enjoy some of Ireland and take some pix.

  256. FL Sunshine Says:

    well, I got an offer from a local restaurant owner that if I’d bring a piece of my apple pie I made last night he’d feed us dinner. Gotta go! πŸ™‚

  257. thats a good deal FL! Have fun!

  258. I come from such a small family that I tend to include close friends whenever we celebrate anything. We had 16 for lunch on Nov 9 when Michelle was visiting, and 9 of them weren’t relatives.
    Don’t know what it’s like to be part of a big family, but I do know what it is like to have big crowds for parties. We have had parties for 40….outdoors.
    Try to keep the indoor parties to 20-25.

  259. FL – okay, if you apple pie is gets you a free meal…i want a piece!
    Have fun.

  260. Sylvia. I know what you mean. When we lived in CA, we had no family around. Our friends were our family and big get-togethers were always fun.

  261. We do large parties too, pond parties, very informal and just friends.
    Its easy, the guys do all the meat on the smoker and the girls sit around and heckle them πŸ˜‰

  262. Patty,
    Heckling sounds like fun!!!!!

  263. and they take it so well!*L*

  264. quick assists:


    82nd Airborne = big group of Paratroopers. Red Berets, if they wear them.

    Green Berets = US Army Special Forces.

    You might have had a visit from a Special Forces-trained soldier who was currently serving in the 82nd Airborne though. He would have had the “funny little green hat”.

    @FL and Patty

    Max is off to Poland for the family matter. (not Ireland)


    Not going to be Thankgiving Day, as per se. Besides, wouldn’t know which one to celebrate (U.S. or Canadian), but I am cooking all sorts of good autumn meals. The plan includes (imported) Turkey and (local) Ham, cranberries in various ways and some bread stuffing of a secret recipe…

    Couple years back I got to visit Mum on U.S. Thanksgiving Day. That was a fun trip and we did a big spread. Mrs. (a.k.a. Foxy) got to see an American Thanksgiving Day banquet… she had never seen so much food in one meal…

  265. For all the years that I was working at the Airport I did not have the day off, so Becky and Steve and sometimes Julia would cook dinner and have it ready about the time I got home. Ask Becky about making the dressing/stuffing. πŸ™‚ We usually do not get to see family as we have to stay in NC because of work. This year will be simple, turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, maybe sweet potatoes and some dessert, and the cherry jello salad that my mom used to make every year. Steve is off this year so at least we don’t have to rush dinner. And then I can, as a former Michigander, participate in the most time honored tradition of all…. watching the Detroit Lions lose on National TV.

  266. @Barb

    Tradition is a good thing, hehhehheh.

    College Football on Thanksgiving Day was the big deal for my family. Might have had something to do with both my folks having gone to U of Texas (Austin) and most all the rest of the uncles/aunts/cousins being Aggies.

    Should be a good game this year, if I hear rightly about Texas Football.

  267. ldg..oh your right (dang i hate tellingyou that) ha…it is Poland and I KNEW it!

    Foxy probably was in shock seeing the full spread. It even fascinates me to see it all on the table.!!

    Funny about the football Barb!

  268. Barb….. LOL ‘watch the Lions lose’…. Did not know you are a (former) Michigander…… me too! Isn’t it funny they changed it to Michiganian to be gender neutral. I prefer Michigander…..and ‘Winter, Water, Wonderland’. I think that was on the license plate when I was young.

  269. LDG – it always looks like a feast….. hardly any room on the table for the plates!

  270. Do ya all think Adam will EVER come back and “chit chat”?
    I sort miss him!

  271. Patty, Sunshine et al– and thanks for asking-

    Very nice day— And a very interesting day– long and looooooooooong story– Ken does have a very unusual family— It started out with me just inviting Ken, mom, and sister and somehow his niece, suffering from hypochondriasis, and her mom showed up at Applegates— Let the story begin….

    Between my brother’s wife, who he is like supposed to be divorcing for the last two years, and Ken’s niece, I have no clue who has the most sickness! Today was a tumor in Ken’s niece pituary gland which is causing her to gain weight as she ate a bunch of food, with a PiΓ±a Colada– and a she also had a lump on her breast which she had another one months ago… Never did find out what happened to that one?

    I totally ignored her conversation– maybe asked a couple questions about her new condition– as to which she gave some lame answers…

    But I did pick up on it was Ken’s birthday lunch and she never once said Happy Birthday to him~

    Much to my amusement~

    Didn’t Poland just celebrate their independence? 11/11?

  272. and a good night to all!

    How is Adam doing?

  273. @Patty

    re: being right — there are days *I* hate telling me that. ((wry grin))

    re: A. Housley — aye, would be great to see our good host around here again. I’m sure once fires and other disasters pass, he’ll have more time.


    Hi there, you. I was just about to send mail to see where/what you were off doing. I do hope Ken had a good birthday; relations and their quirks not withstanding.

    Yes, it was just Poland’s National Day. Good going on remembering that!

  274. @All

    This is just too cool for words:,4670,ASJapanKnuckleballGirl,00.html

    Young lady just got drafted into the Japan Professional Baseball system. Pitcher, throws the knuckler, sidearm. Seems she grew up watching Tim Wakefield pitch…

  275. Good Morning All.

    Susan….Ken’s birthday lunch sounded like something from some sit/com. The niece seems like a real winner.

    K2 and Barb…..Ohio State plays Michigan Saturday. Guess which team we’ll be cheering for? Hint….Larry spent 8 years at OSU….no, he’s not a slow learner.

    LDG…..nice to know that females broke the glass ceiling in Japan.

  276. LDG ~ Thank you on sharing the differences of the two military groups! Like I said it was over 15 years ago! lol

    Sylvia ~ I bet you are rooting for Ohio State which is fine with me. My mom and I are Michigan State fans. My brother is a Michigan fan. Yes, we have a lot of fun in our house! lol Especially b/c we live in NC and when Appalachian State beat Michigan last year I took full advantage of teasing my brother! πŸ˜€

    Oh LDG ~ I did see about the young lady being drafted! WAY COOL!

    Susan ~ WE all have strange family members! It sounds like you had an entertaining day with Ken’s family!

    K2 ~ where in Michigan are you from???

  277. ‘morning everyone.

    Susan…every family’s got them! Im glad Ken had a good day and you too of course!

    Sylvia…slow learner…haha, that was cute!
    he’s ER doc, right? Very tough job!

  278. Becky, early years – Detroit (6 mile and Southfield). teen years – Saginaw. 3 brothers still in MI….. Commerce Twp. and Petoskey.
    What part are you from?

    My sister is in NC!

    Mostly Michigan fans in our family….but they have a lousy team this year.

    So, Sylvia….keep the cheers to a quiet roar πŸ˜‰

  279. K2 ~ I love Petoskey! My mom is from East Lansing. My grandfather taught at Michigan State… the reason for being MSU fans! I am technically not from there. Anyway, my grandparents also had a cottage on Otsego lake in Gaylord that we would go to every summer.
    My mom can tell you more about where the rest of the family is from. I am drawing a blank! I think I have been to Saginaw.

    Where is your sister living in NC? I live in Charlotte.

    Morning Patty!

  280. Patty,
    You’re correct…..Larry is an ER doc. Wish I could share some of his hilarious cases with you… can’t believe some of the things people do to end up in the ER. Since many of the “problems” are the results of creative behavior I would be banned from this blog if I tried to tell some of these stories.

  281. Sylvia, I worked in our small hospital for about 5 yrs. SO …we could probably compare some of those stories. A brut bottle is one that always pops back from memory! *L*
    Im sure tho, nothing like your hubby sees!

  282. Patty……Larry once got a tip…a quarter….guess where it was….
    He said “George Washington slept in an unusual place”
    Larry can be a smart @ss…..he is one of the funny docs…quick witted.

  283. a tip! *LOL*
    I think that quick witt would be a necessity in that job! Has to make up for and relieve some of the awful stuff they see.

  284. When I worked, i preferred nights, it was in the “old” days. 3 of us on duty, a RN, a LPN, and a nurses aide. I was the aide. This is when (and they still do here) we covered all possibilities, ER, maternity, regular floor, etc. What ever needed done, we were the only 3 in the building. I remember one night….we were so busy…when it started to calm down, we were making our rounds turning people that needed it. I will never forget one lady…(bless her soul)..her boobs were soooo large, i had never seen anything like it, and …deflated! *L* Anyway, “it” got stuck in the bed rail….sadly and unprofessional…we got the giggles. She was unharmed…..thank God. But we laughed till we cried. The things you remember!
    Oh…and our now general practitioner dr…when he first came from school…he really hadn’t gotten the phone call in the middle of the night thing to go along with being coherent. The nurse called him one night, told him about a patient that had a fever and was very “hot”. He told her to open the window and he hung up! *LOL* He didn’t remember it in the morning, we still razz him about now.

  285. Sylvia ~ Interesting tip! I can’t imagine what happens in an ER on a daily basis. I have had to be in the waiting room of the ER more times than I care to count and I saw some interesting things while waiting!

  286. Patty ~ those are fun stories!

  287. We are VERY spoiled (and fortunate) here. I can go to er for shots for migraine and be home in 1/2 hr. Thats with the 20 min wait after a injection.

  288. Patty and Becky,
    Larry just called and said they are so overcrowded that they are now on diversion….squads can’t bring anymore patients to that ER until further notice. There are 30 patients in the major ER right now and nowhere to put more. I believe there are 3 docs working in the major right now. This ER has a major and a minor area. Larry works in the major…..he says it’s more interesting.

  289. Sylvia ~ That’s got to be a crazy time right now!

  290. Becky…. my sister is in Waynesville…. just west of Asheville. We have land just south of Petoskey……. someday, when the real estate market changes, we hope to sell our MN home and build on the MI land.

  291. morning–

    if someone wants to get a chuckle, go read Roger’s comment on the fire thread– pray tell, what is he on? Try selling his thoughts to Putin~ πŸ™„

    And have a good day!


  292. I saw that post yesterday Susan…how funny! Gotta wonder where people’s ideas come from some times.

  293. K2 ~ I haven’t been to Waynesville but, I know exactly where it is! It’s about 2 1/2 hours from Charlotte.
    That’s great you have land in Petoskey! If I didn’t mind cold weather I could live there or Charlevoix.

    Morning Susan!

  294. FYI… has their board games on sale.

  295. they gotta be kidding me

    Israel security is the tightest …. you get questioned everytime u go to the airport

    they check you out before you enter the airport in your car at a checkpoint

    and so much more

    20:08 U.S aviation authorities to lower Ben-Gurion Airport`s safety classification (Haaretz)

  296. K2
    My dad’s family is from Birmingham and my mom’s from Manton and Six Lakes. Mom lived all over southern Michigan as my grandfather was a minister and so they moved every couple of years. I love it by Petoskey and Charlevoix very pretty. My grandparents did live in Bad Axe for a while in the 60’s so we spent time there too.

    How did your tour go today?

  297. Avi..did they “notice” your red tag??

  298. FL Sunshine Says:

    Hello all! Hope today’s weather has you smiling and not shoveling snow or something. Maybe the leaves will start to turn now in FL. lol

  299. FL Sunshine Says:

    Susan – have you heard anything from the author of the blog? What’s his name again? lol JK We miss you Adam! Stop by from time to time why don’t ya

  300. The weather is ks in perfect! Its 60 in Nov…Im not going to argue.

  301. this blog has a author????

  302. Patty….. he will wish he paid that $132 after the police locate him. But, what was the $132 for? seems like a lot of $$$.

  303. fine for having the kitty run around i guess.

  304. I don’t usually watch TV during the day but I caught Shep on Studio B grilling the Michigan Senator about bailouts for the automakers. Got to hand it to Shep….he takes no prisoners. I was actually feeling sorry for the Senator…and I’m against the bailouts.
    Did any of you see that? I honestly think Shep is a tougher interviewer than O’Reilly.

  305. Shep is wrong. the states will not collapse. the press is playing the chicken little here. I don’t believe it for a minute.
    the automakers take chapter 11…totally restructure like any other business. yes, hardship will happen for a few months. but it will come back. people don’t stop buying cars, ever.
    union workers are making 78 bucks an hour plus benefits? give me a break! its assembly line for God sakes.

  306. Patty,
    Shep was against the bailout. He wants to know how many times the automakers can keep coming back for more. He was skeptical that this bailout would solve the ptoblem.

  307. Patty,

    nope in the end they didnt check our Id’s πŸ™‚ … but when we split in groups I made sure not to ask questions to the army guides as they took us to each exhibit … just to make sure … I did not get questioned back about what i want to do in the army or if i got my army letter lol!

    but the place was pretty cool…. the army spends alot of $$$ selling themselves ……


    somthing is up….

    Israel has always said it was not let Iran acquire WMD’S and with this news…. i see it as the end game….

    Right now in Israel theres a sense of calm the press aint being so scary about it… but they are starting to…

    In Israel theres a famous line ” Al tedag ha kol yehe beseder,”
    translation: ” dont worry everything will be all right.”

    Whenever you hear that it means …. the exact opposite thats the tone in general…..,2933,455005,00.html

    Ermm…… Olmert and Barak ( Defense Minister) meet secretly with Abdulluah( Jordan King) today in AMMAN……


    somthing is up….

    Israel has always said it was not let Iran acquire WMD’S and with this news…. i see it as the end game….

    Right now in Israel theres a sense of calm the press aint being so scary about it… but they are starting to…

  310. In Israel theres a famous line ” Al tedag ha kol yehe beseder,”
    translation: ” dont worry everything will be all right.”

    Whenever you hear that it means …. the exact opposite thats the tone in general…..,2933,455005,00.html

    Ermm…… Olmert and Barak ( Defense Minister) meet secretly with Abdulluah( Jordan King) today in AMMAN……

  311. Morning–

    I see Santa little elves were here last night playing in this room– all the pillows are knocked over— πŸ˜€

    Patty– kitty story and the moolah– My opinion– pay it and shut the heck up– price you pay when you let the cats run around outside if living in a neighborhood– plus the money gets put back into the organization to help out– Plus he found his cat– ingrate!

    Some message Al Qaeda’s bud sent out– about Obama–

    Romney is totally opposed to the bailout–

    Hmm- Avi– find out what the meeting is about!

    And who runs this blog? I forgot!

  312. Susan,

    it was about gaza and pretty much Abdullah told them … if u guys opress gaza( eventhough they are firing rockets at you everyday) its bad for me so be nice to them and give them what they want…..

    betcha they also talked about iran

    note it was SECRET ….. they did not announce that Olmert/barak were going to jordan to have tea with the King

  313. FL Sunshine Says:

    Just saw ADAM on Fox doing a report on the large number of massage shops in a town in CA. Most of them are run by Asians who speak no English. Also, I guess when investigators show up at these locations people went running out the back doors leading them to be very suspicious of what is really going on here. Maybe human trafficking or you know.

  314. FL Sunshine Says:

    Adam was actually in a studio NOT out on the side of the road with smoke behind him PLUS he was in a suit and tie! Looked sharp!

  315. FL Sunshine Says:

    Patty, I agree with what you said about the bailouts for the auto industry. What about every other industry in America? The furniture industry has closed so many factories due to imports being so much cheaper. Where’s the help for that industry? On and on it could go. Let them file bankruptcy and be more productive and responsible. GET RID of the UNIONS!!!!! I hate the Unions!!! I do not mean to offend anyone but when I see a union worker often times I hear them talk about how I only do what my job title states I can do. ??? What kind of work ethic is that??? If you have nothing to keep you busy at the time why would you not go over and do another task? You are being paid for you time, you should be productive with some task. Some may be familiar with the old furniture manufacturer “Tell City” that specialized in solid maple furniture. They had been in business for 100 years and a union ended up putting them out of business. The company couldn’t or wouldn’t meet their demands. So, when I hear about employees making $75 pr hr manufacturing cars I just want to scream! Are you serious??? Do you know how many American’s would do that job for a third of that??? And be thrilled to have the job!

  316. ‘morning everyone.

    I just did my “civic duty” (sort of)……..wrote KS reps again about the auto makers. grrrr πŸ™‚
    They will either start blocking my emails, or run from me if they figure out who i am in person! *L*

    Avi…that sounds like “the calm before the storm”!
    I’ll bet that army tour was cool. And yes, they spend lots of dollars here for PR also.

    susan…yep, I agree, the guy should have been content with getting his cat!

    I heard that tease this am about massage parlors, but it didnt come on befor i left for work. Didnt put two and two together with adams facebook post a week ago. Should have known it was him coming up.

    btw…Adam WHO?

  317. FL…yep. Thats pretty much what my letters said..
    here…I’ll share what i sent.
    Senator Roberts,
    We haven’t heard much from Kansas and our Reps. stand on the auto makers dilemma. I truly hope people are voicing their opinions! I have written you before and was pleasantly surprised to have received a letter back from your office about the first “bail -out”.
    We have also written before when the auto makers OWN problems first came to light.
    In our opinion, it was nothing more than greed and poor management. Not much different than the banks really. Any businesses that fails, have the option of chapter 11, and this definitely is the case here. Re-structuring is the only thing that will correct their self made problems. The news media and the CEO’s are playing the chicken little game, and it is wrong to do this to the American Public! Why shouldn’t the auto makers take chapter 11? Any one of us, in our businesses would be forced to, and no one would be standing at the door with a check for us.
    The one thing we see missing in all the media talk is their employee wages and benefits. I’m sorry, but I cannot feel sorry for employees making $78 and hour plus benefits. My husband and I have worked 12 years at the County level, after selling our dairy herd. We make $12 and 13 an hour plus benefits, that are shrinking. We both have specialized jobs….definitely more than assembly line work. Where is our check?
    Don’t get me wrong, We are very thankful for what we have and know that there are many others with less.
    No one will stop buying cars, that is a given! They will rebound, just like any other company does, providing they find new management instead of the ones that have failed them.
    We hope that you still have your no stance for the people of Kansas! Thank you. ~Patty and Pat Schmelzle

  318. Sylvia–

    look what we miss because we don’t watch much tele during the day- I can’t– because I would never get anything done– hence, me not being on here all day like I use to be– and lately there seems more to be done- LOL

    Avi– I wonder what they said about Iran? What is going on with Iran?

    Sunshine– Did Adam not have on his facebook he was going to a massage parlor or parlors a couple weeks ago? He must have been working on this for a couple of weeks– and then the fire thing came up-

    Which town in California? That sounds like an LA story– I bet there are many Asians parlors in LA with a chara load of human trafficking– Ask Joran de Slut– he was trying to set up his own business–

    Disgusting– I have may have done some stupid things in my life, but there are two things I never did– abuse animals or take advantage of the ignorant/vulnerable– just disgusting!!!!!!! And more disgusting are those perverts who take advantage of these aka doing business~ Just forking disgusting!!!

  319. rut ro…susan is forking!!!

    agreed susan!

  320. FL Sunshine Says:

    great letter Patty! You go girl!!!
    If we would all do our civic duty….maybe our Congress & Senate would actually be productive themselves if we held them to a higher accountability. Problem is, they get up there and get “stuff” shoved in their faces from lobbies and they forget how the voters stand on issues.
    We must always remind them!

  321. Adam looks good in a suit but I am glad he doesn’t wear one 24/7– I thinks he looks cool in his other looks– I like the Indiana Jones spirit– LOL

    Did you ever see the picture of Adam holding two newspapers while in Iraq, Kuwait? Somewhere over there — one paper reads America Invades Iraq– (Arab Times)

    and the other headline reads- It’s War at Last (kuwait Times)–

    Anyhow, he is wearing a gas mask– and he reminds of that movie- The Fly– swear to heaven– It is such a cool picture– It is not funny but then it is– shows one what the correspondents have to wear– (as to a suit and tie– and nothing wrong with that either– I just like the diversity– πŸ˜€ )

    (that picture went into his birthday album, BTW– I got the picture because his mom sent it to me– )

    Speaking of which– flipside– if Adam did wear a suit 24/7, this would mean he was behind the camera behind a desk and then his mom would not have to worry about him everytime he left town) hmmmm– which way to dress Adam? πŸ˜€

  322. FL Sunshine Says:

    Susan – guess I missed that on Adam’s facebook. Hard to keep up with him. lol Adam’s Bullpen, Adam’s blog on FOX, Adam’s facebook and I think there are others. I wonder how the guys gets anything done. lol

  323. Hey Patty–

    I hope the letter gets read and circulated– Now make copies of as many people live in your town– and have them sign their names– LOL Be heard, big time!!!!! ( maybe take out your salary part so the letter sounds more general) πŸ˜€

  324. or could have been on twitter there on his news blog– he does update that one too– anyhow, I saw it somewhere– a couple weeks ago about heading to the parlors–

  325. If it matters…Im not a suit and tie girl…I’ll take the indiana jones (great comparsion susan) anyday…… if he carries a whip………..

    ohhhhhhhh i must go back to work!!! *LOL*

  326. oh, i did leave the last name on there, now you all know why susan gave me such a hard time about “too many consonants” a few months back! *L*

  327. Oh dear Lord–

    Please save Patty from such perverse thoughts~

    End of prayer-

    Adam has not posted the parlor story on his news blog and no new comments on the fire thread to entertain me– my one to Roger hit purgatory– or maybe it just went straight down–

    good– it was directed to Roger– so good thing it didn’t show up- thanks Adam!

    have a good day all–

    teeth cleaning day– yay!

  328. Patty,
    I wish you hadn’t put that visual of Indian Jones in my mind. It will be hard to separate that from the actual news report!!!!

  329. *giggling madly over here*
    i may be old…just not dead!

  330. Patty,
    I never realized that assembly line workers get that kind of money. I am shocked. My college grad daughter is working at the Ann Taylor Loft store part time and is making less than your salary and no benefits. She gets great discounts on clothes and doesn’t need the benefits because her huband has them with his job. But she works hard and is on her feet the whole time. Salespeople are not allowed to sit around and do nothing.
    Something is wrong with this union pay scale thing. Problem is Obama and most Dems are in bed with the unions. The unions get them elected in key states. Somebody needs to stand and have the courage to say no to the auto industry. Then they will be forced to renegotiate with the unions. After all a lower paying job is better than no job.
    Also, CEOs of auto industry need to lower their standard of living and stop draining the company bank. If I can fly coach on Delta they can forgo their corporate jets and fly commercial….even first class is cheaper than private jet.
    That’s my ranting for now.

  331. Not all union jobs are the same though. A friend of mine from PA, she did assembly for 30 yr. Making bread bags. It was union. She made $40 an hr. I would never want her job, for that matter i dont think i could do the heat all year around. Those bag machines are hot, and heat the whole place and you smelled like burnt plastic forever. That place treated them like slaves. They furnished bottled water only on days when the outside temp was close to 100. Which made the inside temp probably 125+! Without the union, they may not have gotten that much.
    One day, a guy got waaaay to hot, was ready to pass out, he walked off the floor….the manager met him at the door…sent him back to the bag machine, he dropped dead later that afternoon!
    Now the auto makers are a different story, they are in temp controlled buildings with computers doing most of the work…….where’s the difference in pay come out?

  332. oops…typo above

    she made $30 an hour, not 40

  333. Possible Napolitano for Homeland Security? Anyone’s thoughts? Susan?
    I remember she’s the one that made the Christmas tree a holiday tree, i think it was her we had one time on adams fox blog.
    Other than that, I dont know anything about her.
    His choice for homeland security needs to be a wide opened mind.
    The problem i see is that FEMA was included under HS, and never should have been. HS mission is terrorism, FEMA’s mission is recovery and assistance. The two never should have been put together. FEMA’s mission is undercut and can’t work properly because of the chain of command. Just thoughts from a lowly Emergency manager’s unpaid secretary! *L*
    Everyone wanted to blame Bush for the crap that went on in Lousisiana. or even Galveston…Majority of that was chain of command problems. We even saw the command problems with FEMA here during our “little” ice storm here. Its one of those things that unless you are on the inside, you can’t possible know.

  334. Patty,
    Bush has taken the heat for everything…..the real culprits were Dems who place the blame elsewhere…..New Orleans (Mayor and Governor were idiots).
    This financial crisis began with Barney Frank and Chris Dodd forcing financial institutes to give mortages to people not qualified just so they could have a house instead of an apartment. When the house of cards fell and the domino effect happened,who got the blame….Bush.
    I am so sick of the Dems’ excuses and not taking responsibility. If they get the 60 Senators needed to prevent a filibuster this will be a 1 party country governed by a left wing group with no checks and balances.
    I think they call that communism.
    I am an Independent who will not vote for any Dem until the balance of power is restored and the Dem running is moderate. And his Republican opponent would have to be somebody whose views were really different from mine. I consider myself moderate.

  335. take a deep breath sylvia! πŸ™‚
    I know that its all bush’s fault..*sarcasm*…and why. We all pretty much agree here.
    I was curious about homeland security (which i think is farce anyway)
    I’ve never seen gov’t wasted money like it is in that department!! My God they have money for “everything”! Amazing what i have seen KS’s portion spend the last 10 mths. “We” sure do alot of business with company’s from Florida…wonder why?
    Our County side of our offices…we spend local 95% of the time…using tax payers dollars to help the same tax payers.

  336. Hi all
    Just a thought, Now that the Dems are in power who will they blame when there are problems.

  337. Janet?

    Homeland Security?

    Here is what her site reads-

    Governor Napolitano’s number one priority is the safety and security of Arizonans. From helping securing our border to keeping violent criminals behind bars, she is leading efforts to protect Arizonans.

    To help secure our border, she has:

    * Deployed the National Guard to assist at the border at federal expense.
    * Signed legislation to prohibit employers from knowingly employing undocumented immigrants.
    * Signed nation’s first agreement with ICE to expedite the deportation of undocumented incarcerated undocumented inmates. Nearly 1,000 inmates have been deported in half the typical time, saving 187,000 bed days at a cost avoidance of more than $10 million.
    * Established a nationally recognized intelligence fusion center. The Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center is staffed with more than 200 detectives, special agents, and analysts representing more than 40 state, local and federal agencies including the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.
    * Declared a state of emergency along Arizona’s four border counties to increase law enforcement patrols in the most highly-trafficked areas and to provide critical resources to local communities.

    To crack down on crime, including border-related crime, the Governor has:

    * Signed a β€˜β€˜three strikes” criminal sentencing bill intended to keep violent repeat offenders behind bars.
    * Secured additional resources for law enforcement. (62% budgetary increase from FY 2003 TO FY 2007)
    * Implemented new technology that enables police to pinpoint the exact location of calls made from cellular phones, enabling law enforcement to provide help more quickly.
    * Increased the sentence of a felony in association with a criminal street gang by five years and strengthened resources for gang enforcement and intelligence.
    * Decreased the number of sex offender absconders by 30% since 2005.
    * Secured funding for Licence Plate Reader technology to enable law enforcement to identify stolen vehicles.
    * Increased the penalty for illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the United States and for those who smuggle humans into Arizona.
    * Expanded Arizona’s Fraudulent ID Task Force to catch criminals who are manufacturing fraudulent documents, resulting in more than 1,700 criminal and felony charges and the seizure of more than $1.5 million in assets.
    * Deployed anti-gang squads known as Gang Intelligence and Immigration Team Enforcement Missions (GIITEMs) to deter violent gang- and border-related crime.

    (Somehow I find gaps in many of these)

  338. gosh barb…the last 2 years, no one blamed pelosi.
    Surely the next 4 can’t be Bush’s from the ranch!

  339. oh…that reminds me, not sure what was on tv…probably fox..pat walked in from work….just as his feet hit the kitchen we heard “no one in the press was easy on obama”….
    i truly thought pat was going to come crawling out of his skin!!!
    i dont even remember the conversation on the tv…all i heard was pats rambling for the next 15 minutes! *L*

  340. Yo Adam…how’s comes your new story isnt on the fox blog??

  341. YO Adam–

    this thread– The Future- should be- The Past~ πŸ˜‰

  342. They will figure out a way to blame him I am sure. Probably say that it was left to them by Bush, who said that it was left to him by Clinton, who said that it was left to him by Bush 1, et al et al

  343. doubt

  344. Patty ~ That’s funny about Pat’s rambling… as I do that a lot in my house! I think my parents find it entertaining most days! lol

  345. susan…Napolitano…somehow i even see gaps in some of those. The cell phone one, i giggled, its called “enhanced 911”, has been “new” for many years! *L*

  346. Becky…you and he would make great company for each other! *L*

  347. reference to Janet-

    I don’t see no tight grip on the border here– and now Homeland Security-

    Hasn’t the ping for the cell phones been around for awhile?

  348. susan..ya, that ping has been around for years! atleast back to ’05 if not further.

  349. when does KC come back?

  350. @Patty

    re: KC — Returning on Sunday 11/23.

  351. Adam Housley Says:


    With trying to get stories set up now that we are ramping up after the elction AND recovering from fires….it has been tough to keep up on this blog,, twitter and facebook! HELP! πŸ™‚

  352. Adam Housley Says:


  353. *waving hand wildly*

    I KNow, I Know… Adam, YOU need an assistant!!!! πŸ˜‰

  354. I am not happy at all about Obama becoming President…

    he’s toooo far left, not very experienced …. (he’s done nothing!)
    and all of his crazy associations scare me…

    I didn’t care for McCain either…. but I loved Sarah Palin…

    either way we feel we are screwed…..

    now the Republicans can get their stuff together after the spanking they deserved…..

    maybe next time around we’ll get Mitt Romney.. Bobby Jindal or Sarah…

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