In the Wake of an Election


vote-buttonOn the drive in this morning through the city at such an early hour, it was great to see the peacefulness, great in knowing that no matter who you supported, America has again shown the world our system, while not perfect, has made its choice. As for decisions here in the west, two very controversial propositions are still undecided. California Prop. 4 which would require parental notification before a minor receives an abortion…is losing. Prop. 8 which would outlaw gay marriage, right now has a narrow lead. We will be watching these two and several others around the country and post the results here. Let us know which ones you want to chat about. Post your comments here! What does the future hold and what are you going to do? Also…please see my post on about Miguel Monterrubio, affectionately known as “Mexico Tony Snow” on this blog.


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  1. My concern is that Pelosi, Reid , and other extreme liberals will change this country for the worse. I am a moderate…I don’t feel comfortable with extremes…left or right. Guess that’s why I am Independent….I like balance.

  2. As for the propositions in California I am sure both of those would pass in Ohio. Although Ohio has now gone blue, I still think there are enough conservatives around who would pass those propositions.

    Right now I would vote yes….see I am conservative on those topics.

  3. Ok, Ive been awake since 3 am. Just couldnt sleep, too many things to think about. Anway, I thought about “what is really different today, from yesterday?” I mean, in my world. Not much. We have a new boss at work, and thats ok because there are 3 that sit at the desk. More checks and balances.
    Ya we have a new Pres. I decided he’ll do ok, because there are checks and balances in this Country. Many people will be watching and pointing his every “stumble”. I do think there are many more things to be known about this man, some we arent going to like. But I grew up that the President deserves respect. So i’ll go with that, until he looses my respect.
    Long story short, the one thing that bothers me most. His wife. I dont see “grace” in her, the kind of grace that a first lady must have. She doesnt appear to have the “heart” to be a first lady that we have been so fortunate to have in majority of our President’s wifes.
    She appears selfish and almost childish. That bothers me!
    Maybe Im just not giving her a chance, I guess that is yet to be seen.

    Anyway…have a good day everyone. I’ll be back later on!

  4. Patty: “there are checks and balances in this Country.” The beauty of a federalist system. Domestic policies of those in Federal government can be countered at the state level.
    That is why the Federal government is always growing, and trying to take away state rights. Governors are not subordinate to the President, infact they are meant to be equal powers in the lives of their citizens. Of course Governors have not been so powerful for a long time, hopefully oneday they can be again.

  5. Max – so true. Federal government has grown beyond its scope. Unfortunately, the Dem and Rep parties have been far too happy to let it happen…..after all it equals power!

    As for the two propositions in CA….. It amazes me that it is even an issue to have a minor have to consult a parent for an abortion. WTH! The school nurse cannot even give the kid an aspirin without approval from the parent but it is okay to submit them to an abortion!

    As for Gay Marriage…… I am all for equal rights of all our Citizens. I do agree it is okay to define marriage as between 1 man and 1 woman. But, I do think gay committed couples should be entitled to all the same benefits and restrictions as heterosexual couples. For example, if the couple is united in the eyes of the state, and they later decided to split, they should have to go through the same divorce rules. Equal treatment for the union and the separation.

  6. K2
    You make a lot of sense.

    Life goes on and we do have to respect our first family….but the first family has to earn our respect.
    Laura Bush will be a tough act to follow…she has been amazing.

  7. Hey Adam ~ I posted on your other blog but I don’t know when you will see that comment. I am sorry for the loss of your friend! His friends and family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sylvia and Patty ~ I agree that the first family should be respected and I will do my part to respect the first family… I just with other people had that mindset with Bush. Even though he wasn’t the best I still respect him and his family. Laura Bush is going to be a very tough act to follow!

  8. k2: yes, but you’d think the GOP would embrace Federalizm a lot more since actually helps to push their adgenda of smaller government.

  9. Max, The Federalist Party. Perfect!

    Unfortunately, the GOP is accepting the idea of bigger government. Look at the stimulus package, the bailouts, no fixing of Social Security, no fixing of Medicare, no true tax reform, no action on energy independence or advancement of alternative fuels / energy until it was a ‘problem’.

    How about they learn to govern to avoid problems instead of waiting until the storm has hit!

  10. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    morning all

    Man, do I ever have the grumpies this morning

    Heard the results last evening 15 minutes after our polls closed!!!!!! WTH

    Guess our votes didn’t mean squat!!!

  11. I hope people in California do not pass a law that says a parent does not need to be notified when their little girl is having an abortion. What a frightening thought to know that the government took away your parental right to have control over your child’s medical and emotional conditions. For goodness sakes, the children need to have permission if they get a tatoo but not an abortion? What is happening?

  12. Gay marriage? I just can’t process that information. After seeing that Americans have given one party complete control w/o any checks and balances in place, I’ve now given up all hope. I can’t beleieve that the Regan era lasted for such a short period of time. And what was considered to be one of the best eras of our time, we can’t seem to hold onto it.

  13. @Adam Housley

    I was in the process of writing a brief analysis of the Mexico plane crash story from the point of view of the loss of the Interior Minister, and saw your personal story of the loss. I have linked my posting back to yours on Onthescene. Thank you for telling us of your friend.


    a belated g’morning all around.

  14. K2… they don’t have a clue why they voted for Obama… what they say is why they didn’t vote for McCain. McCain McCain more of the same.

    I am pissed at McCain when he was at that rally a couple of weeks ago, thousands of people there and he says, Oh, don’t be upset if Obama wins, he’s a good guy, don’t be afraid of him… (WTH????) … now you do NOT stand up in front of people you are trying to convince to vote for you and say, it’s okay if you vote for my opponent!

    The RNC was absolutely no help in this campaign. Where was Romney and Thompson during all of this… Romney peeked his head in once or twice… Guilliani didn’t get involved actively until the end. NOBODY rallied around McCain to help support him. Arnold??? When did he do something? In the last week of the campaign?? Did McCain even go to California to rally voters? Where was the RNC for the past year, didn’t they register any new voters?

    There’s something wrong with this picture I can’t comprehend the actions, or lack of, in the Republican party during this election.

  15. Quick comments (things to think about)

    “Marriage” is both a religo-cultural concept approving of removing individuals from open courtship offers and a legal concept of contractual arrangement. That later part is what the government has come to consider when it took over formalization of marriage from religious “authorities” (remember that Church Law was THE LAW throughout most of human civilization).

    What people are fighting over with ideas like “gay marriage” is actually the concept of whether any two people should be allowed the same symbolic values when they undertake a contract to form joint property. Contract law (and its subset, Divorce Law) doesn’t in principle care who or what sexual relationship has made the contract.

    If, and it is a big if, you really believe in seperating religion (religious morality) from state (mandated morality), then defending the sanctity of the symbology by making it expressly “legal” or “illegal” is a mistake.

    Don’t even get me started on the Human Rights issues of parental control of minor children, because that is just a nasty mess. See concepts like ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ just for an example of how messy.

  16. Proposition 102 passed here for defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

    K2– I totally agree with your opinion about gay marriages– totally– I have been around and have great friends who are gay-

    Sheriff Joe is still sheriff– yay– (I wanted him to stay for his great work he is doing for neglected animals)

    Payday loans are going to go out of business– Now, the Banks won’t have to eat the monies these people don’t pay back– But these won’t close down until 2010 — at least the employees will have time to find a job-

    I am tired like you, Patty– I got up early and got the cats to the clinic~ On my way there, I was listening to KUPD– a rock station– OMG– Talk about an Obama bashing– they kept playing the Jefferson’s song– Moving on Up~

    What does the future hold, Adam asks? No telling~

    What am I going to do? I am taking a class in the Spring– I know that much– A Pre-law class– One night a week– I start voluneering for a cat rescue shelter next week– and I will continue to help at the Adapted Gym on the days I go- other than that, I know NADA.

    And if the country goes down, there is always the coast in Mexico for me to go live~ πŸ˜€

  17. @Karen T

    This is for you, re: the GOP in all this

    There will be a heck of a fight for the soul of the Republican Party over the next few months, I think.

  18. Gay marriages could have a civil union– ?

  19. @Susan

    Good Morning and Congratulations on the cat rescues!

  20. @Susan

    Civil union is the attempt to provide the same contractual obligations and state recognition thereof, without the symbology.

    Activists on one side see that as a double standard.

    Activists on the other side want religion-based morality in the law.

    (I think civil unions are just fine, for any two consenting adults who wish to unify their property for any reason).

  21. I’m all in favor of racial equality in educational institutions; however, if Unis this year ( the year i happen to be going to Uni) start admitting african americans at considerably higher rates then Caucasians, theres probably going to be a lot of law suites… what does everyone think?

  22. Affirmative action has been going on for years. I don’t think it is fair but I guess it’s legal.

  23. Let me add that when I was going to college women would be denied access to Med school (and law, engineering…male occupations) even when their grades were better than males.

  24. @All political pundits here

    It looks like the first signals from the Obama Transition Team are pretty hostile:


    If everybody tests on merit to get in, means test thereafter to see who needs funding, that will hold up in court… might force the government to fund education though.

    The instant you bypass a merit test and allow interviews/recommendations/legacies/affirmative action or any other non-merit test, the legal challenges will abound, I think.

  25. “interviews/recommendations/,”

    i can say this is true for me….. i had 2 interviews already …. and the head of intl admissions who i meet on sunday looked my recommendations and said ” go tell them to write more,” and she made remark about the election as though somting matters who wins ” we need to see how the election plays out.”

  26. LDG—

    Hi!!!! thank you– blushing– I even am paying for pain meds to administer on the ferals- (if they are female) — I have to pick them up before 5:00 and I will keep them here overnight to watch them– thanks to all your great advice you have given me on how to care for cats! You should have been a vet!

    I am doing the redistribution thing– I asked Yolanda to pay me for the next two weeks for taking the kids to school in the morning– she pays me normally for the week– she was cool about it– and then monies are going towards the cats for today’s job.

    BTW– The civil union comment came from you– a discussion we had a few months ago about gay marriages– πŸ˜€

  27. Lets hope that lady does not find her way here loool

  28. BTW– general comments I have heard from the hispanics here– they voted for Obama because they all think they are going to get free health insurance~ They were all lined up yesterday to vote at the El Mirage (the ghetto over here) so I stopped and asked who they were voting for and why– I asked several people– and I also asked who the first President was in this country and not one KNEW!!! True story!

  29. @Susan

    A pleasure to have been of some small assistance.
    You’re in a position to understand my quote about my income now…”I work for cat food”. Grantly, *lots* of cat food by that measure.

    I do remember the civil union discussion. Glad you did as well!

  30. John McCain went from a name to just another man over night…. I bet hes sleeping and saying to himself ” thank god this is over….. i get to sleep in every night,” πŸ˜‰

    hey maybe with the new admin i will be able to get a executive internship….. ill just have to pretend I’m a liberal lool

  31. LDG–

    You have been more than of small assistance– you have been a life saver! I read over your emails and follow the instructions– Meow is adjusting by the way– He is out and about in this room– actually he is lying on the futon here staring at me! I am going to start letting him out here soon– he seems to have figured out this is home now!

    I still have four more to trap– there is a new one to the group, I saw last night when I was doing vigil duty!

    Well, time to get ready and head back into Phoenix to get Ken’s teeth cleaned as I cancelled his last appointment- and then back to the North side of Phoenix to pick up the meows. I can’t be late or they will charge me an additional fee~ grrr!

    have a good rest!!!!

    and thanks for everything!


  32. Avi—

    I was worried he was going to have a heart attack and gone bye-bye on the last day when he covered seven states and headed back to here! What would have happened if this had happened, LDG? Would they start all over again with the campaigning?

  33. Susan,

    Nope…. i read smth about that before…. if i remember correctly the GOP would nominate someone else or the number 2 goes to the top… i think??

    p.s. go check up on McCain i am sure the secret service has ditched him already lol good luck figuring out which house he is at haha πŸ˜‰

  34. LDG,
    I was never impressed with Rahm Emanuel when he would appear on the cable news shows. I thought he was nasty and smug. I guess Obama wants a pit bull for Chief of Staff. Rahm Emanuel is not a uniter.

  35. Susan,
    McCain is tough…campaigning is probably easy for him. Also think Sarah is tough….she certainly can multitask.

  36. OMG– I read your link to Emanuel– yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when do the tea parties start with Chavez and Putin?

  37. Avi–

    you are so damn cute!

  38. @Susan

    Avi’s got it right; In that sort of disaster, they would name a new candidate as quick as possible and go on.


    I’m “impressed” with him, but for just the same bad reasons you speak of. He is a partisan of the attacking ilk. Great to have one on staff, *really bad* to have one as Chief of Staff, given the duties of the job.

  39. Waving hasta luego to all~

    Avi– thanks for the laughs!!!

    LDG- you know I just love you!

    Sylvia– change– hang on to your pocket change! πŸ˜€

  40. Between Biden’s off the wall comments and Emanuel, it should be entertaining! LOL

    Maybe I should go work at the White House– my propensity for using expletives~
    (I am bringing Avi with me to add humor)


  41. Rahm Emanuel served in the IDF which is where he probably got his ” chutzpa,” lol hes also jewish.. but dont matter….. he has a lot of chutzpa…. i need to learn more about him ……

  42. @Avi

    I *think* he was a civilian volunteer to Israel in the 1991 Gulf War period, but I don’t know of any IDF service.

    There are issues with American nationals enlisting in foreign military forces (or there sure were).

  43. Rahm Emanuel was probably chosen because he ran Obama’s campaign, he organized the Democratic base, and he will reassure Jewish voters that Obama will be a friend to Israel. JMO.

  44. dang…gone a few hours and you guys have 41 comments already…and the one at Fox has 247!!!
    Now I”ll never catch up!

    SMILE…we’ve surived almost 24hrs AE (after election)

    Im fascinated that the blog trolls are still out in full force. If we pour salt on them will they just poof like a slug does? *LOL*

  45. I still can’t figure out why so many Jewish voters think Obama is so special. I’m Jewish and would never vote for someone with his extreme left views and his ties to Wright, Ayers, and the other scumbags he did business with.

  46. Hi Patty,
    Are the trolls fighting about the next election?

  47. fyi…
    and this doesnt surprise me a bit…have seen it coming.
    Gov of Ks on cabinet, maybe

  48. Follow-up for Avi

    sure enough, since the mid 1990’s the enforcement of the rules has changed. Here’s the official doc; note the section ‘Administrative Standard of Evidence’

    these days, pretty much you have to expressly renounce nationality or be convicted of treason… no other terms are enforced.

  49. Sylvia…the little i saw….Now the repubs are sore loosers and racist. argh Some people will never “get it”

  50. Patty,
    Think I’ll stay away from the public blogs. Wonder how long they’ll stay at it.

  51. LDG,

    if i made citizenship to israel which i did and will never do i would be req to enlist…. even with U.S. citizenship.

  52. LDG,

    theres americans who come and even volunteer for the IDF for a year i think its called machal or smth

  53. the props…
    I firmly believe marriage is 1 man and 1 woman.
    Civil unions fine…. between 1 man and 1 woman.
    I wont apologize for my belief. Any other standard belittles the sanctity of my own marriage.

    The minor girls…holy shit dont get me started! This is the most stupid thing for someone to think that we have to have a frick’in law. argh, what the hell are they thinking????????

    what are we going to do? …….im gonna go hide in the cellar and take my grandaughter with me!!!

  54. now that my BP is up…i stole that line from gonna go paint my back porch!
    “muttering all the way”

  55. Patty,
    Are you going to paint the porch red….or blue????

  56. imagine if Adam is appointed press secretary …. how funny would that be? lool

  57. @Avi

    kk, we are on the same page now. He was probably one of just those sort of volunteers.

  58. sylvia..color?…your a smart @ss! *LOL*
    just kidding ya.
    i let hubby pick the color πŸ™‚

  59. Press Secretary Adam Housley

    nice ring. πŸ˜‰

  60. I’m sure Susan would be appointed his deputy πŸ˜‰ lool if she passes the vetting process

  61. on the wires one after another :

    Today is I-SPY DAY!

    20:58 London finds army corporal guilty of spying for Iran (DPA)
    20:56 Syrian arms dealer accused of spying for Spain (Reuters)

  62. Here’s the link to Chairman Mike Duncan’s blog of the RNC.

  63. The little worm better do something over the next 4 years to energize the american voters.

  64. Potential party leaders on the national stage include Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, 37, Gingrich, 65, vice- presidential nominee Sarah Palin, 44, and at least two of McCain’s opponents in the primary: former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, 61, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, 53.

  65. Karen T: We will probably be getting a new GOP chairperson, who’d be your favorite?

  66. Hi Max! I’ll be back in a few minutes…

  67. Max, honestly, I don’t have one. I can’t think of one who would be strong enough to energize the base or smarts to figure out how to go about attracting new/younger voters, bringing back the conservatives we lost and capable of swaying independents without losing the core values of the Republican party. How the heck can that be accomplished when Americans are moving center-left?

    In 4-8 years the children who grew up learning to read and write on the computer and have started seeing at an early age the new acceptable level of socialism and liberalism on the television will not be able to conform to traditional social and fiscal views.

    I no longer have hope seeing another Regan era.

    (shutting down now and going go home for the day I’ll check back later)

  68. Sylvia and Patty…Who are those people on Adam’s other blog? Only recognized 2 names. LOL πŸ™‚

  69. ADAM!!!!!!!!!

    I’m not able to post anything in your FNC blog or in Greta’s. I’m really upset about this and need to know how to get that fixed please.

    A D A M!!!! ~~~~~~~~~PLEASE READ~~~~~~~

  70. KT- Adam’s Fox site does not allow instant posting! And, my posts do not show up..

  71. Oh Come On! Why did he do that? That’s how Carl Cameron has his blog, that really blows. Greta allows instant posting and they get a ton of nut jobs over there. I’m talking bigger nuts than I am.

  72. All the Fox blogs ended up that way except Greta’s!

    You may be a nut, but not of the same types that post at Greta’s! πŸ™‚
    Some of the bloggers over there are “certifiable”

  73. Okay, have decided it was time for me to say something nice about Obama…… His kids sure were cute on the stage last night.

    and, now back to my usual slanted view…… Sure would like to be a fly on the wall to see Obama’s face when he begins to hear all the intelligence.

  74. KT – send an email to Greta….

    maybe she can get you cleared to post.

  75. ok thanks for those links! i’ll give it a try.

    The intelligence won’t make a difference to Obama. He’s nothing more than a puppet for Pelosi and Reid. He has to answer to the DNC not the American people.

    I’m very pessimistic I know this, but I think it’s justified. The guy fumbled answers to straight questions when interviewed. He doesn’t know what to do unless he’s told what to do. I’m getting flashbacks of Mr. Peanut head Carter.

  76. KT– ‘peanut head Carter’ LOL — too funny.

    at this point, I am hoping he is a Carter repeat on the length of time in office!

    Just heard Bobby Jindal on Hannity….. he is great! And, he cleaned up his states Medicaid problem! Really looking forward to his future in the GOP. I was very glad he was not part of the McCain campaign….just did not want his name tainted….. now who is pessimistic?

  77. KT: sorry, i went to bed.
    The GOP needs some house cleaning. I heard Andra Tanterous on the Strategy Room saying the GOP had clogged pipes and it’s taking Joe the Plumber to clear the blockage.
    I don’t think the country is suddenly center left. But with so many Republicans having acted center left they lost their message, what are Bush’s least popular policies? Mostly Centerish Policies: The Iraq War (and it was Centerish), Immigration Reform, the Bailout. Popular policies were his conservative ones: tax cuts, growing the military.
    If Obama is Carterish we will get another Regan-like era. As long as we get an idealogue candidate.
    We need someone who stands up for what we believe in. I remember about 18 months Ann Coulter saying something like: “Don’t listen to the media, don’t choose the ‘electable’ candidate, he will lose. Chose the ‘right wing extremist’. The last time we chose one, we got Regan, and remember how popular he was.”

  78. My 2 cents,
    Not all centrist ideas are bad or dangerous. I am conservative on National defense and economic issues. I am more moderate on some social issues. I am liberal on……..hmmmmm……still thinking……maybe I’ll come up with 1 issue after I have more coffee.

  79. Since I have lived through a lot of elections (no, not Lincoln’s) and voted since I was 21 (legal voting age back in the Dark Ages), I have survived a few disappointing results. Carter was a disaster and America finally woke up and sent the peanut farmer packing. Clinton was a disaster ( weak on defense, weak on morals) but America was willing to give him a pass (economy was doing well and it was the “me first” era.) I am hoping that our country stays safe and flourishes dispite the election of the least qualified and most liberal candidate I have ever witnessed.
    I do feel Reagan was a perfect President and it will be very hard to find another like him.

  80. Sylvia: I don’t think all centerist ideas are dangerous, just that they are often unpopular. Since many people on both sides dislike them.
    The danger is that centerist ideas often contain the worst of both sides. Sometimes they contain the best of both sides, but it’s rare that the Politicians create such legislation.

  81. Sylvia…. Bobby Jindal Governor of Louisiana. This guy has taken on and cleaned up political corruption. He has made changes to their medicaid program and it is working! Keep him on your radar…i think you will like what you see.

  82. Max, have you read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand?

  83. Off the national scene for a moment….. but, still ‘election’ related. Have you seen this?

    Putin may return to Kremlin in ’09

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev could resign from his post in 2009 to pave the way for Vladimir Putin to return to the Kremlin, Vedomosti newspaper reported on Thursday, citing an unidentified source close to the Kremlin.

    Medvedev Wednesday proposed increasing the presidential term to six years from four years, a step the newspaper said was part of a plan drawn up by Vladislav Surkov, who serves as Medvedev’s first deputy chief of staff.

    Under the plan, Medvedev could implement changes to the constitution and unpopular social reforms “so that Putin could return to the Kremlin for a longer period,” the newspaper said.

    “Under this scenario Medvedev could resign early citing changes to the constitution and then presidential elections could take place in 2009,” the newspaper said, citing the unidentified source close to the Kremlinl.

    gee, and I am not even surprised!
    Wonder how Obama will handle this?

    full article:

  84. ‘morning everyone.

    did i miss anything? *L*

  85. K2,
    Don’t know a lot about Jindal but what I’ve seen I like.
    Are Putin and Obama having tea and discussing how to get along?
    Wish people would stop bashing Sarah Palin.
    Guess that’s my 3 cents.

  86. Good Morning Patty…..

    did I miss your election resutls? Did the spiteful guy win? Or is all well at your office?

  87. Patty,
    Nothing new……when do the 2012 campaigns begin?

  88. I agree… stop bashing Palin. What purpose does it serve? She has a job to do in her home state and the lower 48 needs to leave it be.

  89. Since my magic wand is broken I have to go clean the bathroom myself. Be back later.

  90. Sylvia…I agree, get off Palin. But saw that coming, they had to have a scapegoat for their own short comings. She’s a tough lady, she’ll be fine. Although when its dark and quiet, its gotta eat on her big time.
    I still firmly believe in KARMA!

    Our local race….We have 1 new commiss, probably the better of the choice of 4.
    And the spitefull one lost by 300+ votes!! My neighbor kept his job. All is good here πŸ™‚

    Come february, we are trying to decide if we need to just quit work and stay home. I could invest in some xbox games to keep me entertained! After all, YOU are going to share with us, and keep us insured…right? *EG* (evil grin)

  91. Barb…the people at Adam’s fox blog ….if Adams blog gets linked from Drudge.. or one of those….the people/trolls come out of the walls!!!
    I usually stay clear on those. I’ll post so Adam knows Im around, but rarely will try to hold a decent conversation about the subject.

  92. ok…how did all the california props come out?

  93. K2…obama’s kids were cute!! that littlest one…she just wreaks honery! *L*
    but what was that “thing” his wife had on? argh! I hope those white house closets have room for a stylist to hide in there!! yep…its petty…but come on…the worlds eyes are on her, show a little class, PLEASE!

  94. Patty,
    I’ll share the wealth if you want to help me clean!!!!!
    As for California the gay marriage ban is in effect and people (especially from San Fran ) are furious. They are not done fighting to get gay marriage legal again. I was surprised to see how many Californians oppose gay marriage.

  95. Patty,
    If “that dress” had been worn by Sarah you can imagine how much flack she would have taken.

  96. Patty… yep, did not care for Michelle’s dress either. I don’t think she will be buying online from J. Crew any more!

    Result of some of the CA Propositions.
    Outlawing gay marriage issue won.
    Minors parental notification prior to abortion lost.
    Money for high-speed train was approved.
    Pickens plan for money for renewable energy lost.

    there were more, but don’t know what they were all about…..

  97. you cook? we might make a good pair! I’d much rather clean the bathroom than cook a meal!!

    San Fran is always upset! It wouldnt matter if you pissed in thier cereal or poured milk in it…they’d find a reason to be upset. Atleast thats what it always looks like from over here.

    Wow, im surprised too that the gay-ban passed.
    Amazing. Bet we wont hear the end of that.

    parental notificatin lost…you mean parents WILL know? or will not know?

  98. Patty,
    Am not sure about the abortion issue in CA. If it denies parental notificationn does that mean school nurses can now give out aspiren without consent?

  99. Patty,
    I do cook.

  100. Pat and I were watching a bit of F&F’s this morning. We both started laughing, we werent sure it was the same channel we watched just a few days ago. Everyone was gloating over the first black pres….he’s got such a tough job ahead…..kissy kissy… about spin, I could have fallen off that dime if they had gone a little faster!!

    Oh and patty had a dream lastnight. Not so amazing, but she never remembers her dreams, so thats the amazing part. It was like the last few months of politics all sort of flew by fast motion…and flew right into Stephen King’s “The Stand”. Where everyone flocked to Randall Flagg…ya you guessed it. Obama.
    But many of us …the ones i know here…yep you all got included..and in real life…were in the woods with Mother Abigaille. But..there was a traitor……………..and i woke up in the middle of a hot flash! *LOL*
    I guess i read a few too many “anti christ posts”! *L*
    Now….The Stand is one of my absolute favorite movies!!! I believe as weird as Stephen King can be, that he hit the Book of Revelations on the head. So much so ..that our kids were pretty much forced to watch this movie, cause i believe that we will have to make those tough choices one day. Then again, it could be nothing more than the choices we make everyday. Either way…..if you havent seen it……it is sooooooooo worth it!

  101. sylvia…my hubby would love you! *L* just for you cooking mind you.

  102. Patty, It means parents will NOT know. Appears this was the 3rd time for this issue to be on the ballot in CA. Don’t know the history of the case that allowed for a minor to seek medical treatment without parent notificiation.

  103. Those darn hot-flashes….. we need to know the identity of the traitor!!!!

    Read ‘The Stand’ years ago. Never watched the movie. Will have to check it out.

  104. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all

  105. **Adam…more history on this prop 4
    Im interested to know more about it. Or a link to it? I went to FoxLa…but nothing there cept voting results.

  106. KC – good morning…. do you know the history of Proposition 4?

  107. forget it adam…i found more info

  108. Patty re: Adam’s fox blog
    I know.. πŸ™‚ it was like it was high jacked, which it was. lol

    On the abortion notification in CA, maybe parents don’t want to know that little Susy is pg, because then they would have to deal with it. That would mean that their perfect little girl is not perfect. Also how does a school nurse make the arrangements for something like that and not feel guilty. That must weight heavy on their minds.

  109. Amen Barb

    re prop 4 ….NO: A β€œNO” vote on this measure means: Minors would continue to receive abortion services to the same extent as adults. Physicians performing abortions for minors would not be subject to notification requirements.

    *shaking head*…i REALLY dont understand.

  110. i found this on sarah law aka prop 4

  111. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    One of the biggest debates over Prop 4 was
    “Parents rightfully want to be involved in their teenagers lives and want their daughters to come to them if they become pregnant. But, in the real world, not all teens live in homes where communication is possible and even in the best homes many teens aren’t able to talk about something as sensitive as pregnancy.”

    “A scared, pregnant teen who can’t go to her parents can feel trapped and desperate. Instead of seeking the counseling and safe medical care she needs, she may choose an unsafe, back alley, illegal abortion, go across the border, or even contemplate suicide.”

    this is out of my sample ballot book

  112. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen 2
    that video clip was funny – thanks

  113. I guess I am just too “midwest” to comprehend that this is even a question. It breaks my heart.
    Since this isn’t really public anymore like at fox…
    some of you know, well just a couple. But I was preg at 14…hid it for 5 mths, didn’t even tell “the boy”. I was scared beyond words, knew he would run off cause that is what i saw on tv. Finally i told him and we’ve been married for 31+ yrs!
    I was a mother 4 days before my 15th birthday.
    Telling his parents was the worst. They were strong german catholics and i was scared of that! *L* But his dad, bless him, told pat ” i guess its too late to take you behind the shed and whip your ass”!
    I never remember abortion even being an option. Both parents ask us…what do you want to do? and they stood by our wishes. They never once questioned that or tried to make the decision for us.
    We would never have gotten where we are today if it weren’t for both sets of our parents. We both finished high school, I graduated with a 4.0 and was pregnant with the 2nd working part time at the hospital. We lived with my parents for the first year, and have been on our own since. We’ve never missed a payments on anything. Not that there weren’t tough times, but no one promised me a bed of roses and i didnt expect it. I love Pat as much today as I did as a silly teenager and that goes the other way also. I don’t tout it….because i wouldn’t wish it on anyone. We gave up many many things that kids take for granted. (I was the star basketball player in Jr High and held all the girls running track records.) We knew we made that decision when we made the grown up decision to have sex. Why is that so hard for kids to see today?

    This is old, very old…i cant get into it anymore because of a email change…so it cant be updated or changed. There are dead links and pages that were in the middle of being updated. Its what we used to do before there were blogs. Just plain ole webpages. Go the the “us” page.

  114. oh.i just typed out a very long post about why that prop interests me.
    it only had one link….why didnt it post? argh
    Im glad i copied it first.
    I’ll divide it up

  115. I guess I am just too “midwest” to comprehend that this is even a question. It breaks my heart.
    Since this isn’t really public anymore like at fox…
    some of you know, well just a couple. But I was preg at 14…hid it for 5 mths, didn’t even tell “the boy”. I was scared beyond words, knew he would run off cause that is what i saw on tv. Finally i told him and we’ve been married for 31+ yrs!
    I was a mother 4 days before my 15th birthday.
    Telling his parents was the worst. They were strong german catholics and i was scared of that! *L* But his dad, bless him, told pat ” i guess its too late to take you behind the shed and whip your ass”!
    I never remember abortion even being an option. Both parents ask us…what do you want to do? and they stood by our wishes. They never once questioned that or tried to make the decision for us. Being from small town, the town wasn’t as nice. But the school stood by us, bent over backwards to accommodate me, etc.
    We would never have gotten where we are today if it weren’t for both sets of our parents. We both finished high school, I graduated with a 4.0 and was pregnant with the 2nd working part time at the hospital. We lived with my parents for the first year, and have been on our own since. We’ve never missed a payments on anything. Not that there weren’t tough times, but no one promised me a bed of roses and i didn’t expect it. I love Pat as much today as I did as a silly teenager and that goes the other way also. I don’t tout it….because i wouldn’t wish it on anyone. We gave up many many things that kids take for granted. (I was the star basketball player in Jr High and held all the girls running track records.) We knew we made that decision when we made the grown up decision to have sex. Why is that so hard for kids to see today?

  116. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    OK – here is what my booklet says about Sarah’s Law
    Sarah was only l5 when she had a secret abortion. Within days a high fever set in. No one knew why or how seriously ill she was. By the time she was hospitalized and doctors determined she had a deadly infection from a torn cervix, it was too late. Sarah died. Had someone in her family known about the abortion, Sarah’s life could have been saved.

    Now the other side says

    Sarah (whose real name was Jammie Garcia Yanez-Villegas) was a married mother, with a child, when she died in Texas in 1994. Nothing in Prop 4 would have prevented her tragic death.

    that is what each side said in my booklet

  117. Granted..i do understand that we are an exception. But why? what was done different in our lives. What are we missing at getting to these kids? Where did we are “adults”…go so wrong?

  118. kc..thanks for typing that all out. KS doesnt send us a “booklet”…thats pretty cool.

  119. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Amen to your post. I remember those days too. Fortunately, our generation was raised right and we knew the word respect and we always knew our parents would be behind us in any or all of our mistakes. Been to the wood shed many times myself but not as many times as my 4 brothers. lol
    Now a days, the world has changed soooo much between a lot of families. There are so many families that do not even care what their kids do as long as they don’t bother them. It is really sad that so many kids are not being brought up in a loving and caring home. And so many kids show no respect and don’t even know what the word responsibility means. And to think someday they will be the leaders of our country. Gives me the shivers

  120. This is old, very old…i cant get into it anymore because of a email change…so it cant be updated or changed. There are dead links and pages that were in the middle of being updated. Its what we used to do before there were blogs. Just plain ole webpages. Go the the “us” page.

  121. Patty, you have quite a story there. Congratulations to you and Pat.

  122. Patty, what was done different in your lives? I would say it was the love and support from both you and Pats families. Plus, being shown you could continue with your schooling and working hard.

    Family is the root…. and you both obviously had good families and were able to provide the same to for your children.

  123. it is sad that we cant go backwards. The kids today just dont get it. and like kc said…they are the future rulers.
    I guess that is why i will never really lean left. anything liberal seems to stand for breaks down everything that was instilled in our “being”…and we tried to do the same with our own kids.
    Granted, Im not sure lots of it “stuck” in our kids, but we tried.

  124. btw…We have a new Chief of Staff

  125. @Patty

    what you mean “we”, kemo sabe?

  126. *LOL*

  127. Patty,
    You are amazing. Don’t know if I could have coped with such responsibility at 14. We were 26 when we married and Larry had just graduated med school. I had already received my BS and Masters. We had just 1 really lean year…when he interned.
    Neither of us came from money. He worked doing all kinds of odd jobs, had scholarships, and loans to get through 8 years of college. I had a freshman academic scholarship that was limited to 1 year. Dad paid for the other 3 and I was a commuter student to save money. I worked my way through grad school…Dad said that was up to me.
    When Larry and I married we never took any money from family…just some old furniture that relatives weren’t using anymore. We never bought anything we couldn’t afford, and saved up for special things.
    Kids today get everything and don’t know what it is like to struggle. Our daughter has no clue what it is like to start off poor and owing college loans. She never had hand me down furniture except in the college dorm.
    When she married she started off with everything new to set up housekeeping that had taken me years to buy. Fortunately she is a good kid(well, not really a kid…she’s 33 now) and doesn’t act spoiled.

  128. Karen2 Says:
    Max, have you read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand?

    Not yet.

    Patty: “San Fran is always upset! It wouldnt matter if you pissed in thier cereal” Some there might like that…

    I think it’s the live for today attitude that is the root of the problem. People just aren’t used to putting things they want to do off until a better time.
    They don’t understand that to get anything good in life you have to sacrifice something else. And that if you make a mistake you can just hit undo and everything will be fine again.

  129. Sylvia..i gave up college. I so wanted to go to nursing school. But 4 kids and a dairy, the drive would have been 4 hrs round trip everyday, there was just no way. Do I regret…nope. It just wasnt meant to be. Im happy and content right where i am.

    Max..your funny! your also right about sacrifice.

    Our son..child #2…was one of those kids that thought he had to have the certain shoes and jeans. Fine…he went to work to pay for them, cause we couldnt do it. He was still that way when he got married and his wife also. They are the ones with the new baby. Now for Christmas gifts….they want formula and diapers! *L* Funny how priorities change.

  130. Sylvia..not really amazing, just responsible πŸ™‚ but thanks!

  131. I’m seriously going to holler at Adam for not releasing the comments awaiting moderation in his FNC site. Where is he anyway?

  132. and kids do get everything today!
    our grandkids….and Christmas….makes me cringe.
    There is nothing to get them!!! argh! They dont wait for anything. It just drives me crazy. i hate giving cash. it just doesnt seem right but i run out of ideas. For a couple years i did board games, they were always a “hit”…but now Im just lost. Besides that …im a scrooge!

  133. KT…they may never show up!
    it took LDG weeks to get “in print”!

  134. from facebook>>>

    Adam Housley is excited about the Pepperdine Baseball golf tourney tomorrow. Anyone want to play? oh…..and on Saturday is the game….I am pitching. Heads up!2 hours ago

  135. Max…. re: Atlas Shrugged…. There is a scholarship out there to be had, for readers of Atlas Shrugged. Just happened to think about the book and how the events in the book could apply today and then recalled your comment on getting your funds together for college. (is that a run-on sentence?)

  136. Our daughter is flying home to visit and bringing her 2 Yorkies of course. Her plane took off from Phoenix at 12:45 and I am following the flight on the computer. We will pick her up when the flight gets in at 6:15 and am excited as usual. The Cincinnati airport is actually in Kentucky so we have to deal with rush hour traffic to get to the airport. Can’t wait to see her and dogs. They will be here ’til Tuesday morning.

  137. Patty, I haven’t been able to post on Adam’s FNC blog for over a couple months….. i think my name/email got put in the ‘recycle bin’.

    Somehow I dont’ believe you are a scrooge! Frugal….. but that is a good thing.. Scrooge – NOPE, not buying it!

  138. Patty: give them axes and logs of wood and introduce them to the wood chopping game! πŸ˜›

  139. sylvia….enjoy her being home!!! hug her first, not the dogs! ha ha

  140. Sylvia – sounds like fun is coming your way! I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. Our son is coming home from Montana. It will be a short visit, but we have not seen him since the first week of June.

  141. Max, you sound like my brother. When his kids were little, and if they said they were bored, it was off to the woods to gather wood!

  142. Well I’m still going to holler at him Patty

  143. KT…*L* you go ahead …he deserves it!
    oh and remind him that THE ELECTION IS OVER! ha ha

  144. Looks like Chavez is betting on gold prices going up!

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s government will take over and nationalize La Cristinas, the biggest gold mine in the country owned by Canada’s Crystallex, Mining Minister Rodolfo Sanz said Wednesday.
    The move is part of leftist Chavez’s socialist agenda that calls for nationalizing Venezuela’s natural resources. Over the past year, he has taken over the electricity, oil, steelmaking, cement and telephone enterprises

    “This mine will be seized and managed by a state administration,” Sanz said in a statement.

    The Cristinas mine, located in southeastern Bolivar state, is estimated to hold 16.9 million ounces of gold, in proven and potential reserves of the precious metal, according to Crystallex data.

    Since the start of the year, Venezuela has been withholding environmental permits that allow private companies to extract gold, in lieu of a law that will establish joint ventures with foreign companies with majority stakes by the Venezuelan state.

  145. Max….*L* we got rid of our wood stove! No need for wood. I dont think i want an axe around a couple of these boys! ha
    Guess we could do the “how many kernels of corn are in the bucket” game!

  146. just lost a post????

    Chavez has just taken over the gold mines! Guess he is not liking the lower oil prices and is now looking for gold to go up in value.

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s government will take over and nationalize La Cristinas, the biggest gold mine in the country owned by Canada’s Crystallex, Mining Minister Rodolfo Sanz said Wednesday.
    The move is part of leftist Chavez’s socialist agenda that calls for nationalizing Venezuela’s natural resources. Over the past year, he has taken over the electricity, oil, steelmaking, cement and telephone enterprises

    “This mine will be seized and managed by a state administration,” Sanz said in a statement.

    The Cristinas mine, located in southeastern Bolivar state, is estimated to hold 16.9 million ounces of gold, in proven and potential reserves of the precious metal, according to Crystallex data.

    Since the start of the year, Venezuela has been withholding environmental permits that allow private companies to extract gold, in lieu of a law that will establish joint ventures with foreign companies with majority stakes by the Venezuelan state.

  147. K2: thanks, i’ll have to look at it. Better get that book soon.
    Your brother must be a great guy! Living in a city i’ve never chopped wood 😦

    Patty: Lol. But if they don’t start now how can they ever win the world wood chopping championships?

  148. huuummmmm got me on that one! i dont even have a smart answer!

  149. Chavez must be feeling a little left out!

  150. Haven’t you heard about fireplace logs sold at groceries? Easier than chopping wood!!!!

  151. Has Chavez been invited for tea with Obama?

  152. ya know..the last i saw of susan was yesterday morning when she was going to take a nap…… she still asleep?

  153. Will Chavez bring those leaves he likes…… the coca leaf?

  154. Patty… you are right! Susan….. wake up.

  155. Wish I could seize a gold mine….you can have the coca leaf.

  156. @Karen2 and other “gold miners”

    If you’d care to see todays topic on my public ‘blog about that very topic, click on the link under my name, please.

  157. she must still be chasing those $%^# cats! *L*

  158. ldg…r you beggin? πŸ™‚

  159. Patty: I used to have a game where i’d give smart answers to stupid questions. It was such fun.

  160. oh we’d have great fun with that max!

  161. LDG,
    How can anyone run out of money while controlling the drug market?

  162. Max,
    What about dumb answers to smart questions?

  163. @Patty

    re beggin? — nope. I hate retyping things I can point to with links. besides, wasn’t beggin an Israeli Prime Minister?


    It takes a certain talent, but if anyone can do it, Hugo can.

  164. really sylvia…if they cant manage the budget there, it would seem to be a seriuos problem!!

  165. LDG – was going to post on your site, but don’t know our password! Always happens when husband sets up accounts! Here’s what i wrote…..

    Great article. Less friends is perfect! Read the other day the the USA is Chavez’s only oil customer how pays him in cash. The remainder of his ‘clients’ pay 5% with the remainder payable over 30 years! He needs oil to be at or above $100 pb to stay ‘in the money’! Since the USA receives a fair amount of oil from Chavez, it is a good idea to conserve, even though prices are down.

  166. We can’t manage the budget in this country….just print more money. Isn’t that how it works?

  167. Sylvia…. that is my forte….dumb answers to smart questions.

  168. Sylvia…. LOL…..

    the government does it and they so frown on it when the private citizen tries to copy them!

  169. Patty: I know. It’d be funny. Sadly people ran out of questions. They tried to ask questions i couldn’t answer. One asked one in Danish, and i then was upset, because the answer i gave actually answered the question. haha.

    Sylvia: Too many people are good at that.

  170. @Karen2

    thank you! I have copied it over for you now.


    Have fun. ’tis rest time for me. Say hi to Susan for me if she (or any of the cats) comes in here to comment.

  171. @Karen2

    thank you! I have copied it over for you now.


    Have fun. ’tis rest time for me. Say hi to Susan for me if she (or any of the cats) comes in here to comment.

  172. Max,
    Before Montana met me in person she asked me if I was or ever had been a blonde. Not sure why she asked me that!!!!!

  173. Bye LDG…have a good rest.

  174. LDG – thanks and have a good night.

  175. Sylvia: lol. Did you know the US has never had a blond president? When will that glass ceiling be broken?

  176. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    have a good rest – see you on the morrow

    wake up sleepy head – miss you and your comments

    ANYONE have any predictions on what kind of dog obummer is going to get ??

    If you compare future first lady by her wardrobe – can you even imagine what the white house will look like after she decorates it??? LORDY

  177. KC…. LOL…. so, here’s the choice of dogs……….. Pit Bull!

  178. oh kc…what a thought!!! im having flashbacks of my sis in the ’70s!


  179. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen 2

    that’s a good one – another that came to mind was a weenie dog

  180. ohhh did i say that outloud? oops!

  181. day is done…have a good evening everyone.

    susan..missed ya today!!

  182. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Have a nice evening

    You having applesauce and popcorn for dinner!! lol

  183. Where’s Adam I have to holler at him.

  184. ok im lost.
    what is up with Nader’s comment that they are talking about on Orielly.
    Im missing something, cause i see nothing wrong with his question about Uncle Sam or Uncle Tom…
    am i dense and dont understand a underhanded meaning in there?
    I thought it was a prefectly valid statement.

  185. The term Uncle Tom is a racist remark. All Nader had to say was we have to see if Obama is going to owe favors and have to answer to the corporations that supported him instead of the very people that he stated in his campaign that he was going to help. Nader could have said the same context in a different way without using the term Uncle Tom. It was unecessary to say that. I agree, like you, that I have the same concerns as Nader does that Obama can potentially sell out the people who really need the help, he just shouldn’t have used that term. It’s degrating language to call another person.

  186. I mean I’m confident that Obama will do the hand outs and give people health insurance and give them rebates and so on. My concern comes in when the bill hits and we have to pay for it. I just don’t agree that you fix a struggling economy by spending more money. So corporations will be taxed more, prices at the stores will inflate, jobs can’t be created because of excessive taxes and what you end up with are people who struggling before get a couple of dollars in their pockets but they can’t afford to go to the store and they maybe a few will get a 5% raise instead of a 15%. It’s just backwards thinking from my understanding on how to fix things. I never once heard Obama say that he would form committeess to review current federal programs to where the wasteful spending is so that people who truly need the help can get it the other people who are milking the system can get off their lazy butts and do something to help themselves.

    Now my blood pressure is up. Where’s Adam I have to holler at him.

  187. Ok…….that, i didnt know.
    Beleive me…i know Nader is ..ya well that goes without saying.

  188. yes this is real….. p.s. there is no office of the president elect t this is just a copy paste of his campign site…. looks like ill need to be doing 100 ( 4 full days) hours of community service under obama in college under his plan on his site….. thats 4 full 24 hour days not studying or relaxing . I am all for community service but not dictated like that 100 hours no less…..

    p.s. anyone see barney bite the reporter lol??

  189. This is from FOX– (Palin)

    Fox News Channel reporter Carl Cameron reported that within the McCain camp, there were serious doubts about her knowledge of civics and current events. β€œShe didn’t know the nations involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement. … She didn’t understand, McCain aides told me … that Africa was a continent and not a country.”

    I totally agree with his comment– especially when she got so punked by the comedian impersonating the French President– I could have figured out it was a joke– just by his ludicrous remarks–

    When she showed up in Alaska last night- via Phoenix, Seattle, and now home~ her welcoming party was so small- (loyalty) Whereas, there was am multidude of greeters when she was VP candidate~ Kind of shows you how shallow people are~

    Saying this, I wished McCain had picked Romney for his Vice-

    Ah–as for Obama– he is so under the microscope now, he might do a decent job- who is to tell? Let the clock begin~


    KT— Forget Adam– he barely shows up here-

    He put this blog up because we were way bitching when his news blog would not let us immediately blog.

    He will peek in-

    As a matter of fact, I am going to yell at him right now!

    ADAM- (angry tone)




    (sweet tone), thank you

    (tone of voice- credit goes to LDG)

    Did I sound tough and mean? πŸ˜€

    @LDG– xxxx

  190. Susan: where were you yesterday?

  191. ‘morning all.

    Carl Cameron bowed to a new low in my opinion.

  192. Patty,
    Took your advice….hugged daughter before dogs!!!!!

  193. As for Carl Cameron…I think any mudslinging should be told by the person actually making those statements not second hand. I hate annonymous sources. And that person should be challenged by a reporter and not simply accepted blindly.

  194. Good Morning all….

    Snow is flying! It was 70 degrees on Monday and Tuesday…. Snow today!

  195. Rick Santoram (sp?) was just on Fox talking about the Palin issue. He brought up an excellent point.

    The question was ‘should Palin come out and defend herself?’

    Rick said McCain needs to come out and defend Palin. It was McCains campaign. It is up to McCain to stop this bashing.

    I agree.

  196. Susan and KT – I did email Adam the other day and ask if he could find out if I have been sent to the ‘recycle bin’.

    He did reply. He had close to 500 comments awaiting moderation!
    Looks like his latest blog at FNC pulled in a alot of people.

  197. The Palin thing.
    I agree that McCain needs to come out and stomp on it! Big time!
    There was a post a greta’s sighting a article that it is Romney’s Aides that are doing it. I dont know if there is any truth to that, they didnt leave a link. Whoever it is, they should never work again!

    K2..that snow got awfully close to us lasnight. It was about 5 counties to the north in Neb. No thank you ! The air sure “feels” like winter this morning. Not just in temps, just “feels” different.

    Sylvia….ENJOY And tell her we all say HIYA!

  198. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning all and HAPPY FRIDAY

    Sylvia – glad she and the pups arrived safely – Have a good visit

    Susan – see that you woke up – missed ya yesterday

    SNOW – no thank youuuuu

  199. Hey KC….when you wake up …did you ever get any rain?

  200. ahhhhhhhhhhh we were typing at the same time! *L*

  201. @Susan

    re: former McCain campign hacks dumping on Gov. Palin.

    It is a game to those party insiders, and they are playing it to try and remain party insiders. Most of what has been reported is demonstrably untrue.

    Sen. McCain, out of decency as well as to smack down those self-serving blame-avoiding bums, should make a statement.

    Let’s just say that the *real GOP*, the base, knows how good Gov. Palin is…



  202. K2… I can understand the excessive amount of spam that he must be getting, but it really sucks when you have a good debate going on and can’t respond to posts that are being made. That’s as bad as Michelle Malkin’s site, only certain people can blog. It’s very frustrating on our end. Greta has instant posting, although I haven’t had a response from her/her team about why I can’t post in her blog.

  203. Susan… what’s Adam working on? I’m at work during the day so I don’t get to see his live shots.

  204. If McCain doesn’t come out and defend Palin then a) she did it and there’s nothing to defend or b) he’s an ass and I lose what little respect I have left for the little man.

    He lost a ton of my respect the day he got in front of a large crowd and told us that we don’t have to be afraid if Obama wins he’s not a bad man. Now I have no problem with that statement, what I didn’t like was that he had voters in the crowd that were undecided and he did nothing to convince them to vote for him but did everything to push them away. It was as if he just didn’t want the win. He was Booed by his own crowd big time.

  205. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    We did get a bit of rain but nothing to speak of . . . . Not enough to even pull my van out of the garage to get washed off

    We are in the 70’s this week and no rain in the next 10 day forecast.

    Finally get to wear my sweats and fuzzy slippers which I love

  206. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen T

    Did see Adam on the tube last week – suit and tie no less

    He was reporting on the props here in California

    Haven’t seen him since then tho . . . .

  207. LDG – great article.

    Disagree with who the people see as the next generation…. Romney and Huckabee. I think it is based upon name recognition.

    The one who has made great strides toward cleaning up corruption and turning around a state program, Medicaid, from running at a deficit, while still providing service, is Bobby Jindal.

    MN Gov. Pawlenty is okay, but he really allowed taxes to increase – just as did Huckabee. Pawlenty will argue he did not raise taxes, but he got around this by adding use taxes on items. Sometimes called ‘sin taxes’ as they were imposed on items like cigarettes.

    Also, people need to know that a Republican in MN is more like a moderate Democrat in true red states!

  208. I just emailed McCain and urged him to come out and publicly support Palin. Asked him to ID the ‘anonymous’ as they should never again be allowed to work where loyalty and discretion are required.

  209. KC…:-)
    well…here’s still hoping for rain for you then!

    K2…I think, gut instinct, or they way i see it….McCain sold out. He buckled under pressure. Wasn’t he known for pretty much stabbing conservatives in the back anyway? He was never our first choice, but he was the lessor of the two evils. The repub party got the slap in the face they deserved. Seriously, we are changing to independents, and when we do, I wll send a letter the repub party here as to why we are doing it.

  210. Thanks KC.

    K2, I don’t watch or keep track of the Barbara Walters or Larry King or Oparah shows and those shows are trying to get Palin on. If you here of her booking the shows can you post it in here?

  211. So Russia’s coming to our hemishere next week huh?

    Venezuela, Russia Discuss Nuclear Energy, Direct Flights
    Thursday, November 06, 2008,2933,448406,00.html

  212. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I found the following in our local paper under letters to the editor

    “Now that Barack Obama has been elected President, I urge my fellow republicans and conservatives to show him the same amount of love, respect and support that the Democrats gave to President Bush.”

    I personally felt that this one sentence sure said alot!!

  213. @Karen T

    “Igor the salesman” has been wandering around the Bolivarian Socialist club for a few months now, making promises. Having Medvedev show up (on the 26th, btw) adds nothing but window-dressing. Neither Russia or Venezuela is in the position right now financially to live up to what agreements are already signed, so signing more is just a show as well.

    It is what folks like those do quietly you should be worried about. When they are grandstanding, not so much.

  214. @KC


    Honestly, I do hope they treat him better than that. Campaign time is over.

  215. KT – will do….

    Russia and Venezuela have been BFF’s for several months now. They garner their ‘power’ from oil money. Putin’s actions have been making investors in Russia uneasy and they have been pulling their money out of Russia’s stock markets.

    It will be interesting to see how this progresses and how Obama deals with it.

    LDG – any thoughts?

  216. that says it all!!!

  217. KT…K2..either of you have facebook?

  218. who let the “piggy” out… snort! *L*

  219. @K2

    ((points up at thoughts: 7:39 am))

  220. @Patty

    Off-topic: actually, I have it on good authority that Japanese Pigs say bu-bu (Boo Boo), or bweeeee if they are piglets.

  221. wow…no “feel good” stories to be found for friday, thats sad

  222. Patty….. McCain was himself. You are correct, he was not the candidate of choice of most Republicans. His best showing was at the Saddleback Forum. I think this is his last term… it ends in 2010.

    To me, for Republicans to have a future, they cannot rely upon the hard right alone. It needs to include some moderates. As you can see, my position on gay unions, does not coincide with the Republican party views. (I was actually told on another’s blog that people with my viewpoint were not welcome in the party or even the USA!)

    But, the younger generation is more tolerant to gays. If the party leans too far right, it will not survive.

    You may find Peggy Noonan’s article interesting. This is from the article:
    (Though it is also true that many of the indices for the GOP are dreadful, especially that they lost the vote of two-thirds of those aged 18 to 29. They lost a generation! If that continues in coming years, it will be a rolling wave of doom.)

  223. Patty… no….. is it hard to set up?

  224. K2,
    I agree that the gop has to reach out to the younger generation if they wish to survive. Hardline views on all issues turn off the younger generation.
    One reason Sarah Palin turned off many moderates was her strong right beliefs on all issues.

  225. K2…facebook is not hard at all. it can be time consuming. I try to look once a day.
    I like it cause….like with mine..i have Greta as a “friend”..i see all her posts headlined, but never have to go “read” the garbage that is normally there. You can leave comments there also. Although Greta will probably never see them.
    I also have headlines from our local news that way. I started it so i could “watch” when kathy’s friends are doing..keeps me connected with what kat might be doing.
    Anyway..the reason i asked….i was going to “dare” you two……Adam’s mobile phone number is there!!!!!!! *LOL*

  226. Patty,
    Do you call Adam to chat or to ask for a bottle of wine???

  227. Slyvia…*L*
    I have a hard enough time with facebook and not feeling like i’m “invading” someone’s space. Its definitly a “generation” thing.

  228. How does Greta keep the filthy comments off her facebook site when she doesn’t on her blog?

  229. There are less troll type of activity at facebook.
    Its not a free for all type of thing.
    You have to request to be someone “friend”…they have to actually acknowledge its ok. Therfore, those just trolling through to cause trouble cant post. Like with Hannity’s…he has about 10K friends! *L* I don’t know if he ever even looks at it. But at some point in time, he had to ok me, so he must. I have never seen him post anything there.

  230. FL that posts here…she usually has a conversation going with Doocy and another of the news guys, but i dont remember his name.

  231. Doocy actually converses with others in facebook?

  232. this is a very long article from WSJ…but the map of how states voted, by county is very interesting….. says a lot against going with a popular vote for President.

  233. If election changed to popular vote that would make it hard for GOP which has a lot fewer voters than Dems.
    The good news is Acorn couldn’t focus on just the swing states to corrupt. They would have to work in all 50. Can you imagine how many more ACORN members would have to be hired? Of course that would help the employment rate.

  234. ya doocy does.
    FL actually went to see him when he did his book signing.

  235. adam is playing golf today, he’s not working i bet.

  236. we were laughing here at work
    nader got like 10K votes in KS!
    We all turned at look at each other in work wondering which one of us did it! *L*

  237. KT – there is an article on Drudge that Greta is getting the first post election interview with Palin and it will air on Monday.

  238. Patty,
    You know what they say about all work and no play. You wouldn’t want Adam to be dull.

  239. K2,
    Greta deserves that interview. She has defended Sarah against the mudslinging.

  240. Talk about getting votes…. our Secretary of State site listed how many people got votes and there were over a dozen people who wrote in their own names for president and vice president!

  241. k2..*L* that sounds like something we’d do around here!!! that was funny!

  242. If I was Palin…I wouldnt do an interview…period. She’s been baited, trapped and survived…after a while you learn to pick your battles.

  243. Since campaign 2012 has already begun Sarah needs to keep her face out there in order to have a chance against the GOP males. She proved she can fire up the base and a crowd, now she just has to prove she has the smarts to take on the favored men….Romney, Huck, Jindal.

  244. Sylvia: if it was by popular vote they need only stuff enough fake ballots in one state, if they got enough that would change the election easily.

  245. Hmm, why is the clock here now on Alaskan time?

  246. K2 / LGD


  247. Okay…watching Obama’s press conference. It is time for the press to stop ridiculing GWB for his speaking abilities. Obama is no better…. ah, ah and ah and ah, ah ah,


  248. Its official I have applied to college 2 minutes ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Karen 2

    What I found was amusing – is he kept looking at his notes – to see the name he was going to call for the next question!!!! Did he have pre-selected questions again???

    If I recall – President Bush just pointed to people and they then asked the question.
    (shaking head)

  250. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:



    So tell us the name of the college, where it is, when you start, and what you are majoring in

  251. Avi — Congratulations! Now, the waiting for the acceptance letter begins!

  252. KC – yep….too funny. I doubt the questions were pre-selected. Someone posted elsewhere that he did not ask any Fox News reporters for their question….. hmmmmmmm does the ‘cold shoulder’ continue?

  253. KC,

    If i get in :

    American University Washington D.C.

    Major: Business probably international and also International Relations likely going to do double Major.

    Start : Fall 2009

    Notification letter by DEC 31…. oh its going to be a long month and some.

  254. I read Ob took a swipe at Mrs Reagan. What did he say?

  255. Patty,

    he was like i didnt talk to her… like talking to her would mean he would be trying to talk to Reagan ” talking to the dead type thing.”

  256. sort of ballsy of him. but doesnt surprise me.

  257. Congrats on the school thing avi…hope you get the one you want.

  258. Congrats AVI!!!

  259. Hi all–

    check this out- Lydia called me to tell me my lawnmower story was in the Arizona Republic in the Northwest Section- crime blotter– (the police took all the credit! ) πŸ˜€ I don’t care– if this is what it takes to show the community they are fighting crime to get more dinero for the budget, go for it! πŸ˜€ (there were several stories and my story was one of them)

    Max– I have been so caught up on this feral project of mine, I have had hardly any rest… I never imagined how much work this is and $$$$$ I have to spend— I can’t save them all but I can get them fixed — the majority of these several cats which hang out here for food at night are ferals– way too wild but there were two which were not– I think they were abandoned or thrown out to fend for themselves– so these I saved-One is lying on the bed with Ken– This one had a collar on him and I called the number on the collar and the person who answered told me they did not have a cat— so I couldn’t put it outside, it is not a full grown cat and he is very cool so he would have learned to be a feral to survive– so here it is– but anyway, it is time consuming– an emotional drain …

    So I haven’t even kept up with the latest news– Obama took a swipe at Nancy? This makes me angry– I love that lady- and that she is… like Laura Bush-

    Palin– well, it is all over with and if those in the media want to attack her, they have nothing better to do, I guess. I did think she was weak on foreign policy and this is my opinion -this is where I liked McCain– he was strong here and I don’t think Obama is strong on foreign policy or the borders.

    Congrats Avi– remember us when you are rich and famous– (don’t forget to send your buddy Susan donations for the projects– LOL — when you are rich!)

    have a good day @ all

  260. All,



    Thanks.. which projects ??

    nehh susan obama will give you all you want thats what he told me anything and everything πŸ˜‰

  261. Susan: that’s what i thought. Your cats are taking you away from us!!

    Avi: hope you get in.

  262. Congrats Avi.

    OB was asked if he had talked to any of his predecessors and he said that he had talked to all of them, all of the living, … not like Nancy Regan and the seance thing. or words to that effect. Also the sign on the podium said “Office of the President-Elect” I don’t remember seeing that sign for Bush or Clinton.

  263. Barb…that sign on the podium…i stared at it for a long time…wondering..what the h#ll? I’ve never heard of THAT office before. Argh..maybe im just looking for things that are wrong.

  264. I disagree with Obama’s policies but I always assumed that he class. I was very disappointed in what I heard today then even mortified when I saw him and his staff behind behind chuckling along with him. He’s a disgrace now.

  265. Patty… I know, what is up with that. I saw someone earlier that said that there is NO office of President elect. This will be a very interesting 4 years.

  266. Barb,
    I think Pres. Bush gave the Obama team office space to make the transition easier. He is doing more to help the transition than Clinton did for Bush. So I guess Obama’s people decided to give the office a name.

    Everything Obama has done so far has been over the top so why should this be different. Remember the presidential seal he was using on his campaign plane until he was criticized so much.

  267. Between Obama’s smugness and Biden’s gaffs it should be an “interesting” presidency.

  268. ‘morning everyone.
    burrr, its cold!

    Sylvia…i agree, this 4 yrs may be better “entertainment” than hollywood could come up with. That sad part is…its not supposed to be funny.
    Lets see, he’s late for the first press conference, terribly rude in my opinion. Then he dogs on one of the greatest first lady’s we’ve had. Then he calls himself a mutt…..Sorry but there is another word for that, and mutt isn’t what i was thinking.
    I will give him credit….that’s “one”….he did apologize to Mrs Reagan, takes a big man to do that. I expected him to blow it off.

    We are off to a bday party. Grandson turns 3 today.
    Will be glad to be back home to the quiet later today πŸ™‚

    Have a great day everyone!!

  269. And I am going to sit on the sidelines and watch and not freak out~ my worries are more on what the leaders are doing on the outside and how Obama et al deal with these issues~ especially since President Iran sent my a ~welcome to the White House~ note– First one since the 70’s- He sure has bolas!

    The comment Obama made about Nancy was insensitive~given her age now and he just had a grandmother around that age, die, so he should figure out what he says may not be appropriate– respect your elders, Obama- And this comment did show his smug aura— But he did call her and apologize and maybe from this incident, he will refrain from future blunders. And get the facts straight– since the sceance was a Hillary thing-from my understanding-

    Well, I am off to play with my ouija board and see what today holds~

    Patty- hope you had fun at the birthday party~ today is social day for me too- πŸ˜€

    good day to all

  270. oops- meant to say since President Iran sent him a ~welcome…~

    Hard to type with a cat sitting in front of the screen– πŸ˜€

    that is my excuse now for making mistakes when typing…

  271. @susan

    good excuse.
    the cat typed the comment = better excuse

    from ldg’s Alexander

  272. ((wrestles the mouse away))


    Great to see you, and congratulations on your glorious successes in cat rescue! I am sure you are so very tired. I know how hard a job it is.

  273. I’m selling t-shirts $15.. free shipping..White or egg shell color only… any size..Taking orders now… you can add your own photo and/or saying or you can choose from any of the following: (Palin can be substituted w/ any candidate’s name Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani, Newt, Jindal…) republican images may be added:

    “Don’t Blame Me, I voted McCain”

    “Palin 2012″

    ‘Don’t Blame Me, I Was for NObama’

    ‘NObama 2012’

    ‘Obama, Pelosi, & Reid, Oh My!”

    “Keep the Change… Palin 2012”

    “Reagan 2012”

    “Hockey Moms Say… Puck Obama”

    “Lipstick Republican”

    “11/6/2012 … BHO Must Go”

    “Joe the Plumber 2012”

    “Palin / Joe the Plumber 2012”

    “One of 57,169,708 who voted for Palin”

    “57,169,708 Voters agree…Keep the Change”

    “You Betcha We’re back”… Palin 2012”

    “How Does it Feel to be Fooled?” .. Palin 2012

  274. KT – I like it!

  275. KT: good luck with that!

  276. thanks.

  277. LDG–

    You are way too funny– Meow 1 said that– Meow 2 is on the window sill in the dining room looking out at the birds– I wonder what he is thinking about!

    Yup– I have two cats– that is all I am keeping as I can only afford two but what a frigging laugh I get from these two– they use the hallway as a race track– they get along together- one sleeps with Ken and the other sleeps with me- πŸ˜€

    I will email you with the details to the second one– so I don’t bore everyone here with my stories!


    THOSE t-shirts are so funny!!!! I don’t want the Joe the Plumber t-shirts because I have my feelings about him– but all the other ones I want- I do want one with Bobby Jindal– I have great respect for him .

    How about making me one– LDG for President? LDG is about the smartest one of all– Except he won’t move from Japan– dang!!!!

    Oliver North had a great story last night– War Stories– Afghanistan– very interesting– with a bit of history– I am now familiar with Hindu Kush-
    (I thought about you, LDG)– I need to visit your blog again– I have some free time next week– today is Ken’s mom’s house day– grr! I tried to get out of it– I just want to do nada today– But she reminded me she had cancelled a date (she dates at the age of 91!) to have us come over– and I, of course, am bringing lunch.

    xxxxx moew’s

  278. Susan.. I got this link from someone yesterday, it is about a cat and crow. Thought of you. It is over 7 minutes long, but very cute.

  279. Barb–

    that cat– the one the people rescued is exactly like this second one I have here– the markings– everything– including how it lies on the chair!!! this is sooooooooooooo funny!!!

    thanks!!! I really appreciate your support for almost everyone I know thinks I am nuts! I even had a couple say they don’t like cats– (my inner thought was, don’t come over then) — they came over anyway– come to find out, my cats hid while they were here– one was under a bed and the other on top of a bed– πŸ˜€ way too funny- these guys are a hoot!

    xxx and muchas gracias!

  280. @Susan

    I got your mail, thanks! Yay for Susan and her cat-colony!

    (…and thank you for the kind words about me. )

    @Adam Housley

    Report from local baseball — Seibu Lions took the Japan Series in 7 games, beating a very very tough Yomiuri side. You were almost spot-on with your prediction back a couple months ago.


    Have a great Sunday, and I’ll wander in here again on the ‘morrow.
    ((waves and departs))

  281. Joe the Plumber’s website

  282. did anyone go onto the plumber’s website? not sure if i’m reading this corectly but i think it says that it costs $19.95 for a year membership, BUT below that it says for $14.95 you get the membership plus an autographed book? little backwards… doesn’t seem right to me

    anyone see that?

  283. Susan,

    the price of pets…. so true our 2 dogs cost of fortune… the dog food and the random vet visits lol……

    luckly dogs cant speak and ask for more πŸ˜‰

  284. joes…looked to me its free and 14.95 if you pre-order book.

  285. Good Morning all…..
    Stocks open on the UP side!

    What do you think about the automakers seeking a bailout to pay for the unions benefits?

  286. I went on the site– and I decided to add to the cart and it automatically added more books– I deleted it all and tried again– same results-

    Personally, I could give two sheets about him–he is not my hero– Obama should have kept his big mouth shut and not even had put his name out there– He appears to me to look like a scammer and he LOVES HIS ATTENTION– I have no time to spend on his life– I heard he owes or owed on past taxes?

    Avi– Yup– you guys sound like good pet owners– Bless you and your family– I think if you own a pet, own what is reasonable as to the finances– me– if I were rich, Trump style, I would probably have rescue centers with some very high paid employees who would help me run these abandoned animals– dogs and cats– LOL


    Notice I used your “sheets.” Thank you for teaching me how to use expletives in a more less offensive way– πŸ˜‰

    LDG– Tama is all stretched out here on the desk! No telling where Maru is– probably in a closet– or in a bathtub- or on a chair in the dining room- or on a window sill- These guys crack me up!!!!

    K2– I am soooo behind on the news– last thing which caught my attention was one of the main Zeta guys being captured– Mexico CIty– boy what an arsenal they found– this made me happy– I kind of have drifted from Obama as I will freak when I totally have to freak- πŸ˜€
    Thanks for the update!

  287. K2,
    No way do I approve of that. I’m tired of bailouts.

  288. Sylvia–

    Have you ever been to Kauai? My brother is there with his wife– Birthday present– He just sent me some pictures– it is beautiful there– plus he sent me a picture of the official bird– some kind of beautiful rooster looking bird- Lucky jerk!!!! heck– lucky wife to have such a good man!

    (I am getting a magnet– that is all I asked for) πŸ˜€

    Have a good day all–

  289. The latest auto request for money appears to be for money to shore up the union retirement and benefits plans.

    Sounds too much like US protecting their retirement plans…, where is the money to replace all that i lost in my 401k?

  290. Patty… alright.

    K2… I don’t agree with any bail outs… I especially do NOT agree with the credit card industry asking for a bail out also. I heard over the weekend that they are going to congress this week with their hands out.

    The auto industry and the credit card industry do not have a direct effect on the economy. Indirectly, yes the economy is affected. But cars and credit cards should be considered luxuries. The problem with the auto industry is the unions who destroyed them. Plus they made their own mistakes when they made so many gas guzzling SUV’s then got stuck with them when the price of gas exceeded $4 per gallon.

    How could the leaders of the auto industry not forsee the inevitable problems that they were facing over the past 8 years? Now because of the union’s high demands and the auto industry’s leaders lack of interest in producing enviromentally friendly cars they’re stuck.

    My suggestion would be to have them address the issues with the unions, go bankrupt, get new loans and start a new American car company, rehire the employees that they lost, quickly put out into the media what damage the unions have caused before Obama starts supporting them and produce new style cars and help us get off of the depenency of foreign oil. Perhaps all of the enviromental groups can chip in some of their monies to get the auto industry up and running again.

    The credit card companies can kiss our happy butts. Whose going to be next with their hands out? Did we set a presidence with the housing industry for bail outs?

  291. Did you know that the American auto manufacturer is able to make a good fuel efficient vehicle overseas? They have a clean diesel engine in Europe with excellent fuel mileage and it is cheaper than what we pay for cars here. But, they are NOT allowed to import the car here……..and cannot afford to produce the vehicle here due to the wages and benefits issues. The car could not be priced to be competitive with the Toyota and Honda cars!


    So, our automakers can make good cars, but they need to have a higher profit level in which to support the glutinous union wages and benefits…..


  292. ‘morning or afternoon all.

    Am i supposed to care that Ob’s went out to eat while the rest of us are having to cut out such luxuries????
    argh! Not a good way to start the week with news!

    I agree with the car talk…so glad that i’ve never been involved with unions. Here’s hoping i never have to be! Such horror stories from friends that are.
    Credit cards……give me a break! I hadn’t heard they were standning in line too.
    So whats Pelosis’ address? I want to get my request in also! grrrrrrrrr
    This bail out is one huge mistake!!

    That reminds me, when they were voting on that, I wrote all of the KS reps. I recieve a email back from one, might have been a assist that sent it, but it impressed me.
    Then I recieved a hand written letter from another. That really impressed me. Neither appeared to be form letters.

    I wish Bush would look at OB and just say KISS MY @SS!
    πŸ™‚ it would sure make me feel better! *L*

  293. Susan: fork yeah! It’s luecky you’re nice, if you were a beach I wouldn’t have taught you. lol

  294. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Howdy everyone

    Well, I see it is almost time for BOBO and MOMO to arrive in DC and check out their new digs. Hopefully MOMO will take a look inside of Mrs. Bush’s closet and get some fashion ideas

    Patty – you are right – President Bush should tell him to kiss his @ass, then use his hand sanitizer like before after shaking his hand. That seems to be all the talk today.

  295. Anyone read this about Urine Van Der Sloot?

    Stunning Sex-Trafficking ClaimsNatalee Holloway suspect Joran Van der Sloot is involved in selling women into prostitution, TV reporter claims | PHOTOS,2933,449294,00.html

  296. Hi all–

    Yeah KT– Geraldo ran that Joran news this week-end– He is truly a sociopath–

    Max– besos

  297. oh crap I haven’t been watching Geraldo lately now I missed it.

  298. K2

    also, heard on Neil’s show this weekend that the credit card companies are supposed to be getting prepared to ask for a bailout. probably to cover the losses as suggested in this article

  299. It was a fluke when I watched him– I was ready to nod out and he mentioned the story– he was interviewing Tot’s mom’s killer attorney– and I started to nod off when I heard Joran’s name–

    the story showed the videos of Joran and his actions– trying to run a business scam– audio and all– There was the legal discussion which ensued as to what legal issues would Joran be looking at– in a nutshell– most probably none– Dutch Laws– Thailand Laws-

    That kid is nothing but a forking bad seed– thanks to his dad~

  300. ((looks in))


    human trafficing



    the BOMO show

    more bailouts

    ((ducks back out))

  301. @KT–

    slow but I saw it– “urine” Van Der…. πŸ˜€

    hasta luego again!

  302. My question:

    Will Obama pardon Bush for ” any crimes he committed or may have committed.”

    Bush is so going to ask ….. πŸ˜‰ i think bush is innocent but leftys are going to go after him

  303. @LDG–

    You forgot my mention of the Zeta guy getting busted– November 8th– aka Hummer– (I only mentioned Zeta– not as to what he is called)

    So I digressed myself~ πŸ˜€

    KT and K2 are pretty much on topic as to the subject of Adam’s thread~ In the Wake of an Election- especially K2– KT digressed with the Joran–

    And I got her off track– πŸ˜€

    OK– girls- go back at it again– your discussions are good and relevant– but it requires thinking—- darn it!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    (teasing and laughing)

  304. oops– looks like Avi is with the program– πŸ˜€

  305. ok– you girls follow through with the economy–

    I watch for the drug cartels– since I live so close to the border– check out what they found–

    …Also Friday, the army announced that it seized the largest drug-cartel weapons cache ever found in the country. The Thursday raid netted 540 rifles, 165 grenades, 500,000 rounds of ammunition and 14 sticks of TNT from a house in Reynosa.they found-….

    (Maybe this is small in comparison to what is supplied to real wars, but dang, this is enough to hurt and damage a few people..)

    Hmm– I wonder if Adam is on to this since this has been one of his main stories– along with about 50 others…. πŸ˜€

  306. Today i mailed all my documents via fedex…

    i guess its my fault DHL is in the dooper i could have saved them πŸ˜‰

  307. When i dont watch tv…why do i miss all the “good stuff”???
    Newt will take on the RNC??

  308. Susan: great news about the drug bust!

  309. Patty… did you just say that NEWT is going to lead the RNC??????? please tell me that;s true!

    Susan, K2 told me I can talk about whatever I want in here… so you have to holler at her if I digress.

  310. Well…. bailouts for credit card companies to forgive 40% of outstanding credit card debt! Shame on me for paying my card in full every month!

    KT – ‘urine’ = good one…. he certainly is a little piss, isn’t he.

    Patty – What is the news with Newt? missed that…

    also heard today that $1500 of the cost of every car from the Big 3 goes to payments to retirees! And, another $2500 to current employees. And this is for payment to UNSKILLED workers!

    Avi – good thing you used FedEx…… DHL might not have been able to deliver your docs.. πŸ™‚

    Susan – sounds like a good size arsenal to me….

  311. KT – as long as Adam doesn’t show up I can saw what I want………

    now, just ’cause I said that he will be here in about 30 seconds!

  312. i’ll go find the article back Kt….brb

  313. K2… yep 40% can potentially get a pardon! And I saw your post about the American car industry making fuel efficient cars in other countries but not here… what a bunch of crap… thank you union leaders for helping to destroy our economy.,… the very people you tried to help are the same ones that you destroyed… but dammit you’ll certainly make sure that you, union leaders, will have plenty of money in your pocket at the cost oif american jobs…

    please explain to me why liberals don’t see this destruction coming from what they have done. and more importantly, why don’t 50% of americans see this also?

  314. okay…. speaking of urine…..oops – those silly politicians!

  315. I hope the RNC considers Newt. He is a forward looking guy and the GOP needs NEW ideas and plans. We can’t ‘go back to Reagan’. We have to move forward, especially if we hope to gain younger voters.

  316. I have a silly question.
    I know it’s crude…but….
    Where is Ob’s grandma? Did they put her on ice or what? Did I miss the funeral?

  317. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I heard a blurp the other day cause everyone was asking that question.

    His campaign’s response was – they are holding a memorial service for her in December. That is when Bobo and Momo are going to take a mini vacation for a week to 10 days and will attend the services then.

    That is all I heard about it.

  318. KC…atleast they didn’t forget about her! When he said the other day that the most important thing was the dog…I thought maybe in all the hustle….

  319. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    I agree – it does seem like they have forgotten all about her when everything was soooooo urgent not to long ago.

  320. Patty i just read your link and i have to say that article absolutely uinfuriated me to hear the RNC flat out say that they don’t think there’s much changed needed in the GOP… are you freakin kidding me??? we just lost more seats in the senate and the house not to mention the presidency itself and the RNC has the nerve to make a statement like that????? Oh heck no! they did not just say that..

    here is the RNC’s website.

    the little weasel’s name is Mike Duncan he is the chairman (he’s a little sissy if you ask me) there’s a blog on this site where you can post comments to the rnc… everyone should take a moment and give them a piece of your highly intelligent minds

    that little mamas boy doesn’t deserve to hold that position

    now my blood pressure is up

  321. please explain to me why the FBI waits until the election to probe into the rezco deal

  322. KT breathe in…breathe out…breathe in….breathe out. πŸ˜‰

  323. Here’s a real on topic article! Prop 8.

  324. KT – the FBI has been ‘talking’ to Rezko since he was found guilty. The land deal between Obama and Rezko is more than likely one of his smaller ‘deals’.

    It seems Rezko has info on the current Governor of IL. And, perhaps a few more government officials. He was supposed to have been sentenced, but it was postponed as he was ‘talking’………

    stay tuned for future developments – may be very interesting.

  325. be curious to know just what it is that rezko knows. they’ve been tempting everyone with that now for a few weeks.

  326. Patty… the guy is a little weasel.

    K2… read that article.. I wish I understood, or even cared to understand on how a gay marriage would affect a small business as far as insurance benefits and how it would affect the tax breaks they would get with the IRS.

    I’m against gay marriage because of the social impact it has. Also, once it becomes legal then are the schools subject to teaching about gay marriage along with traditional marriage? Then we end up with situations of parents not wanting their children to be in these types of discussions but on the other hand the school is not obligated to even alert the parents of the topic of the day.

    Also another point, once you make it legal, it is possible (not sure to what extent this would be an issue but…) that doors will now be open to lawsuits on churches for discrimination. If a church feels that they do not want to marry a gay couple because it’s not in their doctrine, then wouldn’t they be subject to lawsuits for not allowing gays to be married in the churches?

  327. Patty.. I’m just now hearing rezko’s name come up again i thought it got swept under the rug… and certainly i’m not hearing it in the mainstream media… i didn’t even see an article on FNC’s home page, very disappointed in that, i found that article on rnc’s website

  328. kc sent me this link
    and its even in my home state! I must have missed it this weekend.
    thought i’d share. its worth a laugh actually.
    if you want to “waste” time…the comments crack me up.
    like i told kc…i know the everyday posters, cause that is the paper i read everyday. this brought in all the nuts…probably from gretas! *L*
    from what i read, it was linked from malkin’s site.
    anyway…for small topeka newspaper they are probably gloating on all the national hits!

  329. oops…here’s the actual article

  330. You all are a hoot!!!!

    Patty– Obama’s grandmother is between here and some other plane– not quite sure how she lived her life so no telling where her soul is– but as for the physical– No telling how long you can hold a stiff body with refrigeration– hmm? It has been what now? Maybe a cremation was done and they are going to hold the service since ashes can hang out forever?

    KT– lol– you are right– this blog, I am assuming is because one can brainstorm about anything aka digression– πŸ˜€

    Everyone’s interest varies so I guess we talk about what interests us for the moment– LOL

    And some are more passionate about certain topics than others so it is cool to read the different personalities…. for me, this is cool. πŸ˜€

    Everyone here is pretty cool–in my opinion– and I live for the moment so it is has been a great pleasure to converse with all of you– as it may have to be different down the road– One of these moments you always remember- LOL Although, I will say the name Adam Housley is beginning to fade– I never see him around here that much– do you?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Max– that bust made me happy– it is like when a FARC gets catched, a ZETA makes me just as happy– kind of like “birds of a feather” — both groups are dangerous-

    KT and K2– IT IS SO COOL to see you two at it again! You girls deserve a
    round of ovation~

    Rezko is a piece of sheet~ greedy thief-

    Anyhow, tell your grandchildren to keep their eyes open for a currency with Obama’s face on it– LOL

    And remember, presently, you were able to experience some historical changes.


    Max– I do love my new way of doing expletives– send me a full list, porfavor! xxxx

  331. Susan, I just copy & paste whatever K2 says then claim the statements as my own. This way I look like the smart one. And don’t kid yourself, I’ve done with statements that you have made also, just changed the wording around a little.

  332. KT–

    I sure have missed you– you are really fun– how is Christina?

  333. KT–

    I sure have missed you– you are really fun– how is Christina?

    Did I spell her name correctly? It is has been so long, she might just be in College now— πŸ˜€

  334. wow– I was typing and then I was cut off and so I coninued to type on the post as it was still here, and I see what I started typing showed up with the rest of the post- second time around–

    Sorry about that!

  335. oops– spelling– continued—

    well, I am sure you figured out it without wincing and saying– She does not know how to spell– πŸ˜€

    I don’t- BTW

  336. Nite all–

    and to you too Adam– (do you still exist?) or was this one of those Twilight Zone moments where we all meet in a different dimension? πŸ˜€

    Adam’s Twilight Zone Blog—-


  337. Oh, I missed everyone….. busy watching Heroes and then the Palin interview with Greta.

    KT- you are too funny……

    Susan – you have been very busy….. and sounds like you found a couple of great new additions to the family.

    Here’s a long but interesting article about the auto bailout and politics..

  338. Susan you spelled it correctly! impressive!! she just turned 13 in october… what the heck do i do now?

    K2 i’m going to read this in a minute just popped in to ask…

    did i just hear karl rove correctly when he said that obama is going to use tax payer to fund abortions across the board??

  339. i just got done watching the palin interview… i like palin, i think she’s a good governor, but i don’t think she’s presidential material, also, if we put her on the ticket for 2012 we have a chance of losing yet again more democratic voters… we need a strong republican ticket next go around. i’m still disappointed in mccain that he hasn’t come out himself and defended palin on the accusations.. now i have this stupid doubt lingering in my mind

  340. this line sums up K2’s article perfectly

    But Obama’s stance raises the question, with the country in a worsening economic situation, where would the Democrat draw the line as president?

    now what’s the deal columbia and the free trade agreement? columbia is an ally right (trying to remember what adam taught us) columbuia is our ally and it’s the other SOB in venezuela chavez that’s the scum of the earth right?

  341. so if i remember correctly it was columbia that helped us get the prisoners back from that jungle that Adam was ruinning around in and help with the war on drugs and obama, the free loving man that he is… would rather give tax breaks to chavez than to trade with columbia? i got that part right at least?

  342. did i hear correctly they said that obama will use tax payer money to pay for abortions? when in anyone’s lifetime did we ever think that government would pay to kill fetuses and use our money to do it whether we want to or not? please tell me i heard that wrong. whether you agree with abortion or not it’s not right to use use tax payer money for that purpose.

  343. Karen T: Don’t they already do that by funding Planned Parenthood?

  344. Good Morning,
    We have to take Michelle and dogs to the airport this morning so it’s not a happy day.
    Susan, I just noticed you asked me a question yesterday about Kauai. I’ve been there twice. We stayed at the Hyatt on Poipou beach and it was beautiful. That was the trip when we did Kauai/Maui instead of just Maui.

  345. Susan: I remember you saying you were excited about Glenn Beck moving to fox. Today he was on Fox and Friends!
    All we need now is John Stossel.

  346. KT – re: taxpayer money for abortions — When GWB entered office, he removed our tax dollars from going outside the USA to fund abortions around the world. This is what Obama will most likely reverse, by way of an executive order.

    Also, that article i posted last night was information from the PRIVATE meeting between Obama and President Bush! So, Obama leaves a private meeting, tells his aides and they tell the press! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Was it to discredit President Bush? me thinks yes!

    And, I also believe Obama must have sanctioned this type of leaking or we would have heard of one of his top aides being fired, don’t ya think.

  347. Max – I like John Stossel too. He is a common sense guy…… who describes himself as a libertarian.

  348. KT- yes Colombia is our ally. They are the ones who have been fighting FARC for years. Free Trade with them would open up a new market for our manufacturers to sell their goods.

    And the Dems are against it because of what they see as an anti-union government in Colombia. Gee, the UAW has strangled the Big 3 and our Dem leaders don’t want to allow another country to prosper because of a position on unions! amazing!!!!!!

  349. Here’s another good read from Thomas Sowell……….


    And, this goes along with my favorite line taken from an article about entrepreneurs.

    The “A” Student teaches the “B” Student to work for the “C” Student.

  350. Max… technically those monies are supposed to be compartmentalized and not directly to the actual abortions. For one example, funding is supposed to go to education.

  351. Max—

    excellent point– yes and yes—- Planned Parenthood–

    This is what I think— I believe in population growth because I am scared to death what this planet will look like in the future– Take the population of the 50’s and what it is today– it went from 166,000,00 to 304,000,000~
    So in the wake of this new President, he should focus on the schools having a focus on the 13th year olds- on up about birth control with the parents there as well to educate the whole family– as WE all know, around 13 is when those dang hormones start to kick in and this is the danger zone~ and also focus on the cost of raising a child– This should be such a focus, it should be a drill— Maybe focusing on preventive measures would not make Obama look so ugly on his standing about abortion– and trying to catch the problem, teen-age pregnancy, which it is a big problem, will nip this in the bud a bit as if the kids had a bit of fear put into them about the reality of it all– With the parents there too so the more ignorant ones can learn something too about having five babies from different fathers– lots of that too! And I would focus on the hispanics-

    Sylvia- I don’t know where Earl is staying– some nice hotel as he got the tickets and the hotel for a great price— I will ask– I should send you some pictures he took– so you can start reminding your husband it is time to go back– the waterfallls are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KT– Colombia is definitely an ally– that Obama better not screw it up with Colombia– that Free Trade needs to be in– Uribe is the man we want on our side– He is like the one man island with all those nasty people surrounding him~

    LDG– new cat’s name is Tama Sheethead– You know how to rearrange those two “e”s in sheethead– He was a bad, bad, bad boy!!!!! He, who hated the outdoors, initially, took off like a bat out of heck when I opened barely the front door!!!!!! He bolts across the street with me calling him every name but Kama– and bye and bye– So I came back in and about five minutes later, he is on my back patio. I let him in and reminded him how ugly outside can be so I hope he realized he was better off in here. And then I called him a sheethead and he looked up at me as he responded. Since Ken can’t remember Kama as it is not something his brain absorbs, I told Ken just to call him sheethead. So all morning long Ken has been calling him sheethead– and I think because he likes the name because it makes him laugh, he likes the cat better. πŸ˜€
    Now I call him by his full name– Kama Sheethead- and when I take him to get his shots and exam next Saturday– this is how his chart will read as for his name– Kama Sheethead–

    (thanks Max– I am having so much fun with my new expletives– because they are morally legal) πŸ˜€

    Nothing like humor to keep the day good!

  352. K2… I knew it… there’s no way that the Bush Admin will leak the info. It had to come from Obama’s camp. I’m getting a little ticked at ther wreckless behavior of Obama. He’s sneaky I don’t like that and I hope this position is not going to go to his head anymore than it already has.

  353. this is what Planned Parenthood covers-

    Abortion Services

    Birth Control Services

    Emergency Contraception

    General Health Care

    HIV Testing

    HPV & Hepatitis Vaccines

    Men’s Services

    Patient Education

    Pregnancy Testing & Services

    STD Testing & Treatment

    Women’s Services

  354. Republican Congressman Warns of Obama Dictatorship
    A Republican congressman from Georgia said Monday he fears that President-elect Obama will establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist or fascist dictatorship.

  355. Susan, right, but they do get tax dollars.. max was thinking that the tax dollars are going to fund abortions but it’s not supposed to… only for education and not sure what else

  356. Republican Congressman Warns of Obama Dictatorship
    A Republican congressman from Georgia said Monday he fears that President-elect Obama will establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist or fascist dictatorship.

  357. KT and K2–

    you two just crack me up– what a conversation– we ought to get your girls in the White House or in Congress~

    Too bad Rod isn’t here– he use to get into the heart of it as well-

    have a good day! πŸ˜€

    Hey K2– sometimes the C student turns into an A student— πŸ˜†

  358. Obama better start chewing on coca leaves or brush with coca paste– because by the time he gets done sorting out the paperwork of this mess which he took upon himself to do, it will be 2012! πŸ˜€

    And he said he would go through the federal budget, line item by line item, and eliminate wasteful programs…. Chara, by the time he gets done doing this to move on to something else, I will be long gone! πŸ˜€

  359. Avi–

    when you peek in– what is the word for mess in Hebrew– (is it Hebrew?)

    Balgan? anyhow– this would be a word to describe today–

    (Kosemec and chara I haven’t forgotten– :D)

  360. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:



    Good morning everyone

  361. Morning KC–

    I was just over on Adam’s news blog–His election thread there has 280 posts– I am over there reading them all– what a diverse group– and the thoughts!!!

    And we are winning here on the number of posts on this election thread-

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Headed back there to read them all-

  362. OMG–

    Adam is running a Greta blog over on his election thread~ I had to start skimming through the comments–

    Henny Penny, the sky is falling, is the tone there~

    This isn’t Cuba or Venezuela or Russia-people still have a voice- there is still a Constitution and impeachment is not a dessert!

    Meanwhile, I will sit back and observe~ panic is not going to hit me until it happens or I wil walk around all day suffering from anxiety–

    I believe in the people– We still have a voice and as long as we have a voice, this country still remains a bit free–

    We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Obama has to honor this~ for starters~

  363. BTW–

    If anyone goes over there to read the comments, I am not the Susan 1 or Susan 2–

    You would recognize me because I throw dashes in my comments- my trademark-

  364. Susan,
    Take a deep breath as Patty says.
    There is an article by Bill Kristol in the Cincinnati Enquirer this morning. I don’t know how to send the link. But that article is probably in other local papers. He feels the RNC needs to find ways to attract people or it’s going to be a long 8 years. Kristol has an interesting way of expressing himself. He is not a ranter…..quite the opposite.
    Also want to mention that Kristol is Jewish and is definitely in the minority by being conservative. Most Jewish voters and pols are Democrats…..some very extremely liberal. I am Jewish and there are many (probably most) members of my Temple who are very liberal. That includes our Rabbis…… 1 straight male, 1 gay male, and 1 female. Obviously it is a reform Temple and not an orthodox Synogogue.
    I think that Congressman Cantor would be a good choice to rise up the ranks of the RNC. He is young and has great potential.

  365. Susan,
    Just want to add that I would not vote for a candidate based on religion.
    Barny Frank and Al Franken are Jewish and I would NEVER vote for either.

  366. KT: Still funding abortions, just indirectly. The money going to PP from the Feds might be used for educations, but that just means PP can realocate the funds it would have used for education to Abortion.

  367. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You are right, most of those comments are like right out of greta’s blogs.

    There is a lot of “SHEEPLE” out there – can you even imagine what it is gonna be like when they wake up and find out what they voted for to lead this country – damn scary to me!!!

  368. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Did you have fun with your daughter and her “babies”??

    Will she be back for the holidays??

  369. Sylvia, what is the title of Bill Kristol’s column….. will see if i can find it.

  370. KC,
    Michelle and dogs just landed back in Phoenix about 1/2 hour ago. We probably won’t see her again until March when she always comes for a few days. Although this year she decided to come in January as well because she wanted to see everyone. We will purchase tickets as often as needed. Michelle is our only child.

  371. K2,
    William Kristol writes for the New York Times.

  372. Sylvia–

    didn’t need the deep breath as I was not riled up– I am more amused at the cloud of doom which I won’t wear over my head– Maybe a bit curious as to what happens with gov’t here– I am more scared of what goes on overseas and how this will change attitudes with the scary guys– there is where I am real curious—

    And this is when I need to get back on LDG’s blog– he predicted Georgia/Russia a few days before it happened– He knew Chavez was chest thumping when the Colombia inicident came up and everyone was freaking– He watches the Globe and knows EVERYTHING there is to know– When he tells me to panic, I will– πŸ˜€

    LDG– I WILL be over there– in the evening– I am such a procrastinator– your blog makes me think and I hate thinking!!!!! πŸ˜€

  373. K2,
    Forgot to mention the title…..Obama presents great challenge, real opportunity for conservatives.

  374. Sylvia–

    I might vote for someone based on religion– I would not have voted for Wright if he had run! πŸ˜€

  375. Susan,
    That would be a character issue, not religion. Wright is a nut case.

  376. @Susan

    Predict is too strong a word for what I do. I at best recognize what will be from how it begins. Thank you, none the less. I am just pleased it is of some interest to you, and I will look forward to when you have your thinking-is-fun mood.

    Oh, re: Tama … probably not a good idea to denigrate the little adventurer. Words have a way of turning into feelings, and I know you care greatly about both your new kitties. Besides, he got out and bolted because he was allowed to… (I have found over the years that training the people to be aware of what it means to “know” what your cat will do is far harder than helping the felines learn what is and is not ok.)

    @KC and All

    May you have a very fine Veteran’s Day (Armistice Day) as well.

  377. LDG– OK — then ‘forsee”

    He is still a sheethead!!!! πŸ˜€ He got out faster than I could blink!!! No more! He likes to taunt me-

    Maru is different– as he is older–

    and thanks for the reminder– Armistice Day— I don’t think many of us are aware of today–

    There are three surviving veterans– 108, 110, 112 year olds- I would love to be there to hug them!

    True Sylvia– it is a character issue but he backs himself up with his Bible- because it sure is not my Bible–

    Hasta luego to all!!!

    oyasumi nasai to LDG–

  378. @Susan

    most welcome.


    A bit of Kipling for the Holiday…

    …and off I go to rest.

    Be well and safe, All

  379. Just saw on the FNC home page that Michael Steele wants to run for chair of the RNC and is working to gain Newt’s support. That could be an interesting possibility. Steele is bright and Newt has a lot of insight….and the RNC could use a blood transfusion.

  380. balagan= mess= complicated

  381. and thank you, Avi–

    The United States presently– Balagan

    I made the mistake on turning on the tv– Now I am a bit concerned– Russia and Cuba– I do not like what is going on between these two–

    stoking fear in me—

    I pray Bush gets the Free Trade going before Obama officially steps in–

    Sylvia– I am thinking of hiding under my bed– pull me out when it is safe to come back out– πŸ˜€

    @LDG— for Tommy sees~ your Kipling is great! See you later–

  382. now what is Obama’s secret agenda with this bailout for the autos?

    I am afraid to find out–

    Key to not knowing anything– don’t turn the tele on and don’t read the news– Yikes!

    repeat to yourself, Susan—

    Susan, the sky is not falling–the sky is not falling- the sky is not falling….

  383. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Thanks for “TOMMY” – that was great

    Rest well

  384. You wont see me copy a post often from Greta’s. This post is GOOD! (coming from there)
    Comment by Anna in Maine
    November 11th, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    Oh and Hi everyone.

  385. Patty please coy and paste the post that link took me to posts something about GOD wasn’t making sense

  386. was long, thats why i didnt bring it here. didnt want to upset adam.
    you have to go the >>anna in maine post at 2;17pm

    who by the way…is doing Jury Duty! They only pic the best Adam!!! πŸ˜‰

  387. ‘morning all.

  388. Good Morning all…..

    Adam is on jury duty….. did he get picked for a trial?

    Snow on the ground this morning.

  389. g’morning all around!

    Our good host here is on Jury Duty? Oh, I bet that pretrial interview went over big with the Judge…


    re: snow — does snow on the mountains count, or do I have to wait for snow in the yard to call it “wintery” here? Just checking. There might be a rule or something.

  390. Good Morning,
    No snow here thank goodness. No heat in main part of the house either….large furnace went out. Waiting for repair guy.
    It’s 51 outside so I guess I’ll survive.

  391. Morning first– I am awful with formalities– thanks for the reminder all-

    LDG– Your post is funny! thanks for the laugh– I think it is meant snow in the general vicinity? How far is the mountain? I just read your comment again– and I am laughing– There might be a rule…? :D:

    Adam is on jury duty? What is the trial’s issue? hmmm!

    And no snow here– just temperatures dropping and it sure feels fresh! Yay!

  392. *pushing my underthedesk heater closer to sylvia*


    Adam went for judry duty monday (i think)…and from what it looked like he went yesterday (then wondered why the court didnt tell him it was veterans day! *L*)

  393. Susan…Ive never considered dropping temps to be “fresh”…especially in Nov! *L*

    LDG….your quick this morning! a rule? ha ha

    btw…no snow here, thats a good thing! And it has rained the last 2 days and no ice. We are good to go!

  394. and for me– if you can see the mountains with the snow, it is snowing over there by you! πŸ˜†

  395. Adam went on Veteran’s Day? That has me rolling with laughter!!!!! I am calling the Pearl Harbor Foundation and telling them their main contributor forgot it was veteran’s day!!! OMG– THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!

    But then LDG had to remind us Armistice Day paved the road for Veteran’s Day– shame on me– Brit made mention of this too last night-

    Between Adam’s memory loss and LDG’s post, I am having a fun morning!

  396. Hey Patty–

    With you having a nice summer, pretty flowers everywhere, and the twig look here with Iraq’s temperatures in the summer months, it is only fair we have a nice winter while you freeze over there– Fair is fair– πŸ˜†

  397. @Susan

    Then that qualifies, for the high mountains on the Northwestern Horizon are snowcapped already.

    As to our nearest “mountain”, if 1,500 ft counts, that one is about 3.5 miles to the due west of me. If you want REAL mountains (~8000 ft), those are about a 45 minute drive away:


    Lucky you on the no-ice situation. How are the local drivers there in winter conditions?

  398. And if AZ gets cooler and damper, then so will California and we won’t have to read Adam’s latest on the latest fires– πŸ˜€ (gives him more time for jury duty)

    Adam– post a thread after you get done with jury duty about what the issue is and what transpired in the proceedings– or is it a boring one?

    Does anyone know why he is on jury duty?

  399. @Susan

    Don’t you AZ folks get some serious cold in the night time starting about this time of year? I have vague memories of freezing conditions in Flagstaff in Novembers past…

  400. then again…

    Flagstaff is way higher elevation than where Susan is.

  401. 3.5 miles– I believe this is the one you mentioned you go to? Hiking or something– walking– that would be a neat thing to do– and pray tell, does this 3.5 mountain have a name?

    Now that it is cooler, Danielle, Ken, and I can drive over to the White Tanks and do some hiking– Ken we leave at a covered picnic area and we wander off but not too far as I worry about Ken being alone– just like if he were a kid– as he is in many ways–

    going to check out your link–

  402. Nay—

    It does drop severely at night at the end of November and December- And during the day, one wears a sweater and maybe a jacket– that is about it– if it gets way too cold, it is rare~ Flagstaff is a different story and I don’t live there– yay! Beautiful in the summer– I am not a snow person– when it comes to living in it– although, one does adapt– But I don’t have a man around to shovel the snow and I don’t know how to drive on ice– πŸ˜€

  403. Mount Nantai brought a flashback to me– it looks like the mountain by Toluca, Mexico — which in the winter months, it would have a snow cap–

    beautiful– now I have to go find the name to that mountain! grrr!

  404. @Susan

    The local highground is called ε€ͺεΉ³ε±± Oohirasan (“big, wide, mountain”), and is indeed where I go for my walks. I believe I sent you a link to pictures of the shrine up on the mountain, a while back.

  405. Xinantecatl — SeΓ±or Desnudo–

    wow– that was interesting– took me back home but now I know something about something I only looked at– πŸ˜€

  406. Susan…where did you ever get the idea life is FAIR? *L*

    Yep, we did have a good summer. We’ll see how fortunate we are this winter.

    LDG…you must have missed last years ice storm in KS. Not fun, and drivers here are idiots! *L*

  407. Yes, you did– and I am sure I have it in my emails– I delete the conversation emails– and I save the good jokes and the informative ones– so I know I did not delete that one– I have to go find it and look at it again–

    Yesterday, I deleted all the Obama emails from when he was campaigning– links, jokes, poltical info during his campaign– I must have had over fifty-

    Thank God for emails– imagine if these were all letters and I saved them-

    Do you copy and paste those characters– or what are they called? Japanese writing– There is no way you have a keyboard with those characters~ Or do you– how does Foxy write her stuff in Japanese?

  408. Patty–

    LDG missed the December’s conversations- last year- as he came into our dimension when Adam was doing Colombia and I had to ask him zillions of questions– as I was freaking– and LDG slowly walked me through why Chavez was full of chara~

    But this year, he gets to see your icy pictures– better you than me, I always say! πŸ˜€

  409. granted, that is like the 100 yr ice storm. I had never seen anything like it, and hope to never see it again.
    When the leaves fell this fall, the memories came flooding back. All the tree damage is still so evident. Its really sad.

  410. @Patty

    I did miss hearing of it (the ice storm) but my Texas relatives remind me regularly that there is nothing more substantial than a picket fence between Amarillo and the North Pole to slow down winter weather, so I believe you when you say it was bad.


    There are two ways to type the kana and (chinese-style) kanji characters:

    You can have a dual input keyboard and use a Japanese version OS (like Foxy has). That lets you direct input the kana phonyms and pick the right kanji from a list as needed.

    You can add the East Asian language pack to a U.S.A. version OS, and that lets you type in the equivelent alphabetic entry of the kana and then pick as above if kanji are needed. That is what is on this computer.

    γγ‚Œγ‹γ‚‰γ€€η°‘ε˜γ€€γ§γ™ (from that, doing this is simple).

  411. Oh crap– I lost time again–

    LDG– I AM GOING OVER TO YOUR BLOG TODAY!!! I had an emergency yesterday– my darn car would not start– the battery– so my good friend Tom had to drive over here and we ended up at Checkers– grrrr!!!!!

    I don’t know what I am going to do when me moves to Wyoming on the 21st– he has been my savior for all household wrongs– and the car as well– Everyone else around here are not that accessible– (Max– I will let you know what to expect next year at this tiime of the year when you are in Wyoming as Tom and I will continue to keep in touch)

    Gym day for Ken–

    hasta luego!


  412. @Patty

    WOW… Siberia came to Kansas. Those are some pictures.

  413. @Susan

    Luck at the Adaptive Gym, and my best to Ken (and your kitties)!

  414. quick– LDG–

    gracias– you solved the mystery– I always wondered but never asked-

    but what is the difference between kana and kanji? I am lost!

    I had to look up phonyms–

    Your Texas comment is clever~ πŸ˜€

    will check back later– now you have me curious again?


  415. kitties are doing great– I do close one in the bedroom when I leave– I like to be here to supervise their encounters– getting easier!


  416. @Susan, for when you check back later

    kana are the (two, actually) sets of phonetic writing that fills the same basic role as an Alphabet in written Japanese.

    Using my little annotation above as an example:
    γγ‚Œγ‹γ‚‰γ€€… です <– these are one type of kana; hiragana
    They read phonetically as so re ka ra … de su.
    … 簑単 … <– these are kanji; chinese calligraphy
    They are read, depending on usage, by one of several phonetic equivelents. In this particular pairing, they are read ka n ta n.

    Yes, it is a tremendous annoyance to try to guess the reading of any kanji that you do not have the reading memorized.


    Bet everyone else here has about 100x more Japanese language information than they really wanted to know. Sorry for the lengthy sidetrip, All.

  417. ((laugh))

    There should be one more close-italics in that last post, methinks.

  418. LDG..sibera is what it felt like. Most of our county was without power for 2 weeks. It was chaos. My boss had just taken the position of Emergency Manager 2 weeks prior in addition to his other jobs. Nothing like hitting the road running!
    Power companies are still arguing with FEMA. Such fun. NOT

  419. that was a cool description LDG.
    The calligraphy…from what i understand, there are many interpretations. Not always being what someone expected. My daughter told of someones tat…thought it said one thing…and in the “real” interpretation, it was like total opposite.

  420. @Patty

    heh, well, there is that (about the calligraphy). They function almost like pictograms in that they each carry an inherent meaning, but the odd stuff happens when you pair them up to describe something else, or try to apply them to a modern concept that wasn’t in the cultural consciousness in the time the characters were created.

    Here is my favorite example of created meaning (this one is ancient, though):
    馬鹿 <– reads as ba ka
    individually, the characters mean “horse” and “deer”
    together, they mean “FOOL”
    the origin is unknown, but apocryphally it is said there is an ancient Chinese legend of a horse who thought it was a deer, and thus acted like a deer… but had no antlers… which would be a pretty foolish horse indeed.

  421. ((headsmack))

    Did I just leave a new word around for Susan’s invective collection?
    Oh… no…

  422. *L*
    Sis has a tat that has a symbol that she says means “lil sis”. I usually kid her that “atleast that is what they told you it means”!
    I’m not a big tat fan, we dont converse about it often!

  423. ADAM>>>its after election… is Fox done with the new and improved (?) blogs yet??????????

  424. @Patty

    re: Sis
    Does it look like this, if you recall?

    ε¦Ή <– reads as mai or more commonly, imouto
    means “younger sister”.
    it is a neat little character, made up of elements that mean “woman” and “immature; not yet full-grown”.

  425. I really dont spend much time looking at the crack of her @ss………*LOL*
    but, yep, it resembles that!!!
    She did it in memory of Kathy. Her lil sis.

  426. hehhehheh, you didn’t say *where* the tat was…

    None the less, sounds like she thought it was a good thing to get, given the reason stated.

  427. How long have you been in japan LDG? if i can ask.
    its probably been said, i just missed/forgot the details. Are you fluent in the languauge? or is it easier “on paper”?

  428. πŸ™‚

  429. Life is funny, in a odd sense of that word, or cruel. I haven’t decided. Those girls fought like cat and dog. They were absolutely nothing alike. Now I watch Sis go through the guilt and picking up pieces as she goes. We can’t change that for her, she has to make her way through that jungle. Each of us have our own guilts. I think she does better with it than her brothers though. So if her tat helps in some way, i try to not ride her too hard about disliking them.
    Kat’s best friend also got one. Its behind her shoulder behind her own heart. A heart with angel wings…with “Kat” in the middle. She told me she was going to do it, but not to tell her mom! I said…whoa, ifyour mom asks, im not lying! *L* I guess she thought i’d be ok since it was kats..i dont think so!

  430. @Patty

    re: “How long have you been in japan LDG?” — going on 12 years now.

    I am conversant, and read about as well as a student entering jr. high school. Not a great surprise, as from elementary school to high school graduation students study 5 class hours a week every year just on reading and writing to master the basic grammar and about 2,000 basic kanji characters. Even so, most people are amazed that I can read for comprehension from newspaper articles (most people can’t, except for gist meanings). I just couldn’t read the article aloud as I am too weak at the pronounced readings.

    To an outsider, I might appear fluent. I certainly talk on the phone and hold discussions in Japanese. But, to a native speaker, ha ha ha, not a chance of them considering me anywhere near fluent.


    re: the other Kat tattoo — now that one I rather like.

  431. Ok, 0400hrs local. Time for me to go tackle the pillow.

    It’s been fun today, thanks Patty and All!

  432. I can’t imagine all those symbols. But dont they say that the english language is the hardest to learn?

  433. ((calls back over his shoulder @Patty))

    re: english = hardest– to speak, perhaps. grammatically, yes (English has screwed up grammar “rules”). to read, write the words, or read aloud, not a chance.

  434. Patty: English shoudln’t be too hard for most people, since you don’t have to follow the grammer rules to be understood.

    It depends what language you come from though, since unrelated languages are hardest to learn. That is why arabic and asian languages are so hard for europeans to speak, they are just completely different. Of course inflective languages are harder, since the way you inflect the same words changes the meaning. English has a couple of words like that, but some languages have very many inflective words.

  435. Makes sense Max.

    I never did have another language class in school. Im a one language girl πŸ™‚
    Hubby took spanish in school, he cant remember it now. I probably know more than he does just from all the years of sesame street with the kids.

  436. LDG,

    “re: english = hardest– to speak, perhaps. grammatically, yes (English has screwed up grammar β€œrules”). to read, write the words, or read aloud, not a chance.”

    no way… hebrew is all that…. grammer wise… terrible if you saw what i was learning in hebrew class… the language is retarded lol

  437. retarded?! *LOL*
    i always enjoy your choice of words Avi!

  438. Boy this really aggravates me

    Bonuses Amid BailoutFOXBusiness: As financial industry cries ‘help,’ billions of dollars still being set aside to pay hefty bonuses to top execs

  439. Where is the line in the sand concerning bailouts? Everyone is making a wish list. Guess that’s what you do this time of year.
    Maybe Uncle Sam should change his name to Uncle Santa.

  440. I wrote our letter to ks reps lastnight and emailed them. Letting them know how wrong it would be to bail the auto makers and that this had to stop! Since they all voted no to begin with, I dont see our reps as changing their minds. But I atleast was heard. Whether it helps or not, who knows.

  441. LDG…when you come back, a FYI…yes, that is “it”!

  442. sylvia…furnace fixed? i hope!

  443. Patty,
    Furnace fixed. Minor problem…some pressure thingamajig had a stuck shutter. We have gas furnaces. I think it was a meter.

  444. Sylvia..pressure valve maybe.
    Glad its fixed.

  445. Patty good for you sending that letter! The credit card companies said they’re next in line, they said that last week. That will give 40% of people in default a bail out. What a bunch of crock.

    So is that fair to Macy’s, DHL, Linens & Things, Circuit City and countless others that closed their doors just last week alone?

  446. FNC Story:

    President-elect Obama will have many difficult decisions to make as he takes office in January, including: bowling alley or basketball court? | PHOTOS

  447. Patty,
    Thanks. I’m not good at roughing it. I can’t handle too hot or too cold. I get lightheaded in Phoenix when we visit during intense heat time. And why do we go when it’s hot time (we go in May and early September)? Because rates are cheaper then. We like to stay at a Marriot and call it vacation. When we stay with Michelle and Michael we are always being Mom and Dad, not guests. We love them but enjoy some space. Besides we listen to them complain about his parents staying 7-10 days and how tedius it gets. I shall add his Dad ain’t hurting financially ( retired P&G exec.).

  448. KT,
    How many advisors will he have to consult prior to decision?

  449. This is probably the only decision he is capable of making on his own whether or not he wants a basketball court or a bowling alley.

    This election better not have gone to his head.


    Judge Shows Former Border Agent No Mercy in New Sentencing for Shooting
    Wednesday, November 12, 2008,2933,451026,00.html

  451. KT,
    Greta has a thread up about Sarah being pursued by 30 plus cameras in Miami. She is there for the Republican Governors Meeting. Guess the media hasn’t forgotten her yet.

  452. Wide Speculation on ‘Climate Czar’Schwarzenegger and Gore are two names being suggested to lead president-elect’s rumored Energy Security Council

  453. KT,
    Arnold and Gore could help stop polluting the air by shutting their mouths.

  454. You know what, I like her, a lot. And during the election I liked that she was selected to be V.P., then after watching Greta’s 2 day interview with her (one day of that would have been sufficient) I realized that Palin is not Presidential material. And I nothing specific to pin on her as a reason, she didn’t give me a comfortable feeling.

    Also, if we put her on the ticket in 2012, do we risk losing the election again? I think we need somebody stronger than her. But I think she would make a great Senator or Congresswoman.

    I hope the media continues to hound her because it will help to get out the views of the GOP, I just hope that they don’t make a big deal out of having her run in 2012 because it can turn people off, the ones who never liked her from the beginning and perhaps we lose the opportunity to sway them back to us.

  455. hahahahaha!!!!! I do believe you are correct about Gore and Arnold (I never was able to spell his last name so I always type Arnold).

  456. sylvia… i dont do extremes either.
    Our grandson laughs at grandma and our “camping trips”.
    When he comes, if he wants to roast marshmellows, we go to the store, get all our smores stuff.
    Grandpa lights the chiminea thing outside for us, we roast, we giggle, when we are full…we go back in the house ! *L*
    Grandma’s camping!

  457. Patty,
    Grandma’s camping would make me a happy camper.

  458. He gets a big kick out of it sylvia.
    He is coming this weekend, so it will be another “nothing but play” for a few days. Im always glad to see him come. He lived with us for the first 5 years. He’s such a easy kid to have around.
    Its probably pretty quiet at your house now. I always hate to see “company” go, even though im thankful for the quiet, it is short lived.
    Pat and I are pretty boring just the two of us! *L*

  459. KT..don’t you think its because Gov Palin is so different that what we are used to. The women in politics that i know/see, are just another empty suit. Sarah is so different from the norm. I like the idea! Prim and proper makes my uncomfortable anyway, so maybe that’s why i like her.

  460. I like Palin as she represents to me what our politicians should be. Just down to earth every day people.

    This election we had 3 Washington insiders. I think once you start living in that environment, you lose touch with what is happening in the states and neighborhoods you represent.

    Personally, I prefer a Governor over a Senator for President. A Governor is like a mini-president.

    There is a big difference, to me, in being a leader of the team (Gov. or Pres.) than being a member of the think-tank (Senator).

    It is surprising how much Palin bashing is continuing today. She really must be a threat………….

  461. Patty – i like your kind of camping…… we camped when the kids were little, but we had a motorhome! But, we ‘roughed it’ by staying in parks without electriity and water hook-ups!

  462. K2,
    Palin has rock star status. The other future hopefuls are unproven and unknown.

  463. She is a huge threat. And i like it, cause it seems the ones that are the most bothered by her, are the ones that would probably have the most to hide.
    I truly like seeing those people squirm, they’ve gone unchecked for a long time!!!
    Hollywood and the likes don’t like her because she is everything they are not! She goes against everything they stand for. Something money can’t buy….she’s real!
    What gets me is, like the posters at Greta’s and other places, even our local papers, they seem to have forgotten the election is over. They won, why are they still bashing to beat the band? Sore winners? Don’t hear of that often. Its actually comical.

    camping…hubby used to love to fish, thats what we usualy did once a week in the evening and sunday afternoons when the kids were small. We have our own pond, and the neighbors have one right across the fence. I’m ok with it, but i want to drive home to potty! *L* Somethings you just cant take out of the city girl, and that was one of them. haha

  464. Patty,
    I am a complete city girl in that department!!!!

  465. I agree and I like her on many levels and I definately do NOT want a washington insider. I think Palin would be good to clean up corruption on both sides of the senate and I fully agree with her strong conservative views. But what I also saw was good portion of the country that didn’t like her.

    I don’t know if any of you caught this but I heard a sound bite of O. saying that we might not be able to fix things in Washington over the next year and maybe not in the first term. Now that tell me 4 things. 1. he just bought himself a pass by saying that the economy can’t be fixed in one term. Now he can sit back and his *ss is covered. 2. He plans on running a second term. 3. He believes that he will in fact in office from being re-elected to the 2nd term and finally 4. this election went to his head to assume that he would be in office after 4 years.

    How could Palin get her name out enough over the next 4 years to the ones who didn’t vote for her in this election will come to know her? I don’t want to risk losing the next election.

  466. I want Newt to run. He could win. Now I know that he’s involved with American Solutions and yes it’s important that we have a good health plan that’s fiscally responsible, I get that. But he disappointed us when he didn’t run this election and I’m now disappointed that he didn’t take the RNC director position and he’s saying now that he’ll think about running in 2011.

    I think the Republican party needs him now and I wish he was able to divy up his time between the party and American Solutions.

  467. KT…O said that a long time ago, your late πŸ˜‰
    It started sometime after the last debate i think, he was protecting his status back then. and I do think it is all of the above. Posturing, ego, the works. It more so bothers me that he is aligning himself with the clinton people. I am not a clinton fan, never was, never will be. And that goes for the company he kept and still keeps. If the dem’s wanted more clinton, why did they just not give it to Hillary? that makes no sense to me.

  468. Re camping: As a kid we camped with a camper, and progressed from a pop up to a “self contained” trailer. Mom made sure that we got the camper with the bathroom for the 6 week trip we did one summer from Michigan to the west coast and back. We have a small tent that we got last year to take to the NC mountains for a overnight. The campgrounds that we go to have running water and bathrooms but no electricity. It is not bad for a weekend but not sure I want to go for longer than that. That said, if we could do anything we wanted, we would buy a small motorhome and head out on the open road.

  469. You know I was picking up on that also about him moving closer to the Clintons I thought I was just blowing it out of proportion. Interesting you said that. And you’re if they wanted the Clintonian era back she would have won. I still can’t tell how far left he’s going to run his admin. I’m thinking that a ton of far leftists paid big money for him to win this election and I have concerns that he’s going to have to give in to their demands and even so, I’m sure he’s right in-line with those requests anyway.

    Like shutting down Guantanimo. I heard tonight that 240 that we released 50 of them already committed brutal crimes against our military. And he we release more of them where do they go? And what if they no longer are under tribunal court system. Does that mean they are entitled to American justice? I’m very concerned and confused about this process.

  470. I see Obama trying to do very little his first two years. He will focus on the economy, but I think his plans are the wrong plans. Time will tell. If our economy does not begin to turn around in two years, he will have a hard time hanging onto the top spot in 2012.

    He will alienate the far left because he cannot win a 2nd term with only their support. He needs moderate dems and reps to win. He will let Pelosi and Reid take the hard left line.

    The problem with Obama is that we really do not know who he is. My impression of him is based upon his associates, his early speeches, his lack of developing any true legislation, his orator skills, and his slick way of not really answering a question. In short – I do NOT trust him.

    As for closing Gitmo…… i see that as a huge problem. Is he going to bring all those men to the US for a trial in our court system? As what? What jurisdiction do we have as a juror to sit in judgment of someone involved in a ‘crime’ or whatever you call it, in a foreign country?
    It would be a quick trial for me…… caught on the war field trying to kill Americans or caught tyring to set off a bomb to kill Americans….. Guilty!

    Now, where do we house them? In a federal prison? With the general population? What is the length of their sentence? Do they get special treatment? Special food?

    They have the best conditions possible in Gitmo. They receive trail there. Why does Gitmo need to be closed?

  471. we need LDG to explain the gitmo thing, cause that is beyond me. I dont see what the stink is to close it either. They tried to kill our boys….hang em from a tree!

  472. adam. ..i know you peak in here….curious…what was your jury duty about?

  473. peek (sorry!)

  474. @Avi

    I concur re: Hebrew being a really confused language (rule-wise). Like modern Irish Gaelic, it is a reconstructed language and as such has little of the normal structure associated with continuous (“living”) languages.


    re: “it” — oh good, glad to hear it wasn’t something done by mistake.

  475. @All

    re: GTMO detainees — ouch, you are asking a really hard one. There is a *lot* of difference of opinion about that whole situation.

    Basically, if a non-uniformed irregular combatant is caught on the battlefield, the old rules (kill him, he’s a spy) don’t completely apply any more. Besides, just killing them destroys any possible intelligence information gain from questioning the detainee.

    So for a lot of reasons, the decision was made to hold and interrogate said foes. The problem then starts with: “Under what status are they detained?” and the American Government’s way of answering that was to define a label called “unlawful combatant” for these detainees, and to keep them under military jurisdiction as prisoners. As this status neither labeled them as civilians requiring protection during internment, nor as combatants requiring Prisoner of War status, further choices were made to keep the detainees in military-administered confinement and to keep those confinement locations extra-territorial (outside the U.S. proper). But having prisons in the same area as the fighting is going on is a bad idea, so facilities at GTMO (and in part at other transit locations) were set up to hold the prisoners until they could face military courts.

    GTMO is a particularly suitable location as it is an extra-territorial location fully under U.S. military control, but with no legal obligations to a host nation as to what goes on there.

    Here’s the problem:
    The concept of “unlawful combatant” is a neither-fish-nor-fowl designation, and it has no precidence in law. In fact, most cited interpretations of treaties governing prisoners of war/military detainees state that there is a clear either-or choice: Either the detainee is a combatant, and if so conduct regarding them is governed by the Third Geneva Convention (1949) on prisoners of war, *or* the detainee is a civilian, where conduct regarding them is governed by the Fourth Geneva Convention (1950) on protections afforded to civilians in wartime.


  476. (continued)

    To offer a gross oversimplification of the military-legal issues in all this, it pretty much goes like this:
    If the U.S. government chooses, likely by secret executive order, to capture a “unlawful combatant” (a.k.a. suspected terrorist enemy of the state) and drop him/her into a dark hole run by the Intelligence service(s), it is taking an extra-legal step that could lead to all sorts of legal problems (even with our allies), but that is the extent of it. It gets really nasty if a country gets caught doing things like that, but *it does not call into question the entire legitimacy of the national defense*.


  477. (continued)

    Here is an example of how an extra-legal action (by France) led to all sorts of problems when they got caught at it:

    Since the U.S. government has instead chosen to take open action (not secret) in the detention of “unlawful combatants”, a whole ‘nother can of worms gets opened.

    By detaining individuals taken prisoner on the battlefield (mostly) and yet offering them neither GCIII nor GCIV status, and doing so openly as a matter of course in warfighting, the U.S. has involved the military in a conduct that is not clearly justifiable under modern “Laws of War”. This, if it could ever be successfully challenged, would be an indictment of the legitimacy of the entire national defense.

    Trust me on this, that would be bad.

    So the thinking of the “close GTMO” (actually close the detention areas, the naval base would stay there) crowd is that to rectify this potential illegality and to make things “legitimate”, the extra-territorial detentions and classification of the detainees as “illegal combatants” has to stop, both for human rights reasons and for international legal reasons.

    That then leads to…

    So what do you do with the detainees? One *can’t* make them POWs as they lack the formal status as sovereign-sponsored combatants needed. One *can’t* generally label them as criminal detainees and then repatriate them to the jurisdiction of a country that has claim to try their cases under that country’s laws (most of the detainees that could apply to went that route after military interrogation was done; those are the “GTMO releases” you hear about, and yes some of them go right back to insurgency as soon as they skip out on the local law).

    …and if you invoke U.S. criminal law as grounds for detainment, then you have to try them in the U.S. justice system, which has all those protections to the accused built into it.

    The attempt to find legal basis for military tribunals is still going on, and there is *some* precidence that could be claimed, but the length of detention and the issue of what to do with those found guilty by tribunal both argue against that ever being widely applied.

    To sum up: I told you it was a mess.

  478. Who wants money?

    Who wants a share of the 700 billion dollar bailout?

    heres the link to apply via drudge

    Susan… maybe the govt can give u money for the cats πŸ˜€

  479. OH DEAR LORD:

    It willl take me days to sort out all of this— LDG was on a mission!

    His blood pressure was way up– He tries us all to make us understand what the chara goes on…..

    DAMN— LDG~ I can not or will not ever, ever, falter with impression. YOU TOTALLY BLOW MY MIND— and you are a good guy!

    You put in your blog these great articles of which none of us understand and yet you come to visit the simple us and try to teach us!

    “To sum up: I told you it was a mess.” your quote

    Avi’s word– Balagan— Hebrew = mess

    As for you my friend, LDG, your are awesome!


  480. @Susan

    Thank you. No blood presure problems here, but yeah that took a lot to even try to explain.

    Here’s hoping I helped.

  481. avi—

    between you and me, we can do it!

    I will say it now as I have said it before, you are one cool guy! And so is Max—

    You kids crack me up! I got my best expletives from you both!

    I totally love you and Max—-

    I think and truly believe you and Max are going to be so contributing to this balagan!

    You two will be studying different things in different states, but I believe, you two are going to be the best at what you two decide— For you two, are about the coolest kids I have talked to who both have so much insight and compassion as to human rights~ Plus, your high level of intellect~

    LDG is going to have some competition in a few years– with you and Max.

    Keep in touch with LDG~

    LOTS of besos and hugs- Avi–

    And when you are rich and come to Phx– let’s hook up at the airport– for just a hug! πŸ˜€

  482. LDG—

    Sometimes I feel like I am in the same room with you– and yet, you are so far away—-

    I totally see what you are doing~

    You are amazing– you are incredible~ You are a total genius! Almost to scary—

    You blow my mind– what don’t you know? How could anyone at your age, be so damn brilliant? Are you like from here, or you like a brilliant alien?

    You blow my mind!!!!!

    You are one special and very unique man~ And I TOTALLY love you!

  483. @Susan

    can I be embarrassed now?

    There are lots of folks far sharper than I out there, Susan. I just have the luxury of time (well, some times) to be able to take part in such discussions. One thing I am rather happy about over on my ‘blog is that some of my associates who are better at some things than I come over and comment when they can.

    oh, and (checking his alien registration card) I do seem to be an alien, at least according to the GovJapan…

  484. Good Morning,
    My head is spinning after reading LDG’s comments. I don’t think I can absorb so much info, at least this morning. LDG, you are really sharp. I am so confused about how the government can handle the GITMO situation. It seems like a lose/lose situation. Maybe I am just too pessimistic, but I think those detainees will be released to kill again.

  485. Susan: balagan?

    I’ve never been camping. There are a lot of campgrounds around Casper, so i could probably go camping one weekend in the summer.

  486. LDG – thank you for the explanation on Gitmo. It is a mess, since we are attempting to apply laws created to handle prisoners under a ‘conventional war’ (meaning – one country attacking another country).

    In this instance, we did not have a country attack us, we had an ideology attack us. The ‘enemy combatants’ are not from ONE country. So, as you pointed out, there is really no specific country to receive them upon their release.

    What to do as we move forward is the big question. With Iraq becoming more stable, any future insurgency will be handled there on a local law level. Or, at least i hope so.

    As for the current detainees…… who knows. This issue, although both Obama and McCain said they would close Gitmo, was never discussed during the campaign.

    From my perspective, the detainees are much better off at Gitmo. Their religious needs are being met. In a US prison, this would be a problem.

  487. K2 that’s my whole point we don’t know him because there’s very little history of him so we end up judging him and assuming things about him based on associations and what little he has done in public office, not to mention things he has done in his social and personal life. So far the only thing I like about O. is his support for Israel. I think one of things holding back some of the Arab countries from attacking Israel is we’ve always had American Presidents who support the protection of Israel. If we didn’t support Israel that would give the enemies a green light to start an all out war.
    As a juror, I too would walk in the court room with a bias opinion, guilty before the evidence was shown. The prisoners wouldn’t have a chance with American jurors for these terrorists. And where in the world would these prisoners find American lawyers to council them? They would end up being traitors.

  488. LGD… just got to work and need a little time to read your posts… didn’t want you to think that you gave me all that info and I’m going to ignore it…be back soon.

  489. Adam Housley Says:

    I have a new post guys. Sorry for the absence, been a bit craz lately.


  490. @Karen T and All

    Please do take your time with that triple-comment elephant I posted, and I am sorry for the complexity. It is just a nasty issue.

    re: Sylvia on the GTMO detainees being released “to kill again” — It was going to be something like the Far East Tribunals at the end of WWII in the Pacific, classifying those detainees as “A” “B” “C” or wrongfully detained. Basically, “A” were to be hanged; “B” imprisoned for years; “C” cited, briefly imprisoned (months) and public record to shame them. Turns out that in modern day “international law” as accepted, most of that wouldn’t be considered correct.

    re: K2 on trying the GTMO detainees in the U.S. legal system — Can’t treat them as “stateless persons”, though, or you open your country up to politcal asylum claims. If you toss them into General Population in most prisons, the leader-types are disciplined enough to continue the struggle by acting as agitators and recruiters from amongst the prisoners. If you drop them into solitary confinement, that leaves you open to “cruel and unusual” claims. It is a claims lawyer’s dream scenario: Almost anything you try to justify doing with the GTMO detainees under U.S. law is likely not legally correct.

    re: Karen T on just getting to work et al. — The detainees get legal representation under the military tribunal system, and pretty darn good ones, but not until after the detainee has finished interrogation. They also have no jury system: it is one judge for rulings, three judge panel for review… however the judges are all military officers.

    It is really long, and there is a lot more information out there I didn’t even try to post here. I just hope what I commented here is of use to you


    btw, g’morning All and our good host has a new thread topic up here.

  491. @Adam Housley

    Way to go on the new topic and Welcome Back!

    We’ve been a bit crazy here in your absence. Just trying to follow the theme, I guess ((grin)).

  492. Jennifer J Says:

    K2, Were the military votes ever counted??

  493. Follow up on the GTMO issues:

    This is a good read on the legal choices facing the (new and existing) administration(s):

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