Having seen your posts now for more than a year, I get the feeling I know how this will go. BUT..heck….what the hey! We are going to have our own blogger election. First…who will be the next President and when you post after your vote, who will be the front runners in 2012? You know the next campaign has already begun. The second question….will the Senate get 60 seats? This should be fun.


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  1. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well, I hope and pray that John McCain will be my next President of the United States of America

    I do not think I would want either party to have 60 seats in the Senate, and I do not for sure want the dems to have 60

  2. Oh boy. This is tough.
    I still have faith in the “Amercian Way”…and the people that make this the greatest country on earth!

    Adam if we are right…can we get the pundits paychecks? *L*

    AS to the next……….ARE YOU Fr*ck’in CRAZY??

    oh and you would still have time to overnight us all a bottle of Housley’s Best…..we could toast tomorrow night at midnight!!!

  3. It was a hard vote…… I look at the numbers and see that it is close…… which gives me hope. We just need to make sure the citizens of our western states do not pay attention to the early results in the east and VOTE!

    And, that they Vote for McCain.

    As for a super majority…. I have a feeling the dems. are going to pull it off. sure hope not…….. and really hard to understand when the Congress has such a low approval rating.

    I, too, would prefer NO super majority of either party. They seem to get too greedy when that happens. I prefer more balance.

  4. Adam’s first question was tough. I know that everything points to an Obama win, but, a) I’m hoping that the independents will lean towards the right because they’ve had too much B. Hussein Obama pushed into their faces for the past 3 months, b) the female Hillary voters will switch to McCain because if they wanted Obama to begin with they would have voted for him, c) I’m not trusting the media/poll results or the people that are being polled, just how honestly are these people answering the poll questions? And d) I think the republican voters will come out of the woods to vote tomorrow.

  5. I voted yes we’ll reach 60 Dem seats. I know it’s rediculous to think that it’ll go that way, like K2 said said they have an extremely low approval rating, but judging by the way Americans are shifting closer to a socialist society, plus people I talk to know that everything’s going down the tubes and they can’t figure out why so they blame it on Bush and the Republicans. They make my head spin.

  6. 2012 I hope Huckabee will run… with him having his own show now on FNC he’ll have the opportunity to let people know what he’s all about and get used to him (plus I am secretly hoping we can switch to the Fair Tax Act).

  7. Being a pessimist I think Obama will win and the Dems will get their 60.
    I don’t want any party getting a slam dunk…we need checks and balances.
    I also will predict that if Obama loses Hillary will run in 4 years. If McCain loses, Sarah Palin will run for senate as soon as possible and then for Pres in 8 years. I don’t think she would run against Obama if he was seeking a second term….unless his presidency is a complete failure (think Carter).

  8. Even if B. Hussein wins now, I think the GOP will take it back in 4 years because I am going to personally write the execs of the GOP (if I could just figure out who they are) and holler at each of them for letting down the Republican party. They didn’t fight hard enough to get new voters registered and they didn’t fight hard enough at the states levels to get their seats back. They’re playing politics like a bunch of little sissys. They’re all a bunch dorks and should be fired.

    Now my blood pressure is up.

  9. Hey…. only one more day until the campaigning for the 2010 elections start! ๐Ÿ™‚

    KT – the Republicans blew it. They had control in Congress and spent like a bunch of ‘drunken sailors’. It is a shame Bush did not find the veto pen sooner…..but, oh well. So, we are now paying the price of uncontrolled spending.

    Then we had the wonderful Democrats drawing a line in the dirt and attacking our President publicly in a time of war. They should be ashamed, but it was all to gain power. And, they did just that in 2006. But, their time in control has been dismal. They are going to want to spend like crazy, but the people have been awakened.

    And, with the struggling economy, it will be hard for Obama to enact all his ‘plans’. People who voted for him are not going to be happy…..

    So, if Obama wins, and the Dems are in control of the Congress, the far left is going to put immense pressure on them to ‘give give give’.

    I see a return of Republicans to Congress in 2010. Much like happened to Clinton.

    As for Palin, she would be wise to remain a governor and stay out of Congress, if she is interested in a future Pres. or VP job. I am looking forward to the advancement of Gov. Bobby Jindahl, Louisiana. He has make remarkable changes to Louisiana.

  10. Oh I forgot about Jindahl liked him (what I read about him).

    This economy is not going to get better for a long time and if the president starts a spending spree and our deficit hit the trillions, we’re screwed, can’t recover from that.

  11. Doesn’t it say in the constitution that we can’t fund a war for more than 2 years?

  12. KT – are you going to make me go read the Constitution again…. I did such a great job last time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I was too lazy to do it… hang on I have it somewhere in a file

  14. Here it is…

    To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water;

    To raise and support armies, but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than two years;

    To provide and maintain a navy;

    To make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces;

  15. what’s your interpretation of that?

  16. I say it’s an illegal war based on that

  17. and this is under (obviously) the powers of congress. might i add that it’s a majority democratic congress who has funded this war in excess of 2 years and then blamed it on bush.

  18. I’d say they must refund the war every two years. Was that not part of the issue when Congress wanted to attach a time limit for Bush to begin to withdraw the troops?

  19. @Karen2

    “…they must refund the war every two years.”

    Correct, on any one act of funding. More often in cases of specific legislation (most supplimental funding has much shorter expenditure limits).

    @Karen T

    caveat: Legality of the war and legality of the expenditure of funding for a war are two distinct issues.

    (side note: a State’s right to issue letters of marque and reprisal has been superceded by the Annex to the Paris Treaty; Paris Declaration Respecting Maritime Law (1856) …so no more privateering for you)

  20. I think McCain could win. If he doesn’t maybe we can get another Newt Gingrich in 2010, and Regan in 2012.

  21. Good Morning.
    Will be voting this afternoon. Hoping and praying for a miracle.
    Max, I think it will be time for the Republicans to look to younger candidates who are yet unproven…like Jindal. I hope Sarah stays in the spotlight but there are a lot of females who will not vote for her. I think a young male Republican will be the next choice.
    Don’t know if there will be another Reagan….he was unique.

  22. GRRR… Everyone has seemed to have lost hope. I really hope John McCain wins.

  23. Sylvia: Well a charismatic Republican needn’t be too rare. Neither does a Reform Republican.
    I think the near term future for the Republican part is in the hands of Palin, Jindal, Romney and Bohener.

  24. Does anyone still think McCain can win. I think I have come to accept that this is simply not the year ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ?

  25. Max,
    Romney may have missed his chance. Boehner may not be charismatic enough. Palin and Jindal are younger and more charismatic.

  26. Avi ~ I haven’t given up! There is always hope! And I am hoping and praying McCain wins!

  27. In 2012 I think Romney, Huckabee, Jindal and Palin could be front runners for the Republicans… as for the Dems… not sure on that one. I think Hillary will try again…

  28. Sylvia: I think for Romney it really depends who wins today. If McCain wins it will likely be a shoe in for Palin when he retires. If McCain loses, then it’s an open game.

    Boehner is more likely to be the next GOP speaker of the house than President. But good guys like Newt can use that position to get a lot done, so Boehner would be able to do something in that position.

    On the Democratic side their future is here now, so they don’t have so many other up and comers in the pipes. Their front runners for 2012 will depends as well on who wins today. Obama will probably be their candidate, but it could be like the Dem primary in 1980, where Kennedy almost won against Carter. If Obama is unpopular someone representative of the past like Hillary would have a good chance.

  29. ‘morning all.

    There is always hope avi!

    The polling place here is a block from my office. The parking lot was packed at 8 am. Thats a good thing!!!!
    We will go later today.
    My boss was #1 for his township!
    We have the 2 county commiss on the ballot, and since they sign mine and pats paychecks…those are the ones im interested in watching.
    The one commiss that retired…there are 4 vying for his spot and 2 of them none of the employees want to see get it. One is actually a 25 year old kid, I would like to see him in there. Just cuase he interested for the better of the county, not like the others that he’s mad at his neighbor. Falls back that the ego thing. Just not a good combo in politics. The other commiss spot, who is in our district where we live, the current one is our neighbor….i’d like to see him back in there. I wouldn’t have voted for him except the one running against him is the one that is running for spite, and that will never work with this much money in his hands. So i’ll vote for the lessor evil.

  30. I would love to see Huckabee there in in ’12!
    I seem to really like that man, would love to meet him face to face and there arent many politicians I would say that about.

  31. ** Adam…did you get “our” wine shipped?
    you know, so we can have a toast at midnight!!
    (or drown our sorrows)
    ha ha ha ha

  32. The Republicans should set up an organization to battle ACORN fraud called SQUIRREL.

  33. Max…*LOL*

  34. Max ~ I like that idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Patty ~ I agree I like Huckabee and I would like to meet him as well! I want to be an audience member on his show! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. I was wondering …

    is there a sort of tradition in which the candidates vote for each other… I always thought maybe that they would do such a thing just to be nice and yah…. lool or is this to good to be true?

  36. Becky…would that be cool!!??

    Think of this…

    Adam = Fox
    Huckabee = Fox
    Adam’s blog. = Huck Fans
    Adam’s power = Brings His Blog people, that be US, to Huck’s show!!!


  37. Avi…you crack me up!

  38. Avi ~ It’s probably too good to be true but, I have thought about that as well!

    Oh…I voted this morning and it only took an hour! YAY! I will be beyond tired tonight though…5am is way to early to get up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Patty ~ YES! ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe I can dream about this and it will come true! lol

  40. Becky….maybe that your dream!!!*L*

  41. ahhhh you beat me to it! funny

  42. Avi…politics and nice in the same sentence seem to be a true oxymoron!

  43. Patty ~ maybe that is part of what my dream is to be… all of us meeting in NY to go see Adam and then meeting Huckabee! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. @Avi

    McPalin FTW. Going to be a heck of a lot of fun getting there too.


    g’morning! Vote Early and Vote Often!

  45. LDG….vote early and often?
    Ooops….that’s the ACORN policy, not mine.

  46. Actually wish I could do something to stop the fraud but it’s hopeless. I think politics have always been somewhat tainted but it has been taken to a new level this year.

  47. Sylvia..dont ya think it’s always been this way. But with the internet and 24/7 news, we just know about it now as it is happening.
    I remember when the only news we had was 6 pm and 10 pm for 15 minutes worth.

  48. Oh we also had a morning newspaper ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. Becky…what FUN!
    We can dream about it anyway.
    I better start a NY fund….cause i just know one of us will get arrested and we will need bail!! *looking over at susan*

  50. I need a favor.
    Our daughter, we call her Sis, a single mom, working full time. Loves her job, and its a good job. Is having a tough time making ends meet every month. I know everyone is, but her ex really ruined her self esteem and she just needs a few extra “thoughts or prayers” going her way.

  51. Patty ~ I will be praying for her!

  52. Good Morning all…. You have been having fun…

    Max and Avi – LOL….

    Have not voted yet. We are waiting for our daughter to get off work and we will vote as a family. Our son is attending school out of state and voted by absentee ballot. Wish I could say all 3 of us today are voting McCain, but Kristen is a lib… oh well, according to Winston Churchill, she has until 40 to get a brain! (don’t tell her I said that!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Patty – you got it…..

  54. I dunno if this means anything but during Sarah/Todds PC after they voted Todd said ” we will be back tomorrow,” you’d think if McCain wins they would stick around in Arizona for a bit longer?

  55. k2..i was about 40 so i’ll agree to that! *LOL*

    and thanks you 2.

  56. Avi…she is still the Gov..she probably needs to go to work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Patty,
    Will have special thoughts and prayers for your daughter. We will be voting this afternoon at our Temple ( I guess separation of religion and government doesn’t matter when it comes to voting).
    Since I’ll be in the Temple voting (and throwing in a few prayers for McCain/Palin) I’ll add Sis to the list.

    BTW…..my nickname was Sis growing up and my relatives and really old friends still call me that.

  58. K2–

    Must be something in the name- Kristen–

    my daughter’s name is Danielle Kristen and she is a lib too~

  59. @Patty

    consider the favor done, at least on my part.

  60. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Her given is Cynthia…her brother, who was 2 yrs older, couldnt say it. It always came out Sissia. So Sis stuck.
    Her new friends, after high school call her “Cyn” (i dont like the way it sounds)… but most of us still use Sis.

  61. K2,
    Are you in MN? Former neighbor (and friend) moved to Mankato. Just wondering.

  62. Patty,
    My brother couldn’t say Sylvia so that is why I became Sis or Sissy.

  63. And you hall heard about the prank call Palin received on Saturday as some comedian calling as Sarkozy? CNN ran that damn story all day yesterday!!!! I kept checking–


  64. oops– and you “all”

  65. as for today– this sounds like something LDG would say– coming from Churchill-

    Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.

    Churchill’s quote about socialism–

    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

    OK– @all– time to go take a nap– I had hardly any sleep last night– waaa!

  66. ‘nite susan!! enjoy your rest!

  67. Susan,

    it was sooo funny………. lol…. i gotta admit…

    btw if Obama is elected its not if but when Israel bombs Iran….. By the end of jan. Imagine if Israel decides to deliver in the next few days….. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  68. Having looked at an Electoral collage map on ENPR, i think if McCain wins Penn it will be a very long night, if he holds Virginia as well he will probably have won, since he’d have a 24 point lead.

  69. Susan- AZ Says:


    it was funny! I laughed too– “I can see Belgium from my house.” That had me rolling–

    Well, I can see Mexico from mine! LOL And this is no joke!

    In seriousness, it was mentioned on the news and I read up a bit on this earlier– terrorists are attracted to elections and the transistion period– The White House is well aware of this~

  70. well….i can see Nebraska from mine! andmaybe missouri if i go stand on the hill!

  71. Susan- AZ Says:


    your story ran on our news~ what a distraction this would be– or use it as ammo– like my body, vote for McCain! LOL

    While everyone is at the polls tonight, I am trapping ferals! ๐Ÿ˜€

    no cage here for Obama though!

  72. well….i can see Nebraska from mine! and maybe Missouri if i go stand on the hill!

  73. Susan-- again Says:

    My name went out of the field– what is with that!

  74. gosh susan, i dont even turn on the lights, i sure as hell am not going out in public! ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. I got wiped off this– the required fields went blank!

  76. WTF?


    NITE all!

  77. rut ro raggy..is wordpress going to crash today?
    anyone else have problems posting?

  78. It is only doing it here– not on Adam’s news blog– hmmm???

  79. Susan: it’s probably something do to with your computer. Something to do with cookies!

  80. Sylvia. Yes. MN just east of St. Paul. Mankato is about 90 miles southwest of me.

  81. Susan, rest up…. will look for you later. Good luck with the cats.

    I can almost see Wisconsin from my yard, does that count?

    It is beautiful weather here again today. So, no bad weather to keep voters from the polls.

  82. It is Indian summer here. We had a hard frost a few days ago and now it is in the 70’s and sunny.
    Since our burb is not a big city (outside Cincinnati limits) I don’t think the voting will take too long. We are waiting until the lunch crowd votes before going over there.

  83. We voted. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  84. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone and welcome to a very looooooog day!!!
    Patty – Iam still waiting for the wine also – you are right, we will either laugh or cry.

    Avi – There is hope – We voted for McCain so there are at least 2 votes for him from California.

    My biggest concern at the moment is all of the ballots missing and/or not received by our service men and women. I heard this morning on Fox News that there were 11,500 absentee ballots missing that were sent from our troops and I also heard that a lot of our troops did not receive their ballots in time to vote. I think this is outrageous and something needs to be done TODAY about this situation.
    I believe IMO that the biggest percentage of our troops are for McCain and I find it horrible that these people cannot vote for their next president.
    Of all the people in the United States, I feel our troops should be the first to vote. My God, look what they have done and/or doing for us, and we cannot even get them a ballot, or misplace the ballet they have sent in!!!

    Who did obummer buy off to make that happen!!!

    My solution would be to have NORAD gets those jets in the air, fly over to all of our troops, collect their ballots, then fly back and get them into honest hands to be counted. I am sure they would make it back before the polls close.

    Wow – I think I feel better now

  85. My ballots was #228 to go into the machine.

  86. ballot..not plural! *L* thats how rumors get started ya know!

  87. KC..thats for sure.
    With the technology that exists…why in God’s name are we trying to snail mail ballots to our troups???

  88. Ok, thats what i get for getting in a hurry.

    Try this again

    we voted

    McCain/ PaLin!

  89. Ok Guys….leaving now to vote and then go grocery shopping. Think I will pick up a bottle of wine (to go with my WHINE if Obama wins).
    Fingers crossed…McCain/Palin.

  90. K2…KT…there are some things just need to be changed with elections.
    How do we do it?

    #1….we need a set about 6 months they can actually campaign. If you cant get it said in 6 mths, you dont need to be there!

    #2….there needs to be a cap on the funds that are spent. This million dollar crap is BS.

    #3….everyone needs to have a primary…by ballot…on the same frickin day!!

    #4…representatives need to have term limits, 2 is enough. You get benifits for the same number of years you served, then its back to the real world like the rest of us. This lifetime benefits is crap.

  91. Oh boy.
    this is just wrong, regardless of who the candidate is, she should not have opened her mouth!
    We all know who she’s be campaigning for, its not rocket science.

  92. Patty, I agree with all your proposals. This two year campaigning is B.S. It is all to raise money so the party can remain in control!

    Agree on a national primary election. The Candidates can campaign from January through mid-March. Then the primary can be held in March. No longer need a convention. The people have voted for who they want to run. No need for super delegates of the democrat party. The nominees now have April through October to campaign.

    Public financing ONLY would be fine with me, but then we will get the ‘freedom of speech’ issue. As people will not get to put their $$$ in for their voice.

    You know I have been a Congressional Terms limits person for a long time. I believe the longer they are in office the more corrupt they become. Also, would like to see lobbyists banned.

    And, as for Military Ballots! I am so angry about their votes not being counted, ballots not being received or received too late to mark the ballot and return it. ENOUGH! If the yahoo’s sitting on a park bench can vote then there is NO reason to not count ALL Military votes.

    We do not need to know by tonight who won. Why can’t we wait a couple weeks. I would prefer all votes counted.

  93. Patty, I saw a blurb that Hillary was ‘campaigning’ at a polling site this morning too. What is with our lawmakers not knowing the law?

    We can’t even wear campaign pins into our polling places!

  94. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Our thoughts and prayers will go out to Sis. Know how tough that situation is – been there – done that

  95. NH Reps just filed a lawsuit against Sec of State.. judge is hearing case now, something to do with newly registered republican voters being kept 40 ft back from polling booths

  96. does anyone have a link to a map that shows the states electoral votes along with where the candidates are currently at?

  97. GO MCCAIN!!!!

  98. Hello Jennifer! Go McCain!!

  99. i found the map on FNC but it won’t let me post the link in here

  100. KT – there is one at Real Clear Politics….. no reporting of how they are doing yet…have to wait for polls to close…..

    the one here is based upon pre-election polling…..


  101. oh that’s a good one!

  102. Hi Jennifer.

    So Karen…how we gonna get some of the changes??

    I agree, no one needs to now tonight. Heck, our votes here aren’t even canvassed until Friday.
    Whats a few more weeks.

  103. Thanks KC!

  104. Patty…. as for term limits….. won’t happen. Congress makes the laws…can’t imagine them creating a law that puts them out of work.

    I think it has to begin with the voters and people we elect to office. We need to ask for a commitment from the candiates, that they will not seek office beyond two tersm. This will allow more citizens to be allowed in the process and will bring new ideas.

    A message needs to be sent to current office holders. That we expect them to retire at the end of two terms and that they and the party need to look for other citizens who are interested in serving.

    A tough thing to do, is to not support the candidate who runs for a 3rd term. But, that is the only way to send the message.

  105. WOOW,


  106. Patty: I think national primaries is a bad idea, that’d mean more money in the campagins. Since no small candidate could ever hope to win. You’d need more money and name recognition to win. The current primary system favors the washington insiders with big money, that’d just favor them even more.

    What’d be best is to have the primaries in order of population, smallest first. And none on the same day.

    That way an unknown candidate could buy lots of cheap air time in the first few states, then if they won they would be elevated to the national stage and be able to raise a lot more money. But they’d also get a lot of press time, so they’d be able to get their message out across the country for free.

    It’s also mean the primary would never be won on a single day, like super tuesday.
    A candidate would have to win the first 41 states before they had enough delegates, since the largest 10 states have as many people as the other 40.

    This way we would really get the best candidates, since it’s so much cheaper to campaign in a small state, someone we’ve never heard of really could win.

  107. Avi ~ I did! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Not good at all!

  108. @Karen2

    re: “We need to ask for a commitment from the candiates, that they will not seek office beyond two tersm terms.”

    I trust you have seen the report on Mayor Bloomberg in NYC getting his term limit revised, yes? Like so many others, it seems he believes he is irreplacable.

    ((tries to be subtle))
    Perhaps the next incumbent that claims he is irreplacable should be given the opportunity to prove it?
    An all expense paid one-way trip to Southern Thule Island, and no means of communication allowed until end of the King Penguin census… next year?

  109. LDG – Yes, I did see that about Bloomberg! And, how many New Yorkers supported it! Amazing! I like the one-way ticket idea……

    (thanks for fixing my typo…. i am really bad….. here’s a story…..
    I was 24 and just started a new job. My boss was in training classes and I was to complete training classes on tape. Since I did not have any ‘real work’ yet, I was able to complete the training quickly. I went to one of the other bosses and asked if he had any work for me. He said I could type some documents for him. I told him I did not type (and it was not a requirement for the job I had just secured). He said “Well, all my girls type”. He was referring to his female staff! — Never did like that guy)

  110. @Karen2

    O-T re: your story — I’d offer to pass the story along to my wife, but (1) she’s asleep like any sane person should be at this hour here; and (2) she would likely totally derail this thread with a rant about the way female office staffers are treated here.

    Good Story, though

  111. K2…ouch!
    I told my boss when he interviewed me, “i can type and spell, my fingers can’t”!

    We laugh, he pecks with the index fingers and his grammar is atroshious!!
    He says he keeps me around to keep him from looking stupid ๐Ÿ™‚
    So far he has kept me for 12 yrs +

  112. Intersting Max..not sure i’m convinced though.

  113. Patty….too funny.

    LDG….. sounds like your wife and I could share stories…..and, just so she knows…… all rants are welcome here! At least, I hope so!

  114. Heck ya, bring her on LDG!

    Rants better be welcome, i’ve done a few of my own!

  115. @Karen2 and Patty

    I’ll pass along the invite, but truth be told she has enough trouble finding the time just to update her own weblog (once in a while).

  116. I worked the polls this morning, we have 6 machines and we opened at 6:30 and had every machine occupied till 12:00. That was about 375 voters out of the 1400 registered in the precinct, the county said that an average of 37% early voted so the rest of the day may be slower than we thought. When I left at 1:30 we were at about 425 and there were times that we did not have a line at all. I will be interested to see what the final figures are.

    I like Huckabee also, Becky and I will get the travel arrangements going..LOL! Adam’s Blog Reunion Weekend 09 in NYC.

    It seems like the troops could have gotten the ballots sooner. When Steve was in the AF we were overseas for the 1976 election and we got our ballots in time, which was good as I mismarked mine and had to send it back and get another.

    I am also with cutting the campaigning time, this has taken forever.

  117. Did I just a Back Panther standing outside a voting place in Pennsy? Reporter asking him if he had a night stick??? hahahahahahahahah

  118. I’ll be back later on. That cleaning i said i was gonna do yesterday…ya well, it never got done.!

    I will “see” most of you tonight I’m sure!

    Keep your fingers crossed….
    4 more hours of voting in KS

  119. Hi All,
    No line at our polls….I was #331. We used paper ballots that required you to color the block by the candidate’s name.
    Sounds like the media is already discussing the Obama presidency as if the election was over.

  120. Don’t think I need to watch the election news. As soon as the last poll closes the media will crown the king.
    Oh …..add that I believe in term limits….even for Bloomberg and ESPECIALLY for Barnie Frank, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd.

  121. Bought some wine at the grocery…I rarely drink…may need to tonight!!!!!

  122. @Max

    not sure how I missed it earlier, but that is a well-considered recommendation on a primary polling system. Bravo!


    Be well and safe. Hoist a glass for me, Sylvia, if I don’t get back here in time for the bottle-opening.
    ((departs, at least for a bit))

  123. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Got my wine waiting also – will either laugh or cry

    Although I never need a reason for my evening wine!!! lol

  124. Patty: Well i think we really need to get all the money out of it.
    That’s the problem now, it’s so much easier to win if you’re already famous, like a washington insider. And you have to raise a lot of money to win a primary. It’s impossible without one of those, and very easy with both.

    But just because someone can raise the most money and has good name recognition doesn’t mean they would be best in the office they are seeking.

    Elections in wyoming have tiny costs since the cost of running Ads is so low there. Most campaigns only cost a few $1000!
    So almost anyone could aford ads there. Plus with so few people a candidate can easily travel around and get their message out face to face.
    Once the first few small states have voted, the news media will naturally focus on the winners, this gives them a lot of free time to get their message out across the nation, to every state.

    If someone pulls an upset then they will get focus too.

    Plus unless someone is getting a perfect score and winning every single state, the votes in every single state will count, since you get so many more delegates from the last ones to vote.

    This means someone could easily win the primary spending a fraction of the current, since they’d only really need transport from state to state, and a small amount for Ads.

  125. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    It would be soooo much fun if Princess Foxy popped in here every once in awhile.

    She would have a blast!!

  126. LDG: thank you. Since the primary took so long i had a long time to think about it, and how the current problems could be resolved.

  127. Jennifer J Says:

    GO MCCAIN!!!

  128. http://cjonline.com/stories/110408/bre_kirby.shtml

    WTH? there has to be lots more to this story.
    The Secret service but no criminal report?

  129. Patty I just read your post about Sis, I definately do a St. Jude Novena for her plus here’s a link for a prayer for single mothers



  130. Jennifer J Says:

    This election is making me a nervous wreck!

  131. Patty Says:

    #1โ€ฆ.we need a set about 6 months they can actually campaign. If you cant get it said in 6 mths, you dont need to be there! (I agree)

    #2โ€ฆ.there needs to be a cap on the funds that are spent. This million dollar crap is BS. (Absolutely – whomever has the most money wins this year)

    #3โ€ฆ.everyone needs to have a primaryโ€ฆby ballotโ€ฆon the same frickin day!! (OK, I’m game – then we wouldn’t have to worry about states following other states because they can’t think for themselves and want to pick who everone else picks)

    #4โ€ฆrepresentatives need to have term limits, 2 is enough. You get benifits for the same number of years you served, then its back to the real world like the rest of us. This lifetime benefits is crap.

    ~ I agree but it’ll never happen. Suggestion would be to start a 401 (c)3 focused on re-educating American voters on the powers that they have over congress and how to use those powers (a their states levels) along w/ a national campaign to convince voters of ideas such as the ones you listed. Once you get a good number of voters across the board to agree with you then you write up a few template letters, have them print it out, sign and mail them into their congressmen threatening that if they don’t do what the people ask they will not be re-elected.

  132. oh there’s jennifer! she’s stuck at work trying to get any info she can on the election hahahaha

  133. Just got back from voting….. no lines…. about a dozen people voting. a few doing same day registration and voting (yep, we have that here in MN).

    I prefer a late night result vs an early result…… the later the better for McCain…..

  134. florida screwed mccain big time and i just heard something about the military votes not coming in and mccain has to go to court

  135. Jennifer J Says:

    The site says McCain is requesting all of the votes coming in are to be held til November 14th I’m assuming til there’s a ruling on this.

  136. Jennifer J Says:

    Late military votes that is.

  137. They bgetter have a ruling today on it!

  138. did it say what state(s) it is affecting? probably florida right?

  139. Jennifer J Says:

    It didnt’ say.

  140. I don’t get it this congress has the lowest approval rating but yet people are voting in more democratic congressional memebers and a democratic president. my head is spinning.

  141. Are we going to have a whine and wine party?
    I can’t even listen to the TV because the news is so lousy.
    Anyone know any good news?

  142. The court case on Military ballots is in Virginia. Here’s the nes report, pulled from Greta’s blogs…

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) โ€” A federal judge has ordered election officials in Virginia to preserve late-arriving absentee ballots that Republican John McCainโ€™s campaign claims should be counted.
    The McCain campaign says in a lawsuit that absentee ballots werenโ€™t mailed on time to many military members serving overseas. The complaint asks the court to order the state to count absentee ballots from overseas troops postmarked by Tuesday and received by Nov. 14.
    The deadline for ballots to be received is 7 p.m. on Election Day.
    U.S. District Judge Richard Williams said Tuesday that he will hear the lawsuit on Nov. 10. He ordered election officials to keep the late-arriving ballots until then.
    (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

  143. Sylvia… McCain wins Kentucky = 8 Electoral Votes
    Obama wins Vermong = 3 Electoral Votes

  144. Sylvia, do you get Fox Business Network? I am watching it… Neil is on….. very refreshing…

  145. Neil had Imus on this morning… so Imus goes… what’s happening lately w/ frank luntz? i imagine him sitting in a one room studio apartment somewhere with a mattress on the floor, dirt all around him, and all these maps trown about surrounding him… i almost fell off my chair hahahahah

  146. K2….you started the wine without us!!!! >>> Vermong??? *L*

  147. K2,
    Yes we get Fox Business news. Neil is always fun to listen to,
    Maria Bartaloma (whatever her name is) on cnbc was very anti Obama today. She is angry about him wanting to raise taxes. I was surorised to hear her rant.

  148. Im not turning tv on either sylvia!!!

  149. ** Adam…come and play! Y
    you can’t work all the time!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. Patty, I think K2 has been hitting the wine …Vermong!!!

  151. I make typos all the time and I’m sober.

  152. told ya i can’t t y p e!

  153. If I have 1 glass of wine I probably couldn’t even use the computer.

  154. Jennifer J Says:

    Thanks for the info…So does this mean if the court rules on the 10th to have the ballots counted for, then whatever they say tonight is pointless because thousands more votes will be added on the 10th…Is that correct?

  155. KT – too funny about Luntz…. he was just on Neils show…… I don’t know where he is finding these independent voters.

    Sylvia – surprised about Maria…. at least one person on that channel gets the problem with tax hikes.

    i posted at Greta’s that Obama is a re-run of the 1930’s!

  156. Jennifer, I think it just means the judge will decide on 11/10 whether or not to count the votes.

  157. Jennifer….. now you know i can’t read either!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not sure of the meaning if the judge rules to count the votes. It may be moot, if there are not enough uncounted votes to alter the outcome.

  158. I really need that wine! maybe it will help with my typing and comprehension!!!

  159. I’m so spoiled! I have to brag on hubby!!!
    A little sidetrack thinking for ya!

    we bought a new freezer, not by choice, the one we have was here when i showed up 31 yrs ago. The seal is bad. So instead of replacing a 125 dollar seal and have the darn thing quit the next day…we replaced it with a upright. I can’t dig down in the chest one after my back surgery.
    We also bought a new fridge…we’ve had this one for 30 yrs and the freezer side doesn’t really freeze anymore.
    They have been sitting in the garage because he has been busy getting ready for winter with the cow lots and stuff.

    He hasn’t worked this week, he has days he has to burn or loose them.
    When i got home yesterday from work….the fridge is in…washed, all the food in it. Kitchen carpet has been shampooed…the works!
    Today when i got home he has totally de-wired our back porch, it still has the original wiring. The porch only has one light bulb and its about as far from the washer and dryer as it can be..so now there will be another light above them. The plugin’s had adapters because they didn’t have the 3 prong ground.

    He’s awesome! Yep, Im bragging! but dont tell him!

    We laugh…you know the commercial where the lady sets the faucet on the desk and says build a house around this?
    Well thats what we are gonna do with this fridge.
    Someday (not in the near future) Set it in the middle of the room and tell the carpenter to build our kitchen around it!
    I hate my kitchen and everything about it…always have. The floor is falling in…the cupboards…ya well, its just a crappy kitchen. But it fed 12 kids for his mom, and 4 of ours, plus many others…so its served its purpose.

  160. you guys are funny tonight!
    I dont have to turn the tv on….i get the news here with comedy relief! what more can i ask for?
    well …’cept for someone to hollar McCain WON!!!

  161. K2…arent you the one that know all the medical terminology?

  162. Patty,
    He’s a keeper.

  163. oh sylvia…you hubby is the dr!

  164. Patty,
    If I have any wine I will probably be the one yelling McCain has won…even if it’s not true.!!!

  165. i havent drank for 5 yrs…a glass of wine would put me under the table or on top of it!

  166. Patty,
    It’s more fun to be on top the table than under it.

  167. i got a txt msg from our son.
    a forwarded one.
    it said the straw polls all had obummer ahead
    but that everything would be allright….cause the mccain supports would be getting off work soon!

  168. K2,
    Are you braving the Obaminites on GW tonight? I don’t think I can handle it.

  169. Patty,
    Are you saying the Obama voters don’t work and McCain voters do??!!!

  170. Patty, i know a little medical terminology. No expert.

  171. I have a dr appt tomorrow with my back surgeon. I had to pick up my last xrays to take with me. The report says “vascular calcification is present suggesting achalasia of the abdominal aorta.”

    scared the crap out of me! my dad had a aortic aneurysm in his back. But no one mentioned this to me at all in march when i had these xrays taken.
    the only reference i can find to the achalasia..is esophageal.
    Which means “wont relax”.
    But i cant put together what that sentence is suggesting.

    Im curious as to why my dr here didnt mention it cause it sounds serious. Maybe im just over reacting.

  172. Sylvia…ya thats what the txt msg was relaying to

  173. CNN projects Obama wins New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut; McCain takes South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee

    i thought they were supposed to hold these until the west coast polls closed?

  174. where’d everyone go?

  175. Sylvia….. visit there once in a while…..got lost on a phone call…..

    Patty… will do a little research and be right back…

  176. I’m here off and on. Seems like Obama took Penn….not good news.
    Hubby has FNC on.

  177. Patty…. vascular calcification means to me ‘ hardening of the vein’.

    not sure on the achalasia meaning…. sounds like it means not opening and contracting properly…..

    Sorry I am not of much help on this….. Looks like your doctor has some ‘splaining’ to do tomorrow.

  178. Hi Jennifer…… last update on Electoral College votes…..

    Obama = 103
    McCain = 69

    Saxby Chamblis [R] wins his senate seat back…. the dems were counting on this one.

  179. K2..thanks.
    ya, he does have some splainin!

    Sylvia…hubby turned tv on too…i told him no politics!
    He’s watching nat’l geographic

  180. i feel bad for brit he’s running out of things to talk about

  181. sigh…will it get “better”?

  182. Okay… McCain disputes calling of Pennsylvania to Obama. With only 2% of the votes in and they call the state!

    I am sick of media calling elections before all Citizens have had a chance to vote…… Would it really be too difficult to wait and not start giving the results the next morning?

  183. KT – this is Brit’s last election. he is retiring soon…

  184. Should be a law. It happens everytime. If they paid fines for doing it, it wouldnt happen often!

  185. They just called Ohio for Obama…damn.

  186. wow last election!!!! now i’m really bummed never be the same

  187. last i saw he was losing texas

  188. some of these they are calling are like 40 precincts of 600 reporting.
    how can they guess that?

  189. @All

    Any projection for any given state based on The AP need be taken for what it is worth (very little).

    Wait for precincts reporting to exceed 50~60% in any state that was hotly contested, and even then it *may* be too early to call it.

    PA, for example, is being called on exit poll data so far.

  190. @Patty

    “how can they guess that?”

    Exit polling and their own opinion.

  191. LDG,
    Ohio was called really early.

  192. Are you saying they are guessing?

  193. I think I’ve had enough. Going to read and get some sleep.
    No celebrating for me.

  194. texas
    Electoral Votes at Stake: 34
    365 of 8466 Precincts Reporting
    R John McCain 52% 2,342,680
    D Barack Obama 47% 2,131,590

  195. morning ldg

    ‘nite sylvia…rest well!!

  196. Jennifer J Says:

    Karen 2
    Thanks for the update I just saw it now!

  197. cbs has pretty nice pages
    i like them better than the others ive seen
    so does my puter!


  198. @Sylvia

    “Are you saying they are guessing?”

    Charitably, I would say they are making a statistical guess.
    Given The AP’s role in the election campaign, I’d say they are trying to influence the vote in CO and the west.

  199. ohio
    Electoral Votes at Stake: 20
    1501 of 11156 Precincts Reporting (this is why i say guessing sylvia)
    D Barack Obama 56% 789,086 x
    R John McCain 43% 611,454

  200. i think you are right ldg

  201. Patty… thanks! i was worried about that state

  202. But, ohio has the issue with absentee voting i just don’t know if the total of absentee votes would take mccain to win that state

    (I’m so happy about Texas!)

  203. Ok..time to lay down……..i’ll be back later on when more have reported.

    bang on my puter screen if i need to come back sooner! *L*

  204. LDG – thank you for your input. It makes sense.

    I made the following comment on another blog…..

    The early calling of a winner of a state by the media is the epitome of Voter Suppression

  205. @Karen2


    So what do you think is really happening in PA? We are seeing 39% of precincts coming in, and it is an unmitigated stomping *so far*.

  206. McCains wins Texas…

    Electoral count:

    Obama = 200
    McCain = 124

  207. but k2..how can they say that…
    cbs says 1463 of 8466 Precincts Reporting
    thats not even 1/4 reporting

  208. LDG – what concerns me about Penn….. seems with the percentages for Obama that the precincts are those in the cities. Will the smaller districts – throughout the state be enough to sway the numbers to McCain?

    I was hopeful the Obama Carbon Tax on Coal would have been enough to sway the voters….but, when they don’t know why they are voting for a candidate in the first place, i guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.

  209. Notice – no call of Florida! wonder why?

  210. @Karen2

    I’m trying to get a scan of the precincts that have reported in PA by location. If it is most all the Philly area in so far, it could swing. If it is widespread, no chance. Ditto on OH if all the early “in’s” are Cleveland and Toledo, not statewide. No clue yet though.

    FL, VA, and NC are all brawls right now.

  211. Just heard that the McCain camp does not see a way to reach 270!

    How disheartening is that?

  212. rumor, and probably half what was actually said.

    McCain is the kind of fellow who will go for a graceful concession if he sees no hope. ’til then, he won’t, IMHO.

  213. PA is almost certainly gone (down 500,000 votes with ~60% reporting), but it seems that “no way” claim is based mostly on the early call of OH for Team Obama. That one is sure within reach still.

    Stay tuned, the magic 8-ball may yet put up an answer…

  214. so, now the news reports Virginia to Obama with 50%! WTH!

    shake that magic 8-ball! We need some good news! ๐Ÿ™‚

  215. Did i just hear that Elizabeth Dole lost her senate seat in NC?

  216. Sad.

  217. i am so disappointed that americans allowed the democrats to have complete control with no checks and balances, no opportunity for compromise and agreed to go on a spending spree when our economy is so bad. the dnc had this perfectly mapped out and the rnc did nothing to help the party.

  218. Congratz Pres-elect Obama

    This yes we can. stuff … is now starting to freak me out.

  219. I am like in shock–

    Obama made it— I feel like crying-


    be the look out for Israel because Obama has no clue on foreign policy!

  220. I’m of the “show me you can” mood right now, and that’s all the slack I am going to cut the Pres-elect.

    It is looking like the filibuster line in the Senate held, for one small grace in all this.

  221. This totally sucks!

    there goes my health insurance~ to give to the ones who don’t even work– according to Obama’s plan!

  222. LDG–

    soooo no 60 seats?

  223. Susan,

    look for a Israel attack on Iran In a few days -weeks . Its inevitable.

  224. KT–

    This was a race vote– young people, blacks, and hispanics– check out the western states where he just won on the electorals.

  225. Avi—

    My support is always witn Israel!

  226. Man— I honestly thought McCain would pull through!

  227. All,


  228. @Susan

    Looks to be at worst 56 Dem Senators, 2 Independents (one of whom may well jump or be pushed to the GOP).

  229. @LDG-

    Iโ€™m of the โ€œshow me you canโ€ mood right now, and thatโ€™s all the slack I am going to cut the Pres-elect.


  230. Avi—


    Did you see my comment earlier? terrorists seem to do some damage with elections and transitions?

  231. No 60, LDG?

  232. I see no 60, Susan. Might be different when all the votes are counted, but I am willing to say no based on information right now.

    Here’s the report that Avi was commenting on. It is a bit more complex than just a sudden bombardment by Hamas, I think.

  233. Su,

    yah… ughh


    I think that they will get 60 with liberal republicans.

  234. That is the danger, Avi, yes.

  235. @All

    I need to be off to other things, for now.

    Be well and safe

  236. forget the Presidents—

    Praise the Lord——

    I set up two traps up for feral cats about six hours ago– and I now have two cats trapped– I thought they would not bait– I put sardines in the cage in the monkey dishes given to me by my friend, Blistered Whiskers, who gave me these traps!

    One is a Siamese mix and the other is a black one!

    they are in my garage– each cage covered with a towel so they don’t get cold– the Siamese is hissing away at me! The black one is meowing away!

    tomorrow morning– 6:30 am, headed off to North Phoenix, to the altered tails, to get these fixed– so they don’t reproduce!

    No time now for who is the President! ๐Ÿ˜€

  237. LDG–


    I am much more busier than you are! ๐Ÿ˜€

  238. Avi…. I am with Israel, too.

    And, the terrorists will see the USA as weak again!

    LDG…. agree…. with the ‘show me’!

    KT…. and i bet the majority of Obama voters could not even give a solid answer as to why they voted for him.

    Susan…. Congrats! not easy to work with the feral cats. You are a wonder.

    as for the senate structure…. hoping Coleman will beat Franken in MN. If he can it will be one seat the dems did not take away from the reps.

    Good night all……

    the campaigning for the 2010 mid-term elections begin tomorrow!

  239. Avi: Luckly the GOP senators who were in trouble were mostly the Liberal ones.

  240. Im crawling in my cellar and hiding! argh
    This just wont be good ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Im going back to sleep

  241. I didnt see it mentioed above….Adam has a new post at Fox

  242. Hi All,
    So…..what’s new…..anything going on in the world?

  243. Didn’t get much sleep. Too aggravated.
    Need coffee…it’s only 5:45 AM here.

  244. Patty: look forward to 2010 and 2012!

  245. Hi Max,
    Are you sure you want to come to the US? Our country is turning extremely liberal.

  246. Sylvia: There aren’t that many countries to the right of America. And being a white christian i don’t think i’d fit in too well in any of the conservative Arab states.

  247. Adam Housley Says:

    Hey guys….I have a new post! Check it out. I know…I am up early and am busy this morning!


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