Picture of the Day

Itttttttttttttttttttttt’s back! When the blogs over on foxnews.com all got combined, for the most part, some of the fun stuff got stuck on the back burner. I am still confident once that site is rebuilt I’ll have more freedom, but until then, here it is. Who, What, Where, When, Why, and how? We need to find John and a few others to join in again on the fun!


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  1. Is it something involved in making wine?

  2. Remnants of a dock after a hurricane.

  3. YAY POD is back! πŸ™‚
    Morning everyone!

    I kind of agree with K2… it looks like a dock but, at the moment that is all I have. I will be back later to check it out some more and see other people’s guesses!

  4. Maybe it’s that dock Adam jumped off of to do the live feed underwater from!

  5. OMG! a POD! I ’bout P’d my pants!

    what a nice way to start the day!!

    ‘morning all.
    but, I gotta go work for a bit…be back later!
    I agree…portion of a dock…but where? hummm

  6. rope Adam is going to use to sink me?

  7. In Kuwait?

    My favorite answer– I always started off my guesses with the POD with Kuwait as my first —

    eastern or western hemisphere?

  8. Southeast Asia– tsunami– around Thailand? a dock?

  9. Big foot was tied up here, escaped, and ended up in the preceding thread?

  10. Patty–

    doesn’t John visit Dean’s blog? I don’t have his email address– we need to let Jen know there is a POD~ She was good at this.

    LDG– YOU KNOW everything– help!

  11. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    “Sittin on the dock of the bay” sing along now you all

    good morning everyone!!!

  12. “…Watching the tide roll away”

  13. susan…read your email πŸ˜‰

  14. Could be a horse corral.
    The corner and gate posts.
    Your horse pen Adam?

  15. @Susan

    re: “YOU KNOW … – help!”


    Decide what the reason is why the pipe segments on the left are welded together with flanges.

    should I help more?



  16. that would be “angle iron” (flanges)..gives a stronger piece to weld to ..instead of on a curve.

  17. LDG…tell me you don’t KNOW!!??
    get outa here! *L*

  18. I left on the big foot the funniest video which was sent to my brother– how this guy did it, I don’t know– My brother’s name is Earl Hanson and I am cracking up!!! go check it out– you too, Adam!

  19. pipe and flanges? gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Phuket, Thailand?

  20. yes, LDG- DO HELP MORE!!!

    Blowing kisses!

  21. *giggle*…quit it! Im supposed to be working!

  22. I see Adam’s story about the JROTC is back in the news-

  23. *REPOST of a comment on Bigfoot thread*

    LDG Says:

    October 28, 2008 at 8:08 am
    AW @#$%^$#!

    DO NOT CLICK CNNBC video feeds. The are an unsourcable video feed,


    @Adam Housley

    do get that post at 6:40 am deleted and struck from referals, please!


  24. ^That is in reference to Susan’s comment here at 6:44 am about her brother’s video.

  25. Yes– please Adam– I guess it is not safe!!!!!!!!!!!

    LDG emailed me and told me!

  26. @Susan

    Sorry, my friend. I tried to get word to you as soon as I saw it.

    ’tis a rough world we live in.

  27. I am getting totally confused reading these comments. Add to that a POD about which I am clueless and I am speechless…a rare event.

  28. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    So, what about those of us who have already pulled up the link and viewed it??? Am I gonna lose my computer again??

    Oh yea – good morning to you by the way

  29. @KC

    In the odd chance it did contain a package, it is probably wise for you to:

    dump your browser cache and system restore <–*IF* you know how to do that…

    update your anti-virus software, then run a scan…

    update any anti-spyware software, then run that scan too.


    I’d say the odds are almost certain that the link contained nothing bad, but did log and link to everything about your browser and recent traffic (the way google and other ad tracking “cookies” do) and put that information into moveon dot org’s database. Now they don’t know precisely who you are, but they probably gained enough information to decide whether to target you with their brand of political propaganda via targeted advertising, and they might have enough to target you with e-mailings.

    whether they left something behind to track future activity, or (intentionally or unintentionally) allowed some dirty pool, I can’t say. I didn’t get close enough to find out.

    Let’s just say that my system runs a rather non-standard security suite, and it is particularly sensitive (but *not* invulnerable) to the trickery of links in e-mail and links to sites with auto-play video or feeds.


    and thank you, and good morning to you. My regrets for being the bearer of an alarming message.

  30. As to the POD:

    How’s about this…

    It is the base of a flagpole next to two grey-painted stanchions. The ropes are hoist lines.

    It may well be on a dock or pier, or a surface based on log pilings.

    ^that is a W.A.G., by the way. I haven’t given it a lot of thought.

  31. Kinda sorta looks like a Hezbollah rocket or a kassam..

    or is this a pipe that Joe the plumber was working on? lool

  32. ldg is right about the pilings….under the ropes are more “post ends”…as though they are stacked tightly together.

    hint adam?

  33. Well it looks like you all found the blog! LOL
    Hello to Adam and all!
    Adam so nice of you to set this up and a POD too.

    I really have to go with Lake Erie on this one. Something about skivies up a flag pole.

    I won’t ask if I am hot or cold…I know I’m cold. Well, maybe that’s due to the fact that it’s in the 30’s here today.

  34. oh lookie…^…its jen s!!!
    hi there!!
    I would have been soooo disappointed if you didn’t say Erie!!

  35. Susan- AZ Says:


    anything to do with fishing nets?

  36. Adam Housley Says:

    OK……HINT….no one has gotten the location at all and a few are close to what it is. Here’s a hint…..jump a shark. πŸ™‚


  37. yoiu did a cool thing wiht sharks couple years ago but i cant remember where!!! argh!
    maybe sleep will help.
    see ya in the morning.

  38. Maybe it’s from a set of Happy Days?

  39. Susan- AZ Says:

    Is it Isla Guadalupe, Adam?

    here is my answer-

    WHO: Homeless Jane Doe
    Where: Blah, Ohio
    What: Dock #7
    When: 2008
    Why: Judge in Ohio decided homeless can register to vote as long as they can state an address like bench #6
    How: Judge was appointed by Bill Clinton

    (now does the state asylum apply to as for voter registration since many of these homeless were warehoused out into the streets from the state hospitals?)

  40. Susan- AZ Says:

    For old time sake– on December 13th last year, Jen found the answer to the POD– And it was the same story as this one which LDG posted– (if this is the correct answer)

    “Here’s the answer…I hope
    Adam is looking for sharks. He is 150 miles off the coast of Baja Ca, Mexico in β€˜Shark Central’ and he’s on the ship or boat called the Ocean Odyssey.
    Hot or Cold?

  41. Hey…I think Susan has it, or atleast that is what i was thinking of in the wee sleepless hours!

    Im late today…..’afternoon all!

  42. @All

    g’morning, or afternoon, or… well let it be a good one.

    @Adam Housley

    posted this over on your World Series thread:

    Can’t pitch in the rain…

    Which reminds me, wow, a couple days extra rest is going to turn the pitching rotation (for both clubs) upside down.

    @Adam Housley

    Think the Rays will have the better arms when they get back on the field?

    just in case it gets lost in the hopper, I wanted you to know I was thinking well of your post over there.

  43. Susan- AZ Says:


    Your answer for the post sort of matches my post on the rain delays-

    —My opinion– the ground should be dry to play a more effective and accurate game– I would imagine weather conditions like heavy wind, rain, or snow can affect a baseball game… slip and slid in the mud does nothing for accuracy— unless you are a golfer, than you play in any kind of weather– πŸ˜€ ————-

    You alarmed me yesterday so I went and cleaned everything out which erased all my names for the required fields so I had to start all over again! grrr!!! so I will see if my post posts over there– πŸ˜€

  44. Susan- AZ Says:


    which answer? Jane Doe or what LDG posted (link)– and the answer I copied Jen’s from when Adam had a POD of the ocean from his underwater shark diving which Jen guessed correctly last year?

    Jen’s anniversary is coming up on the 20th of December– I was reading all our comments on the POD of last December– what a riot!!!

  45. @Susan

    My regrets for any inconvenience. Then again, think how spiffy clean (and probably faster) your browser and system are now. ((grin))

  46. Susan- AZ Says:

    If one types in Adam Housley and Picture of the Day on the web browser, all of his pictures come up– kind of fun to go back and read the comments– John sure is funny!

  47. Susan- AZ Says:

    Shut- up LDG– πŸ˜€

    You taught me a lesson– I am always opening up those videos which are sent to me– However, I do clean my computer out with each internet search–which is several times a day- I don’t have your stuff but I did invest in adware and registry ware when I first got this computer along with my computer’s—

    As you said… better safe than sorry. (kiss)

  48. can’t.reply.must.shut.up

  49. susan…jen’s winning guess from last year.
    I too go back and read the old posts. It is funny. More so fascinating that we’ve been full circle!!

  50. Susan…did you get a chance to find john’s pics at slide.com?

  51. LDG…your post “sounds” like a computer voice or a robot!

  52. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    good morning everyone

    another sunny sunny day here

  53. Susan- AZ Says:


    No– but now I am going to go look for him—

    LDG– Please say something~ You are so funny!!!!!

    My post posted on the rain delay thread– I don’t see yours– plus I was reading about weather and baseball and the sweet spot– I learned something today– thanks Adam!

  54. can’t.reply.too.busy.being.licked.by.a.kitty

  55. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    You are soooooo funny – loved the kitty picture – I am surprised there are still fish swimming around in the fish tank

  56. Susan- AZ Says:


    Nope– I found the blog too where he posted the slideshow but the link is gone— July 10th– a fire thread—


    time to take Ken to the gym– Maybe you can find him, Patty?


  57. Susan- AZ Says:


    You are soooooooooooo funny!!! subliminal message there?

    Speaking of meows– the one white and black cat– the second one, let me touch it yesterday== but it would not come inside the house– small steps here–I AM going to nab that one and just take it to my vet.

    I had my Sun City West friends over yesterday for lunch and cards and around 5:30, I saw it sitting by my yucca– so I quickly got up from the table and got some food– I went outside to place the pan down and it came up to me and let me pet it– I left my door open but I think Lydia and Harvey’s presence made it nervous– I am going to take a picture of it today and send it to you, LDG– It has the cutest face as I was able to see it during daylight hours~

    ok== bye now!


  58. good.bye.susan.have.a.nice.day

  59. Susan: have fun at the gym!

  60. In other news….

    I am sending in my app next week for college :)… and i got an interview with the head of intl admissions on sunday!

    Max…. any updates with ur Uni stuff?

  61. Susan- AZ Says:



    xxxxx many of these to you– and oooo!


  62. ((peers about))

    no Susan? no Susan. Right then…


    Luck on that application. You make it sound like the “fix is in” for you.


    been fun, but time for me to go rest. Be well and safe!

  63. So Adam..i gotta ask…been to the LA Times building lately??? Is there a mob outside?

  64. Ha..check this out. I was at CNN, was going to leave a comment on a comentary..look at their “rules”>>>
    Thank you for contributing. Comments are moderated by CNN and will not appear on this story until after they have been reviewed and deemed appropriate for posting. Unfortunately, due to the volume of comments we receive, not all comments can be posted.

    Notice the last line??!! That means..we’ll print the ones that are pro dem…but forget the other ones! geeeze.

  65. Avi: Just trying to work out what loans are available.

    Susan: back to you!

  66. Max..can you get pell grants and such or is that only if you are US citizen?

  67. Patty: I don’t think I can. I think students from developed countries can only use merit based financial aid.

  68. I didn’t know Max. Interesting.

  69. Patty: Need based awards are normally for residents and for people from the 3rd world. It’d be very difficult to get one from a country which already has a well developed higher education system.

    So what is everyone doing for halloween?
    I want to get a costume like the ones at the end of this video for halloween 09:

  70. Max,

    I have done that yet… first you apply … and see how much the college gives you then you see what you do… a college for ex could cover 60 70 percent of ur tuition all depends on who you are and how unique you are. First apply then worry about the money.

  71. Patty,

    Financial aid is super confusing….. so many different ways to get $$$$ … trust me if a uni wants you..they will do all they can to keep you.

    Max…. dont worry about the money becuz all unis are different … worry about it after you apply….

    google : common application and do that… one app for most unis…. if ur uni is not there than u need to theirs….

  72. Avi: they said they’d take me. I just need to have money to prove i can pay for it, otherwise i can’t get the visa.

  73. Max,

    do you have it in writitng…. u need to apply….. formally.. apply for Financial aid…. i think….

    whats Uni is this?

  74. Avi, we sent 4 “to” college and 3 “through” college. We were fortunate, All went on Pell Grants and other scholarships. I’ve filled out more financial aid papers than you can imagine πŸ˜‰

  75. Halloween is very quiet here Max. Since we live in the rural area, there are no trick or treaters. That is one thing i miss from living in town. And we got too old and boring to party anymore. must be in bed by 9 pm ya know! *L*

  76. Patty,
    We get between 70-100 kids trick or treating each year depending on weather. We used to wear costumes and sit outside to pass out the treats. We stopped wearing the costumes when we became empty nesters but still sit out if the weather is good.

  77. I am in awe of sending 4 to college…we just had 1. However, our only child also went to private school K-12 which cost a fortune…I can’t imagine 3-4. Reason for private school was the lousy public school system here.

  78. Avi: Casper College. Because I’m an international student I need to have the money for one year before they can accept me, so we are working out how to get that money.
    The vice mayor of Casper said she wants to help me with the finances, so we’ll ask her about it.

    Patty: I think it’d be so much fun wearing an actually scary costume and walking around a small town. I just have to be fearful of jumpy people with guns, lol.

  79. Good Morning from cold Ohio.
    Max……I rarely see scary costumes…..most are funny or children’s show characters. Some of the older kids don’t even wear costumes….they just come by asking for treats.

  80. Sylvia: I know, that’s why a scary costume would be so much more fun. People wouldn’t be expecting it.

  81. ‘morning all.

    Sylvia and Max. those numbers sound like when we lived in town. So many trick or treaters, you didn’t bother to sit down. My dad always had a blast with the kids. But you also have to remember, I grew up in the funeral home, so it was a mind game. The perfect place to be on Halloween! But dad always made sure it was done in good taste. I can remember still trick or treating in Jr. High, but it was probably more “tricks” by then, not like today though. We didn’t destroy anything, just plain ole fun.
    Since we were in the country when the kids were little, Pat and I always wore costumes and went with the kids. We’d park and never had to get back into the car until you just couldnt walk anymore. Just go from house to house from block to block. It was FUN! Now, you can’t go to houses you dont now who lives there, too many strangers in town now. Takes much of the fun out of it.

  82. Max..guns?…haha
    We are a little “bitter” ya know!

  83. **ADAM…we need a new hint!

  84. patty: well someone might believe i really was a demon or monster… Or that i was big foot and they could get famous.

  85. ha! I can’t imagine you being very “scary” max πŸ˜‰

  86. I have awesome news to share. Just cause its a secret and I’m going to blow if i can tell someone! *L*
    Here’s the feel good story for the week!!!

    You all know we have a Donor Support Group that we are very involved with. One of the guys, I’ll call him Sam.. received his heart in 2000. Sam is a very good friend of ours, and was a very good friend of Kathy’s (our daughter). When they receive a organ, they do not know who the donor is (obviously). Donor recipients are encouraged to write a letter to their donor family. Which is very emotional for them, as you can imagine. The letters are moved through the Donor Network and kept anonymous. Many never hear back from the family. But that’s ok. If the two decide they want to meet, it is all through the Network as well. Anyway, Sam had written his letter years ago, and followed with another. Wanting the family to know just what it means to him to have their loved ones heart. Many do it on their anniversary date of receiving the organ.
    Our Group meets this Sunday, its traditional that we have a “Thanksgiving Dinner” in November. We do the whole works, just like we all would at home. This year is a little early, but it was the only time we could all meet. We have members from 2 plus hrs away.
    Sam’s wife emailed last night. Because of our connections with the Network, and their people, Sam will meet the wife of his donor on Sunday!!

    Makes me cry thinking about it. Catch 22…and bittersweet…such happy tears, but very sad tears at the same time.
    I know what this will mean to Sam. He’s given many speeches about his donor and his donor family and he will be able to have a face to go with his heart!!!!

  87. Patty,
    That is a beautiful story.

  88. Max,

    i looked it up on College Board …. the school is very not expensive…..compared to other schools…. the school im applying to is… comes out to almost 50k lool ….

    …. Register for the SAT to take in December …. becuz if you want Aid taking the SAT or ACT will make it more likely that you will get Aid.

    this is what is says for intl students while TOEFL required …

    * Recommended: SAT Reasoning Test or ACT

    Tests for International Students
    * TOEFL required of non-resident alien applicants
    * TOEFL (paper) minimum score: 500
    * TOEFL (computer) minimum score: 173

  89. alien applicants?………thats funny!
    max i hope you dont have a eye in the middle of your forhead that we don’t know about!

  90. and Max what do you want to Major in?

  91. *winks at patty with my forehead*

    Avi: yeah, 11k a year isn’t too bad, cheaper than going here, and i get a discount here. No TOEFL for me since i’m from an english speaking country.
    I can’t take merit based scholarships from casper college until the 2nd semester, and then grades in classes would be used. If my grades are like before i will get loads of money off πŸ˜€
    I will see what other aid is available. I thought the next SAT in the UK was in Feb.
    Probably major in human kinetics.

  92. Max,

    no the SAT are offered every month nov, dec , jan are the next months… make a college board account….. you can take them in the U.K.

    and Max as i told you yesterday apply to Unis dont worry about money first you can apply to this Uni and not get in… unless you have it in writing that u are accepted it means nothing.

    your time is closing … applications are due in a few months.. dont wait to long because if you do your going to be closed out.

    Also Max Unis do not give you aid randomly …. if your a pedestrian applicant than you wont get much. Especially at this Uni were its 10k….. I suggest you look at a bigger institution which have bigger Fin aid offers ( even if its more expensive)

  93. and also your going to be real old compared to the other students…. consider that also….. I think a bigger school would be better for you…esp since your an intl student and foreign 88′ to 91’…. πŸ˜€

  94. Avi: in the US it’s every month, they don’t do it as often here.
    All i will need to do for a big discount is marry a Wyomingitte and i get in-state rates!
    3 years isn’t much. Plus I’ll be old enough to buy alcahol, everyone will want to hang out with me until they find out i won’t straw purchase.

  95. Max,

    Yes they do in Israel its the same as in Israel….. go on college board sign up and you will see.

    ” all i need,” thats a big MAYBE…

    and American kids will get booze anyway ;)…….. best of luck anyway πŸ˜€

  96. Looks like props on an old movie set at Universal Studios

  97. BOO

  98. Happy Halloween Everyone!!! πŸ™‚

  99. good guess K2…he was at that fire months ago

  100. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Happy Halloween everyone, Happy Friday, and good morning to all

    We are suspose to have “showers” today, don’t know how when it is gonna be 85 degrees, but I have all of my doors and windows open, so I don’t miss the big event. Can’t remember what showers or rain looks like. Tired of running the automatic sprinklers just to see water!!! LOL

  101. KC..thought of you this morning.
    Boss is part of the haunted house for a local youth group. He’s been doing jello in his hog casings…for the “autopsy room”. I told him there should be a law against “wasting jello” ! He pretty much thought i was nuts! *L*

  102. Susan- AZ Says:

    Happy Halloween!! Is it November 5th yet?

    Check this story out– The fuss which was made about Palin having all that money spent on her for her wardrobe to which she defended herself by saying she shops normally Out of the Closet in Alaska– well TMZ and LA Times got wind of this story— Out of the Closet are thrift stores in CA and FLA which so much from each dollar gets donated to the AIDS/HIV Foundation. SO the AHF sent a letter to Out of the Closet in Alaska to tell this store to cease and desist the name and change it– and now they want Palin to donate her clothes to their foundation— geez Louise– I am so sick of this chara!!!!

    KC–my automatic sprinklers go by the name of Ken. I sit him outside on one of the chairs and I give him the hose so he can water and then once that area gets watered, I rotate the chair so he can water the other areas.

  103. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    So——-how much jail time should we get???

    That stuff is really fun in a haunted house – remember many years ago, using peeled grapes, sticky starch, cold noodles, etc., and having everyone go thru the line blindfolded, feeling all that yuk while telling a spooky story about the guts they were feeling. Thanks for reminding me of that memory.

  104. What did you all think of the lil boy that was going to steal the mccain sign? did you see it?

    Im sorry, but i thought it was hillarious. His dad was a ass to call the cops. A thief is a thief period! The dad that told him to steal is is the one that should be punished, not the sign owner!!
    Anyway…Pat and I busted up laughing, reminded us of our son.
    Around here, its a pumpkin thing. The highschool kids have a contest (secretly of course) between the girls and boys…who can scavange the most pumpkins. Ya, I know its stealing, and yes i know it stinks, but hey, kids will be kids. At least they arent drinking and doing drugs for the one night! Anyway…there was a huge pumpkin on a guys porch, so our son was the “chosen one” of the group to go grab it. He ran fast as he could…..grabbed the pumkin and took off….fast….and got thrown flat on his back!!!! It had to be hillarious to see this happen. The guy had bolted it to the porch with a chain!!! So when Jim grabbed…he got a little ways then…..whap! Flat on the ground!

  105. KC…oh not you. I explained that jello was for the tub…not the entrails! *LOL*

  106. my boss has way too much fun on halloween. He was like a little kid on christmas morning…came to work just so he could tell us about finding a bunch of old cruddy baby dolls at the mission store…like salvation army type…he painted them with some sort of clear black light paint then put them in gallon pickle jars with jello…and the jars are lined up on a shelf. He was so proud of himself! Then he took that rest of the day off to go play more. What a guy!

  107. **ADAM….you wear a costume today??? we want some pics!!! I remember seeing one ..you were Elvis…well sort of! *L*

  108. Susan- AZ Says:

    I can’t wait for Glenn Beck to get over to FOX– I wish Lou Dobbs would move over there too– then I would never watch CNN-

    Jane Velez got her own show now– and she is so lame! She bashes Palin and supports Obama– Last night, when I woke up and I could not go back to sleep, I turned her on for the fun of it and she had a panel to discuss Obama’s relationship with that Palestinian Khalidi to of which one of the panel guests made a comment about others who have had pictures photographed with worse people than Khalidi– He stated Rosie Carter was photographed with Jeffrey Dahmer– Idiot– it was John Wayne Gacy–

    These are the arguments they come up with to justify Obama’s relationship with Khalidi, who at one time babysat Obama’s kids?

    Is it November 5th? I can’t wait for all this crap to be over with!!!

  109. ohhh by the fox front page, it appears obambam has had his “toes” stepped on! πŸ™‚
    I wonderee just how low this could get with the end closing in on them.
    Someones feeling the pressure….

  110. Susan…i was goin to ask yesterday and forgot…is beck going to fox…but you just answered that!

  111. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Make sure your boss takes pictures, then you can post them for us. What an imagination he has and what fun!!!
    I have a complete visual of your son and I am cracking up. I have seen that happen before and it is hilarious, especially the look on their faces when they end up flat on their backs!!! As long as they don’t get hurt, it is all good clean fun.

    That’s funny about Ken being your automatic sprinkler. I can see that too!! Do you set a timer so you remember to turn him in a different direction??

    I remember Adam being “sort of” Elvis!!!! Maybe he can be Joe the Plummer this year – that should look cute with a bald head, and maybe a plumbers crack LOL

  112. *clearing throat*….hu…but adam has no butt!

    nothing personal adam…just a observation!

  113. Today i made blood soup with bone marrow dumplings. I thought this was a perfect day to make some! πŸ˜€

  114. *spit sputter gag gag*

  115. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    that is a halloween joke right??? Whose blood and bone marrow did you use. They don’t have blood on the grocery shelves around here!!!

    If you dress up tonight – make sure you send us some pictures

  116. KC: pig’s blood. beef marrow.
    You can get pigs blood in china towns, since it’s quite popular is south asia.

    Probably not dressing up, i never have. Hopefully i can make up a costume like in that video i posted for next year when I am in college and put fear in my fellow students πŸ˜€

  117. Susan- AZ Says:


    No timer on Ken– I rotate him as when the grass is drenched- LOL
    Beck is moving over to FOX in the Spring– yay! Now I can watch all my favorites without having to go to CNN– I hope the he** Nancy Grace never moves over to FOX- I left her an email one day and told her she may know her law but if I were her guest, I would never come back because she is rude.) And she is! It wasn’t a nasty email– just a comment.

    Yuck Max– You and my mother– she loved that kind of stuff– must be the Polish in you two- You can cook that when you come to visit me but I won’t eat it-

    Patty– Adam does have a butt- I saw him in jeans and he has a great build– muscular– all the way– (and no– I am old enough to be his mom but not young enough to have an attraction– LOL)

    Danielle is coming over later– and we are going trick and treating with Ken– some of the houses in Surprise are way cool for Halloween so we are going over there– I bought witch’s hats for us to wear– and the rest is all there for me– all I have to do is let my hair down and it looks like a hairdo a witch would wear. πŸ˜€

  118. ……i’ll get you my pretty!

  119. KC..did you go out and do a little rain dance. Im sure it would draw attention…dont know about drawing the rain clouds tho! πŸ™‚

  120. Susan- AZ Says:

    heheheh @ Patty–

    @ ALL–

    Have a fun and safe day!!!!

  121. you too susan!!

  122. Sounds like you guys are having a fun Halloween. Larry and I just went out to lunch….something we rarely do. Dinner will be sandwiches because trick or treating is from 6-8 and we like to sit outside. It is beautiful today…60’s and sunny.

  123. Susan: my mother isn’t Polish, only my dad. And he won’t eat any of it. My mother will have a spoon, but that’s all. Whioch just means way more for me! lol.

  124. Sylvia…lunch sounds nice πŸ™‚

    Its way pretty here too! Too nice to be in this office, thats for sure.
    I love this kind of weather in the fall. Just really dread what comes after it.

  125. ok…its friday…how about a “john laugh”..since we cant seem to find him!!

    This made me laugh…I hope you enjoy it too!

    Kansas Farm Wife and the Telephone
    A Kansas farm wife called the local phone company to report her telephone
    failed to ring when her friends called,
    and that on the few occasions, when it did ring, her dog always moaned
    right before the phone rang.
    The telephone repairman proceeded to the scene, curious to see this
    psychic dog or senile lady.
    He climbed a telephone pole, hooked in his test set, and dialed the
    subscriber’s house.
    The phone didn’t ring right away, but then the dog moaned and the telephone
    began to ring.
    Climbing down from the pole, the telephone repairman found:
    1. The dog was tied to the telephone system’s ground wire with a steel
    chain and collar.
    2. The wire connection to the ground rod was loose.
    3. The dog was receiving 90 volts of signaling current when the number was
    4. After a couple of jolts, the dog would start moaning and then urinate.
    5. The wet ground would complete the circuit, thus causing the phone to
    Which demonstrates that some problems CAN be fixed by pissing and moaning.

    Thought you’d like to know

  126. Patty,
    That is priceless.
    Going to take a walk with hubby and enjoy the day. I too dread winter…..and the election results.
    Will check back later.

  127. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Just went out to the back yard to pick some bell peppers and chili peppers to go in our dinner tonight – no showers – however, it has become overcast enough that I need to turn on lights in the house. Soooooo maybe!! I did a few hoop lah circles on the lawn, nothing happened other than spilling by produce out of the basket I had them in. Of course, then I had to fight with the dog to get them picked up. So much for me dancing around in the yard lol

  128. Patty,
    Saw inflatable Halloween decorations on our walk….you would have “loved” them. One was huge and plays spooky music. My husband liked that one. We had seen it at Costco and fortunately we are empty nesters because I’m sure he would have bought it.

  129. Spooky music would make the two dogs howl all night! *L*

  130. Dropped by to see what is happening….. lots of fun stories.

    trick and treaters should start showing up soon. The dog will go crazy….. barking..

    But, at least it is a nice night.

    Happy Halloween all.

    And, KT, if you stop by, i will talk politics with you,

  131. K2… so i went to do early voting right… and after all the problems w/ ACORN in Las Vegas, when I went to vote, they wouldn’t check my ID. I mean I had it in my hand pushing it towards the lady and she refuses to check it. 2 ther people on line doing the same thing asking them to check our IDs, nothing. So we ask why not? Lady says, well we’re going to check your signature. So I said well what if I signed up 10 times w/ 10 different names and obviously when I sign the card it’ll be in my handwriting? Lady says, well we’re going to ask you your DOB. So I said well what if I registered 10 different names, my handwriting for each signature and used the same DOB? Lady says, well if we get suspicious then we’re going to ask you for your address. So said, well what I registered 10 different names w/ the same DOB and used the address of an apartment complex w/ 10 different apartment numbers (ones that I would remember easily) and came to vote on 10 different days? Lady says… are you going to vote today or not because we have a line here and have to keep it moving. So we all figured it’s a lost cause and go to the booths. The lady next to me asks me a question unrelated to voting, I answer her. Next thing I know there’s a swarm of volunteers around us saying that we’re not allowed to talk to anyone while I am voting because they have officials here watching.

  132. My IT guy’s wife is doing programming consulting work for the culinary union here. He said that they poured big money into registering new voters this year. He said the plan is to stop by their houses to bring these people down to vote in vans. I asked him if they’re being bullied into registering? He said no, they’re being bullied into registering as a Democrat.

    Steve Wynn (Wynn Casino – he own’s the Mirage) has an entire floor dedicated to this election. My brother-in-law’s a floorman in the craps pit, he said the dealers are talking about employees being uncomfortable if they’re Republican for fear of how they’ll be treated by the bosses.

  133. It’s just a bunch of crap here. I am so disappointed in the GOP. The DNC has this election perfectly choreographed and the GOP did nothing to ralley the voters, or at least no where near the level that the DNC took this to. And the GOP did nothing to counter act the DNC’s slimey moves either. I am so disappointed that pootentially we can end up with a majority Congress w/ a far left liberal President. They’re going to be flying money out the door w/o any checks and balances. And what’s even more disappointing is that many Americans and falling back on the belief that our economy went bad because Bush was in office. They don’t take into account Congress’s role in any of it. When Clinton was in office the economy was better, but we had a Repubkican Congress controlling everything. They’re just not getting it.

  134. And, I’m not understanding these polls. They’re very confusing for me. I don’t know which ones to trust. What if the people doing the polling are asking people who are leaning left instead of right, that would move the poll percentages. What if the people being polled are not being truthful?

  135. Ok well I vented for the night, I’ll check back later or tomorrow, hope you’re all doing well.

  136. KT,

    why dont you report that place you voted at the the proper authority …or was not asking for ID the law there?

    zogby has McCain up by 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    McCain is going to win…. πŸ˜€ i feel it

  137. This election is making me CRAZY.
    Ohio is a disaster and it sounds like Nevada (at least Vegas) is too.
    Obama has rented out the University of Cincinnati football stadium for a big rally on Sunday night…….and this is suppose to be the Republican part of Ohio.
    I don’t know what to believe about the polls…..according to them Ohio is going for Obama……you think the voter fraud has anything to do with that????!!!!!

  138. By the way, we are not doing early or absentee voting because we are afraid those votes won’t count. A friend who is working at the polls (Republican supporter) said not to do early voting because she doesn’t trust it. She said to make sure your vote counts do it on election day.

  139. Sorry I missed the converstaion K2…
    K2 and Kt…I dont know about your states, but here and MIssiouri both have a special phone line directly to the (whoever watches voter fraud)..i draw a blank this morning.
    They ran articles in our newspapers to CALL….they will investigate and had a couple of the Feds’ names to go with it. I”ll go see if i can find that article.
    There has to be a place to call that wont fall on deaf ears.

  140. oh and ….’morning everyone!!

  141. @All

    good ‘morning’!

    I’m with Avi on the “((big grin)) I feel it”. The heck with all the noise. Just get out there and vote.

    @Adam Housley

    I’ve got one for you over on CompHyp today:

  142. KT, so sorry I missed you last night. MN does not have early voting. Just absentee ballot. So, we wait until election day. Seems to me they did not ask for ID here either. Just to sign the book.

    MN does have SAME DAY REGISTRATION and VOTE! All you need is someone registered in that district to go with you and vouch for you. Or, show a current utility bill with your name and address!

    MN polling show Obama way ahead, so chances of McCain taking this state are sooooooo slim. My only hope is that the Rep Senator Coleman can hold onto his seat against Al Franken.

    And, the MN State attorney general said there was only ONE issue with ACORN! ONE!!!!!!!

  143. As for the polls, I decided to ignore all. Read a report that some were polling a larger portion of Democrats vs. Republicans and Independents. So, the results were in essence ‘weighted’.

    Also, I wonder how many people will say they are voting one way and vote for someone else. Or, just say they are undecided as they don’t want to say. I look back to the exit poll data from the primaries and how wrong they were.

    The one bit of poll info I did read is that Obama needs over a 10 point spread to be sure of a victory.

    And, then there are days when I am not sure we will know who won on 11/5/08! Just too many shenanigans —- like registering at a Park Bench – to trust the results will be valid.

  144. LDG,

    I think the vote will come out 50/ 49/ 1 final vote M/O/N(NADAR)

    If Obama wins ….. I just hope the Dems dont get 60 in the senate..

    does anyone now about the Bush taxes … when the expire in 2010 … right after do the old tax rates come back to what they were before(which obama wants?) or is legislation needed to set new rates ?

  145. KT, Are the union workers are of what the Unions are now pressing? The Card Check program. It was a very nice sounding name “Employee Free Choice Act”.

    But it is just the opposite! It does away with a secret ballot when a union is trying to organize a business.


    Another piece of crap that will be forced upon Americans by a Democrat super majority!

  146. Avi,
    The Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire at the end od 2010. No new legislation needed for them to end.

    New legislation is needed to either make them permanent or extend them.

  147. Avi,
    Once the Bush tax cuts expire, they go back to the levels under Clinton.
    I had an email that compared them at one time, but not now.

    Here’s a link that gives a comparison….


  148. K2…does the tax cuts, if dropped, go from 30% to 33%?
    seems i remember those #’s from somewhere, but i could be wrong.

  149. Is Ohio the only state that allows park bench residents to vote?

    Also, is Obama blowing smoke when he says it will be a landslide? I would hate for that to happen because the left wing is already arrogant enough.

  150. Sylvia…its a mind game. He’s got to keep his people pumped, cause in effect it will lower expectations of McCain supporters. They will loose heart, and not vote. Thats why he’s such a good “salesman”!

    Dont listen to it, its crap.

  151. Patty, The marginal tax rates – married filing jointly – under Bush range from 10% (income up to $16,050) to 35%. (income $357,700 +)

    The marginal tax rates – married filing jointly – under Clinton range from 15% (income up to $43,050) to 39.6% (income $283,150 +).

    For comparison, we will assume your joint income is $110,000. Your current tax rate is 25%.

    If Bush’s tax cuts expire, your new tax rate at $110,000 will be 31%.

    Or, lets say you are on the lower end….. a joint income of $50,000…
    current rate 15% – new rate 28%.

    And why McCain did not make a BIG deal about this escapes me.

  152. i like your guestimate…but …we will fall more on the lower end.
    *shaking head*

    people are so (i dont know what!)


  154. Susan,
    But what about the swing states? It’s all about electoral votes…just ask Al Gore…bless his heart.
    BTW…the Obama appearance in Cincy on Sunday doesn’t require tickets but they want people to call the headquarters to let them know if they plan to attend. Maybe they’ll bus in some people from Indiana…..or park benches.

  155. Hubby just got an e-mail from the McCain campaign reminding him to vote, telling him where he is suppose to vote, giving him directions on how to get there, and telling him what kind of ID to bring. Now that’s being detailed.
    I probably won’t get that message because I always registered as Independent.

  156. sylvia…that park bench made me laugh out loud! funny.
    sad, but funny.
    I still have faith πŸ˜‰

  157. like you’ll see this but here it goes………..

    **Adam, i gotta ask…but i wont ask at facebook…….when you say “so many Juno’s”?
    what do you mean?

    Pregnant unmarried girls???

    Just thinking of that movie, I’ve not seen it though but that was my first thought when i saw your question.

  158. I’ve never seen Juno. Before someone told me the plot i thought it was just a film set in Alaska… πŸ˜€

  159. Karen2
    Your posts on GW have been hilarious. Have been scanning some of the threads and your comments have made my day.

  160. Hi Max.

  161. Patty,
    I’m trying to keep the faith but it’s hard.
    My voting place is actually the Temple we attend….will pray when I vote that I’m on the winning side.

  162. Max….I did too until i saw previews of it.
    Would like to see it, just dont do many movies until winter around here.

    I have no clue if that is what Adam was talking about, just a wild guess. I didnt know if maybe itwas a west coast thing, and i was just lostl Which could very well be!

    Ah, you girls are brave to hang out at Greta’s! Especially now! all the trolls are out in full force and more rude than ever.

  163. under the “possibly related” links under the pic above…
    the was one call…look ma no keyboard…

    this fascinated me to no end!! its a older link….but i would love to “play” with this sort of technology!! I missed my calling!!!

  164. Sylvia…. was it “why i am voting democrat”? I had fun with that one.
    Patty… it is not as bad as it was. Some of the really nasty trolls have gone away. The new Obama supporters are hillarious. They cannot answer a question. But they sure can spread the dirt.

    One of my favorite tactics was to take their post, line out the B.S. and use their own words against them.

    As for Juno. I enjoyed the movie. Recommended it to Derek….. he never said a word….guess it was not his ‘cup of tea’.

    We could really rile up the bloggers on Greta’s ….. we could all show up and start sharing recipes!

    Back to mischief now…… if you see me at Greta’s drop a line there…..
    just known as K2 there.

  165. K2,
    It was that comment….very funny.

    For the first time in MANY months I actually posted some comments. It took a lot of courage because I hate dealing with trolls. I don’t think I want to converse there because that’s when the trolls come after you. There is another Sylvia who has posted there but in the last few days it was probably me you saw posting. I don’t say alot or comment often.

  166. Ranting Time
    Just got 3 calls in 5 minutes telling me about the Obama rally at the UC football stadium on Sunday evening. It’s a recording so I can’t even tell the person to stuff it!!!!

  167. Sylvia, yes I understand. The Obama supporters must be on break (nap) bacause it is fairly quiet right now.

    Looks like voter issues in New Mexico now too…… Ah, elections are just too much fun….especially when they drag on for over 18 months and we can’t even get the voting process to be accurate.

    Just think, on November 5th, candidates will start campainging for the mid-term elections of 2010! UGH!!!!!!

  168. K2,
    See you posting on GW. Montana is a friend I met through GW. We actually met because my daughter lives in AZ. Larry and I go out there twice/year. I tried to meet up with Susan but we couldn’t coordinate it.

  169. Sylvia…. and wasn’t it Obama who was criticizing McCain for the RoboCalls?

    I had an automated poll call today…… decided to mess with them a bit….. I know, not kind…………..but, why do they need to know my age, my ethnicity, and sex?

  170. K2,
    No one has called me for a poll…just to tell me about rallies.
    I don’t remember if Obama criticized McCain about RoboCalls.

  171. Sylvia. I thought I had seen her name here and a comment that she wanted you to post on GW?

    Has she moved on to another blog? Or done blogging…. Just let her know I am a friend…..so, if she sees me there will know she has someone to ‘watch her back’!

  172. Karen,
    Montana does a lot with facebook and doesn’t post as much on GW. She has been on my case to comment over there so I finally gave in a few days ago.
    Montana and I talk on the phone all the time. I will e-mail her and tell her you are a friend on GW. I know she likes to post there but sometimes doesn’t want to deal with the trolls. For me the worst part was the name jacking…that’s why I quit. I just got frustrated. Jill (JillianWV) also told me not to quit but I just needed to get away from the craziness.

  173. Sylvia. I see jillianWV all the time. She is hilarious! I don’t know facebook…….. know what it is…..not how to use it…..too old, i guess!

  174. Karen,
    I don’t use facebook either…even though Montana tried to convince me I should. I just don’t spend that much time blogging anymore since I left GW. I was one of the original bloggers…many have left but many have come back with fake names. I can’t seem to use a fake name…I am who I am.

  175. Sylvia….

    I have used a few names on GW…..

    You could always stop by there as SOHIO……It is still you, just a bit more secret….

    I too leftl GW last winter, after all the namejacking and racist comments.

    Returned there to blog about politics when Adam’s blog was changed…. But, so glad Adam started this blog. This is a very nice group of people.

  176. This is a nice group of people and I’m glad I wandered over to Adam’s place. I guess the normal ones came here!!!!

    Make that semi-normal!!!!!

  177. Or in my case…… the abby-normal!

  178. Sylvia sent me!!!

    Lol….hope all are well.


  179. It’s about time Montana….you are the one who told me I have to blog to keep my brain stimulated!!!!

  180. LOL………Sylvia, you have so much brain power that you can blog and cook a gourmet meal at the same time.
    I, in turn, am not as talented or smart so I have to pick and choose my activities.

    Thanks K2 for the offer, but I plan on staying out of the Greta radar till after the election. Been hurt too bad.


  181. Montana,
    And you want me to post at GW?????

  182. Montana….sorry to hear it, but I understand. It can get dangerous at times. Glad you stopped by here….

    I was looking for my ‘why i am voting democrat’ post so i can ask an Obama supporter if they agree…..but don’t remember where i blogged it!

  183. Sylvia, you know that we will cover your back!!!!

    LOLing big time!!!!! Should be an interesting few days.

    I am posting on the not too important threads so that I do not run into any of the uglies!!!
    Also, it has been a long hard week for me with my daughter having her hand surgery reopened and now infected.
    I have not been home, as you know, and catching up is not easy when you are vintage historical. Not hysterical, but historical.

    For now, Montana

  184. Karen,
    Was it on the trick or treat thread?

  185. Avi… I looked up NV NRS election laws but the closest I came was that they state what is acceptable ID. But confusing as to when the ID is used, for registering to vote or to actually vote. I’m calling Sec of State on Monday and ask them, I’m not smart enough to interpret these laws they way they’re written.

    And hello, hope you’re doing OK over there.

  186. Sylvia….found it…thank you..

  187. Think I’m going to take a break. I can only sit at the computer so long before my brain and body freeze up.

  188. Sylvia, not sure if the polls are inflated in favor of Obama due to voter registration fraud. That’s where I’m getting confused, I don’t know where or who they’re polling. I hear O’Reilly say that he trusts one of them (I think he said Rambussen or something?? sp) then I hear Sean favoring a different one.

  189. Sylvia…have a good evening….thanks for the conversation.

  190. Karen T….there are so many polls and nobody has ever contacted me.
    Zogby had McCain ahead by 1 and the others disagree.

  191. Karen2,
    I enjoyed it too. I just can’t sit too long without getting stiff….getting older sucks!!! So I don’t stay on the computer as much as I would like.

  192. Patty… I attempted to find a phone number as you suggested, didn’t put much effort into and of course came up with nothing. I’m doing a little more research on it tonight. I was just going to let it drop because I don’t see what the point is if nothing will be done about it anyway. I’m really ticked at the media for not picking up on this, especially after we were hit so hard w/ ACORN. Just seems like the DNC is railroading the election.

  193. KT….. I think the most accurate of the polls has been the Tipp……

    Also, Greta has a special email to report suspected voter fraud… will go look for it ….and be right back.

  194. you’re right… I’ve never missed a vote and have yet to be contacted to be polled.. good point Sylvia

  195. k2 you’re awesome!

  196. Some guy said on H&C yesterday that we’ve never had a republican president that didn’t win Ohio. We’re screwed

  197. http://www.tipponline.com/

    KT – above link is to the ‘most’ accurate of polls.

  198. alright let me look

  199. KT, thank you……

    Here’s the email for Greta…


    And, as for Ohio — now it is perfeclty clear why so much voter registration was going on there…… Obama knows he needs it to win…….

  200. ok and you’re saying that mccain needs a +10%.

    (November 1 43.4% 47.9% 8.7% +4.5 Obama)

    then mccain needs at least 5.5% of the undecideds. I think it’s messed up that our election will be decided on people who can’t make up their minds and can’t figure out if they want to go republican or democrat. These 2 guys have been pushed in our faces for the past several months, hoiw could you possibly not know who you’re going to vote for? That’s frightening to know that these are the ones who will change our history.

  201. it’s the the dam republicans own fault for what happened in Ohio. What’s that lady’s name (republican not in office anymore) that put that law in place. these people aggravate me

  202. KT….had a computer problem…will read your post and be right back.

  203. KT, From all i have read / heard Obama needs to be up by 10+ in order to ensure a win.

    The undecideds are —— who knows!

    The real issue is the Electoral College. The polls mean zip because we don’t elect a President by the popular vote.

    The state polls are what we need to pay attention to, but from what I have heard, they are not done as quickly as the national polling.

    As some of the pundits were saying, the campaigns run their own polls to see where they need to campaign. Interesting to see Palin and Biden were both in Missouri. And, that McCain and Obama were both in Ohio.

    Ohio may NOT be a lock for Obama.

  204. Emailing the link you posted…

  205. it will be a lock if the other group associated with ACORN volunteers to be at the polling booths and allows people to vote multiple times under fake names. Whose going to stop them.

  206. I’ll check back later my blood pressure is up now amd it’s all k2’s fault.

  207. KT — LOL….. take care….

  208. It is all Sylvia’s fault!!!!!

    Good Night All.

  209. Good night Montana….Hope your daughter is doing better.

  210. Thank you Karen2……….Me too!!!

  211. @All of you so concerned about polls…


    (read it to the end even if the math throws you at first)
    Iowahawk explains statistics, and polling…

    And after that restores your proper lack of faith in what is called scientific polling, then just be cool and go pull the lever for your candidate on voting day, and IMO things will be most all ok. There are forces of good at work out there now, too. (don’t ask why it took so long)

  212. LDG – thanks for the analysis……. LOL

  213. The undecided number also includes people who refused to answer. Like one of my friends in Colorado who was contacted by a pollster and just said some nonsence so they hung up at the other end, she get’s put down as undecided.

  214. Good Morning Max,
    I wish a pollster would ask me how I’m voting. I wouldn’t mind putting my 2 cents in.

  215. LDG,
    Who or what are the forces of good?

  216. @Sylvia

    Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

    …and some very good people who care about the Constitution as it was written and lawfully amended.

  217. Good Morning to All.

    Sylvia, I am a pollster and I would like to know how you are voting. Please do not spare any words or feelings. I will not tell a soul.

    LDG, I agree with you totally.

  218. Montana,
    As you well know I can’t stand the thought of this great country becoming socialistic, weak on defense, and allowing judges to create law.
    The strong possibility of a left wing President and Congress with no checks and balances (no filabuster, no veto), Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, and all the other left zealots running the country is enough to make me have nightmares.
    In case you haven’t figured out how I plan to vote:

  219. Was that clear enough? I omitted the words that would get me censored.

  220. I am so glad that you have gotten to get this out.

    I am in total agreement with you and now I am having nightmares as well.

    McCain/Palin here too!!!!

  221. You mean you’re just getting nightmares? I’ve been upset about this election for months….actually, it seems like years.

  222. This election is the worst ever because of the Congress taking complete control of the lawmaking with noone able to stop them.
    Makes me almost appreciate the Clintons who seem more central than what is running now.
    Notice I said “almost” appreciate.

  223. take a deep breath…and walk away πŸ˜‰

    ‘morning all.

    Today is our “surprise” dinner that i had mentioned……..I am really looking forwrd to it! Gives me goose bumps!

  224. Good Day to all…

    Let the nail bitting begin…… two days left! Entering the day with renewed optimism due to LDG’s post!

    “Truth, Justice and the American Way”

    Patty, enjoy the dinner…… I am sure it will be bittersweet. Here’s hoping the sweet will be felt stronger…… {{{hugs}}}

  225. Hope it is wonderful Patty!!!! πŸ™‚

  226. Patty,
    Enjoy the dinner.
    There can be tears for happiness as well as sorrow.

  227. Yay for renewed optimism.


    Best wishes and regards that your “special dinner” goes well, for it is a Very Good ™ thing you are a part of there.

  228. @Sylvia

    I went and found this over on NRO, especially for you.


    It is about Palin and her effect on the campaign in Ohio and Pennsy.

  229. Thank you LDG
    I read it and am not surprised that central Ohio is strongly conservative and more enthusiastic about Palin than McCain. I do think she has the base fired up.
    The problem is in northern Ohio which is very Democratic and a small part of southern Ohio (in the city limits).
    The ACORN problems have come to light around the Columbus area and northern Ohio. A few cases in southern Ohio have also surfaced. I don’t know if college campuses are the hub for ACORN.
    Obama has a ralley tonight at the University of Cincinnati football stadium while Sarah has been speaking in Clarmont county which is a rural area near Cincinnati. He goes after the college kids and inner city population and she goes after the small town folks.

  230. Forgot to mention,
    Relatives in Fayetteville, NC went to a Sarah rally there recently and they were so thrilled to see her stir up the crowd. They are a military family and took their kids to the event. It was an awesome experience.
    The military loves McCain/Palin.

  231. I’m taking off of work on Tuesday because B. Hussein Obama told me to. Anyone know who hosting FNC after primetime on Tuesday to call the election? I hope it’s Brit.

  232. Oh and one more question. Earlier today FNC had a fun fact that said a candidate needs to win the majority of the vote and if not then the House will make the decision and this supposedly happened w/ Jefferson and John Quincy Adams. Does anyone know how many points over the majority needs to be?

  233. KT – The magic number to win the Electoral College is 270. If there is a tie at 269 each, then it would go to the CURRENT Congress to elect the President.

    The sticky point…… will your Representative vote as your District voted, or will they vote with the party line? Technically, they were elected to represent the district……so, they should vote as that district voted.

    For example, lets say your Representative is a Democrat, but the majority of the voters in the area he represents voted for McCain….. Will he vote McCain or Obama?

    As far as i know, the person elected by the House needs to win by 1 vote.

  234. oh K2 you’re good at this. Thanks!

  235. I still can’t make heads or tails out of the picture of the day. I’m sticking with a western theme from one of the studio lots. That stuff in the photo looks old.

  236. When does Adam normally give up the answer? (haven’t been here in a while)

  237. We don’t know…. this has been the first POD since his original blog changed……….

  238. Did you see that map on Brit’s show before w/ Karl Rove????? I don’t know who the guy was that was operating the map but it was the coolest electronic map I’ve ever seen I hope they use it on Tuesday

  239. College Interview down —– now need to do write a letter all about moi ( I might just include a reference to this blog maybe lol ( no joke) …. and send in my app by early next week…. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  240. k2: i think the lower house delegates from each state have to decide which way they want their state to vote. Then all the delgates from a state have to vote the same way. This favors Obama.
    In the Senate they decide the Vice President. Each Senator gets their own vote, which would be a tie if Liberman voted with McCain. The current vice president would be the tie breaker. So Sarah Palin would be Vice.

  241. Good Morning All

    Patty…how did the dinner go?

  242. @Max

    Just to add to yours (minor correction as well):

    The lower house (Representatives) when voting in an electoral college draw vote on a one-vote-one-delegation basis; the number of electors from a state up to that time is immaterial. However, as the Democrats control 26 state delegations, if they could hold those (some are a bit closely balanced), yes, the tiebreaker does favor Obama.

    The Constitutional challenge as to whether the current Vice President may vote in an electoral college draw resolution in the Senate for a new Vice President is an open issue. It is not clearly specifed, and has never been tested. This one could matter as the Democrats only “control” the Senate by having two independents caucus with them… one of whom is Joe Lieberman. In a straight party-line vote, that could go 50-49 Biden, with Lieberman holding the difference between a draw and a Dem win.

    It gets really difficult to call if one doubts that the Democrats could hold party loyalty in the House of Representatives because of the divisive primary. One or two state delegations (like VA, for example) might not be majority Obama supporters even though they are majority Democratic Party.

  243. LDG – I am confused by your comment regarding the House and how votes are counted. It is my understanding, each state has its Electoral votes based upon the # of representatives + senators. And, the majority of the states give all their Electoral College votes to the majority winner in the state. This is the number to used to reach the 270+ mark to win the election.

    But, if there is a tie at 269 electoral votes each, then it is up to the House and Senate to pick the President.

    The Constitution reads “and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; ”

    That reads to me that EACH Representative has ONE vote and is no longer held to vote according to how the majority voted in the state to secure the Electoral College vote.

    Although the Democrats hold 26 State Delegations, does not the issue arise as to whether that representative will vote with their party, or how their District citizens voted?

  244. Avi, sounds like you are well on your way……. Don’t be shy in your paper!

  245. K2: “the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote”. That means each state gets to vote once.
    The representation would mean the state’s deligation.

  246. Max, thanks….. so, if that is the case…..and if there is a tie…. I wonder if we will have a new president by March 5th!

  247. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone and Happy Monday

    Patty – hope the surprise dinner went well

  248. ‘morning!

    Our dinner….man, what can i say except it was the most “moving” way to spend the day! Definitly a emotional drain, but in a good way.
    Such a blessing to sit back and be apart of such an amazing event.
    Here are some pics. if you go there and have a choice of a slide show or just clicking through them, it might be easier to just go one at a time…some of the pic labels are quite long.
    Btw…The donor…was 49 when he died. His wife is definitly a strong woman! I would have been so overwhelmed! She had waited for this chance for years. To be able to see/hear the love of her life’s heart still beating.

  249. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Very moving indeed, thanks for sharing and thanks for the captions explaining who everyone was.

  250. Patty,
    Love your pix.
    How about one of you for thsoe of us who are newer to this blog.

  251. Ooops…can’t even spell “those” correctly. Another senior moment.

  252. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Now that is a picture of pure “healthy” What a cutie

  253. Sylvia…im always behind the camera! πŸ™‚
    ohh there is “one” at facebook! *giggle*

  254. Thanks KC..if i had known grandkids were so much fun…i might have had them first! ha ha

  255. Speaking of grandkids, our granddogs (2 Yorkies) will be flying in from Phoenix with our daughter on Thursday. They are the closest we have to grandkids. And I do love them!!!

  256. Sylvia…pic #7 here. Sorry, but you’ll have to go through all of them to get to it!

  257. that sounds fun sylvia…nice to have the “kids” coming home!

  258. Thanks Patty
    Now I have a face to go with the words!!!
    Susan should post the pictures she got for Adam’s album so we can get to see each other.

  259. Susan- AZ Says:

    GREAT PICTURES — Patty– especially the donor event– how cool!!!!

    Is it Wednesday?

    Sylvia– hopefully, next time you visit, we can all meet-

    I don’t use the facebook that often either but it is a good way to find old and I mean old friends from the past– I recognized a name from when I was in 5th grade– at the American School in Mexico City (a private school) and I went on to his wall and asked him if he was who I thought he was– and it turned out to be him! Way cool!!!!!

    Headed out– thanks for sharing those great pictures, Patty–

    Let me know when it is Wednesday? πŸ˜€

    My son got one of these –he lives in Virginia– he is for McCain so it doesn’t matter-

    Over the weekend in Virginia, bogus fliers with an authentic-looking commonwealth seal said fears of high voter turnout had prompted election officials to hold two elections β€” one on Tuesday for Republicans and another on Wednesday for Democrats.

    (what a great idea!)

  260. good idea..maybe she would.

    ohhh suuuusssaaaannnn where are you??? πŸ™‚

  261. speak of the ……..:-)
    there she is!

  262. Susan- AZ Says:


    When I get back, I will make a slideshow so you can all see each other– Patty has a couple great pictures– one has a sunflower– it is my favorite-


  263. thanks..it realy was amazing beyond words.

  264. ya, ive gotta go play office maid. I dont get the perks like housekeeping….i have to clean my own office! argh and its way past due.
    be back later…have a great day!

  265. I don’t even know how to do a slide show or post a picture. My husband downloads the pix from the camera and then he sends them out.
    I am totally hopeless with gadgets.

  266. I have cleaning to do also and need to take a walk since the weather is beautiful…70 and sunny.

  267. KT – my analysis ws wrong on the House and Congress selecting the President and Vice President, in the case of an Electora College tie, the votes are 1 per STATE….. not per district, as I had written above, in the House. So, as LDG and Max pointed out, the first person to get 26 votes wins.

    The Senate then votes on the VP. This time, one vote per Senator.

    Sorry for my error…….

  268. Hello All…… a beautiful day here…….. MN and 70 degress in November is a luxury.

    Patty, thanks for sharing. Love the photos…and your little ‘linebacker’ is adorable.

    Back to work for me too… like Sylvia….it is the house!

    Have a good day all….will check back later.

  269. Just read your posts and LDG and Max… thanks!!!

  270. B. Hussein just called a crowd in Florida “Ohio”… he just got Booed big time hahahahaha

  271. ooppss.. sorry Adam! I somehow lost the T in my name and my posts are awaiting moderation, my apoligies, didn’t realize it was gone

    B. Hussein just called a crowd in Florida β€œOhio”… he just got Booed big time hahahahaha

  272. Sylvia: facebook or myspace is the easiest way to put your photos online and allow your friends to see them all.

  273. Karen T: let’s hope that changed the minds of some in the crowd.

  274. Max,
    I don’t do facebook or myspace.

    As for Florida….a great many of the people there are former Ohioans. My son-in-law’s parents moved there from Cincinnati after retiring. Some of my current neighbors have homes or condos there also.

  275. Max I just can’t imagine why people would want to have a far left congress (Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid) along with a far left President B. Hussein Obama. It no longer comes down to the issues, it’s more of a matter of checks and balances. I can see it now, Pelosi and Reid passing anything they want, moving their collective agenda forward because they know Obama will sign anything they want. He’s just a puppet to them. And how will Americans know what’s getting passed until they wake up one morning and realized they were just bit on their butts while they were sleeping because the far left media covered up what’s really going on behind the scenes. ANYTHING the liberals want will now be at their finger tips. Now I have ogeda.

  276. Karen T,
    Now I’m really depressed!!!!!

    I am a moderate Independent and I am voting straight Republican from the local level to the state level to the Federal level. I usually vote for the person but this time it’s straight party. I don’t agree with everything the Republican platform states, but I want checks and balances. This time the Republicans need all the help they can get.

  277. @Karen2

    re: yours of 8:31 am

    You got it now. Tor future reference, the guts of it are all in the 12th Amendment text:


    sorry for the delay; long day (and night) shift here today and tomorrow. Not exactly free to do much commenting. Hope all are well, and of good spirit!

  278. All,

    you’ll know how i told you about a majority of my facebook friends are nut root obama fans…. check this out this girl 17 years old ( British ) not american but goes to the american school here check this out:

    her status was:
    “is Dear America, please don’t let Palin anywhere near the White House, we’re counting on you. Love, the rest of the world. – SPRAINED WRIST.”

    i commented

    “First of all Gov. Palin is running for Vice President not President. In addition Gov. Palin has the most executive experienceof all the candidates. Furthermore, Gov Palin is the gov of the Unions largest state Alaska. Also she has the highest approval ratings. Mind you Obama has the least exp of all the candidates his time as a U.s. … Read MoreSenator was less than the amount of time Senator McCain as POW. It is truly a shame that you being a British National whom one would expect to more educated and knowledge then their contemporaries would say such a false statement. I am appalled by your sexist and ill informed statement directed towards Gov.Palin. Please give me a credible reason why you are supporting Senator Obama over Senator McCain. Dont give me rubbish; give me real reasons. Go to their sites look at their policies and decide. Thank you!”

    she responded

    “AVI. FUCK OFF i have the right to support which ever party i want to which in this case is the democrats. you attacking me on my views and calling me an uneduacated and unknowlegdable person shows desperation, and lack of intelligence. if you dont like my views, GET THE FUCK OFF MY FACEBOOK.
    ps. i am female, so how could i be sexist?”

  279. i mean these obama ppl are so clueless when you press then with the truth they go wild…. good bye to healthy politcal debate. i guess .. jezzz

  280. @Avi

    They are supporting their candidate, like this:

    (there is no chance in hell you ever saw the movie this is from, but it should still get a healthy WTF?!? out of you to see this)

  281. ohhh avi……bite your lip..although difficult to do some times…..she’s not worth it.
    Its a typical Ob attack. Funny…they call “us” desperate. Sure looks the other way around to me.

  282. oh ldg..what archive did you find that in!?? *L*

    actors should take notice………:-)

    *excitement* “Planet Ten”!

  283. @Patty

    It took a bit of youtube sorting to come up with it. Oddly, I knew just what I was looking for, as it is one of those silly movie scenes that sticks in the memory.

    silly fun.

    OK, out I go for the day. See you all on the ‘morrow.
    be well and safe

  284. That was a strange video. Was it filmed at an Obama rally?

  285. I don’t think some Obama supporters really have a good reason to vote for him. They like his rhetoric and the fact he is young, and they feel he is entitled to be Pres.
    Hillary couldn’t understand why he was the chosen one. Nobody could come up with valid reasons for him beating her out of the job she had worked so many years for.

  286. Sylvia, that’s exactly what it’s come down to… no longer the issues, too late for that. Now we need pure balance. I don’t like McCain, never have, I am a Republican. But we can’t have it too far to the right and not too far to the left. Big red flags ahead.

  287. Breaking News >> Obama Announces Death of Grandmother

  288. Patty
    The pictures are great, I am glad that you had a great dinner.

    Tomorrow I will be working the elections for the morning/early afternoon shift. Will be real interesting to see what happens and if we have long lines. Most of our precinct is over 40 so we should not have a lot of the younger crowd. We have just over 1500 voters and will have 6 machines, with the early voting here it should not be to bad tomorrow. The paper said that we have had 37% already voted in the county, soooo that means that we should have about 600 at the polls tomorrow.

  289. Wouldnt you bet, if you were a fly on the wall, that The Clintons vote repub this year?
    Seems like when Hill is speaking about Ob…she’s working really hard to swallow what she is saying.
    Maybe its just me and my sarcastic attitude.
    Its gotta be eat’in her like a fly on a pie!!!

    I have yet to see the attraction to Ob. Just floors me. I’ve always thought the downfall to mankind is 2 things…arrogance and greed. From the first time I saw this guy and/or his wife….those are the 2 things that stood out and i just can’t get past them. Regardless of his politics, color, or money…its the arrogance that gets me.

    I’ll be so glad when tomorrow is over.
    But there is a problem….what will they talk about on our tv’s??? My God there can’t be enough day to day stuff to keep all the pundit’s heads talking as they have for the last 10 mths!

  290. Im sorry to hear about Ob’s grandmother. Always tough to loose someone.

  291. Patty,
    I agree completely with your comments. Arrogance and greed….what a combo.
    We are going out for dinner. Will check back later.

  292. Adam Housley Says:

    Man you guys went banana’s! I took two days away from the computer….needed a rest for a ton of reasons and WOW!!!!! Avi….WOW!!!! Anyway, new post…..a fun one coming and also the answer…..

    This picture is one of the posts the car ferry from North Long Island attaches to when it comes into dock. Of course we took this ferry to Connecticut. FYI


  293. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Welcome back stranger, glad to hear from you!!!!

    I don’t think anyone guessed this picture tho

  294. Crap, I got the answer wrong again. I’m something like 0 for 10 now.

  295. And K2 said I can talk ablout anything I want in here Adam so you have to holler at her if I get off topic.

  296. Avi….. are you sure the gal is not from the USA? Her response is identical to what i read here all day long. I am sworn at, called names, and never get an answer to ‘why do you support Obama’!

    It really is a small world.

  297. Was she in Greta’s site?

  298. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Hi Karen T and K2
    Sure glad you are finally posting on this blog – have missed you two and your postings.

    Adam put up a now post – go over and cast your vote when you have time

  299. KT…topic? you should know better with 1/2 of us around! πŸ™‚

  300. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    oops – meant new post

  301. Hi KC!!!

    Patty… was just trying to find something to aggravate k2 with hahaha

    I like Adam’s voting things that he put up there

  302. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Did I miss something in the news or on TV???? I thought Obummers grandmother broke her hip???

    Sorry to hear of her passing – May she rest in peace

  303. Just voted on Adam’s poll and left my comments.
    I’m the pessimist…..so I expect the worst.

  304. Sylvia – you are too funny.

    KC – i thought it was a broken hip, too. then heard she had cancer.

    KT – did i say i missed you around here πŸ™‚

    Patty – topic? we don’t need no stinkin’ topic!

  305. No she didn’t break her hip, she croaked one day before the election (may she rest in peace).

  306. Both Karens…..you crack me up….It’s nice to have some comedy relief from this election.

  307. Are we suppose to be on topic? Which topic? Can we choose a topic?

  308. kc..obs grandmother broke her hip……2 weeks ago…remember, they said she was fatal and we couldnt figure that out.
    now the healines on fox…says she had cancer.

    the 2 karens are wired tonight!! πŸ™‚

  309. or is it different grandma’s?


    Oh well.

    I see we werent even close with the POD.
    We are rusty Adam. We have to hone our skills all over again! πŸ™‚

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