Baseball’s Post Season

Only spring, when even the Giants have dreams of the post season, does baseball get any better. The post season is here and it looks like the Cubs are going to struggle once again. Right now they are two games down and just two innings left against the Dodgers to try and keep their season alive. I gotta believe many were pulling for the Cubbies, but once again it looks like ‘wait til next year.’ In any case, I am on the list to cover the World Series, if it ends up with a west coast team. I did cover the 2004 series in St. Louis when the Red Sox broke the curse of the Bambino! Just a heads up also, if you go to, you can click on ‘TBS Hot Corner’ and see 4 different camera angles live. Very cool this internet thing!


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  1. Being a Reds fan I know the frustration of “wait til next year.”
    Spring training always seems so hopeful……then comes reality.

  2. My former next door neighbor caught the final out in the 91 world series. His World Series trophy and ring are beautiful. It was exciting to be “inside” the baseball world.

  3. Sylvia ~ yeah being a Braves fan has me saying the same thing! I also love Spring Training!

  4. The MLB playoffs get a lot a play in the press here again this year. Good to see Hiroki Kuroda doing well in the ‘States. He had to endure years at Hiroshima with little hope of seeing the pennant race.

    (amusing aside to Sylvia: the Hiroshima team wears the same colors as the Cinci Reds. If you saw a picture, you’d have to look twice to not be confused!)

    @Adam Housley

    Opinion request: Is it possible that the Brewers are the real thing this time?

  5. Ye gad… I seem to have done jinxed them. Brewers just got knocked off by Philly…

    NLCS is Philly vs LA? Oh… can they both lose?

  6. Mrs. Carrie Says:

    @ LDG: can they both lose? Hahahahaha!

    @ Sylvia: I too got to embrace a WS ring. (A coach on a team here in the MWL had it from the 85 Royals.) I actually wore it around the room! I was in such awe…

    I am a lifelong Cubs fan.. sucks they lost already! This was supposed to be their year!!! I’m still waiting for next year! Question: If I’m waiting, why am I getting older?!?

    Mrs. Carrie

    I was also cheering on the Booo Crew.

    The White Sox are still hanging in there…

  7. LDG,
    If there are some really good players on the Hirshima team please send them to the Reds. They need all the help they can get. It’s a plus if the Hiroshima players already have the Reds’ uniforms.

  8. I just heard last night, Surprise is building more baseball stadiums for Spring training- great!! AZ needs the moolah!

  9. Susan,
    Cincinnati Reds are moving spring training from Sarasota to AZ ……the new stadium may be for them. I think they are moving there in 2010.

  10. the marlins did not make it πŸ˜₯

  11. Susan,
    I think that the Cleveland Indians are moving to AZ also. When we go to Spring Training in FL they are one of the places that we would go and watch a game. They had one of those great old ballparks, great place to watch baseball.

  12. I think you two, Barb and Syliva, got these right–

    Barb– the Cleveland Indians are going to the stadium in Goodyear– I just checked it out.

    The cool thing is I live close by! yay!

    Adam– will you be visiting? So we can hang out together and bond! πŸ˜€

  13. @Sylvia

    Sorry, seems the Dodgers swiped the one guy worth grabbing at least for now. The Hiroshima Carp ended the season 13 1/2 games back in the Central League. Maybe they got someone down on the farm for next year…


    A belated good ‘morning’ to All! It’s been a busy one, and tomorrow looks to be more of the same. Here’s hoping for more free time later in the week.

  14. The Peoria stadium is close by too- Mariners hang out there and I have to root for them as my brothers live in Washington-

    waving hello to LDG!!! I hope you get some rest!

  15. Susan ~ I guess that means I need to go to AZ for Spring Training now! πŸ™‚

  16. As long as the Tigers are in Lakeland I will be going to FL for Spring Training. That said I will come to AZ on vacation, my Great Aunt lived in Tucson and Phoenix and I have always wanted to come back and visit.

  17. Barb & Becky– this time of the year is perfect! Maybe Adam will come and we can all bond!

    I caught a bit of OJ tonight as I have avoided the trial– I will watch December 5th– wonder if Vegas will have bets going on? I am waging on 9 minimum up to 20 if the kidnapping charges are done separatedly–
    His pathetic statement: He won’t be able to see his kids graduate from College– hate to be the bearer of bad news, OJ, but Nicole didn’t even get to see them make it through grade school!

    Adam was at the airport — where is he headed to now?

  18. I just learned something- via LDG

    (amusing aside to Sylvia: the Hiroshima team wears the same colors as the Cinci Reds. If you saw a picture, you’d have to look twice to not be confused!)

  19. Susan,
    OJ is appealling the case because he didn’t have a jury of his peers. Does that mean there were no killers on the jury?

  20. ‘morning All.

    ADAM>>> Today is your “anniversary”…sort of!!!
    Oct. 7, 2007
    Your first live blog in the house!
    Sooo…Happy Anniversary House!! πŸ™‚

  21. Good Morning Patty,
    How do you keep up with all that info? I’m lucky if I remember my own anniversary!!!!

  22. morning–

    Sylvia — that was funny– the comment about the jury!

    Patty aka Sherlock– (so where is Adam headed off too?)

    and you all have a good morning– off I go!

    Happy Anniversary, Adam~

  23. Sylvia, i’ve been hanging on to that one a long time!! Was so afraid i’d forget it. Its just hard to believe a year of “housely news” has gone by already. I’ve made such good friends from there.

  24. guess…he didnt say he was leaving…i’d bet he was picking Tamera up. πŸ˜‰

  25. Patty………I would go with your guess!!!

    Hello to all.


  26. My, my, we are a quiet bunch lately!
    See Adam, we fell out of the “talky mood/habit” when we couldnt post.
    You ruined us! haha

    btw..anyone know where has KC been…havent seen her for a few days.

  27. Patty–

    sometimes KC takes a trip to her other home- maybe she went there because I have not heard from her either and she sends me my jokes for the day– I hope she is ok!

  28. Sylvia.

    Loved the line about OJ’s jury…..

  29. Hi Karen,
    Guess I’m a little tired of OJ’s crap. I hope justice has finally been served to him……and he serves it in a tiny cell…not on a golf course.

  30. Israel on high alert for combined Syrian-Hizballah Yom Kippur attack

    DEBKAfile Special Report

    October 8, 2008, 9:35 AM (GMT+02:00)
    Syrian Russian-made T-80 tank

    Syrian Russian-made T-80 tank

    After Syria moved tank units up to the Lebanese Beqaa Valley border Tuesday, Oct. 7, Israel raised the alert level for Yom Kippur on its borders with Syria and Lebanon and placed its Air Force and emergency first aid teams on standby in the event of coordinated Syrian-Hizballah attacks. Israeli embassies and Jewish institutions worldwide are also on high terror alert in case Hizballah carries out its threat of revenge attacks for the death of its commander, Imad Mughniyeh. Damascus and the Lebanese Hizballah are closely aligned.

    The West Bank was sealed off from early Wednesday, Oct. 8.

    DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the Syrian tank concentration on the Lebanese border Tuesday was Damascus’ second military movement against its neighbor; three weeks ago, Syrian commando units took up positions on the North Lebanese border. In the first deployment, their tanks and armored vehicles were kept some 3-10 km to the rear of frontline commando forces. In the second, much closer to the Israeli border, armor and tanks have been deployed at the front.

    These military movements sent Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak on an unannounced trip north Tuesday to check the state of readiness of the IDF’s disposition on the Syrian and Lebanese borders. He cautioned the outpost commanders to exercise maximum vigilance in the coming days. The border seems quiet, he said, but commanders must take care never to permit a repeat of the Yom Kippur War exactly 35 years ago when Israel was caught napping by a Syrian invasion.

    Our sources report that Washington, Jerusalem and Beirut are taking into account the possibililty of Damascus seizing the moment of the total shutdown in Israel for 25 hours from Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 8, to Thursday night, Oct. 9, for Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) to launch its military forces against northern Lebanon or the Golan.

  31. off topic

    As far as the Syrians: watch northern Lebanon. There is a proxy conflict between Saudi-factions and Syrian-factions underway.

    As far as Hezbollah (hizba-llah)… they are playing their and Iran’s game. No bets on what they might do.

  32. @Adam Housley

    A belated congratulations on your 1-year ‘blog anniversary.

  33. hm… comments with links get moderated… comments with text don’t.

    live and learn.


    good ‘morning’!

  34. All,

    today and tomorrow Israel fully shuts down:

    Airports close

    no cars on the street

    everything closed

    all t.v. channels are shut down except intl channels like fox news etc

    since its yom kipor…. day long fast…

    its pretty cool… you can walk on the street highway without getting run over…. its quite a site !

  35. Our synagogues in Cincinnati are also on high alert. There will be police at all the synagogues tonight and tomorrow. Kind of makes a person feel secure…..I think…..I hope.

  36. Avi ~ I bet that is a sight to not have any cars on the streets! Having been there 9 years ago I am trying to imagine that!

    Sylvia ~ I hope it will be safe and secure for you and everyone else going to synagogue tonight and tomorrow!

  37. Oh… good morning everyone!

  38. ‘morning everyone.

    Avi…that would be a site to see i’m sure. Can’t imagine.

    Avi and Sylvia….peace to you both.
    A blessed time for you and many.

  39. morning–

    LDG sent me this link– and it is soooooooooooooo funny!!! I have to share-

    Wow Avi and Sylvia— I hope everyone is safe~

  40. Susan and LDG ~ That link is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!!!

  41. Just read that link….I’m still laughing.

  42. I know- LDG’s link– I have been emailing it to everyone- πŸ˜€

    I read some of the other letters on the link – relationship advice– I am rolling in laughter-

  43. susan that link is awesome!

    ok…my “feel good story” for the week

  44. Thanks all for the good wishes. It’s sad when houses of worship have to be kept secure from terrorism. That’s what has become the reality in this country.

  45. WOW– 50 years of thinking about stealing a toy– now that was a good story too-

    Glenn Beck had a feel good story too last night- some 16 year old, a violinist, raises money for Children helping Children– Jordan is the founder of this-

  46. oops– should have read- 50 years of carrying a conscience over a stolen toy-

  47. Sylvia and Avi–

    Happy Yom Kippur, BTW– as I know this is the holiest day on your calendar.

  48. Patty–

    your anniversary link on Adam’s blog– you were the first one to blog on his blog– Happy Anniversary to you too! πŸ˜€ (*)

  49. susan, thanks, but that Patricia, is not me

  50. :&

    seeing if this one works as an emoticon

  51. oops– I see Patricia– and we know you go by Patty– well, you did leave a post– so happy anniversary anwyay! πŸ˜‰

  52. πŸ™‚

    ADAM…are you going to acknowledge the anniv. post??? argh! See if i bust my b*tt again!

  53. repost @Avi
    mine here at 0304 hasn’t cleared moderation so here it is again sans links:
    off topic

    As far as the Syrians: watch northern Lebanon. There is a proxy conflict between Saudi-factions and Syrian-factions underway.


    As far as Hezbollah (hizba-llah)… they are playing their and Iran’s game. No bets on what they might do.

  54. @Susan

    Glad you liked Iowahawk. He’s probably the best satire writer out there these days.

  55. Susan and LDG….. that Iowahawk…. cannot stop laughing…..

    way too funny……

    you know it is funny when you are alone in the room and laughing out loud!

  56. Ldg,
    How is Japan dealing with the -9 percent crash in the market yesterday today ……?

    also ive been wondering what does LDG stand for lol

  57. @Avi

    re: “How is Japan dealing with…?”

    Pretty much the same ways Europe and the U.S. are trying to, but we just are not as beholden to market valuation as those economies.

    Liquidity, now that is another matter. National Bank of Japan is pouring currency into the market (15 days running now) to keep business credit moving.

    Where this is going to hurt is that we are still an export-dependent economy so currency exchange rate problems bite hard. The nominal trading range for Y=$ is 115~120, and we strengthened to about 100 this week. Think of that as hurting all the big exporters as a 15% loss of revenues.

    Otherwise, there is a whole lot of basic strength in the local economy. We have managed to overcome the oil price spike earlier in the year and will likely overcome this matter as well with little long-term damage… but maybe no growth in the economy this year.

    The caution on all this is that if enough other countries go into the dumps, it will have long-term effects on us by contagion.

    (LDG = L. Douglas Garrett, as you might have seen over on CompHyp)

  58. @Avi

    Here’s a special post over on CompHyp just for you:


    good morning!

  59. [taking attendance] Bueller?… Bueller?… Bueller?

    ah well. be back later.

  60. LDG ~ I’m here…I just haven’t posted anything today! I guess everyone else is on holiday! πŸ™‚

  61. @ldg…
    “Um, he’s sick. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.
    ” πŸ˜‰

  62. Patty ~ hilarious!

  63. thanks becky, i couldnt resist. One of the all time best movies!

    everyone that does baseball, i have a silly question.
    you have spring training, the actual season, and also post season?
    the purpose is?
    its like 3 trimesters and after that, you get to see what you got!? *L*
    sorry, not a big ball fan.
    My uncle in GA got me started one year with the Braves, and stuck with it for a couple years. Even got to go to a game while I was in Atlanta. But, its just not my “thing”.

  64. Adam Housley Says:

    SO…..Max is in Wyoming, I think he went at the right time…any later and his British hair will freeze!
    Patty: Baseball has a month of preseason to get everyone into shape. Not needed as much as it used to be since most players now train and even play year around. Back in the old days, they needed the time to lose the wieght and get their arms in shape and since many lived cold states, they needed to get to Florida and Arizona so they wouldn’t freeze like Max will soon do.
    Post season is for those teams who had great seasons….think playoffs. Other sports have the same set up by the way.

  65. Avi
    Shalom from North Carolina. Have been watching Fox today and there has been no news out of Israel, so it must have been a good Yom Kippur.

  66. Hi All,
    Spring training is fun because it is up close and personal…no large stadiums. I do think the baseball season is too long. Sometimes it snows on opening day in Cincinnati which is late March or 1st week of April. Also, the post season can be really cold in October. Of course the Reds don’t need to worry about post season….they are awful!!!!

  67. I see an Adam showing up–

    Max is definitely going to freeze in Wyoming if he chooses to go to school there as I have a friend who left Wyoming to come here– but setting that aside– thanks for the plug for Arizona, Adam–

    The weather is getting so pretty here– AC is off now 12 hours-

    LOL to Adam saying Max’s British hair will freeze— those winds will get you everytime!

    And hello to me from all of you– I hope your winters are not as these were last year-

    AZ is the best when it comes to winters- very pretty- although when Adam covered the SuperBowl in January, 2008, he said it was cold! WAAA!

    ON the grim side of life~ my brother called me to tell me the “peso” currency has devaulated from 9.- to 12,- in dollars– not good for my brothers and me as we receive monies from the property from my dad~ from Mexico. In other words, American tourists will not want to spend any money, if they can’t get their dollar’s worth….

    Who do I thank? Not this administration or the crooks who walked out with their millions to affect all of us?– the markets everywhere are affected by a bunch of crooks– just pisses me off!

  68. @Susan

    Two sides to that exchange rate issue, you know…

    If it is now 12 MexPeso to the US$, and it was 9 to the buck before, unless inflation has gone *wild* in Mexico that means U.S. tourists get *more* for their dollars and will be more willing to travel there to spend them.

    However, if you have income being generated as Peso, and need to exchange them back to US$… you just lost a bunch on the exchange.

    Hope you get more tourists and don’t need to exchange for a little while.

    ((sigh)) I just had to exchange US$ into JpnY today for something… thank heavens it wasn’t a huge sum of money, but a 10% loss compared to last Monday’s exchange rate is not fun.

  69. Barb,

    here there is news Arabs and Jews went at each other in AKKO a northern city during yom kipor … check ….

  70. ‘morning all…
    everything is so gloom and doom. I agree Susan, nothing but crooks!
    But…the press isn’t helping the situation a bit. The patient will survive. I’m being patient. Its not worth me worrying about.
    Our kids have called, terribly worried. They all carry debt, and have looked at thier 401k’s. I told them…put the paper work back in the drawer, forget it. You dont need it for many years, you will be fine!! Stay on top of your bills, and don’t take on anymore debt. Just be smart, as you should have been doing in the first place.
    I feel for them, they have not really ever seen hard times. We on the other hand have, and there is always an end, eventually. You can’t let it consume you.

    we have a 2nd “feel good story” to end the week…this one, I just couldn’t let go by…because this is “small town America”!
    I am proud to be a small part of it.

  71. @Patty

    Thanks for that “small town America” article!

    (Great timing to get it as I’ll share it with a couple friends here when I meet them shortly… One has worked all his adult life in Forestry, the other is a family farmer by tradition. They’ll both appreciate it.)

  72. Patty,
    Enjoyed the article. It’s nice to know that people still do care about others.

  73. Sylvia and LDG…your welcome.

    I know this stuff goes on everyday, the world just can’t have gone that wrong! But no one tells us about it. There should be place that keeps a running tab of “good people’s deeds”! So the rest of us, when we start to loose hope in humanity, can just go read!

    I (or our family) have been on the receiving end of that kind of humanity, more than i care to be. But thank God there are good people! The feeling of being the “receiver”, escapes description.

    Have you all seen the movie Pay It Forward?
    If you havent seen it, take the kleenix box with you!

    **Adam..thanks for the explanation. BTW..Nice to see you “come out and play’!
    To me, it just seem that baseball..never ends. But thats a good thing for those that love it πŸ˜‰

  74. Patty,
    Baseball in Cincinnati seems to be an endless long season of losing.

  75. Yes LDG– We get our income from the property in pesos– as well as those who live in Mexico and get the pesos as a paycheck-

    And I have been listening to the latest about ACORN– Voter registration fraud– they signed the Dallas Cowboys, fast food restaurant names, dead people’s names???????????? And they are allowed to continue doing business????? And they are not even clever– same handwriting???? To think there was going to be some help in the bailout for these criminals– fraud is a crime!

    This one is for Obama– in spanish there is a saying: Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres which translates to: Tell me who you run around with and I will tell you who you are.

    My mother use to tell me in reference to my friends: Birds of a feather flock together. πŸ˜€

    Hey, my buds weren’t blowing up buildings– they were just getting high and listening to Jimi Hendrix! πŸ™„

  76. Patty–

    yes- right on about doing good deeds– LDG has been my mentor for the last few weeks as I am on a “rescue the ferals” mission– Last Saturday I, with the help of an 8 year old, rescued three newborn kittens whose mommy had abandoned them– LDG had sent me the instructions on how to care for newborns with some great advice– long story short, I took the three kittens to a rescue home and one of the nursing mom’s allowed these three to feed off of her– sad for me because I was all set to bottle feed them every three hours …. but elated for the kittens as they are safe and warm… thank you LDG–

    And next week-end, I am setting traps out to capture the cats I have been feeding for the last few weeks– to get them fixed so they don’t reproduce and have babies under my neighbor’s shed as this is where the three kittens were- I will probably become a cat owner now-

    A round of applause to LDG who has encouraged me along the way as I would have probably not have been so into this if it weren’t for the emails I received about feral cats – So not only is LDG brilliant but he is caring!

    BTW– LDG rescues cats too–

  77. Adam–

    How come your mom hasn’t been on this blog? Are you ashamed of me?

    No need to answer… πŸ˜€


  78. LDG–

    Now that shares are its lowest– which one should I buy?

  79. Susan,
    My daughter has been volunteering at the Arizona Animal Welfare Shelter near the Phoenix airport. She loves playing with the dogs and the little animals in the education department (bunnies, ferrets,etc.)

  80. Avi–

    your religious holiday– yom kippur? How many sins have you fessed up to?

    I just read about the Yom Kippur, the most solemn day of the Jewish calendar, was married by two nights of violence and rioting in the mixed Jewish-Arab city of Acre. There trouble lingered into Friday.

    And the hatred the Arabs spit out–


  81. Sylvia–

    give your daughter a big hug from me– I am going to start volunteering too at the rescue center– I have changed course here- I use to rescue dogs but now I am into cats- probably because of them hanging out here eating and I have spent hours watching them from my window trying to figure out how many are dinner guests and how many are desperate- so by watching them, I started to become fond of felines. Plus the leftover food in the morning, the birds eat it– yuck!

    Plus, laugh here– I even figured out how to protect the cat food from ants not getting into the food- I put the plate of food on a cookie tray which is filled with water so the ants can’t get into the food– (Actually, my german neighbor gave me this idea) damn ants!

  82. Susan…you need a “farm” and lots of acres! πŸ™‚

  83. btw..susan..did you see adams mom left you a msg at the fox blog?

  84. Patty–

    yes I did- and I thanked her there but my post did not show up as well as a few others I have left on the threads there– so I emailed her and thanked her– what a lovely lady!

    That must be the changes Adam is referring to for his news blog- We are allowed one post for every other thread! πŸ˜‰

    Will you will me your farm? HA! I will be long gone before you go!

  85. Well, since my post did not post on the Metro thread- I will ask the question here-

    Adam– what happened at the hearing you were at about the accident?

  86. Patty – I just sent you an email about Herman Rosenblat– now that is a feel good story, despite the background– made me cry!

  87. oh cr*p susan…we will blow up if that is the new rules! *L*

  88. well- his new thread has only four posts– don’t tell me he is down to four people- 😦

  89. fox should realize there is another “life” besides politics! argh!

  90. ohhh. the soybean harvest happened with out me!
    I got home and the beans are gone, and so is the combine.
    I wanted to share pics!

    (gosh i really do like this “city farming”, the work is much easier! *L*)

  91. I agree Patty– I am watching Lou Dobbs right now– it is tv day for me– and check this out– aside from the mud slinging going on by the media and the campaigns, ACORN committing voter registration fraud in two states and 10 other states are in question, their is a lack of polling electronic machines, workers, and paper ballots in several states. One machine goes down on voting day, oops!!!

    I think someone should take a coin, toss it up in the air, and two out of three gets the Presidency since everything else is so screwed up!

    what happened with the beans? I like city farming too- I just came back from Trader Joe’s- I am fixing my daughter a birthday dinner tomorrow and she is a vegan so I bought all sorts of fresh veggies, etc- Now what to do with these? ❓

  92. and my buddy, Andrew, computer genius, I have known him for 43 years, who travels all over the map just sent me five magnets– LOL- He just called last night to tell me he is going to Honduras and he will look for a magnet from there- He also enclosed a postcard from China with my magnets– what a life!! I should have married him! dang it!

    One is of the Statute of Liberty, the Mexican flag, Portland Oregon, Columbia River, and Cashiers, North Carolina~ whoppie!! Plus I have a calendar my ex-sister in law sends every year from Hawaii- the flowers are so pretty for each month. I love my refrigerator! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Avi– send me a magnet from Israel and I will send you something back- please?

  93. Susan. we have 8 acres that are row crop, crops planted in a row, like soybeans & corn versus alfalfa and wheat that are planted like grass. The field sits right at the intersection of 2 main highways. Which means many farmers travel both roads to get to town. A small business here that sells the seed to farmers, asked a few years back if they could use that 8 acres for a “test plot”. They plant each row in a different # of seed, each number has a different genetic makeup, so they can all be compared..side by side. All Pat does is plow the ground in the spring, they plant with their seed, they spray, they harvest, they take the soybeans to town, put them in our name at the elevator, the check comes to us. Tough farming, NOT. Around here we call people like that “city farmers”….work in town and farm as a “hobby”.
    The corn is done the same way, in the other 4 acres. Except, when harvest comes, the shelled corn (off the cob) goes in our shed in a large bin. We have a “corn stove” in the house for heat. Looks like a fancy wood stove, but it burns corn. So, you can say that we grow our own heat for the winter. Much easier on the heating bill!
    We did burn wood for years and years, but both of our backs gave out, so 2 years ago we switched to the corn.
    Now the rest of the farm is about 40 acres of alfalfa, we sell that to one of the dairy farms around here. And then there is approx 25 acres that is where the house and buildings are, and undisturbed (native) pasture. This is NOT our farm, but shows you what it looks like at harvest around here. Pick a road this time of year and you will see this process every couple of miles!! Its dangerous driving, because all that equip has to drive the roads to get from field to field. But it is such a pretty sight when the crops are so plentiful as they are this year. at the same time, it is a heartbreaking sight when the crops fail. Because the farmer still has to go through all the processes and loose his b*tt.
    btw…a combine, new, would be about $300,000

  94. Patty,
    I can’t imagine having all that land. We have 1 acre and think that’s enough. I guess you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors.

  95. Sylvia…we originally had 160. Its where hubby grew up. We dairyed for 15 or so years. Milked 70-80 cows. Grew all our own feed. It got to the point where we either had to get much bigger or get out. So, we got out. It was a tough decision, hubby had never worked for anyone but himself, or his dad. We both went to work in town and have never regretted our decision. 5 years ago we sold 80 acres of row crop ground that is across the highway. Our equip was old and its so costly to hire field work to be done. It just worked better for us to let someone else have those headaches.
    I’ve always joked and said that if hubby thought he had to milk cows again, that i was sure he and his second wife would enjoy it! πŸ™‚
    Cause his first one isnt going back to that!
    Your right, neighbors arent a problem! But we have wonderful neighbors across the road.
    And when i say “in town”, its 1 mile. We are just outside of the city limits. So we have the best of both. A farm …within walking distance of all the perks of living in town.

  96. WOW Patty–

    that was very interesting– When the corn burns, does it pop? And I am assuming the corn is dry? Do you just throw the corn in the stove and it burns? And how much corn do you use for fuel for the winter? Is this the only source you use for heat? Does the corn burn down to nothing or do you have to clean the corn stove frequently?

    The picture you took for Adam’s photo album, the sunflower picture, is this the field?

    How about a picture of the corn stove?

    Live and learn here- wow! thanks for sharing your life!

  97. I feel like a wimp now– I moan and groan when I mow my yard and pull weeds- you would think I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro!!!!!

    I am going back to the couch and hide my shame!!! I got exhausted reading your post- the plowing did me in!


  98. It’s 6:30 AM here and I’m glad I don’t have any cows to milk!!!!!

    I loved your farm info. I always admired people who work the land and milk cows….I don’t have the energy to do that. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping are enough for me . I just can’t imagine adding farm work to the mix. When do farmers sleep?????

  99. Patty,
    Where do you live? Just curious. Most of the farmland around Cincinnati has become subdivisions. Our house was built on farmland 17 years ago. The owner died and her children sold to a builder. The original house still exists. We were the first to buy a lot and the cows were still on the lot when we chose the property. The builder took away all the fertile top soil and sold it, leaving us with “clay” dirt. We were furious but could do nothing…he owned the propertyt until we closed on the finished house. There are now about 140 houses on this “farm.” Each house is built on a least 1 acre. We are in the burbs, about 2 miles away from Cincinnati city limits. We actually have our own police/fire personnel as well as council and mayor. So you can say I live on previous farm and am close to the city.

  100. I’ll be back later with more info to answer your questions sylvia and susan. We have a bday party to go to for our only grandaughter later today. Gosh that lil girl shouldnt be 12 yrs old already!! I can remember when they brought her home, they weren’t ready, so she slept in a few weeks in a clothes basket! *giggle*

    **Adam..i did fill guilty about all the farm stuff on your baseball post..thats why i stopped back by..but I’ll call my version of “a field of dreams”……cause it definilty is for many people! πŸ˜‰

    Have a good day all!!!
    It’s pretty here today!
    a lil windy, but that is pretty much a norm around here.
    Sylvia…the northeast corner of Kansas.

  101. Did anyone catch the Obama mishap– his name on the voter registration forms was spelled Osama? spokesman for the camp couldn’t understand how this happened as there are three people who proof read- must have been a typo~

    last time I looked, the “B” key was over here and the “S” key is over there — :B

    what a joke this is turning out to be– toss that coin or pick straws!

    Patty– beautiful day here too– and Happy Birthday to your granddaughter- doing the b-day thing here too- later-

  102. oops
    correction….ADAM…i did *feel* guilty

  103. Adam Housley Says:


    Did you really feel guilty?? Or is this more of a Susan guilty?? πŸ™‚
    I also heard about the Obama spelling mistake, that’s not cool.


  104. @Adam Housley

    I’m liking the combination of Twitter with these web logs.

    It sounds like you had a good go out at the APTRA Association event, and I’m headed over to Onthescene to see which CA fire you got the call for this time.


    a very early good ‘morning’, all around!

  105. Good Morning All,
    Another beautiful day in Ohio. Just wish something could be done here to stop the voter fraud situation.
    I was at a party Saturday night and one guest actually said that since the Republicans stole the elections in 2000 and 2004 they have no business complaining about any voter fraud this year. It took every bit of self restraint I had to be polite and try to refute the comment.
    Other than that it was a nice weekend.

  106. *laughing*
    ADAM…..haha… smart @$$!

    ‘morning everyone.
    Its pouring down rain and its cold! well.. colder than it was.
    They acutally have freeze warnings out tonight for the NW corner of KS. My petunia’s are going to wilt!
    Yuk yuk yuk, i dont like the thought of winter!

  107. Good Morning all…

    Very nice weekend here. Today, steady rain… leaves are changing color but not as vibrant as last year. Fall is here – winter is just around the corner and I am NOT ready!

    good news…. gas per gallon down to $2.76 here in MN!

  108. Oh, I was going to post this….. Venezuela is in the news again….

    the USA is the only buyer of Venezuelan oil that pays in CASH and in FULL!

    Under Chavez his oil proudtion has dropped from 3.2 million barrels per day to 2. 4 million barrels per day.

    Things are not good for the citizens of Venezuela. When can the country get rid of him?

  109. Susan, does it pop? only if you plant POPcorn! *L*
    No, field corn doesnt pop. (and no, the house doesnt smell like a theater!) Yes it is dry. They wont harvest it until it is a low percentage of moisture. #1..if we were selling it, the elevator will dock us for moisture. #2…to burn it, it has to be under 13%, obviously, dryer is better.
    I took some pics of our stove and forgot to do the slide show. I will though.
    The guy that came up with these stoves was brilliant in my mind. Corn has no real “burn power”, you can put a pile on the floor and light it. It wont burn that way.
    Inside the stove there is a hopper that holds about 2 – 5 gal. buckets of corn. Under the hopper is a small auger, it spins and drops a kernal at a rate of about 13 per minute? I dont remember exact #.
    Prior to turning on the auger, you use pellets and a fuel starter to build a lil fire in the fire box that is about 6 in x 4 in…it sit at the bottom of the auger. Once you’ve got that started, you turn on the auger and it keeps a trickle of corn going into that fire. Each kernel burning a bit, before the next one hits the fire. It burns clean, and warm. Runs by thermostat just like a furnace. After having wood for so many years and all the dirt that goes along it it, this is a dream! There are no real ashes. There is a solid brick of “ash” that you knock down once a day (or so). Once a week, you empty the bricks. We just dump them in the field by the house and plow them back under in the spring.
    Besides the corn, We have hot water heat, fueled by propane (thats the smiley face tank you see in our back yard pics). We use it only as back-up heat. The corn is our main heat.
    Depending on how cold it is, we can go through 4 – 5 gal buckets of corn a day. With my back, I can’t carry a 5 gal bucket…so, if it’s me filing the stove, its 1/2 a bucket at a time. Takes me a while, but i wont freeze πŸ˜‰ Im just thankful Pat is there 99% of the time!!! There is some things worth having a man around for!! ha ha
    The pic in Adam’s album, with the sunflower is the soybean field. The corn is taller and to the left, as you look at that pic.

  110. morning–

    ditto Patty to the smart a** comment– πŸ˜€

    When I got up this morning, house was 74–

    still no sign of KC? I am worried now– she would send me jokes during the week and this is week two–

    K2– I need to check out the gas prices– when I filled up last week, we were at 3.20

  111. K2–

    I read yesterday, Chavez’s former defense minister is not allowed to leave the country-he is being charged with corruption– (Mr. Baduel turned against him) ahh! The land of the free and true justice-

    They are about ready to embark on their military exercises– Russia’s warships on the way– took a breather in Libya- Here comes Peter the Great- (thanks LDG for the link to this)

    Patty thanks for the teachings on agriculture- interesting read-

    LOL to the house not smellling like a theater!

  112. speaking of Venezuela, I decided to check out Adam’s friend’s blog, Gollinger, as she has not posted anything in months– Well, on October 1st she did– she has a new book coming out and promised to post some articles about the US and Venezuela-

    …I will post some new articles about the currently developments between Venezuela and the United States, as well as other members of the international community. I have been giving a series of conferences entitled “The Cold War of the 21st Century” to which these articles correspond….

    I wonder what nice things she will have to say?

  113. susan…KC…hum, we are going to have to send out a search party! She usually says if she will be gone.
    maybe adam could send smoke signals…sounds like there is enough smoke! Poor people, seem to never catch a break out there.

  114. We could send obambam to visit hugo. Should be an interesting conversation! He “scares” me about as much as chavez!

    oh…..that reminds me. Did you all watch Huckabee?
    Why can’t he be on this frickin ballot???? argh! He has so much common sense its pathetic to “waste” it.

  115. sylvia, we don’t have to worry about anyone building towards us. the fields between us and town have a “river” (small) running through…therefore the ground is in the flood plain. Way to low for any building. Our city has a zoning thing 3 milies outside of city limits. Requirements are atleast 3 acres per house, that keeps them from building “on top of each other”.
    Farmers are a rare breed, thats for sure. They tend to go days without real sleep, and then catch some when they can, hopefully on sunday or rainy days. We used to go from 5 am to midnight. Now? I’m just lazy! *L* Milking was a great way to raise the kids. I would never trade that part of it. Everyday was a learning day. In the summer pat would do all the milking and i would do all the field work. I LOVE to be on the tractor. That was my “heaven”. But I didnt “plant”, pat wouldn’t let me. Only because i start gawking and don’t drive straight! Nothing worse than crooked rows of corn! After my back surgery, I had to give up the tractor days, much too rough for me now.

  116. Hi Patty and Susan,
    Thought Huckabee was very entertaining. He has some good ideas. I still like Romney but it wasn’t meant to be. I doubt McCain can win but I guess anything is still possible. He has my vote but ACORN has seen to it that Ohio will be taken by Obama. Nothing like a little voter fraud to get your person elected. What happened to the good old days of honest elections….or was that a myth?

  117. Patty,
    Farming would be way to hard for me. I’m worn out just reading about it.

  118. I’m beginning to think there never was a “straight” election! Greed seems to run everything. Majority of all “problems” seems to fall right back to that word, greed.
    It’s too bad that acorn screwed everything all up. This year seemed to look like record turn outs for a change. And now, most of them may stay home for fear it wont matter. Sad “democracy”.

  119. Patty,
    It is sad. I just don’t understand how such corruption can exist. What happened to oversight and investigations? In Ohio the problem is now being ignored due to a Democratic appeals judge. There is actual video of people admitting to voting multiple times….and nobody cares.

  120. So far, from what i have seen, KS is behaving. I work pretty close to the election officials for our county, and don’t see anything sliding by there. Our election clerks are volunteer in the counties, but i will bet 1/2 the farm that they can call all the voters in their precinct by name!

  121. you know what i was thinking about the other day… like 10 years or somthing i decide to run or be appointed to a position in the ntl govt…. and they hash up old blog posts… lol its going to be a new political era…. instead of the bill ayers or keeting 5 its going to be ” look at his facebook, blog from 20 years ago.” loool

  122. Avi…*LOL* that was funny!

    but…its more like…
    Wow, look at that Avi…he surrounded himself with highly respected, knowledgable, WONDERFUL people when he was on the top newsguy Housley’s blog.

    *and the people cheer*

    Bublick (sp?)/Housley 2020!!!

  123. πŸ™‚

  124. I left you a comment about your cool popcorn stove, Patty– πŸ˜€

    Don’t despair, Sylvia– look how McCain came ahead when everyone thought Romney was going to get it-

    I read Ayers speech he gave in Caracas, some National Education Forum meeting held in 2006, his fourth visit there– and it made me want to puke as how he addressed Hugo… (I was on LDG’s blog and I was surfing the internet and found all sorts of stuff I had not seen before and Ayers speech was one of them)

    Avi– do me a favor- when you run for a high office, don’t mention any association with me- or you Will be the talk . πŸ˜€

    Although, I did hang out with Carlos Guitierrez and he is Secretary of the Department of Commerce now in the Bush administration. Actually, I hung out more with his brother– good old Cuban boys!

    I like the sound of that– Bublick/Housley– and we have to give LDG a spot– as he watches the globe and can within days before the event happening, predict it– amazes me!!! Actually, it blows my mind-

    And also, a day late but yesterday was a day to remember- the U.S.S Cole tragedy- (thanks to LDG, who posted this on his blog)

    Adam– did you make mention of covering this in 2000? I think you were just beginning to work for FOX?

  125. Sylvia–

    I still think the coin toss is the way to go– I will toss the coin- I know how to cheat too! πŸ˜€

  126. Sylvia–

    Honest poll voting = Urban Legend

  127. Patty–

    I am sort of worried about KC– if anything, she will post on LDG’s wife’s blog and she hasn’t been there either– 😦

  128. @LDG–

    attendance and Bueller– (laughing hard here) and Patty’s comeback–

    I overlooked these– hilarious!

  129. @Susan

    glad to be of amusement.

    re: KC — consider me to be concerned as well.


    That modern corn stove is pretty trick!
    We are just finishing bringing in the rice harvest here. Want me to send you pictures of the *really cute little harvesters* they use? They are all Kubota (manufacturer) and barely bigger than a standard sedan.

    @Adam Housley

    Tried a couple comments over on Onthescene again in your thread about the fires. Still not getting through. Sorry.

  130. News that really freaked me out this morning:

    This has nothing to do with party stuff… but i dont see this from the other side… which leaves me very very uneasy if the outcome is what it appears to be today.

  131. LDG,
    I’d love to see the little kubota’s.
    I know the name from the heavy equipment at work.

    ‘morning everyone!

  132. Back! It was summer most of the time we were there, except for a little snow on the Sunday.

  133. LDG.. Please post some pics… the little Kubota’s were my favorite to drive when I worked on the ramp at the airport, east to get into and fun to drive.

  134. Welcome back Max…or do i say sorry to see you go?

  135. @Patty and Barb

    Here’s the promo picture I can get to from the web. The Small-scale Harvester is common here, as are the Rice Transplanters (used in spring time):

    I’ll see if I can catch a picture of some working the fields around here in when daylight comes.


    Welcome Back!

  136. ldg…well arent they just the cutest!? They look like “hot wheels” compared to the size of equip around here.
    I’ve never seen a “transplanter”…how interesting!

    Here the main equip is International Harvester or John Deere. The green deere being the “cadillacs”. A dairy not far from us bought a german made corn (silage) chopper, i dont remember the brand. It is so large, when its running it practically stops traffic because people stare since they have never seen anything like it. They can chop so fast that fields are done in a flash. But, when it breaks down, the parts actually come from Germany. So the down time is weeks vs. days.

    Barb…our daughter work at Denver Int’l and loved working on the tar!! She always chose loading planes over cutstomer service when given the choice!

  137. Morning–

    wow those fires are bad! It is soooo windy here–not good for California–

    Max– welcome back and did you pick up your package? Did you have fun?

    those kubota’s are cute!!!

  138. Hi All,
    Those kubotas are cute. I never heard of them before now. I’m learning all kinds of things on this blog.

  139. another word for machete is panga– just learned this on LDG’s blog– South Africa is now having political issues via Kuma!

  140. patty: “sorry to see you go” would be better

    LDG: thanks!

    Susan: Yes i got it, and i sent one back to you.

  141. Max–

    thank you– looking forward to seeing you over at LDG’s as well– he has some good threads going– and some very funny comments–


  142. Patty I can relate to that. I was on the ramp for just over 4 years, then gate agent for just over 7 years and then went to operations for the last 6 years. Between the passengers and having to be outside in all weather I decided to go to Operations which is mainly the air to ground radio with the pilots, and is inside in the “little” tower away from management.

  143. Hi Max,
    How was your trip? Did you find a school to attend?

  144. Barb ..away from management is usually a good thing!

  145. Sylvia: I really liked the one in Casper.

  146. Max,
    Did youy apply, and if so what would your major be?

  147. Susan,
    Just read in this morning’s paper that the Reds will be sharing the Goodyear facility with the Cleveland Indians. The Indians are suppose to begin using it next spring and the Reds will join them in 2010.
    I didn’t know that teams share facilities. Live and learn.

  148. ‘morning everyone.

  149. Morning–

    Max– I got your mail– THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH– I love the London magnet– and no, I didn’t have one of Wyoming– your postcard as well as the magnets are on the refrigerator– thanks again!!!!

    Sylvia– thanks for the heads up– I did not know either– I heard on CNN last night, the Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Republicans on all this voter registration fraud in Ohio– Sounds like they clamped down- In Pittsburgh, ACORN was using homeless, drug addicts, drunks, ex- felons for their people to do this voter registration work—

    Arnold must have State of Emergency tattooed on his forehead by now- those fires are still raging!

    Did anyone see Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton on Greta’s? The work they are doing together for Galveston? I must say, it was a very nice interview– Bush Sr., as fragile as he looked, sure is sharp.

    And Nebraska has a hospital where one can take their unwanted babies and leave there without being prosecuted, so now parents are taking their teen-age kids and leaving them there– Wow!!!!

    I also see that Casey was FINALLY indicted for murder! LOL

  150. BTW, Max– I think the London magnet is my favorite– the 3D look! πŸ˜€

  151. Susan, not just “a” nebraska hospital. Its state law. They set the law that people could take babies to hospital/fire depts if they thought they didnt want them. They would not be reprimanded. When they wrote the law, they seemed to not put some sort of age limit in there. One father took 9 kids! Ages ranged up to 17!

  152. I’m sorry, but where there is a clinton involved, it makes my skin crawl on the back of my neck. No, i didnt watch and would never.

  153. Yes– it is state law– I think it was passed in July- The were showing the one hospital which is by state lines-

    Well, setting aside I don’t like Clinton either, it was a nice interview as the politics were set aside and the work they will be doing is a good cause– I was more focused on Mr. Bush as he looked old and frail but I could not help but notice how sharp he is–

  154. Barb–

    Happy belated Birthday!!!


  155. Good morning all.

    Max, how was the trip? Was Wyoming all you hoped it would be?

    As for politics…. any one planning on watching the debate tonight?

    And, to get my whine in for the day….. my posts on Adam’s Fox blog are not showing up…. Adam has me in the ‘trash’ or ‘spam’ folder…. 😦

    Okay… all better now!

  156. K2..i will be watching.

  157. @Karen2

    re: Fox blog — same situation here. hm… do you have a website linked to your name on those comments there?

  158. @All

    Good ‘morning’ all around. ‘Tis a brief visit here for me today. Hope you all have a good one!

  159. Hi All,
    Just got back from a luncheon at my Temple where the guest speaker was an Israeli born reporter for the ABC affiliate in Cincinnati. Someone (not me…I swear it wasn’t me) asked her why the media is so liberal and biased toward liberal candidates. Her answer…there is no liberal bias…people only imagine there is.
    Guess I do a lot of imagining.

  160. wow, i also have a wild imagination! Speaking of that.
    Funny, I’ve always known Keith O was an @ss. but cant say that i have ever heard him, ever.
    Until lastnight, Pat was flipping channels and stopped on this guy in full rant……..i was out of tv sight and came to see who it was.
    How in the world can anyone justify having him on the air and on a payroll? Talk about someone who needs a lil valium. He’s the one flew that left the cuckoo’s nest!!!

  161. Sylvia: Not applied yet, they told me there was no pressure and i could apply once i got home.

    Susan: I liked the Wyoming one most, I bought 2 of that magnet, one for you, one for me.

    Karen: I had a good time. Casper even had all the things i was fearing it might not have. They even have beaches there!

  162. Sylvia ~ I guess we are all “imagining” a lot!

  163. a beach in casper? wow!
    that must be where those guys that dive into the icey water come from! ha

  164. need to move your post over here. the latest one on your blog!!

  165. oops, not the “latest”, but you know what i mean

  166. Patty: in the summer it should be really warm in the lake.

  167. Patty ~ I will do that right now….
    For everyone here…I dream every night and very vividly. I remember colors, people, places and conversations! My friends and family are entertained daily by what I dream…anyway, I posted this on my blog earlier this week:

    It wasn’t a very long dream but some how a group from Adam’s blog showed up to a hotel to meet Adam. He showed up and started talking with all of us. Then he said “One of my co-worker’s is having a birthday today do you want to go and say “happy birthday” to her?”. Of course we all agreed so we made our way down this hall to a door that Adam knocked on. The lady came of the door. We all said “happy birthday” at the same time and then I made sure Susan got to the front to meet this lady b/c she had been wanting to. Then two little people showed up at the door and needed to go into a meeting with the lady we met and I woke up! πŸ™‚

    Ps. last night I had a dream with Greta Van Sustern in it…but I only remember her talking to a group of people… lol

  168. Becky,
    Wow…..what dreams. I’m impressed.

  169. Needless to say it is very entertaining some mornings around here. Now if she would just dream that her dad has won the lottery we would be all set. πŸ™‚

  170. LDG – Nope…. no link to a website. I think Adam put my name in the ‘compost’ pile. πŸ™‚

    Max – So glad to hear you liked Wyoming. Did your parents travel with you? What was their impression?

    Sylvia – i guess a lot of us have over-active imaginations this election year! Or, maybe it is we are thinking for ourselves.

    Becky – what a great dream. I rarely remember mine. Wonder what that means.

    Barb – could we start a pool for those lottery numbers?

    Patty – last debate….wonder if it will be a snoozer. sure hope McCain makes some points this time. but, i am sure the liberal media will be fair in their assessment……..or not!

  171. Obama has just hit an all time low….he is blaming FNC for not being further ahead in the polls. He is whining about his treatment by FNC. Gosh, what will he do if some dictator calls him names when/if he is Pres?
    Talk about not being ready for prime time. This guy can’t take criticism.

  172. I have a gut feeling that obambam falls apart tonight.
    They’ve stacked the stakes so high against mccain, i think it is going to blow the other direction.
    I think McCain has been saving himself, just like they did with Palin and the debate.
    Just my opinion.

    In other words, i still have faith in the American People as a whole!!! 20 days plus a month of bs we will know if my faith is misplaced!

  173. **Adam..i hope you’ve found some sleep. Sounds like a couple hrs is all you got lastnight.

  174. Patty,
    Wish I could share your optimism. It seems like the polls just aren’t breaking McCain’s way. Nothing he says sticks to Obama….don’t think people even care about Ayers, Wright, ACORN….ethics don’t matter anymore. Corruptness seems to be an accepted way of life. Patriotism has fallen by the wayside, and extremeism is the norm. I guess we’ll just have to get used to a country without checks and balances…..and Pelosi and Reid will get whatever they want.

  175. Neil Cavuto jumped all over Obama’s blaming his loss of points due to FOX– Obama hasn’t been listening to how Colmes gets hit harder with his defending the Democratic party–

    I thought O’Reilly was very fair to Obama– and to say the least, it was entertaining. Why even, a one to one basketball game was asked by OReilly– how fair was this?

    what a baby!

    20,000 acres have been lost in those fires in CA–

  176. Sylvia, cant say i disagree, but tyring to stay optimistic. Im not always good at that. Let me bask in my glory! *L*

    btw.. I am glad that i dont have young kids anymore, cause i think the first born may be what…….ya well, maybe that was a little extreme.

    Susan….20,000 acres, i cant even imagine! Nice thing about the ground, it rejuvinates, but those homes and belongings…..*shaking head* I pray I never know.

  177. I’ve always said, the polls mean nothing. What people do behind the curtain on election day is what matters.

  178. susan did you ever hear from KC?

  179. Patty,
    I hope your optimism pays off…..guess I shouldn’t burst your bubble.
    BTW……I bet Bill and Hill vote for McCain!!!!!!!

  180. Susan,
    I also can’t imagine all those acres burning. The loss is just awful. I wish there was some way to prevent those fires….they seem to keep happening.

  181. Patty–

    I have emailed her a few times and nada! And I am worried– really worried– because it is not her to just cut us off like that– I hope nothing happened to her or her husband–

    And LOL to your optimism– your glass is half full and not half empty!

  182. Syliva–

    they need to build a huge dome over CA so when those dang Santa Anna winds start, they are blocked out! I hate it when it is windy here because my first thought is — oh no– now a year ago, I would have loved the winds–

  183. I think the debates should be starting soon– time to fix Ken his dinner and get ready– go McCain—

  184. Adam–

    how many acres have been burnt? I read different figures?

    I just looked at the latest and I all the figures are different- so much for the news!

  185. Don’t think I can stand to listen to anymore BS. I know how I’m voting….debate won’t change my vote. So will pass on this debate. Hope for a miracle. Keep fingers crossed….but will watch something else or read.

  186. Karen: My mother came with me and she liked Casper the most too.

  187. Sylvia and Patty-

    here is a link– I posted a plug for Adam’s blog on here a couple days ago-

  188. Let the games begin!


  189. I am here…..

    Come on McCain…. put it to Obama…..

  190. Max, is Casper the location of University of Wyoming?

  191. Karen: No, Casper College was there. The University is in Laramie.

  192. shoulda run 4 yrs ago…..i love that line!!!

  193. obam has lost his concentration a few times.

  194. he forgot to refute the statement!

  195. k2…what are you thinking??

  196. Patty,
    Were you pleased with the debate?

  197. Well, if Obama was listening to the panel on Hume’s tonight, he would see he scored points and not lost– Charles Krauthammer spoke favorably of his composure as well as a couple others on the panel–

    I dare not wander over to the CNN side–

  198. I was over at my neighbor’s and I got to listen to the debate in espaΓ±ol–well, there was a translator for the network- Nice to know my neighbor, who is legally here as a citizen, registered and is voting for McCain-

    I realized how not fluent I am– I was able to catch most of it but there were many words I could not understand.

  199. Hi Patty….. i was gone for a while….. I think McCain did very well. I was surprised by the Fox panels analysis.

    This is hard……. I have a very hard time accepting Obama could be POTUS. He is a socialist. He appears to be on line with western European Socialism. We see that they are slowly moving back toward their conservative parties. But, only after they have experienced double-digit unemployment, a weak military, wait and wait for critical medical care, and the advance of radical Islam into their social system (see UK and Denmark).

    I worry that Obama will destroy our Military. I worry that he will be weak on foreign policy and that we will be subject for further attack (much like Bill Clinton ignored it all).

    I worry that his tax plans and social programs will bring our economy to a screeching halt.

    Obama truly is, as Thomas Sowell opined, nothing new. His domestic policy plans are the same as FDR and LBJ’s. His foreign policy plans are the same as Neville Chamberlain in 1938.

    At this point, I am hoping for a miracle and that McCain wins on Nov. 4th.

  200. Hi Susan. As you can see from my last post, i was taken aback by the Fox panel…..

    Charles K. has barely had one kind word to say about McCain in the last couple of months. He must really not like the guy!

  201. did anyone here vote on the DrudgeReport debate winner?

  202. Susan….. hoping there are several million more voters like your neighbor!


    There is an interesting article by Thomas Sowell and negative advertising–

  204. K2–

    I picked up on that too about Charles– last debate he was siding with Obama– weird– I always thought of him to be more McCain–

    Most everyone I know are voting for McCain– Rob got his vote out in the mail– I hope there aren’t any ACORN working for the post office!

    Going to do your drudgereport now-

  205. drudgereport has McCain ahead

    BTW K2– before I head out– I LOVE your post @6:30– You should have been on the panel!!! A well thought out argument! Actually, it is an excellent post as you had me go look up Thomas Sowell to see what he has to say lately. πŸ˜‰

    good night

  206. Susan, sorry i missed you. was over at Greta’s pointing out the reasons I do not support Obama. The guy refused to discuss my ‘talking points’! Funny….. they were MY points not the Republican Party’s points!

    Oh well.

    And, thanks for the compliment.

    Have a good evening.

    good night

  207. Good Morning All,
    I did not listen to the debate but caught the wrap up on FNC. The panel was very negative but that didn’t surprise me. Those people were never McCain supporters. They wanted either Romney or Huckabee. Also, they wanted McCain to come out (or go down) fighting. They wanted him to tear apart Obama’s character and basically rip him a new one. Even O’Reilly and Morris said prior to the debate that McCain had to be fighting angry and name people that caused the Fannie/Freddie mess…Dodd, Frank, Pelosi. He had to say he would prosecute the Wall Street guys as well as the Congressional villains. Without doing that the election was lost.
    Guess McCain didn’t take any advice from O’Reilly, Morris, Barnes or Krauthammer.
    I am worried because I think Obama supporters are in la la land. They have no idea what’s in store for this country with an extreme liberal President and a veto proof liberal Congress. Not only are we heading toward socialism but our country will become weaker and more vulnerable to terrorism.
    My only hope is people will change their minds when in the voting booth….or Obama will be voted out after 4 years like the peanut farmer.

  208. This morning’s political happy-thought:

    In the 1980 election, with 3 weeks to go, J. Carter was +6 in the polls vs. R. Reagan.

    This is a year that by all measures of political accounting, if the Democratic Party had nominated a moderate, an extremist, a cardboard cut-out of Marvin Q. Milquetoast, *anyone* … they should be +20 in the polls and looking at a 40+ state electoral landslide. Not going to happen.

    Can you imagine the recriminations inside the Democratic Party if they lose this thing?


    good ‘morning’!

  209. LDG,
    That is a happy thought. Is there any way to reincarnate Reagan?

  210. @Sylvia

    “Is there any way to reincarnate Reagan?” — sure. Support the your local chapter of the GOP. If you have a local race where you can support a Reagan-Conservative, do so; if not, find a way to give to races like Bill Russell (in PA, running against J. Murtha). Elect Republican Senators and State Governors to keep the levers of power out of the hands of the left. Pull the switch for McCain & Palin simply because that’s a 2 vote swing against the Democrats. Fight, and never surrender.

    Because that’s what R. Reagan would have done.

  211. LDG…. Fight and never surrender!

    Best advice ever….

    You betcha!

  212. ‘morning all.

    I love your guys’s posts this morning!
    K2, you never cease to amaze me!

    fyi…1980…like wine, a very good year! πŸ™‚
    I graduated from High School!

  213. Morning–

    words from the wise=LDG–

    I watched the debate again, in English– Where McCain scored the big points with me was his argument about Fair Trade— and how he reminded Obama how he has never been to Columbia–or south of the border– and how important it is for us tho have the fair trade going especially with Columbia– but if one notices, this issue was not even brought out in conversations about who scored better.

    I wonder what their attitudes are about illegal immigration— since this is one issue which has not been brought out in the campaigning– at the onset but then it sort of faded-

    K2– Did you see those t-shirts McCain talked about when Obama was wailing about how a couple people screamed out in Palin’s rallies about him being a terroritst and McCain retorted with – What about the t-shirts?
    Marie sent me the pictures of these t-shirts which were worn in PA and believe me they are obscene!!!!

  214. Max—

    thanks again– the London magnet is definitely my favorite– it is sooooooooo cool!!!


  215. I see on FEMA’s update, the Sesnon fire is still 20% contained-

  216. on the lighter side…Britney(sp?) is in the top 100.
    All jokes aside, it is nice to see her get back to what she was first known for.
    Love her or hate her, it looks like she’s getting her $%^& together, finally. Hopefully she see now that people were taking advantage of her.

  217. Max—

    your video of you and Adam is no longer available– waaa!

  218. Susan, YES! I did see those t-shirts. And, did you notice Obama did not say one word against them! They were the most disgusting thing of this entire political season. To call the wearer’s pigs, would be too much of a compliment.

    Here’s a blog that will give us a little boost today…. appears Obama campaign is worried about Palin!

  219. Patty, was never a fan of Britney Spears, but sure hope she can get off the drugs and regain her life.

  220. Just in case anyone is confused over the Obama vs. McCain health care plans, here is an excellent article that explains it.

  221. oops– mistake I made about Columbia– It should read- Free Trade–

    not enough coffee at that point when I made my blunder!

    Never been a fan of Spears either– too old–

    And yes, K2– Obama quickly changed the subject, I noticed–

    going to check out your links

  222. K2–

    McCain needs to get going on those electoral votes– as it stood yesterday, Obama had 277– and more money left in his campaign-

    I totally have been with McCain’s health coverage plan- I have insurance through the state but it sure is costly to me and I am not in the premium plan either so that extra sure would help or it would help me make my policy a better one– as is, I pay for myself, about $200.00 a month and I have Delta Dental which I kept from when I worked at the hospital – through a conversion plan– and this runs me $47.00 a month– so just for moi, I pay close to $250.00 a month–

  223. Oh, and will Obama apologize to Palin and the rally attendees?

    Appears NO one said ‘kill him’ at the rally! hmmmmm
    Is this the case of another ‘journalist’ how missed ethics class?

  224. I wonder how Nancy Reagan is doing today? Ken fractured his pelvis and I know how painful that is through him– his fall was at the nursing home– and he is much younger– He took several weeks for this to heal!

  225. Did you read the article I posted about Sowell and negative advertising?

  226. Susan, I imagine Nancy is in a lot of pain. It is that darn osteoporosis!

    My MIL fractured her pelvis, fell and then broker her hip! A year later, she fell and broke the other hip!

    She is doing great now….but, sure was tough for a while. She spent close to a month in the nursing home!

  227. Susan, i missed that article.. Will go read it now and be right back.

  228. Susan, Another great article by Thomas Sowell.

    It has been surprising to me that Obama is touted as the ‘uniter’ when he single-handedly, has created the biggest divide this nation has seen since the late 1960’s!

    Do you remember Derek’s post of long ago in which he talked about the Sheep, Sheepdog and Wolves?

    If you don’t let me know and, although I don’t have Derek’s excellent post, I have one similar.

    Anyway, after reading the Sheep, Sheepdog and Wolf I have decided Obama is a Wolf in Sheeps clothing.

  229. No– I missed Derek’s post– Would love to see it–

    I fell in love with Mrs. Reagan when I watched President Reagan’s funeral– she clearly and visibly loved her husband– I bawled like a baby not so much for his death, but for her loss~ “What goes on around you… compares little with what goes on inside you.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Ken’s fractured pelvis was a job– I had just taught him how to use the bathroom and walk, and I had to start all over again– so I know what Mrs. Reagan is going through–

    My issue with Obama is his weak character and his skirting over his blatant lies- In my opinion, he should be a lawyer as he has the dictum- and I honestly think he would make a good lawyer but not as President.

  230. I apologize for the length of the post, but I pulled the information from the long article. The link to the article is included……

    On Sheep, Sheepdogs and Wolves

    “Most of the people in our society are sheep. They are kind, gentle, productive creatures who can only hurt one another by accident.”

    “Then there are the wolves, and the wolves feed on the sheep without mercy.”

    “Then there are sheepdogs, who live to protect the flock and confront the wolf.”

    If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen, a sheep.

    If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, you are an aggressive sociopath, a wolf.

    But what if you have a capacity for violence, and a deep love for your fellow citizens? Then you are a sheepdog, a warrior, someone who walks the hero’s path. You are able to walk into the heart of darkness, into the universal human phobia, and walk out unscathed.

    Understand that there is nothing morally superior about being a sheepdog; it is just what you choose to be. Also understand that a sheepdog is a funny critter: He is always sniffing around out on the perimeter, checking the breeze, barking at things that go bump in the night, and yearning for a righteous battle. That is, the young sheepdogs yearn for a righteous battle. The old sheepdogs are a little older and wiser, but they move to the sound of the guns when needed right along with the young ones.

    Here is how the sheep and the sheepdog think differently. The sheep pretend the wolf will never come, but the sheepdog lives for that day. After the attacks on September 11, 2001, most of the sheep, that is, most citizens in America, said, “Thank God I wasn’t on one of those planes.” But the sheepdogs, the warriors, said, “Dear God, I wish I could have been on one of those planes. Maybe I could have made a difference.” When you are truly transformed into a warrior and have truly invested yourself into warriorhood, you want to be there. You want to be able to make a difference.

    While there is nothing morally superior about the sheepdog, he does have one real advantage. Only one. He is able to survive and thrive in an environment that destroys 98 percent of the population.

    – By Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Loren W. Christensen

  231. off topic– I was just in Hugo land– this is the funniest article-

  232. Hugo is embracing Medvevdev’s visit to Venezuela in November– more reason for McCain to be President–

  233. LDG is a sheepdog!

  234. Susan, somehow I think if the US really tried to assassinate anyone in Latin America, it would have been done and no one would have known who did it! Appears paranoia is running rampant in Hugo land.

  235. Susan, many of us are sheepdogs….. we just haven’t needed to be…..yet.

    Yes, LDG is a sheepdog….and he runs with a good pack!

  236. Hugo has been at it lately with his paranoia–

    ditto– about many of us are sheepdogs– this can be manifested in many areas– If you have a cause, you fight! My causes tend to be closer to home-

    And thanks for the fun– time to head out– I need to go into Phoenix!!

    Have a GREAT day– and hang in there– McCain wil get it– LDG is soooo good at predicting the future- so maybe his Carter post will ring true!


  237. Hi Karen and Susan,
    I enjoyed your discussion. Wish people would wake up and realize that Obama’s character is a problem. Anyone who has spent his life surrounded with questionable as well as downright evil people should never be President. Add to that mix the Pelosi mob and you’ve got a dangerous situation.
    Lord help this country. I never thought I would see the day when someone that dangerous would become President. It makes me almost appreciate the Clintons….which is something I couldn’t say before.

  238. Funny Britney Spears story. Becky was given 2 tickets to the Nationwide Race on Friday night, as she will not be caught dead at the track she gave them to us. At the beginning they do the driver introductions and the Invocation and National Anthem, and a guy who goes to our church is the honcho at the track and is doing the welcoming and then introduces the man who is doing the Prayer. It is one of the kids Youth Pastors years ago when they were in Jr and Sr High. He is now one of the Chaplains for the Race world. Fast forward to Sat night, we were home watching the beginning of the race and they introduce the man to give the Prayer and it is our Pastor. We got Becky to come and watch, it is fun to see someone you know on TV. Then Britney comes to sing the National Anthem and while she is singing, standing right behind her is Loran our Pastor, we laughed so hard, that would have been one of the last people that we ever thought he would be on stage with.

  239. Susan: Thanks, i was hoping you’d like it.
    I know about the video *tear* and Adam still hasn’t emailed me the video so i can upload it onto facebook and myspace (where i have new photos from my vacation, plug plug)

  240. Sylvia…

    LOL…me too on the Clintons!

  241. Susan, have a good day….safe travels.

    Becky just called and said that I was having a senior moment….it was Jessica Simpson that was here not Britney. AACCCKKKK!! I will now go and rest and take good meds!

  243. Barb..wanna share those meds? *L* just kidding!

    Im not a fan of Brit’s either, (but Adam is!!! ha ha)…just was something “nice” to see for a change.

    I go and “work”, and you all went crazy!
    Lets see…

    K2..the sheep story is wonderful!! Thanks.

    Susan, your Emerson quote, made me cry. SO true! And I totally agree about watching his funeral, her pain was so evident.

    We (hubby and I) work in gov’t here. We have 3 commissioners (bosses more or less). They serve 4 yr terms but are off set. 2 come up at one point and in 2 years the other 1 comes due. That way we never have all 3 new at the same time (what a mess that would be). This year is 2 on the ballot. Anyway, long story short. There can ALWAYS be worse. Even though sometimes we can’t wait to get rid of one …for one reason or another, we say it holding our breath.
    We were actually ready to see one go this year, but his opponent, is only running because his wife got canned at one of our office jobs. Yikes, if you are going to run for election, dont do it for spite, and please don’t run a front page ad about it in the paper! *L* I think he lost himself the election this week πŸ˜‰
    People just arent very smart when their heart isn’t in it!

  244. Barb…that is so funny. As my sister and I say, it is not a senior moment, it is just selective memory!

  245. @K2 (and Susan)

    I do miss seeing Derek around these parts.

    re: Grossman & Christensen’s “On Combat” — I’m amused as all heck, because one of my old ‘teammates’ referenced them when teaching Officer Survivability to police.

    Thanks for finding that !

  246. I need to email Derek again and remind him of this blog–

    hello everyone–

    And chara– I am surprised LDG didn’t catch it– Colombia I spelled wrong– I spelled it with a “U” — PENDEJA me!!!

    K2 and Sylvia– I just saw on CNN a teacher who called in to complain about Obama’s debate and how he was way off base about teachers– (his mention about getting rid of poor teachers, etc)- She said, every year they have to submit all this paper work about the class, students, et al and so could he know what goes on with education when he couldn’t even debate this issue correctly- She was just about ready to say something about vouchers, and she was CUT OFF!!!!

    Sylvia– I hear Ohio wants to take this fraud issue to the Supreme Court because your Democratic Secretary of State is not doing anything!! (Jennifer Brunner)

    Chairman Bob Bennett called “the most partisan secretary of state in Ohio history.”

    “It’s a shame we don’t have transparency in this election. She has done everything she can to help her candidate,” Bennett said. “To not even check the registrations is a travesty of the first class.”

  247. Patty–

    good thing we don’t hang out together in real life– we would run out of kleenex!!! Did you cry in ET? I still do!!


  248. And I wish Obama would come clean about ACORN!!!
    LYING only makes the situation worse-

  249. I just sent to a few of you the funniest email!!!

  250. susan…yes maam, i cry at ET!

  251. Did anyone watch H &C tonight– the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner? If not and you get to see H&C again tonight, listen to McCain and Obama’s speeches- it was soooooooooooooooooo funny!!! I have tears coming down my cheeks– I laughed so hard– They come back on at 9:00 here and I am going to watch it again– I missed a few minutes as I was watching Glenn Beck and he was discussing Obama’s poor tax plan so I changed the channel over to FOX and caught some of the speeches and I am telling you, it was a hoot!!!

    (I am so easily amused)

    Oh I see Greta is running it too! OMG– I am laughing again!!!


  252. oops– Charity dinner–

  253. FL Sunshine Says:

    GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hello All! Hope everyone’s doing well. I’m so far behind on reading the blog I won’t get to read it all now. lol
    Max – hope your trip was fun! I will try to check out the pix.
    Susan – I didn’t get a link on the email. try again please. πŸ™‚ I’d love to have a laugh!
    Anyone else in Central FL going to try to go to Steve Doocy’s book signing tomorrow?
    Adam – don’t inhale (the smoke from the fires that is)

  254. OMG—- McCain is sooooooooooo funny– WHO wrote these speeches for them?

  255. Sunshine–

    Hope you get it this time–

    @ all- I sent Derek an email and told him you all missed him–

    Have a good night–


    I will check out your facebook!


  256. Sunshine–

    Tampa is kicking butt right now–

    Comedy hour is over with–

    I feel like I am living in another era– Murtha…

    Max– great pictures– you are so cute!!

    buenas noches to all!

  257. I caught the re-run of McCain’s speech on Gretas show…. He was a riot.

    And, Susan, i just caught the joke in the email you sent. It took me a while…. kept looking for the answer! Okay…quit laughing!

    Have a good evening all.

  258. Susan,
    Our wonderful Secy of State took the voter fraud case to the most liberal Supreme Court justice (Stevens I believe) to STOP the fraud investigation. She says she can’t check to see if there is voter fraud and she doesn’t want to keep people from voting. The Democrats say it’s a Republican ploy to keep Democrats from voting. If the Supreme Court allows the fraudulent ACORN votes to count then we may as well live in Cuba.

  259. ‘morning everyone.

    Susan…I agree, the speeches were a hoot!! Too bad we can’t see more of that in McCain. I really enjoyed it.
    I think people would see he is a real person, instead of the image the left tries to portray.
    Now Obamam, i got the feeling he doesn’t like to laugh at himself. Self centered types usually don’t.

    K2..don’t feel bad, i was terribly slow on that email also.

    Sylvia, I’m not so sure that your Secy of State isn’t correct though. The little I know about our counties computer system and the way it ties to the state. There is no way in my opinion, that she could accomplish that task by today. Not saying it can’t be done, just saying the hours involved would lead it to be impossible in a few weeks. The question i would be asking more, is why was it not taken care of long before now? The “that’s the way it has always been” is the most annoying gov’t comment, and the most abused! She should really loose her job immediately, but with a elected official that’s tough to do too before an election.

  260. Morning–

    Sylvia– or Venezuela or Bolivia and all those places where voting is rigged– that is absurd!!! Downright cheating…..

    In her appeal, Brunner also said the same system was used for elections since 2006 without complaint — and that trying to add more duties to elections workers already scrambling to prepare for the Nov. 4 election could create chaos.

    Experts say a large percentage of the mismatches are not the result of fraud but rather typos or legitimate discrepancies, such as someone registering to vote with a married name but having a maiden name on driving records.

    (since 2006?) I see Justice Stevens was appointed by President Ford.

    Your state carries 20 electoral votes– I bet Brunner would not be putting up such a fight if this was RI, which only carries 4-

    K2– By the tone of O”Reilly last night, sounds like he is on Obama’s side– boy did he get Laura going–

  261. Patty–

    Obama was funny too- I didn’t like his dig on FOX– but he really should consider being a stand up comedian.

    What was the funniest part was that gentleman behind McCain who would not stop eating– I laughed even harder– there is McCain making me laugh and then right behind him the older gentleman chomping away– oh my Lord, I laughed so hard!!!!

  262. ya, what was up with O’reilly and kissing up with obambam lastnight. That shocked me! Just cause Ob gave him the only fox interview? Come on, he stands for everything Oreilly hates. Just didnt make any sense.

  263. maybe the guy forgot to turn up his hearing aid! *L*

  264. LOL– There could be some truth to the hearing aid– he did look like he was not at all involved– who was he anyway?

    I sure was surprised too by O’Reilly– Laura was definitely arguing- And O’Reilly kept interrupting her– he did not want to hear her valid arguments- wow!

  265. sus…I dont know who he was.


    I really dont have a “feel good” link today.
    But…this is one of those that makes you sit there and say “hu? no way!”

  266. I was looking at the states and the electoral votes for the states of the the bloggers … Kansas only carries 6-
    We carry 10– Sunshine’s state carries 27– Becky and Barb’s state carries
    15- Adam’s state- 55– K2- 10 —

  267. Here is a feel good story– a girl with Down Syndrome got homecoming queen a few days ago– she won’t take her tiara off– I think I told you about my cousin whose twins have Down Syndrome–they have come here to visit a couple of times– (the girls who stay up all night and watch the same DVD over and over 24/7-) LOL

  268. Kansas doesnt have the population #’s everyone else has.
    Kansas is also historically a repub state.

  269. Patty,
    Brunner had time to do the check….she waited to the last minute to say “there was no time”. Bet she wouldn’t have done that if the Republicans were committing fraud. I’m under the impression that ACORN only signs up Democrats……who pay them.

  270. @Sylvia, Patty, and Susan

    re: the fradulent vote flood.

    It has to be fought, NOW, and kept criminalized. Here’s why:

    It’s a Cloward-Pivens scheme: Make the system of authority break down by strangling it with its own rules and limitation. Once the system integrity is massively in question, there is no (legally defensible) legitmacy to any result the system may produce. The outcome can be litigated for ever, and as there is no absolute standard being enforced opinion and rumor trump any “investigation”.

    In practice, it results in the bulk of the citizenry losing faith in the system, which is death to a Republic.

  271. Now I am worried!!!! REALLY worried.

  272. amen ldg!

    a break down of “faith in the system” here has been long coming tho. When’s the last time any of us felt comfortable with the go’vt tellng us anything?? especially that our vote counts? Thats why 1/4 of the country won’t vote! My boss is one of them, we had this conversation yesterday.

    i’m not standing up for the woman btw! i agree that she truly looking out for the dems and that it is pure fraud.
    I’ll stand by it tho…that there is no time to make it work in Ohio. It just can’t happen in that time frame.

    i’ll bet the other states are racing to clean up their systems!!

  273. @Patty

    If there truly is “…no time to make it work in Ohio” (which I disagree with, but be that as it may), then one is left with a difficult answer to maintain the integrity of the system:

    Disallow all new registrations from a given source.

    If that isn’t possible, disallow all new registrations after a certain date.

    In either case, open new registrations at public offices *only* on a priority basis from now up to the deadline (which is election day in Ohio???)

    Yes, both are “undemocratic”. But they preserve the basis of the system in place and utterly defeat the Cloward-Pivens mechanic of unmanagable disorder in the legal system.

    Side note: being an overseas voter dependent on a state-of-last-residence to be able to vote, I fully expect my vote would be one of the ones disqualified as suspect. A price I am willing to pay for the greater good.

  274. Patty
    I still feel she stalled for time and therefore enabled the fraud to continue. She should be forced to step down. She has no credibility and will cause the results to be tainted if Obama wins Ohio.

  275. new registrations = new this voting cycle. could be this year, last year, whenever.

  276. @Sylvia

    “forceed to step down” — hell, if any possible conspriacy of intent can be found, add her to the RICO investigation and we are talking jail time if convicted.

  277. LDG,
    Do you want me to vote a few extra times to make up for your missing vote? Maybe I could get ACORN to sign me up a few times and then vote for McCain. What’s good for the goose…….

  278. I’m no political thinker and definitely not in messes like this..but
    in my opinion, the only way to make it work , is as you said, those registrations/early votes have to be thrown out. Sadly, but its the only way you can ensure accuracy.
    If necessary, add a few weeks to allow those people to re-register, and early vote again. We wont know who won anyway on the 4th. So what is a few more weeks?

  279. I have to go on some errands. Will chat later. If I come across any ACORN people……hmmmmmm……should I or shouldn’t I…..I hate having a conscience…..

  280. Ohio isn’t the only state in question is it? aren’t there like 12 where Acorn is involved?

    and yes, if she was smart, she’d walk right now! Someone with integrity can stepin and clean this mess up.

  281. sylvia, if nothing else, trip one! *L*

  282. ldg, the only reason i say there is no i know out counties computer system. I’M sure we aren’t the only ones that are about 10+ years behind! I’ve been here 12 yrs. Our auditor still wants paper/pen books, he wont accept computer print outs. Even tho the computer is more accurate than paper. Even tho the county in the last 5 yrs has paid good money for programs to run these departments. With his stubbornness and unwillingness, people do not know what these programs are capable of because they’ve never used it to its extent. (except my office of course!)

  283. oops, didnt proof read
    supposed to say
    i know *OUR* counties….

  284. @Sylvia

    Thanks, but I’ll take my chances that my vote might make it in.


    Yes, that’s about right. The investigation re: ACORN is *very* wide right now.

  285. I guess i’ll back peddle a bit on the “my office” comment, that depends on which part of my numerous jobs we look at. The part of our office that deals in gps and mapping is behind. They wont pay for proper training, so therefore i am on my own. I’m not ashamed to say that I learned much easier/faster when i was 30! *L*
    There is some truth to the old dog/new tricks statement!

  286. This one is special, for Patty, but a good thing to keep in mind in these troubled times. Others who came before have guidance for us:

    “The liberties of our Country, the freedom of our civil constitution are worth defending at all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have receiv’d them as a fair Inheritance from our worthy Ancestors: They purchas’d them for us with toil and danger and expence of treasure and blood; and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle; or be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men. Of the latter we are in most danger at present: Let us therefore be aware of it. Let us contemplate our forefathers and posterity; and resolve to maintain the rights bequeath’d to us from the former, for the sake of the latter. β€” Instead of sitting down satisfied with the efforts we have already made, which is the wish of our enemies, the necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude, and perseverance. Let us remember that “if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom.” It is a very serious consideration, which should deeply impress our minds, that millions yet unborn may be the miserable sharers of the event. ”

    Samuel Adams, Essay, written under the pseudonym “Candidus,” in The Boston Gazette (14 October 1771)

  287. Patty, LDG,
    Just saw on the FNC home page that the Supreme Court sided with Brunner and said it’s up to the counties to check each voter registration one by one without the help of the state’s system. That means 200,000 registrations have to be done individually in just a few days. I can’t believe they gave that gift to the Dems. The fraud will continue.

  288. @Sylvia

    Aye, unfortunate but legally correct I am told.

    It was a procedural ruling. Were a qualified claimant (one of those counties?) to file claim, it would have to be re-heard.

    Were I to be an RNC lawyer, I’d be looking at a qualifications list and getting on the phone to prompt action ASAP.

  289. second followup

    I am now informed that there is only *one* possible qualified actor:

    Attorney General Mukasey

    So will the DoJ take action?

  290. The Ohio decision makes sense. Even if i dont agree with it.
    Make sense because, voter registrations are first posted at the county level (atleast in KS), therefore, should be corrected there. If there were discrepencies, it should have been caught there to start with.

    LDG…ahh thanks. I havent seen that since HS. You have too much space in your head! *L* I mean that nicely even if it doesnt sound like it.

  291. I’m going to take a walk….need some fresh air.
    If the DOJ doesn’t act now than it means the administration has conceded defeat and will simply hand over the keys to the White House to Obama. There’s no way those 200,000 questionable registrations were all for McCain.

  292. @Patty

    Taken as intended. Thank you for the kind words.


    The walk idea is a good one. In my case, it shall be a walk to where my pillow is. I’m out for now. See you come the ‘morrow

    Be well and safe

  293. When i said it makes sense, i meant who’s going to clean up the registrations. ( i need to quit doing 2 things at once here)
    I do not understand the ruling as far as Sec of State is above the law.

  294. Sylvia…glass 1/2 full.. remember? πŸ˜‰

  295. Sylvia…. Let your Secretary of State know that her unwillingness to verify the registrations, is Suppression of MY vote.

    She claims that not doing the verification process is the Rep. tactic to suppress votes….I say, no, her plan is to suppress the votes of the legitimately registered voters.

  296. Here’s another wonderful piece of voter fraud in OH!

  297. My, my, and my— I have to share my day with all of you– It started with me taking my neighbor’s kids to school this morning, to a cat, to a birthday cake, and then to a thief–

    When I left the blog this morning, I took my neighbor’s kids to school- (Yes, she pays me as she is a single mom and booted her dead beat husband out in August and she works at the time the kids need to go to school– and she picks them up – her sister is living there but she doesn’t have a car, so I take the kids to school in the morning– which is cool- gets me up early and I get paid– and the kids are very cute) – I have them read to me on the way to school– each kid has to take a turn and read to me– Today was the Liberty Bell.

    Anyhow, my garage door I leave open when I leave as my remote doesn’t work so in order to close the garage door, I have to jump out of my car, close it from the wall unit, and go out the front door– I am way too lazy to do this- and I am only gone for about a half hour–

    My lawn mower is in the garage, weed eater, and a bunch of chara- work out stuff, I never use, and Christmas chara.

    Well, my neighbor, Maren and her family went on a short vacation Wednesday and I always take care of their home and pets– two dogs and two cats and two fishes– On my way back from dropping the kids off, I stopped at Maren’s to feed the dogs, let them out, and feed the fish and cats.

    I noticed the one cat was listless and her eyes were not right. I tried to feed her and she would not eat. So I called Maren and told her her cat was not right. She said they were in Tucson and would be on their way right away. I offered to take the cat to the vet but Maren is like German– does that explain that? So I called my vet and Dr. Cellars told me to give the cat, baby (gerber)chicken or turkey food at least– because I can’t take an animal which does not belong to me without the consent of the owners– So I drove to Walmart and bought a bottle of gerber food. I came back to Maren’s and with my finger spread the food on the cat’s gums and also gave it water with my finger. It is now about 10:30 a.m.

    I left the house at 7:45 to take the kids to school.

    Meanwhile, I called Maren twice now and told her if she couldn’t make it back in a few hours, I was going to run the cat to the emergency room and she is now freaking telling me, she is on her way– German! In control always!

    So I left my car parked down at her house and walked back with the cat to my house.

    I figured with the cat here, I could watch her. She peed all over my shirt and clung on to me. Once here, I put a blanket out for her and gave her a bit more water with my fingers.

    I walked back to the end of the block and got my car and pulled it into my open garage.

    My other neighbor, Rosie, a legal citizen here, daughter’s birthday is today- and she wanted a Tuxedo cake for her birthday, which I bought last night.

    So after the car was back in the garage and the cat looked safe, I walked over to Rosie’s with Beanna’s cake and gift– Now, it is about 11:45– as I feed Ken around noon.

    When I dropped the stuff off at Rosie’s, she asked me if I had lent my lawn mower out– To which I said NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, with my garage door open, someone around 9:30 was in my garage and when Rosie walked outside and asked him what he was doing with my lawn mower, hispanic man and she is too, so the whole was carried out in espaΓ±ol, he told her I lent the mower to him. She figured since I have hispanics who have worked out in my front yard, this to be true.

    I rushed back and saw my lawn mower was gone! I sat here for about a half hour, and I went out to look for my lawn mower!!!!!!!!! In the ghetto a few blocks away from where I live.

    There is major road construction going on here– I stopped the workers and one of them said to me he saw this guy earlier walking with a lawn mower. I gave him my phone and cell number. I stopped every pedestrian possible, and one guy told me he saw a guy with a lawn mower and he thought he lived on the street two blocks away from where I was.

    I went to that street– parked my car and started looking in everyone’s yard and knocking on doors– Nada!

    I went to a shopping center and the Iraqi store who knows me because I go in there all the time, told me, this man had just stopped by trying to sell a lawnmower. I left my home and cell number.

    I went up more streets and Mr. Police Officer was on Grand Ave. and I stopped in the middle of the street to flag him down to ask if he had seen a man with a lawnmower and he told me to park on the other side of Grand and he would file a police report without me having to go to the station because at that point, I was doing traffic violations! πŸ˜€

    So I gave him all the data– and I HAD TO COME HOME because now Ken has been here all alone and I don’t even know if the cat is alive.

    As I was headed back home, I got a call from Juan, the construction worker for the roads here, to tell me, the man was at Maggi’s Supermaket..

    I told him to not let him go as to which he told me– this man was sooooo drunk and passed out.

    I drove like a bat out of hell to Maggis and when I showed up, their was my buddy, the officer who had filled out the report–

    When he saw me, he was so surprised– he told me, I had just helped them do their job!

    Meanwhile, I am now dialing the construction worker, Juan, on his cell, to come across the street, so I can give him twenty bucks for this. And he was like telling me this is not necessary– and I am arguing with him– get over here and get your beer money for when you get off work!

    Then, I had to get Rosie, so she could ID, this thief–

    Plus, Officer Vanderwerf, my new bud, told me he had arrested him twice before– for drunk charges but this new charge is a felony. He asked me if I was willing to go to Court as most people receive their propety and don’t follow through—- Duh!!!! Yes, I am! This MF’s name is Eduardo Martinez!

    Bye bye- a**hole– You are a done deal!!!!!! Illegal??? Well, BYE AND BYE!

    I then asked my new bud, Officer Vanderwerf to call me when they had dinners or something of the sort to donate. He told me, I just helped them do their job!

    My lawn mower is in my garage– doors down all the time– Mr. Martinez is going to wake up to reality in a few hours when his buzz is down– and I am going to be a witness for the prosecutors– He will not be stealing again!

    As for the cat, Maren finally showed up and she rushed the cat to the vet as she saw I was not BS ing.

    Moral to this– I have no clue!

    Keep your garage doors closed!

    Or if you get ripped off, go play detective! LOL

  298. Oh yeah!!!

    When my bud was handcuffing that sorry piece of drunken crap, he was in spanish, asking why he was being arrested– My bud did not know I spoke spanish and I told that thief, he was nothing but a thief and go vaya con Dios because he was going to need God—

    And– those nuisances who have to improve our roads and probably don’t get much recognition— I love them!!!!!!! They are awesome!!! They sure helped me out today!!!!


  299. Susan,
    I think you could turn this into a movie. What a story…..and I have to admit I got some laughs out of it….somehow I could picture all this…The Perils of Susan.

  300. And when my bud was frisking that SOB, he found a baggie! More to add on to his offense–

    I also signed the statement,I am a victim and I, X, the box, I request my rights in this case-

    I also- X- the box, to which reads= the crime was committed against me.

    This sorry piece of crap better be packing his bags to Mexico!

    Given he has been arrested twice before, and his address, slum area, I don’t think he will meet bail or bond

  301. amen– to you thief!

    You are like a big bye bye!!!!!
    adiΓ³s SeΓ±or Martinez!

    Wait until I get the court date— no waaa and waa about your three kids as I was told he had!

    You sorry piece of crap, think about your theft, and how if you loved your three children, you could have set a better example, instead of stealing my lawn mower! And then being a frigging drunk– passed out at Maggis

    Sorry sir– no respect or empathy coming my way–

  302. Sylvia:

    good thing you were not in the car– I did more u-turns and going against the law!

    I was so pissed off! I went looking!!!! And it worked for me!

    I was about ready to buy a fake badge and wear it when I was knocking on doors!

    This is a true story!!!

  303. Sylvia:

    good thing you were not in the car– I did more u-turns and going against the law!

    I was so pissed off! I went looking!!!! And it worked for me!

    I was about ready to buy a fake badge and wear it when I was knocking on doors!

    This is a true story!!!

  304. Sylvia:

    good thing you were not in the car– I did more u-turns and going against the law!

    I was so pissed off! I went looking!!!! And it worked for me!

    I was about ready to buy a fake badge and wear it when I was knocking on doors!

    This is a true story!!!

  305. Sylvia:

    good thing you were not in the car– I did more u-turns and going against the law!

    I was so pissed off! I went looking!!!! And it worked for me!

    I was about ready to buy a fake badge and wear it when I was knocking on doors!

    This is a true story!!!

  306. Sylvia-

    I WILL be in Court– Eduardo– bye and bye!!!

    I was sweating so bad, running from home to home, with my parked car at the end of the street, knocking on people’s doors and looking in the backyard– Two pitbulls barked at me and I told them to shut the f**k up!
    Heheheh! They did!

    I was not very attractive today!

    One does not need to wear lipstick!!!

    So there goes that “lipstick” propaganda!

  307. wow– what is with the repeats?

  308. Susan,
    I think you are hilarious. Even your repeats are funny.

  309. Susan: wow, hope it all works well and he get’s sent off to somewhere. Glad you got it back.

    How is the cat? What did Ken think of it?

  310. @Susan

    If I *ever* tell you I had a bad day day, please do feel free to point out this example of how nothing in my life compares.

    oh dear grace, you had a time of it.

    my best hopes for Maren’s cat.

  311. ^have you ever wanted one less “day”?^

    sorry for the typo

  312. political announcement

    I am not Joe, but in this case I’ll make an exception:

    I AM JOE

    It is not the person asking, it is the question that matters.

  313. LDG and Sylvia:

    Maren just stopped over to tell me her cat, was dehydrated! With a infection! DUH! I knew this!

    Meanwhile, my anger in my eyes arel like boiling—-

    (where are those eye drops when I need them)


    That lown mower he stold from me just gave him major lock up!

    He was so trashed, drunk, — stupid, pendejo! Stealing from me was not cool!


    Mother F*** !

    He will be behind bars!!!

    Felony charges– breaking and entry!!

    I hope he thinks about his stupid life when I finish with him!

  314. And maybe only maybe– this thief, will want to change his life!

    I am out to get him but also help him!

    He will see me when he is sober! I willl be there!

  315. I think I WILL DRINK tonight!

  316. LDG–

    Maren and I had a big tiff about her cat! SOOOO big, I told her if she could not handle her kitty, just to let me have the kitty!

    Maren took the cat over to the vet- like pronto- brought me over a bottle of wine, and thanked me for being so “observant”….

    Nothing like busting someone’s chomps!

    Maren thinks she is the one in control- German— but I chomp her chomps!

    And kttty got to the vet, and Maren brought me over a bottle of wine to shut me up!

    Imagine, looking for a thief, running back home, and putting water on your fingertips for the cat’s gums, and running back out there, looking for a thief, and running back home, to give insulin to Ken and feeding him, and running back out there looking for a thief— and running back to give the cat more water with my finger!

    Man– I was like worn out!

    I lost five pounds today!

    56 years old and riding on 112 pounds!

  317. I am going to go on a roll!

    Let us discuss illegal immigation–
    Eduardo Marinez is defintitely illegal- oh well and so sad-
    His three children, which were born here, naturalized, by the Constitution, get rights.

    He, as a father, has not been a citizen. He stold my lawnmower!

    But I was able to bust him as an illegal and aka thief, but his children have the rights to be here, whereas, the thief dad, aka drunk, gets to benefit from our STATE????

    I am sure mom was hiding in the closet, hiding from this awful man- I wonder if he beat her up???

    It gives me great relief to know this man is locked up tonight, and I WILL pursue!

    He will never steal again, and if he cares about his children, now is the time to take care of them!

    I did him a favor as with my bud– Officer Vanderwerf, whom asked me to please pursue!!!

    COPS are great people!

    AND those illlegals, get out of here!!!! Pronto!

    Your worse enemy is here!

  318. @Susan

    — one small note: if the children were born in the U.S.A, they are “native-born” not “naturalized” citizens.

    — no one “gets” rights from the American Constitution (unlike many other countries’ constitutions). The American Constitution recognizes Rights you have, and expressly prohibits the State from arrogating any Right without your (collective) permission. The Bill of Rights in particular identifies a significant number of Rights as inalienable, and as such not to be arrogated by the State.

    — the immigration status of the father is utterly un-important other than the fact that for that alone he faces legal action and explusion.

    — A conviction of the commision of a felony, *if that case qualifies* would also prohibit future legal re-entry. Based on what your story tells, it was Trespass and Petty Theft on the arrest. What the prosecutors come back with will be another story of course, but remember: You don’t decide if a crime is a felony, nor does the arresting officer; the State does.

    All that said,

    — my sympathies to the mother, if she is present. Granting an exception if she lacks U.S. residency might be warranted as well, *if* she is not a legal resident AND the children are all American-born and have begun to progress in school. Not sure she’d take it if the husband is expelled, but it would be a decent gesture for the State to offer it.

    — Cops are great people.

    — As some one who lives legally under a very strict and harshly enforced
    immigration system, yes those who have cheated the system should be tossed.

    By the way, Sheriff Joe apparently did his job again in a recent series of arrests. Way to go, Sheriff.

  319. @Susan

    Enjoy your wine and realize all the important things you did, good citizen things.

    …and if Maren’s kitty hasn’t said thanks yet (it will next time you meet), let me offer mine for that part of the effort.

    Way to go, Susan!

  320. And sort of back on-topic:

    The native-born Japanese son of an immigrant father just pitched another shutout in the PL Climax Series (the league championship for one of two Pro leagues here).

    This young gentleman is Japanese through and through, was a high-school star at the national baseball championship, and has at the same time overcome biases against “mixed” ancestry.

    Yet another fine example that “nationality” is cultural, ancestry is a different (and proud thing) and you can have more than one, and that it is good for societies to accept such.

  321. Gosh…looks like I missed a lot of comments while sleeping.
    Susan…..your escapade wore me out……Do you eat energy bars? If so, maybe I should too.
    LDG….your knowledge and logic are appreciated.

  322. @Sylvia

    I try to be useful as well as decorative. Thank you.

    ((stage whisper)) and doesn’t Susan live the ‘Perils of Pauline’ life some days? Whew!

  323. Susan: will you be voting Joe in for another term as Sherif?

  324. OMG….Susan, you crack me up!
    While reading that I can actually “hear”” you!
    I’m sorry you had to go through all that. What a day.
    I hope you are resting today! You deserve it!

    Hi everyone.

  325. LDG—

    What will make a felony is the dollar amount of the theft– and believe me, my lawn mower is worth at least a grand! πŸ˜€ And given he has been arrested twice before and incarcerated, the State is not going to go easy– He is looking at a Class 6 felony– according to my Arizona Criminal and Traffic Law Manual book I have here.

    As for Sheriff Joe, come November 4th, I will be voting for him– and the only reason is because he held a fund raiser the other night for abused and neglected animals– He has created a no kill shelter- MASH for these animals and for this reason, I will be voting for him-

    LDG– Maren just called me– the cat died- And it didn’t help her because I yelled at her– I told her next time she leaves and her animals are sick, I was not going to get her ok to take them to the vet– I will do it on my own and then I hung up on her as I started to cry.

    I don’t know how many times I begged her to keep her cats inside at night- I even offered them my screen door yesterday as she said they can’t afford a screen door and with the weather being nice, she keeps her patio door open- They can afford to go on a vacation.

    This is all my fault– I should have taken the cat to the vet, immediately–

    I was so involved with catching a thief–

    live and learn- sobbing here

  326. Patty-

    I love you! I really do! what a good friend you have been to me!

    Not having a good day at all– I am so pissed off at me– I was so hungry to catch a thief, I IGNORED a cry for help– I should have taken the cat to the vet immediately and listened to Maren’s wrath later.

    Now I have more reason to hate this man– if it had not been for his theft, my focus would have been strictly on the cat’s health!

    I am headed out to the Iraqi store to get a written statement Eduardo tried to sell my lawnmower to the owner there. Theft and then trying to sell the stolen property– whatever that legal word is–


  327. Susan,
    Don’t beat yourself up. You are human and you did the best you could.
    Try to relax today.

  328. Susan, Wow! What a couple of days you have had….

    And, the cat’s illness and death are NOT your fault. Given the severity of the dehydration, it is doubtful any help earlier in the day would have made much of a difference. Very probable the cat had been ill for a long while and was doing as animals do when they understand their time on earth is coming to an end.

    As for the ‘capturing of the crook’ – Kudos to you! Do you wear a wonder woman outfit under your clothes? You are amazing.

    Glad the drunken bum thief was caught. He is not a good influence on his children. And, as you have said……bye bye – he will be getting a one way ticket back to his native country.

    Hope you are doing better now. Oh, and go get that remote fixed!

  329. Sylvia and K2—

    GRACIAS!!! My dad is at Rainbow Bridge as this is the place I designated for him as keeper– so I hope he is doing a good job! This incident made me think of my dad– if there is one thing and if it is the only thing we learned from dad was compassion and love for all animals– as he rescued more animals than a shelter could have held througout his life time.

    Sylvia– next time you come to AZ, I will pick you up and take you to my elderly friends home in Sun City West and you ask them about me fighting criminals– You will get a laugh!

    K2– Adrenalin is a good med! And that is exactly what Eduardo is– a low life, drunken, thief!!!!! He interfered with my life yesterday and NOW I am going to interfere with his life!

    And when this is all over with and I get to hear how much time he gets, I am putting my lawn mower on E-Bay– saying– this help put a thief behind bars– Price– FREE! πŸ˜€

    love to you both–

    And I got the written statement– with two signatures–

  330. Susan,
    Just hope the bum doesn’t sneak back into this country after he’s thrown out. I don’t think anyone plans to secure the border. Come one, come all, we welcome and support any who make their way here.
    Guess I better get off my soapbox. I certainly can’t improve the situation because nobody in government cares enough to do the job.
    BTW…..illegal immigration affects us in Ohio/Kentucky. They get free medical care….just ask my husband…..he has seen them in the ER and you can’t turn them away.

  331. Sylvia–

    when I went to Boswell last year to get a tetnus shot because I had cut myself the day before on a rusty piece of metal when I was cleaning my garage and my arm blew up like a balloon, my neighbor, Tom, dragged me to the ER.. The whole waiting room was full of hispanics! I had insurance– crappy insurance– but I had it– the Bactrim I was given as a topical there cost me close to $200.00 when I was billed– not including what the visit cost me of which my insurance did not pay– I paid it! Why was this so high? Because I have to pay for those who don’t pay their hospital bills!

    It is because of these, our health care sucks! And people think hospitals are just full of money so they can just skip out on the bills! Sorry– does not work that way– in order to just run a hospital, millions of dollars are needed for the equipment– abscence, the pay for the employees!

    Don’t worry about Eduardo– I WILL be camping out at the border– I know what he looks like. πŸ˜€

  332. Susan,
    You are Eduardo’s worst nightmare. He picked the wrong lawn mower to steal.

  333. Susan, that kitty is not your fault! Sounds like K2 is right, he was on his way out. I know that sounds “cold”, but hey, you did what you could, with what you were given.
    You did your civil duty, above and beyond. Thats way more than many can say.
    re; K2’s wonder woman …..i tried so hard to find that pic adam took when he was in vegas…remember wonder woman? *LOL* I was going to ask if that was really you! *giggle* πŸ™‚
    Fox has that old blog so screwed up, you cant click through all of Adams anymore ;-(

  334. speaking or more than many can say…..its 4:30 pm…and i think i’ll get dressed! *LOL*
    I rested for you today susan!
    I need to mosey to the grocery store. A house with no m.dew just wouldnt be a good thing!

  335. I havent watched regular tv for a long time but ran across a show called “The Locator” on WE channel. Wow, bring the kleenix with you if you go check it out.

  336. @Susan

    My condolences.

    Please tell me of the name of the cat, and of its life.

  337. Susan: it’s not your fault.
    Here’s an analogy: You borrow a friend’s car and notice a problem with the engine. You tell your friend ‘Hey, the engine on your car are has a problem. Do you want me to take it to the garage for you? It doesn’t sound good at all, i fear that if you leave it the engine will be ruined.’ and they say ‘No, don;t worry about it. I’ll do it when I get back’. You use premium gasoline to prevernt any problems getting worse.
    They gat back a few days later and take their car for a drive and notice the problem is as bad as you said. They take it to the garage. The mechanic says they will try and fix it but then after a day tell your friend than the engine is ruined, but it would have been OK if it had been taken it when you first noticed the problem.
    Would it be your fault that the engine failed? Of course not.
    Would it be your fault that the car hadn;t been taken it? No, since it belonged to them, and you were just defering to their judgement and wishes.

  338. Sup ppl…. seems like i have not been around here in forever lol…… super busy every day :(….

    Max….. you applying for the fall of ’09?

  339. Did any of you watch SNL? We taped it because we don’t stay up late enough to watch it. Just wondering if it’s worth watching. I know Sarah Palin was going to be on and that’s the only reason we even bothered to tape the show. Have never been a fan of SNL.

  340. Avi: Yup.

  341. Sylvia–

    I just watched a clip of it this morning– it was sort of funny. Alec Baldwin was on– yuck–

    Max– gracias!!! xxxx

    LDG– The cat had some unusual name– begins with an “F”. I couldn’t even pronunce the name– It was still a kitten- she found it by her door about six weeks ago. She had it fixed a couple weeks ago and the cat had her shots at the same time.

    A gray stripped cat with some yellow- unusual color but pretty!

    I think the cat got into something or picked up something when she left the cat out– I came over Wednesday to let the dogs out and the cat was outside– they had left around 11:00 am and when I picked up the house keys, Maren told me she couldn’t find the cat– I assumed she would have waited to make sure all the animals were insdie but when I came over that afternoon, the cat was outside. And I was a bit disgruntled someone would leave without having ALL animals inside– but….. But the cat didn’t appear sick until Friday– although Thursday, I noticed she ate but not a lot but she did drink a lot of water…. No telling what happened– In my perspective, considering all the strays out here and the small size of that cat who was not full grown, I, as an owner, would have not wanted to have the cat outside…. but that is just me. I do know this, I will never give her a cat– I want mine to be indoors-

    Patty– I fell asleep at 8:30 last night– LOL–

    Ken has been on ignore for the last two days so I am going to Black Canyon City and taking him to lunch and we can walk around … Nice to have a normal day back!

    Have a great day @ all!


  342. @Susan

    Thank you. When you learn the proper name of the kitten, please inform me.

  343. ‘morning all.

    susan, funny you found wonder woman!
    brings back memories! haha

    I’ve decided no more news on tv for the next 2 weeks. It isnt even entertaining anymore!! Argh. Besides that, its the same thing we heard 6+ mths ago…spin.

    my boss is gone for atleast 2 days…hummmm
    Time to play! *L*

  344. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well, God willing and the creek don’t rise – I’MMMM BAAAAACK!!!!!
    My “mother board” crashed, fried, died, and I have been without my box since Oct 3rd. I kept seeing all of these bugs, snakes and elephants all over my walls and house and I could not get rid of them or catch them. Think it had something to do with withdrawals!!!!! (laughing)

    Patty, thank you sooooo much for your concern – it meant alot

    Good morning everyone – what a happy day this is!!!!

  345. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Gee Adam,
    I haven’t been away that long!!!! My earlier comment I made is awaiting moderation – Can ya moderate me real quick??? Got a lot of catching up to do with “the family”.

  346. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    LDG and Susan
    Sent you an email – hope you got it

  347. Max,

    You applying Reg admissions right? and not Early Decision or Action?

    What Unis/colleges you applying to?

  348. @Adam Housley

    If you happen to know, any reason why comments I post on Onthescene threads haven’t shown up for weeks now? I’d hate to think Karen2’s theory about a “compost pile” (posted here back on the 15th) is correct.


    good ‘morning’! I got a piece of e-mail from KC-Fresno, and she is fine, just had a dead computer for a week+… but she is fine.

  349. glad to hear KC is ok!!! Thanks!!

  350. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:



    LDG – thanks for getting my message out

  351. LDG–

    I will find out the name to kitty– when and if she ever calls me again– Why do people name their animals names only they can pronounce?

    I wonder if the kitty had Feline Panleukopenia?

    I learned my lesson– I will not be taking care of other people’s pets anymore– simple as that!

    Patty– ditto to the news– I saw a couple people on Huck’s show last night who worked for ACORN– Between the both of them, they had registered close to 100– The one kid looked like trouble when not on good behavior-

    I need to check my emails and see if KC wrote back–

    off to the gym with Ken–

    have a great day @ all!

  352. Adam Housley Says:


    Bout time you showed up! This is a free for all. The only time I ever have to moderate is if you include too many links, or if it is your first time. Well….of course if your name is Susan I watch you very closely!!


  353. Adam Housley Says:


  354. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks Adam – good to be back – couldn’t figure out why I was being moderated – maybe because of my new tower, etc on this box because I had to re-log in on the blog, etc., so guess somehow, someone thought this was my first time. Go figure

  355.’re cracking me up! Between susan and the lawnmower and you needing a “fix”! What disfuntional “family” we are! ha ha

    Happy returns to you!

  356. KC…that would be like…a virgin post?!?!

  357. KC - Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Yea – you got that right!!! Soooooooo many decades ago – but I guess it is like riding a bike????

    It is so good to be back – and I love our disfuntional “family”. I have been laughing for hours catching up on everything

  358. *LOL* KC! I guess it is!

  359. Did someone say disfunctional? Hmmmmmm. I thought we were the normal ones and the rest of the world was disfunctional.

  360. Dysfunctional–

    Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.

  361. Adam—

    did you get Sunshine’s picture of her and Steve Doocey?

  362. oops– Doocy–

  363. Avi: idk yet, my parents have to look at the cost factor of it all.

  364. Max,

    ye.. time is running out for most Unis Early Action / Early Decision apps are due Nov1 or Nov 15 and then some have other dates… then Reg D is due like Jan 15 or smth like that..

    You only looking out West yeh? and also what do you want to study?

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