So my news stories will still only appear on, but we need a place for more of the fun stuff and personal stuff, so how about here. This blog is linked to my site and I will link to I am told there are still plans in place for the new pages and revamp, which will allow me more freedom again with the way my blog runs. In the meantime, I have instant post ON here, so feel free to post away. Also, I will take some of your posts and place them here as well. So for example if Susan,LDG,John,Max,Avi,Rebecca,KC,Sunshine…I know there are many more, and I DO know who you are……but I can’t list em all! Anyway’s, I will turn some of your posts/suggestions into there very own threads. Again, will still have my news stuff, so you need to post there, but here will be just the fun stuff that can’t be posted on the news site. Also, now has a blog as well, so if you wanna talk wine or have questions, that will be run as well. HAVE AT IT!


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  1. Well chara!! You have this going! Now I need to send this off to everyone! LOL–

    I just got one as I have been cleaning all frigging day! 14 hours later!

    ok– sad to hear about Paul Newman’s death– he and my dad worked together on a construction site many moons ago and went to my parent’s wedding– guess what he gave them? ok- I will tell you– an alarm clock! LOL

    Off to the email side to notify all– you left Jen out but she hasn’t been around your other blog lately so I will let her know about this one! And K2… She was the first to post on your wine blog–

  2. Done!

  3. Finally! Awesome Blog!

  4. Crap I just got here and now I’m being moderated! See you guys later.

  5. Becky–

    are you having to wait in line for gas as you live in North Carolina?

  6. Oops there Susan is! I have to go read Adam’s stories and check out his blog… back later

  7. Adam Housley Says:

    Once you are approved once, it is immediate post. Just FYI. Heading to bed now, so I will check for more in the AM.


  8. KT–

    waaaa!!! why did you leave? It is Adam who is going to moderate the posts and these are posting– it is just to avoid some of those trolls as he use to have to delete some of the posts in his news blog! Come back!!!!!!!!

  9. oops– I guess we are just moderated the one time–

    KT and K2– I can’t wait to hear you both discussing politics!

    going to bed too– but KT– SOOOOOOOO happy to see you again! I actually missed you! LOL

    Adam– thanks!

    buenas noches– I sent your blog out– I don’t have John’s email address- dang it–

  10. LDG and Max–

    can we play trivia again?

  11. Hey now, this looks to be a very GoodThing ™!

    ((waves, smiles @ All))

    @Adam Housley

    Just to ask, do you want this ‘blog mentioned, or is this one you’d prefer to keep fairly private?


    Bit of juggling going on in my life right now, but as time allows, let’s play when we can.

  12. I am over at LDG’s — Belarus is the topic–

    Adam– have you checked out LDG’s blog?

  13. whose time zone are we on anyway? this reads from my last entry 7:50am and it is a little past 1:00 here?

  14. YAY! This is great…thanks Adam!
    Susan, the gas crisis is ridiculous here! I am going out this morning to look for gas but thankfully I haven’t needed it all week. People have been getting into fights and the lines to get into gas stations is something I have never seen in my lifetime. It’s really strange!
    For some reason people went into panic mode here and went fill up gas cans and then their cars.

  15. Hi everyone!

  16. Becky–

    so I have heard- I heard Kentucky was having some issues too– Jen?

    and gas gouging!

    Hey Max– morning to you from here! I have been over at LDG’s– doing homework! LOL

  17. Max-

    I think we are in your time zone– wasn’t that nice of Adam?

  18. It is 12:30 PM edt and a beautiful day in southern Ohio. Hope all are having a good weekend.
    My hubby and I will be cheering for opposing football teams today….he’s a Cleveland Browns fan and I’m a Bengal fan….and they play each other today. Should be fun!!!

  19. What ya all started without me? *L* Thats what i get for staying in bed till noon!
    HI all πŸ™‚

  20. re Susan…Paul Newman. IMO ..One of the most handsome men EVER!

  21. Hello all and thanks Adam

    As Becky said the gas lines are awful, you can check it out at: and click on the gas stories. We are supposed to have more gas today or tomorrow. Although it looks like everybody here in Charlotte has gotten gas this weekend so that should mean that there will not be any lines for a day or two. Right? Not! Oh Well.

  22. Adam, I have no clue how you keep up with all your stuff! No wonder you carry so many gadgets, gotta have each one set to something different! ha ha
    Anyway…thanks for bringing us into the bullpen.

  23. Susan ~ I went looking for gas this morning and NADA! Every gas station I went to was out. This is bad! 😦
    Hi Max!

  24. Hello Everyone!

    Adam, a BIG thank you….. Susan, thank you for keeping me in the loop.

    Looking forward to talking about anything (but you all know politics is my favorite)…and bring back the trivia and POD!

    Becky, my sister is in NC and they are having trouble finding gas too. What is the problem?

  25. Just saw the ‘clock is wrong’….. posting this at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time / 11:00 a.m Pacific time….

    If this keeps up, I will never know what time it is and Susan will be later than ever! πŸ™‚

  26. re: “what’s the problem?” gas lines/shortages in the S.E. U.S.

    20% of ‘your’ refining capacity (and in the main the part that feeds the South East U.S.) was shut down during Hurricane Ike, and a couple of the sea-ways are still not as navigable as need be to return them to full capacity. Moreover, distribution via ‘jobbers’ is still the norm in the U.S. and those middlemen had very low stockpiles before the disruption of supplies. Expect 1~2 more weeks before the pipelines are back to full capacity.

    In an effort to mitigate the motor fuels shortfall, ~20 tankers full of European refined fuel has been purchased by various U.S. companies and redirected to the Eastern Seaboard.

    I know it isn’t a “don’t worry” scenario, but it is a “things are getting better as fast as they can” situation.

    My best wishes to any caught up in this, and hopes it eases shortly.

  27. ok this is surreal…

    note my amazing time-travel ability:
    Karen2 Says:

    September 28, 2008 at 6:02 pm
    Just saw the β€˜clock is wrong’….. posting this at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time / 11:00 a.m Pacific time….

    If this keeps up, I will never know what time it is and Susan will be later than ever!

    now look a the time on my comment…


  28. K2 ~ for some reason we just aren’t getting the gas we need and a lot of people went into panic mode here in Charlotte. I know the Eastern part of the state is fine but for some reason the western part is having the issue. Any time a station gets gas with in three hours it’s gone. I know a lot of it is due to hurricanes Ike and Gustav….we should see some relief soon but I am not sure when!
    Where is your sister in NC?

  29. Becky…that gas thing, it just doesn’t make any sense. I don’t understand why there is a so called shortage in just a few areas. There is no problems here. Its just aggravating to see those suffering, and I’m not one that is waiting in line!

    Fuel prices will be going up here, they always do when the farmers head out to harvest.

    K2…that’s funny about the “time”. Poor Susan. πŸ˜‰

    btw..politics just makes me need “anger management” the last week or so.
    “Adults” should not be acting like 5 yr olds on a playground with no supervision!

    Ok, since i never felt like we could share this stuff at the news blog since they are changing.
    Here’s some pics for those that want to see KS in the fall.
    Some of you have already seem them. Although I did add more today.

    Susan…you can find John as Janice Dean’s blog a couple times a week.

  30. errrrrr.
    did i miss the time change?
    how did my “new” comment end up—up there ^ *L*

  31. Anyone watch Huckabee’s show lastngiht?
    i watched the 2nd 1/2 of the re-run at 5 am central.
    I liked what i saw. But I’ve liked him from the start.
    So tonight hopefully, I can watch the whole thing this time.

  32. Becky had a photo shoot today and being the nice mom that I am, I took her car to get gas, while she used mine. I was car 33 in line but it “only” took 30 minutes from the time I got in line till I left the station, which was not to bad. πŸ™‚ I had expected it to take a lot longer. I am hoping that it is better later this week when we have several out of town guests coming. We did tell them to buy gas before they get here.

  33. FL Sunshine Says:

    Hi Adam!!!!!! Thanks for setting up the blog and inviting us (the fam) to it! I’ll be putting this link in my favorites right away!
    Hello everyone! Good to see you again!

  34. Becky, my sister lives in Waynesville. She says it has been ridiculous. Hopefully it gets better soon. And, she said gas prices skyrocketed!

    Patty, your photos are great! I love all the flowers and what a beautiful setting.

  35. Patty ~ your pictures are great! Thank you for sharing!
    K2 ~ I know where Waynesville is! I think I have driven by there a few times. πŸ™‚
    Gas prices have sky rocketed! There are a few gas stations that are under investigation from the state on price gouging.

  36. Oh Patty ~ I did watch Huckabee last night and I enjoyed it! Like you, I have always liked Huckabee!

  37. @LDG–

    Now I have a real excuse to be late== I will blame it on Adam’s clock here!

    Hi everyone– I almost forgot Mrs. Carrie= I just emailed her about the blog!

    where the hell is Avi?

    I am telling you all– AZ is hot but look at our State– no fires- no hurricanes- no floods- no frigging snow to deal with, and the gas is everywhere! Our biggest news story is about that pervert who got busted in Flagstaff– another Jeff Warren-

    K2– We need to get KT in here so you two can do the politics! I might jump in as Marie and LDG send me great links- my mentors! Have you ever checked out his blog– I am finally understanding some of his threads= step wise! LOL

    Max– Ken’s mom kicked my you know what today in Upwards– I tried to cheat and make up my own words but she called me on them– when you get settled in the US and come to pay me a visit so you can cook and clean, we will go hang out with Ken’s mom and play UPwards! After you have done your chores. xxx

    where the heck is Jen? The blog is not complete!

  38. wow– this is weird- my post was moved up above and K2’s was the last post–

    But I won’t look at a gift horse in the mouth– Adam has this instant posting and a blog for funnsies! Yay!!!!

  39. Becky–

    maybe I need to send you some gas? πŸ˜€

  40. Patty–

    at least you got out of bed– check out Adam’s comment from last night…
    He was going to check back this am– He is still sleeping! πŸ™„

  41. Susan: I think it’s set on GMT, but being summer time here it’s GMT+1 in england at the moment.
    Time now is 03:10 on the 29th.

  42. Oh, i see, it’s been corrected, but it’s screwed up the post order. We have one more hour until it is no longer a problem.

  43. Susan: I’d lose though. I prefer checkers.

  44. Missed you too Susan! I went to look and see if Adam had any other threads going then I left. Now I have to catch up on these posts. Looks like the topic is gas right now. I think it’s $3.69 over here right now, haven’t filled up in about a week.

  45. oh wait I should have read more looks like the issue is the gas in the South… you poor guys!!

  46. Geraldo’s showing the pirates now

  47. Ok this really freaking me out, whenever I post here K2’s posts stay underneath me hahahaha

  48. anyone here? πŸ˜‰

  49. Barb-

    Becky’s mom-

    You have done an outstanding job with your daughter! She is numero uno and her photography is so beautiful!!!!

    Her framed pictures of her flowers and autographed as well, which she sent to me, I proudly show!

    Do you need gas too? I will send! πŸ˜€

    Is not this blog great? It has the nicest people here!


  50. Max–

    I will play checkers with you! I forgot about checkers! I will win because I cheat– somehow, you will be confused with the way I move! I will be talking away and sliding those checkers, on top of one another!

    Let’s play Clue too! But instead of Col. Mustard going into billiard room with a wrench, we can change the game players- Chavez going to the Castro room with his missiles from Russia… LOL

    What say this clock now?

    But you have to cook before we play! xxxx

  51. K2–

    I did not share this with any of you… but Jen and Patty sent me a t-shirt for my birthday, which reads: I”m late… no time to say hello, no time to say good-bye.

    I have worn this about 20 times!!! I wash it inside out now so it does not fade!

    Bless you both, Jen and Patty! Everytime I wear it, I CRACK UP!

  52. Just peeking in to see if it was “real”!
    Hope you all have a good night/day, whatever the time is!

  53. Susan….but it was “you”, how in the world could we pass it up?
    I think i can speak for Jen on this one…We’re both glad you like it, cause we can hear you saying …it as you wear it! On your way….out the door! *L*

  54. KT–

    I AM here! Do you want to dog Obama?

    Did you finally pick a candidate? I am going for McCain only because he did intervene with the bailout and Obama, in the debates, seemed to appear a bit weak. And Joe Biden seems not to when to keep his mouth shut!

    I don’t understand why Biden even agreed to the VEEP slot. He seems not to really have a sincere interest. (comments he makes)

  55. Patty-

    You know how much I love you! Correcto?

  56. Patty-

    that t-shirt is in the washing machine as we speak! I have to wear it again!

    Trust me— I am so frigging late…. I was supposed to be at Ken’s mom’s house today at noon– nope– try 12:45—

    She graciously reminded me, I Am ALWAYS late–

    It is all LDG’s fault! (grin) He makes me read too much!

  57. KC should be here tomorrow.

    KC hangs out with her husand on the week-ends and does not email or talk to anyone!

    (Patty– they are still working on taking the jello out of the bathtub)

    Morning KC! (when you come in here) xxx

  58. Susan….about KC….*L* quit picking on her when she isnt here to defend herself πŸ˜‰
    It is 1 am here, i am not supposed to be awake!
    Pat sprayed around the oustide of the house today for spiders. The one thing i hate about fall! Welll………it seems he woke them up and they are coming inside! I found a very large one earlier this afternoon, He found 2 before he went to bed, so now the light is on. *L* I’m hopiing that by leaving it on, they wont come out! argh!!!
    The things we dont do.
    So tomorrow, bug bombs it is.

  59. Becky…coming from a photgrapher i’ll take that compliment on the pics. Thanks. I love our new camera. I’m glad i didnt spend a fortune, this one does what i want it to do.

  60. Karen T

    sooooo glad to see you! It has been a year when we all first met. I was checking out when I first started blogging with Adam, after I wandered away from Greta’s.

    Since then, I have met Adam, cutie Adam, and I think, in my heart, I have established some great friends– as you! Amd I think, Adam put this blog up so we can all be together.

    Remember when you and I translated Gollinger’s article about Adam– we never came up for air!

    In between, I have met more friends– LDG is my instructor for my mind.
    He has taken the time out to educate me in foreign policies and he has also led me to read and watch the globe– ( Marie is included)

    Patty is a watch dog with her life.

    Jen, I met…. beautiful!

    K2 is way above smart.

    Becky is professional photographer who captures the moment. Barb, her mom, watches over her.

    KC is so fun

    Avi and Max– God love youth

    And you… I missed!


  61. Well. Patricia…

    When I DID the yard thing, those damn spiders were hanging out on my blinds! (it had been awhile since I had cleaned up the yard)

    I went, eek! I grabbed a huge towel to kill one, because I hate spiders!

    Then I saw another one out of my corner of my eye, and smash!

    And those frigging cockroaches– stomp and stomp! Ugly little creeps! More stomping!

    Plus I found a mice nest! Under one of my bushes! No mice there, but a lot of their mice droppings! The bush is gone NOW!

    I always wonder where the mom is ? YUCK!

  62. Patty ~ You are welcome! What kind of camera did you get? My mom and I are working on a blog with our photos and some writing I will be doing along with the photos. I am hoping that this week we will be able to have it more fully updated!

  63. Susan
    When you have to be somewhere at noon do people tell you to be there by 11? πŸ™‚

  64. Patty: Your husband is called Pat?

    Susan: What would you want me to cook?

  65. i forgot one thing
    Barb: Susan told me that Ken’s Dr does that with her.

  66. ‘morning everyone.

    max…Yep. we are both Pats. Patrick and Patricia. (an no, we didn’t name any of our kids pat!)

    Susan…now that’s where a man comes in handy! If there are spiders/mice/snakes…i stand back (more like run ..screaming and thrashing) and wait for Pat to get rid of them!

    and Susan, when someone calls me Patricia, i have to look around and see if my mom has “risen”! πŸ™‚

    Did anyone see F&F this morning, they had the spokesman for Obambam and he and Brian got into a argument about that stupid bracelet! Cracked me up! I’ve never seen Brian stand up to anyone before.

  67. Becky, I had in my head i was going to spend $300-$400 for a compact digital camera. We got the Nikon cool pix for 1/2 that. It was $50 off that day we bought it. Decided that if i spent less and didnt like it, it could always be a gift for one of the grandkids and we could try again. But i’ll keep it. I didnt want to sink alot of money because they change so fast. This way it will be easier to upgrade. I love new gadgets, but I do have to have some self control! *L*

  68. Patty ~ I wish I had seen that segment!

  69. *Adam….i looked all over for a email addy to Huckabee’s show. He wanted to know what people thought of it. There wasn’t one anywhere that i could see…… you have one by any chance???

  70. KC-Fresno, Cal Says:


    Looks like the whole gang is here, or will soon be – This is gonna be fun!!!!

  71. KC-Fresno, Cal Says:

    Good morning all,

    Yep, it is Monday morning, 7:58am.
    Susan is correct, I disappear every weekend to play with hubby. She knows me soooo well!!! I am still a bride you know!!
    Hope Brad doesn’t find this blog!!!!

  72. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Loved your pictures. We also enjoyed Huck’s program – quite refreshing for a change.

    LDG – glad to see you here and hopefully when you have time, you, Max, or Susan can get the trivia going.
    Adam, you must join in when the trivia questions get going. Since this is a “fun” blog, you can participate – yes??

  73. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    OK Adam
    Get out of bed, wake up, and approve my posts so I can talk to everyone!!!
    2 of my posts from this morning have disappeared and one is awaiting moderation.
    All 3 of them were awaiting moderation, but like I said, 2 have disappeared!!

  74. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks Adam, all of my posts are now here, so I am now a member of this blog!!!! YIPEE

  75. patty: yup, i saw it. Go Brian!
    Becky, you can watch it here:

    The Obama guys accuses them of making stuff up.

    KC: i see loads of your posts.

  76. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Howdy Max,
    Yep, they finally all showed up so now I am a happy camper – instant posting too!!! What more can we ask for on a Monday Morning.

    How is school going for you – this is your last year right?? Have you made up your mind on your college choice yet??

  77. Hiya KC!

    Becky…looking forward to seeing what you and your mom have started on a blog. I usually make my rounds checking the pics out on yours.

  78. KC: No school this year. Going to exercise and hopefully get a job.
    Not made up my mind 100%, I am going to visit two places in Wyoming next week; and then i will decide.

  79. week already? I’ll wave when you fly over!

  80. Hi All,
    Been watching the voting on this bail out….amazing. Don’t understand how Barnie Frank and Chris Dodd got a pass on the blame for this mess. The Dow is tanking.

  81. ((whew!))

    I’m just back from an unexpected away, tended to my ‘blog and now checking in here to see if time still moves backwards…

    I’m still laughing about answering a question before it was asked here.

    morning, All!

  82. @Sylvia

    thanks for the tip to go look at the House vote on the TARP (“bailout”)…


    ((blink blink))

    HOLY MACKEREL, Pelosi *didn’t* have the votes lined up?!? Attaboy fiscal-conservative rebels!

    reports are it has failed to pass: 227 nay 206 yea, etc.

  83. Patty: I might be over KS on the way home, but not on the way there.
    The original plan was last week, then this week, now next week. We’ve booked the tickets, so there’s no backing out now.

  84. It wouldnt bother me a bit if this bail out fails. Its BS! All the years we millked fricking cows, got our butts beat by mother nature more than once, we got up, pulled our big girl panties on…and went right back at it. No one EVER offered to bail us for our “honest” days labors!!! grrrrrr
    sylvia..i wondered that same thing about Dodd on friday. he was so smug on tv, lying S**! Gotta wonder how these people sleep at night!

  85. followup

    the TARP bill vote is being held open past alloted time (where have we seen the Pelosicrats do this before).

  86. Patty,
    I agree….bailouts can be scary.

    Obama is now putting the blame on Republicans….he is such an AH….sorry, but I’m very angry about how he twists everything around.

  87. LDG,
    Pelosi and company have different rules for different people.

  88. @Sylvia

    Indeed. a little education in the “rule of law” concept seems in order for them.

    A bit of humility after losing 90+ Democrats from her bloc on that vote would be good start, too. Absolutely no reason for the GOP co-operators to vote with the Dems were this bill to come back one day after seeing that.


    It is official, btw. TARP did not pass.


  89. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    You said it all and very well, I might add

    Sylvia, I agree with you about flip flop obummer-We are going to be in so much trouble if he makes it to the White House – really scary
    Regarding Pelosi and company having different rules for different people – I hope all of us remember this when it is time to vote for them again.

    LDG, Pelosi is now blaming the republicans and the Bush administration for this vote failing. So, what is next?? Chips.fall.where-they-may just about says it all

  90. Well cr*p, it rained here lastnight, that HAS to be Bush’s fault also!

  91. ldg…btw…do you know where i can buy some gold bars cheap? *LOL*

  92. Patty
    If you click on my name it will take you to Becky and my photo blog. So far my photos are on there and, like Becky said earlier, we hope to get hers up this week.
    I enjoyed your pictures, especially the sunsets as I love sunsets.

  93. Patty,
    Maybe we should all go panning for gold.

  94. @Patty

    re: btw…

    hehhehheh that was just tooooo funny.

    thanks for visiting there!

  95. ‘See you All on the flip side. Fun to see folks here!

  96. Sylvia, probably should.

    the following is just a rant…not really for anyone, but me πŸ™‚

    I’m not a big financial whiz by any means, but it just seem ridiculous to me that those we have elected are allowed to run around as chicken little screaming the sky is falling! It makes me so angry.
    Everyone needs to stand back and take a few deep breaths. Practice lamaze or something!

    Kansas had 1 yes vote today out of 4…i’ve already emailed the nay voters and thanked them!

    They say this wasnt a bailout, BS! Its still about who has the most $$’s to loose.
    For years I’ve said that we had to see things get much worse before this it could get “better”.
    Until people learn to spend responsible, everyone, nothing will change. We are a totally spoiled society. Heck, drive by a high school and look at the cars parked there. Give me a break. In the late 70’s we drove what 500 bucks would buy us, and we worked to put gas and insurance with that car. Now, nothing but “new” in the parking lots, and 1/2 those kids dont work cause it cuts into thier sports time. Its terrible.
    I remember raising our kids, disposable diapers were a dream to me. I had ONE bag, and i ONLY used them when we went somewhere, which wasnt often. Young parents today don’t even know what cloth diapers are! Let alone how to put one on.
    What would we do if we had to choose food on the table over blackberries and computers? The gas prices did put a huge weight on many people, but where i live, you cant see it. Nothing has changed. The kids still “cruise the route” on the weekends. The theatre is still full every night. The resturants are still serving food. The school district is still having ballgames 2 + hours away from home.
    I just think people have to “suffer” more before things can be appreciated instead of expected.

    Dont get me wrong, i’m as spoiled as the next person. We work 2 miles from home, we work at the same buidling, we have the same hours, we drive seperate. why? don’t know, we just do.

    I’ve said it many times, there is no person on this earth, CEO, sports player, or hollywood person that is worth a million bucks. No one will ever convince me of that. Until people like that “suffer” and come back to reality, the rest of us will work our tails off trying to get by.
    A bandaid is just that, “aide”…that isnt what society needs right now.
    I hate to say it, but something to the effect of the depression days has to happen before anything finds some sort of normality.

    Now if i wrote like ldg, or Adam, or john that would all make sense. but instead, i’m sure it didnt get the point out that i was trying to make. Its just the rantings of a overworked, underpaid lunatic on Monday afternoon! πŸ™‚

  97. You guys are a hoot! I missed the fun!

    Max– chicken fried steak– that is what you can cook!

    Barb– Max is correct– Ken’s DDS does not give me the correct time-

    LDG– thanks for the heads up on the latest!

  98. wow– Rod Serling sure is having fun with this blog– instead of the time being ahead, it is three hours behind my time here!

  99. Patty–

    your post made sense as how you wrote it! good job!

  100. @LDG–

    will see you later on your blog! Have to read your weekly article-

  101. Patty-

    send me your old camera– it takes great pictures- I am not picky!

  102. LOL Patty–

    I bet it was Bush who put that mice nest in that bush! πŸ˜€

  103. makes sense susan….a bush in a bush! ha ha

  104. Patty–

    go back to the beginning of this thread- where we log in to comment-

    on the right, it reads ~ top clicks~

    Your pictures are posted- LDG’s blog, and Rebecca’s–

    what does top clicks mean?

  105. Patty
    Keep ranting it did make sense

  106. Patty,
    Amen to your rant!!!

  107. Will have to get dinner ready and attend Temple services this evening. It is the start of our Jewish New Year…Rosh Hashanah. The new year will be 5769.

  108. Avi is probably doing what you are doing, Sylvia.

  109. Barb-

    I love those black and white pictures!

  110. those black and white shots of Becky are awesome!

  111. Adam Housley Says:


    Now you STILL have to go and make a post at the news blog. It WILL eventually change to easier posting and a whole new set up. The election is just slowing some of the changes down. SO….I have a new post at


  112. Susan: you have an email.
    I can cook lots of other things too! I can do almost anything with a frying pan. I can bake, make soup, stews, cassaroles, etc… etc…
    I don’t do much mediterainian style food though, they don’t suit my guts.

  113. *Oh Adam, we won’t forget your news blog!
    Will you get to come out and play once in a while? *L*

  114. Susan
    Thank you, the black and white are part of my final from the last 2 semesters. I really enjoyed the darkroom.

  115. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    A very contraversial topic – church vs state, but I left my 2 cents worth on it. Don’t know when it will post, but you know how that goes!!

  116. *Adam…
    Huckabee’s email?

  117. Patty – your ‘rant’ was perfectly clear. One huge problem is the people who were working on the ‘fix’ were the ones who helped create the problem!

    Barney Franks and Chris Dodd….grrrrrrr. I wonder if any ‘wrong doing’ will come from the FBI investigation. And the ever partisan Nancy Pelosi. Standing there blaming it all on Bush! So glad McCain went to Washington last week. It resulted in a hugh spot light shining on Congress….and the citizens did not like what they saw!

    The financial crisis is way over my head….but, I admit, I would rather see the market crash than turn our USA into a socialist country.

  118. Mrs. Carrie Says:

    @ Susan: Thanks for the link via email! (and for the shout out above!)

    @ all: Hello! Just got to my email and to the blog here… Woooooo!

    @ Adam: Thank you!


  119. Good Morning from Ohio. Will be curious to see how the bailout drama continues. Was not surprised to learn that Obama never really took a stand on it. He waits to see how things play out and then announces whether or not he is for it or against it. No guts, no glory. Guess I shouldn’t express my political opinions but this election is really getting to me. Don’t understand how the media gives him a pass.

  120. I wrote the previous comment at 6 AM EDT….don’t know which time zone this blog is on. I haven’t seen 1 AM in many years!!!!!

  121. On a personal note, we would appreciate your prayers today, Steve’s dad is having surgery for a small spot on his kidney the Dr. thinks is cancer. They are freezing it, which kills it and then it falls off. He is 87 years old.

  122. Yayyy, Adam has a “normal” πŸ™‚ site… fun and games!!

    Barb, done… all the best

  123. Here is an excellent article by Thomas Sowell regarding the bail out. It does not lay out a plan…but, it does help us understand how we got here.

  124. Here is another article……. It shows how ACORN was directly involved in forcing banks to underwrite the bad mortgage loans – and this is directly related to the current ‘crisis’.

  125. Max–

    I got the email and address– thank you!

    Do I need to buy you an apron?

  126. Max–

    I am on my way out to send your birthday present– should be in Wyoming Friday~

  127. good article by Tomas Sowell, K2–

    I agree- Fannie and Freddie do not deserve to be bailed out– thier risky financial practices were based on greed–

  128. Susan: Lol, i have a great apron, it’s red and says ‘BBQ Boss’
    I’ll probably be collecting it friday 10th.
    The FMs: Their risky financial practices were based on orders from Democratic members of congress. Both those in congress still, and those who became the CEOs.

  129. ‘morning All.

    Sylvia, don’t apologize for voicing your opinion. We all have done it many times.
    This whole thing p*sses me off too. I’d like to know why Obambam has been given a free ride on many things. This man and his wife, scare the h*ll out of me! Their way of thinking makes my skin crawl.
    And i don’t care what they call this “bailout”, its still a bailout and I will never go along with it. Like little ole me matters. I want those responsible held accountable, and nothing less should happen. I think K2 hit it on the head tho, the biggest problems is, the same ones that are guilty, are the ones that are supposed to be correcting it.

    Thanks for all the compliments on the pics everyone. I enjoy sharing them.
    Barb…i love sunset also. Especially in the fall. And that black and white that you did of the snow bank….gave me goosebumps! Awesome pic! The coldness of the colors or lack of, were perfect for the coldness of the snow.

  130. *Adam,

    My post from yesterday didn’t show up on the religion thread, and KC said she posted also.

  131. Barb..we will keep your family in our thoughts today.

  132. here is a link Marie sent me–

  133. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Good morning everyone
    Barb – your family is in our thoughts and prayers

    Patty – Yep, I posted over there also and as of this morning – nothing
    Loved your pictures!!!

    Susan – liked the link Marie sent you – thanks

    Max – have fun in Wyoming and wishing you a belated birthday

    LDG -top of the morning to you – wherever you are

  134. Adam Housley Says:


    You still have to check out my news posts on and leave at least one comment! PULEEZE. Eventually it will be much better. Just trust me on this….I have seen the new ideas and they are cool.


  135. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:


    We are posting over there, but our posts are not showing up

    Patty and I both posted YESTERDAY!!!!

  136. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:


    I must clarify what I liked about Marie’s link –
    I loved that little girls voice, not the message (grinning)
    You know how I feel about obummer!!!

  137. @Patty

    great rant, and applause from me.


    I’m lurking about, and good morning!

    @Adam Housley

    I’ll toss one in for ceremonial sake, and I’ll even make it on-topic.

    Oh, and if you do get the go-ahead to do a story on the Marulanda statue, let me know, please.

    ((waves greetings to All))

  138. @KC

    There is a reason you liked it (besides the obvious). Ask someone you know in a sound studio to run that vocal sample through a deck and don’t be shocked when they tell you it is a professionally mastered audio track.

  139. Sad news for Ohio. Instant voter registration/voting allowed and now shuttle busses are running constantly between Ohio State campus and voting sites. Students can sign up and vote instantly starting today. No checks for voter fraud. Guess who benefits from this? Guess which party the Ohio Attorney General is affiliated with???

  140. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Saw that on Fox News this morning, and very sad indeed!!! If those students want a future, and an income, they better think about McCain/Palin – that would be a blessing wouldn’t it??? They get shuttled around by one campaign, and then vote for the other!! I for one hope that happens.

  141. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Well, slap my knee – you so smart and I bet right on
    So now, I have changed my mind, being a woman, and have decided I don’t prefer that clip at all. (laughing)

  142. I really don’t understand how we raised our kids and that generation sees obambam as a viable option!!
    Our oldest son “was” one. No, i dont tell our kids how to vote. I was shocked but we just told him he better do some more research. A few weeks later, he had changed his mind. He decided that McCains story of being a POW was more worthy than Ob’s empty promises.

  143. “slap my knee”…KC, you always make me giggle! πŸ™‚

  144. KC: thanks!
    Susan: I just realized i never sent anything to your for your birthday, do you want anything?

    Adam: I posted there yesterday just after you asked. It’s not showed up yet.

  145. oh ya ADAM…when you “beg”, you begin to sound like Greta……..quit it!
    πŸ™‚ .. πŸ˜‰ .. πŸ™‚ .. πŸ˜‰

  146. oh, did i say that outloud?

  147. Susan, you asked about the “clicks” listed on the right side.
    I dont do wordpress, but my guess is that anything that gets posted that is “clickable”…will show up over there.

  148. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:


    You are asking a WOMAN – “Do you want anything?” Can’t wait to see her list!! Just kidding ya Max, you are a sweetheart, and very thoughtful

    Patty – Yep, he was doing some begging wasn’t he. I think he forgot there is no instant posting over there. Maybe our comments will show up tomorrow or in the hereafter

  149. KC…i posted again. Surely both wont poof into thin air!

  150. I guess I did something right…my daughter and son-in-law are voting for McCain…BUT they live in Arizona which probably is safe for McCain anyway. They need to come back to Ohio and vote.

  151. Max,
    Can we sign you up to vote when you visit the states? Stop by Ohio State, get on the Obama shuttle bus, register (nobody will check to see if you are a citizen), and vote for McCain. I would really appreciate your help!!! You have to try to make some humor out of this pathetic situation.

  152. @Patty

    One of your comments there made it through.

    That *poof* noise you might have heard, however, was apparently mine. Eh, it might show up some time, never know.

  153. @Sylvia

    now now, no encouraging the visitors to commit acts of crime, please.
    …even if just for “research purposes”.

  154. re ldg “That *poof* noise you might have heard, however, was apparently mine.”

    well thats a relief……i thought it was the boss sitting behind me! ha ha ha ha

  155. LDG,
    I would never encourage crime……but it is important to “research” possible corruption. I am very scientific!!!!

  156. The video of the kids singing for Obama gives me the creeps.

    Do they have any idea what they are saying (singing)? [he is going to change the world!!!!!!!!!!]

    And, I have to wonder if their parents are the ones who are upset about their children saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school.

  157. Adam, i posted on your fox news blog, too. sometime yesterday…it has not shown up…..

    we are trying.

  158. Sylvia–

    Governor here in AZ is a Democrat. grrr

    Max– no– do not send me anything. I have way too much stuff– but here is my story for the day– which brings me to: I need an ADD rescue plan!

    I went to get gas earlier and I took the gas cap off and set it on my hood. I then looked for my debit card, which was here at home so I closed the gas gizmo and took off. When I went to send your present, which is in the mail, I stopped to get gas and my gas cap was of course not there. So I ended up having to go to Checkers to buy a new gas cap and on the way home, I was coming back the same way as I had earlier when I forgot my debit card, and I found my gas cap– smashed of course! grrr!!!!!!!!!

    Notice how most of us bypassed Adam’s mention of the cool new things for his news thread– except for Patty πŸ˜€

    Barb– is Steve your husband? So sorry to hear your bad news!

  159. K2–

    The kids are too young to understand politics and it angers me to see parents brainwashing the kids as an example of what Marie sent to me– almost like cult thinking.

  160. Max–

    wait– I do have something you can send to me in the mail– I collect magnets for my refrigerator from all over the world– how about one from England? and then you can send it from Wyoming and it won’t cost hardly anything– I am getting quite a collection– I even have one from Russia which a friend of mine’s brother picked up while he was in Russia a few weeks ago– (my magnets are from people who have been or live in these places– Danielle, daughter, has given me a few– Australia, Beijing, Washington DC…)

    thank you!!!!

  161. ya know what?
    i REALLY missed this and all of you.
    Its nice to have everyone back in the same place in real time.
    Now where is
    Jen S?
    and “others”…I’ll claim like Adam did…”i know who you are, i just can’t list them all!”

  162. Susan…i didnt know that about magnets! I’ll go shopping for KS ones πŸ˜‰ and i already have a particular one in mind!

  163. @All

    re: the Obama Children’s Choir

    Here’s a link to an accounting of who all actually made that video:

  164. Adam. left another post on the Religious thread…

  165. sunshine and Derek were sent the link– Derek has been real busy and so has Sunshine– Jen has the link too- but John does not and I sent it to Avi in his secondary email address.

    Thanks Patty– Everyone needs to collect something and I decided to do magnets–

    LDG– Wow– you are still up!

  166. LDG–

    your link– Did you check out the comments? Way funny and clever!!!!

  167. LDG, thanks for the background info….. interesting to say the least.

    All i can say, is long live the Electoral College….. if the popular vote gets to decide who is president, it will be based upon the majority of people who think like the ones who made this video.

  168. @ all–

    have a good day– I did one of my last minute things again– today is last day for enrollment for my health insurance- I had all month to do this– but of course, today would be the day to do it!

  169. Susan ~ First your story is hilarious b/c that sounds a lot like my life most days! πŸ™‚ Second, yep Steve is my dad and my mom’s husband. His dad (my grandpa) went to have surgery and we are awaiting news on how it went.

    Only a few comments are showing up on Adam’s other blog! Oh well!

  170. Susan,
    I collect dust….does that count?

  171. @Susan

    re: “-you are still up!”

    To quote the song:
    (Riff Raff)
    It’s astounding
    Time is fleeting
    Madness takes its toll
    But listen closely

    Not for very much longer…


    @Susan and Karen2

    Thought you’d be interested in the particulars, and yes I read the comments there.


    good health to your family.

    It has been a pleasure. See you next time through!

  172. Hello to all.

    Nice to see you all.


  173. Montana is waiting to get approved to blog here. Hurry up blog monitor. She’s a nice person!

  174. Thank you Sylvia for the kind words.

    To think it is just a year since we met on Gretawire!!!!! Now we are family.

    Nice to see so many good folks here.


  175. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Glad to see you – it has been awhile

    It is sooooo nice to see alot of the old gang and visit back and forth

  176. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    By the way, thanks for the link to the video – SCARY!!!!!!
    If I had kids who attended school – any grade – or college, I certainly would have a problem with that teacher being in their school – or anyone else’s for that matter.

  177. Thank you KC…it has been a hectic couple of months.

    Still have not gotten over the loss of my little Yorkie show.boy Samitu. He was only 2 and he was not given the proper medical treatment at van emergency facility.

    We may be the old gang, but we sure can blog!!!

    Again, nice to be here.


  178. Montana,
    We’re not old….just youth challenged.

  179. Sylvia, dear friend,I do not know what fountain you are drinking out of, but if they have another, please send one out here.

    This election stuff is making me very upset and frustrated at the same time.l Energy draining at best.

    Tell me it is not getting to you also!!!!


    Susan glad you are rethinking your choices!!!! Afte rall, he is our home town guy!!!

    What say we try and drive up to Sedona and meet the VP candidate!!!!

  180. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    It is always so sad and heavy on the heart when we lose a pet, and it takes a long time to get over it, if one ever does. My Bella has been gone 3 years now, and I yearn for her every day. She was such a special lady.

    I didn’t mean, old gang, as in “age” – I meant that all of us were able to chat on Adam’s other blog, until he lost instant posting, and it is good to see everyone over here on this blog. But, I do like Sylvia’s youth challenged!!! (grinning)

  181. KC…I had the honor and privilege of meeting Sylvia, Larry and Michelle and she is very young.
    Just do not put her near anything mechanical!!!!

    Youth challenged is a good concept!!!

    Bella and Samitu are at The Rainbow Bridge with so many others we all have loved.


  182. FL Sunshine Says:

    hello all! just checking to see if the time is posting correctly.

  183. FL Sunshine Says:

    well, it’s not but you know what?! It’s 5:00 somewhere! Maybe that’s what time zone Adam’s on. lol Margaritaville.

  184. KC: hahaha!

    Sylvia: Since i’m only going to Wyoming it probably wouldn’t change the outcome in that state. πŸ˜‰

    Susan: Sure thing.

    Becky: hope your grandfather does well.

  185. KC,
    I think Montana is trying to politely say I’m a disaster with anything that involves tech stuff. I have killed more computers than anyone would believe possible. If it weren’t for my hubby’s help I could not get out of all the computer messes I seem to get into. He now keeps 3 computers in the house as insurance.

  186. FL: Adam is more likely to be in Wineton πŸ˜€

  187. Patty – here I am (waving). btw – did you get those awesome twin shuttles on the pad pix? If not. Here’s a link if anyone wants to see them. AWESOME! There hasn’t been 2 birds on the pad at same time in LONG time and will probably be the last. They have 2 out because they have to have one standing by in case they have to do a rescue mission since this mission is going to the Hubble and not the Space Station. Of course, it’s all been put on hold now and may not happen until March of next year. Bummer!
    try clicking on my name then type in “two shuttles” in refined search.

  188. Max – ha ha! Winetown

  189. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    FL Sunshine
    Howdy, good to see you here. Still taking those boys to the beach??
    Those pictures are awesome, especially the ones with the rainbows. Thanks for sharing

  190. I do believe Adam is on Pacific and that means we are always on Winetown!!!!

    Great word Max.


  191. Thanks to all for your kind thoughts today for Steve’s dad. We talked to them a little bit ago and the 2 hour surgery took one hour and by 2:00 he was eating lunch. Mom did say that he is not a good patient though. They were able to freeze it all and the Dr. said that it was very successful.
    Thanks again

  192. Maybe we are on Hawaii time. Aloha!

  193. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    That is wonderful news – Thanks for letting us know. I don’t think there is a man alive that is a “good patient”. It is in their genes!!

  194. Barb,
    Great news. Glad it went well.

  195. KC,
    Maybe that is why women have the babies.

  196. Amen to what KC said. No man is good patient! (I used to work in the hospital!) And So glad to hear good news Becky and Barb.
    And..HIYA FL πŸ˜‰

  197. we definitely aren’t on central time!

  198. Barb Says:

    September 30, 2008 at 2:41 pm
    Maybe we are on Hawaii time. Aloha!

    Yes we are. Totally like radical dude! Let’s go catch some waves and hang 10!

  199. Barb, that is great news. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery.

  200. Hawaii hu? John wanted to run the Common Sense Election Pary from there. Maybe he, Adam and Sgt started without us?

  201. ooops …Election PARTY

  202. Patty: At least it wasn’t ‘Election’ you mistyped.

  203. MAX! *LOL*

  204. So if we are on Hawaii time who’s providing the Mai Tais?

  205. did you all see the blog for that obambam kids video on fox’s front page asking if it was cute or creepy ? in about 4 hrs time it has almost 6,000 posts!!!

  206. Patty,
    John Gibson on FNC did a connect the dots about Obama’s ties to this financial mess. Maybe some of this stuff will resonate with voters if they take the time to listen.
    As for me, I’m going to get some sleep. Talk tomorrow.

  207. Rest well Sylvia.
    I hope people do see whats up!

  208. Sylvia–

    dust counts!! yay!! I am not the only one who hates to dust!

    Barb– I am relieved for you and everyone! I make a horrible patient too!

    Becky– LOL — glad I am not the only one with ADD

    KC and Patty- I left a whole bunch of posts on the religion thread– let’s see which one clears- Adam is watching or listening to the Sox’s game. OOPS! Sox won~


    Montana– hello! And I am sad for you for the loss of your pup– truly!

    Sunshine– about time you showed up!

    Max– xxxx

  209. Mrs. Carrie–

    Are you still on the honeymoon? KC is — five years later! πŸ˜€

  210. Montana–

    a drive to Sedona is not a bad idea!!! Let’s crash one of McCain’s BBQ’s- his recipe on Rachel Ray’s looked good!

  211. Susan…………been there and done that…..let’s just do lunch and have fun!!!


  212. @ Montana

    Susan glad you are rethinking your choices!!!! Afte rall, he is our home town guy!!!

    Not really— he just married into hometown.

  213. Montana:

    You have my email address, obviously, since you and Sylvia logged on to Adam’s!

    Let us meet! I would love to! Since we are within reasonable distance, why not?

  214. To Montana:

    We will have fun! πŸ˜€

  215. To Montana:

    Have you ever been to Hogs n Heat” BBQ and Nut Fry, Rock Springs CafΓ© Rock Springs, AZ?

    November 4th and 5th- 4th & 5th “Hogs n Heat” BBQ and Nut Fry, Rock Springs CafΓ© Rock Springs, AZ

    It is run by bikers and it so much fun! We pay $10.00 to get in and then we eat all we want and listen to music all day long!

    Plus the bikers put the money into a good cause.

    Do you want to do this?

    Or we can go in December?
    2nd & 3rd “Hogs n Heat” BBQ and Nut Fry, Rock Springs CafΓ© Rock Springs, AZ

    Plus we can wander over to the bar and listen to Cecil and his band~ they are all over 75 and still playing!

    It is soooo much fun!

  216. Mrs. Carrie Says:

    @ Susan:

    Back from my honeymoon… Haha!

    I’m online at night. Like now it is 1:30 in the morning. Lately I have to limit my computer time because it keeps freezing up! I do have internet on my phone now, and am going on all day on that. Kinda cool actually, something to do at the restaurant waiting for my food! So I will add this to my favorites on my phone and I can check in throughout the day! πŸ™‚

    *thanks for noticing me* (or should I say, noting my absence!)


  217. Mrs. Carrie

    I also kept all of the pictures of all of you on my computer! I can not forget a face or a person!

    You were the one who noticed Adam anyway– Wisconsin? Play ball?

    And anyone who took the time out to send pictures for Adam’s album,..
    well, how do I say this… Adam knows he has good buds.. or if he had not,
    he would not have set this blog up for all of us!

    Adam does not have the time to thank us but trust me, he is very grateful!


    His very underpaid Assistant πŸ˜€

    cc: to Adam: ingrate πŸ˜€

  218. I was just going back and reading all of our comments!

    Way too cool and what a harmony!

  219. @ at all

    God bless you!

  220. Mrs. Carrie:

    Sending you a hug as to everyone here!

  221. ‘morning everyone!

  222. Good Morning from Arizona.

    It is just beautiful here this morning.

    Hope you all have a great day.

    Susan, will get back to you on the ride.


  223. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Morning all, and HAPPY WEDNESDAY
    Hump day, Hump day, YEE HAW

    At my house, it is 7:52 am on the first day of October, sun is shinning already and it is gonna be 96 degrees AGAIN today. Still waiting for Autumn around here. Wasn’t that suspose to be a week or so ago

  224. KS is also beautiful this am.
    Slight breeze, sun bright, sky is as blue and clear as ever, 60 degrees at 10am.
    Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!
    The only way it could be more perfect is if i was at home instead of in the office.

  225. G’morning, All!

  226. Good afternoon everyone!

  227. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Noticed that you were recently at the taping of Tamera’s show.

    Care to share some inside scoop???
    Maybe some pictures???

    You know, name of the show, when it airs, etc. etc. etc.

  228. Name of Tamera’s show is “Roommates” on ABC family. But i’m not sure when it starts.

  229. FYI….Adam has a new news post at Fox

  230. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Thanks Patty

  231. Hello all…. to keep up on the ‘fall’ weather report… here in MN, overcast skies, cool temps (55 degrees) and the leaves are starting to change color. The fall colors will be in full ‘bloom’ soon.

    now, over to Fox for Adam’s new post…..

  232. An update on the gas situation here in NC… I was out running an errand and decided to see if there was gas at the station where I get gas. They not only had gas but there was only a few people in line. Yay! Not sure if it was good timing or that there is more gas, either way it is better than last week.

  233. @Adam Housley

    just FYI, I am 0-2 on attempts to post comments now on your threads over at Onthescene.

    1 disappeared on the religion thread yesterday (noted here above)

    1 sent in a couple hours ago to the fossett thread has not shown up even though 17 comments have cleared there as of now.

    sorry, compadre. I did try.

  234. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Still trying to post on your news blog with no luck –
    Like LDG, I posted yesterday, actually the day before, on the religion thread and as of today has not shown up – I did re-post a few moments ago also. As to your fossett thread, I posted early this morning, and comment has not shown up either.

    We are all trying to post over there – so WHAT’S UP????

  235. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:


    Good afternoon, and isn’t it mid-week time??

  236. Barb..that’s a good thing. Hopefully some sort of normal is finding its way back to that part of the country.

  237. Oh boy…the Fosset post brought out such brilliance!
    I think we’ll be very thankful to have this little safe haven more than once!
    Adam…I’m afraid we sound like whiners, but i also posted on fosset’s post…and it’s not there.
    You aren’t just yanking our chains by hiding our posts to see how “loyal” we are are you? *LOL* and yes, I’m joking!!! Its that overworked unpaid thing again πŸ˜‰

  238. Here’s a piece of cool small town news. A kid that went to high school with our son will be on a episode of NCIS, Oct 28th (listed as a co-star) and Desperate Housewives, Oct 5. His stage name is Tim Rettley.
    Not too bad for small town america of 2500.

  239. @KC

    “…and isn’t it mid-week time??”

    It is, but if you are asking of the CompHyp open thread, it is now just once a week (Friday). The most recent one, still active, is:

    With the new month, the post-list got shortened on the display.


    Thanks for the small town news!


    Out for the day. Be well and safe!

  240. Hello everybody!

  241. KC-Fresno, Ca. Says:

    Hi Max
    How ya doing??? When are you leaving for wyoming?

  242. Susan – what are you thinking??? the answer to do you want anything should always be followed up with “sure, chocolate”. You are female! lol Especially if it’s coming from England! Might not be as good as German chocolate but still good. Max – you know when my b-day is! lol

  243. don’t know if anyone else has posted this video clip yet but you HAVE to see it. Obama in the Fannie mess!!! click on my name!

  244. oh….that video is “something” else.
    why is this stuff being ignored? obambam has been so fricking coddled! grrrr!

  245. KC: doing good, i’m leaving Suday morning.

    Sunshine: I really dislike english chocolate. I only like German and American chocolate.

  246. Did anyone watch Glenn Beck tonight?

    subprime friends of Obama’s– Penny Pritzker- she is the national finance chairman for Obama’s presidential campaign and in 2001 her bank went down because of her poor decision making!!!! Obama sure has one for each of his slots- does he not?

    I love Belgium chocolates– Trader Joes puts out the best chocolates around the holidays and I buy for everyone! LOL\\

    Patty– I looked for Roommates a few weeks ago- I think Tamera said they had taped nine shows so are they taping for the next season?

  247. Good Morning All.
    Fl Sunshine…saw your video….wish the entire country could see it. I just don’t know how the media can ignore the link between Obama, Dodd, and the financial mess.

  248. ‘morning all.

    seems like a bummer day.
    was in hopes that the pkg in congress would pull a no vote all the way around. this mess of adding pork, is everything that is the root of the problem.
    just makes ya loose faith in the whole system.

    then there was a hunting accident here yesterday, a young man/father died. Lots of small town stories swirling. Do not know circumstances, but know his dad very well and work with him/his business on a daily basis. Tough situation for all involved. Just breaks your heart.

  249. Ok..some random “feel good” news.
    92 yr old matron of honor
    Gotta love it πŸ˜‰

  250. interesting post on Adam’s Fox blog regarding Fosset. I wonder about that with much suspicion!!!

  251. with (one eye squinting)

  252. Patty,
    That is a great story about the 92 year old matron of honor. I like feel good stories.

  253. Susan: Not too keen on belgian chocolate myself, i don’t like coco, so cheap chocolate is normally what i prefer.

    Sunshine: I do have a good source of German chocolate…

  254. Max,
    My husband says the best chocolate candy is Esther Price….made in Ohio. He thinks it’s better than Godiva. He especially loves dark chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate.

  255. Sylvia: I try not to eat chocolate…. But every now and then….
    I don’t like it dark though, too much coco makes me feel ill.

  256. Adam…. hummmmm are you blocking me (K2) on your Fox blogs?
    I posted twice on the religion blog and once on the Fossett blog…..
    and they are not there!

  257. K2..since you brought it up.
    Maybe i read too many of the conspiracy theories over there…BUT

    Did you all wonder, since none of our posts are showing up on Adams Fox blog….that he brought us over here to get rid of us?


  258. Patty,
    Are you suggesting we are being kept away from the public? LOL
    I can’t imagine why!!!!

  259. Sylvia…something like that!

    maybe the walls here are rubber *reaching out in the dark*…thats why adam left the lights off!

  260. Patty…. LOL…..

    maybe…… just may be!

  261. Is everyone ready for the long awaited debate???? πŸ™‚

  262. Oreilly vs Barney……ding ding ding Oreilly scores a KO!
    If ya all didnt see the rant…..hopefully it will show up on youtube.

  263. any one here to talk about the debate?

  264. Patty, saw the O’Reilly / Frank ‘throwdown’ . It was great. And Barney deserved every bit of it……

  265. Ya Im here.
    well between here and tv, cant see both at the same time.
    i’ve never seen bill so p*ssed!

  266. k2…i’ll bet you are biting the bit with all the bailout crap.
    I know i am.
    people that are changing thier minds on the floor are going to commit political suicide.

  267. Patty, I wish i really knew the best way out of this financial mess. I liked Dave Ramsey’s plan. it was simple, clear and did not cost billions of dollars!

    I think NO ONE knows what to do!!!!!!! That is even worse. But, I do understand how we got here…..just hope people remember and we don’t repeat this mess!

  268. I wouldnt mind the dolllars they are asking for if there were some accountability for past and future messes.

    I dont think there is a “right” way out. But i dont see that what they are asking for will solve anything. All it is doing is causing more problems all over again.

  269. debate staring….. will Ifill admit to her upcoming book?

  270. ifill looks pretty smug. no mention of book either.

  271. Answer #1 – goes to Palin.

  272. My opinion, early on, Gov Palin is walking all over Biden. But, I’m a little sided, I can’t stand Biden in the first place. I’ll admit that.

  273. Personal Responsibility…..Yes.

    Predatory Lenders…. Yes

    Greedy people taking on loans they had no business taking. Government pressuring banks to loan to unqualified buyers. Shame on our government. All to say they were providing home buying to the less fortunate. Now, due to these practices, our government has caused this financial problem.

  274. ” I am going to talk straight to the people”

    Great Line!

    (yep, I am biased, too….but at least I admit it, unlike Ifill)

  275. She is truly on a roll.

  276. The only thing really possible to do with the economy is to first remove/correct all the factors the government are incontrol of that are making it worse, like the accounting rules and the laws that caused this mess. This will remove the distortion of the market that the government is causing, and it should quickly resolve itself, since then the weak companies and the strong ones will be obvious since we can all see their true value and the market would quickly correct itself.

  277. Tax credits, competition for medical coverage…. sounds like a great idea to me…..was also discussed on a non-partisan sight that was against Universal Health Care.

    And, since government does such a great (not) job of managing Medicare….yeah, lets let them manage all our health care…. NO thanks.

  278. Max…. wow… you are way too smart on this stuff.

    I like ‘get the government out of the way’

  279. If Obama was sooooo concerned and aware of the Sub-prime mortgage crisis, why did he not write a bill in the Senate to take care of the problem.

    Oh wait, I know, because his buddy organization ACORN would not have been reaping tons of benefits from government grants….

  280. K2: thanks, for most problems caused by meddling I find the best solution is for the meddler to just get out of the way and quit trying to help.

  281. ya max, your thinking is amazing!

  282. is joe getting flustered? he stutters around like Ob does when he’s loosing his train of thought.

  283. biden just said one thing, and turned around and said the opposite

  284. Joe – partaking in the religion of Global Warming…..

    Sorry Joe, so many Scientists disagree with you……

  285. My brain is blushing!

    I learnt from experience that the vast majority of the problems in my life are caused by people trying to help, and then when things go wrong trying to help even more.
    Once I got rid of these people (Doctors, Teachers, etc…) the relevent situation improved almost overnight, or at least got far more stable, without any wild swings.

    If the government stopped getting involved with the markets the growth wouldn’t be so fast but it’d be a lot more stable. Most of the bubbles are caused by government subsidizing, it changes the risk reward matrix, so people keep investing in a failing aspect of the market because the government is propping it up.

  286. Sarah is doing very well.

    I was very nervous about this…

    She is confident, clear, concise. Perfect.

  287. great reasoning max. we would all be better off if we used that rationing more often.
    I especially see the medical resemblence and can appreciate it.
    I also thank you for that, cause i may change a bit of my thinking when it comes to intervention on that side.

  288. Biden on the war….

    lets split the country (Iraq) into 3
    the surge will not work
    we must leave now

    Who was /is wrong on the war?

  289. Max. sounds like you are doing well. glad to hear it.

    Agree…. meddling often makes things worse…..

    in case i forget, enjoy your trip to Wyoming. I hope it is all you want it to be. Looking forward to having you in the USA and working toward citizenship. We need smart people like you.

  290. Agreed Karen, I was nervous for her also. the back of my mind, i wondered if she didnt bluf the other interviewers to lead up to tonight.
    Then she comes out shining….and she is shining bright!

  291. Patty…. never thought of that! interesting strategy……

  292. Max…did you see Oreilly’s rant tonight?

  293. Patty: I used to have these terrible swings in my health: good, then suddenly really bad, they intervene and it’s back to really good, then bad etc…
    Since stopping my medications my health has been slowly improving but it never gets as bad as it once was, sure there are ups and downs, but never as dramatic as before.

    Karen: Thanks! But i will probably be blogging again before i go. Let’s hope ICE agree with you on that one πŸ˜‰

  294. Patty: I had thought about that too, pretty sneaky if it was. Definately got a lot of people watching, and from what you are saying she’s dominating the debates, she just has to keep her performence at this level into the future.

    I will watch the rant tomorrow morning, i am going to sleep now, good night!

  295. nite max. rest well!

  296. good night Max….

  297. If that is what the campaign did, i dont see it as “sneaky”. It just looks to me that they know when to hold em, when to fold em type of stradegy.
    We all know Biden can’t hold his tongue, and neither can Barak, so let them insert foot, and step over them when the trip!

  298. I love….” I am a Washington outsider’….

  299. “say it ain’t so Joe”
    “dog gone it”

    I love this woman! πŸ™‚

  300. Biden….hahahaha the people in my neighborhood! Sure, the mansions.

    And back to Scranton…. the town you moved away from at age 10! Sure Joe, you can relate……. to your rich friends.

  301. Since i was critical in the beginning…. Gwen Ifill is doing a very good job.

  302. she has cut sarah off a few times. but i cant see the same clock so i wont judge.

  303. what the h*ck are the talking heads gonna talk about tomorrow? we know they wont dog on joe and bo.
    my my……..its gonna be painful for many many newsers.

  304. Patty…LOL….
    so true…..they haven’t said boo about Biden’s mistakes on the campaign trail. Obama has been almost non-existent – except to show his speeches at the rallies – with the teleprompter!

  305. Patty, after the debate…. i think you will enjoy this……

  306. gwen really has screwed sarah a few times.
    she has let biden come back with rebutal when she doesnt offer the same to sarah. but thats ok
    sarah has easily pulled her own.
    Im proud of her and proud to vote repbulican (even if huckabee isnt there)

  307. Sarah – Wow! She will serve our country well.
    Lower taxes, build infrastructure, reign in government……

  308. Patty, thanks for hanging out here with me tonight.

    This debate was far better than the McCain / Obama debate last week.

    Sarah Sarah Sarah …

    McCain / Palin 2008

  309. She is like Christmas morning! Brings all kind of excitement that you just dont get but once a year! *L*

  310. Ya k2…thank to you too. I enjoyed this.
    *phew* i feel like i need a drink, and i dont drink! *L*

  311. Patty…. Christmas morning… great analogy.

    Yes, and i know what you mean about a drink..
    glad it is over….

    now McCain needs to be the McCain we saw at the end of his speech at the convention.

  312. Hey Guys
    Sarah did great…I am so excited. I was so worried.

  313. Hey Sylvia!

  314. All those poor Ohioans (sp?) that voted early yesterday after riding the buses…….bet they are doing that forhead slap thing tonight!

  315. Patty,
    She did beyond my wildest dreams. I think she should be running for President…she rocks.

  316. Pres in 4 years πŸ˜‰

  317. Patty,
    Those Ohioans are probably died in the wool Dems and wouldn’t vote for Reagan if he were alive and running.

  318. Hi Sylvia.

    Sarah was great!

    I thought she did a better job than the Joe – the ‘experienced’ one.

  319. I’m usually asleep by now but I am too psyched up….kind of like a New Years Eve party.

  320. How can anyone say anything bad about her?

  321. Hi Karen
    Sarah rocks…she is the best female politician I have ever seen…she makes Hillary look like an amateur.

  322. Patty – i don’t think many of those Ohioans even have a home let alone a tv!

    I wonder how many of those same day registered voters will be validated. It certainly is suspect.

  323. *L* ya me too! I could go out side and yell, but nothing is close enough to hear me! ha ha

  324. Patty,
    The liberal media will find ways to attack her.

  325. Sylvia….. me too. Wide awake! I already know I will not be able to sleep on election night!

  326. If I go outside and yell the police would probably arrive in 5 minutes!!!!

  327. no comparison to hillary

  328. Sylvia and Patty -you two are too funny…… going outside and yelling…..

    I would only make the neighbors dogs bark!

  329. My hubby (Larry) was so calm during this debate and I was nervous. But then, he’s always calm and I’m not.

  330. *LOL*

  331. Speaking of no comparison to Hillary……

    Just imagine how many young women watched Gov. Palin tonight.

    Now, that is inspirational….. this may give us a whole new generation of home-town, down to earth politicians.

  332. well i might be able to make the coyotes bark……but i doubt it!

  333. i sure hope our daughter was one of them!
    she needs that inspiration of “i know i can”

  334. I think home-town politicians should take over Congress as well as the White House. And Obama is not small town…he’s Chicago politics.

  335. he always makes me think of mafia, dont know why. guess i watch too many movies.

  336. I agree. We need some ‘new’ people in Congress. We need more people like Gov. Palin who are more in touch with every day America.

    We need people who would like to serve for a couple terms and then give up the office and return to a regular job.

    I think if our Congress was made up of people like that, instead of career politicians, we would see better legislation and less unnecessary spending.

  337. Patty….are you talking about B.O.?

  338. Patty,
    It’s not the movies…it’s the people he has hung with.

  339. Yes, they do operate like the mafia…..

    arm twisting, lies, ‘stuffing’ the ballot box…..

  340. It is getting late here and I turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

  341. good night, Sylvia….

  342. sorry, got sidetracked
    yes i was talking about ob

    nite sylvia!

  343. i guess i better call it a night also. still have to work tomorrow.
    thanks again k2.
    tomorrow’s headlines should be interesting!!

  344. Good night Karen and Patty.

  345. SEe you guys tomorrow!
    nite nite!

  346. good night Patty….

    got lost on another blog….fighting the good fight for McCain / Palin!

  347. Good Morning All
    Still excited by Sarah’s homerun performance. Of course the liberal media says Biden won the debate….only FNC seems to be honest.

  348. Morning all.
    Happy Friday!!

    Yes, the media is amazing. They can’t say Biden was bad, so they say he won BUT sarah held her own. Alrighty then πŸ™‚ Guess the statement is true…its all in the eyes of the beholder.

    ***warning…the link above at 5:26 pm…that says its about Oreilly… changed. Sorry guys, it was the right one lastnight.

  349. Good Morning all…

    If you still get a newspaper (thinking about cancelling mine) what was todays headline?

    Here’s the one on my paper:

    “A scrappy Palin holds her own against a seasoned Biden – but she needed to do a whole lot more”

  350. Patty….. found a new link on the O’Reilly / Frank ‘throwdown’

  351. ((waves, smiles))

    Good Morning, All!

  352. Karen,
    Local paper: Biden, Palin debate Iraq, energy, economy
    Below that: Both alternate between defending their candidates, attacking other’s
    Then there was a quip from each one on Iraq…including Palin’s comment about Obama’s white flag of surrender.
    So I think they were fair.

  353. no print papers here.

  354. HELLO all,

    wow i just got an email for susan on my other email i never check…. about this site….

    anyhow … im super busy with school got the SAT on sunday ….. soo been keeping busy…. college app due in a month and a zilllion other things going on….. AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  355. I don’t know what happened to my good morning comment. But i said good morning and that i think most of those Ohioans dodn;t live in Ohio so they don’t care.

  356. Adam Housley Says:


    Just busy pressing the Cabernet grapes. I will make some more comments tonight and tomorrow. I have the weekend off!!


  357. Adam,

    Lucky you… lol

  358. Adam…why do i always see “I Love Lucy” when you say you are pressing grapes? πŸ˜‰

  359. Max..if i dont see you before…have a GREAT trip!

    Hiya Avi…nice to see you. Always busy with school i see.

  360. Wheres Max going ?

    Adam …. cali might need a 7b loan…. wa wa ea wa…

    PAtty yep :(…… ill be loaded with stuff till at least jan 27 ( when i finish online hs ) soo after that just got israeli school to do .. soo il have alot of things to do…

    and DEC 31

  361. is when i get my college acceptance letter hopefully…. and not a rejection πŸ˜‰ but that will not HAPPEN !!!!!!!!

  362. Adam…..Is there a place here in Arizona that we can buy your wine?


  363. Montana, you can order it here…

  364. Avi..did you decide which college?

    and Max is going to Wyoming, leaving on the 5th i think.

  365. what a sad day.
    the bailout passes and within hours the headlines are….”it’s not enough”.
    The spiral downhill is not going to be fun ;-(

    I think I need to go back to drinking out of necessity!!

    Oh well…..its almost quit’in time. And the weather is beautiful! And we are blessed in more ways than we know πŸ˜‰

  366. Hi All,
    Have you all recovered from the debate? I think Sarah is much more likeable and dynamic than any politician I have seen since Reagan. I just hope she can help McCain get elected….but he needs to come to life and rise to the occasion. He needs a little magnetism.

  367. Make that a lot of magnetism.

  368. Patty,
    Looks like California needs a bailout. Maybe Pelosi can donate to it.

  369. sylvia….i’ll bet she will jump right on that! after the next book tour of course.

  370. Patty,
    Did you buy her book?

  371. Patty,

    Wyomig wow almost as random as Alaska πŸ˜‰ ….. whats there to find there lol. Max??…. and yah American University in D.C. applying Early Decision !

  372. *LOL* Nope. I’d rather read a dictionary!

  373. Avi…DC….excellent place for you and your brain πŸ˜‰

  374. I’m going to look at the university there. Yup, leaving early on the 5th. Though i will be online tomorrow night before i go. I’ll sleep on the plane.

  375. Max,
    Have a safe trip. Hope you find a school you like.

  376. Sylvia: Thanks
    Patty: You’re right, the 5th, i am back on the 14th.

    One of the schools i will be visiting has a class where you can learn to shoot! If i go to that school i will definately enrole in that class.

  377. Max…if you shoot it in the wild, you gotta eat it! πŸ™‚ I know, thats now the kind of class you meant.
    I remember when i first married, being a “city” girl, married farmer boy, i found out i love to go fishing. Until that first night we had so many fish, and when we got home, my new mother-in-law informed me that, you caught em, you clean ’em! I didnt know if i should run away or stand there and cry (in hopes she would feel sorry for me! *L*)
    Welll, I still love to fo fishing, and i still can clean a fish faster than most. There is nothing better than fresh caught catfish, breaded and deep fried! YUM!

  378. What word did you mean instead of ‘now’? ‘not’?
    Because that’s kind of what the class is about, but it’s with clay pigeons or paper targets. All i have to do is bring my own bullets to the class.

  379. oops ya, i meant NOT. clay pigeons are a sport around here.
    that really sounds like fun. but im not a very good aim, the real pigeons like me! *L*

  380. so then when they come up to you Bam! and pigeon pie for the night!

    It’d also be useful if i get to serve in the military.

  381. Good Morning
    I awoke to the news that OJ was convicted of all charges and the New York Times wrote on the front page about the Obama/ Ayers story.
    It’s already a good day!!!!!!!

  382. @All

    good (early) morning!

    As there were some requests for a trivia, I finally have the time to post a suitable one here:

    One member of the Marx Brothers and one member of Abbott & Costello share the same birthday. Who are they?

    Bonus: which comedy team appeared on the radio first?


  383. LDG
    Groucho Marx:10/2/1890
    Bud Costello: 10/2/1895

  384. I meant Bud Abbott….sorry about that. Just had a senior moment!!!!!

  385. I’m going to guess that the Marx Brothers were on radio first since they were older than Bud and Lou.

  386. Groucho Marx and Bud Abbott is correct.

    (so you had best be thinking of the next trivia question to ask…)

    as to the Bonus, your reasoning is acceptable but… is the guess correct?

    Hint: be very careful with the wording of the Bonus.

  387. OK…. Neither team “appeared” on radio ….only talked on radio.

  388. no no, the usage “appearance” is suitable for radio broadcasts…

    but you are on to something about teams.

  389. LDG – wild guess…..

    “on the radio” the ‘team’ of Abbott & Costello first appeared on radio in 1933.

    Although the Marx Brothers did a radio show beginning in 1932, only two, Groucho and Chico lent their voices to characters. Harpo was not included.

    Therefore, the first ‘team’ to appear on radio” was Abbott & Costello.

    (such trick questions so early in the morning) πŸ™‚

  390. Nice work, Karen2!

    Yes, that was the twist; that the Marx Brothers *as a team* never appeared (performed their routine) on radio.

    Still, the next trivia question is Sylvia’s as she first got the basic question.

    Have fun, and I’ll try to be back in a bit.

  391. ‘morning all.
    wow, you played “early”! or late, can’t tell by the clock! ha ha
    That was interesting Ldg!

    Pretty day here, I think im gonna go clean the inside of my vehicle from top to bottom.
    *note to self* ….I must learn to buy smaller vehicles! πŸ™‚

    Be back later…

  392. Hello Everybody!
    I slept in late today so i can stay up tonight and get to the airport on time.
    I will have to pack soon.

  393. Hey Max, what time do you go? (central time please πŸ˜‰ )

  394. “Obama shifts focus to health care” quote from the front page….oh boy..i sure hope people pay attention!!! I feel he’s avoided this for a reason…surprised he’s bringing it to the front lines.

  395. @Max

    Have a safe flight, and a great time on the Uni-and-State tour!

  396. @Patty

    Given the numbers right now, it is interesting that the Obama campaign seems to think that such a move might bring more votes in ‘swing’ states and not drive off enough to matter in ‘safe’ states.

    I do hope they miscalculated.

  397. Patty: 6:20am CT tomorrow. That’s 12:20 here. I arrive in Chicargo at 3:22pm CT.

  398. LDG: thanks! I probably won’t get on the blog while away. I will be back on the 14th.

  399. Adam Housley Says:


    Have a safe flight and a great trip. Drop me a line if you get the chance, or if for some crazy reason you make it to LA. Also…new post coming now.


  400. Adam

    Thanks! Rest asured, if I did have to go to California I’d let you know. And when ever I do finally make it there I will definately let you know in advance.

    I’m taking with me the gift you gave me when we met, I wonder if anyone will notice.


  401. Max….. what Unis you visiting ?

    and u probably aint to happy about the pound losing alot of value to the dollar? lol

  402. where is Chicargo? πŸ™„

  403. Max–

    don’t forget your mail at the post office in Wyoming– if you get to see this before you come back home– safe travels!

  404. what is the gift Adam gave you?

  405. Susan: Chicargo is freight from China.
    I got the packaged, do you have the one i sent you?
    I’ll tell you what the gift is in an email. Only one person saw it.

    Avi: Casper College and University of Wyoming.

  406. Appreciating the hard work you put into your site and in depth information you present. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information. Fantastic read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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