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Posted in Uncategorized on September 23, 2008 by Adam Housley

So my news stories will still only appear on, but we need a place for more of the fun stuff and personal stuff, so how about here. This blog is linked to my site and I will link to I am told there are still plans in place for the new pages and revamp, which will allow me more freedom again with the way my blog runs. In the meantime, I have instant post ON here, so feel free to post away. Also, I will take some of your posts and place them here as well. So for example if Susan,LDG,John,Max,Avi,Rebecca,KC,Sunshine…I know there are many more, and I DO know who you are……but I can’t list em all! Anyway’s, I will turn some of your posts/suggestions into there very own threads. Again, will still have my news stuff, so you need to post there, but here will be just the fun stuff that can’t be posted on the news site. Also, now has a blog as well, so if you wanna talk wine or have questions, that will be run as well. HAVE AT IT!